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Marotechniek B.V.

has over 20 years of experience in winches, mechanical- / electrical drives and controls in the maritime and dredging sector. Besides components Marotechniek delivers complete installations, including controls en dredging automation on turn-key base. Winches and dredge pump drives are engineered on our department in 3D Cad. All our electrical systems and schemes are made in the EPLAN system. The complete Marotechniek product line comes from our own production- assembly and repair department, and we are there for you 24 hours per day with our maintenance department for repair or inspection on location. The winches as shown in this brochure consists only the standard program. Most of our winches are custom build. Please inform us about the possibilities we can offer you. Winches, pump drives and special drives can be delivered with an witness test or under full certification; GL, LRS, DNV or BV.

Marotechniek Dredge Pump Drives • Marotechniek high efficiency electric motors, West European manufacturing Booster/Jet pump motors IP55 up to 1800kW, 4P up to 12P (1500 up to 500 omw/min). With or without 1-stage gearbox.

• Marotechniek submersible pump motors IP68, up to 1250kW. Direct-drives up to 800kW, 745 omw/min. With 1-stage gearbox up to 1250kW

1 stage gearboxes also for submersible application with mechanical-seal. Ratio : i=2,06 up to 5,6:1 / Ka=2 / Ld=min. 40.000 hours.

• Marotechniek motor manufacturing and load testing

Marotechniek Frequency Inverters Emotron frequency inverters for pumps, ventilators and high torque variable speed drives up to 1200kW / 400Vac and 2300kW / 690Vac. Option Fluid cooling.

Invertek frequency inverters for pumps, ventilators and high torque variable speed drives up to 400kW / 400Vac

Marotechniek Controls and Automation • Dredging equipment • Complete electrical installation for profile/cutter dredgers • Controls and/or automation acc. to client specification • Density measurement based on subsidence (Without radio-active well!)

• Marotechniek control panel manufacturing

• • • •

Winch controls DOL / Frequency inverted Dredging automation PLC and touch screens CT systems

Marotechniek Projects Marotechniek delivers complete projects on turn-key base. Mechanical- en electric systems for maritime-, off-shore-, sand mining and dredge industry.

• Lifting winches and controls built in container for Immersion Equipment.

• Complete dredger installation: winches, submersible pump drive, frequency control and dredge automation

Dredge automation


Submersible pump motor

Frequency Inverters

• Marotechniek electric propulsion system Ecosolve hybrid and diesel-electric propulsion systems up to 2x 1500kW.

Complete propulsion installation with electric drives, frequency controls, generators and power management.

Marotechniek Projects • Dredge pump drives and winches for hopper dredgers

• Marotechniek winches and capstans with frequency control Winches with build on controls, CT-systems, synchronous run and special applications.

Pump splitter gearboxes up to 2000kW

Marotechniek Winches Worm Wheel Type MT-EW ● ● ●

Electric/ Hydraulic up to 2800Kg

Planetary Type MT-EP/HP ● ●

Special Winches ● ●

Acc. To client specification Including build on controls up to 80.000Kg

Electric/ Hydraulic up to 80.000Kg

Capstan Type MTK-EP/HP ● ● ●

Electric/ Hydraulic up to 20.000Kg

• Marotechniek winch manufacturing and testing

Planetary Compact Type MT-EPC/HPC ● ● ●

Electric/ Hydraulic up to 80.000Kg

Planetary Compact Type MT-EPV/HPV ● ● ●

Electric/ Hydraulic up to 15.000Kg

Planetary Type MT-EKB/HKB ● ● ●

Electric/ Hydraulic up to 80.000Kg

• Winches with spooling gear The mechanical driven diamond screw level-winder compensates for excessive fleet angles between the cable drum and first fixed sheave.

• Special winches All kind off special winches according costumer specification.

Dredger mooring winch

Mooring winch with airflex clutch

Dredger suction pipe winch

Offshore crane hoist winches

Store winches

Spud winch with spur drive

Pilot ladder winches

Dock winches with spooling gear

Marotechniek Service & Repair Repair electric motors / special drives / Submersible Dredge pump drives and winches

Service / repair and inspection on site

Preventive maintenance including logbook

Thermal measurement windings

Test facility with water brake


Pump Splitter Gearboxes

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W i n c h e s







Max. Input Power (KW)






Max. Input Torque (Nm)






Standard program up to 1000Kw

1 to 8 pump connections

Including highly flexible flywheel coupling

Including input IEC motor connection

Higher power and special executions on request

Special gearboxes up to 2000Kw


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Marotechniek B.V. has over 20 years of experience in winches, mechanical- / electrical drives and controls in the maritime and dredging sect...