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Everything We Hold

All music composed by Adam Waldmann. Lyrics for Home To You, Narrowboat Man, Song For The Open Road and Ell’s Bells by Rupert Friend. Narrowboat Man and Ell’s Bells arranged by Jules Buckley. The 99 Part 2 & 3 arranged by Adam Waldmann and Jon Scott. Recorded at Real World Studios, Bath, UK and The Premises, London, UK. Mixed by Morten Stendahl at Redroom Studios, Trondheim, Norway. Engineered by Patrick Philips and Alex Kilpartrick (Real World Studios). Song For The Open Road, engineered by Sonny of Sparedougal (The Premises). Ell’s Bells and additional recording engineered by Jason Howes and Tom Carmichael (The Premises). Mastered by Ray Sta ff at Air Studios, London, UK. Design by Jim Wright. Cover photography by Steven Christenson ( Photography by Joanna Natalija Gourley. Additional musicians: Ben Davis – Cello (T2, T5) Rupert Friend – glockenspiel (T8) Jules Buckley – additional piano (T4), metal drum (T2) Ivo Neame – harmonium (T4), accordion (T2, T4, T6), bass clarinet (T7, T8, T10) John Turville – piano (T9) Tom Mason – bass (T9) Kate Robinson – violin (T4, T9) Matthew Elston – violin (T4, T9) Becky Jones – viola (T4, T9) Julia Dale – cello (T4, T9) Tori Handsley – harp (T4, T9) Tim Anderson – French horn (T9)

Guest vocalists: Omar Lye-Fook MBE – vocals (T6) Marc O’Reilly – vocals (T2, T4, T9) Emilia Martensson – vocals (T1, T4,


With big thanks to:

Rupert, Jules, Jon, Jasper, Ivo, Emilia, Marc, Omar, Ben and all the other musicians and creative contributors to this album. My wonderful Evelien for your unwavering love and support through thick and thin. My parents Judie and Herman for everything. Joshua Van Praag and Lauri Faggioni for being such inspirations and generously putting me up at your home, where most of this music was born. The 99 suite is dedicated to you and the many others who sel flessly give themselves to the long fight for equality and justice. Katherine Butler, Musicians Benevolent Fund, Royal Society of Musicians, Dr Brian Cohen, Dr David Holder, Judith Kleinmann. Tony, Viv, Nathan, Pete and all the crew at The Premises. Tabitha Timothy, Mike Bindraban, Jurjen Mooiweer, Simon Drake, Julie Allison, Anna Waldmann, Joanna Gourley, Mark Berman, Fridolijn Van Poll, Sam Crowe, Ed Atkins, Serious, Massimo Zeppetelli. The video crew: Amy Gilliam, Sion Parkinson, George Richmond, Laura Huston, Cate Hall, Soleil Jackson, Pani Ahmadi-Moore and Rob Pizzey.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Ross Buckley and Judith Anne Waldmann.

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