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gjertrud lunde hjemklang

Some of the recordings on this album are from the first time the band got together to play at the end of 2010. It was the very first rehearsal in Loft in Cologne, and the tape was rolling. The recordings were therefore not made in separate booths with headphones, but with everybody set up in the same big room. We had a great time with much room for creativity and musical ideas to come into existence. Later we found that many of the songs were ready to go straight on an album. The tracks from this first “live” session in Loft are: 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9. The rest of the songs were recorded later that same year, with the instruments placed in separate booths. After that all the files where moved to Florian’s studio to be worked on by Gjertrud and Florian. After Kjetil’s programming and Arve’s recordings were added, the album was mixed and mastered at Rainbow Studios in Oslo in 2011. This year two babies were born: Hjemklang and little Benjamin. 2012 was therefore a “quiet” year, but in 2013 we decided to do some additional recordings. This album therefore contains recordings from 2010, 2011 and 2013 and Hjemklang became just what it was meant to be: … the sound of a wonderful homeward journey.

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akk, mon min vei til kanaan Melody: Norwegian traditional Words: Olai Skullerud Arrangement: Gjertrud Lunde Published by Edition Ozella Akk mon min vei til Kanaan endnu er meget lang Kan jeg da nå det søde land som snubler gang på gang Kun fort min sjæl Bliv aldrig træt Du Kanaan kan nå Kun fort, kun fort Klænodiget du foran ser jo stå

alas, my way to canaan Alas my way to Canaan Is still so very long Can I ever reach this sweet land When I fall again and again Only soon my soul Never be tired You can reach Canaan Only soon, only soon You will see the treasure in front of you

2 going home Melody: Antonín Dvoˇrák Arrangement: Gjertrud Lunde Published by Edition Ozella Words: William Arms Fisher Published by Anton J. Benjamin, Berlin Going home, going home I’m jus’ going home Quiet like, some still day I’m jus’ going home It’s not far, jus’ close by Through an open door Work all done, care laid by Going to fear no more Mother’s there ’specting me Father’s waiting, too Lots of folk gathered there All the friends I knew Nothing lost, all’s gain No more fret nor pain No more stumbling on the way No more longing for the day Going to roam no more Morning star lights the way Restless dream all done Shadows gone, break of day Real life jus’ begun

3 marche vers l’aube Music: Gjertrud Lunde Words: Ghalia El Boustami Published by Edition Ozella

walk towards the dawn

Dans les sables et les rochers Sur les dunes délavées Contre vents et marées Marche vers l’aube

In the sands and in the rocks On the white washed dunes Against winds and tides Walk towards the dawn

Aux arcanes du pardon Quand tu rêves d’émotion Quand se meurt une chanson Marche vers l’aube

In the mysteries of forgiveness When you dream of emotion When a song is dying Walk towards the dawn

Sous les voûtes vert-de-gris Dans les fleurs que sème la pluie Sur le ton de l’oubli Marche vers l’aube

Under the green gray vaults In the flowers that the rain sows On the mood of oblivion Walk towards the dawn

Au creux du plus grand péril Quand l’amour s’est tari Que dans l’ombre monte un cri Marche vers l’aube

In the midst of the greatest peril When love has dried out When from the shade a cry arises Walk towards the dawn

4 i dine tanker / tanto Music: Gjertrud Lunde Words: Gjertrud Lunde & Patricia Cruz Published by Edition Ozella Utenfor mørkt og kaldt skyggene overalt men her her kan eg varme mitt kalde kinn for du du åpnet opp og du tok meg inn I dine tanker

Nosso amor vou tocar Chega mais vem cantar a dor que até parece jamais ter fim calor na voz do Blue não feito pra mim que espero tanto

Innenfor godt og gjemt skyggene alt er glemt for du du tar imot det eg rekker frem hos deg kan eg få hvile, her er mitt hjem i dine tanker

Veja só dois do bem com o olhar bem além do azul sonhando com após o temporal ao sul o amor espera incondicional espera tanto

in your thoughts / so much Outside dark and cold the shadows everywhere but here here I can warm my cold cheek because you you opened up and let me in in your thoughts

I will play a song about our love come to me come and sing the pain which seems to never end the warmth in the blue voice that was not meant for me for which I have been waiting so long

Inside well hidden the shadows everything is forgotten because you you receive what I offer with you I can rest, here is my home In your thoughts

Look two good ones with a vision far beyond the blue dreaming about the time after the thunderstorm while in the South love waits unconditionally it has been waiting so longs

5 finnskogene Music: Gjertrud Lunde Published by Edition Ozella

6 pilgrim Music: Gjertrud Lunde Words: Inspired by “I’m a Pilgrim” by Mary S. Shindler Published by Edition Ozella I’m a pilgrim I’m a stranger I can tarry I can tarry but a night There the glory is ever shining Oh, my longing heart

7 rêve bleu Music: Gjertrud Lunde Words: Ghalia El Boustami Published by Edition Ozella Je décolle Vers une île Étoile sans racines Mystère fragile

Mon coeur est Gouttes de soie L’écho de ta chair Résonne en moi

Dites-moi D’où je viens Où ancrer mes pas Quelle langue aimer

Je poursuis L’écho des mots Au-delà D’un rêve bleu

J’effleure l’ombre À l’envers de toi Je t’attend Au bout de moi

Entourés D’étoiles qui dansent Nos corps fuient Au bord du ciel

Vague à l’âme Douceur diffuse Aurons-nous le temps De toucher l’horizon ?

Vague à l’âme Douceur diffuse Aurons-nous le tempse De toucher l’horizon ?

Vague à l’âme Douceur diffuse Aurons-nous le temps De toucher l’horizon, oh oui ?

I fly away towards an island star without roots fragile mystery

My heart is Drops of silk The echo of your flesh Resounds in me

Tell me Where I’m from Where to anchor my steps Which language to love

I follow the echo of the words beyond a blue dream

I graze the shadow On the reverse of you I will wait for you At the end of me

Surrounded By dancing stars Our bodies flee To the edge of the sky

Vague yearning Diffuse sweetness Will we have the time To touch the horizon?

Vague yearning Diffuse sweetness Will we have the time To touch the horizon?

Vague yearning Diffuse sweetness Will we have the time To touch the horizon, oh yes?

blue dream

8 beautiful

9 lead me

Music & Words: Gjertrud Lunde Published by Edition Ozella

Music & Words: Gjertrud Lunde Published by Edition Ozella

Do you know? It is beautiful when you flow with the wind it’s so beautiful and I breathe you I can breathe you I still breathe you

Lead me to some peaceful gloom Hold me in sweet solitude Lead me lead me home

When you dance with the leaves it’s so beautiful and I see you I can see you I still see you And you leave me now you leave you can leave me cause I’m ready

10 gjendines bådnlåt

11 eg veit i himmerik ei borg

Melody: Norwegian traditional / Gjendine Slålien Arrangement: Gjertrud Lunde Published by Edition Ozella

Melody: Norwegian traditional Words: Bernt Støylen Arrangement: Gjertrud Lunde Published by Edition Ozella

Nå ska’ en liten få sova så søtt vogga står reie til bånet Der ska’ en ligga så vart og så bløtt trygt kan det sova det bånet Sov i ro sova søtt i Jesu navn trygt kan det sova det bånet

Eg veit i himmerik ei borg ho skin som soli klåre der er kje synder eller sorg der er kje gråt og tåre

gjendine’s cradle song

Me takkar deg til evig tid Gud Fader, alle saman for du er oss så mild og blid i Jesus Kristus! Amen

Now the little one shall sleep so sweetly the cradle is made up for the baby It shall lie there so tenderly and so softly The baby may sleep safely calmly sleep sleep so sweetly In the name of Jesus the baby may sleep safely

Der inne bur Guds eigen Son i herlegdom og æra Han er mi trøyst og trygge von hjå honom eg skal vera

i know of a heavenly stronghold I know of a heavenly stronghold shining as bright as the sun there are neither sin nor sorrow and never a tear is shed God’s own Son lives there in glory and honor He is my comfort and safe hope and I will be with him We thank you for eternity God the Father, one in three For you are gentle and mild to us in Jesus Christ! Amen

A special thanks goes to the band: wolfert, bodek and florian for your beautiful and personal musical contribution to the album! Thank you arve, for adding your very special sound and thanks also to jan erik for your magic ears and your rock steady patience! Thank you christian for your time and involvement and to torun, philipp, inge and jeroen van vliet for your great generosity! My appreciation also goes to ghalia and patricia for your wonderful contributions. I give a warm hug to my dear parents ingrid and rolf, for your never ending support, generosity and belief. I’m so lucky to have you! Thanks also to my brother kjetil, for your ears, taste and advice and for your contribution to Pilgrim and Beautiful. And last but not least, thanks to my dear florian: Your contribution to this album is beyond words! Thank you for all the time with me in your studio and for your great patience and advice! Thanks for inspiring me to bring out my own music, for your belief and for your love!

– Gjertrud –

OZ054CD | Artwork: Nina Sangenstedt | Photos: John Nordahl and Torun Kirby Torbo

This album is dedicated to our dear anne beth lunde who didn’t live to hear the finished record, and also to those who lost someone they love.

gjertrud lunde hjemklang

“once you realize that the road is the goal and that you are always on the road, not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom, life ceases to be a task and becomes natural and simple, in itself an ecstasy� sri nisargadatta maharaj

gjertrud lunde hjemklang 1 Akk, Mon Min Vei (Norwegian trad. | Lunde) 5:46 | 2 Going Home (Dvoˇrák | Fisher | Lunde) 6:19 3 Marche vers l’Aube (Lunde | El Boustami) 7:35 | 4 I Dine Tanker / Tanto (Lunde | Cruz) 4:44 5 Finnskogene (Lunde) 5:52 | 6 Pilgrim (Lunde | Shindler) 5:24 | 7 Rêve Bleu (Lunde | El Boustami) 5:21 8 Beautiful (Lunde) 5:59 | 9 Lead Me (Lunde) 5:34 | 10 Gjendines Bådnlåt (Norwegian trad. | Lunde) 3:55 11 Eg Veit I Himmerik Ei Borg (Norwegian trad. | Lunde) 4:47 | Total Time 62:03 Published by Edition Ozella except Going Home: Edition Ozella / Anton J. Benjamin, Berlin gjertrud lunde: voice florian zenker: guitar | baritone guitar | electronics wolfert brederode: piano | rhodes bodek janke: drums | percussion | tabla Guest: arve henriksen: trumpet recorded by Christian Heck at Loft, Cologne mixed and mastered by Jan Erik Kongshaug at Rainbow Studio, Oslo Produced by Gjertrud Lunde and Florian Zenker Additional programming by Kjetil Lunde (tracks 6 and 8) Additional overdubs recorded by Philipp Bardenberg and Florian Zenker (tracks 1 and 3) Booking: |

℗ & © Ozella Music 2014. Made in Germany, All Rights Reserved. Ozella Music Schloss Hamborn 20, D-33178 Borchen fon +49 (0) 5251 38509,

LC 10268 | GEMA |

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