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Chip Resetter Follow the steps to use your chip resetter. Remove the chip resetter from the package and set it on the resetter pins in the printer. The ink cartridge needs to be lined up with the metal pins of chip resetter. Ensure that the pins connect to the tabs. A red light begins to blink on and off. You will get a light that is green after you hold them tightly together for 30 seconds. Put the cartridge back into the printer and close the panel. Then turn the printer on and print away. Printer damage is the claim by the print companies as to why they include a chip on them that will disable the printer. The quality of the printing is the exact reason these companies state for the reason they put the chip in. After you look into this issue, you are going to think otherwise. As soon as the chip determines that the printer is short of ink, the printer is disabled. As soon as this happens, your printer is off and your can't print. With the same OEM cartridge, the chip only remembers how much ink is in it. Often users get a warming message from their printer telling them that the ink levels are low, even though they have a full ink cartridge. On the cartridge, if you reset the chip, it will clear the message. Anyone can use a chip resetter. You can start printing after you reset it. Epson makes printers and print cartridges, and one thing that they do is put a computer chip in them that does something unique. There is special circuitry inside the printer and the chip is connected to it. Information about how much ink is left in the cartridge is stored in it. Often these chips will disable the printer cartridge if it goes past its expiration date. To resolve these problems caused by the presence of additional chips in your cartridge, you need to get a chip resetter. The previous use of the old cartridge will be wiped out after you use a chip resetter. Should your ink expire, all you need to do is run the chip resetter and you are back in business. Aftermarket cartridges can be purchased and used if you have one of these. For more info: http://chipresetter.nEt/

Chip Resetter  

Often users get a warming message from their printer telling them that the ink levels are low, even