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Waiting for the sun to go down on the valley — Soon it will be time for the train to go away Never ever will miss that sound — Don´t want to miss it no more I just want inside my day that very short holiday Waiting for the sunrise alone in my bed — Waiting for the wild bear inside to wake up Don´t want to waste my hope — Don´t want to waste it no more Just want to stand up and sing the animal at the door I´m just a lonely wood worker — But as long as I´m good, I´m a good lover Just want to have my habits — Don´t want a four-star hotel Just want the sun to go down the train that´s ringing the bell

Anything that you like anything that you want me to do Anything that you like anything you want to show me too Everything that you´re like everything I will do — I fear I´m in love with you — I´m in love Anything that you show anywhere that you want me to go Everything that we share everything that we can let go Anything you prepare everything I will do — I´m ready for you I´m in love with you — I´m in love — I hope you love me too — I´m in love I´m in love again — For once I care about tomorrow

Nights along you make me strong — Before the light looking for a brand new heart A heart of gold an orphan mine — Too much time that I´ve waited Don´t be blind no use in cheating Used to get on well with times of trouble — Get on nice with times of rumble Felt good when the nights were dizzy — Felt bad when the girl was easy Felt lonely when the world was like me Monsoon long the river´s strong — But must we crawl looking for our indian soul? The banks have dried until godly knows: “Who gives time to the music Who is blind can get the lyrics — The girl is mine but the country´s a joystick One more run to catch the magic” Used to get on well with times of trouble — Get on nice with times of rumble Felt good when the nights were dizzy — Felt bad when the girl was easy Felt lonely when the world was like me

Sunday promise sunday song list — Every day feels like a baby-long-time fight a baby-long-time fight until the night Sunday profits monday jobless — The week in crisis is no good to be started For any worker man who works in chain — For any lonely woman who kills time Come on take the songs from my bones — Come on show me new directions We´ll play some music under the moon Sunday visit my woman comes with a plane — Her dress is fantastic forget about the plane Sunday sun is warm like love is — So when love is Sunday ’s a promise — Sunday ’s a profit Sunday ’s a promise — Sunday ’s a profit

Something there that I lose — Love gone in the air She cannot chose between her life and sweet and ours Her heart to go further Some new cycle of life — The chords sound right for my ear’s delight Between now and tomorrow — Change in sight Well I hope with my dreams — I smell some May breeze And I stand with minor keys — And I raise virtual kids I welcome well done bees Oh one day we throw our stone — And the water freezes our bones Oh so now I keep your stone — And I throw it towards our unfound home

I’m moving to town I’m hungry — Stood up with my crown so lovely The day that we had what a pity — I’m moving to town you’re crazy Oh someday we will have a country — The lines in the sky say you’re with me I’m moving to bed I’m hungry — Of you my babe my baby We sing through the night lights are softly — Rolling to your eyes endlessly I’m moving moving moving moving

Following a train — No way to get in Wanting a romance with the highlands of France I’m just caught in the winter snow — With the pouring rain I tried to call you friend I’m following a smile I once smelled in a bar — But she was the girl from nowhere I happened to be free — On a track by the sea Where the ocean turns into the pouring rain — I tried to call you, friend I got into the train — It was worth it at the end And I photographed my life with the mountains behind — The picture develops since then With the pouring rain — And the cement sand I can feel it bloom Ought to step into her room — Step into her room Step into her room — Room room ought to step into her room,....

Simon Dalmais: vocals, piano, keyboards & percussions Sébastien Martel: guitars (tracks 2, 6, 8 & 10) Vincent Artaud: electric bass (tracks 3 & 6) Cyril Avèque: percussions (tracks 3 & 6) Olivier Manchon: guitar, bass, percussions (tracks 4, 9 & 11) Sarah Altaras: backing vocals (track 1) Sandra Langlois: violin (tracks 3, 5, 11) Quatuor’Fé: tracks 1 & 8 Olivier Manchon’s Orchestra: (tracks 3, 4, 7, 9, 11 & 12) with Hideaki Aomori: clarinet, Alex Sopp: flute, Garo Yellin: cello Olivier Manchon: violin, alto & french horn Bob Hart: double bass Music & lyrics by Simon Dalmais. Arrangements (tracks 3, 4, 9, 11 & 12) by Olivier Manchon Recorded and mixed by Fred Carrayol at Studio Mercredi 9, Paris Olivier Manchon’s Orchestra is recorded by Alex Venguer, New York Additional recordings in Saint-Denis (track 1) and Tarn & Garonne (track 7) Mastering by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios, London Graphic design & Photos: Element-s/Jérôme Witz, Benjamin de Diesbach except page 2: © Jeremiah, page 5 & 12: © Simon Dalmais, page 7: © Gilles Guerlet Produced by Bee Pop Records Executive producers for Bee Pop Records: Alexandre Leforestier & Mohamed Gastli Label Manager for Bee Pop Records: Mohamed Gastli For more information about Bee Pop Records, please visit: | Distribution: Abeille Musique Distribution

À la mémoire de Catherine Collantier et Georges Dalmais Remerciements Je remercie les musiciens qui jouent sur ce disque, et celles et ceux qui m’ont aidé à le réaliser, en particulier Fred Carrayol, Olivier Manchon et Mohamed Gastli. Merci à Jérôme Witz et Element-s, Benjamin de Diesbach, Geoff Pesche, Alexandre Leforestier, Marie-Theres Franke, Vicken Sayrin et VS Com, Jeremiah, Laurent Bizot. Merci à ma famille, à Sylva Klubalova, Mme Leroy qui m'a donné goût au piano, Madamelune, Sarah Altaras, Laurent Delaby, Sandra Langlois, Nénette, Juju, Filipe Monteiro, Yannick Boudruche, Julie Bonnie & family, Oomiak & Milenka, Lail Arad, Anne Dubos. Vannakam , salut à mes potes AZ, BG, FB, XH & Cie, aux Morvandiaux, à Assé et Dadié, aux Arène, Memmi, Lemansky, Goeke, au Footballanstère et son rythme mid-tempo, le TSTS, Marguerite Duboeuf, Alexis de Benoist, aux E&M, la brasserie Le Majorelle, la CA 71. Vélib’ me doit 103 euros Schon gut...



Simon Dalmais - The Songs Remain  

French pianist-singer-songwriter, Simon Dalmais, releases this debut album - citing his influences as Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Nick Dra...

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