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R I G H T O F WAY One of the most fascinating things to observe in life is growth, be it a planted seed developing into a tree, or a child mastering its first steps of independence, the opportunities to stand back in wonder will never cease. We may wish for the child or seed to blossom along a save path, but nature will always have a few surprises along the way. Enter the need to improvise, in life as well as in music, you soon come to appreciate the charme of instinct to guide you through these moments, however big the challenge may appear at first glance. In music, hearing a little melody, jotting it down and allowing for it to slowly unfold its very own character, is always a welcome, if unpredictable invitation to adventure… but without trying to stay out of the way of its natural development, the trip may come to an end rather quickly, so due respect is called for by honouring the melody’s “Right Of Way”. Once the so-called tune was completed, it seemed to offer itself as the title track of the album. Considering the nature what “being on the way” entails to begin with, an underyling string of ideas came to the surface, motifs, that seemed to be somehow connected. Like “Oklahoma Willy”, forever trying his luck on his way to true love, or “Autumn”, with its moments of serenity and hope, as well as “One Year Ago”, dedicated to the memory of my late father. All these individually written “travel scenes”, if you will, only in the end of the journey start to complete the picture. Time and again, to me, the beauty of instinct in music derives from the fact, that I always feel somewhat secure in following it, although never quite knowing where it will take me, or by which means… there is an unconditional sense of trust and truth involved, similar to your way in life. You don’t go far without it. Especially these days, with musicians facing numerous difficulties trying to keep their music alive and prospering, the ongoing support of our listeners has equally become of vital importance and continues to be the strongest motivation to keep moving on – so, we look forward to see you down the road!

Richard Schumacher November 2013

O K L A H O M A W I L LY I saw your face by the river and I knew it was time again for a new start for a seasoned heart still you’re making me shiver that’s when I knew I’d better stay away for a new start for a seasoned heart never too old to keep on trying with a license to blues away for good can’t stop crying out loud for a little bit of justice in love Oklahoma Willy down in Memphis you’ve got nothing to loose just another chance for some bittersweet love on the way to you

Oklahoma Willy down in Memphis better get it right tuning it up and pluggin’ it in make her beggin’ for more till the end of your time I found a note by the river and I could see the end of our dream for a new start for a seasoned heart still I whish to believe in the power of a true loving soul for a new start for a seasoned heart never too old to keep on trying with a license to blues away for good can’t stop crying out loud for a little bit of justice in love

Lyrics by Richard Schumacher and Diana der Hovanessian

AUTUMN the indian summer days are almost gone your footprints are washed away by the sea a handfull of sand, a couple of memories and the waves keep rolling on you’ve got to get away from the crowd someday waiting for a silver lining if you get weary of it all you can wait for the fall the time when all the colours disappear the indian summer days are almost gone still I whish for your smile to brighten up my day the colours and scenes of fall keep passing by I’m wandering where everyone has gone a new day is coming but you can’t remember why you finally wrote this song Lyrics by Richard Schumacher and Thomas Brose

TH A N KS to all the musicians for their excellence and dedication: Mitch, Kai, Rayford, Bill, Patches, Will, Henry, Munyungo, Detlev, Daniel, Nathalie, Anna, Lothar and Nils! All the engineers: Rich Breen, Graham Laybourne, John Ugarte, John Tanner, Jeo, Ralph and Muna. Also Marcel Mittendorff at Designfaktur, Stefan Vogelmann, Holger Fleder and Wolfgang Thoma at Broken Silence, Thomas Braun, everyone at Warner Chappell, Sabine Bringmann and Nils Jung from KüsterCom, Volkmar Lecke, Mick Wong, Marcus Wippersberg, Rudy Börst, Bernt Köhler Adams, Frank Otto, Benjamin Hüllenkremer, Diana der Hovanessian, Thomas Brose, Judy Lowry, Claus Bandick and all my friends and family, without your love and support life wouldn’t be the same!

SPECI A L T H A N K S to Reinhard Karwatky for his great ears, trust and inspiration over all the years!

V ERY SPECI A L T H A N K S to Petra

CR EDI TS Recorded by Graham Laybourne, Reinhard Karwatky, John Ugarte, John Tanner, Richard Schumacher Recorded at The Track House (LA), Carriage House Studios (Stamford, CT), Gaga Studio, Vibe Tribe Studio (Hamburg) Production and recording supervision, post production and digital editing by Richard Schumacher & Reinhard Karwatky Mixed by Rich Breen at Dogmatic Sound (Burbank, CA) except “Autumn” mixed by Phil Magnotti at Silvermine Studio (Norwalk, CT), “Acoustic Silence” mixed by Jeo at Jeopark Studio (Handeloh, Germany) Mastered by Ralph Kessler, Reinhard Karwatky and Richard Schumacher at Masterpinguin (Hamburg) Assisted by Muna Wichmann Produced by Richard Schumacher & Reinhard Karwatky Executive Producer: Richard Schumacher Photos by Benjamin Hüllenkremer Artwork by Marcel Mittendorff Physical distribution: BROKEN SILENCE Digital distribution: FINETUNES

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Guitarist and composer Richard Schumacher has made a name for himself as the driving force behind his highly acclaimed project Vibe Tribe, r...

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