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A neutral online platform dedicated solely to the highways industry


HighwaysIndustry.Com provides the latest information, news and developments in one place. We provide information and insight on the subject of highways management and maintenance using a variety of media types including the Highways Industry mobile application. We have developed a genuine community-focused platform for editorial and user content in the form of articles, blog entries, documents and videos all on the subject of highways management and maintenance. Our Mission Our mission is simple: to become the number one-online destination for the highways industry. A central website to share information and to be the most influential and credible online resource in the highways sector. We aim to be recognised for intellectual capital, expertise and unbiased thought leadership. Our Purpose HighwaysIndustry.Com provides the latest information, news and developments in the highways maintenance industry. We encourage everyone in the industry to get involved on discussions, interact with peers, and share expertise, knowledge and resources.

See what has been done, by whom, how it was done and how successful it was.

HIGHWAYS CONNECT Highways Connect is an independent online forum where professionals and leaders involved with the efficient delivery of highway services can connect year-round, foster industry specific connections and share knowledge about areas of activity. Using the knowledge, experience and engagement of an extensive network of industry suppliers and other stakeholders, Highways Connect is designed to be a the online platform for both the private and local government Highways sector to tackle the big challenges faced by the industry together.

Join and begin to gather and share knowledge; aid collaboration through open forum discussion; plug knowledge gaps and promote greater efficiency and effectiveness. See what has been done, by whom, how it was done and how successful it was. Get the news, the views and create, capture and disseminate valuable knowledge. – adj. ‘Standing Out’ - Using or showing new methods, ideas, etc. ahead of the times. ‘forward-looking’ - being or producing something like nothing done, experienced or created before.


Our unique innovation centre is like no other, and offers much sought after opportunities to view new products and services. The innovation centre has the technology to host any format including videos and photographs to ensure the latest innovative products and services are viewable in various media formats. With Interactive links you can explore the details of the products and services that are forward thinking and unique to the industry.

HEALTH AND SAFETY CENTRE The Highways Industry is a high-risk environment and new health and safety standards are introduced every day. We want to inform everyone working within the highways industry about the latest safety issues first and to act as an information centre to report recent incidents that have affected us. We work closely with key industry personnel to ensure incidents are not repeated with our ‘Latest Safety Alerts’ feed.

Working together. Join in, share and interact on ways to improve safety

Join in, share and interact on ways to improve safety In the Health & Safety area you will find in depth reports about incidents that have happened up and down the country, plus you can keep up to date with the ‘Latest Health & Safety Features’, where in depth analysis and discussion takes place concerning the UK’s most controversial issues. Here there is an opportunity to share comments and suggestions on ways to improve safety and we will act as an authoritative voice within our community.


The Training Centre is a great place to start when looking for ways to improve your skills A large part of a company’s success is down to its staff. If you strive to promote training and development then you can find all the latest courses for the industry here. You can apply for the course online or visit the company’s website for further information. Keeping staff up-to-date with training is one of the best ways any business can perform at its best. Whether it be training on the latest machinery or training on the latest health and safety issues, the Training Centre is a great place to start when looking for ways to improve your skills.

DIRECTORY No more surfing the internet to look for a product or Service It can be frustrating and time consuming to find the correct product or service for a project, but with our online directory you can compare companies saving you time and money. HighwaysIndustry.Com has them all in one place. A Clever Search function allows you to use Keywords to help find the products or services you require. It will also help you to find a solution to a particular issue.

JOBS HighwaysIndustry.Com contains the only Job Board for the entire sector As part of our mission to become the number one online destination for the Industry, HighwaysIndustry.Com contains the only Job Board for the entire sector covering all job categories including maintenance, drainage, civil engineering, labour and commercial plus many more. We utilise social media and the Highways Industry App to ensure all vacancies are shared throughout the industry to promote recruitment of the best talent. Registering with us takes minutes and is the best way to keep up-to-date with any vacancies that match your criteria.


HighwaysIndustry.Com have developed a unique iPhone Mobile Application (App). Available from the App Store, with the aim of connecting the industry, the Industry App has been design to keep users up-to-date on the latest developments from across the sector in a convenient and simple format. The App has a strong focus on Road Worker Safety and the Safety Alert section contains the latest alerts issued throughout the industry. Users can view the alerts in a simple to read format and can also share with friends and colleagues. The App also contains a ‘Report an Incident’ feature which allows users to submit details of incidents such as, near misses, trips, falls and abuse from members of the public. As part of HighwaysIndustry.Com the App contains a variety of other features including news, jobs, training courses, upcoming events and a comprehensive directory. The App also allows users to see new product developments in the Video & Photo Centre.


We have embraced social media with our Twitter page as well as keeping our followers informed with the latest news on LinkedIn. Social media allows for conversation of not just news, but images, audio, video, and other multimedia content. Follow us on Twitter @HighwaysOnline to keep up to date with our the latest tweets. Or why not join our groups on LinkedIn? HighwaysIndustry.Com Group for the latest industry developments, jobs, products and information plus join the debate in the Highways Professional Group

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Highways Industry Information Pack  
Highways Industry Information Pack  

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