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Youn Sun Nah Lento

Youn Sun Nah

ACT 9030-2


01 Lento (Alexander Scriabin / Youn Sun Nah) 02 Lament (Youn Sun Nah) 03 Hurt (Nine Inch Nails) 04 Empty Dream (Vincent Peirani / Youn Sun Nah) 05 Momento Magico (Ulf Wakenius) 06 Soundless Bye (Youn Sun Nah) 07 Full Circle (Vincent Peirani / Youn Sun Nah) 08 Ghost Riders In The Sky (Stan Jones) 09 Waiting (Lars Danielsson / Cæcilie Norby) 10 Arirang (Korean Traditional) 11 New Dawn (Youn Sun Nah)

P 2013 HUB MUSIC Inc. © 2013 ACT Music + Vision GmbH + Co. KG Postfach 140399 | D-80453 München | Germany Printed in the EC Under exclusive licence of HUB MUSIC Inc. Warning: Unauthorized duplication, public performance and broadcasting of the music on this CD is a violation of applicable laws

LC 07644

3:04 3:40 5:22 4:20 5:32 3:44 3:36 4:58 3:30 4:25 3:42

Youn Sun Nah - vocals Ulf Wakenius - guitars Lars Danielsson - bass & cello Vincent Peirani - accordion & accordina Xavier Desandre-Navarre - percussion Produced by Youn Sun Nah & Axel Matignon Executive producer - JJ In

“A miracle“, “A great work of art“, “A world-class singer“ – the response to Youn Sun Nah’s first ACT albums “Voyage“ and “Same Girl“ was unanimous. It has been a long time since a singer has conquered the music world like the Korean vocal jazz star who has made Paris her second home. “Same Girl“ was by far the best selling jazz album of the year 2011 in France. Nah received the “Prix du Jazz Vocal“ award by the “Académie du Jazz” for best international vocal album and she even received the noble title “Chevalier de l‘Ordre des Arts et des Lettres“ from the French Ministry of Culture. In Germany Nah received the “ECHO”, the German Grammy, for best international female jazz vocalist. Back home, she was the recipient of the “2012 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards” from the South Korean government for her contribution to the Korean music industry. All this is due to Youn Sun Nah’s extraordinary ability to touch an audience. The precision of her phrasing and intonation at any tempo is the basis of her singing style which finds its expressive power in quiet, slow moments. Accompanied by her long standing duet partner Ulf Wakenius on guitar, with Sweden’s master bassist Lars Danielsson, subtle percussionist Xavier Desandre-Navarre and the new French accordion sensation Vincent Peirani she creates an intimate, atmospheric and harmonious musical world. This world combines with ease her own compositions, classical Prelude op. 16 Nr. 4 by Alexander Scriabin, eccentric rock by Nine Inch Nails, the classic country song “Ghost Riders In The Sky“ and Korean folk music “Arirang”. Perhaps it was this outside perspective that enabled her to give traditional vocal jazz a new flavour. Youn Sun Nah explores new exciting areas of the genre in an unconventional and effortless way, which all too often sounds merely retro. As an artform, jazz today embraces the whole spectrum of music and, as is clearly evident on “Lento“, Youn Sun Nah is one of its most outstanding exponents.

Recorded at Nilento Studio, Gothenburg, Sweden, October 31 - November 2, mixed December 4 - 7 and mastered December 19, 2012 by Lars Nilsson assisted by Michael Dahlvid. Album design : Seung Hwan Roh Photography : Sung Yull Nah I would like to thank : Axel Matignon, Ulf Wakenius, Lars Danielsson, Xavier Desandre-Navarre, Vincent Peirani, Lars Nilsson, Michael Dahlvid, Jenny Nilsson, Eric Wakenius, Cæcilie Norby, Simon Tailleu, Frank Woeste, Brian Kwan and my family. JJ & Jarasum Jazz Center, Olivier & Annick Casaÿs, Siggi & ACT team, Xavier & Harmonia Mundi, Kino Music, Karsten Jahnke, Patrick Jeanneret, Sung Yull Nah, Seung Hwan Roh, Nicolas Djemane, Dong Yup Kwak, Sun Young Lee, Joon Ho Su, Hun Hee Park, Etienne Geremia, Pierre Biancarelli, Jungim, Yuri, Sunny, Youn Sun Nah Fan Club and KDB Financial Group. And to you, who have supported me through the years. You are always close to my heart. I thank you with much love, Yours, Youn Sun Nah

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