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7/24/2010 at 5:42:00 PM - 7/25/2010 at 7:17:10 AM

UN against "flotillas" to Gaza. Pigs fly. by Elder of Ziyon (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 8:31:00 PM

This has to be one of the most astounding diplomatic victories ever for Israel at the UN: The United Nations said Friday that groups seeking to deliver aid to Gaza should do so by land, after Israel warned it would intercept two ships seeking to break a blockade of the Palestinian enclave. “There are established routes for supplies to enter by land. That is the way aid should be delivered to the people of Gaza,” UN spokesman Martin Nesirky told a press briefing. “Our stated preference has been and remains that aid should be delivered by established routes, particularly at a sensitive time in indirect proximity (peace) talks between Palestinians and Israelis,” he added. He made the comments after Israel served notice its forces would prevent a planned Lebanese aid flotilla from reaching the Gaza Strip. “We have received information in recent days about a plan to send a new flotilla to break the blockade

around Gaza,” Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Israeli television. “This is an unnecessary provocation and we believe that preventing such a flotilla is the responsibility of the Lebanese government.” “If this flotilla does leave Lebanon and refuses to be led by our navy to the (Israeli) port of Ashdod, we will have no other choice than to arrest it at sea,” the minister added. “There exists a way of transferring goods, which are not weapons or material for war-like purposes, to the Gaza Strip through the port of Ashdod.” Israel’s UN Ambassador Gabriela Shalev earlier delivered a similar warning in a letter addressed to UN chief Ban Ki-moon. This is especially notable since UNRWA’s head John Ging said the exact opposite only two months ago: Ging, speaking with a Norwegian newspaper earlier in the week, urged the world to send ships to the shores of Gaza, saying “We believe that Israel will not intercept these vessels because the sea is open, and human rights organizations have been successful in similar previous

operations proving that breaking the siege of Gaza is possible.” Hamas, of course, says this this is proof that the UN is Zionist: Hamas has said the United Nations call for aid groups to send supplies to the Gaza strip over-land rather than by sea amounts to “collaboration with the Israeli occupier”. “The UN call to international organisations to use the over-land road to Gaza instead of the sea is unacceptable and illegal,” Sami Abu Zahri, a Hamas spokesman, said on Saturday. Hamas, which is not participating in proximity talks, said that most Gaza residents “are still banned from leaving the territory and this is why this call [by the UN] is considered a contribution to the [Israeli] blockade”. This last part is especially humorous because the people who restrict Gazans from leaving Gaza are often Palestinian Arabs themselves, as Ha’aretz noticed today. Belatedly. Israel may be slowly learning a lesson that her Arab neighbors have known for a long time: there is great diplomatic power in saying no. When one side in a dispute is adamant and

the other is wishy-washy, diplomats will naturally pressure the side that appears to be wavering. Israel is saying very clearly that if the point of the “aid” is to help Gazans, they will help. If the point is political, it will be stopped. The UN cannot support with a plan that will force a showdown – as long as it has an alternative. Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • News Newsby sheikyermami on April 23, 2010Update: F*kc “Earth Day!Earth Day humor… because laughter is *still* the best medicine/ Flopping AcesJawa ReportGlobal Warming: And The Biggest Winner IsSena... • Interpol releases ‘wanted’ notices for Israeli secret agents Faces of alleged hit squad appear on Interpol website in connection with killing of Hamas operativeOfficial "wanted" notices for a suspected team of Israeli secret agents accused of participating in t... • St Mary Magdalene Church in Jerusalem Image taken on 2008-0131 14:15:08 by Copper Kettle.... Original post source

British judge faces anti-semitism probe after his anti-Israel instructions by Elder of Ziyon (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 9:31:00 PM

From the Daily Mail: A senior judge was under investigation yesterday after being accused of making anti-Semitic remarks in court that may have swayed his jury into acquitting a group of protesters. Judge George Bathurst-Norman was said by critics to have persuaded a jury to clear a group of campaigners who smashed up a factory making parts for Israeli warplanes. Summing up in the criminal damage trial, he compared Israel to the Nazi regime and accused the country of ignoring international law. The judge added that ‘there may be much to be admired’ about the chief protester, and that ‘in the last war he would probably have received a George Medal’. The Office for Judicial Complaints,

which deals with objections over the conduct of judges and magistrates, confirmed that an inquiry into how Judge Bathurst-Norman handled the trial of five political activists at Hove Crown Court in June is under way. Its findings will be considered by Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge and Lord Chancellor Kenneth Clarke, who have the final say on any disciplinary action. A number of complaints are said to have accused the judge not just of anti-Israel rhetoric but specifically of anti-Semitism. Describing evidence shown in court, Judge Bathurst-Norman told the jury that he could only describe the ‘horrific’ events shown as ’scenes which one would rather have hoped to have disappeared with the Nazi regimes of the last war’. In his summing up, he gave his backing to the evidence of one defendant, Ornella Saibene, a former Greenham Common activist. The judge said: ‘She took us through

the horrors, and there really is no other word for it than horrors, that emerged in the press and on the news and the footage as to what the Israelis were doing in Gaza. ‘You may think that perhaps “Hell on Earth” would be an understatement of what the Gazans endured.’ We discussed this judge here, here and here. While I believe that some people complaining about the judge would have accused him of anti-semitism, the problem is that he disregarded any pretense of objectivity and instructed the jury how to rule. Bringing up antisemitism is not the strategy to employ – even if the judge compared Israelis to Nazis. It is possible that the Daily Mail played up that aspect of the complaints, and lets hope so. The judge should be investigated and punished for his egregious disregard for the law in the courtroom. Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel

• Cartoon Madness Cartoon Madnessby sheikyermami on May 23, 2010State Department bows to S h a r i a , c o n d e m n s MotoonsDisgraceful. The tradition of Condi Clueless continues. Remember her?That’s why the Motoons are not... • Kol Nidre prayer sung on Yom Kippur Eve It is with great trepidation that I post this awesome prayer, set to music by Herbert Fromm, arranged by Samuel Adler, published by Transcontinental Music Publications,... • Lucky Jewish Four Leaf Clover Irish Isreal Star of David Lapel Pin Lapel Pin / Tie TackBrassGold Plated5/8 inch tallEpoxy Colorfill Product DescriptionThis is a Four Leaf Clover with the Star of David inside. This item was meant to have many meanings, depending on... Original post source


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The History Of The Jewish Religion by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 11:25:09 PM

by serenity_now The History Of The Jewish Religion Abstract The history of the Jews is quite long and its origin is gotten from Abraham and the Hebrews. Some of the practices that are carried out by the Jews today came as a result of the covenants that god made with people like Abraham and Moses. The history entails the covenant between Abraham and god, the covenant between god and Moses in Mount Sinai, conquest of the Canaan and the judges, etc. The prophet Samuel and the kings Saul, David, and Solomon also form the history of the Jewish religion. In the history of the Jewish religion are the destruction of the temple and the fall of Rome. The sufferings that the Jews endured in the early Middle Ages form the greatest contributions to the history of the Jewish religion. The harsh times in Europe and Germany that led to the immigration of the Jews especially to the United States led to the high population of the Jews in the United States. The crusades led to the loss of lives by the Jews in large masses and all the mistreatments that the Jews endured were blamed on the Jews themselves. The festivals and the practices that the Jews in the early days practiced form the practices that the Jews practice up to date. Introduction The history of the Jews religion entails the faith of the Jews and their culture. Judaism is basically the beliefs and practices that the Jews practice. It is one of the oldest religions that remain and are still being practiced up to date. Judaism mainly explains the relationship that existed between God and the children of Israel. A Jewish is any individual whose mother, grandmother, greatgrandmother, etc. in that line were of the religion of the Jewish. Also if an individual was converted to Judaism in a way that is accepted by the Israeli authorities, he or she and all his or her children qualify to be Jewish. The Jews religion has its roots back from the covenant between god and Abraham. The Jews believe in the existence of one God who provides for and maintains the Jews. The Jewish religion is also regarded as a waiting religion as its followers still wait for the coming of the messiah to liberate the world. The Jewish religion faced many resistances from the Christianity as it was being developed and very many Jews lost their lives in the process. The harsh conditions and severity that the Jews were exposed to in Europe led to the immigration of these Jews to many other parts of the world especially in the Europe in search of refuge. This paper will seek to explain the

historical and religious context of Judaism and the biblical Jewish history up to today. Historical and Religious Context The history of the Jewish religion has its way back from the creation of mankind. Abraham and the Hebrews make the greatest contributions to the origin of the Jewish religion. Abraham used to live in north Mesopotamia but one time God commanded him to leave his homeland for Canaan a foreign land. The obedience of Abraham to his God is seen here when he leaves his own land for a place that he doesn’t know. The Hebrews also spent some time in Egypt where they were mistreated and served as slaves to the Egyptians under the reign of Pharaoh before returning to Canaan. Most of the Hebrew people were farmers and seminomadic herdsmen who were organized in small tribes. In their culture, there existed messengers, the literature of the Egyptian hymns and wisdom, the literature of the Canaanite language and methodology, Mesopotamian primitive history, etc. All the cultures of the Jews believed in the existence of a God who was the creator and the preserver. There also existed religious rituals and ethics that the Jews practiced with seasons. Abraham and the Patriarchs The bible begins with the book of genesis and this book recognizes the existence of an all-powerful God who creates the world in six days and rests the seventh day. The human being by the name Adam is the only creature created the sixth day and is created in the God’s own image and likeness. From the book of genesis to the book of chronicle, human beings sin against god several times until a time comes when god decides to punish the human kind using a flood. The only person who survived the flood was Noah and his family. After the blood, god made a covenant with Noah that he will never again destroy the world with water (John, 1).Abraham is believed to be the founder of the Jewish community. He didn’t discover god but he was called by the same God and a covenant between god and Abraham is made where Abraham is promised many descendants. Scholars have recently identified some differences between Abraham’s and the patriarchs’ religion and Moses’ religion. Abraham is seen to refer to god in generic terms other than in specific terms and the issue of idolatry in the religion of Moses is completely absent in the religion of Abraham. In the Abraham and the patriarchs’ religion, there was the belief that sacrifices and prayer was very essentials for the enhancement of the relationship between god and the people (Charles, & Jeremiah, 236). The prayers were offered in specific places such as a stone pillar, sacred tree, or a sacred alter. When Abraham

made a covenant with God, there was a mark of circumcision which the community adopted and all male children in the community were to undergo it. Up to the present day, all male children undergo circumcision on the eighth day in the synagogues. The Journey from Egypt to Sinai and the Covenant to Moses The Hebrew tribes served as slaves in Egypt where they moved when a famine struck their region in Canaan. They cried to God to deliver them from the oppression that was being carried out on them. God called Moses and gave him the assignment to deliver his people from the land of oppression to the Promised Land. When Moses reached Egypt, the then king refused to release the Israelites but God had heard the cries and prayers of his people and infected the Egyptians with plagues which gave the king no options other than releasing the Israelites. When the Israelites left Egypt, the king ordered his army to follow them and when reached the red sea, God drowned all the army so that the Hebrews could escape (Stephen, 236).It took the Israelites a journey of about forty years to get to the Promised Land. The Jews at one blamed Moses of taking them to the wilderness so that they could die of hunger but along the journey, god provided the Hebrews with free food and water. When they reached Mount Sinai, Moses left them at the foot of the mountain and climbed the mountain to receive the commandments. Here, God the terms of the covenant between God and the Israelites was established and the Israel was established as God’s own nation. Through the forty years journey, God remained loyal tom the Israelites even when they turned to worship idols and blamed Moses for the hunger that they experienced. Moses emerged as a conqueror though he had refused the call when he was first told of his mission by God. He emerged as a great leader in religious matters, political issues, legislative issues, and military issues. In Mount Sinai, god gave Moses the Ten Commandments that were supposed to guide the Israelites in their day to day lives (Louis, 346). When Moses came back from the mountain, he found the Israelites worshipping idols and as a result of the anger that struck him, he dropped the commandments and they broke into pieces. The contents of the covenant included the loyalty that the Israelites needed to observe on god who saved them from bondage in

Egypt, the prohibition of the worship of idols, and it also contained festivals and rituals that the Israelites needed to observe as a celebration of God’s provision to them (John, 1). Conquest of Canaan and the Judges When the Israelites reached their promised land, some leaders were appointed for them and these leaders were known as judges. Unfortunately, this period was dominated by the worship of idols and apostasy which the covenant between god and the Israelites was totally against. However, many alters were constructed for the God of Israel where the Israelites were supposed to make sacrifices and worship this God. Many priests were also appointed especially from the society of Levites and these Levites conducted sacrifices at the temples that were constructed for the God of Israel (John, 1).A house was also constructed for the Ark of the Covenant where this Ark of the Covenant was given maximum protection. Priest from the family of Eli acted as the staff members of this house that was constructed at the Shiloh Sanctuary. Saul, David, and Solomon Even after reaching the Promised Land, the Israelites still had enemies and thus a way of defending their community against these enemies was necessary. The solution turned out to be an authority that was centralized and an army that was organized so that they could give the right approach to dealing with external enemies. The Israelites had an option of taking God’s given way to protect the Israelites and another option of rejecting God’s kingship. Prophet Samuel appointed the first king of Israel. When Saul defeated the Ammonites, he was appointed the first king and he ruled the community of the Israelites from a small town called Gibeah which was to the north of Jerusalem. During the reign of Saul, many conflicts arose between him and the then prophet Prophet Samuel who had many powers over the kingship. Saul was succeeded by King David whose reign helped solve the differences that existed between Saul and the prophet Samuel. David combined both the political and religious authority to his house and the descendants and all other kings were to rule from Jerusalem (John, 1).Solomon the son of David succeeded his father at a very early age. David selected Solomon regardless of having other elder sons who had expected to succeed him. Solomon acted as king of Israel for about forty years and during this period, the monarchy of the Hebrews got the highest appraisal. Solomon’s kingship was very prosperous especially during the first half of his reign. Solomon was the person who was to build a temple for the God of HISTORY page 3

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the Israelites. In the second half of his leadership, idolatries dominated which resulted from his intermarriages. The bible says that Solomon had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. Solomon married the daughter of Pharaoh form Egypt leading to a relation between the Israelites and their enemies-the Egyptians. Divided Monarchy and the Exile When Solomon’s role came to an end, the nation split into the northern kingdom known as Israel and the southern kingdom known as Judah. The northern kingdom was under the rule of the Assyrian ruler Shalmaneser while the southern region was under the rule of the Babylonian army. The Israelites split into smaller political-religious groups among them the Pharisees and the Sadducees (John, 1). Destruction of the Temple A number of reasons led to the development of the kingdom the Seleucid. Among them was the defeat of the Persians by Alexander the Great, the death of Alexander that Great, and the division of the empire of Alexander by the generals that he left. The relationship between the religious Jews and the Hellenized Jews kept on deteriorating and this led to the then king of Seleucid banning some Jewish religious traditions and rites. As a result of the bans, the orthodox Jews protested under the leadership of the Maccabees. The result of the revolution was the formation of the Hasmonaean Dynasty which was an independent Jewish religion (John, 1).A civil war led to the disintegration of the Hasmonaean Dynasty. Some people didn’t want to be led by the kings but by some theocratic clergy and these people sent their requests to the roman authorities. Judea was established as an independent roman kingdom at first but it later turned to be a brutal kingdom and really mistreated the Judean subjects. Many Judeans came out in lime light revolting against the leadership of the roman rulers of Judea. The roman emperors defeated the Judeans and much of the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed and most of the artifacts that were preserved in the temple including the menorah were also stolen. After the defeat, the members of the Judean community continued to live in their former land and were also allowed to practice some of their religious rites and practices. For a long period of time the Jews were not allowed to enter to the town of Jerusalem. However, during the seventh century when the Persians were reconstructing the destroyed city, many Jews were living in the same town regardless of the ban (John, 1).The roman rule was changed to integrate other issues such as preserving tradition in a better situation, combining with the Greek society and thought, etc. People from different regions could now live

peacefully with each other regardless of their tribal groups. The fall of Rome A number of laws were passed by the eastern Roman Empire that took away all civil rights of any individuals who were unbelievers. The existence of such unbelievers was also complicated by the passed laws and most the unbelievers had no other options than running away to rescue their lives. When they were denied their civil rights, meant that most of their freedoms were curtailed and they lived like prisoners. The Jews really suffered in the hands of the iconoclastic emperors who were believed to be heretic with some Jews tendencies. In a bid to try and fight for their lives, the Jews found themselves in some very remote states which were being established such as the Slavs and the Tatars. Here, they found protection and refuge and they could now live their lives though in some foreign land. The East-Roman Empire grew stronger and stronger and the relationship between them and their neighbors continued to enhance (John, 1).Contrary, the Western Roman Empire grew weaker and weaker and the always feel victims of the barbarians. The Jews continued to peacefully practice their faith and they didn’t have any trouble in their lives. The Early middle Ages During the early days, the church laws didn’t recognize the nonbelievers as humans and their humanity was regarded with much discrimination. In the beginning of the ninth century, the church came up with some laws that clearly addressed the issue of the believers and their treatment to the non-believers. Earlier, the believers and the Jews could not interact in any way and this helped create a gap between the two religions that proved very hard to bridge. The hard time that the church experienced in conducting its financial operations led to the integration of the Jews in their believers circle. The church could only get some money through borrowed loan that was to be returned with some interest and this loan could only be found from people of different faiths. These experiences of the church led to the rapid acquirement of influence by the Jews. Any pleasures by the Jews were to be from their homes or in their own circles. Also, the only way they could acquire some knowledge was through their own compositions and their literature. However, the Jews made all the necessary sacrifices and were completely devoted with all their nature and strength to the success of their literature (John, 1).The Jews from the western region really experienced hard conditions which depended on the ever changing political conditions. Those Jews who were in Italy during the war wagged by Rugii experienced many dark

days. Here, they experienced the hard time since the roman emperors laws were greatly observed and administered. The laws of the emperors could not tolerate the practices of the Jews unlike the catholic faith where the Jews made some influences. In some places like the Pyrenean peninsula, the Jews had lived peacefully in large numbers and for many years. The Jews also enjoyed the peace when the same land was occupied by the Alani, Suevi, Visigoths, and the Vandals. However, the peace condition came to an abrupt end when the kings of Visigothic picked on Catholicism and wanted to convert all their citizens to one faith. The Jews first persevered and accepted the faith hoping that the severe conditions were to remain for a short moment. Some of them were baptized by force so that they could be allowed to remain in the region. Later, the Visigothic insisted that even those who were baptized by force had no option than to remain true to the Christian faith. Later, the Jews conquered peninsula and they welcomed the Arabs to the land. For the Jews who had been completely converted and they wished to keep the faith of the Christian religion, the church offered maximum protection to them and protected them from compulsory conversion. The pope once wanted to protect his kingdom and the temporal power and he called for the support of the Carolingians but there was no change in the policy of conversion. Charlemagne used the church in bringing together the elements of his kingdom that had fallen apart and he also used the church in transforming the Old Roman Empire into a Christian empire (John, 1).He also united all the German races that were there during his reign and helped them to settle. When he died, most of the restrictions in the church were not observed and the non-believers were greatly mistreated. The Crusades The Jews endured many trials and hard times while in different kingdoms which practiced Christianity and these were just some indications of the hard times that befell them during the time of the crusades. During the crusades, the peaceful Jews experienced real torture in the hands of those who claimed to be believers. The believers had no room for anyone who was not a member of their religion. The rights to worship didn’t exist by then and this led to the great suffering by the Jews. The first crusade of 1096 resulted to the destruction of all the Jewish communities that flourished in Rhine and Danube (John, 1).The second crusade took place in 1147 where Philip Augustus treated the Jews in France with extra severity. The third crusade of 1188 greatly affected the English Jews. Many trials took place in England and the end result was a ban for any Jew to be

seen in England. After about three hundred and sixty five years the Jews were allowed to settle in the British Isles. The Jews also experienced other attacks and were greatly oppressed by the shepherd’s crusades of 1251 and 1320. Persecution and Blood Libel All the deeds that were conducted on the Jews were justified in the crimes laid against them. The Jewish were seen as being responsible for all the crime that was imputed to them all the years that they underwent the mistreatment. The Jews were also falsely accused of dishonoring the host which the believers believed to be representing the body of Christ. All the calamities that took place in this period were attached to the Jews and it was believed that were it not for them, there could have been great peace among the religions. The plundering raids of the Mongols were also laid on them. The Jews were also accused of poisoning the wells when the Black Death killed so many individuals in Europe. This was an invention meant to show how the Jewish were miserable. There existed only one court that claimed to be a protector to the Jewish and this was the Roman emperor of the German nation (John, 1).The emperor claimed that the Jews had the right to posses property and to be protected by the laws like any other individuals. The emperor could now present the Jews and all their property to cities or to princes. The court could now fight for the rights of the Jews and the greed, distrust, and envy that existed between communities could now be reduced. Also the undeserved suffering that the Jews went through could now be addressed and the innocent Jews could now escape prosecution. The court proceedings if well carried out could lead to the participation of different members of the community in communal work, help people leave like members of one family, and help reducing the harsh conditions that the Jewish were going through in the hands of the believers. Expulsions In all the countries in the western where Christianity was practiced, a gloomy of the Jews was portrayed and the Jews were viewed as the source of all evil. Many Jews were sent out of different places at different times. In 1290, almost all the Jews who resided in England were sent away, others were sent out of France in 1394. Also between 1350 and 1450, many Jews were sent out of large districts in Italy and Germany. These Jews who were driven out of the different places fled in different directions in search of peace and refuge (John, 1). They were looking for places where they could be tolerated and their faith could be respected. Most of them preferred the newly formed Slavic HISTORY page 4


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HISTORY continued from page 3

kingdoms. In the new Slavic kingdoms, their practices could be tolerated and many confessions were still tolerated. The rulers in these kingdoms made it possible for the Jews to enjoy true refuge and for a long time the Jews experienced great prosperity. The study of Talmud was very vigorous here and the Jews could now practice their faith without fear. The Jews learnt the language of the Germans and many of their customs and practices. However, they didn’t abolish their religion but continued to practice their faith. Up to date, the Jews practice the German customs that they learnt in the Slavic environment and they speak the German language whole heartedly. Also under Muslim rule especially in Pyrenean peninsula, the Jews received some good treatment where they were allowed to practice their faith with the required freedom The efforts of the Jews to resist Christianity were faced with difficulties and although they made some advances, they couldn’t offer the real resistance to Christianity. The force of Christianity had advanced so much that the Jews efforts couldn’t have made great impact. The Arabic culture had greatly declined especially following the fall of the political power and the transformation of the Jews to the western cultures (John, 1).Most of the Jews who lived in the southern part o France and those who lived in the northern parts of Spain had accepted the western culture and this really weakened the Arabic culture. The Jews from Spain studied secular sciences with great vigor and eagerness to learn them just as they did with the bible and Talmud. As the Jews continued to practice their faith, the church grew rapidly and with vigor to an extent that the Jews could no longer practice their faith with the full freedom. The church leaders were determined to transform all these Jews to the Christianity faith and they did all that they could to win them. The first step by the church to win these people was by offering religious writings to them and by religious disruptions on them. The attempt by the church to use writings and religious disruptions to weaken the Jewish faith did not prove very successful and due to the determination that the church had in weakening them, another option had to be adapted. This time round, the church made it really hard for the Jews to practice their civil rights. Many restrictions were made to the extent that the Jews were now completely separated from the Christians and they were to live in different parts in the cities (John, 1).Again, the Jews were required to wear some very embarrassing badges on their clothing. This led to great mistreatment of the Jews by their fellow citizens. The Jews also became victims of hatred and scorn by their fellow

citizens. Life for the Jews became harder and harder and in 1391, thirty thousands Jews were killed in Seville by a mob by the name the fanatical mob. In a bid to try and run for their lives, many Jews had no options other than to run for refuge in baptism. The Jews who were baptized however continued to practice their father’s faiths in secret. A severe interrogation was conducted where the rights and privacy of these Jews were greatly violated. This led to the discovery that some of the Jews who had been baptized still continued to practice their faith and were thus pretenders and not true Christians. Severe punishments were conducted on those who were discovered as being pretenders were taken to prison, tortured by the prison staff, and burnt to death (John, 1).This project continued for many years and was aimed at ensuring that there were no more unbelievers in Spain. In 1492, hundreds of thousands of the Jews were forced to leave Spain where they had spent their lives for over one thousand and five hundred years. After their departure from Spain, most of these Jews fled to Balkan Peninsula for refuge and here they enjoyed some peace. They also got an opportunity to practice the faith of their fathers without restrictions. Up to date, these exiles that were forced out of Spain still preserve the language that they learnt in Spain and surprisingly, these Jews in this land speak the Spanish language as their mother tongue. The Enlightenment and Haskalah During the revival period, a lot of learning and negotiations took place. Significant changes were especially found within the Jewish community. The enlightment was paralleled by the Haskalah movement where the Jews actively participated in seeing to it that the restrictive laws that were applied on then were abolished. These laws gave the Christian authorities total control over the Jews and this denied the Jews most of their civil rights. The movement also demanded that the Jews be integrated in the wider European community. The Jews students who attended classes got a chance to receive scientific and secular education in addition to the traditional religious education. Many Jews also got the opportunity to identify themselves with the Jewish religion as a result of the revival that took place in the study of the Jewish history (John, 1).Conservative movements and reform movements were born through the Haskalah and they all fought together in reviving the Jewish religion. These movements also pushed for the assimilation of the Jewish culture in all the countries that the Jews lived. The process of reviving the Jewish religion wasn’t very smooth especially when some other movements started sprouting that preached completely the opposite of the Haskalah movement. The

resistance amongst these movements led to the present divisions in the Jewish observance. As numerous changes took place within the Jewish community, the outside world also experience equally important changes. The prosecution of the Jews had not been completely wiped in some European countries and in the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries, several hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed. The napoleon law by napoleon offered the Jewish refuge in regard to equality. Those Jews who used to live the Jewish ghettos in Europe were invited by napoleon to leave these ghettos for the newly created political regimes that were more tolerant to the Jewish religion (John, 1).Many Jews migrated to the United States form Europe due to the existence of economic and social opportunities in the United States. Here they formed a large community that was free from the restrictions that the Jews used to experience in Europe. The Jews in the United States The existence of the Jews in the United States dates back to the seventeenth century. However, the number of Jews in the United States by the seventeenth century was very small. The first Jews to settle in the United States were shepherds from Spain and Portugal. In the nineteenth century, many Jews arrived in the United States from Germany and here, the Jews became merchants and shop owners. Most of the Jews that migrated to the United States did it due to the discrimination and prosecution that took place in countries such as Germany, Europe, etc. (John, 1).The severity of the mistreatment of many Jews in the United States in regard to their religion was less and thus most of them opted to run to the United States for refuge. In the early twentieth century, many Muslims arrived in the New York City and built several synagogues. The holocaust in Europe led to immigration of the Jews to the United States in large numbers such that the United States became the largest home of the Jews (Israel, 40). Napoleon and the Jews Napoleon made great contributions to the liberation of the Jews of the Western Europe (John, 1). The civil code helped the Jews against discrimination from other communities and the severity that was put on them as a result of their religion. Napoleon decided to offer to the Jews, freemasons, and Protestants liberty, fraternity, and equality (Joseph, 52). Some churches that had been closed for years were also opened during his regime. The code was supposed to offer the freedom of worship to all regardless of ones cultural and ethnic background. Napoleon also said that the state was to pay the salaries of the priests to these communities. His mission to liberate the Jews began when he was in Ancona and some people passed

around him wearing some yellow bonnets and arm bands. Napoleon was amazed and immediately asked his officers why these people wore the bonnets and the arm bands. The officers told him that these people were Jews and the bonnets and the arm bands were used to identify them so that in the evening, they could return to the ghettos. Napoleon ordered that the Jews remove the yellow bonnets and arm bands with immediate effect. Napoleon also ordered the closing of the ghetto and he said that the Jews should be allowed to live wherever they wanted to live and should also practice their religion with full freedom. Napoleon made rules that addressed the way that the businesses and credit by the Jews were to be conducted. Earlier, the Christians were not allowed by the laws to practice usury. In effect, an assembly of Jewish notables was appointed that was to represent the Jews community in the process of bringing the Jews over to his policies. All the debts that were owed to the Jews were annulled. The Holocaust The prejudice against the Jews due their ethnic and cultural background continued in Europe even in the 1920s and the 1930s. Adolf Hitler was one of the anti-fanatics who could not change their mind regarding the treatment given to the Jews. In Germany, the case was even harder. Back in 1933 the then Nazis organized a boycott that was to protest against all the businesses owned by the Jews in Germany (Max & Gustav, 23).This was a one day boycott aimed at eliminating all Jews from active businesses. This mission was accomplished in 1939 when all the remaining small enterprises in Germany were closed in Germany. In almost all the cities where the Jews resided, they were concentrated in a very small region and were separated from the rest of the members of the cities. During the First World War, the Nazis in Germany formalized all the borders and restricted the movement of the Jews within the different areas. Also, some ghettos were created for the Jews and the Jews were required to be confined within these ghettos and could not live in other regions within the city. These ghettos were even worse than prisons because after a short period of time, the Jews who resided in these ghettos died of hunger and disease. Executions continued where the Nazis and their collaborators executed these Jews. Concentration camps were identified in Germany itself where many Jews lost their lives and others experienced the worst conditions that the human rights cannot tolerate today (George, 2009). Mass killings of the Jews that lived in the soviet territory took place during the invasion of the Soviet HISTORY page 5

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HISTORY continued from page 4

Union. All the communities that lived in the region were thrown out of the region, robbed off all their property, and shot at the edge of the ditches. In the year 1941, Hitler made a decision to kill in mass all the Jews that existed in Europe and completely eliminate their existence. In 1942 however, several Nazis met to discuss the issue of the Jews and come with a final solution of the Jewish question. The general government came up with a plan to deport all the Jews that occupied the ghettos and the territories that were greatly concentrated. The Jews were to be taken to the extermination camps also known as the Vernichtungslager. These seven extermination camps included: Belzec, Auschwitz, Chelmno, Maly, Majdanek, Sobibor, Trostenets, and TreblinkaII (George, 2009). Holocaust Aftermath and the State of Israel Jews were killed in large numbers during the German Nazis regime between 1941 and 1945. Millions of refugees were left homeless by the holocaust and its aftermath. Most the refugees that were left homeless were the Jews amongst who had lost almost all if not all of their family members and possessions (John, 1).These Jews also faced persistent rejection in their home countries due to their ethnic and cultural background. The Jews were still interested in finding a place where they could live freely without discrimination and restrictions. In their efforts, most of them found themselves joining the Zionist movement. The Zionists argued that the Jews refugees who lived in Germany and the Nazi had been abandoned by other countries and this led to the mass killing that took place on those Jews that resided here. In fact, they argued that if there was a Jews state during this period, the extent of the holocaust couldn’t have been as severe as it was. Zionism grew rapidly and a post-holocaust displacement strategy was adapted that led to the immigration of many Jews to the land that is currently known as the state of Israel. Judaism today Geography The Jews today are spread all over the world. However most of the Jews communities are today found in the USA with an approximate population of about 5.7 million people. Most of them came to the United States from Spain where they were being killed for the culture. Also anti-Semitism and the prosecution of the Jews in Europe contributed to the immigration to the United States (John, 1).Most of the Jews came to the United States in the nineteenth century and they built synagogues for their God. Many Jews are also found in Western Europe and the Western Europe. The African continent hosts between two hundred thousands and three thousands Jews. The Jews exist

in many communities but most of the Jews belong to the communities of the Israel and Palestine. Many Jews live in states where there are different other communities except Israel which is a Jewish state (Mary, 47). Most parts of North Africa and the Middle East were previously homes of the Jews but when Israel was established, many of the Jews immigrated to this state. However, some countries like Iran, morocco, and turkey also have some notable number of Jews. When king Shalmaneser deported some Jews to Kurdistan, some new traditions were developed by the Jews and the residents converted many Kurds to Judaism. Here, the equality of all people was observed and women now enjoyed much freedom. In fact, it is in this very land that the first female leader emerged. The Goal of the Jewish Religion, Practices and Beliefs The Jews still believe that the promised messiah hasn’t been sent. It is therefore a religion of waiting where they are waiting for the messiah who will come on earth to liberate them and also bring security and justice to the world (John, 1). Several changes have occurred in regard to the issue of the messiah and some Jews have accepted the messiah as a symbol and not somebody that will practically be sent to liberate them. However, a group of the Jews still believe that god will send them the messiah and they are still waiting for his coming. The Jews use the torah as their sacred and this greatly corresponds to the Christian’s Old Testament. The Talmud which was completed in the fifth century contains the oral law and the interpretations of the law. The Jews celebrate many festivals and among them is the weekly Sabbath that is celebrated from the afternoon of Friday to Saturday afternoon (Raymond, 25). The different Muslim communities celebrate the Sabbath in the same way but strictness differs where some communities allow for secular activities to take place while others don’t. Many other festivals are celebrated once a year. Some of them include: Yom Kippur which is the Day of Atonement, Chanukah which corresponds to the Christian’s Christmas. Other festivals designate the time when the Jews were allowed to leave Egypt and their exodus. Others are celebrated once in a lifetime such as the circumcision of the boy child when it is eight days old. This acts as a remembrance of the covenant that god made to Abraham. Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah marks a time when the boys enter adulthood at the age of thirteen and the girls at the age of twelve respectively. The burial of a dead Jew takes place with immediate effect from hi death and the family starts Shiva which is a seven day mourning period.

The Jews religion has some regulations and prohibitions that mainly cover on food (John, 1). These rules are seen by other communities as being complex. For example, the Jews are not allowed to eat pork and shellfish which all other communities do. Eating these diets is a sin according to the Jews laws and it is prohibited. Concerning the slaughtering of animals, any animal should be killed by a Shehitah where the accepted method is cutting the throat of the animal and leaving the conscious animal to bleed to death. Some types of food such as milk and meat shouldn’t be kept together. Since time immemorial, the Jews are supposed to pray at least three times every day which are performed in remembrance of the times that sacrifices were made in the temple in Jerusalem (John, 1). Shaharith is the name given to the Morning Prayer, Minhah designates the afternoon prayer, while Maarib is the evening prayer. The Jews up to date believe that everything in the world has its origin with God. The Jews are therefore required to recite some benedictions before they take on any events. The torah is divided into sections such that within a year, it is possible for the individuals to have gone through the torah. The rabbi leads the congregation in reading each section of the torah everyday and after the reading, a prayer session follows from the prayer book. Organization The congregation of the Jews is led by a rabbi who closely relates to the priest in Christianity. This leader in elected by the congregation and except in orthodox where a woman cannot assume the position of a rabbi, the rabbi can be either a man or a woman. Prayers are led by a trained individual by the name cantor during the services. Many activities take place in the synagogue which is a holy place for the Jews. Religious activities, religious services, and community activities take place in the synagogue (John, 1). The orthodox is very strict on the way that activities in the synagogue are conducted and even in the synagogues, women are not supposed to sit on the same side with men. The Jewish religion allows its members to perform some rituals in their homes as well. Some yearly festivals, Sabbath rituals, and the daily prayers can be performed at home. Holy Places There were some discontinuations in Judaism especially during the Diaspora which led to little development of some holy places by the Jews. Even up to today, the Jewish who live in the European countries still feel in exile. They have a mentality of migration and they still migrate to the places where the Jews exist in large numbers. The dominating holy place for the Jews is Jerusalem and this is mainly formed by the temple that was destroyed

(John, 1). The western wall that remained after the destruction is referred to as the most holy place in the world (Helen, 240). Another significant holy place for the Jews is Hebron in Palestine where the remains of Abraham were buried. The place in Mount Sinai where the Jews and God made a covenant is also important to their faith. The oldest synagogue is found in Tunisia in Africa and is regarded as a holy place. Conclusion The history of the Jewish religion dates its way back to the time of Abraham. Abraham is regarded as the fore father of the Jewish religion and although he did not discover God himself, he was called by this very God and sent to a foreign land which he didn’t know. God made a covenant with Abraham and promised him many descendants. The mark of the covenant was circumcision which the Jewish religion practices up to date When the Hebrews cried to God to liberate them from slavery in Egypt, God heard their cry and sent Moses to guide them to the Promised Land. A long journey that took them forty years was successful though there were complications on diseases and hunger. In Mount Sinai, God made a covenant with Moses whose contents included the loyalty that the Israelites needed to observe on god who saved them from bondage in Egypt, the prohibition of the worship of idols, and it also contained festivals and rituals that the Israelites needed to observe as a celebration of God’s provision to them. In Canaan, the Israelites were led by judges though the region was at the moment dominated by the worship of idols. The congregation made many alters which were regarded as the holy places for God where the Israelites could make sacrifices and worship this God who liberated them from slavery. The tribe of the Levites produced many kings and a house was built for the maintenance of the Ark of the Covenant. When they reached the Promised Land, the Israelites requested for a king to help them conquer their enemies. Prophet Samuel appointed Saul as the first king of Israel. Saul was succeeded by King David whose reign helped solve the differences that existed between Saul and the prophet Samuel. . David combined both the political and religious authority to his house and the descendants and all other kings were to rule from Jerusalem. Solomon who was a young son of David succeeded his father at the age of eighteen. Solomon acted as king of Israel for about forty years and during this period, the monarchy of the Hebrews got the highest appraisal. During the half of his leadership, Solomon made great achievements but in the second half, dominated which resulted from his HISTORY page 8


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Future Biographies by Former Members of Congress by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 9:04:00 PM

Congressmen, if there’s one thing they do well, it’s take your money. But once they’re out of office and deprived of the power to make bad laws for good money– they’ll have to find another way to do it. And the easiest way is the biography. Because who doesn’t want to read a sanitized and ghost-written account of a man or woman who spent 20 years not showing up to votes without being bribed first. Especially if it doesn’t include the names of some of those who bribed him or her. But with midterm elections coming up, many current Senators and Representatives will be finding some free time in their enforced retirement to write their biographies. And here are a few possible titles we might be seeing shortly. Senator Harry Reid, the man who looks like a gravedigger and set his spade deep in the hard earth of Washington D.C. and tried to bury America’s economy. Now that it’s time for him to write his memoirs, expect them to be as lively, upbeat and fun as Harry Reid himself. No one will make it past the first 5 pages as he recalls his childhood in a salt mine, but that’s because no one will buy the book. When it comes time for a successfully unsuccessful, (or is that an unsuccessfully successful?) politician like Nancy Pelosi to leave office, that also means it’s time to find someone to blame. Someone just waiting to be made a scapegoat. Someone like aliens. And how do we know aliens didn’t do it? There’s no proof is there. Which will be a major selling point in San Francisco. Learn the story of how Nancy Pelosi fought valiantly against the aliens controlling her brain and making her pass all sorts of crazy laws. It’s a testament to the political courage of a woman who takes credit for nothing and everything at the same time. Good work, if you can get it. Sure some politicians might turn in dry biographies, recounting their imaginary childhoods, the time in their first campaign when they thought about getting a real job but decided to stick it out in politics instead, and those 40 pages that are ripped off from Neil Kinnock, but not

Chris Dodd. As the ultimate insider, Senator Dodd offers a page turning guide to getting great deals from banks and mortgage lenders by being elected to the Senate. This compelling biography will tell you just how much you can profit from being on the Senate Finance Committee, not to mention writing your own Financial Reform Bill. For anyone who loves savings and discounts, don’t miss this book. (Warning: Only works for US Senators.) Out of the Sewers of DC and into the sewers of DC, California’s favorite Bat Boy lives again! Thrill to the horrifying saga of Congressman Waxman. Gasp at the sight of his horrid birth! Faint dead away as he passes a bill to have the government regulate all Vitamins! Shudder and scream as he forces global warming offsets on hardworking farmers! Everything horrible you’ve ever imagined is here. Bat boy is real and he’s living and working (formerly) in Washington D.C. What job could Congressman Alan

Grayson be qualified for, once out of office? Soccer hooligan? Drunken Idiot Number 3 in a movie? Working at the DMV? Sadly Grayson instead will go corporate to become the new face of McDonalds. We always knew he was a clown. Now he’s a real clown with real greasepaint. We don’t know what the future holds for Congressman Nadler, but it probably will involve buildings with elevators. And french fries. And hamburgers. And steaks and salads. We’re kidding about the salads of course. But without all the pork in congress, the good Representative will probably have to waddle twice as hard to the nearest buffet. Keith Ellison. America’s first Muslim congressman. What can the future possibly hold for him? America kicked him out office. Now the Great Satan must pay! Recommended by Atlantic Magazine, Pacific Weekly and the New York Times, this passionate screed about the way to reform Islam by killing even more Americans has been hailed as groundbreaking and explosive– but

mostly explosive. Journey along with Ellison, as he meets up with Jihadis and tries to get on a plane despite being on a No Fly list, and having pants packed full of dynamite. This is a memoir that really gets under the skin of anyone who’s wanted to kill a bunch of Americans. Guam hasn’t sunk has it? And there’s only one man to thank for it. Congressman Hank Johnson! Battling the forces of ignorance on his own, Johnson alerted America and various confused military officials to the peril facing Guam. And since Guam hasn’t sunk, clearly his efforts succeeded. Hank Johnson may no longer be in congress, but for as long as Guam shall live, its people the Gumaites, will remember him as their savior. Unless it sinks anyway. Glug. Glug. Glug. Barry. Poor Barry. No he’s not a Senator anymore, though he hardly ever was one to begin with. And without a Democratic Congress, the big chair won’t be almost as fun. Sure he’ll still be able to golf. Fly to exotic places on the taxpayer dime. And have crowds of adoring liberals follow him around, and fight for the privilege of buying him some arugula, but still… it ain’t the same without the power. And that can be said for all of our biography subjects. They did a heck of a job, didn’t they? Now let’s look forward to the day when they finally have the time and leisure to write their biographies. Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • BBC News – US envoy George Mitchell postpones Israel visit Tension is high in Jerusalem, where clashes have broken out US envoy George Mitchell has postponed a visit to Israel amid a continuing row over Israel's decisio... ... • U.S. “regrets” that Israel singled out in treaty text U.S. "regrets" that Israel singled out in treaty text The United States said on Friday it "deeply regrets" that the final declaration agreed by the 189 signatories of the nuclear NonProliferation ... • Set of 4 10X10 Rose Sukkah Star Set of 4 10X10 Rose Sukkah Star Rating: (out of reviews) List P r i c e : P r i c e : Rabbi Greenberg tells us that... Original post source

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Bar Ilan President Calls for Ouster of Faculty Supporting Academic Boycott by Richard Silverstein (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 7:51:22 PM

Moshe Naveh: Israeli university president disdains academic freedom for faculty who disagree with him In a new low for academic freedom in Israel, Bar Ilan University’s President Moshe Kaveh called for the firing or resignation of any faculty members who advocate the academic boycott(BDS) of Israeli institutions. He did so in a political, rather than academic setting–as part of a panel on Jewish identity at a Jewish culture festival–which tells you quite a bit about Kaveh’s intended audience and how unmoored his view is from any academic protocol. Joining him on the panel was Education Minister Gideon Saar, who also advocates such stupidity and is a bosom buddy of the anti-intellectual campus critic, Im Tirzu. Though Bar Ilan is known as an Orthodox-oriented academic institution, until now it had its credentials intact and was a respected member of the Israeli university community. This little escapade by its president should cost it dearly in that department. Can any faculty member, whether right or left, who values academic freedom willingly work at such an institution? Is a university president to be granted the right to fire faculty solely for their political views? Lest any of you who support the Israeli right feel like cheering for Kaveh, think twice. Now, it is the left’s ox that is being gored. But your turn will undoubtedly come next. Do you think that Israeli universities, once permitted the firing of those on the left will stop there? Remember Martin Niemoller’s dictum about the Nazis: eventually they will come for you and by then it will be too late. As with much of Israeli politics, Kaveh’s statement is pure political grandstanding. He couldn’t do what he’s proposing and if he did his faculty would likely tar and feather

him. But that’s almost beside the point. The point is that a respected member of Israel’s academic community has crossed the moral Rubicon and spoken out for a position no one has previously advocated–at least no one in a position comparable to his. This represents the further moral decline of Israeli academic life and the nation’s democracy. There is an ever-deepening demand for political consensus within Israel and a growing intolerance for those who violate the norms. Those in Israel who support BDS are the canaries in the coal mine. Their criminalization will speak volumes about the widening disintegration of Israeli democracy. Related posts: • Ben Gurion University President Calls for Professor Supporting Israel Boycott to Quit The only democracy

in the Middle East™ seems to honor… • IDC Herzliya President Reichman Accuses Gordon of Supporting ‘Military Force’ Against Israel The nutcases at Israel Academic Monitor are disseminating a hysterical… • Ben Gurion President Calls University ‘Zionist,’ Accuses Gordon of ‘Treason’ Ben Gurion University president Rivka Carmi wrote an open letter… Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Israeli Activist Interrogated for ‘Hurting Shin Bet’s Feelings’ Israeli peace activist, Yonatan Shapira has been a busy guy lately. Recently returned from Warsaw, where he spray-painted one of the last remaining vestiges of the Holocaust-

era ghetto wall with the s... • Rightist Ben Gurion Professor Derails Faculty Candidacy of Peace Activist Assaf Oron is a research statistician at the University of Washington. He is also an Israeli peace and human rights activist who blogs at Daily Kos, the Villages Group, and was a IDF sarban, refusing... • Hillary Clinton’s Major Global Democracy Address Will Neglect Arrest and Torture of Palestinian Activist, Ameer Makhoul Hillary Clinton will make a major address in the ancient Polish city of Krakow on Saturday encouraging the global movement for democracy. Her host will be the Community of Democracies, a European NGO... Original post source

Overnight music video by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 5:42:00 PM

Overnight music video Here’s Yaakov Shwekey singing Lech Ami (Go my people). With apologies to those of you who don’t get the Hebrew, because it’s really worthwhile and I just don’t have the time to translate.

And with that I will go off to study Torah – the anniversary of my mother’s death is next Sunday and I need to finish a tractate in time. Let’s go to the videotape. Nice song, huh? (Yes, this is being written several hours before you will see it). posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 3:42 AM Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel

• UK: Fears over non-Muslim’s use of Islamic law to resolve disputes UK: Fears over non-Muslim's use of Islamic law to resolve disputesNobody would accuse the Muslim Arbitration Council (MAT) of being Islamophobic, and yet I can't really understand why it runs to the p... • so called peace flotilla, powered by Islamic feminism – Hezbollah New Secret Flotilla Weapon Is Cancer

Stricken Women Samar Alhaj, the woman leading the Hizbullah-linked Lebanese boat that is scheduled to try to block the naval blockade on Gaza, said in an interview with a regional Israeli Arabic- language radio st... • Truth and False – Kabbalah Moments – July 18, 2010 Tweet This Post Delicious Facebook Stumble It... Original post source


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HISTORY continued from page 5

intermarriages. The worst happened when he married the daughter of the Egyptian king Pharaoh. When Solomon’s role came to an end, the nation split into the northern kingdom known as Israel and the southern kingdom known as Judah. The leadership of the roman rulers of Judea led to the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem by the Romans when they defeated the Judeans. Most of the artifacts that were preserved in the temple including the menorah were also stolen. A number of laws were passed by the eastern Roman Empire that took away all civil rights of any individuals who were unbelievers. The existence of such unbelievers was also complicated by the passed laws and most the unbelievers had no other options than running away to rescue their lives. The Jews experienced the harshest conditions in the early middle ages. This was as a result of the church laws that didn’t recognize the nonbelievers as humans and regarded their humanity with much discrimination. In Europe and Germany, many Jews lost their lives and those who remained had to immigrate to different regions where

they could be rescued. During the time of the crusades the Jews were tortured and falsely accused and blamed for the sufferings that they endured. Today, the Jews are spread different parts of the world but the largest population is found in the United States. Most of the festivals that that were practiced by the Jews in the early days are still practiced today. A few holy places for the Jews also exist. references John, G. (2009), 1. History of Judaism-Religion facts. Retrieved from judaism/history.htm on 07-August2009. Israel, S. (2000). Jewish History Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years. Pluto: Pluto press, 12-89. Louis, J. (1995). The Jewish Religion: A Companion. New York: Barnes & Noble Publishers, 341-356. Raymond, P. S. (2000). A Short History of the Jewish People. India: Karen. A Publishers, 23-26. Stephen, C. R. (1993). A Jews Archive from Old Cairo. Israel: Jewish Publication Societies, 231245.

Max, N & Gustav, G. (1996). Zionism and Anti-Semitism. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 23-34. Mary, A. (1912). The Promised Land. Israel: National Yuddish Book Centre, 45-48. Charles, F. K & Jeremiah, W. J. (1002). The Beginning of Israel History. New York: Scribner’s Sons, 231-237. Helen, C. N. (2004). Israel: A Country Study. Washington: Federal Research Division. 238-243. Joseph, S. L. (1996). Napoleon and His Rule. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 45-67. Author is associated with ResearchPapers247.Com which is a global Research Papers and Term Papers Writing Company. If you would like help in Research Papers and Term Paper Help you can visit Custom Essays> and Custom Research Papers> or Term Paper Help> K’Tonton’s Yom Kippur Kitten After allowing a small kitten to take the blame for something he did, K’tonton, a thumb-sized young boy, feels guilty when he goes to services at the synagogue on Yom Kippur. Rating:(out of 2 reviews)

U.K.: Muslim known for justifying the killing of U.S. and British soldiers is quietly reappointed as "main link between the Metropolitan Police and the Muslim community" by Marisol (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 8:08:54 PM

U.K.: Muslim known for justifying the killing of U.S. and British soldiers is quietly reappointed as “main link between the Metropolitan Police and the Muslim community” Exactly what kind of message is that expected to send to Britons in general, and to the Vast Majority of Moderate Muslims who probably ought to be outraged at this sort of thing? You may want to read this one sitting down — especially the part about the Muslim Safety Forum sharing offices with the Islamic Forum of Europe. An update on this story. “Police Muslim forum headed by Islamic extremist,” by Andrew Gilligan for the Telegraph, July 24 (thanks to Twostellas): An Islamic extremist who has described al-Qaeda as a “myth” and justified the killing of British troops in Iraq has been chosen as the main link between the Metropolitan Police and the Muslim community. Scotland Yard will now face pressure to renounce Azad Ali, the new chair of the Muslim Safety Forum, which is recognised by the Met under a formal written agreement as “the principal body in relation to Muslim community safety and security”. The deal says that the Met will “use the MSF as a consultation body to help formulate policy or practice”. Mr

Ali was the founding chair of the MSF in 2006, but left that job in 2008 and resigned entirely from the group last year after publicity over his extremist comments. Last week, he was quietly reappointed as its chairman. Reappointed by whom? Mr Ali is a senior official of the fundamentalist Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE), which works, in its own words, to create an Islamic state under sharia law in Europe. The IFE and the MSF share the same offices. He has previously praised a key mentor of Osama bin Laden. Earlier this year, he was filmed by an undercover reporter from Channel 4’s Dispatches stating: “Democracy, if it means not implementing the sharia, of course nobody agrees with that.” When the documentary was aired, Mr Ali attacked the reporter on the IFE’s official radio station, saying: “We’ve got a picture of you and a lot more than you thought we had. We’ve tracked you down to different places. And if people are gonna turn what I’ve just said into a threat, that’s their fault, innit?” Mr Ali’s comments about terrorism were made on his official blog on the IFE website. Earlier this year, he lost a libel action against a newspaper which reported them. The judge, Mr Justice Eady, said that Mr Ali “was indeed taking the position that the killing of American and British troops in Iraq would be justified”, describing his claim as “bound to

fail” and having an “absence of reality”. Patrick Mercer, a Conservative MP and counterterrorism expert, said: “It beats me why the police should want to take the advice of this man. They should have nothing to do with him. I know for a fact that there are just as knowledgeable members of the Muslim community who do not share his subversive views.” Posted by Marisol on July 24, 2010 8:08 PM | 1 Comment Print this entry | Email this entry | Digg this | | Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Israel holds defense drill amid regional tension FILE - In this Feb. 26, 2009 file photo, Israeli soldiers wearing gas masks carry a dummy on a stretcher as they take part in a home front command army drill si... ... • New Elite Israeli coffee New Elite Israeli coffee Because real Israelis don't drink Turkish coffee (Hat Tip: Michael P).(With apologies to all the non-Israelis who don't ... • Mei Mei’s Mezuzah 1 Image taken on 2007-08-12 14:07:37 by Carly & Art.... Original post source

List Price: $ 9.95 Price: $ 22.64 Closed for Yom Kippur Image by hugovk Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Jewish History, Jewish Religion – [Jewish] Israel Shahak • Jewish History Jewish Religion Written by Dr. Israel Shahak and originally published in 1994. 1. Link to Amazon: 2. Free online edition: • Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years Product DescriptionDrawing on the Talmud and rabbinical laws,Israel Shahak embarks on a provocative study of the extent to which the secular state of Israel has been shaped by religious orthodoxie...

Three Spanish flotilla passengers sue by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 9:16:00 PM

Three Spanish flotilla passengers sue Heh. posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 7:16 AM Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Obama and Netanyahu put fallout behind them at talks Israeli prime minister taking risks for peace, says US president at first meeting since MarchBarack Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu today sought to paper over the deep political rift between the US and I... • Lag Baomer Dancing around the fire in honor of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai... • More Q&A’s From Wednesday’s Twitter Press Conference Thanks again to all of you who sent in your questions and comments! We answered a ton of them live but there were many more you all sent in that we would like to respond to! Below, find our "overtime"... Original post source

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What really happened at the alMaqadmah mosque

Biblioteca espanolaportugueza-judaica and other studies in IberoJewish bibliography (Studia Sephardica)

by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)

by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)

Submitted at 7/24/2010 7:51:00 PM

What really happened at the alMaqadmah mosque I have discussed the al-Maqadmah mosque incident – a shrapnel-laced explosion that occurred in a Gaza mosque during Operation Cast Lead – here and here (I may have discussed it in other places as well – I only checked one spelling). The second part of the IDF’s response to the Goldstone Report is now out, and it discusses that particular incident. Here’s a summary of what it says (Emphases mine). The Al-Maqadmah mosque incident, mentioned in the report, is a case in point. On January 3, 2009, a number of Palestinian civilians were killed by an IDF missile that struck the entrance to the house of prayer in Beit Lahiya. Justice Richard Goldstone’s “Report of the UN Human Rights Council Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict” accused Israel of possible war crimes related to these deaths. After an exhaustive investigation, however, the IDF found that the missile strike had been directed at two terrorists observed firing Kassam rockets at Israeli cities in the South. The other casualties were both unintended and unforeseeable. A number of factors combined to cause these unfortunate fatalities. There was a“ticking bomb” element. The two Kassam operatives, who originally positioned themselves near a hospital, had to be neutralized before they could escape to launch more rockets at Israeli civilians. IDF commanders who authorized the attack did not know that the building, which had no minaret, was a mosque. An IDF captain who found out that it was, in the brief minutes, if not seconds, after the attack was authorized but before it was carried out, did not say anything and was punished for that failure – being

Submitted at 7/24/2010 11:10:06 PM

forbidden to continue serving in IDF posts involved in life-and-death decisions. Furthermore, the Israeli command did not know that a door that led into the mosque was open. It was shrapnel from the missile that killed civilians located inside. Finally, two IDF officers selected a more powerful missile than was authorized because the missile that had been approved was not immediately available and, with time running out, no Palestinian civilians could be seen in the area. These officers were punished for that choice as well. I want to make several points here. First, note how wrong Goldstone was. The mosque was in no way identifiable as such. Moreover, there was no way that the IDF could have known that the door was open and that shrapnel could therefore blow in to the mosque. The IDF Captain deserved to be punished (soldiers must be taught to make sure their commanders have all the facts), but the punishment he got (which essentially removes him from all combat command positions) is too harsh. I don’t see punishing the two officers who selected the more powerful missile. How many Israeli lives did

they save with that decision? What do you think the US or NATO would have done in the same position? posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 5:51 AM Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Beef Strudel Ground beef and puff pastry are a popular combination, especially for kids. When I have a large crowd over for Shabbat and want to serve a variety of main course dishes, I serve this Beef Strudel alon... • Israel moves to ease diplomatic dispute with US By Jeffrey Heller JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised President Barack Obama on Wednesday and spoke by telephone with his vi... ... • US – Israel security ties improving US - Israel security ties improving The one area where cooperation between the US and Israel has improved under Obama is security. It's not that...

Biblioteca espanola-portuguezajudaica and other studies in IberoJewish bibliography (Studia Sephardica) Rating:(out of reviews) List Price: Price: Deutsch-israelische Beziehungen: Zur Genese bilateraler Vertrage,1949-1996 (Konstanzer Schriften zur Schoah und Judaica) (German Edition) Rating:(out of reviews) List Price: Price: $ 76.00 Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Biblioteca Espanola-PortuguezaJudaica (1890) (Spanish Edition) Reviews Biblioteca EspanolaPortugueza-Judaica (1890) (Spanish Edition) This Book Is In Spanish. Rating: (out of reviews) List Price: $ 22.95 Price: $ 16.85 ... • Konig Herodes – Der Mann Und Sein Werk (Studia Judaica) (German Edition) Konig Herodes - Der Mann Und Sein Werk (Studia Judaica) (German Edition) Rating: (out of reviews) List Price: $ 64.00 Price: $ 42.11 Jew and Philosopher: The Return t... • The Talmud of the Land of Israel, Volume 17: Sukkah (Chicago Studies in the History of Judaism) The Talmud of the Land of Israel, Volume 17: Sukkah (Chicago Studies in the History of Judaism) Edited by the acclaimed scholar Jacob Neusner, this thirty-five volume English translation of the T...

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Glatt Kosher French Roast Brick Roast Approx 4 Lbs. by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 11:45:05 PM

Glatt Kosher French Roast Brick Roast Approx 4 Lbs. • Glatt Kosher USDA Prime French Brick Roast Glatt Kosher USDA Prime French Brick Roast Uncooked Rating:(out of reviews)

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A coarse flake salt for food use;Kosher for PassoverKoshering meat and poultry or preparing kosher mealsAdds a salt rim to Margaritas and other cocktails;... • Kosher Living: It’s More Than Just the Food Kosher Living: It's More Than Just the Food Kosher Living is an essential guide to Jewish ethics and morality for your everyday life. Rabbi Ron Isaacs offers a warm, humorous, and eminently usefu...


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Change we must believe in by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 6:38:00 PM

Change we must believe in Caroline Glick argues that it’s time for Israeli policymakers to accept reality. Among other things, as I did, she calls for the cancellation of the sale of Heron drones to Turkey (the final four are scheduled to be delivered next month). Even if the Al-Arabiya report is untrue, and Turkey is not currently using Israeli-manufactured weapons in the service of Syria, the very fact that Syria has military cooperation of any kind with Turkey is dangerous for Israel. Over the past 20 years, as its alliance with Turkey expanded, Israel sold Turkey some of the most sensitive intelligence- gathering systems and other weapons platforms it has developed. With Turkey’s rapid integration into the Iranian axis, Israel must now assume that if Turkey is not currently sharing those Israeli military and intelligence technologies and tools with its enemies, Ankara is likely to share them with Israel’s enemies in the future. OBVIOUSLY, THE least Israel could be expected to do in this situation is to cut off all military ties to Turkey. But amazingly and distressingly, Israel’s leaders seem not to have recognized this. To the contrary, Israel is scheduled to deliver four additional Heron drones to Turkey next month. Even more discouragingly, both the statements and actions of senior officials lead to the conclusion that our leaders still embrace the delusion that all is not lost with Turkey. Speaking to the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee earlier this month, IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.- Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi told lawmakers, “What happens in Turkey is not always done with the agreement of the Turkish

Israel Trips – Jerusalem, City Walls Promenade ? Beauty Above and Below | about israel independence war by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 11:20:08 PM

military. Relations with the Turkish army are important and they need to be preserved. I am personally in touch with the Turkish chief of staff.” As Turkish columnist Abdullah Bozkurt wrote last week in Today’s Zaman, Ashkenazi’s claim that there is a distinction between Turkish government policies and Turkish military policies is “simply wishful thinking and do[es] not correspond with the hard facts on the ground.” Bozkurt explained, “Ashkenazi may be misreading the signals based on a personal relationship he has built with outgoing Turkish military Chief of General Staff Gen. Ilker Basbug. The force commanders are much more worried about the rise in terror in the southeastern part of the country, and pretty much occupied with the legal problems confronting them after some of their officers, including highranking ones, were accused of illegal activities. The last thing the top brass wants is to give an impression that they are cozying up with Israelis…” As described by Michael Rubin in the current issue of Commentary, those “legal problems” Bozkurt referred to are part of a government campaign to crush Turkey’s secular

establishment. As the constitutionally appointed guarantors of Turkey’s secular republic, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Islamist government has targeted the military high command for destruction. Read the whole thing. posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 4:38 AM Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • UK: Trade magazine introduces halal category for annual award UK: Trade magazine introduces halal category for annual awardVia MTJ: MTJ’s Butcher’s Shop of the Year (BSOTY) awards continue to gather pace and, this year, will see the introduction of a new stand-a... • The Book of Zohar – Selections, chapter “VaYaera”, item 201, lesson 9(evening) Lecturer: Rav Michael LaitmanDate: 2010-03-22Video: ENG 55.22MB Audio: ENG 9.84MB ... • Photo of the day Photo of the day Heh. (Hat Tip: Allahpundit via Twitter). posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 8:18 PM... Original post source

by Rusty Stewart Israel Trips – Jerusalem, City Walls Promenade ? Beauty Above and Below When visiting Jerusalem we don’t bother to plan ahead, its just not necessary, where ever we put our feet its an interesting, historical beautiful or surprising place. This time we started our trip at a small parking lot in front of the mount Zion hotel (on Hebron road) and headed to the old city througth Hebron road. On the way we entered a small museum that holds the cable car that used to pass weapons across the valley to Zion mountain warriors in the days of Israel independence war. The museum tour raises dim memories of school history classes and a more up to date and amazing view of mount Zion. We continue along the old city walls to Jaffa gate, and just before the gate a small sign leads us to the city walls promenade. After paying an entry fee we climb on the walls to the promenade that stretch from Jaffa gate to the western wall yard ISRAEL page 11

White and Gold Plastic Mezuzah Case Holder 15 CM Reviews by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 11:35:06 PM

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practical mezuzah case made out of plasticCase has two holes for easy installation (nails not included)Three sizes available in our Greenfeld Judaica storefrontFits a mezuzah scroll appr... • 24k Gold-plated Sterling Silver Mezuzah Charm Two Tone Gold Judaica Star of David Pendant 24k Gold-plated Sterling Silver Mezuzah Charm Two Tone Gold Judaica Star of David Pendant 28mm Sterling silver 24k gold-plated 3-D Hollow Country UNITED STATES Metal Sterling Silver Average Weight...

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ISRAEL continued from page 10

entrance. From above the walls we see an amazing scenery of “Yamin Moshe” neighborhood, the Armenian quarter, Dormitzion monastery and more. Wandering high above the old city houses allows a view of the houses small yards, and glances to the churche yards checkered with graves, wines and decorated windows. We devote special interest to the cars maneuvering througth the narrow passageways without any scratch or damaging the very close houses. The promenade ends near the western wall and we head there for a prayer. From there we march to the “David city national park”, where after paying an entry fee we go underground for a tour inside the Shiloah aqueduct which is carved underground and reaches the village of Siluan. (Since we didn’t plan ahead we rented water proof sandals and flashlights at the park store). The underground trip is fascinating and wet, and after an hours walk in

the shallow water we amerged to the ground near a pool at the Siluan village. After a bit of wandering among the archeological diggs we headed back to the old city under the close eye of dozens of security cameras. At the end of a busy day, we step back at a slow paste along the same walls we have stepped above at the beginning of our day, back to the mount Zion parking lot and back home… well at least until the next unplanned trip trip summary : from Mount zion to the cable car museum, city walls promenade ,Siloah aquadoct and back this blog describes the hikeing trips of two israelies in the beautifull israel you are welcome to read our trips notes and watch the tracks pictures yours y-trip team A documentary on the founding of Israel in 1948. part 4. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Second Temple Model at Israel Museum Jerusalem before opening 2006-May-08

Image by Whistling in the Dark More Israel Independence War Articles Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Jerusalem, Israel – Old City, Armenian Quarter Image taken on 2008-06-09 12:18:33 by jaime.silva.... • Cardo in Jerusalem Israel – Old City Jewish Quarter Image taken on 2007-08-29 10:58:32 by david55king.... • All You Need To Know About Israel Special Forces? by da mad pixelist All You Need To Know About Israel Special Forces? The Israeli Special Forces is known as Sayeret Matkal and is a unit of the Israel Defense Forces, or IDF. They ha...

‘Palestinians’ fear storming of al-Aqsa by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 10:18:00 PM

‘Palestinians’ fear storming of alAqsa The ‘Palestinians’ have made up another story about the Jooos trying to storm the al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount. Israeli forces carried out a simulation drill modeling the storming of the AlAqsa Mosque on Wednesday evening, the Al-Aqsa Foundation told the Hamas-affiliated Voice of Palestine news site. Foundation officials described a series of military drills in the Ben Shemen forest area west of Jerusalem, saying officials were concerned by the move and responded by sending a group of staff members to the area. Upon their return, the foundation said, staff reported seeing several large replicas of the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque enclosed by a green plastic fence inside which troops were deployed. A military spokesman reportedly told the Voice of Palestine that the exercises were being done ahead of the month of Ramadan which begins

on 10 August. The official was quoted as saying officials expected stone throwing and were preparing a response. Palestinian official in Israel Zahi Nujeidat told the news site that the “drills exposed Israel’s malicious intentions against the Aqsa Mosque and its dreams of building the alleged temple of Solomon in its place.” It is most unlikely that the IDF

would destroy the al-Aqsa mosque and try to rebuild the Temple (in fact, the prophet Ezekiel says that the Third Temple will descend from the Heavens and will not be built here on earth). It is far more likely that the troops will need to stop and arrest stone throwers (and worse) who are likely to use the ‘holy mosque’ as a hiding place for themselves and their

weapons. Note that reference to ‘alleged temple’ from the ‘moderate’ Fatah organization’s news service. posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 8:18 AM Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • ‘Palestinian’ civil war watch: Hamas going to war against ‘collaborators’'Palestinian' civil war watch: Hamas going to war against 'collaborators' I've discussed a couple of times how Hamas has given 'collaborators' w... • Men of the Word Passover Seder April 2009 John Nieder of Songtime radio describes how the Men of the Word men's bible study got together to celebrate the Passover seder (Haggadah). • The Mitzvot of the Jewish Woman An address by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M Schneerson The three most fundamental mitzvot of Jewish family life -- Family Purity, Kosher food preparation, and... Original post source


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IDF’s own report calls flotilla incident ‘preventable’ by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)

by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel)

Submitted at 7/24/2010 8:24:00 PM

IDF’s own report calls flotilla incident ‘preventable’ An IDF report has called the May incident aboard the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara ‘ preventable.’ “Three months before the flotilla there were many courses of action which could have prevented it,” said Eiland, head of a military commission charged with conducting an internal investigation of the Gaza-bound flotilla, which was boarded by Israeli commandos and left nine Turkish citizens dead. Eiland suggested Israel “could have opened the Gaza crossings in advance, before the Turkish flotilla.” The crossings were expanded to allow more aid to go through, but this was only done in the wake of international pressure after the flotilla. The General also said Israel knew in advance about the changing political winds in Turkey and tightening ties with the IHH, the organization behind the flotilla. However, he thought this only strengthened Israel’s resolve to continue with the predicted course of events, which led to the boarding of the Mavi Marmara, flagship of the flotilla. The Eiland Commission’s report concluded that a series of operational and intelligence mistakes led to the

Submitted at 7/24/2010 11:05:04 PM

Candle Holders for Shabbat and Jewish Holiday 7 inches Macabee Candlesticks • • • • •

raid in late May aboard the Mavi Marmara. … He slammed the navy for not preparing a “Plan B,” instead choosing to board the flotilla despite heavy presence of activists on board. In other words, he’s thrown the blame to the political echelon except for the Navy’s failure to have a Plan B available. Hindsight’s always 20-20, isn’t it? posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 6:24 AM Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Photos of U.S. JCS Chairman Admiral Mullen’s Visit to IDF Headquarters, 27 June 2010 The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Military, Admiral Michael G. Mullen, arrived in Israel

today (June 27th, 2010) for a brief work-related visit in Israel as a guest of the... • For Israel Diamonds Should Not Be Forever The government of Israel has a chance to exercise valuable leadership on a critical international human rights issue — and it has nothing to do with the Palestinians. Israel holds the annual chairma... • US to deport Mosab Hassan Yousef? US to deport Mosab Hassan Yousef? You will all recall the story of Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas leader Ahmed Yousef who became an Israel... Original post source

A Faithful Heart: Preparing for the High Holy Days: A Study Text Based on the Midrash Maaseh Avraham Avinu by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 11:40:06 PM

A Faithful Heart: Preparing for the High Holy Days: A Study Text Based on the Midrash Maaseh Avraham Avinu Providing his own translation and commentary of the medieval text Massah Avraham Avinu, Rabbi Levy has assembled an excellent midrashic study of Abraham’s character that will offer you the opportunity to examine the themes related to the High Holy Days, such as t’shuvah, belief in God, the efficacy of prayer, and making ethical choices. An excellent text for S’lichot study. Rating:(out of 1 reviews) List Price: $ 12.95

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Price: $ 9.19 A 6-minute film that will change how you pray over the High Holidays. Visit our website: Please note this video contains graphic images and viewer discretion is advised. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Holiday Concert Featuring the Saline High School Chamber Orchestra and Wind Ensemble (Saline, Michigan, December 10, 2009) Image by cseeman Find More High Holidays Products Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Preparing Your Heart for the High Holy Days Preparing Your Heart for the High Holy Days This spiritual guided journal will help you prepare your heart and soul for the Jewish New Year. Rating: (out of 1

reviews) List P... • Entering the High Holy Days: A Guide to Origins, Themes, and Prayers Reviews Entering the High Holy Days: A Guide to Origins, Themes, and Prayers The High Holy Days -- Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur -- are for many Jews the highlight of the Jewish year. The liturgy for the ... • High Holy Days Machzor: A Prayer Service for Young Children and Their Families High Holy Days Machzor: A Prayer Service for Young Children and Their Families A collection of prayers to be used in the observance of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Rating: (out of revie...

Shabbat Candles Holders Jewsih Holiday Great Judaica Gift Grey Macabee Candlesticks size 7

Candle Holders for Shabbat and Jewish Holiday. Gray macabee design. 7 Rating:(out of reviews) List Price: Price: $ 19.75 spring tomato olive salad with blanched asparagus Image by The Gifted Photographer Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Candle Holders / Sticks Brass Lucite 2. Shabbat and Jewish Holiday – judaica Candle Holders / Sticks Brass Lucite 2". Shabbat and Jewish Holiday Candle Holders - SETBrass Lucite 2"ShabbatJewish HolidayJudaica Gift Brass Lucite Candlesticks 2" for Shabbat and Jewish Holiday... • Candle Holders for Shabbat and Jewish Holiday. Gold and Silver Plated – judaica Candle Holders for Shabbat and Jewish Holiday. Gold and Silver Plated Candle HoldersSabbat and Jewish HolidayGold and Silver PlatedJudaica Gift Gold and Silver Plated Shabbat and Jewish Holiday Ca... • Candle Holders Ceramic Jerusalem. Can be used for Shabbat and Jewish Holiday – judaica Candle Holders Ceramic Jerusalem. Can be used for Shabbat and Jewish Holiday Candle HoldersSabbat and Jewish HolidayCeramic JerusalemGreat Gift Ceramic Jerusalem Candle Holders. One set. For Shabb...

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Turkey expects boats to return from Israel in days by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 11:15:08 PM

by uhuru1701 Turkey expects boats to return from Israel in days Turkish FM expect process of ships’ return to be completed after technical preparations are finished within several days. Read more on Middle East Online BoI chief: Haredi unemployment is hurting Israel’s economy The rate of growth among the ultraOrthodox, in which a majority of men don’t work, is an economic problem, Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer said earlier this week. Read more on Haaretz Daily Egyptian border guards kill migrant An Egyptian official says border guards have fatally shot one man and detained four others as they tried to cross the border into Israel. Read more on Independent Online Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Tallis Prayer Shawl 24/72 Blue Silver or Gold Imported From Israel Tallis Prayer Shawl 24/72 Blue Silver or Gold Imported From Israel Imported from Israel.Blessing on neckband.100% kosher tzitit.

Beautiful new acryllic black/silver or black/gold (depending on ava... • Jewish group petitions TIAACREF to divest from Israel by The Jewish Agency for Israel Jewish group petitions TIAA-CREF to divest from Israel A Jewish grass-roots organization is petitioning a major financial services provider to divest from holdings i... • Four years on, Israel war far from over: Lebanon press by This Year's Love Four years on, Israel war far from over: Lebanon press Lebanon's conflict with Israel is still far from over, Beirut-based dailies warned on Monday, four years to the day since ...

Hotel Design by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 7/24/2010 7:20:04 PM

israel hotels images: Hotel Design Image by ImageMD Tiberias Hotel Image by TMView Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • Handpainted Wooden Mezuzah Chagal Design By Yair Emanuel Handpainted Wooden Mezuzah Chagal Design By Yair Emanuel 6" x 1.5Handpainted by skilled artisansMade in IsraelArtist: Yair EmanuelChagal design Beautiful hand painted wood mezuzah by the

Israeli ... • Pewter Hanukkah Menorah With Dancing Men Design – judaica Pewter Hanukkah Menorah With Dancing Men Design Hanukkah MenorahDancing Men Holding Up Menorah DesignPewter MaterialSilver Dancing Men, Pewter Hanukkah Menorah Rating: (out of reviews) ... • 9 X 5.5 Aluminum Menorah, Rabbi’s Holding Candle Design – judaica 9" X 5.5" Aluminum Menorah, Rabbi's Holding Candle Design Hanukkah MenorahRabbi's Holding Up Candle Sticks DesignAluminumSilver 9"X5.5" Aluminum Hanukkah Menorah, Rabbi's Holding Up Candle Sticks ...

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