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Creative Digital Practice and Theory Mash-Up CDPT Mash-up project with the help of Local local Television present Portsmouth Synergy. An online forum for art and technology practice and theory within the Creative and Cultural Industries Faculty, University of Portsmouth. This document is a sketch book style e-book which members of the network can create individually or as a group to help promote Collaboration among the members of Portsmouth Synergy.

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Once you have become a member you will have access to the network where you can set up your own page. Start or join forums or groups. You can set your page groups or forum's to open access, private, or restricted to friends or group members. You can upload pictures, videos or e-books which can also be set to you’re choice of access so you can control who you share you’re content with. The main idea of this site is to inform, inspire and collaborate on projects with others.

Local TV with a new look at local, national and international:Creative Art, Design, Film, Media, Technology

Portsmouth Synergy  

Creative Art, Film, Media, Technology Forum

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