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state boldly wear charity


~ Nicole Flowers

“I believe people want to help, they just need the opportunity”

one hiip story In late 2011, founder Nicole Flowers had an idea to produce a new and improved hip bag that women would wear around, instead of a purse, with pride; not only because it would be eye-catching and redefined but because it gave back. Here at hiip we believe that charity begins at home so we decided to make it fashionable, relevant, and just a little bit risky. Whether you’re biking to brunch at the park, running down to the market to grab some groceries for dinner tonight, walking the dog, or going for a night on the town, hiip is the perfect statement accessory. Not only do you get to look great but you get to feel great, too. With every bag you buy, we give a hiipKit away to a person in need filled with basic life necessities. Isn’t it true that many of us would help if we just had the opportunity? The main goal with hiip is to purposefully get to know the city through walking the streets, learning new stories, and building community as we do so. We hope that through our involvement with the homeless population, we will impact the city for good, encouraging others to join in the movement by our actions. The truth is, we aren’t setting out to eradicate homelessness in San Francisco, or any city for that matter. We want to learn how to better look people in the eye; smile at passersby; acknowledge someone we’ve not noticed before; and, if possible, change our communities, our cities, and our world one hiipKit at a time.

So, what does it look like to give a hiipKit to someone in need? Our team (and some stellar volunteers) takes to the streets to connect with those who are often forgotten or ignored in our community. And, after talking to a few folks who spend their days in some of San Francisco’s harshest areas, we’ve come up with a small solution to the lack of interaction we feel exists. Each kit is loaded with shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, socks, lip balm, and sunscreen (I bet you didn’t think we’d think of the sunscreen, did you?). We think these things are basic necessities and offering them to others gives us a chance to get to know them a bit better; if not that, we at least get to connect with someone we may have not had the chance to interact with before. Want to know a little bit about the homeless issue in the United States? Here are a few stats we found alarming. Just think: by buying a cute new bag, you can participate in changing the situation for some in your community. Imagine what it would mean to someone to receive something, a thoughtful kit, from someone they have never met, letting them know how special they are…

~helping individuals in passing



2,200 public school students in San Francisco live without permanent housing (enough to fill an entire school).

35% of the national homeless population are families with children (the fastest growing segment).

Nearly half of the nation’s foster children will become homeless when released at the age of 18.

Over 50% of women on the street are homeless due to domestic violence.

6,455 homeless in San Francisco as of 2011 (noted by many as the homeless capital of the United States).

3.5 million people will experience homelessness in a given year; 1.35 million will be children.

San Francisco and it’s surrounding areas, has the highest concentration of homeless people in the country, following only Tampa, NYC, and LA.


“We are made local and we donate local.”

Aside from the risk factor of re-branding the hip bag, being made in San Francisco is an important part of the hiip story. Flowers notes, “While hiip can be sewn here, hiip will be sewn here. We are made local and we donate local. Our brand is national but our focus is right here at home. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.”


“I love the idea championed by the One for One movement and wondered how I could translate that concept to something I Ioved, in an area that I truly cared for.” says Flowers. In September of 2011, that desire became an idea and by mid-2012, the idea became a reality. “No one else has touched an affordable fanny pack in years and hiip took a chance on something many people have questions about. To me, fashion has to be about what is. But style? Style is how you interpret fashion and how you wear it. At hiip, we wear our style and we wear our charity and we wear it boldly.

~ Nicole Flowers

Nicole Flowers was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a lover of both fashion and people from a young age, it seems inevitable that she would find herself merging the two in her home city. During an eight-year tenure in the corporate world, Nicole realized that not only did she want to do more for those around her but she wanted to do it in a way no one else had yet thought of.


Red Canvas


Cream Linen

Purple Canvas

Kelly Canvas

Army Canvas

Gray Canvas

Teal Canvas

Black Canvas

Navy Canvas

Red Canvas

Yellow Canvas

Royal Canvas

Camel Canvas

White Canvas

Whether you’re toting it to the market, for a walk with your pup, or on an afternoon hike, this solid canvas is the perfect all-around carryall. Bags in the Sunset line come in 9oz. duck canvas with nickel hardware and aluminum zippers. The strap measures 30” by 54”.

Sunset collection bags

*Cream Linen

$26.5 / Sug. Retail $53 $28 / Sug. Retail $56

Black and White Stripe


Grey Birch

Blue Tower

Rust Birch

Black and White Stripe

Yellow and White Chevron

Navy and White Chevron

Red and White Stripe

Perfect for a day on the boat or out on the greens, bags in the Marina line come in 5oz. duck canvas with nickel hardware and aluminum zippers. The strap measures 30” by 54”. Note that due to variations in the cut, your stripes may not fall in line exactly as shown but it will have it’s own personality that will be uniquely yours!

Marina collection bags

$28 / Sug. Retail $56

Blue Ikat


Peacock Floral

Citrine Floral

Chili Pepper

Summer Bloom

Black Pearl Ikat

Blue Ikat

Red Ikat

Black and White Mini Chevron

The Mission is one place where you can be exactly who you are, no matter how colorful. The whimsical bags of the Mission line come in varieties of fabrics and patterns with nickel hardware and aluminum zippers. The strap measures 30� by 54�.

Mission collection bags

$30 / Sug. Retail $60

*Black and White Mini Chevron

$31 / Sug. Retail $62

Brown Leather (faux)

Pacific Heights

Black Leather (faux)

Copper Leather (faux)

Buckskin Leather (faux)

Brown Leather (faux)

Slide it around your shoulder or around your hip, slide the strap out for a perfect clutch accessory; any way you wear it, these bags focus on luxury. The Pacific Heights line comes in a rich faux leather with nickel hardware and aluminum zippers. The strap measures 30� by 54�.

Pacific Heights collection bags

$32.5 / Sug. Retail $65


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state boldly wear charity

state boldly wear charity

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hiip Press Kit with Collections  

hiip 2013 Media and Press Kit