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'm in the middle of the square in Vic, there are many children playing

with toys, bicycles, shovel... There are many people having a coffee or ice cream, there are people walking with shopping bags. To the left there're shops, to the right there're other shops. Behind me there's a narrow street. In the narrow street there're a lot of shops. In the midle there's sand and opposite me there're more shops (there're clothing stores, optical's, toy's shops, drystore...). It's beautiful because there're a lot of shops. I am standing in front of an ice cream parlor, behind me I have a clothes shop and bakery. On the right and left a there is a narrow street that has a pharmacy. There's an ice cream shop. It is very small. Inside the ice cream shop there are a lot of people so the shop assistants are very busy. There are a lot of different flavors of ice cream; vanilla, chocolate, stracciatella, cream... There are lemon, orange or strawberry iced drinks too. Here's a terrace, behind there's a little pub. There're always a lot of people. Nexto to the terrace, there're two applicances shop which there're many people watching the displays. Next to the applicances shop, there's a shop of clothes. There aren't any people because it very expensive. I'm not alone. It's a very crowded square. There are a lot of people. They are shopping, eating or walking.

where am i in the world