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Cæcilie Norby Silent Ways


Lars Danielsson Leszek Możdżer Nguyên Lê

Cæcilie Norby Silent Ways

ACT 9725-2

01 Stepping Stone 02 Winter Lady 03 In My Secret Life 04 Papa Was A Rolling Stone 05 Diamonds And Gold 06 Like A Rolling Stone 07 Hurt 08 Hearts And Bones 09 Silent Ways 10 Have You Ever Seen The Rain 11 Black Hole Sun 12 Hymnen

Cæcilie Norby / vocals Lars Danielsson / cello, bass, acoustic guitars, tambourine Leszek Możdżer / piano Nguyên Lê / electric guitars, electronics Robert Mehmet Ikiz / drums & percussion Special Guest: Marius Neset / tenor & soprano sax

Produced by Lars Danielsson & Cæcilie Norby Executive Producer: Siggi Loch © + P 2013 ACT Music + Vision GmbH + Co. KG Postfach 140399 | D-80453 München | Germany Printed in the EC Warning: Unauthorized duplication, public performance and broadcasting of the music on this CD is a violation of applicable laws

LC 07644

I was tall, skinny and 14 years old - and already with a quite advanced classical music background - when I got a musical chock. I heard Creedence Clearwater Revival pumping out of the speakers at my primary school party. Even though Mozart had spoken to my inner princess since the age of 5, I knew that this was the same deal but in a different wrapping. It grabbed me by my youth and the sophisticated and innocent universe containing only classical music, was forever changed. Dylan didn't sing in tune, Fogerty played the same 4 chords very loud again and again - but indeed it worked for me: I was very attracted to the melancholic atmosphere in the melodic soul rock. This album contains a dozen of my all-time favorite singer/songwriter melodies which were carefully picked for this album. The starting point for this recording session of “Silent Ways” would be that all the invited musicians should bring their own story to the table. And they did! Nguyên Lê came with beautiful Asian lines and original blues phrasing, Leszek Możdżer brought a whirling east European folk spirit, Robert Ikiz put his groovy Turkish/Swedish signature on it, while Lars Danielsson sealed the package with his magical melodic bass- and cello lines and engineer Freddy Albrecktsen delivered a sound made of flesh and blood…. We did it the old-fashioned way! But couldn't help adding a lot of our own story to it: The sound of the new colorful inter European jazz. Enjoy listening, Cæcilie Norby


Cæcilie Norby would like to thank: Copenhagen Piano, Claus Kiilpatrick, Lars Falck, Mikkel Schmidt, Brian Lensing, PDH, Micky Pramming, the ACT staff, Las Thomsen & Slagtøjscentret. Special Thanks to Freddy Albrektsen for your great spirit. Leszek Możdżer gives his special thanks to Miroslaw Mastalerz Piano-Forte.

01 Stepping Stone (Aimee A. Duffy & Stephen A. Booker) 3:29 02 Winter Lady (Leonard Cohen) 3:50 03 In My Secret Life (Leonard Cohen) 3:22 04 Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Barrett Strong / Norman J. Whitfield) 4:37 05 Diamonds And Gold (Tom Waits) 3:53 06 Like A Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan) 3:53 07 Hurt (Trent Reznor) 4:51 08 Hearts And Bones (Paul Simon) 5:09 09 Silent Ways (Wolfgang Haffner / Cæcilie Norby) 3:31 10 Have You Ever Seen The Rain (John Fogerty) 4:03 11 Black Hole Sun (Christopher Cornell) 5:08 12 Hymnen (Lars Danielsson / Cæcilie Norby) 4:16 Total Time: 50:02 Arrangements: Track 1, 2 & 9 by the band, 3, 4 & 10 by Lars Danielsson, 5 & 6 by Danielsson/Norby, 7 by Możdżer/Danielsson, 8 by Możdżer, 11 by Możdżer/Norby and 12 by Norby. All vocal arrangements by Cæcilie Norby. Background vocals on 5 by Bo Savik, Lars Danielsson and Cæcilie Norby. Recorded at Copenhagen Piano Studio, Denmark by Freddy Albrektsen & Christian Alex Petersen. Assistant engineer: Julian Barfoed. Mixed at Copenhagen Piano Studio by Freddy Albrektsen. Mastered at Tia Dia Studios, Mölnlycke, Sweden by Bo Savik. Info & Booking: Booking Denmark: PDH Music, Dag Hammerskjoldsallé Photos by Stephen Freiheit,


ACT 9723-2

Cæcilie Norby - Silent Ways  

Guided only from her heart, the danish singer Caecilie Norby creates a powerful and thrilling album with her favourite songs and melodies. I...

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