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The Maryland Line Vol. II, No. 4

The Newsletter of the Maryland Military Historical Society


Inside this issue: Elbe River Anniversary Celebration


Great Twenty-Niners


175th Infantry Regiment Association


Winter 2009

Saturday, 5 December 2009, 1130 – 1400 Fifth Regiment Armory, Baltimore MD


lease join us at the cluding personal photos, Military Historical Society Fifth Regiment Ar- correspondence, uni- for what promises to be forms, military decora- a memorable occasion. The Immediate Past 4 mory at 11:30 AM on President’s Corner Saturday, December 5 to tions, and much more, all At noon, there will be a celebrate the grand of which will give the visi- small reception for SociThe Maryland Military opening of an exciting tor a fascinating glimpse ety members in the muHistorical Society Inc. new exhibit at the Mary- of the kind of men who seum, featuring light land Mufood and bevGeorge S. Rich, seum of Milierages. President tary History. At the conJohn L. Bruch, III, Entitled ―Ten clusion of the Vice President G r e a t exhibit’s grand Ivan V. Dooley, Twentyopening, SociSecretary/Treasurer Niners,‖ the ety members Joe Balkoski, exhibit highshould feel Executive Director lights the free to remain lives and in the Armory military cato view the anEditorial Staff reers of nual regimenThe Maryland Line is a quarterly some of the tal review of publication of the Maryland Miligreatest solthe 1st Battaltary Historical Society. The Display dedicated to Captain Elmer N. Carter diers to have ion, 175th Inviews expressed in this publication are the views of the individever worn the fantry, which at ual authors and do not necesU.S. Army uniform dur- led the 29th Division to 1400 hours will celebrate sarily reflect the views of the ing World Wars I and II, victory in both World its 235th birthday by stagMaryland Military Historical Sociincluding four recipients Wars. ing a review of the entire ety, its board of directors, officers, or members. Articles and of the Medal of Honor. This is the first time unit in the armory’s drill photographs may be submitted We are privileged to the new exhibit will be hall. This will be an imto: & have been presented open to the public, so pressive ceremony, with items related to the please make every at- turing the Maryland NaRoger Copinger — Editor lives of each soldier by tempt to join fellow mem- tional Guard’s 229 th William Mund — Publisher their descendents, in- bers of the Maryland (Continued on page 2)

Report of the President: We welcome BG(MD) J. Donald Haynes, BG(MD) Vernon Sevier and BG(MD) Joseph Zang to our Board. We are delighted with additional representation from the National Guard Artiller-

ists and the Air National Guard. Executive Director Balkoski has been very active in finalizing the Museum’s displays, articulating a time line of Maryland’s military history dating from 1634 to present. Signage has been greatly improved. Each room has a sum-

mary description of what is depicted therein. Visitors will get a quick and thorough understanding of our fine heritage. Our efforts are channeled to promote visits to the Museum by (Continued on page 2)



Open House & Annual Regimental Review of the 1-175th Infantry (Continued from page 1)

Army Band, and will provide Society members an opportunity to meet with the great young soldiers who currently comprise the 175th – the sixth oldest regiment in the U.S. Army. Many of its members returned last year from a one-year deployment to Iraq and adhered to the high standards set by their forebears in the 29th Division during overseas service in World War I and World War II. The permanent exhibits in the Maryland Museum of Military History, covering the great history of our state from its founding in 1634 to the present, have recently undergone a complete overhaul, and will be open for visitation throughout the day. We think that Society members will be very pleased to see how their generous financial contributions

have helped immensely in our ongoing effort to preserve the history of Maryland’s soldiers. So after visiting the ―Ten Great Twenty-Niners‖ exhibit, please wander through the 29th Division Room, Memorial Hall, the Union Room, or the John Eager Howard Room, either on your own or on a guided tour, to learn about the eminent men and women who have made up our organization for nearly four centuries. If you plan to attend, please call Joe Balkoski at 410-576-1496 or email: so we know how much food to order for the reception. We look forward to seeing you at this event. Please bring family members or friends so they too can see the efforts undertaken by the Maryland Military Historical Society to preserve our history. See you then!

Russians seek Elbe River veterans for anniversary celebration in 2010 Russian officials are planning an anniversary celebration in Spring 2010. They would like to honor U.S. soldiers who actually linked up with Russian troops on the Elbe River in April of 1945. Brigadier General (Retired) William C. Bilo, a director of the Maryland Military Historical Society, Inc. is currently in contact with the Deputy Military Advisor of the Russian Mission to the United Nations. Their current plans are to present a medal

to these U.S. soldiers. At this time, 4 U.S. soldiers from the 69th Infantry Division have been identified for this event. Any veteran who was part of a unit that linked up with the Russians at the Elbe River is encouraged to contact Joe Balkoski at 410-5761496 for more information. Artifacts and photos of this historic event can be seen at the MD Museum of Military History, located at the 5th Regiment Armory.

Volunteers wanted for MD Military Historical Society The Maryland Military Historical Society Museum, an accredited U.S. Army Museum is now seeking volunteers to serve as Speakers, Docents and Library Assistants. Spend one or two days a week or month interacting with other people who are interested

in Maryland Military History. You will be trained and always be working with someone who shares your interests in military history. For more information call Joe Balkoski, at 410-576-1469 or email him at

W IN TE R 2009

Report of the President: (Continued from page 1)

organized groups and individuals. We are fully supported by BG Adkins, Maryland’s Adjutant General who is reviewing our history program as part of leadership training in the MNG. Further, he has an excellent ―Powerpoint‖ which will be very useful to our speakers bureau in an outreach format. Recent events include a well attended reception honoring two WWII veterans; TSGT Dube of the 121st Eng and Radioman 2/CI Jordan, USS Salem. In addition, the first rendering of the upcoming painting of the 116th Inf & 121st Eng on Omaha Beach was unveiled. Our next event will be an open house in connection with the 175th Infantry Annual Review on 5 December 2009. Please come with your friends—we encourage groups as well. Dues are currently being billed for 2010. Please support our fine Museum. George Rich, President

Dues are Due Members should have received dues notices for 2010 in the mail. If you have not done so, we encourage you to submit your dues at this time. The different levels of membership are: Individual—$25; Family—$50; Supporter—$250; and Benefactor—$500. Please make your check payable and mail to: The Maryland Military Historical Society, Inc. P.O. Box 34, Perry Hall, MD 21128 Attn: CW4 Dooley We ask that members write their email addresses on their checks so that we may be able to send our newsletter to them by email. This would save our organization some postal costs. We thank you for your continued support.

W IN TE R 2009



GREAT TWENTY-NINERS by Joseph Balkoski, Command Historian MDNG

NAME: Captain Elmer Norval Carter UNIT: 1st Battalion, 115th Infantry BORN: Huntington, West Virginia; 17 October 1911 MARRIED: Emferne Lowry, Catlettsburg, Kentucky; 6 September 1933 CHILDREN: Tom, 1937; Walter Ford, 1940 JOINED US ARMY: August 1942 OCCUPATION: Physician ROLE: Battalion Surgeon, 1st Battalion, 115th Infantry KILLED IN ACTION: Bois de Bretel, Normandy, France; 17 June 1944 SILVER STAR: For gallantry in action against the enemy in Normandy, France, on 17 June 1944

175th Infantry Regiment (5th MD) Association Organized By COL (Ret) John F. Kutcher, Sr.

Since the very beginning of the 175th Infantry Regiment in World War II there has always been an Officers’ Association. Every officer in the Regiment was expected to join and participate - and in fact they did! The Association flourished for many years with a full complement of Regimental Headquarters officers and the three organic battalions. The 1963 reorganization of the Division under the ROAD (ReOrganized Army Division) concept, only the 1st and 2d Battalions of the Regiment survived; the number of active available officers was further reduced. Due to force structure limitations imposed in 1989, the 2d Battalion, 175th Infantry was deactivated, leaving only the officers of the 1st Battalion, 175th Infantry to carry on the traditions of the Regiment. Even with the continued participation by former members of the Regiment, membership in the Association has been on the decline. Over the last several years, certain key personnel of the Officers Association, 175th Infantry have been working

diligently to organize a bone fide regimental association consistent with the regulatory requirements prescribed under the U.S. Army Regimental System (USARS). In the early stages of this project, there was considerable dissent raised by a handful of officers over the issue of ―opening up‖ the membership to the enlisted personnel vs. commissioned and warrant officers only. The reasons behind this reorganization initiative were many and varied, but principal among them was to ensure the continuance of the legacy and history of the 175th Infantry Regiment, the sixth oldest Infantry regiment in the United States Army. After many iterations of constitutional, by-law, and organizational dialogue and printed drafts, finally, on 6 December 2008, a formal document was prepared and briefed to the Officers Association, 175th Infantry Regiment, all of the officers of the Current 1st Battalion 175th Infantry and the senior enlisted personnel of the Battalion. The document was well received by all, & the new Association was born.

Membership in the new 175th Infantry Regiment Association is open to anyone who has served honorably in any antecedent unit of the Regiment. Simply stated, any soldier who ever wore the ―5th Pin‖, the Distinguished Unit Insignia (DUI) of the 175th Infantry Regiment is eligible for membership. The categories of membership are: Regular, Associate, Inactive and Honorary Members. All categories of members will receive the Regimental Newsletter and periodic mailings, and will be invited to all social events. For more information contact: Dennis V. Pulket Home — 610-593-6894 Cell — 484-885-9739

Board of Directors (MDMHS) BG(MD) J. Donald Haynes; BG(MD) Vernon A. Sevier; and BG(MD) Joseph Zang were elected by unanimous vote to the Board of Directors of the Maryland Military Historical Society, Inc. at recent meetings held at the 5th Regiment Armory.

P A GE 4

W IN TE R 2009


The Immediate Past President’s Corner: In early September, a series of meetings began concerning the issue of pending major changes in the use and occupancy of the 5th Regiment Armory and the development of the surrounding area known as the ―Preston Street State Complex‖. As mandated by President Rich, a ―Strategic Planning Committee‖ was formed with Immediate Past President John Vaccarino chairing this committee. The purpose of this committee is to develop strategies to address the problems that would devolve to the Maryland Military Historical Society Inc. (MDMHS) in the event of a forced departure of the host facility, or its continued tenancy under a new regime. At the initial meeting held on 8 September, a ―brainstorming‖ session was held with BG(MD) Joe Zang acting as facilitator. It was agreed that the main focus of this committee would be to discover the financial implications and problems of remaining at the 5th Regiment Armory (i.e. rent, maintenance, facilities support, security, temporary closure of museum during renovation etc.), & to identify perspective locations and concerns if the impending situation forcibly requires us to vacate the premises of the 5th Regiment Armory. Director Hinz suggested that the MDMHS should petition TAG-MD and TAAG-MD that we are aware of the issue of the museum’s possible departure from the 5th Regiment Armory and that it could be viewed as an opportunity to make the museum more user-friendly and easily accessible if it were moved to another location. The second meeting was held on 28 September. As advised by Facilitator Zang, it was agreed that surveys of perspective armories should be conducted in the near future. The armories identified were: Parkville; Pikesville; Towson

(Old Armory); Ruhl; Ellicott City; Catonsville and Dundalk. Directors Hinz and Wilson both spoke about the feasibility of getting local communities to embrace a move by our museum to their location. It was determined that a communication channel be opened with county and local leaders/governments to pursue this course of action. A discussion was held about how to conduct the surveys of the potential armories/location and the importance of the ―Installation Site Review‖ (ISR) that can be used to facilitate this process. On 19 October, the third meeting occurred. Chairman Vaccarino presented the latest message from TAG-MD which indicated that any proposed development of the Preston Street State Complex would not occur until after 2014, if at all. TAG-MD indicated in a subsequent conversation with Secretary/ Treasurer Dooley that we should ―continue to march‖ with the strategic planning process. Several different locations in Baltimore County were discussed. The upcoming meeting with the Baltimore County Executive was addressed. This meeting could take place any time after the first part of November. Director Balkoski was tasked with securing ―Installation Site Review‖ (ISR) documents to be utilized in the survey of the designated armories. Correspondence will be sent to TAG-MD requesting authorization to conduct the surveys. Designated armory personnel will then be informed of the impending survey. Armory personnel will be required to provide visiting personnel with unlimited access to their facility. The checklists that were provided by BG(MD) Joseph Zang are to be utilized in the survey process. The survey process will start as soon as all data has been ob-

tained by committee personnel. Director Wilson advised that we should identify our armory of first choice, and our armory of second choice. Obtain permission from TAGMD to pursue one or the other of them. Having accomplished these first few steps, we can then concentrate on issues such as space utilization, long term agreements, infrastructure upgrades and budgeting requirements etc. Due to various personal issues, Chairman Vaccarino announced that he would have to step down as Chairman of the committee. Director Copinger agreed to assume the role as Chairman of the ―Strategic Planning Committee‖, effective immediately. Next meeting — 7 December 2009. For the Immediate Past President: William S. Mund, Jr.

MUSEUM EXPANDS SERVICES Beginning January 1, 2010, speakers will be available to tell the story of the Maryland Military Historical Society Museum to Baltimore area military, veterans, civic, fraternal and public service organizations. The purpose of the speaker’s visitation to organizations is to raise community awareness of the MDMHS Museum, its objectives, programs, and activities. Speakers will encourage both individual and group visitations. Beginning March 1, 2010, we hope to host group tours by appointment during evening hours and on Saturdays. For more information or to schedule a speaker call The Executive Director’s Office at 410-576-1496 or email him at

MUSEUM OPEN HOUSE AND GRAND OPENING OF “TEN GREAT TWENTY-NINERS” EXHIBIT Saturday, 5 December 2009, 1130 – 1400 Fifth Regiment Armory, Baltimore MD Annual Regimental Review of the 1st Battalion, 175th Infantry at 1400

MMHS Maryland Line (winter 2009)  

The Winter 2009 issue of the "The Maryland Line," the newsletter of the The Maryland Military Historical Society

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