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Time Forgot

Zigzagging Toward the Light

Polished my shoes I bought a brand new hat moved to a town that time forgot Where I don’t have to shave or be approachable I can do just what I want I want to walk in the howling wind till it scatters all my thoughts Sit all alone on that riverbank till I forget that I can talk Just listen

I’m blessed with a heart that doesn’t stop My mind is a weather vane it spins around just like a top Knows what the winds of fortune bring in the season of the witch Home is a perjury, a parlor trick, an urban myth

They say everyone has a choice to make to be loved or to be free I told you once I felt invisible and I’m sure by now you see That what I meant is I’m not all there until I finally leave Some loneliness is acceptable and some is just outright mean It gets even Ivy crawls up the garden wall builds a ladder towards the sun It can’t be climbed but who is going to mind if I claim it can be done Illusion And the sun goes down And the stars come out And the distance that I’ve felt I can see it for myself now Boarded a train to take my memories back make up for time that I have lost I’ll never know if I’m delusional I just believe that I am not I’m going to work for my sanity give it everything I’ve got Though so far I have cheated death I know someday I’ll get caught Just living So here we go, man, it is beautiful Get your trumpet get your drum Keeping time in a second line It can make you feel so young I know you say you’ll go all the way But that’s not quite far enough Someone told me that same thing Someone told me that same thing Someone told me that exact same thing once Conor Oberst - voice, guitar Jonathan Wilson - guitars, percussion, keyboards Andy LeMaster - bass, guitar Cully Symington - drums, percussion Klara Söderberg - voice Johanna Söderberg - voice

Oh how the circumstances change This world of smoke and steel and compromise and meter maids I’m going to leave here for too long Zigzagging toward the light I’m off to sing my bounder song True love it hides like city stars Nothing to gaze upon or contemplate how near or far If it comes it comes quite unannounced, a momentary glance Lit up by sun or moon by bonfire or ambulance Then how the circumstances change Feels unmistakable with no idea from where it came But you will know it when it’s gone Zigzagging through the night half dead you sing your bounder song Save for the bounder whose word is never kept A bandeau of flowers to stave his mind and bloom when he forgets It’s true that shadows tell the time On sunny afternoons on crowded sidewalks passersby I’m in a queue that stretches out far as the eye can see It forms a figure eight and goes on for eternity Oh how the circumstances change I fly by interstate across a purple mountain range I’ll find a place to come undone Zigzagging toward you now I sing out loud my bounder song Conor Oberst - voice, guitar Jonathan Wilson - guitars, bass, drums, percussion, keyboards, voice

Hundreds of Ways What a thing to be a witness to the sunshine What a dream to just be walking on the ground What a time to live among the ashen remnants of a love That came before and I’m still looking for that now

I stole all the rhinestones out of Carolina And sold them out in Bakersfield for cash Now the band shell got a band sounds like an arcade in Japan Blew all my quarters trying to get that feeling back

It took centuries to build these twisted cities It took seconds to reduce them down to dust And all the tour guide could say was take your pictures folks it’s late And try your best please to remember what was done

Now any sucker can turn boredom into violence A sociopath riding on a bus His irises are black from his novelty contacts He looks around but he can’t see the rest of us

Don’t look so forlorn Don’t you look so scared Don’t get so upset This world was never fair

In my sunglasses don’t mind the blinding light Yeah it’s getting dark bro but I’ve always loved the night

But there are hundreds of ways To get through the day There are hundreds of ways Now you just find one I used to think that time was of the essence Now I just wish I could get some sleep The strange parade of sounds the city makes when I lay down Little explosions that set fire to my dreams Sometimes I get mistaken for this actor And I guess that I can see it from the side Maybe no one really seems to be the person that they mean to be I hope I am forgotten when I die Don’t contradict me Don’t make me cross the line If you feel threatened It’s only cause I might But there are hundreds of ways To get through the day There are hundreds of ways To get through the day Yes there are hundreds of ways So you best find one All my heroes they’re all talk Running in circles Some stopwatch some chaos Love was the message Full stop We ramble on and on We ramble on and on

There are hundreds of ways To get through the day There are hundreds of ways To get through the day Yes there are hundreds of ways To get through the day There are hundreds of ways To get through the day Yes there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of ways To get through the day Just find one Conor Oberst - voice, guitar Jonathan Wilson - guitars, bass, drums, percussion, keyboards, voice Klara Söderberg - voice Johanna Söderberg - voice Joshua Grange - pedal steel Nathaniel Walcott - trumpet Scott Vicroy - saxophone Pete Madsen - trombone

Artifact #1

Lonely at the Top

What would it take to gain acceptance To the grounds behind your eyes? You know I’m open to suggestion The one you made we never tried You let it slip right out from under Your breath and it rolled around my head Though it was nothing I’d considered I knew it had to happen then

It’s lonely at the top of that upside down mountain Watch the sunrise from a windowless room If the paramedics stop the soul goes on without them In a wicker basket tied to a balloon

Stood on the banks of the Potomac We watched the water rushing by You said we should live in the moment But then I’d miss you all the time I know no one will believe me But I don’t want a second chance To be an object of desire If that means slipping through your hands If I had tried to make you mine You would’ve walked away Life can’t compete with memories That never have to change This world is full of missing persons All of these unsolved mysteries If someone says they know for certain They are selling something certainly So when I set myself to wonder On all the questions that remain The only one that even matters Is when I’ll see your face again I keep looking back for artifacts To prove that you were here A sound that has been keeps echoing It never disappears Conor Oberst - voice, guitar Blake Mills - guitars, keyboards, percussion, voice

There are no boundaries to love The heart can’t comprehend the panorama I took it on the chin from some secondhand feeling Sorrow handed down to me it felt brand new Tiny violins or some summer insects listening Another season leaving us too soon Freedom is the opposite of love You’ll never keep it through the paranoia Standing on the edge of a million landscapes emptying The water from the glacier fills my shoes Laying in your bed my dreams are sex and violence I chase the rapist chasing after you There is no dignity in love Trade every scrap to get some absolution Till then I’m walking out the door Till then I’m running through the airport Till then I’m waiting round for no one Conor Oberst - voice, guitar Jonathan Wilson - guitar Macey Taylor - bass Cully Symington - drums, percussion Joshua Grange - pedal steel

Enola Gay

Double Life

He didn’t give you that nickname But you smile when he calls you Enola Gay Turns the lights down low for your migraines And fetches what you’ve strewn

It ain’t perfect Nothing is There is still room to grow

All around the room up and down the hall Asking for your sodium pentothal So that you can read aloud from your big tell-all Anecdotes and platitudes This world’s mean getting meaner too So why you do have to make it all about you? There is no harm in stepping to the side Light your hurricane lamp when the sky goes dark The wind is pissed off and the sun is at large Know what you’ve got to do It’s just a matter of pride Till you vanish like the rest Out of sight and out of mind Working all day in the control room Mashing Charles Manson songs up with show tunes The feelings come quick but they leave as soon Like music from a passing car It’s crowded in the club where you meet your friends Trying to save some room for the elephant Every day is a chore and you’re not done yet You didn’t think it would be this hard The run’s begun and we’re a nervous crew So why you trying to make it all about you? It’s not so bad it’s just a flash of light Light your hurricane lamp when the sky goes dark The rain is upset it just falls apart You will get your wish it’s just a matter of time Till you vanish like the rest Out of sight and out of mind Till you vanish like the rest Out of sight Conor Oberst - voice, guitar Jonathan Wilson - guitar Macey Taylor - bass Cully Symington - drums, percussion Andy LeMaster - voice Orenda Fink - voice Nathaniel Walcott - piano

Feeling different Staying in Made a little home So when I sit back In my chair As the evening wanes I don’t remember Getting here But I’m glad I came Don’t look down Just cross the bridge When you get there You’ll know why you did There’s a better life on the other side It’s your double life on the other side It’s your second life on the other side It ain’t simple Like before These are different times No longer worried About getting bored Just trying to clear my mind From all the noise out there All the spooks All the moving parts Cameras everywhere I look We’re imitating art Don’t look down Just cross the bridge When you get there You’ll be glad you did There’s another life on the other side Your double life’s on the other side It’s your second life on the other side There’s an honest life on the other side It’s your double life on the other side Conor Oberst - voice, guitar Jonathan Wilson - guitar, bass, piano, organ, keyboards, percussion, drums Andy LeMaster - guitar, voice, percussion, drums Klara Söderberg - voice Johanna Söderberg - voice


Night at Lake Unknown

Kick you know you’re still a kid And your diet is too full of additives Passed out on a couch with ashes in your mouth Dreaming that you’re hopping a fence

It don’t take much imagination To see the picture frame I don’t need my concentration To know when I’m in pain When I lost myself I lost you by extension I don’t know who would stand to gain These silly dreams aren’t worth a mention They keep collecting in my brain

This world must have it out for you From the shores of Montauk out to Malibu The trappings of a name you never could escape These people want to live in the past Some golden age that they never had I thought we lost that Camelot I thought we lost that Camelot Some children’s story we forgot Grew old so long ago Kick it’s hard to find a friend In a place that is so cruel and partisan You should go in style to Stockholm for a while Live outside of oblivion’s lens Some day you’ll have a fine divorce And a cemetery plot in Hyannis Port Next time you close your eyes on a helicopter ride I hope you see it isn’t your fault I hope you know it isn’t your fault I thought they shot that Camelot I thought they shot that Camelot Whoever shot this movie-stock B roll said the show must go on Laying in an office on an old chaise lounge Listening to the doctor drone There is no therapeutic feeling once the shock wears off You answer every question “No” Hiding in a hamlet with the shades pulled down Wondering if the story’s broke Tragedy is profit once the word gets out Tabloids at the country store Searching under tables when the bar closed down Said somebody stole your phone Now there is no one to talk to but these trust fund drunks Should have brought a chaperone Kick I’d love to help you but I just don’t count Friendship makes you paranoid I don’t believe in curses but I just might now You never really had a choice Like all of your broken toys Kick you know this life is rich But pleasure is not the same as happiness But if you don’t collide with the traffic in your mind I think you’ll find your way out of this I hope you find your way out of this Conor Oberst - voice, guitar Jonathan Wilson - guitars, keyboards, percussion Macey Taylor - bass Cully Symington - drums, percussion Klara Söderberg - voice Johanna Söderberg - voice

Went on the hunt for fame and fortune Picked up the trail just fine Everywhere I go the doors fly open But I want out once I’m inside When I break my heart I know that yours gets broken I just wish that kept me in line But I can’t live outside the moment And it keeps leaving me behind It just keeps leaving me behind When I can’t sleep my mind is a circle I watch the ceiling fan I close my eyes and feel the wind blow My bed it turns into a raft I drift away it’s night at Lake Unknown I’m floating I see it all for what it is Most anything can be forgiven With what is left we’ll have to live With what is left we’ll have to live Conor Oberst - voice, guitar Jonathan Wilson - guitar Macey Taylor - bass Ben Brodin - vibraphone Joshua Grange - pedal steel Klara Söderberg - voice Johanna Söderberg - voice Leslie Fagan - flute John Klinghammer - clarinet

You Are Your Mother’s Child

Governor’s Ball

I remember the day you appeared on this earth With eyes like the ocean got blood on my shirt From my camera angle it looked like it hurt But your mama had a big ol’ smile

He came with his friends in a caravan to witness the Governor’s Ball Sat by himself on a cool patch of grass while the rest stood like bricks in a wall The stage it looked like a vending machine The singer a black Barbie doll But it was well lit and well managed So no property would be damaged Until his boredom took full advantage of it all

We drove you home saw your yellowing skin Packed a few things and drove you back again Stayed up all night worrying, wondering What was going to make it better? Broken bones heal if you set them right Get your fine-toothed comb from the barbicide Our love is a protective poison You are you mother’s child And she’ll keep you for a while One day you’ll be grown and then you’ll be on your own Halloween costume looking real cute With your pillowcase full in your astronaut suit Your cousin the cowboy is eyeing your loot Better watch your Snickers bar

He talked to a girl with Klonopin eyes who said she had jewelry to sell First he said “No thanks” then he realized that he wasn’t feeling that well And the turquoise she held looked like pieces of sky The garnet like teardrops from hell And she offered him a necklace And he wanted to accept it But it would end up too expensive he could tell Then she said “Why not?” “What have you got to lose?”

Out on the diamond and you’re up to bat Chewing your Big League adjusting your hat Taking a swing and hearing it crack Look at that apple fly

When he never came back and the curfew had passed His friends searched the fairgrounds for clues A security guard with a maniacal laugh said “It’s always the leader you lose” When he finally turned up in the broad light of day With a black eye as big as the moon They all asked him what had happened Was it real or all imagined? And why on earth had he abandoned them so soon?

Well tears will dry if you give them time Life is a rollercoaster keep your arms inside Fear, that’s a big emotion

And he said “Why not?” “I do what I got to do” “And so should you”

But you are your mother’s child And she’ll have you for a while But someday you’ll be grown and then you’ll be on your own

Conor Oberst - voice, guitar Jonathan Wilson - guitar, drums, percussion, voice Macey Taylor - bass Mike Mogis - pedal steel Nathaniel Walcott - organ, keyboard, piano, trumpet Klara Söderberg - voice Johanna Söderberg - voice Corina Figueroa Escamilla - voice Scott Vicroy - saxophone Pete Madsen - trombone

Posing for pictures, cap and a gown Summer is coming you’re driving round town Everyone’s asking what you are going to do now? I know you’re going to make a splash And find you a sweetheart to treat you so kind Take her to dinner and kiss her goodnight What I couldn’t teach you soon you’ll realize She is the only thing that matters Although he’s a bastard make your papa proud You’re a fine young man and I’ve got no doubt That you’re going to do this better Cause you are your mother’s child And she had you for a while But now you are grown and you are making it on your own Now that you’re grown may you never feel this alone Conor Oberst - voice, guitar

Desert Island Questionnaire

Common Knowledge

Say that you were stranded on a desert island What books you going to bring what friends would tag along? Say you had a month you knew you were dying How’d you spend your time what goodbyes would take too long? You don’t like this game and you take exception Who wants all this trouble even hypothetical? With the charging sky above And the ground below that could swallow everyone

He’s my friend but he’s no friend to me Ask him why and he’ll tell you casually Washed up, bitter, broke and busted Backstabbed everyone he trusted Says he sees what no one else can see And if I had half his guts I’d want it To chase that fatalistic comet And die young in the dark that’s poetry But it was not to be It was not for me

Staring at your phone at another party Spent a lot on clothes got a lot of skin to show People in the pool like a drowning army The smoke alarm emotes and the hotel lobby glows Wish that you could dance but you got no partner Keep tapping on your glass cause you want to make a toast To the ennui of our times To the selfishness in everyone you know Made a lot of friends but they can’t be trusted don’t know what their angle is Post up at the bar and I’m double fisting talking to a mannequin Don’t know what he means when he takes my pulse and says that I’m a lot like him I say “That’s fair enough, that’s why I’m trying to loosen up” Every lunatic must be well intentioned Sets himself apart he’s an instrument of God Took her from the playground to the farmhouse cellar Kissed her while he killed her like a good Samaritan Finally found her body many autumns after Interviewed her mother said she’d now be twenty-one And although we lost her young I know the Good Lord has a plan for all of us Mormons at the door they look clean and handsome always have a good sales pitch Your little sister swears she can paint my aura but I can’t take her serious Need something to blame for this human nature is that what this condition is? I’m so bored with my life but I’m still afraid to die Everyone’s asleep in this burning building and I can’t wake them up in time You go on ahead I’ll be right behind you we’re headed for the finish line I can’t get closer till this is over Pretend that you were stranded on a desert island What would be the message that you’d spell out for the plane? Say the engine failed when that plane was flying If you were the pilot would you curse or would you pray? No one’s going to cry at this John Doe funeral Not a lot to say didn’t even have a name Light a candle just in case he was someone’s friend Throw some flowers on the grave Conor Oberst - voice, guitar Jonathan Wilson - guitars, bass, drums, glockenspiel, keyboards Nathaniel Walcott - keyboards Andy LeMaster - keyboards Corina Figueroa Escamilla - voice Jason Boesel - drums Omar Velasco - guitar

He’s always sad but I’ve never seen him cry When he comes to sure he’ll apologize Find his car and assess the damage Still drunk but he likes a challenge Holds onto his mind just like a kite But a good strong wind will keep you honest Fill you with some common knowledge Things when we were young we never tried Just figured we had time with such a long life Money clips and alligator shoes One more dance and he’s in that champagne room Where she moves like a chocolate fountain Pouring, spilling all around him Makes him wonder what else she could do How bittersweet is love’s illusion Feelings that cannot be proven Trust me you’ll see my aim is true I did this all for you I’ve suffered long for you So many times he tried to play it straight Worked and worked until his body ached But a brand new life can lose its luster Troubles tend to find each other Call it luck or you can call it fate But either way it’s how it happened Not the life that you imagined So just go out with a bang like Hemingway Some will say you’re brave Some will say you ain’t Conor Oberst - voice, guitar Jonathan Wilson - keyboards

Produced by Jonathan Wilson and Conor Oberst Mixed by Jonathan Wilson Recorded at Fivestar Studios (LA, CA), ARC (Omaha, NE) and Blackbird (Nashville, TN) Engineered by Bryce Gonzales (Fivestar, Blackbird), Andy LeMaster (ARC) and Ernesto Olvera (Blackbird) Additional Production, Engineering and Mixing on “Artifact #1” by Blake Mills Recorded at Zeitgeist Studios (LA, CA) Engineered by Lionel Darenne Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios (Portland, ME) Horn Arrangements by Nathaniel Walcott All songs written by Conor Oberst All songs by Conor Oberst © 2014 Bedrooms; Bedrooms and Spiders (BMI) All paintings by Ian Felice: Cover - “Creation of the Bulls.” Back - “Horseman.” Interior - “Firing Squad” Booklet Covers - Details from “Horseman” Art Direction and Design by Gary Burden and Jenice Heo for R Twerk & Co Love and Gratitude to JW, Andy, Bryce, B. Mills, N. Walcott, First Aid Kit and everyone that contributed their time and talents to the making of this record. David Bither, Bob Hurwitz and everyone at Nonesuch. Nate, Juan and Becca for always looking after me. Gabriel, Jacob, Phil, Ryan, Joey, Sean, Billy and all who have shared in the low and high roads over the years. Chloe Walsh, Matthew Kaplan, Eric D and Andrew, Steve Strange, Ron Perry, Mike, Jessica and Mogis family. Roger, Maginn, and Schatzi. Ian Felice for the beautiful paintings and all my Felice Brothers. Gary and Jenice, Steve Bing, The Valley Band, The Disappeared, Monsters, Dawes, Cursive, Lewis and Rico, Morgan and Jake, K One, Matt and Nancy and my whole family for all the love and support. All my true friends in NYC, Omaha, LA and across the world–you know who you are! And especially Coquit, my truest friend of all.

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