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Bedroom Tricks To Win The Heart Of A High Class Escort

The best way to prove your manly prowess is to spend your time with escorts. This is because a professional escort knows the secrets of erotica that can make a women stay in action for a longer span. Now this directly hints to one thing; you need to hold back your zeal until the time she remains in action. In case you lose your spirits earlier than her, you lose in the game. Besides holding back your power, you need to know bedroom tricks that will win her heart. Therefore, here are some tips for you. •

Let her rock the horse

While men love to be dominated in bed, women love to dominate them. Now this tip is suggestive enough for you to understand that New York, London and Sydney escorts love to straddle on their male partners. If you allow your bed partner to enjoy this option without expressing it herself, she will be awestruck. You will become a real man in her eyes because she will conclude that you know about everything a woman wants in bed. •

Reciprocating fetish

Do you have a fetish for longhaired blond women? Place your request for the longhaired blond high class escorts Sydney, Boston or from anywhere you prefer. However, do not end things right there when a gorgeous lady comes to your hotel room on the D-day because you would hardly create any impression that way. Rather, indulge in reciprocating fetish. Caress her by fiddling with her long tresses and gently brushing her hair strands all over her face. She will read your body language that you have a fetish for long hair and you are appreciating her beautiful tresses by playing with the same. She will start reciprocating back in the similar fashion by running her manicured fingers through your hair and making you even more energized for the hardcore action. Follow the same technique of expressing your fetish for things other than long hair. Her reciprocation will add spark to your session of intimate passion.

Lick job is on demand

Do you know that ‘lick job’ is on high demand among women? Females get mad over men who give such a service. If you have any previous experience of spending intimate hours with a woman, you will know about her sensitive parts which respond best when you lick them gently. In case you did not have a scope of exploring a female body earlier, you might not know about these parts. Tip here is that you should concentrate your lip movement around her neck, ear lobes, groin, navel and stomach region. If you hear that she is groaning, conclude that you have hit the right spots!

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Bedroom Tricks To Win The Heart of A High class Escort