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Floating Remastered 2015

1. Too Fond of Samba


2. Till We Get There


3. Floating


4. Blues Triste


5 .Running


6. La danse du coeur


7. Prayer for The Newborn


8. The World Was Young


(Dennis Luxion, Nabel Music) (Monika Linges, Nabel Music) (Monika Linges, Nabel Music) (Dennis Luxion, Monika Linges, Nabel Music) (Monika Linges, Nabel Music) (Dennis Luxion, Monika Linges) (Dennis Luxion, Monika Linges) (Monika Linges, Nabel Music)

Produced by Monika Linges & Tonstudio West • Recorded at Tonstudio West, Aachen, January 1982 • Recorded and mixed by Rainer Rutow • Remastered at THS-Studio by Holger Siedler (analog) and at Nabel Studio by Rainer Wiedensohler (digital) November 2014 • Coverdesign by NABEL • Photos by r.m. gillessen

Monika Linges vocal Dennis Luxion piano Michael SchÜneich bass Gerd Breuer drums guests : Neil Payne guitar Ponda O’Bryan percussion

Too Fond of Samba (Dennis Luxion, Nabel Music)

cause in our minds we’re free to dream in a fantasy

Once there was a girl ooh a very lovely girl who would dance all day and sometimes all night too

into a bright tomorrow when feelings will be known as real and “love’s a grown-up God“

but her parents did not think it right for her to dance all day and night they thought it was not quite polite behavior so to save her

I wanna see it happen in this very life live before l die help love to survive - but I wanna hold you till we get there.

they said to their chou-chou “We think it’s time you ought to start acting like a lady and not dance round like a fool“ so what did she do? Nothing new she was much too fond of samba to put away her dancing shoes

Till We Get There (Monika Linges, Nabel Music)

I wanna take you in my arms & keep you there forever and a day send reality away and pray it’ll stay that way I wanna hold you close to me dark days we won’t see

Floating (Monika Linges, Nabel Music)

Floating on the edge of time drifting thru a hemisphere of tender emotions waves of peace and harmony floating to and fro while you were resting in my arms reaching for each other from an old familiar need when you meet someone you’ve been loved by

before many many lives ago in a world where we were not to be close together maybe cause we did not love enough haunted by forgotten tears for times when we were wrapped up in the dream that we shared paradise is lost but it can also be regained we’ll meet again some place high up above we’ll be dancing on the edge of our love.

Blues Triste

(Dennis Luxion, Monika Linges, Nabel Music)

I’m pretty sure by now I’m thru with you it’s over now I’ve had enough I’m tired of you I’ve had it Though I must say

we’d a good time together t’was a lot of fun but we had better face it believe me baby please try to make some peace like everything in life this has finJlly come to an end

Running (Monika Linges, Nabel Music)

Running around in panick all over the place wasting time escaping from imaginary enemies looking for fame & fortune never giving my soul a rest how come I never noticed that happiness was right in front of my eyes Haunted by nightmares about failure & success starving for love putting the real me on a shelf I know it’s getting crazy and I better get out of this race cause if I don’t stop now I’II never stop running away from myself lf at some point in my life Truth and Beauty should come to meet me I hope that in my blindness I’II be able to see that wherever you may go the past clings on to you I hope it’s not too late cause I know it’s no use running away from myself

La danse du coeur (Dennis Luxion, Monika Linges)

When souls related meet then their hearts start to move in dance. La danse du coeur commence their spirits weaving in a trance whenever hearts dare take a chance their dance has been created in worlds above When souls related meet then their hearts start to move in dance. La danse du coeur commence their bodies moving in a trance you’ll understand by just one glance their dance will never end but in worlds above in worlds above

Player for the newborn (Dennis Luxion, Monika Linges)

Here’s a little prayer this is a prayer for the newborn Let the angels protect your soul May peace and friendly spirits guide you on your way So you won’t be afraid of your last day

May serenity surround your heart with peace of mind We’re praying at the dawn of your life at the dawn

the world was new

Here’s a little prayer.

Death was an unknown quantity Life was carefree Time to be

The World Was Young

We were free the world was young

(Monika Linges, Nabel Music)

Running through the rain walking through the fields Time was not in vain living was for real Things we used to do when the world was new The world was new The world was young Dozing in the grass sleeping in the hay Time went by so fast living day by day No fear of things to come when the world was young The world was young

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Monika Linges vocal · Dennis Luxion piano Michael Schöneich bass · Gerd Breuer drums guests: Neil Payne guitar · Ponda O’Bryan percussion

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Floating, the debut album of Monika Linges in 1982 is a very personal album presenting a wide range from latin inspired tunes to sentimental...

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