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Blue Boxes...

...Are Not Green

Special thanks to Yann Martin, Vincent Mahey, Pascal Pilorget and Hitch. It’s a great pleasure to work with you. Thanks a lot to Sebastien Vidal and the TSF Jazz / Duc des Lombards Team, Alex Duthil, The Rest’ô jazz (Yannick, Philou, Ben, Manu), Alex Nerot, Elena Corbefin, Helene Baudez and Celine Hervieu (Spedidam), Gaelle Massicot-Bitty (Institut Francais), Olivier Bernard (Sacem), Philippe Leogé, Stéphane Kochoyan, Philippe des “Pianophiles”, Quentin Fleury, Alban Ancel, Ben & Greg Vialatte from Studio 176, Joan Lebois, Judith Kobus, Anais (Le Mandala), Elo Barbosa, Nicole Johänntgen, Frederik Kôster... It’s Precious. We also would like to thank all the great people we met during our tours : Seigo Matsunaga, Miharu, Miyuki and all the Shikiori Crew, Ray, JJ and Maro from “3 Drinking Lab”, Sylvain Delange, Alois Beard, Maïa Barouh, Heyon, Dahee, Sunny, Valtinho Anastacio, Djibril, Claude, Jack the Taxi, Felice, Damien Roger-Cocquard, Thierry Riou, Corinne and the “Onda Jazz” Family... It’s so inspiring. We want to thank deeply Frederika, Serena, Giorgio, Framboise, Elais, Zoe, Thomas, and all our families and friends who support us... this is life, love and music. More about BBANG’s stories : Frederic Petitprez plays exclusively Canopus Drums

BBANG Rémi Panossian TRIO Runaway 2 Islay smoky notes 3 Shikiori 4 Healthy cab 5 Improvisation 1 6 3 Drinking lab 1

Time lapse 8 The end ? 9 Improvisation 2 10 BBQ 11 Inside the blue box 12 Beside the blue box 7

Rémi Panossian piano | Maxime Delporte double bass | Frédéric Petitprez drums | All songs composed and arranged by Remi Panossian, Maxime Delporte and Frederic Petitprez Produced recorded and Mixed by Vincent Mahey, April and May 2012 Additional recordings, Quentin Fleury assisted by Alban Ancel and Joan Lebois At La Fonderie/Sextan in Malakoff. Vincent Mahey Treatments Sur 1,6,7,10,12 Photos : Maxime Delporte | Artwork : Martin Le Tiec Executive Producer & manager : Yann Martin Mastering by Raphael Jonin (P) & (C) 2013 Abeille Musique | Made in E.U. | | www.myspace/plusloinmusic Booking : GiantSteps / Pascal Pilorget | Promo : GiantSteps / Mathilde Mabille | Label manager: Yann Martin |

Rémi Panossian Trio - Bbang  

After a first album "Add fiction" published in 2011, the trio band of Rémi Panossian come back with a new album “BBANG”. During 2 years, the...

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