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For more background information on the musicians, origin of the songs and recording process check the app for iPad! Search for “ti-an-guis” in the app store.

1. Bo ê die meu cretcheu - 4:28 Origin: Cape Verde 2. Ederlezi - 3:41 Origin: the Roma 3. So te kerau - 4:11 Origin: Romania 4. E mousasa - 4:57 Origin: Senegal 5. La lucha - 1:25 Origin: Mexico 6. Los juiles - 3:54 Origin: Mexico 7. Ljubav se ne trži - 2:24 Origin: Croatia 8. Ia ma de co - 3:21 Origin: Afro-Brazilian 9. Ey güzel kirim - 5:29 Origin: Autonomous republic of Crimea 10. M’bore - 4:57 Origin: Guinea 11. El aguanieve - 3:56 Origin: Mexico

The recording session _ December 2012, The Hague SnipRecords’ focus is on authenticity and interaction. We believe that musicians need to be able to play together, communicate directly and have fun while recording. Therefore this album was recorded at a quiet recording studio that was large enough for all musicians to play simultaneously. This is demanding for them: there is not a lot of room left to fix things once the recordings are completed, meaning focus and good communication between musicians is crucial.


What struck me when I heard ti-an-guis play for the first time was their high level of energy and fun together on stage. How they were able to engage their audience. I realized at that moment that it was this energy and fun I wanted to capture in a recording, making it possible to have this same sensation - the energy and fun of the live session - at people’s homes.

Lovorka Holjevac: voice Francisco Medina: guitar Carlos Henrique Jacques Anderson: guitar Noa Stroeter: contrabas Pepe Garcia: percussion

I discussed the vision of our label with Lovorka and we immediately connected; ti-an-guis wanted the recording session to be the same as their live performances, no doubt about it. After all, strong communication is the essence of the group. For example, before Lovorka starts singing she signals the other members by raising her index finger and placing it at the top of her head.

The name of the group is derived from the Mexican “tianguis”. A tianguis is an open air market or bazaar where many traditonal types of merchandise, as well as modern goods, are sold. Similar to these markets ti-an-guis is a melting pot of colors, fragances, shapes and sounds, thereby always surprising the audience. “We love to play this kind of music. This repertoire bonds us almost like a family. It brings us so much joy and motivation that the only right thing to do is to play it and share it with our audience. The (musical) connection we have is so strong that we couldn’t imagine playing the same repertoire with other musicians.” As ti-an-guis musicians are from different corners of the world (Mexico, Brazil, Croatia, and Portugal), their work ground is fruitful and open-minded. But it’s not only a cultural exchange; all of the

musicians bring their individual musical experiences that wander through different musical genres, musical approaches and sounds. Choosing and forming the repertoire is a process of mutual collaboration. The folkloric songs are chosen in their most traditional way and then taken on a journey of transformation: the band members collectively brainstorm possibilities of arranging, instrumentation and style that form the first sketches, which are then individually practiced, internalized and developed further. It is an ongoing process, as for ti-an-guis, a developed arrangement of a song can be just a stepping stone to a new one. Each concert inspires, resulting in new ideas and approaches of playing the same song, and as such their music stays flexible, spontaneous and fresh.

The recording session was intense. In three days we recorded 11 songs. Nonetheless, the energy of ti-an-guis was the same as on stage. Even during the breaks they were improvising, making music and having a good time. Now, when listening to the album I get the same positive feeling as the first time I heard them play. ti-an-guis is a unique group, making great music and is a true joy to work with and to listen to. I hope you enjoy their music as much as I do. _Marijn Kooy

ti-an-guis would like to thank all the people involved in this project - audience for coming to our concerts and listening to our music, our families and the ones involved in the making of this great album (Marijn and Astrid you are simply the best of the best), and of course to our first and favorite God Jarana.

Thank you: FRANCISCO: Mariana Bruekers, Duarte Medina and Virginia Medina for their endless love and support. PEPE: Familia Garcia Rodriguez (Henry, tortu, rosga y guachu; ustedes son mi motor e inspiracion), Felicia van den End for your support, love and inspiration. LOVORKA: Kalli saeti thank you for the beautiful logo and best friendship, mojoj divnoj familiji za ljubav i strpljenje (posebno mojoj majci koja je svaki dan pitala za album), Ingmar de Vries for being such a loving and supportive companion. NOA: My family. CARLOS: To my family Rodolfo, Stela and Janaina. To Maria Luisa, Malusa, Elias and Chess. To The Benettons and families. To Lydia. To all my friends.

Produced and engineered by Marijn Kooy Recorded at LabS55 The Hague, December 2012 Cover art: Karl Ingi Karlsson Photography & visual design: SnipRecords BV Š2013 SnipRecords BV

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Dit project is mede mogelijk gemaakt met een bijdrage uit het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling van de Europese Commissie

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The members of ti-an-guis are from different corners of the world: Mexico, Brazil, Portugal and Croatia. Each musician selected music for th...

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