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& T h e D uk e s ( & D uc h e s s e s )

2 Calico County 3:01 3 Burnin’ It Down 2:57 4 That All You Got? 3:00 5 Love’s Gonna Blow My Way 2:49 6 After Mardi Gras 4:06 1 The Low Highway 4:01

7 Pocket Full Of Rain 3:13 8 Invisible 4:21 9 Warren Hellman’s Banjo 1:46 10 Down The Road Pt II 2:36 11 21st Century Blues 3:38 12 Remember Me 4:35 H C & P 2013 New West Records, LLC 3723 W. Olive Ave., Burbank, CA 91505. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.



here’s something calling me out there. Always has been, ever since I was old enough to stand out on the highway and stick out my thumb. I was younger than you’re probably thinking when I first discovered that there is, indeed, a space between where we’ve been and where we’re bound and depending on our intentions and our resolve it’s either a vast galaxy filled with the promise of the brightest of all possible futures or the blackest hole in the Universe. I’ve personally peered through both ends of that telescope and I’m certain of nothing but I’d wager that the last song I ever sing in this world will be low and lonesome and contain at least one reference to a thoroughfare of one of sort or another. My hitchhiking days are long behind me now. I’m an upscale gypsy, flying first class or rolling down the highway in a three quarter of a million dollar bus but there are still nights when I can’t sleep and mornings when I’m up at first light riding shotgun, watching the miles slip beneath vulcanized wheels. I’ve been on every interstate highway in the lower forty-eight states by now and I never get tired of the view. I’ve seen a pretty good chunk of the world and my well-worn passport is one of my most prized possessions but, for me, there’s still nothing like the first night of a North American tour; everybody, band and crew, crowded up in the front lounge, eating Nashville hot chicken and Betty Herbert’s homemade pimento cheese, swapping the same tired old war stories half shouted over the rattle and hum of the highway. And I’m always the last one to holler good night to Charlie Quick, the driver, and climb in my bunk because to me it feels like a Christmas Eve long ago when I still believed in Santa Claus. God I love this. And God help me if I ever forget to count my blessings when I walk out on a different stage in a different town night after night to find an audience out there, people who paid hard earned money to hear me sing MY songs! They’ve been coming since 1986 and they’re still coming even in the midst of the hardest times that most folks now living can remember. It’s tough out there, from Maine to San Diego, St. John’s to White Horse, Galway to Helsinki, Byron Bay out to Perth but they always show up and they know every word to every song and sometimes they sing along with me. And because they show up, because YOU show up- I still have a job, when a lot of good people, through no fault of their own, don’t. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Steve Fairview, Tennessee December 2012


Steve Earle - guitar, mandolin, mandocello, banjo, piano and vocal Allison Moorer - piano, organ, accordion, harmonium and vocal Chris Masterson - guitar, pedal steel guitar Eleanor Whitmore - fiddle, baritone fiddle, mandolin and the thing Kelley Looney - upright and electric bass Will Rigby - drums, percussion With Siobhan Kennedy - vocals



The Low Highway

Burnin’ It Down

Travelin’ out on the low highway Three thousand miles to the Frisco bay ‘Cross the rivers wild and the lonesome plains Up the coast and down and back again Saw empty houses on dead end streets People linin’ up for somethin’ to eat And the ghost of America watchin’ me Through the broken windows of the factories Naked bones of a better day As I rolled on down the low highway

When I was a boy there were no limitations Said my goodbyes at the Greyhound station Here I am I’m half a mile from where I grew up In a parkin’ lot sittin’ in my pickup truck

Travelin’ out on the low highway By the yellow moon and the light of day From the snow white crown on the mountain tall To the valley down where the shadows fall Met a man with a rifle in his hand Been away to battle in a distant land Taught him how to hate and taught him to kill Now he’s out on the road with a hole to fill Nobody knows the price he paid So he takes his toll on the low highway Travelin’ out on the low highway Windows down and listening Wheels turnin’ ‘round on the asphalt sing And every sound is a prophecy Heard an old man grumble and a young girl cry A brick wall crumble and the white dove fly A cry for justice and a call for peace The voice of reason and the roar of the beast And every mile was a prayer I prayed As I rolled down the low highway

Calico County Half a case of cold pills soakin’ in a milk jug Hydrochloric acid iodine and phosphorous Careful not to get any on ya when you shake it up That’s the way we cook it up in Calico County Born in a double wide out behind the county dump Mama never told me why daddy didn’t live with us Only picture I had he’s climbin’ on a prison bus Stencil on his back said Calico County My little brother Bobby stole a Coca-Cola truck Drove it through the cemetery Bobby doesn’t give a fuck Thirteen tombstones fifty-seven hundred bucks Ain’t that much money in Calico County Outta here someday ain’t that what I used to say? Army wouldn’t take me so I guess I’m gonna have to stay Friday night dogfight suckin’ on a meth pipe Until I lay me down to die in Calico County

And I’m thinkin’ ‘bout burnin’ it down, boys Thinkin’ ‘bout burnin’ it down Nothin’s ever gonna be the same in this town 10 gallons of gas and a bottle of propane Electric igniter off my grill and I still can’t Say for certain that this thing’ll blow If it does I’m gonna be the first one to know And I’m thinkin’ bout burnin’ it down, boys Thinkin’ ‘bout burnin’ it down Nothin’s ever gonna be the same in this town I’m thinkin’ ‘bout burnin’ the Walmart down I used to say I’ll come back someday and settle down Now I’m getting old no place else to go And it’s all come unwound Watchin’ the faces as they’re comin’ and goin’ Some of ‘em strangers and some that I know and It doesn’t matter much how long I wait ‘Cause the door’s always open and it’s never too late

That All You Got? Nothin’ ever comes from outta nowhere Ain’t nobody ever rides for free There’s a hundred million heartaches out there In between the devil and the deep blue sea And all the troubles of the wide world flow Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico Here it comes again Ready or not Worry and pain? That all you got? That all you got? Good lord wasn’t playin’ honey The day that he invented New Orleans And there ain’t no amount of blood or money Ever gonna wash the pavement clean But everybody on the night shift knows Might as well keep on dancin’ till the next wind blows

Love’s Gonna Blow My Way

Right now I ain’t got the time To sit at home and cry When outside it’s carnival Maybe after Mardi Gras I can learn to take it well Psychoanalyze myself But for now I’m havin’ fun Until Mardi Gras is done

I’m stranded Standin’ in the pourin’ rain Really comin’ down but someday Love’s gonna blow my way Empty-handed Haven’t got a shuck to pay For a ticket outta town but someday Love‘s gonna blow my way People goin’ places pass me by I don’t care ‘cause I know I Got plans made And I don’t need to do a thing But stand right where I am ‘cause someday Love‘s gonna blow my way

Pocket Full Of Rain

I’ve been prayin’ Light a candle everyday And every little prayer that I pray Says love’s gonna blow my way So I’m just stayin’ Waitin’ on the wind to change ‘Cause generally all the signs say Love’s gonna blow my way Stormy weather never brings me down ‘Cause it don’t ever hang around It just fades Into another sunny day Shinin’ down on me ‘cause someday Love‘s gonna blow my way

Ain’t like it’s been easy I been up and down And lately I can’t seem to keep My chin up off the ground But I’d rather eat a pound of dirt than Taste that taste again And a world of hurt is better than A pocket full of rain

I ain’t goin’ nowhere I can’t be Where my true love can’t follow me So I’ll wait Takes forever that’s okay ‘Cause somethin’ in the air says someday Love’s gonna blow my way

After Mardis Gras See that shadow on the wall Doesn’t look like me at all Head hung down Intentions meltin’ on the ground Saddest shape I ever saw

Gonna spoil my day Give it your best shot Another hurricane? That all you got? That all you got?

There’s so much I need to do Before I get over you But I can’t bother with it all Until after Mardi Gras All that music in the air Happy people everywhere Make it hard to sing the blues Until Mardi Gras is through

Bon temps roulet No matter what Holler fee nah nay That all you got? That all you got?

Put my loneliness away Save it for a rainy day Delay the pain Nothin’ ventured nothin’ gained The time’ll come but that’s okay

Boys out on the corner The way they were before But me I don’t go down there With my money anymore Yeah I can still remember when It used to kill the pain But I woke up every mornin’ With a pocketful of rain

Talk about the devil and up he jump Down beside the levee on a hollow stump Shakin’ like a window girl in Amsterdam I don’t wanna be no closer than I am To tell you he’s the devil ‘Cause I know all his names And I know all his faces well He’s the devil just the same He’ll look you in the eye and lie And promise anything Leave you cold and empty as A pocket full of rain

Invisible There’s a hole in my shoe but I don’t mind ‘Cause it keeps me connected to the ground when I’m Feelin’ like maybe if I ain’t careful I’ll just blow away Then the lightnin’ strikes the thunder rolls and I’m ok Everywhere I go People pass me by They never know ‘cause I’m Invisible A shadow hangin’ low A footstep just behind They carry on but I’m Invisible I’m taking my time but I ain’t slow ‘Cause it ain’t like I got anyplace else to go But there’s ghosts in these streets and they’re callin’ my name And I follow ‘em down in the dark again 6

An angel bendin’ down To whisper in your ear You turn around but we’re Invisible A rumble underground Your deepest darkest fear You hear the sound but they’re Invisible Brother can you spare A dollar and a dime? The cupboard’s bare and I’m Invisible Travel anywhere You won’t ever find A purer heart ‘cause mine’s Invisible I’m invisible

Warren Hellman’s Banjo I’m standin’ on Jordan’s shore Standin’ on Jordan’s shore And I ain’t gonna worry anymore ‘Cause I’m standin’ on Jordan’s shore Gonna lay my purse aside Lay my purse aside ‘Cause my money’s no good on the other side Gonna lay my purse aside Gonna carry my ol’ banjo Carry my ol’ banjo ‘Cause the devil won’t follow wherever I go If I carry my ol’ banjo Gonna play that shady grove Play that shady grove Make my pallet down soft and low Gonna play that shady grove Gonna play that soldier’s joy Play that soldier’s joy Flop-eared mule and the red-haired boy Gonna play that soldier’s joy Gonna bile them cabbage down Bile them cabbage down ‘Cause the devil surely cannot stand that sound When I bile them cabbage down Gonna carry my ol’ banjo Carry my ol’ banjo From the mountain high to the valley low Gonna carry my ol’ banjo Gonna carry my ol’ banjo Carry my ol’ banjo ‘Cause the devil won’t follow wherever I go If I carry my ol’ banjo

Down The Road Pt II

Remember me

Produced by Steve Earle and Ray Kennedy

Woke up in the mornin’ with the middle of nowhere blues Nothin’ in my pocket but a ticket that I can’t use Been hangin’ around this town and it’s startin’ to show Down the road I go

Here we are sittin’ in the warm sunshine I’m holdin’ your tiny hand in mine And god know’s it ain’t gonna be any time Before you’re grown But I wasn’t young when you come along And chances are long before that day comes My time in this sweet ol’ world’ll be done And I’ll be gone

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ray Kennedy at Ben’s Studio and Room and Board Nashville, Tennessee

You’re lookin’ at me I’m lookin’ at you And it’s everything a grown man can do Not to break down and cry like a fool When you smile at me I can only that hope I do my best With whatever time that we got left And when everything’s done and said You’ll remember me

Management: Danny Goldberg, Jesse Bauer for GoldVE Business Management: Kurt Vitolo for KV Financial Legal: Rosemary Carroll and Janine Small for Carroll, Guido and Groffman

Standin’ on the highway with the road burnin’ through my shoes Roll over Kerouac and tell Woody Guthrie the news Heard it said there ain’t nothin’ ahead but I don’t know Down the road I go Blowin’ in the wind and flyin’ like a cannonball Never seen a city where I couldn’t find a place to fall But it’s only a matter of time before I’m feelin’ low Down the road I go Daddy was a Chevy mama was a Cadillac I was gone as soon as I was born and I ain’t been back I’m a rounder and a friend to any old wind that blows Down the road I go

21st Century Blues Here I am in the 21st century Have to say it ain’t as cool as I hoped it’d be No man on the Moon nobody on Mars Where the hell is my flyin’ car? And nothin’ even like a teletransporter so far It’s hard times in the new millenium Gettin’ by on just the bare minimum Everything to lose and nothin’ to spare Goin’ to hell and nobody cares It ain’t the future that Kennedy promised me In the 21st century Finally come to the Age of Aquarius And if we live through the Mayan apocalypse There’ll be pie in the sky above Lemonade Springs A goddamn American utopian dream And if you believe that then you’re more optimistic than me Lights out in the heart of America No love in a time of hysteria It’s head for the hills every man for himself Nobody helpin’ out nobody else Ain’t the way that the Maharishi said it’d be In the 21st century

Remember me on some sunny day When everything’s goin’ your way ‘Cause on the day you were born I prayed That’s the way it would be Remember me on a stormy night When there’s no sign of shelter in sight And you soldier on through to the light ‘Cause that’s all you see Remember me You got angels watchin’ over you And your mama don’t suffer fools And there ain’t nothin’ that she wouldn’t do for you I don’t believe But there’ll come a day when you’re all alone And you’ll have to stand up on your own And when it’s muscle and blood and bone Remember me All songs written by Steve Earle and published by Exile On Jones St. Music (ASCAP) except Love’s Gonna Blow My Way and After Mardi Gras Written by Steve Earle and Lucia Micarelli and published by Exile On Jones St. Music (ASCAP) and Loosh Inc. (BMI)

Assistant engineer - Leslie Richter A&R - Gary Briggs Logistics - Dave Nokken Guitar tech - Russ Garrett

North America Booking: WME European Booking: Paul Fenn for Asgard Ltd Publicity North America: Brady Brock, GoldVE and Amanda Hale-Ornelas, New West Records UK Publicity: Richard Wootton for Richard Wootton Publicity Cover Art by Tony Fitzpatrick Design by Paul Moore Photos by Ted Barron

Thanks to George Fontaine (both of you) Mike Ruthig, Peter Jesperson, Ben Folds, Sharon Corbitt-House, Buddy Miller, Lucia Micarelli and Neel Hammond, George Ingram, David Simon, Nina Noble, Eric Overmyer, Tim Blake Nelson, Leslie Batts, Matt Umanov, Tom Crandall and all at Matt Umanov Guitars - NYC, George Gruhn, Walter and Christy Carter and all at Gruhn Guitars - Nashville, Dick Boak and Randy and Sue Wagner at Martin Guitars, James Trussart, Tony Harrell, Murph Wanca at Nashville Pro Hammond, Inc., Cyndy Villano, Karen Demeusy, James Fritzky, Marc Geiger, David Snyder, Julie Colbert, Jeremy Tepper, Scott Crynock, all at Soundcheck, Sound Moves, D’Addario Strings, Chris DeMaria and everyone at Fishman Pickups, Gretsch Guitars, Gretsch Drums and Peavy Electronics Special thanks to David Simone, Larry Mestel and all at Primary Wave Very special thanks to Danny Goldberg, Cameron Strang and Ben Greenberg - you know why

Pray for guidance beg forgiveness Vote for change and hope they find this Only thing I know for sure is We stand now on the verge of history The world can be anything that we want it to be Where there’s a will there’s a way where there’s a fire there’s a spark Out in the streets downtown in the park Maybe the future’s just waitin on you and me In the 21st century






Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses) - The Low Highway  

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