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Music by Helge Sunde

The Speedcouch (sic)


Solos: Peter Baden: Percutronics Frode Nymo: Soprano saxophone Per Mathisen: Bass



Solos: Nils Jansen: Tubax Børge-Are Halvorsen: Alto Saxophone Marius Haltli: Trumpet

Seven Winds


Solo: Frode Nymo: Soprano saxophone

(The Road to) Damascus Solos: Olga Konkova: Piano Atle Nymo: Tenor saxophone

The Entire Truth



GEMA | LC 10268 Published by Edition Ozella. Recorded by Holger Schwark and Frank Jacobsen at Sendesaal Bremen, October 2012 Produced by Helge Sunde, co-producer Holger Schwark Additional recordings by Jens Thoresen and Peter Baden Edited and mixed by Helge Sunde and Jan Erik Kongshaug at Rainbow Studio, Oslo Mastered at Rainbow Studio by Peer Espen Ursfjord Executive producer: Anders Eriksson Cover photo: Trym Ivar Bergsmo. Live Foto: Paal Buset Artwork: Nina Eisenlohr Funded by Arts Council Norway, City of Oslo and the Norwegian Society of Composers Management: East Norway Jazz Centre.

Solos: Jens Thoresen: Guitar Per Mathisen: Bass



Solo: Erik Johannessen: Trombone

The Arrow


Poem «Years of Experience with Bows and Arrows» read by the author Olav H. Hauge (courtesy of NRK)

℗ & © Ozella Music 2013. Made in Germany. All Rights Reserved. Ozella Music Schloss Hamborn 20 D-33178 Borchen, fon +49 (0) 5251 38509,


Frank Brodahl, Marius Haltli: Trumpets Anders Eriksson: Trumpet and flugelhorn Helge Sunde, Erik Johannessen, Arild Hillestad: Trombones Frode Nymo: Soprano saxophone Børge-Are Halvorsen: Alto saxophone, alto flute Atle Nymo: Tenor saxophone, bass clarinet Nils Jansen: Bass saxophone, tubax, contra alto clarinet, alto flute Peter Baden: Sampling, rhythmic and harmonic electronics Jens Thoresen: Guitar. Olga Konkova: Piano Per Mathisen: Bass. Håkon Mjåset Johansen: Drums Musical director: Helge Sunde. All compositions by Helge Sunde Thanks to our helpers for making it possible to finalize the Windfall album: Bodil Cappelen, Jan Erik Kongshaug, Ben Cottrell, Peter Schulze, Kari Grete Jacobsen

Don’t Come To Me With The Entire Truth by Olav H. Hauge Don’t come to me with the entire truth. Don’t bring me the ocean if I feel thirsty, nor heaven if I ask for light; but bring a hint, some dew, a particle, as birds carry only drops away from water, and the wind a grain of salt. From “The Dream We Carry” Translated by Robert Bly

The true meaning of the expression ‘windfall’ is ripened fruit, blown down by the wind. Three of the compositions on the album “Windfall” are actually based on the poems of a humble West Norwegian apple farmer, Olav H. Hauge – a late bloomer that wrote his first pieces as a 12 year old boy, breaking through at almost 60 years of age and becoming one of the central poets of his time. And, against all odds, at the age of 70 he found love and got married. Like jazz music crossed the Atlantic on its way to Europe, the windfall of poetry came to Hauge from America when a relative simply sent him a book: “Hints on Writing Poetry”. The compositions “Seven Winds”, “Arrow” and “The Entire Truth” are dedicated to his magnificent writing. The common use of the axiom ‘windfall’ refers to unexpected, dazzling opportunities coming your way. An artistic windfall can easily be mistaken for a dull everyday incident, but if you learn how to recognize them, they can be shaped into shining diamonds. A swimming moose, crossing a West Norwegian fjord far away from its usual habitat can become a jazz song in 5 / 4. A misplaced letter U in the itinerary for a jazz teaching class can turn into a weird tune about a sofa on a wild sleighride down a steep hillside. An airport restroom with a 220 V power outlet charging a composers laptop at 3 AM can be the windfall leading to a sold out show at the London Jazz Festival. The opposite of windfall would simply be the fall wind of envy and suspicion. (The Road to) “Damascus”, a song named after the war torn city, is simply the reminiscence of oriental moods and vibrant street life in a more peaceful Syrian capital, where Ensemble Denada played their first concert outside Europe. Helge Sunde’s music contains traces of American jazz, West Norwegian esprit and European art music. We certainly hope this album will turn out to be a musical windfall to listeners around the globe.

Ensemble Denada - Windfall_Booklet  

The English word 'windfall' describes ripe fruit being blown off trees. As a sweet apple that has fallen off your neighbours tree into your...

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