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Mrs. CARR’S 4th Grade Class

Chapter 1. Bats


Physical Description


That bats have thin skin.

This bat is hanging upside down.

The bats bodies are built for flying.

Bats have a thin layer of skin. They have powerful chest and have back muscles and also they have to move their wings. They have short legs. Bats rarely walk. They use their legs for hanging upside down.

Their wings are made of long arms and fingers. HOW CAN WE HELP THIS ANIMAL? Try to not disturb them while they are hibernating.


Bats eat figs, bananas , man-

goes, nuts, and pollen. and they drink nectar

Behaviors Bats live alone. Some bats live in colonies. Some bats hibernate and some migrate. They use echoloca!on to communicate. They also have sense of hearing. They only y in groups.


Bats live on every content except Antarc!ca. Bats live in deserts. They also live in ci!es. They live in rainforest and tropical regions.

This bat is migra!ng.

Why This Animal Is Endangered

People disturb them. Also the wind hurts the bats. People set ďŹ res in the bats home and people

wake them when the bats are in hiberna!on.

Chapter 2: Wolves Physical Description DID YOU KNOW‌

Wolves can be very colorful! !

have fur coats to keep warm. Wolves have sharp teeth, powerful jaws, A close up of a wolf's face muscular bodies Wolves can be and large legs, grey, brown, red- ears and feet. dish brown, white and black. They


Bounty hunters


can stop

Wolves eat deer, caribou, moose, elk, rabbits, ro-

hunting wolves and people can stop destroying their homes homes..

dents, beavers and birds. If food is

scarce they eat insects, nuts, fruit and berries.


They communicate with barks, growls, whines, snarls and howls. They also use their body positions, their tails, affection and their noses.

Habitat Wolves live in forests, grasslands and tundra. They live in mountainous areas, too. They live in these places: Canada, Russia, Mongolia, Alaska, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Wisconsin , Wyoming , New Mexico, Arizona, the edges of the Great Lakes , the Northern Rocky Mountains and the Southwestern U.S.

A wolf howls to communicate with

Why This Animal Is Endangered

Wolves are endangered because they are losing their habitats and food.

They are also hunted by bounty hunters.

Chapter 3: Frogs Physical Description


feet to push themselves. They live in different parts of there habitat. They have tiny eyes and small

KNOW‌ That frogs

tails. They are also related to toads. Frogs have sticky pads

lay 100 eggs at a time

on toes. They have strong legs This frog has li%le s!cky pads

for digging burrows. Frogs

Frogs are suited to there

are also covered in mucus.

habitats. Frogs have webbed feet to swim. Their hind legs are longer then there front legs. Frogs eyes are near the of there head. Some frogs have HOW CAN WE HELP THIS ANIMAL? By not destroying there homes

small bodies. They have webbed

DIET Frogs eat in-

worms. Frogs

sorb water from

sects, snails,

have sticky

there skin.

small fish, and

tongues to catch

spiders and

prey. They ab-

Behaviors The frogs eggs are called spawns. They lay at least 100 eggs. They are becoming extinct. Frogs are predators to

Habitat Frogs live on every continent except Antarctica. Frogs live in temperate regions. They also live in burrows or underground homes. They come out of burrows for food. They live in forests but most of all the rain forest. The rain forest rains 80 inches each year. They could live in grasslands and deserts, lakes, rivers, and ponds.

other animals.

This is were frogs live

Why This Animal Is Endangered

remove trees plants Each year people increase frogs every year. from forests. They ďŹ ll wetlands with dirt to plant crops on frogs homes. They lose habitats and sources of foods. People clear and

Chapter 4: Leopards Physical Description DID YOU KNOW‌

black fur and white fur depending on where they live.

That leopards. eat monkeys

Leopard res!ng

Leopards have spots on their bodies and their fur is a golden color. Some have HOW CAN WE HELP THIS ANIMAL? Do not destroy habitat


Leopards eat large birds monkeys and

snakes. And also leopards eat dogs!


A leopard leaves its home at 2 years old! And also leopards stalk its prey. They learn to hunt by playing and they mark their territory.

Habitat Leopards live in deserts, savannas, rain forests and mountains.


Why This Animal Is Endangered

They get hunted for there skin, there bones and fur. They lose there habitat. People destroy there homes.


Did you know a mountain gorilla’s legs are shorter then their arms.

We can help the gorillas by not hunting gorillas and not steal their babies.

Physical Description

it’s body. It has five fingers and five toes. It is very clean. It is very gentle with it’s young. It’s leg are shorter then it’s A mountain gorilla arms, and it keeps walks on four legs. It cool. has long brownish black hair all over This mountain gorilla is down and looking at you!


A mountain gorilla is a herbivore; it eats plants. They

eat things shoots, and such as leaves, roots. flowers, fruit, bamboo

Behaviors A gorilla spends most of it’s day ea!ng. They mate throughout the year. They build nests at night. They use many facial expressions and sounds. They walk on their knuckles, and baby gorillas learn to crawl at 2 months.


Mountain gorillas live in cool misty forests that cover the Virunga Volcanoes. They live in central Africa. They live in high mountains, and live in Rwanda and Uganda.

This gorilla is looking at you!

Why This Animal Is Endangered

The mountain gorilla is endangered because it is losing it’s home, and peo-

ple are hun!ng them, and some people are stealing their babies.

Chapter 7: Chimpanzee Physical Description DID YOU KNOW

Chimpanzees eat fruit if they can’t ďŹ nd meat

Chimpanzee making friends with a White Tiger

The chimpanzee has black hair and pink skin.

Males are bigger than females. Chimpanzees weigh about 100lbs. Chimpanzees grow to about 4 feet tall.


People can stop hunting them.

Diet Chimpanzees are omnivores; they eat meat and plants.

Chimpanzees eat Chimpanzees also eat insects, termites, leaves, fruit, and small animals. roots, and nuts.

Behaviors Chimpanzees are playful. Chimpanzees are friendly to animals they know, they are friendly to the chimpanzees in there group. Chimpanzees eat bugs o of each other. The way chimpanzees communicate is they hoot to say hello and, a long scream means danger.


Chimpanzees live in hot rainy African rainforests. Chimpanzees homes are in thick trees.

This is a playful chimpanzee

Why This Animal Is Endangered

Chimpanzees are endangered because poachers kill for their meat and for their fur (hair). Some

hunters sell chimpanzee meat also some hunters sell them as house pets.

Chapter 8: Pandas DID YOU K NOW...

Physical Description

Pandas liv e in south western C hina. A mom panda cuddling with her baby.

The panda has blac k and white fur. Pa ndas have very fur ry bodies. They als o have dry skin. Th HOW CAN WE HELP T HIS ANIM AL? Stop destro ying their h abitat and b uilding new homes.

eir fur is very thick . The female weighs 200 pounds and th e male weighs 220 p ounds. They are fiv e feet long. Pandas have only five toes. Last they have a ve ry small tail.


Pandas ea boo. They aves, and t many kin eat bambo shoots. ds of bam o stems, le

Behaviors Pandas leave their mom to find there own home. They rub against rocks and trees. They hide their eyes when frightened. Pandas make barking sounds to communicate with each other. They growl roar to scare pandas. The female gives birth every 2 or 3 years to 2 or 3 cubs. They eat for 12 hours a day.


Two baby pandas in China.

Why This Animal Is Endangered

Their homes are getting cut down.

Chapter 9: Sea turtles

Did you know

Physical Description

Sea turtles have sharp claws This turtle is using it’s flippers to swim.

By not littering on the beach.

jaws with sharp ridges. Sea turtles have two claws on their front and back flippers. Sea turtle males are much longer and thicker.

Sea turtles have strong

Diet Sea turtles are carnivores. They eat fish, crab, sponges, sea cucumbers. Sea turtles eat fish eggs ,

sea grass, small sea jellies, coral, crab, shrimp, mollusk , snails.

Behaviors Sea turtles dig holes, go onshore to nest, lays eggs, lays about 50 to 100 eggs.


Sea turtles live in coral reefs, oceans, and lagoons.

The sea turtles are onshore.

Why This Animal Is Endangered

People pick them up, sell there eggs, put nets on them, losses there habitat, eggs crushed by cars, tourist walk on the beach, people li%er on the beach.

Chapter 11:Rhinoceros Physical Description DID YOU KNOW‌

Did you know rhino horns can produce medicine for very sick people. This rhino has a thick coat of armor.

The Rhinoceros has a heavy and thick coat of armor. They are 4 to 6 feet tall and could

weigh up to 750 pounds to 8,000. They have a prehensile upper lip. Rhinos have hooked bo%om lips. They have sharp front teeth and have a true horn.

HOW CAN WE HELP THIS ANIMAL? We can help this animal by telling poachers which are people who kill animals a lot to stop killing them and stealing their food.

Diet The Rhinoceros is a vegetarian and a herbivore. They eat lots of food including grass,

mangoes, ďŹ gs, water plants, crops, branches and leaves , and also bamboo shoots.

Behaviors Rhinos usually behave peaceful but could be aggressive and charge. They mark and defend their territory, but get frightened easily. Rhinos avoid ďŹ ghts but are very social. They are solitary and travel in herds.

Habitat Rhinos live in Eastern and Southern Africa and Asia. They live in savannas, that always include water. They live where shrubs and trees grow. They also live in mountains and dense rain forests. They always live in tall reeds and grasses for protec!on. They live in lowlands, hills, and live in marshy areas.

Rhinos live in places where shrubs grow, like this place.

Why This Animal Is Endangered

Rhinos are endangered because they are losing their environment and their food. Poachers kill them to make expensive dagger handles. People believe their horns enchant stamina. Poachers

kill rhinos because the horns make medicine for sick people.

Chapter 12: ELEPHANTS Physical Description DID YOU

KNOW‌ That elephants take baths together?

This elephant is in its habitat.

Elephants have 12 molars for grinding teeth. They have large ears and have long hair at end of there tails. Elephants also have thick pads at the bottom of their feet. There tusks are

made of ivory. They have tough, thick, wrinkled skin. Elephants are the largest animal that live on land. They are the second tallest of the animal kingd0m. They have the largest teeth. They are extremely strong and highly intelligent and they can stand on there heads in the circuses.


HELP THIS ANIMAL? We can help this animal by not stealing their tusks.


Elephants leaves, waeat grass, ter plants, fruits, twigs, and seeds.


Elephants take baths together, sleep standing up, snort, and squeal.


An elephant can live some!mes in the rainforests, mountains, deserts, forests, and swamps.

This is an elephants habitat and water.

Why This Animal Is Endangered

Elephants are endangered because Africa and Asia are destroying their homes and are also

stealing their tusks.

Chapter 13: Manatee Physical Description DID YOU

Manatees have sleekly shaped



Manatees have

Manatees have thick gray skin.


Manatees have very little hair ,

layers of

though they have some on their



This manatee is swimming.

Manatees have very small eyes. Manatees have large lungs.

Manatees are warm blooded. Manatees can grow up to 13 ft. long.

HOW CAN WE HELP THIS ANIMAL? People should stop hunting manatees


Manatees eat sea grasses , plants along shores , and

algae. They also eat snails , crabs , and ďŹ sh. Manatees

eat 100 lbs each day or more.

Behaviors Manatees make noises like squeaks , squeals , and




live in warm climates


Florida and the coast of south Africa.


live in fresh water and salt

water areas.


huddle together to keep warm.


live in shallow waters .

Why This Animal Is Endangered Manatees are endanger because people are hunting and killing them and eating their meat as a sport. People also sell manatees

This baby manatee is fed.

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