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by Katie Hill


Recently there has been a trend boom known as “D.I.Y.” or “Do It Yourself”. The trend consists of taking items you may normally go through strenuous lengths to find or pay large amounts of money to buy, and making them instead. It has been gaining popularity for the last couple years but the recent surge of people to join the D.I.Y. bandwagon can be credited to the social network Pinterest.


Here is a small craft project taken from a Crafted vendor’s Pinterest. This wall decoration is a perfect way to add your own personal touch to any room.

What you need...

Scrabble tiles, scissors, string, and super glue.


Step 1: Gather the letter tiles necessary to spell your

desired word. Arrange them to make sure they fit. Begin to super glue the tiles down.

Step 2: Finish arranging and gluing down the tiles. Cut some string to your desired length and attach it with super glue.

Step 3: Cut away any excess string and you’re fin-

ished. Pick a place on your wall and hang with a push pin.

Jenn Doung begins to raise money to Pursuing her passion Junior help fund her short film. by Stella Gianoukakis

She sat on her bed as she watched short films on her laptop, storylines and camera shots already forming in her head. It had always been on her mind, but suddenly it all came together and Junior Jenn Duong decided to produce a short film of her own. Her film, “Heavy”, is estimated to be six minutes long and portrays a day in the life

of four struggling artists: an author, a painter, a dancer, and a musician. “This film is about something that actually happens every day. It’s a love story between a person and their passion,” Duong said. “What the people go through in the film are actual struggles that I have seen people go through and even experienced myself.” Duong hopes to enhance the realism in her film through embodying the universal feelings and experiences that result from certain emotions. “The goal of the movie is to visually paint human emotions, everything from self doubt to joy and frustration,” Duong said. “It should show how self-perseverance can triumph over conformity. If you tell people you want to major in something that isn’t academically-based, they may give strange looks. However, if you are really passionate about what you do, you will overcome conformity.” According to Duong, she wants to cast actors for her short film that do more than just play a part or a role. “I’m looking for actors to create the characters and bring themselves into the film. I don’t want to see an actor on screen. I want to see a person. I want it to be someone people can relate to even if they aren’t artistic,” Duong said. “I want raw, pure emotion.” She would like to bring the story to life so that people can connect with the struggles as well as the triumphs.

“I want this film to be real. I want everyone to find some way to relate to that whether it is the frustration or the joy that they get out of what they do,” Duong said. Besides inspiring people, Duong believes that this project will be the first step in fulfilling her dreams. “Growing up, I always knew that going into film and acting is what I wanted to do with my life. This is what I love,” Duong said. Duong’s friend, alumna ‘12 Christie Goodman, does and always has, supported her dreams. “As long as I have known her she has always loved acting and directing. I will definitely be helping her if she needs anything. Even though I am in college, I will always lend a helping hand to one of my best friends,” Goodman said. Goodman is also very excited for the production. “I think it is really artistic. I am ecstatic to see how she will go about making this movie. I know it will be nothing less than fantastic,” Goodman said. According to Duong however, people were not always supportive. “People told me that I was wasting my time and that the industry is very tough to get into. I would ask myself if I should be doing this. Then, I realized that was where a lot of the inspiration comes from because people do not understand the struggles that [artists] go through,” Duong said.

Despite any negative comments, Duong is determined to finish and perfect her film. “I’m just talking to as many people as possible and doing research on my own. I found someone who is going to compose my musical score so the film will have original music, which is beyond exciting,” Duong said. The production will cost around one thousand dollars. She funded this project by using savings from holidays and selling things such as surfboards and cameras. She also designs and sells graphics and is going to sell crew necks to fundraise as well. Duong has everything planned out for the production. There will be an informational meeting on Feb. 15, an open casting call on March 18, and call backs will be on March 19. Duong hopes to start and finish filming in April, go into closed production in May, and finalize everything by June 8. She will put the finished film on Youtube and Facebook and submit it to film festivals and anywhere else she possibly can. “I believe it will be hard to [create the film] because I’m deciding to do it now, smack in the the middle of junior year. It’s all about communication and pre-production. It’s a little scary to be honest, since it’s the first time I’m doing this. I can only hope that things go as planned.” PHOTO BY ALIDA NEWSON

Movie magic. Junior Jenn Duong is raising funds to help her create and produce her own short film.


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