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Kaestle Boos, BVH and FIP, Collaborate for

Griswold School Renovations

Griswold Middle School

Griswold Elementary School

Inside this Issue Lab - Griswold Middle School P.O. Box 7, Pembroke, MA 02359 Change Service Requested

August 2011

RFWalsh, S/L/A/M and Suffolk Complete Holy Family Hospital Project DEW Builds Jay Peak Resort Designed by Black River Windover Begins New Luxury Development BL Companies Breaks Ground on Storrs Center Maxwell’s Green Breaks Ground LKCo Breaks Ground CTA Starts New Wing at Weston High BVH Begins Work on Medical Ctr Solar System Footings for Voc High Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Earns LEED Gold Forsyth Institute Gets LEED Silver Five best of NeoCon Awards for Allsteel

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August, 2011

August, 2011



August, 2011


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Cover Story: Griswold Schools........................ 15

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Boston Plasterers’ Cement Masons......4

N. B. Kenney........................................4

Bowdoin Construction.........................5

NE Moves Mortgage LLC...................5

Buck a Plan........................................14


Capone Iron Corporation.....................9


Copley Wolff Design Group..............12

North Branch......................................21

Covenant Fire.....................................35

Pro Con Construction...........................3

EHK Adjorlolo & Associates...............8

Rand Worldwide................................20

GNPB Constructon............................23

RPF Associates....................................9

Great In Counters.................................5

S & F Concrete Contractors...............18


Steel Fabricators of New England.....28

Guidetti Graphics...............................31

Suffolk Construction Company...19

Harry R. Feldman.................................5


Harsco Infrastructure Americas...........7

The Welch Corp.................................30

Ideal Concrete Block Company.........12

Topaz Engineering Supply.................34

Interstate Electrical Services Corp.....21


Kittredge Equipment Company.........22



Wessling Architects..............................8


Woodard & Curran.............................19

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When evaluating a mechanical contractor, don’t overlook a critical spec:

E X P E R I E N C E. All mechanical contractors say they can do the job. But at NB Kenney we’ve proven ourselves for more than thirty years. From hospitals, laboratories and schools, to government buildings, municipal buildings and housing projects we can handle the most challenging and complex systems. We invite you to review our success stories and see that we know how to get a project done on time and on budget.

You’ll find that our work meets the most rigorous standards of excellence. If you want uncompromising quality, meticulous attention to detail, and the know-how to get it done right, depend on our experience for your next project.


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Boston & Cement Masons Local 534 serving: serving: MA, MA, NH, NH, ME ME & &VT, VT, Boston Plasterers’ Plasterers’& America’s Building and Construction International America’s OldestOldest Building and Construction TradesTrades International UnionUnion Since 1864 Our trained and skilled craftsmen are just a phone call away. Since 1864 We offer responsible, highly qualified competent personnel, Ourreliable, trained and skilled craftsmen are justand a phone call away. state certified apprenticeship andhighly training program. membership. We offer reliable, responsible, qualified andOSHAcertified competent personnel, state We are committed to quality and performance. certified apprenticeship and training program. OSHA certified membership. We and performance. Sub Contractors are committed to qualityPlasterers:

Sub A1Contractors Concrete Cutting A1 Concrete Cutting Angelini Plastering Angelini Plastering Inc. Austin Ornamental Austin Inc. Back Ornamental Bay Concrete Back Bay Concrete Bidgood Assoc. Bidgood Alloc. Cape Cod Plastering Cape Cod Plastering Cavalieri Const. Cavalieri Const. CenturyDrywall Drywall Century Components SprayFireproofing Fireproofing Components Spray Concrete DD&&MMConcrete EastCoast CoastFireproofing Fireproofing East F.C.F.Concrete ConcreteFloors Floors F.C.F. & Son& EIFS GH. & Carr G Plaster Lath H.Island Carr & Son& Plaster J.R.J.Lath Construction Island & Plaster JohnConstruction L. Ciman & Son J.R.J. John Ciman & Son J.L. L. Marshall J.L. Marshall M.L. McDonald Co. M.L. McDonald Mass AcousticsCo. Inc. Mailoux Bros. Construction New England Decks Mecca Const. Corp. New England Finish Systems New England Decks Inc. Ricmor Construction, Polcari Inc. S & FPlasterworks, Concrete Ricmor Construction, Stafford ConstructionInc. S Summit & F Concrete Building Systems Stafford Construction

Veneer Plaster Plasterers: Venetian Polished Plaster Veneer Plaster Three coat conventional Plaster Venetian Polished Plaster Ornamental Plaster Three coatRestoration conventional Plaster Historical & Preservation Ornamental Plaster E.I.F.S. HistoricalCement Restoration & Preservation Portland (Stucco) E.I.F.S. Fireproofing Portland Cement (Stucco) Cement Masons: Fireproofing Flatwork Cement Masons: Sidewalks Flatwork Pool Decks Sidewalks Decorative Concrete Overlays Pool Decks Stamped Concrete Decorative Concrete Overlays Concrete Repair & Restoration Stamped Concrete Epoxy, Seamless and Composition Concrete*and Repair & Restoration Flooring much more* Epoxy, Seamless and Composition Flooring *and much more*

More Information Please ForFor More Information Please CallCall Peter Stracuzzi, Jr. Industry Analyst Peter Stracuzzi, Jr. Industry Analyst Office: 617-825-5200 • Cell: 617-750-0896 Office: 617-825-5200 • Cell: 617-750-0896 Website: www.opcmialocal534.org Website: www.opcmialocal534.org

ReaL estate Financing needs

August, 2011

Recently Closed Transactions


FELDMAN Professional Land Surveyors F











LocaL & RegionaL expeRtise: 1 9 4 6

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$4,000,000 Since 1994 the Commercial • Retail•Centers Retail RetailCenters Centers Division has been involved in Buildings • Industrial Industrial Buildings Buildings Refinance and• Industrial Working Capital Loan • Apartment Buildings arranging financing for Real LocaL & RegionaL expeRtise: • Apartment Apartment Buildings Buildings LocaL LocaL & R& egionaL RegionaL expeRtise expeRtise : :Pine Manor College - Agency & Conventional --Agency Agency && Conventional Conventional Estate related transactions. Since the1994 Commercial Division Since1994 Since 1994 the Commercial the Commercial Division Division • Office• Buildings Office OfficeBuildings Buildings

has involved in arranging hasbeen been has been involved involved in arranging in arranging financing forfor RealReal Estate financing financing for Real Estate Estate related transactions. related related transactions. transactions.

can Finance any pRopeRty stRuctuRe:

Loans --Bridge BridgeLoans Loans Chestnut- Bridge Hill, MA

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• Office• Buildings Office OfficeBuildings Buildings $1,800,000 • Retail•Centers Retail RetailCenters Centers cc anan Fc inance anyany Fan inance Finance any • Industrial Buildings • Industrial Industrial Buildings BuildingsLoan pp RopeRty stRuctuRe : :Refinance and Rehab RopeRty pRopeRty stRuctuRe stRuctuRe : • Apartment Buildings Property types include: • Apartment Apartment Buildings Buildings Property Property types types include: include: Lodging House condominium construction, singlesingle - Agency & Conventional condominium condominium construction, construction, single --Agency Agency && Conventional Conventional family office, retail, familysubdivision, family subdivision, subdivision, office, office, retail, retail, MA LandBoston, cquisition /d eveLopment / construction LoansL: oansL:oans: La Land and acquisition cquisition /d /d eveLopment eveLopment / construction / construction assisted living, hotel &hotel assisted assisted living, living, hotel &&

Property types include: condominium construction, specialized properties. / Condominiums specialized specialized properties. properties. / Condominiums • Subdivisions • Subdivisions Subdivisions / Condominiums single family subdivision, office, Spec Houses Single Spec • Single• Family SingleFamily Family Houses retail, assisted living, hotel & RReLationships $800,000 SpecHouses aRe ta het Bhet asis ReLationships Re he Basis eLationships aRe Basis specialized properties. WindW &ind soLar nergy oo Fo usiness : : : W ind & sseoLar oLar eenergy nergy F uR oouR FBo BuRusiness Business • Developers • Engineering Firms • Architectural Firms • Law Firms • General Contractors • Educational Institutions Whether it is relationships with • Health Care Institutions our capital sources or with our • Government

Relationships Are the Basis Of Our Business: clients, we are constantly striving to improve our dealings.

Harry R. Feldman, Inc. • 112 Shawmut Avenue • Boston, MA 02118 • 617-357-9740 • www.harryrfeldman.com

Sid Spiegel Sid Spiegel Sid SidSpiegel Spiegel

Vice President - Commercial Division Vice President - Commercial Division Vice VicePresident President - Commercial - Commercial Division Division Phone: 781-684-5712 Phone:Phone: 781-684-5712 Phone: 781-684-5712 781-684-5712 Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com rd 52 Ave., 33rd Floor 52Second Second Avenue, Floor, Waltham, MA 02451 52 52 Second Second Avenue, Avenue, 3rd 3rdFloor, Floor, Waltham, Waltham, MAMA 02451 02451 Waltham, MA 02451 Tel:NY 781-878-4540 NE NY NE Tel: Tel:781-878-4540 781-878-4540 NY Proof REal EstatE JouRNal Proof Proof REal REal EstatE EstatE JouRNal JouRNal

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Purchase &Loan Permanent Loans Loans • Construction • Construction Construction &&Permanent Permanent Loans Medical Condominiums tax ettxempt BondsBB/onds tonds ax /ct ax ax exempt xempt /redits ax tax credits credits Brookline, MA sBa LsBa oansLoans sBa oans

Whether it isit relationships withwith ourwith Whether Whether is relationships it is relationships ourour capital or with ourwith clients, capitalsources capital sources sources or with or our our clients, clients, weweareare constantly striving to to to weconstantly are constantly striving striving improve ourour dealings. improve improve dealings. our dealings.

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“Your Stone Solution Choice”

Great In Counters

5 Enterprise Lane • Smithfield, RI 02917 Phone: 401 233 0666 • Fax: 401 233 0669 www.high-profile.com

August, 2011


BVH Begins Work on Medical Ctr Architects SMRT and TRO|Jung Brannen

Scott Bates Joins Erland

Burlington, MA - Erland Construction announced that Scott Bates has joined the firm as director of project development. He brings more than 20 years of experience as a seasoned construction executive with a strong background in marketing, business development, and project management. Bates will be responsible

Scott Bates

for Erland’s strategic planning, marketing strategy, and business development efforts throughout New England and work to increase the company’s penetration into various new market sectors. Prior to joining Erland, he held leadership roles at Tishman Construction Corporation of New England.

Michael Yurish Joins MGM Carting & Recycling

Contact Chris Hadorn: 774.259.2390

West Haven, CT - MGM Carting & Recycling has announced that Michael Yurish has joined the company as sales manager. Yurish, regional manager for the ReUse People of America (TRP), has years of sales and construction experience. He is a certified deconstruction trainer. The transaction effectively makes MGM the regional manager for TRP, expanding the region to include the TriState/New England area. Yurish will be intricately involved in implementing MGM’s green disposal alternative program and expanding its sales region.

Rendering of the MaineGeneral Medical Center

Michael Yurish

Augusta, ME - BVH Integrated Services announced that the firm has begun work on the MaineGeneral Medical Center in Augusta. This new 600,000sf regional hospital is among BVH’s largest commissioning projects to date. It will consolidate all inpatient services from MaineGeneral’s two existing campuses into one regional facility. This new hospital will also provide all outpatient care currently offered for the Southern Kennebec region. Working with architects SMRT and TRO|Jung Brannen as well as a joint venture between constructors H.P. Cummings Construction and Robins & Morton, BVH

will perform the peer review and commissioning services required for the new hospital’s MEP design. This project will follow the principles of integrated project delivery (IPD), which integrates the skills and capabilities of the design team, the constructor, MaineGeneral’s staff, and subcontractors throughout the process. The IPD approach also reduces waste and optimizes efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction Designed to achieve LEED Silver certification, the project is targeted for completion during the winter of 2013-2014.

MARR CONTRACTOR’S SUPPLY WAREHOUSE 617.268.4592 Experienced Staff / Competitive Pricing / Extensive Inventory / Convenient Location

Heavy Duty Forming Accessories Form Ties and Form Release General and High Performance Grouts Horizontal, Vertical and Overhead Patching Material Curing Compounds and Floor Hardeners Waterstop and Hydraulic Cement

RENTALS: Temporary Fencing / Temporary Heating Ground Thaw & Concrete Cure Equipment

Winter Condition Items: Tarps / Blankets DOT Approved Materials Safety and Fall Protection Items Epoxy and Mechanical Anchoring Systems

C H E C K U S O U T @ 3 4 5 D O R C H E S T E R AV E S O U T H B O S T O N M A Marr Scaffolding Company One D Street South Boston, MA 02127 Boston: 617.269.7200


web: marrscaffolding.com

web: marrcontractorstore.com

Branch Offices: Springfield MA 413.739.2121 / Providence RI 401.467.3110

August, 2011


FST Opens Cape Cod Office

Maxwell’s Green Breaks Ground

Essex CM for Church Addition

Somerville, MA Davis Square Partners, a joint venture between K.S.S. Realty Partners and Gate Residential Properties, has finalized both the financing package and construction contract for the $52.5 million Maxwell’s Green residential development in Somerville. The financing package marks one of the largest such deals this year in the Boston area. In addition, DaRendering of Maxwell’s Green vis Square Partners announced that it has broken tion of J. Derenzo, which will add union ground and work has officially commenced on the Maxwell’s Green jobs. We’ve worked with the community project. The development team awarded throughout this process and these are major the major subcontract for sitework to J. milestones that will bring significant benDerenzo Co., a Massachusetts-based union efits to local residents.” Maxwell’s Green will feature 184 subcontractor with more than 60 years’ exLEED certifiable rental properties, includperience. Derenzo’s work on the project will ing modern studio, one-, two- and threeencompass all underground utilities, foun- bedroom units. The development will dation, excavation, backfilling, and paving feature numerous amenities, including a yoga studio, fitness center, theater room, on the Maxwell’s Green site. The architect is Boston-based archi- unique wireless work space, roof deck, club suite (featuring a chef’s kitchen, along with a tectural firm ICON Architecture, Inc. “Our goal has always been to uti- sophisticated dining and entertainment lize both union and/or local labor on the area), and direct access to a central park. With 24 units designated as affordconstruction of Maxwell’s Green – fulfilling our pledge to the City of Somerville,” able housing, Maxwell’s Green is also one said Ted Tobin of Davis Square Partners. of the largest affordable rental opportuni“We’re thrilled to announce the selec- ties in Somerville.

Hyannis, MA - Fay, Spofford & Thorndike (FST), headquartered in Burlington, has opened an office at 146 Main Street in Hyannis. FST has worked on Cape Cod extensively over the course of many decades. The firm’s early work on the Cape began with design of the Sagamore and Bourne Bridges and continues with a variety of services to Cape Cod munici- Erica Lotz, Paul Harrington, Bill Reed, Jill palities and agencies. Initially, the office McLaughlin, Bill Delahunt, Dean Groves, and Maryellen Mitrano will be staffed on a rotating basis by FST from the firm’s various departments. FST has been ranked number 243 on William Reed, P.E., an FST senior the Engineering News Record annual rankvice president, will be director in charge, ing of the nation’s top 500 deign firms. The overseeing operations at the new office. multidisciplined firm provides services The office represents a joint collaboration for a wide range of transportation, water, with former Congressman Bill Delahunt, wastewater, and facilities projects. now of the Delahunt Group. Salem, MA - Essex Builders Corp. of Westwood has been selected by The First Church in Salem, Unitarian, as its construction manager for a new addition and interior renovation. Architect of record, Menders, Torrey & Spencer, Inc., prepared construction documents reflecting a mandate from the church’s master planning committee. The main goals are to provide universal access, achieved by employing an elevator within the new addition with an at-grade entrance; and the installation of a new heating system, which reflects the church’s commitment to conservation and sustainable energy values. Other elements of the design focus on improving areas ancillary to the Meetinghouse, for the benefit of community programs which include a pre-school.

The First Church in Salem, Unitarian

Site Work by J. Derenzo, ICON Architect

The Master of Science in Management (MSM) for Interior Architecture is a highly customized, comprehensive, and flexible graduate program that prepares professionals for advanced roles in the interior design industry. 36-Credit, cohort-based program includes seven management courses and five electives that will address critical areas of design for working professionals. Interdisciplinary studios focus on both environmental and universal design concepts and applications. Advanced technologies in design will incorporate Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Revit a process which goes far beyond switching to new software, but rather requires a paradigm shift in the design process. Small classes offered in a hybrid format with a combination of online and on-campus/studio coursework.


August, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

IFMA Boston Schmooze Cruise

l-r: From Ideal Office Solutions Marc J. Masone, president; Derek J. Heartquist, account executive, and Roland L. Cote, operations/sales with Denny “Brooks” Engstrom, owner of Brooks Interiors, Inc. Boston - Summer cruises are offered by local associations as a fun venue for networking events. High-Profile was fortunate to be aboard the Samuel Clemens for the ninth Annual Schmooze Cruise organized by IFMA Boston for a summer evening filled with good people, tasty food and drinks, and some of the best views of Boston. The cruise departed from Fan Pier Marina in the seaport district. l-r: Amy Tichnor, business development at Dowling Houy and Kristina Gilmore, marketing manager at Mohawk Sign Systems Inc.

IFMA Shmooze Cruise co-chairs, Ellen Rothman, business development at Office Environments, and Ana Lucia Gannon, sales specialist at KI

The Boston Chapter of the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) was founded in 1984, and its mission is to serve those who support the built environment. Today the chapter numbers more than 800 members, making it the second largest chapter in the world.


one integrated design—one beautiful result.

Wessling Architects Led The Design Team for New England Conservatory Restoration Winner of the 2010 Preservationbuilding Achievement Award. How can you execute a successful project, avoiding The New Conservatory Campus honored in your the category all England the usual hassles, andwas fullfilling original vision of of Exceptional Maintenance of a Historic Property. This project beautiful, effective architecture? The solution is to address concentrated on the exterior renovation of Jordan Hall, the entire project asBotolph one integrated design. 295 Huntington Avenue, 241 St. Street, and 33 Gainsborough Street in Boston’s total approach enhances the design process and Back This Bay. “This project has brought these protects exceptional buildings to a your interests not only due to efficiency, but high standard of renovation and also through comprehensive professional services, strong reinforces the idea that good communication, and a deeper reliance on partnering. maintenance is good preservation”, said Sarah Kelly, Executive Director of the Boston Preservation Alliance.





Presidents Place, 1250 Hancock Street, Suite 815, Quincy MA 02169 (617) 773-8150



l-r: Kerri Keene, marketing manager, Bowdoin Construction; Barbara Welanetz, project manager/facilities, MGH; Sarah McGillicuddy, marketing manager, Walsh Brothers; Frank Murphy, project manager, Cascade Project Management

l-r: Susan Buchanan, project director, VFA; Alicia Lawless, communications manager, DPM; Carolyn Hern, business development manager; Stephen Hassell, VP, Columbia Construction

August, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

MPA for Pioneer Office Design Boston - Margulies Perruzzi Architects (MPA) has been selected to provide space planning and interior design services for 100,000sf of office space for Pioneer Investments. MPA will substantially update the office design and additional support space consisting of five floors at Pioneer’s Boston office. The project includes providing a master plan to help Pioneer strategize how to best utilize this space on a long-term basis. These renovations are part of Pioneer’s recent lease renewal at 60 State Street. The project scope includes redesigned workspaces, conference rooms, lobbies, reception areas, finishes, furniture, and lighting. A major reconfiguration of Pioneer’s IT/ mission-critical spaces is planned. A conference center featuring a suite of conference rooms with a large breakout area will also be added. In order to allow Pioneer’s operations to continue during construction, MPA will phase the renovation schedule and utilize available swing space.

Windover Begins New Luxury Development Designed by Siemasko + Verbridge

Magnolia, MA - Windover Development of Manchesterby-the-Sea has started construction on The Residences at Shore Cliff, its eight-unit luxury home development in Magnolia. Sited on a three-acre parcel, The Residences at Shore Cliff will offer spectacular sunrises, ocean views, natural landscape, and comfortable village living. “We are extremely proud of this project,” said Lee Dellicker, president of Windover. “This has been a team effort resulting in an environmentally responsible, well appointed, and well built community on a site like none other in New England.” Shore Cliff, designed by Beverlybased Siemasko + Verbridge, reflects the shingle-style cottages so popular during the Gold Coast Era of the North Shore. The residences consist of eight custom designed units each with three bedrooms and three full baths. Each home has both firstand second-floor master bedroom suites, a garage, as well as private balconies and spacious decks that afford dramatic ocean views.

Rendering of The Residences at Shore Cliff

JC&A Gets Hitachi HQ Project Winter Street Architects

Waltham, MA - J. Calnan & Associates, Inc.of Quincy was recently awarded the preconstruction services for Hitachi Data Systems. The project includes renovations to 42,000sf on the second and third floors of the building at 610 Lincoln Street in Waltham. Both spaces are connected via an interconnected stair. Of that 42,000sf, approximately 6,000sf will be a development lab, which

will include a UPS and a pre-action system along with heavy mechanical and electrical loads. The remainder of the office will be a combination of executive offices as well as open offices and product display areas. The project team also includes Winter Street Architects, AHA Consulting Engineers and JLL Project Management.


Build it Right

Build it Responsible

Build it AMERICAN! 20 Turcotte Memorial Drive I P.O. Box 706 I Rowley, MA 01969 T: 978-948-8000 I F: 978-948-8650 I www.caponeiron.com


August, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

LKCo Breaks Ground

39 units for Hearth at Olmsted Green

l-r : Richard Martini, The Fallon Co.; Jeff Sacks, Nixon Peabody; Elliot Steinberg, Haley & Aldrich; Mark Hinderlie, Hearth; Lee Michael Kennedy, Lee Kennedy Co.; Peter Roche, Development Synergies, and Anthony A. Vivirito, The Architectural Team Boston - On June 9, the Board of Directors of Hearth, Inc. joined Lee Kennedy Co., Inc., The Architectural Team, members of the Department of Housing and Community Development, the Department of Neighborhood Development, and other officials to celebrate the groundbreaking of Hearth at Olmsted Green, that will provide permanent, supportive housing for 59 of Boston’s frailest, neediest elders. One hundred percent of the units will be available to extremely low income seniors who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Resident services, including nutritious meals, recreation, counseling and

case management services will be provided as required to enable each resident to maintain a healthy, independent lifestyle. With these new units, Hearth will operate 196 units of supportive housing in eight locations throughout the Boston area, providing housing with the necessary supportive services that assist residents to age with dignity, regardless of their special medical, mental health, or social needs. In addition, each year Hearth’s Outreach Program, which was has been recognized as a 2009 Social Innovator by the Cambridge based Social Innovation Forum, works with over 300 elders in need of housing.

New Life for the Bedford Mall

Bedford, NH - The landmark Bedford Mall is currently under a major reconstruction. TFMoran Inc. of Bedford was hired to plan, engineer and permit its rehabilitation. The mall has continually served the greater Bedford and Manchester communities since it opened in 1963. In 2007, Emmes Asset Management Company LLC bought the ailing property. Construction began in November 2010 on both a new building for Staples and a major renovation of the existing structure for Marshalls. Both tenants are now in their new spaces which allowed the completion of the demolition of approximately 180,000sf of the existing main mall building. Bob’s Stores, Outback Steakhouse, K Milan Salon and Michael’s School of Hair Design will remain in their current spaces. A new 90,000sf Kohl’s department store, a junior anchor and several in-line spaces will be built in its place. In addition to architecture, there were two other primary issues that needed to be addressed in order to get a timely approval. “We needed to be sensitive to the residential abutters”, said Chris Rice, Project Manager for TFMoran Inc., “Screening along the property lines and restrictions on delivery and pick up hours helped to preserve the

residential neighborhood.” “We wanted to give this center a fresh, new look that harmonized with the historic New England architecture of Bedford, while meeting the needs of our new and existing retail tenants,” said Emmes Senior Vice President, Bill Bond. To that end, the buildings incorporate many materials used locally including brick, stone and simulated cedar shakes, as well as, simulated chimneys and a clock. Another concern was stormwater management. The existing site was almost entirely comprised of pavements and buildings, with no modern stormwater treatment because of the property’s age. In order to obtain a state stormwater permit, TFMoran worked closely with the NHDES (New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services) to develop a combination of mechanical and environmental treatment measures for the stormwater. The environmental treatment included both bio-retention swales and tree filters. TFM’s landscape architects developed a plan using mostly indigenous plantings, that will help filter out contaminants from the runoff, thus helping the health of the watershed. The project will be substantially completed by late 2011.

Contact Nexamp, New England’s leading turnkey solar installer, for a complimentary solar energy assessment of your new or existing facility. Let us help you reduce your energy costs: Nexamp makes solar energy simple and profitable for you. www.nexamp.com

877-707-0491 Site plan for rehabilitation of Bedford Mall

Boston Properties

Wire Belt Co.

Site Planning and Permitting for Retail Development General Mills ®

Quabbin, Inc. www.high-profile.com

Engineering: Civil, Structural, Traffic, Land Planning, Permitting, Wetlands, Landscape Architecture Design & Survey

Contact: Robert Cruess, PE or Robert Duval, PE, LEED AP

(603) 472- 4488


Ad for the web site

August, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Feldman’s 3D Program Awarded Grant Groundbreaking for School Addition

Cambridge, MA - Steve Wilkes, director of Harry R. Feldman’s 3D program, is part of a grant awarded by the National Center for Preservation Training and Technology to perform laser scanning of the Longfellow House in Cambridge, General George Washington’s headquarters during the siege of Boston. Along with archaeologists from Brown University and the NPS, Wilkes will work on integration of ground-penetrating radar and other geophysical surveys with the laser-scanned data as part of the continuing cutting edge work integrating 3D data both above and below ground to help understand and successfully manage our country’s heritage. There will be a graduate level workshop on August 20-25 and a professional development day on October 21 for those interested in learning about the technology, methods for application to standing structures, and their surrounding environment, and findings. Additional information can be found at http://proteus.brown.edu/astda/Home.

Flansburgh Architect, TLT GC

Dignitaries break ground for the Sutton Middle/High School.

Photo by Lisa Cassidy/Cambridge Chronicle www.wickedlocal.com/cambridge

Steve Wilkes

Brookstone to Renovate State Facility

Concord, NH - Brookstone Builders, Inc., construction managers and general contractors headquartered in Manchester recently announced that they have been awarded a renovation project by the State of New Hampshire. The initiative will involve the 6,000sf fit-up of the currently unoccupied basement level at the State Police Troop D facility on Ironworks Road in Concord. The scope-

of-work will include electrical and HVAC systems, flooring, walls and finishes for administrative use. “We are happy to once again be working with the State of New Hampshire and the State Police,” said Paula Scales, Brookstone Builder’s President. David Giovagnoli will be Brookstone Builder’s Project Manager.

Sutton, MA - The town of Sutton recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Sutton Middle/High School renovation and addition project. In attendance were state and local officials; owner’s project manager Jon Winikur, project director; and principal Duncan McClelland of Flansburgh Architects, the architect-of-record for this project. TLT Construction Corp, Wakefield is the general contractor. Flansburgh’s approved design calls for a 125,000sf addition and renovates the athletics and science facilities in the most recently constructed portion of the existing high school. The older structures will be demolished to make way for the addition to bring

the school up to 175,000sf. This approach was the most costeffective of the options studied and satisfies the requirements for site sustainability, water conservation, reduced energy use, wise use of materials, and a high level of indoor environmental quality. The new 125,000sf addition will include a 500-seat auditorium, a new middle school gymnasium, classrooms, science labs, and a cafeteria. Construction is phased so that the school remains fully functional with appropriate safety for students and staff during the process, and is expected to be fully completed in time for the start of the school year in September 2014.

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Fine Residential

Princeton University Chemistry Building

Athletic Fields

The Work Force of Nature Current Landscaping Projects Include:

• Harvard Law School – Skanska • MIT Koch Center – William Berry • MGH – Building for the Third Century – Turner Construction • Temple Beth Elohim - Richard White Sons • Princeton University Chemistry – Turner Construction • Brown Creative Arts Center – Shawmut Design and Construction • Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum – Shawmut Design and Construction • Appleton Mill – CWC Builders • Russia Wharf – John Moriarty and Associates • Cambridge Rindge and Latin – Consigli Construction • Harbor Park Pavilion – Turner Construction • Dana Farber – Walsh Brothers • Dorchester Ave Improvements – McCourt Construction • Johnson and Wales University – Johnson and Wales • Linden Square Improvements – Federal Realty • Boston College Weston Jesuit Housing – Lee Kennedy Company • Logan Conrac Enabling – Suffolk Construction • IRS Modernization – Columbia Construction


Landscape Development

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August, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Molnlycke Healthcare Breaks Ground Designed by Harriman


— Unknown

160 Boylston Street 3rd floor Boston, MA 02116 www.copley-wolff.com · 617.654.9000


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Brunswick, ME Groundbreaking was recently held at the former Brunswick Naval Air Station for a new research and manufacturing facility for Molnlycke Healthcare. The groundbreaking represented the first new construction project in the Rendering of new Molnlycke Healthcare facility civilian redevelopment at the base now named Brunsnants with positive air pressure flowing from wick Landing. the space. Transition spaces maintain air Designed by architecture and engineer- pressure with interlocking high-speed roll-up ing firm Harriman, the new 79,000s state-of- doors, and all surfaces are durable and cleanthe-art facility will house a clean room pro- able. The clean room also feature a walkduction area, a two-story office wing, and able ceiling that segregates mechanical and warehouse. A viewing walkway provides electrical systems from the space for ease of visitors a glimpse into the manufacturing service and further protection of vital producprocesses. The exterior skin of the building tion processes. A system of fans and dampis comprised of aluminum sandwich panels ers operates to cool the compressor room and in a variety of textures and colors, and the in- to recover the compressor heat for building viting curtainwall façade is punctuated with a heating use when practical. bold entrance leading into a vibrant two-story Molnlycke, a global manufacturer of lobby. Clean lines and warm materials pro- long-term wound care products, is headquarvide a European feel to interior spaces. The tered in Sweden and is expanding its reach building layout and structure are configured into the US market. It’s expected that the for ease of expansion. new facility will create more than 100 jobs. The mechanical system is designed to Construction is expected to be comhelp protect the clean room from contami- pleted in 12 months.

Meridian Repoints NH State Buildings

Concord, NH – Meridian Construction has started repointing the exterior masonry on the New Hampshire State House, Legislative Office Building, and Tax Revenue Building. Meridian will be focusing on repointing the exterior masonry of the three buildings, doing some minor wood restorations to the State House portico, repainting and recaulking the windows at the Legislative Office Building, and minor window and repair work on the north face of the Tax Revenue Building. The project will be similar to work currently being performed by Meridian at the N.H. State Library. The State House, which was originally built back in the

The State House is composed of native New Hampshire granite.

early 19th century, is composed of native New Hampshire granite, and will require a mortar mix comprised of lime and sand. The Legislative Office Building, which had previously been used as a post office and courthouse from 1889 to 1967, will require a different kind of approach because its primary building material is slate stone. The Tax Revenue Building, an old brick structure with cast stone cornices, will require a separate repointing schedule as well. The project is expected to be completed around mid-October.

August, 2011


Holding on to Gold

High-Profile: News

by Brendan Ahern come in the form of money! In today’s economy we I advise my clients to come hear all the time, “Gold is up!” up with a list of the people within And we read articles titled, their organization who they abso“Why you NEED to be holding lutely do not want to lose under gold.” It’s everywhere. So, if any circumstances. Then I have you have gold right now what them create an action plan laying would you do with it? You cerout how they’re going to make tainly wouldn’t leave your gold sure those people are happy and bars lying around in the backfulfilled at work. This is not nearyard or out on the patio, would ly as hard and time-consuming as Brendan Ahern you? Someone would surely it may sound. It involves simply come by and take them! taking the time to sit with these If you’re a manager, vice president, people, once a month, making sure they unor small business owner, chances are that derstand that the company is behind them you are sitting on a pile of gold. That gold and recognizes their dedication and hard is your top personnel. Just like gold, your work. Then, ask the employee how they top personnel are a highly valued com- feel about the job. That’s it. modity. Perhaps they have been with your Everyone can look back on their lives company or under your employ for many and remember times when someone took a years and in your mind they always will be. moment to tell them they’re appreciated. It They make you feel safe; they’re a known feels great, it creates good will, and most entity and they’re valuable to your day-to- importantly, it strengthens the relationship day operations. between the two parties. It’s all about comAs the economy starts to slowly pick munication. And remember, it costs an emup we are finding that candidates who have ployer nothing but a few minutes of their been gainfully employed (those top-level time. gold employees) are starting to peek their So, take a look around your organizaheads out and inquire about the status of tion and assess your current staff. Then put the current market. With credit easing and together a game plan for keeping your top new work breaking, people are naturally people productive and loyal. Because, afbeginning to feel better about their pros- ter all, it’s a lot easier to hold on to the gold pects for the future. you already have than to go pan for more What I tell my clients is simple: after you’ve lost it. “Hold your gold.” We find that more than Brendan Ahern is owner of Strive anything else, what employees want is to Search Group, a Wakefield-based conbe cared for and to feel that their hard work struction recruiting company. is being recognized. This does not have to

Davis Unveils Burlington Woods

Burlington, MA - On June 23 The Davis Companies hosted its Broker Open House at Burlington Woods Office Park 1 in Burlington to unveil its $3 million renovation of the 116,000sf office building purchased at auction from GE a year earlier. The Davis Companies worked with Larry Grossman and Steve Basque of ADD, Inc. to modernize the building, Originally constructed in 1979, both internally and externally. Major improvements included the creation of a main lobby entrance Entrance of new Burlington Woods Office Park on South Bedford Street, the installacludes landscaping and artwork specifition of an entire new window system that expanded the glass line by 33%, the re- cally commissioned for the building at the placement of drywall with glass siding on direction of Jon Davis and art consultant the upper floor landings and center atrium Barbara Cole Lee. Davis announced that his team had lobby staircase, the installation of a modern secured nearly 38,000sf of new leases at the café, conference center and outside patio, completely renovated bathrooms, and up- property, increasing the occupancy level to 62% from close to 30% upon purchase. graded elevator cabs. Reservoir Woods in Waltham in-

Jewett Completes Academy Renos Andover, MA - Jewett Construction Co., Inc.of Raymond, N.H. recently completed renovations to the historic Peabody Museum at Phillips Andover Academy in Andover. Work performed included a new wheelchair-accessible restroom, structural walls for a new set of stairs, concrete sidewalks, and new asphalt

pavement. Additional upgrades were also made to the electrical and heating systems. Other recent work for the academy includes historical renovations to Samuel Phillips Hall as well as the Newman House and Stevens House dormitory buildings.

Pyne Completes Church Renovations Studio G Architects

Newly renovated interior of Ebenezer Baptist Church Boston - Ebenezer Baptist Church is a historic church in Boston’s South End. Pyne Construction first worked with the church in 2001 to provide extensive historical renovations of its existing sanctuary. In the spring of 2009, Pyne was called on to provide additional construction services for the renovation of approximately 5,000sf in the church’s lower level.

Economic difficulties delayed the actual start of the project until January of 2011. Throughout that delay, Pyne continued to work with the church building committee and its project manager, Dan Bumagin, to value engineer the project, as costs were constantly changing. Work proceeded to demolish the existing function area and to build out a new trustee’s Office, Sunday school area, food and service facility, and church hall. In addition to all interior finishes, Pyne altered the existing heating systems, installed new commercial kitchen, standard plumbing, and upgraded the electrical systems. The project team included Pyne Construction as the contractor, Studio G as the architects, Dan Bumagin as the owner’s representative, and the trustees Renovations included a new commercial kitchen. of Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Elkus Manfredi Designs

Brightcove HQ At Atlantic Wharf Boston - Elkus Manfredi Architects has been selected from a field of 12 competing firms to design the new 82,000sf headquarters of Brightcove, the cloud content services company. The headquarters will be located in the recently completed Atlantic Wharf building on Boston’s waterfront close by what city officials have dubbed the “In-

novation District” for its influx of hightechnology companies. Elkus Manfredi’s design for Brightcove’s new workplace will express the essence of the Brightcove culture and communicate the dynamism that Brightcove delivers to clients and business partners.

Office Upgrades at Bridgewater State U

Bridgewater, MA - Environments at Work has completed the first phase of furniture upgrades to Hart Hall, a facility containing 80 faculty and administrative offices at Bridgewater State University. This first component of the multi-phase project concentrates on office space upgrades that will support the school’s efforts to hire additional faculty following its recent accreditation as a university. The team had to work within the confines of a scant 18-hour period. but the in-

stallation was completed within the consolidated schedule and before faculty returned to campus following a scheduled semester break. The project will enter its second and final phases in the next two years. The remaining phases will address the first and second floors, and in total will encompass 12,000sf of renovated faculty offices. When the project is complete, all 80 offices in Hart Hall will have been upgraded with new Haworth furnishings and Zoom Seating.


August, 2011


High-Profile: Connecticut Facilities Development News

Tighe & Bond Completes Beach Restoration

Stratford, CT - Tighe & Bond recently completed the environmental cleanup and restoration of Long Beach West, marking the end of a two-year long project aimed at protecting a critical piece of Connecticut’s shoreline for people, wildlife, plants, and fish. Although the habitat restoration is an ongoing effort, the hazardous materials and debris that littered this picturesque 35acre barrier beach are gone; the demolition of more than 60 abandoned, deteriorating buildings is complete; and habitat restoration is well on its way. Tighe & Bond played a key role in PCB investigation, remediation design, and cleanup oversight since 2009 when the USF&W first hired the firm to oversee the Long Beach West cleanup. A fire destroyed the bridge that connected the beach and peninsula with the city of Bridgeport in 1996. Dilapidated structures posed a safety hazard while debris, trash, contaminants, and outdated septic systems littered the site. PCBs had been released into the environment through deterioration and weathering of industrial grade paint on one of the buildings, and subsequently, paint chips were released into the environment. As part of the remediation plan for this site, Tighe & Bond developed the investigation and cleanup approach under state and federal PCB cleanup regulations. The firm also negotiated cleanup

Long Beach West - before the recent environmental cleanup

The same area after the restoration


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Hamden, CT - Hoffmann Architects, an architecture and engineering firm specializing in the rehabilitation of building exteriors, has been selected within the past month for on-call contracts with the State of Connecticut Department of Public Works, the New York State University Construction Fund, the New York State Office of General Services, and the City University of New York. The State of Connecticut Department of Public Works (DPW) designated Hoffmann Architects as on-call roofing consultant. For over 30 years, Hoffmann has worked with the DPW, under both term agreements and individual project contracts. With a diverse building portfolio that includes a wide variety of roof systems, the DPW specifically sought architecture and engineering firms with technical knowledge of various low- and steep-slope roof assemblies, as well as experience in waterproofing design and installation. The New York State University Construction Fund chose Hoffmann to provide design and construction administration services for roofing and exterior envelope repairs and alterations in the southern region of the state. Projects under the three-year term agreement may include replacement or

goals with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (CTDEP), as well as managed the hazardous materials abatement and demolition of PCB-impacted buildings and cleanup of impacted sand. Buildings needed to be demolished and disposed of as a Toxic Substance Control Act waste, as well as the impacted sand. Tighe & Bond submitted a SelfImplementing Cleanup Plan to EPA and Westport, CT - Shake Shack will CTDEP for approval under an expedited build a new restaurant in Westport. The basis. new Shake Shack, located at 1849 Post Road East in Westport, is scheduled to be completed this summer. This project will mark the first Shake

Simple Math. Any Quantity Any Size Any PrOJect

Hoffmann Selected for Govt. Contracts

repair of roofs, façades, windows, doors, parapets, soffits, skylights, and other exterior envelope elements. The southern region includes nine State University of New York campuses. The New York State Office of General Services (OGS) awarded Hoffmann an on-call contract to provide design services involving the building envelopes of various state-owned properties. Under the five-year term agreement, the company will be assigned exterior envelope projects by OGS on an as-needed basis. Forensic investigations, materials testing, reports, construction documents, bidding assistance, and construction administration for roofs, façades, structural elements, windows, and plazas are among the services to be rendered under the agreement. The City University of New York (CUNY) also selected Hoffmann Architects for on-call building envelope design services. As the need arises, CUNY will assign projects to chosen firms in each category of work. For the building envelope, projects include roof replacements, masonry restoration, structural repairs, window restoration and replacement, and facade safety investigations and repairs in compliance with New York City Local Law 11 of 1998.

Shake Shack Adds Locations

Shack located outside a major urban area. Shawmut Design and Construction announced it has been selected to build new Shake Shack restaurants, one in Westport and another in downtown Brooklyn, N.Y.

Buckaplan Streamlines Ordering for Plans and Drawings

Waterbury, CT- If you ever need construction plans or architectural drawings, Brian Burke says he’ll make them for you – and save you time, money, and headaches. Burke’s Buckaplan is an outgrowth of his reprographics business based in Waterbury. He says he’s filling a need voiced by construction managers, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, and people in the real estate industry. “Our clients are often under tremendous pressure to meet their deadlines and they can count on us to deliver as promised.” Buckaplan.com promises that if they receive a client’s electronic files by 4 p.m., the client will have those plans in the next day’s UPS delivery anywhere in the US. “Whether working from home, the office, or remotely, save our email address (plans@buckaplan.com) in your contact list on your smart phone, BlackBerry, or tablet. When you get a new issue, an update, bulletin or revi-

sion, simply forward it to us and have your plans the next day.” Burke says large files can be easily uploaded to the Buckaplan.com website. “We can produce oversized (up to 36” x 48”) high quality documents working from industry standard .tif, .pdf and .dwf files. “Using the same high-end equipment and processes we use in the reprographics business, we have the tools and experience to provide 100% satisfaction. “There are no hidden charges, no sign-on fees, no monthly charges, no file-processing fees. Just $1 per plan or drawing plus next-day ground delivery rates,” says Burke. Buckaplan.com already has clients in New York, Philadelphia, Springfield, and Boston, as well as across Connecticut and Rhode Island. The latest client to take advantage of this service is located in Tucson, Ariz.

August, 2011


High-Profile Cover Story: Griswold Middle School Griswold Middle School: Combining the Old with the New

The original Griswold Middle School was constructed in the 1930s as a high school facility. Since then, it served as an intermediate school, and finally, the middle school. While the renovation project at Griswold Middle School doubled the facility’s size and encompassed many new, energy-efficient technologies, a great deal of effort was made by Kaestle Boos Associates, BVH Integrated Services, and FIP Construction to preserve many of the historic characteristics of the original facility. Photovoltaic solar panels were installed on the white membrane roof to help generate electricity to power the energy-efficient lighting in the restored auditorium, with wood beams running across the ceiling and a code compliant balcony area. Through the numerous efficiency updates, including heat recovery units, high-efficiency lighting units, and water conservation fixtures, the existing boiler plant is supporting the entire building, both new and existing, without adding to or replacing the existing boilers. And outside, drought resistant landscaping was incorporated into the site, while brick and masonry were selected to match the existing building envelope to provide a seamless integration of past and present architecture.

Griswold School’s $60 Millon Improvements

FIP Construction, Kaestle Boos, and BVH Integrated Services Collaborate

Jewett City, CT - FIP Construction, Inc., Kaestle Boos, and BVH Integrated Services, Inc. have been working on the campus of both the Griswold Elementary and Middle Schools in Jewett City over the past three years. The phased construction required keeping two active occupied schools in operation during the $60 million plus improvements. The project is about three to four weeks ahead of schedule due to FIP’s ability to find efficiencies in the schedule, according to school building committee chairman Frank Everett. He said the Griswold Middle School renovations, completed in 2010, came in $1.8 million under budget. The $35 million Elementary School multi-phase, multi-expansion project, with nearly 130,000sf of new space, basically created a new state-of-the-art school on the

Griswold Middle School Restored Auditorium

Griswold Middle School Kitchen

site of the existing school. The Griswold Elementary School Classroom project consisted of new classof the project was required from this turnrooms, media center, science labs, media of-the-century building. library, cafeteria, and gymnasium. There The project consisted of adding nearwere also significant site improvements at ly 75,000sf and renovating over 40,000sf in the athletic fields and hardscape. The project phases. All of the newly added and renovatincluded a geothermal heating and cooling ed classrooms were made state of the art. design integrated into the project with bore The project also contained a new mefield in the athletic fields. dia center, auditorium, science labs, cafeteThe $28 million Middle School was ria, and gymnasium. The project required the initial project of two adjacent schools to replacement all new MEP systems. The be expanded and renovated. Careful extrac- building envelope was improved to better tion of hazardous materials at the inception thermal values and energy efficiency.

Griswold Middle School Lab

Project Team for Griswold Schools

Owner: Griswold Elementary and Middle Schools Design and Landscape Architect: Kaestle Boos Associates, Inc. Structural Engineer: Kaestle Boos Associates, Inc. MEP/FP and Technology Design: BVH Integrated Services, Inc. Construction Manager: FIP Construction, Inc. Geotechnical Engineer: Dr. Clarence Welti, P.E. Civil Engineer: McFarland-Johnson, Inc. Food Service Consultant: Schiavone Designs, LLC Hardware Consultant: P.H. Hawley Associates, LLC

Griswold Elementary School Library


August, 2011


High-Profile: Connecticut Facilities Development News

BL Companies Break Ground

The Mansfield Downtown Partnership Developer

Rendering of new Storrs Center Storrs, CT - A ceremonial groundbreaking was held recently for Storrs Center, which will include new retail, restaurant, office, and residential development within a planned community of pedestrian walkways, green spaces, and conservation areas. BL Companies, a multidisciplined, integrated architecture, engineering, and environmental firm, celebrated with The Mansfield Downtown Partnership; Storrs Center master developer Storrs Center Alliance, (an affiliate of LeylandAlliance LLC, of Tuxedo, N.Y.); and co-developer Education Realty Trust, Inc. (EDR), based in Memphis, Tenn., the start of construction of the new mixed-use town center to be located adjacent to the University of Connecticut in Mansfield. Since 2003, BL Companies was initially involved in the site development and permitting process and a key participant in

the ongoing process of developing the master plan. In May of 2006, BL developed a conceptual space analysis of all the proposed commercial and residential uses in the entire development and have since designed the first two phases of development. In addition, BL Companies serves as the engineer of record on the realignment and reconstruction of Mansfield Road at the intersection with Storrs Road (Route 195). Scheduled to be completed in 2012 and 2013, respectively, the first two phases of Storrs Center will include commercial and residential offerings. The retail and commercial space will be owned and managed by Storrs Center Alliance. EDR will develop, own, and manage the apartments in the first two phases, which include approximately 290 studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments. The project was designed to meet stringent sustainability guidelines.

Antinozzi New Staff

Bridgeport, CT - Antinozzi Associates recently announced that the firm brought on board three new staff members to complement its architectural and interior design staff. Catherine Fang was hired as an architectural design intern, Saiful Kassim as an architectural designer, and Jesus Martinez as a job captain. Fang’s role is mainly in the conceptual design stage, working closely with the design principals on educational and institutional facility design. In 2010, she received the Architecture Design Honor Award from the University of Florida for outstanding achievement in the architecture design studio. Kassim came to Antinozzi as an architectural designer. He prepares the technical architectural drawings based on the initial ideas, helping implement and achieve the project’s vision. His involvements include numerous municipal and k-12/educational projects at several architecture firms in Connecticut. With over 13 years of experience,

Fang Martinez joins the Antinozzi team as job captain. He created the site plans and controlled all project information for Mount Vernon Group in Massachusetts, and has worked with various architectural companies in Connecticut and Massachusetts.



CBC Names Carlton Juror

Meriden, CT - The Connecticut Building Congress (CBC) named Matthew Carlton, AIA, LEED AP, one of five jurors for its 2011 Project Team Awards competition. Carlton is an architect at national engineering firm Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. (SGH) of Boston. The CBC announced the 2011 Project Team Award winners in June. Project winners incorporated teams that have adopted close collaboration to improve project quality.





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Hartford, CT - Diversified Project Management (DPM) announced that Ellen Barton Harriman has joined its Hartford office as business development manager. Most recently, she served as the manufacturers’s sales representative for C.A. Rose Associates in Middlebury, focusing on the healthcare and hospitality markets.

Prior to that, she was a member of the Koroseal Interior Products sales team in Wilmington, Mass., following her sevenyear tenure with Righter Group Inc, where she developed new end-user client accounts with architects, designers, facility managers, and contractors.


KBE Recognized for Safety, Quality

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Harriman Joins DPM

Farmington, CT - KBE Building Corporation has won the Safety, Training and Evaluation Process (S.T.E.P.) Platinum Level Safety Award for its operations in Connecticut and Maryland which includes the D.C. area. It is the highest-level safety award given by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). This marks KBE has been awarded the distinction by the Connecticut ABC organization, which recognizes companies that exhibit an allegiance to keeping their workforce highly trained and significantly educated in the day-to-day process of safety guidelines.

The Maryland office has received the Platinum S.T.E.P. award six times in the last eight years and received a goldlevel recognition in 2007. KBE also received an AQC (Accredited Quality Contractor) designation for 2011 from the National ABC office for its proven record of outstanding dedication to quality, its workforce, and community. The AQC program honors construction firms that have documented their commitment in four key areas of corporate responsibility: safety, employee benefits, training and community relations.

August, 2011


High-Profile: Educational Facilities Development News

HMFH Conducts UMass Lowell Study

Cambridge, MA - HMFH Architects is preparing visioning concepts for the University of Massachusetts, Lowell (UMass Lowell) to relocate its growing College of Management. The new facility will allow the College of Management to provide adequate space and resources lacking in its current, shared location as it continues to expand its course offerings to accommodate escalating student interest. The planning study will identify an optimum location for the proposed 60,000sf facility, as well as explore how best to integrate new features such as a conference center, administrative and faculty offices,

Architects Finegold Alexander

dedicated classrooms for lectures and case study programs, and technology labs. “The planning process for this expansion requires a thoughtful and imaginative approach that considers the college’s importance within the campus framework and its vision for creating a true center for innovation,” said Deborah Poodry, special advisor for capital and space planning at UMass Lowell. The study consists of analyzing sites on the university’s north campus that will strengthen the College of Management’s identity while reinforcing the collaborative, inter-disciplinary relationship with UMass Lowell’s College of Engineering.

MSCBA to Construct New Residence Hall

Boston - Massachusetts State College Building Authority (MSCBA) will construct a new 400-bed residence hall on the campus of Westfield State University. The new project construction budget, including base building, site development, construction management costs, and contingency is $38 million. The project is part of an $80 million master plan including a new academic hall and expanded dining facilities.

Methuen HS Groundbreaking

MSCBA retained Diversified Project Management, Inc. of Newton to manage the design and construction of the new hall. ADD, Inc. of Boston has been selected as the designer, and Walsh Brothers, Inc. has been selected as the construction manager. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2012 with an anticipated completion in time for the start of the 2013-2014 academic year.

Methuen High School rendering Methuen, MA - The City of Methuen recently celebrated the groundbreaking of a new addition and renovations to the existing Methuen High School, the last open plan high school in the Commonwealth to be renovated. Architects Finegold Alexander + Associates Inc. were contracted in June 2009 to study options to address the high school’s facilities needs. Following the recommendation of the feasibility study, the city voted to commence the renovation and 50,000sf expansion of the existing 325,000sf 1975 high school building. The Methuen community, as well as students and staff of the high school, have been involved with Finegold Alexander in shaping the expansion and transformation of the 36-year-old building. The groundbreaking represents the

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August, 2011


High-Profile Feature:

RFWalsh, S/L/A/M Collaborative and Suffolk Construction Complete

Special Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Celebrates New Modern, State-of-the-A


ethuen, MA - Holy Family Hospital recently celebrated the completion of its new modern, state-of-the-art emergency center with a special ribbon-cutting ceremony. The new 24,000sf emergency center, nearly doubling the hospital’s emergency center capacity, will offer improved efficiency, comfort, and privacy for patients and families from the greater Merrimack Valley and southern New Hampshire. The facility includes: • Thirty-two private treatment rooms, each equipped with a computer for the clinical team, a personal TV, and individual climate controls. • Double-bay trauma room, where even before a critically injured patient arrives at the hospital, paramedics are communicating with the hospital’s team so they can provide treatment immediately upon a patient’s arrival, which can save lives. • Double cardiac bay, where the hospital’s team can assemble in advance of a patient’s arrival and prepare to provide the appropriate treatment when minutes matter most. • Rapid medical evaluation, where individuals with non-life-threatening injuries can be evaluated and treated in a timely manner. • Dedicated diagnostic equipment with a 64-slice CT scanner and digital radiographic imaging capability offered right in the center.

• EMS lounge, where the hospital’s care partners can continue their work between emergency calls in a comfortable, private environment. The new emergency center is designed to serve up to 54,000 people annually. Lester P. Schindel, president of Holy Family Hospital, and Ralph de la Torre, chief executive officer of Steward Health Care System LLC, pointed out that the new emergency center project was delivered on

time and on budget. The construction team collaborated from the outset through completion of construction to closely monitor both budget and schedule to ensure the hospital’s expectations were met. This collaboration included working closely with hospital facilities staff to ensure existing hospital systems were never comprised. Joe Reilly, principal and project executive of RFWalsh collaborative partners, recalls the weekend shutdown of the

Trauma center




Rebar & Mesh

Post Tensioning



Layout & Engineering











“POURING INTEGRITY WITH PRIDE” 166 CENTRAL ST HUDSON, MA 01749 PH:(978)-562-3495 FAX: (978)562-9461



August, 2011


: Holy Family Hospital

e Holy Family Hospital Project

Art Emergency Center

Renderings courtesy of S/L/A/M Collaborative

Lobby of the emergency center heating system to allow for connection of ing is a special event for the construction new to existing when a patient was brought trades as well as the owner and design in for emergency surgery minutes before team. system shutdown. This type of event reHowever, when a project is comquired the construction team to stand down pleted and ready for occupancy, and in the for several hours. However, the preplanning, case of healthcare, when a new state-of-the flexibility, and creativity of the trades and art emergency center is ready to begin seehospital facility staff allowed the work to ing patients, there is tremendous personal be completed within the planned time frame satisfaction knowing that everyone’s hard and without interruption to the hospital. work and efforts are benefiting those that Reilly commented that ground break- are truly in need.

Project Team for Holy Family Hospital

Project Manager - RFWalsh Collaborative Partners Architect - The S/L/A/M Collaborative General Contractor - Suffolk Construction Company Civil Engineer - Woodard & Curran MEP Engineer - Thompson Consultants, Inc.

Leadership. innovation. vision.

Speaker president of Holy Family Hospital, Lester P. Schindel

Civil Engineer

Photography Courtesy of Michael Malyszko

the new Charles Hayden Planetarium a reality. Thanks to your commitment and leadership, we can proudly say that Boston is now home to the most technologically-advanced planetarium in the country.

For more information please visit:



Thank you to the Museum of Science, Boston for the opportunity to help make your vision for


August, 2011


High-Profile: Business Development News

Payette Relocates to Atlantic Wharf

Boston, MA - Payette recently moved into its new corporate headquarters at 290 Congress Street on Atlantic Wharf in Boston. With this move, Payette transitioned its former five-story office into a single open-floor plate. Designed internally, the office is surrounded by windows with city and waterfront views and an abundance of natural light. The new highly flexible layout supports open collaboration and reflects a renewed culture. It was also designed with the intention of achieving LEED Gold. The internal design team chose to use “dinner-table” style works stations in lieu of assembled cubicles. The lack of partitions encourages

copyright Payette – Rachellynn Schoen

The office is surrounded by windows with “dinner-table” style workstations.

collaboration and supports the important concept of transparency and openness. The central design element is the reconfigurable open pin-up alcoves along the interior side of the open studio.

EMCOR Donates to NCMEC

Boston - Phillip Megna, president, EMCOR Services Northeast; Robert Gallagher, president and CEO, J.C. Higgins and James Lane, regional VP & general manager of BTE, recently presented a $10,000 check to be donated to the National Center for Missing & James Lane (far left) and Robert Gallagher (far right), Exploited Children (NCMEC) along with the winners of the event, present a $10,000 during ceremonies at the EM- check for NCMEC during ceremonies at the EMCOR COR In Greater Boston AnGolf Tournament Invitational. nual Golf Invitational held in neers, Inc. (BTE) are subsidiaries of EMJuly at Pleasant Valley Country COR Group, Inc. Club in Sutton. Including this donation, EMCOR has EMCOR Services Northeast, J.C. donated over $950,000 to NCMEC. Higgins, and Building Technology Engi-

Canal 5 Studio Opens

Portland, ME - Canal 5 Studio (C5S), an architecture planning and interior design practice, recently opened an office in the heart of downtown Portland. The founding five members are: Patrick S. Costin, AIA, LEED AP; Timothy R. Hart, AIA, LEED AP; Jessica G. Johnson, AIA, LEED AP; James P. Gauthier, AIA, LEED AP and Lodrys Gomez, an architectural l-r: Founding partners of Canal 5 Studio: Lodrys and interior designer. Gomez, Patrick Costin, Tim Hart, James Gauthier All five professionals worked and Jessica Johnson together in the design studio of Harriman Architects + Engineers on Owners have already responded to a number of programmatically complex the firm’s delivery methods. New work buildings. includes renovation and expansion of a “The mission of C5S is to use a more medical office complex for InterMed in transparent and effective way of collabo- Yarmouth, renovation of a medical office rating and sharing information. This helps building for Maine Medical Center, and owners design, build, and operate as ef- the transformation of an under-used urban ficiently as possible.” said Costin, the for- courtyard with the addition of a restaurant mer chairman of the board of directors of pavilion for the owners of One Canal Plaza Harriman. in downtown Portland.

SGH Acquires Capobianco

Waltham, MA - Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. (SGH), a 400-person national engineering firm, has acquired Capobianco Consulting Engineers, LLC (CCE), a consulting engineering firm headquartered in Waltham. Through the acquisition, SGH expanded its parking structure engineering services; introduced Sal A. Capobianco,

P.E., as a SGH senior principal; and added the CCE team to its Boston-area headquarters. By joining forces with CCE, SGH augments its national parking structure design and rehabilitation services that it provides to clients throughout the United States.

Best-In-Class Training

Build on your Autodesk skills like never before

More Than 85 Technical Experts Specialists In 8 Different Industries The deepest talent pool of BIM, Revit and FM experts in the industry. With extensive AEC industry experience, we’ve been there, and can help you with everything from a simple support call to implementation and custom software development.

Call our Boston office today at 508.663.1400 or visit us online at imaginit.com/boston


August, 2011


High-Profile: Business Development News

CRJA Alliance with IBI Group

Boston, MA - Carol R. Johnson Associates, Inc. (CRJA) has formed a strategic alliance with the IBI Group of Firms of Toronto, Canada. CRJA will continue as a distinct entity within IBI Group. According to Harry Fuller, president of CRJA, “This alliance is the result of careful internal consideration and planning with regard to the continuation of our practice and the provision of succession over time. There will be no change in our leadership or senior management at CRJA.” Carol Johnson will continue to par-

ticipate on a part-time basis, as she has in recent years. Phil Beinhaker, chairman, director, and CEO of the IBI Group of Firms, said, “President Harry Fuller, nine other principals, the senior associates, and all CRJA staff have established and maintained an outstanding practice of landscape architecture serving government, institutions, and private developers. The continuing presence of Carol Johnson is an additional inspiration to us all.”

24-acre campus setting with ample parking, excellent window lines, flexible floor plates, and tremendous visibility. The partnership plans to upgrade the property to institutional, class-A standards and add amenities such as a fitness center and cafeteria.

Alares Group Expands

Former Green Berets Design Build

RGB, n|e|m|d Form Alliance

Providence, RI - Two Rhode Islandbased firms, The Robinson Green Beretta Corporation (RGB Architects) and New England Medical Design (n|e|m|d architects, inc.), recently formed a strategic alliance to expand their portfolio of services for design in the public, private, federal health, medical, educational, and science sectors. For 18 years, n|e|m|d architects, inc. has specialized in master planning, feasibility studies, and architectural and interior

Valley Forge Office Center

Boston, MA - The Davis Companies, active developers in the northeast for 35 years, has formed a new partnership with MIM-Hayden Real Estate Fund ployee owned in 2009. They plan to step to acquire the Valley Forge Office Center, down from the company’s board of direca 258,000sf twin building office complex tors within the next year. located in Wayne, PA. The company, specializing in general The four-story buildings sit on a construction, construction management, and design-build services for public and private clients of all sizes, is headquartered in South Burlington, with regional offices in Portland, Maine and Garner, N.C., and project Quincy, MA - Founded in 2008 by sites throughout the eastern United States. Don Maggioli in the garage of his Quincy home, the Alares Group, a nationally recognized, award winning design-build condesign of health and science facilities. RGB struction firm, has recently purchased and has a 65-year history in comprehensive mulmoved to expansive headquarters at 248 tifaceted architectural, engineering, and inCopeland Street, Quincy. terior design for municipal, educational, and The green design-build construccommercial market sectors. tion firm now occupies a 5,000sf building RGB is based in Providence, and and employs 12 full-time and six part-time n|e|m|d architects, inc. is situated in neighemployees. boring Cranston. Both firms have branch Don Maggioli, owner and president, offices. RGB’s branch is in North Easton, received his degree from the United States Mass., and n|e|m|d architects, inc.’s branch Military Academy at West Point and served is located in Middletown, Conn.

Pizzagalli Now PC Construction

South Burlington, VT - Pizzagalli Construction Company announced that its official name was changed to PC Construction Company as of June 1, 2011. The company’s founding brothers, Angelo, Jim, and Remo, formally transitioned leadership responsibilities to the company’s senior officials in 1998 and gradually divested their ownership in the company to allow it to become 100% em-

The Davis Companies Expands

as a Green Beret. Maggioli has over 24 years’ experience in the environmental/renewable energy field and is considered an expert in site assessments, vapor intrusion, and remediation. He is a professional engineer, LEED accredited professional, and certified geothermal designer and installer. Tony Domenico, vice president of construction, was also a Green Beret and served combat tours in Afganistan, Iraq and Kosovo. Seventy-five percent of Alares’s senior staff are veterans.

Our mission: To provide a level of value, quality and service that is unrivaled in the construction industry.

Design by CMK Architects

New $18.2 million Kingswood Regional School Multi-Purpose Building Governor Wentworth Regional School District, Wolfeboro, NH

North Branch Construction, Inc. (603) 224-3233 . FAX (603) 225-7165


Longevity, Reliability, Quality, Professionalism and Integrity. 5 Important Reasons To Choose Interstate For Your Next Project

Scaffold Erection & Dismantling Services a t M a r r engineering . design erection and dismantling sectional frame . systems scaffold t u b e a n d c l a m p . scaffold enclosures rolling towers . debris chutes mast climbing work platforms

The Difference is Attitude Connecticut


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New Hampshire

Rhode Island



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August, 2011


High-Profile Feature: Jay Peak Resort


Jay Peak Resort Construction Well Under Way

ay, VT - Construction is well under way for Jay Peak Resort’s new 273,000sf Hotel Jay Conference Center and The Pump House Indoor Waterpark. DEW Construction Corp. of Williston is the construction manager. The new 230,000sf Hotel Jay will be a much improved, updated version of its namesake – home to 130 suites (which, including lockouts, translates into 176 rooms) and much needed conference space. Designed by Black River Design of Montpelier, the hotel includes retail space housing a brick oven pizzeria, an elegant restaurant with sweeping views, a coffee shop, outdoor pool, fitness center, and a virtual reality arcade. A below-ground connector will connect to adjacent buildings at the Jay Peak Tram Base area. The 43,000sf Pump House Indoor Waterpark will be the first indoor waterpark in Vermont and consists of an aluminum framed glass structure with an operable polycarbonate roof. Designed and erected by Oakville-based OpenAire Inc., the new attraction will be the largest that OpenAire has built in North America– measuring 140ft. wide and 280ft. long and 43ft. high at the sidewalls. The design also includes a curved cupola at the apex that allows for the 55ft. high slide tower. Plus, the structure can handle 80 lbs. psf of snow load, which is a vital design feature for Jay Peak, located in a region of the US with a higher snowfall than some Rocky


DEW CM - Designed by Black River

(above) Hotel J Conference Center (below) Pump House Indoor Water Park enclosure

Mountain ski resorts. The retractable roof has a number of eco-friendly benefits, all of which offer energy and cost savings in comparison with traditionally built waterparks: • When the weather is warm enough to retract the roof, fresh air naturally floods the building, with the interior humidity being exhausted through the open roof. This means mechanical systems that typically control the atmosphere aren’t required when the roof is open, resulting in tremendous energy savings. • The enclosure, with its polycarbonate roof and insulated glass sides, lets in plenty of sunlight, which saves money on lighting. Even on the darkest, cloudiest days, there’s no need to turn lights on, and that translates to huge energy savings. • The building’s frame is all aluminum and is 100% recyclable, so construction leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Other green features include a common boiler system for the hotel and waterpark, using reject heat from the ice arena, waterless urinals, and heat exchangers for the waterpark and hotel. The Aqualoop will be the flagship ride of the waterpark – the second one installed indoors in the world and the first in North America. Jay Peak picked the Aqualoop because they thought it “aligned well with the unique and, at times, extreme Continued on next page

Food Service Equipment

August, 2011


High-Profile Feature: Jay Peak Resort Continued from previous page nature of their ski experience.” The Aqualoop is unique in that it offers a nearvertical 360-degree loop. The starting point is an enclosed launch capsule approximately 55 feet above the main floor. Other key components of the waterpark include: two tube slides, a body slide, a lazy and action river, a dual Flowrider surf/boogie board machine, a rock climbing wall, kids’ play area, mezzanine bar, outdoor whirlpool, snack bar, and private cabanas.

The waterpark is scheduled to open as early as December of 2011, with the hotel opening in February 2012. “We are extremely proud to be part of the transformation of Jay Peak Resort into a year round family destination,” says Don Wells, president of DEW Construction Corp. “Bill Stenger, the state of Vermont and all those involved with the success of Jay Peak should take great pride in their accomplishments.”

Hotel J Conference Center

Project Team for Jay Peak Resort

Architect - Black River Design Architects, PLC. General Contractor - D.E.W. Construction Corp. Waterpark Consultant - Ramaker & Associates Parking Garage Consultant - Simon Design Engineers, LLC. Mechanical Engineer - L.N. Consulting Inc. Electrical Engineer - William Bissell Civil Engineer - Engineered Solutions Inc. Structural Engineer - Hardy Structural Engineering, LLC. Landscape Architect - H. Keith Wagner Partnership Pump House Indoor Water Park in progress

Electrical Contractor

Drywall, Carpentry Work

Phone: 1.888.9678 :: Fax: 802.988.9679 Email: Info@mei-vt.net :: Website: www.mei-vt.net Kal-Vin CM, LLC offers a variety of services in the commercial and industrial aspect to include drywall, metal stud framing, metal and wood trusses, acoustical ceilings and panels, carpentry, E.I.F.S., FRP Systems, siding, metal and aluminum panels, and taping.


Tram Haus Lodge Kal-Vin CM, LLC | 3 Security Dr. | Hudson, NH 03051 Phone: 603-880-5118 | Fax: 603-880-5044 www.gnpbkalvingroup.com

Pump House Water Park Ice Haus www.high-profile.com

August, 2011


High-Profile: Educational Facilities Development News

CTA Starts New Wing at Weston High

BIM in Construction Education

Cannistraro Hails First-Ever Student Run Project

Watertown, MA - After six months of collaborating with students and higher education professionals, Cannistraro is officially announcing the completion of its first-ever, student-run building information modeling (BIM) project. Designed as a unique, multidisciplinary co-op experience, the project brought together students from Wentworth Institute of Technology with backgrounds in architecture, mechanical engineering, and facilities management with the common goal of creating an accurate BIM of a facility plant. Students worked together to interpret existing conditions using point-cloud data from a laser scan as well as field surveying Artist rendering of Weston High School wing and measurement. Each student involved Weston, MA - The start of school CTA also is installing a fire sprinkler in the project gained hands-on field experience, participated on a project team, and vacation kicked off construction of a two- system throughout the high school. story addition to Weston High School by The Weston High School project will Waltham-based CTA Construction Co. Inc. be completed in three phases, starting with The project will expand and modernize construction of as much of the new addition the science labs and classrooms and will as possible during the summer months. The Providence, RI - Extensive renobe completed in three phases to minimize second phase will be completing the addi- vations in two buildings, Davis Hall school-year disruptions. tion during the school year with disruptions and Raymond Hall, are scheduled to be The 27,000sf addition, combined minimized by keeping construction activ- completed before the beginning of the with the renovation of existing rooms, will ity within the new wing. 2011-2012 school year. result in new, larger science labs and reThe addition is scheduled for comIn Davis Hall, a six-story dorm furbished classrooms, as well as space for pletion in June 2012. building, Shawmut Design and Construcstorage and preparation. Renovation of the existing space – tion will renovate the existing kitchenettes The wing and renovation, a $9.3 mil- the third phase – will take place during the and bathroom vanities in 83 suites. lion project, will be built to the standards of summer of 2012, and the entire facility is The project began in May and is exthe LEED Silver level. scheduled for use by fall of 2012.

learned various software platforms that enable accurate building information modeling. The project also involved generous contributions from technology partners Imaginit Technologies and Feldman Professional Land Surveyors, which provided the students with the laser scanning and point cloud tools needed for modeling an existing facility. “This project represents a valuable learning opportunity for our students and further reinforces the importance of interdisciplinary education,” said Greg Denon, director of career services at Wentworth Institute of Technology. “Cannistraro is an incredible organization with a long track record of employing and mentoring Wentworth students on co-op, as well as our graduates.”

Renovations at Providence College

Join us in September’s Annual focus:

Educational Facilities Developments

pected to be completed by mid August. In Raymond Hall, six bathroom units on three separate floors will be renovated. including, but not limited to, the installation of new showers, vanities, and wall and floor tile, as well as the replacement of the ceilings. The project began in June and is expected to be completed by late August.

High-Profile Monthly ‘s annual focus on Educational Facilities reaches institutional, private and public facilities planners, and managers with news on the people and companies that are designing and building our colleges and schools. Join us for the September 2011 issue as we report on current construction activities in New England. Send your news release or editorial query to editor@high-profile.com To inquire on advertisement prices, reserve space, or send materials for layout, e-mail: ads@high-profile.com -Deadline August 19 Reach the members of the Society of College and University Planners, (SCUP) Northeast region.

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Featured in the next issue of High-Profile Monthly- FIP Construction is constructing Quinnipiac University’s 78,653 sf East View Residence Hall in Hamden Connecticut, designed by Centerbrook Architects.


August, 2011


High-Profile: Green Facilities Development News

Forsyth Institute Gets LEED Silver Solar System Footings for Voc High Designed by ARC

Cambridge, MA - ARC/Architectural sensors to conserve energy; low-flow plumbResources Cambridge and The Forsyth In- ing fixtures to save water; and low-emitting stitute announced that the recent 65,000sf finish materials to produce a healthy workrenovation of the institute’s new headquar- ing environment. Forsyth continued the susters and research facilities in Cambridge has tainable process even after occupying their received LEED Silver certification. new home by ensuring that green cleaning The Forsyth Institute, an independent practices would be used in the building and oral health research organization dedicated to For new building materials, the design team incorpoadvancing human health rated Energy Star equipment, energy-efficient light fixtures and well being through and occupancy sensors to conserve energy; low-flow plumbscientific discovery and ing fixtures to save water; and low-emitting finish materials education, relocated its to produce a healthy working environment. corporate headquarters to Cambridge in the fall of 2010, marking the institute’s first move by incorporating educational signage to insince its founding in 1910 in the Back Bay/ form the general public of the sustainable Fenway area. Forsyth sold its former build- building practices. ing at 140 The Fenway in Boston to the MuSpread out over four floors, the projseum of Fine Arts, Boston in 2007, remain- ect includes expansive laboratory and suping there as a tenant while completing its port space, a vivarium, multiple conference rooms, offices, and two research dental clinsearch for optimal physical facilities. Forsyth began the green building pro- ics. cess by selecting a new location close to ARC worked closely with the enmultiple means of public transportation and tire Forsyth faculty and staff to complete community services. The design team, led programming and organization of the new by ARC, developed sustainable goals to re- spaces. Throughout the process, spaces use existing materials, walls, and mechani- were created to reinforce the goal to foster cal systems within the renovated spaces and collaboration in the research process, procontinued the process by integrating key viding areas for meeting and interaction, ingreen building features into the project. The cluding a central circulation stair linking the building process included recycling more three research floors. The reuse of existing than 80% of construction waste materials. conditions were carefully coordinated to deFor new building materials, the design velop a cost-efficient solution while creating team incorporated Energy Star equipment, an entirely new planning concept and a new energy-efficient light fixtures and occupancy design aesthetic.

Northampton, MA – Oldcastle Precast delivered 176 custom designed precast footings to Renewable Sales, LLC to complete the construction of the largest photovoltaic solar system to date, in the city of Northampton, at the Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School. The 108-kilowatt solar array, built on the school’s old tennis courts, is composed of 88 solar arrays, which incorporate approximately 500-solar panels The 88 solar arrays incorporate approximately that will reduce energy use by 500-solar panels. 20% annually after its completion in September. The system’s panconditions, including variations in wind els can be tilted at different angles to capture the most sunlight, depending on speed, tilt angle, support and racking configuration, solar module size, weight, local the time of year. Renewable Sales, LLC contracted design codes, and project requirements. This type of precast solar array founOldcastle Precast, Inc.-Rehoboth to custom dation is designed for use in the most demanufacture the at-grade precast ballasted manding solar panel applications where footings for its solar arrays. the panels need to be secured in unstable, Renewable Sales, LLC needed speenvironmentally sensitive, or impenetrable cial footings to ground-mount its solar arground conditions or where a nonpenetratrays due to the ground conditions at the ing solution is required. These footings are site. Oldcastle Precast provided precast also designed for relocation and reuse. expertise and custom designed an at-grade The roughly $500,000 project at precast ballasted footing for the GEMINI Smith Vocational is being funded from two PV Ground Mount System. sources – 55% from a low-interest Clean The ballasted footings are indeRenewable Energy Bond and 45% from a pendent, precast concrete footings for state Green Communities grant. ground mounted solar electrical systems. They are engineered to work in virtually any location, environment, or application

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www.nerconstruction.com www.high-profile.com

August, 2011


High-Profile: Green Facilities Development News

New Library Park Opens

Library Park Boston - Mayor Menino, the BRA and the City of Boston Park’s Department joined Harvard University officials and the Allston community on June 7 to celebrate the opening of Library Park. The new city park is located behind the Honan-Allston Branch of the Boston Public Library. Harvard and City officials, park architects, and Allston residents lauded the new green extension of the library and the collaborations that made it possible. Once part of the original Charles River marshland, and later the site of the

McNamera Concrete Company, the 1.74acre of land, has been re-imagined as a natural, sustainable park. The creation of the green space is in accord with the community’s desire for a unique and quiet park for residents of all ages. Library Park offers a variety of spaces and experiences for visitors, including a tiered area for reading and small classes; a hill with views of Allston and Cambridge; a circular event lawn; a rain garden; and a quarter-mile of paths that weave through mostly native deciduous trees and lawns.

Window Film Retrofits and Applicable LEED Credits

by Peter J. Davey There are at least 10 LEED credits applicable to window film retrofits. They fall within four categories: Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation & Design Process. Further information is available on the USGBC website (www.usgbc.org). Manufacturer’s authorized window film dealers can provide you with written documentation on their LEED credited Peter J. Davey window films and how their specific films meet LEED requirements. Following are examples of LEED credits along with an explanation of how window film may apply. Energy & Atmosphere, Credit 1, Optimize Energy Performance Intent: To achieve increasing levels of energy performance to reduce environmental and economic impacts associated with excessive energy use. This credit is worth more points than any other LEED credit section. There are three methods for satisfying this requirement. The first, Whole Building Energy Simulation (1-10 pts), requires use of an energy simulation program that includes the ability to model different building shapes, skylights, HVAC systems and weather attributes. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends the use of Energy Plus algorithm based energy simulation programs, such as EFilm, that allow input of variable data to more accurately predict energy usage and savings before and after window film retrofits. - The second, Prescriptive Compliance Path ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guide for Small Office Buildings 2004 (1-4pts), is applicable to office buildings less than 20,000 square feet. This method lists prescriptive glazing requirements including shading coefficients and U-value specifications per climate zone. Your window film dealer can provide specifications for their qualifying window films. - The third method, Prescriptive Compliance Path Advanced Buildings Core Performance (2-5 pts), is applicable to buildings

less than 100,000 square feet and that comply with the prescriptive measures identified in the Advanced Buildings™ Core Performance™ Guide developed by the New Buildings Institute. Certain window films apply because glazing is the most energy inefficient part of a building envelope and significant advancements have been to window film products to lower the solar heat gain coefficient and U values of windows. The credit states that its purpose is to conserve resources, building stock, and reduce waste and environmental impacts. Window films reduce heat gain in warmer months and heat loss in colder months. They are designed specifically to retrofit existing windows – upgrading them to achieve similar solar performance as new windows. Thus, a window film retrofit diverts large quantities of windows from the waste/ recycling stream and reduces environmental costs of shipping waste and/or new windows to destination sites. Indoor Environmental Quality, Credit 7.1 Thermal Comfort Intent: To provide a comfortable thermal environment that supports the productivity and well being of building occupants. The credit states that a building must be designed in accordance to ASHRAE 552004. There are many variables that determine occupant comfort, but window films will apply in the area of thermal comfort. The optimal temperature for thermal comfort according to ASHRAE 55-2004, ranges between 67 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on air speed and humidity ratios. Window films have shown in case studies that they will reduce the temperature of an area in direct sunlight and help balance building temperature. Often, early morning east-facing tenants complain of heat and glare, while opposite-facing tenants have their heat and lights on. By minimizing the amount of solar gain through windows, window films can aid in meeting the thermal comfort credit. Above are just two descriptions out of at least ten applicable LEED credits to which qualifying window films can apply. As federal and municipal demands to improve the energy efficiency of all buildings rise, it is time to look at all options available to conserve… including window film retrofits. Peter J. Davey is president of American Window Film, Inc.

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August, 2011


High-Profile: Green Facilities Development News

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Earns Gold

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital aerial view Oaks Bluff, MA – Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, a Partner’s Healthcare affiliate, recently celebrated the award of LEED Gold Certification by the US Green Building Council for the construction of its new green Replacement Hospital. Working closely with the architect, Thomas, Miller & Partners, as well as the hospital, Columbia Construction captained the entire LEED process. “What really led to the success of achieving LEED Gold on this project was the fact that the hospital in addition to the island community were very committed to sustainability from day-one,” said Neil Lemieux, director of preconstruction at Columbia Construction Company. “With the island’s limited natural resources, the hospital and local community were committed to various conservation measures and helped drive the sustainability strategy on this project from the beginning – it was really a true team effort.” With this LEED Gold award, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is the only LEED Gold hospital in the Commonwealth of

Massachusetts according to the US Green Building Council’s database. Martha’s Vineyard Hospital’s new 90,000sf facility opened in the summer of 2010 and features two floors of efficient, centralized, state-of-the-art services and technology and includes operating rooms, a medical/surgical unit, intensive care unit, physical therapy department, emergency department, and medical imaging/laboratories. Sustainable building elements include an array of over 200 solar photovoltaic panels that provide the hospital with 45 kilowatts of power. Other features include a rooftop healing garden which functions as a wellness area for patients. The LEED Gold facility also includes multiple water saving and energy-saving technologies, which resulted in 36% and 25% respective savings. In addition, over 80% of the waste generated during the demolition and construction of this project was diverted from landfills, and 41 % of building materials and supplies were purchased from companies located within 500 miles of the project site.

Two Certified in Lean Six Sigma

Boston - Payette recently announced that Paula Buick, RN, LEED GA, director of healthcare planning, and Sarah Holton, AIA, LEED AP, architect, have become certified in Lean Six Sigma through the University of Villanova. Lean Six Sigma is a combination of Lean methodologies, which focus on reducing costs through waste reduction, process flow optimization; and Six Sigma methodology, which are about meeting customer requirements and stakeholder expectations while improving quality by measuring and eliminating defects. Lean Six Sigma approaches are focused on effectiveness, not just efficiency. Having joined Payette in early 2006, Buick was named an associate in October 2006 and director of healthcare planning in 2008. She combines strong project management experience with a unique perspective of service line planning, operations and

clinical care, having been an ICU nurse and senior project manager at Mass. General Hospital. Holton joined Payette in 2005 and is a programming specialist in Payette’s planning department. She has completed space studies and programming for higher education institutions such as Cornell, Columbia, NYU, Harvard, and the Harvard School of Public Health, among others.

Princeton, NJ - Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has been selected as a US Green Building Council (USGBC) Education Provider. The USGBC has approved the technical and instructional quality of Dynamic’s course for 1.5 GBCI CE Hours toward the LEED Credential Maintenance Program. Dynamic’s course – “IAQ, Air Cleaning and Energy” – examines the evolution of indoor air quality (IAQ). The primary function of an HVAC system is to provide an environment with acceptable temperature, humidity, and contaminant levels. Dynamic’s seminar will focus on the basic fundamentals of IAQ, including the importance of IAQ, the costs associated with it, and various technologies for helping achieve optimal IAQ within commercial buildings.

What is acceptable indoor air quality? According to ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010 it is, “Air in which there are no known contaminants at harmful concentrations as determined by cognizant authorities and with which a substantial majority (80% or more) of the people exposed do not express dissatisfaction.” During the hour and a half course, attendees will learn what is acceptable IAQ as well as to identify fundamental parameters relating to airborne pollutants, compare the role of air cleaning technologies and ventilation in achieving good IAQ, apply IAQ strategies to real-world applications in LEED certified buildings, and develop IAQ strategies based on energy consumption and operating cost savings For more information, contact Dynamic at info@dynamicaqs.com.

Paula Buick

Sarah Holton

Dynamic USGBC Education Provider

Yates Elec. Completes UNH Project

Durham, NH – In a project that has positive impact on the environment and energy usage, Yates Electric Service has completed installations for medium and high voltage systems at the University of New Hampshire’s Co-Generation facility for the campus’s supplemental generator. The project, integral to the UNH Eco-Line Power Partnership, was a joint venture between EMCOR Energy Services, based in Connecticut, and the University of New Hampshire. The generator serves portions of the electrical load for various buildings, reducing impact on greenhouse gas emis-

University of New Hampshire sions while reducing energy use and stabilizing utility costs to the campus.

Green Communities Named

Nurses’ station

Boston - The Patrick-Murray administration has named 21 cities and towns from western Mass. to Cape Cod as “Green Communities,” making these communities eligible for over $3.7 million in grants for local renewable power and energy efficiency projects that will advance both municipal and state clean energy goals. Ayer, Bedford, Brookline, Buck-

land, Carlisle, Deerfield, Granby, Holland, Mendon, Middlefield, Millbury, Monson, Revere, Sherborn, Shutesbury, Somerville, Sutton, Tewksbury, Topsfield, Truro, and Woburn join 53 other cities and towns named in previous rounds of Green Communities designations – bringing the total number of official Green Communities to 74.


August, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Awards

Five Best of NeoCon Awards for Allsteel

The Steel Fabricators of New England (SFNE) Want You To

Allsteel recently announced that it was a winner of theNeoCon annual competition.

Buy American The next time you are in the market for a steel fabricator please consider hiring a New England based firm.

Case Goods & Desking Silver Awards: Involve.

New England fabricators are losing jobs and federal dollars to non-American companies. Help save businesses and jobs right here in New England. Hire an American fabricator today! For more information on SFNE’s Buy American Campaign call (603) 766-7363.

Seating & Editor’s Choice Award: Mind Share

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When you’re educated by WENTWORTH, everybody knows it.

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Seating Silver Award: Gather, from Allsteel

AIANH H.S. Design Winners

Keene, NH – The New Hampshire Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIANH) announced the results of its 2010-2011 High School Design Competition. The AIANH Design Competition is a program that requires students to work on a theoretical project throughout the school year under the guidance of their instructors. This year’s winners are: Best Design, Overall Superiority, in all aspects of Design Solution, Model, and Graphic Presentation: Brendan Rhoads and Patrick Kane, Pinkerton Academy; Camron Loiselle and Andrew Marino, Pinkerton Acad-

emy; and Josh Clark-Kevan, Conval Regional High School. Best Model describing Design Solution: Matthew Arsenault and Joel Asencio, Pinkerton Academy; Caina Brocenschi and Sean Paris, Pinkerton Academy ;and Adelaide Mckintosh, Hanover High School. Best Graphic presentation describing Design Solution: Kristofer Bartol, Mike Evers, and Joshua Mele, Nashua High School; Alexander Hautanen, Conval Regional High School; and Jason Garland, Conval Regional High School.

August, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Awards

Rhino PR Honored with Two Awards Yates Elec. Receives Safety Award

South Hamilton, MA - Rhino Public Relations announced that it has recently been recognized with two awards for its media relations campaign for 175-185 Wyman Street. Comprised of two LEED Gold office buildings totaling 335,000sf, 175-185 Wyman Street is located at © Frank Monkiewicz the foot of the Hobbs Brook Office Project team members (l-r): Michele Spiewak, Park in Waltham. The firm received Rhino PR; Barbara Hicks, Margulies Perruzzi a first place honor from the Society Architects; Carli Baum, Margulies Perruzzi; Susan Shelby, Rhino; Jennifer Shelby, Rhino; Dan of Marketing Professional Services Perruzzi, Margulies Perruzzi; Trish Holland, (SMPS) Boston Chapter, and a bronze Hobbs Brook Management. bell from the Publicity Club of New England. Rhino PR represents both and speaking engagements that would build the owner/developer, Hobbs Brook Manage- rapport within the immediate Metro Boston ment, and the architecture firm, Margulies community while simultaneously attracting Perruzzi Architects. high-profile brokers and tenant representaRhino PR’s targeted media outreach tives in all phases of activity. Simultaneousincluded local and national design, business, ly, Rhino PR was focused on exploring opand real estate press, area brokers, property portunities within the design community to owners, facility planners, and representa- showcase the programming, aesthetics, and tives of major Boston area corporations. flexibility of this marquis project in support This program is set apart by its concentrated of Margulies Perruzzi Architect’s business effort to target editorial coverage, events, development efforts.

Rev. Mcfarland Receives Recognition

Worcester, MA - The Worcester/Fitchburg Building Trades Council held a special award recognition lunch for Reverend Michael C. McFarland, president of the college of the Holy Cross at O’Connors Restaurant and Bar in Worcester. The award was presented to the retiring president of the college for upholding the dignity of labor throughout his term in office and providing the building trade union members years of meaningful employment.

l to r: Brian Weinstein, PWD Me; Brian James, Jim Casey, and Bob Scholefield, all of Yates Electric; Capt. Mark R. Libonate, CO Midlant; and Brian Longbottom, PWD Me. Portsmouth NH – Yates Electric Service, Inc. of Durham, N.H., a NECA New Hampshire Division contractor, received a special PWD FY11 Maine Safety Award from the US Department of the Navy for construction work at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. The award was issued for the company’s “outstanding safety awareness and oversight of electrical service operations,” according to a communication the compa-

ny received regarding the award. The Small Business Safety Award recognized Jim Casey, superintendent; Brian James and Tom McLaughlin, lead foremen; and the entire Yates crew “for superb efforts executing a highly effective company safety program.” Yates has provided numerous office and industrial facility renovations for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in recent years.

BL Companies Honored

Washington, DC - BL Companies has been selected by The ESOP Association as the winner of the New England Chapter “ESOP Company of the Year.” This award is given to a member company that has a commitment to employee ownership, as evidenced by its communications with employees and by its commitment to the vision of The ESOP Association that endorses employee participation, wealth creation, and individual dignity and worth. BL Companies became an employee-owned company in 2006.

Four Awards for Salem Jail Resto l-r: Mark Andrews, president, Worcester/Fitchburg Building Trades Council, Reverend Michael C. McFarland, president, Holy Cross College; and Frank Callahan, president, Mass. Building Trades Council

Transformed by Finegold Alexander

Boston - Finegold Alexander + Associates, Inc. announced that its transformation of the historic Salem Jail from a dilapidated and abandoned property into a bustling mixeduse development has been honCambridge, MA - Cambridgeored with four awards. based Tsoi/Kobus & Associates The project restored a (TK&A) has won the 2011 Internationthree-building historic jail comal Interior Design Association, New plex and adapted it for residenAward-winning Salem Jail resoration England (IIDA NE) Best Educational tial and mixed use, including a Design Award for its design of the full-service restaurant and an Timothy Anderson Award for Excellence Cuisinart Center for Culinary Exceloriginal jail cell preserved to capture the in Historic Rehabilitation; the American history of the property. The original jail Institute of Architects (AIA) 2011 AIA lence at Johnson & Wales University in building was constructed in 1813, and what Housing Award – Multi-Family Housing Providence, R.I. was once an eyesore has become a welcom- for its positive contributions to the commu“Designing this landmark building visual entry into the town of Salem. To nity’s built fabric with 23 units of housing; ing for Johnson & Wales University date, Finegold Alexander + Associates has the Massachusetts Historical Commission posed many appealing challenges,” said Rick Kobus, senior principal at Tsoi/ Lobby of the Center for Culinary Excellence at received several high-profile awards from 2011 Preservation Award for outstanding local and national agencies commending achievements in preservation; and the HisKobus & Associates. “But paramount Johnson & Wales University their efforts to achieve high levels of preser- toric Salem 2011 Preservation Award for was the need to create a sustainable the preservation of historic resources and dining rooms. TK&A’s design emphasizes vation and reuse. facility with cutting-edge classrooms, These awards include the National for new designs that complement the hislabs, and kitchens that could both articulate sustainability and the building has been Housing and Rehabilitation Association, J. toric character of the city. and facilitate the school’s world-class culi- recognized with LEED® Gold status by the US Green Building Council. nary education experience.” The IIDA award recognizes the enThe Cuisinart Center for Culinary Westbrook, ME – The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA ) recentExcellence supports 27 teaching labs and tire project team, which includes Odeh Enly honored E. S. Boulos Company, Inc. of Westbrook as the only electrical contractor in classrooms, including kitchen labs for food gineers, Inc., North Providence, R.I.; WooMaine and one of only four NECA Boston Chapter contractors to have been awarded NEranging from charcuterie to chocolate, dard & Curran, Providence; Paramount, CA’s Zero-Lost Time Injury Award for District 1 (Conn., Maine, Mass., N.H., N.J., N.Y., wine, micro-brewing, and mixology labs, Warren, Stephen Stimson Architects, Faland Vt.). The company’s zero-lost time safety record dates back to December 2008. various types of instructional facilities, ad- mouth, Mass.; and Richard D. Kimball E.S. Boulos was also one of only four contractors in all of District 1 to achieve a ministrative offices, and three instructive Company, Andover, Mass. Safety Excellence Award.

TK&A Wins IIDA NE Award

Boulos Honored with NECA Awards


August, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Pro Con Completes Liquor Outlet

New Mini-Mall Ready

Recently completed Jewett Square Raymond, NH - Jewett Construction in the area, is anchored by a recently opened Co., Inc. recently completed construction 1,680sf Subway sandwich shop. of a new 4,000sf mini mall located along The remaining 2,320sf of space ofNew Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet at dusk the busy Route 27 corridor in Raymond. fers ample signage and can be tailored to Nashua, NH - The latest New Hamp- hind the current store at 27 Coliseum Ave, The block and stucco façade Jewett house one or two retail tenants. shire Liquor & Wine Outlet store recently exit 6 off the Everett Turnpike. Square, part of a spurt of economic growth opened its doors in Nashua with an expandThe store’s exterior features Hardie ed selection and a new eco-friendly green siding in mountain sage with natural New standard in design and operation. Hampshire granite used as a stone base. New York - The “New England Idea hunt to facilitate team building and foster Pro Con Inc of Manchester, N.H. was The interior exposed timber post and beam Exchange” presented by The International interaction between students, Next Generathe architect and general contractor for the framing relates to New Hampshire’s past, Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) was tion members, and industry veterans. design-build store, which is located just be- and the many post and beam framed barns held in July at the Hynes Convention Center A Retailers Runway provided conthat still stand today, while clereference attendees a chance to hear directly in Boston. story windows flood the store with The conference offered educational from retailers planning to expand in the New natural light and create a welcominsight from key industry professionals on England region. Representatives from Boing environment for both customhow to get “Back to Business” in 2011. loco, Charming Charlie, Freshii, Golf Town, ers and employees. The conference kicked off with an ex- McDonalds, Mini Luxe, Pinkberry, Sally The project was part of the clusive “City of Boston Retail Tour,” guided Beauty/Cosmoprof, Stop & Shop, Tasti DNew Hampshire Liquor Commis- by Mayor Thomas M. Menino of Boston. Lite, and Yum Brands/Taco Bell were on sion’s plan to modernize stores Attendees got a chance to view the retail and site to each share their company’s business statewide and increase sales. At expansion opportunities in some of Boston’s and expansion plans. 20,000sf, the significantly ex- hottest districts. The conference also featured a Deal panded retail floor space allows A keynote presentation was provided Making component, ideal for creating interfor a greater selection of products by Roger Berkowitz, president and CEO of actions between shopping center developers and retailers as they discuss new and exand a more engaging experience Legal Sea Foods. The interior features exposed timber post and isting development projects and form new New to this year’s program was a Next for shoppers. beam framing. Generation student networking scavenger partnerships.

ICSC Holds New England Idea Exchange

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UMass at Amherst NLSB Project

Aquatic and Fitness Center, Brown University, Providence, R.I.

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AJ Martini – Winchester Hospital, Winchester, MA Berry, Div. of Suffolk – Sherman Center Umass Medical, Worcester, MA Bond Brothers – Lynn Community Health Center, Lynn, MA Bovis Lend Lease – AstraZeneca, Waltham, MA Dimeo Construction – Lincoln Way, Cambridge, MA Jones Lang Lasalle – Boston Scientific, Quincy, MA John Moriarty & Associates – Mass Mental Health, Boston John Moriarty & Associates – Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Lee Kennedy Co. – JFK Library, Boston Museum of Fine Arts - Boston Lee Kennedy Co. – Weston Jesuit Center, Brighton, MA

Old New England Construction – Stop and Shop Parking Lot, Roslindale, MA Suffolk Construction – Brandeis University Charles River Apartments, Waltham, MA Shawmut Design & Construction – Brown University Aquatic & Fitness Center, Providence, RI Shawmut Design & Construction – Brown University Creative Arts Building, Providence, RI Shawmut Design & Construction – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 35 Electric Ave., Brighton, MA 02135 • P.O.Box 35215 • Brighton, MA 02135 Turner Construction – Harvard Life Science, Boston Estimating@ajwelch.com Turner Construction – Fan PierE-mail: Building, Boston Walsh BrothersChildren’s Hospital, Boston Phone: 617-254-7550 • Fax: 617-254-0238 • Estimating Fax: 617-783-2072 Whiting-Turner Construction – Umass Amherst Science Building, Amherst, MA

Current Projects Include:

Find out how you can start laying the groundwork for the of your next project - call TheSuffolk WelchConstruction Corp. at 617-254-7550 Bovis Lend Leasesuccess – AstraZeneca, Waltham – Long Island Day Camp, Bo www.high-profile.com

City of Attleboro – Pond Street Landfill, Attleboro Columbia Construction Co. – 16 Miner Street, Boston John Moriarty & Associates – Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Turner Construction – Harborview, Boston Turner Construction – Harvard Life Science, Bosto Turner Construction – Mass General Hospital, Bos

August, 2011


DPM Adds Four

Boston - Diversified Project Management (DPM) of Newton announced the hiring of four new project managers in Boston. Tina Staublin has returned to the project management team. She brings over 25 years of experience in interior design, space planning, construction, facilities, and move management to DPM. Prior to her return, Staublin was managing facilities at AstaZeneca’s Waltham facility. Larry Connors has been hired to serve as the clerk of the works on the Natick senior center project. He has many years of experience in public housing construction for both contractors and municipalities. Connors has also worked in the iron and concrete trades and has experience running heavy equipment. Anthony Monteiro has been hired as an assistant project manager. He gained extensive field and office experience in the architectural and construction sectors through several co-op positions. Monteiro completed his internships with J. Calnan & Associates, Boyes-Watson Architects, Jason Anthony Corp., and J.J. Vaccaro. Brandon Needleman has also been

High-Profile: People





hired as an assistant project manager. he has over four years of experience in design, space planning, project management, and budget and schedule maintenance. His prior experience includes project management positions at Approach Architects and Granite Communications.

Maguire Hires Delegas

Boston - A/E/P Maguire Group announced the hiring of George Delegas, AIA, as principal architect. Delegas has over 30 years of experience as an architect. For over half his career, he has specialized in design of academic projects including k-12 and higher education, overseeing multiple capital projects, and skillfully managing the entire design and


construction process for Northeast and international clients. Projects include colleges and universities, private and public schools and libraries, housing/hospitality facilities, and religious buildings. Delegas also has assisted the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) with needs assessments of over 1,800 public schools.

Columbia Adds Nine North Reading, MA - Columbia Construction recently welcomed nine new

staff members to their team: Andre Chaires was hired as project manager; Adam Reynolds, as assistant project manager; Eamonn Murphy, as assistant estimator; and Joe Orlando, as superintendent. The interiors division, Columbia Interiors, also welcomed project managers Mike Hamill, Rosemary Salvaggio, Ian Manferdini, and Ruchi Gupta, as well as Bob Erdmann as superintendent.

Dunn Registered Architect

Boston - Dyer Brown & Partners, Motorola, Old Mutual Associates, Inc announced that Asset Management, and WellesAshley L. Dunn has successfully ley Information Services. She completed her registration exams also provides ongoing services and is now a registered architect for State Street Corporation, and and a member of the American recently completed a 30,000sf fit Institute of Architects. out of the North American headOriginally from North Carquarters of Sappi Fine Paper. olina, Dunn joined Dyer Brown Dunn is a member of the in 2005. As a project manager, International Facilities ManageDunn she has worked on many of the ment Association (IFMA) and is firm’s significant corporate inteactive on its Emerging Leaders riors projects, including Bessemer Venture Network planning committee.

SGH Promotions

Waltham, MA - National engineering firm Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. (SGH) announced the promotions of two employees in its Waltham office. Rasko Ojdrovic was promoted to prinKnack-Brown cipal. He has more than 20 years of experience in structural engineering, engineering mechanics, and infrastructure engineering at SGH. He has performed pipe condition assessment and failure risk analysis; investigated failure of concrete, metallic, and plastic pipes up to 12 ft. in diameter; and designed repairs of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) using carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) and post-tensioning. Susan Knack-Brown was promoted

to associate principal. She has been with SGH for 13 years and has worked on a range of building enclosure investigations and designs involving both contemporary structures, such as the Fisher Center for PerOjdrovic forming Arts at Bard College, and historic landmarks, such as Boston’s Quincy Market. Some of Knack-Brown’s projects include the rehabilitation and skylight restoration on the New York State Capitol and the roof replacement on the Massachusetts State House. She also has worked with The First Church of Christ, Scientist to assist them with planning and restoration designs for the plaza and five buildings on their Boston campus.

ARC Hires Four

Cambridge, MA - ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge announced that it has added four people to its growing team of professionals. Jennifer Plume has joined the firm as an intern architect. Ruki Abdulhussein comes to ARC as a co-op student from Northeastern University. Both will provide architectural support to ARC’s


design team in the firm’s Studio. Additionally, Emmy Yamaguchi has joined ARC as the marketing coordinator and will be assisting the firm’s marketing and business development efforts. Jill Kaufman has joined the firm as an administrative assistant and will provide support for the ARC workplace as well as the top executives of the company.

Sandra Guidetti Graphic Services

Over 22 Years in the Graphic Design and Printing Industry

Magazine Newspaper Layout Brochures Newsletters Ad Design Posters Banners Flyers Mailers Postcards Business Cards Restaurant Menus Restaurant Placemats 76 S. Meadow Rd. Plymouth, MA Phone: 508-989-1103 Fax: 508-747-7754 E-mail: sandra@kbguidetti.com


August, 2011


High-Profile: People

TRO Jung|Brannen Adds Sheehan Goldberg Citizen Planner of the Year

Boston - Chris Sheehan, LEED AP, SEGD, has joined TRO Jung|Brannen and will launch a new environmental graphics service line. With over 15 years experience in the industry, he will work across all sectors firmwide and deliver integrated design services for healthcare, commercial, workplace, and master planning. The addition of environmental graphic services at TRO Jung|Brannen will enhance the scope of work currently offered to clients.


Integrated Design Adds Monroe

Boston - Integrated Deciency during the design and sign Group announced that Mark operation phases of technolMonroe will join the firm as chief ogy-related projects. He will technology advisor. be charged with advising An expert in corporate susIntegrated Design Group on tainability, data center efficiency, their technology practice and and multiple aspects of informaensuring cross-practice stantion technology (IT), Monroe dardization. will help enhance the firm’s abilIn addition to his ity to work with clients to provide work with Integrated Design Monroe innovative designs with creative Group, Monroe will continue project solutions. his duties as executive direcWith more than 28 years of experi- tor of the data center industry nonprofit ence in the IT industry, Monroe special- consortium, The Green Grid. izes in sustainability and energy effi-

Bedford, NH – Paul Goldberg, engineer at Pro Con Inc since P.E. of Bedford has been named Citi1990 and currently serves on zen Planner of the Year by the New the Bedford Planning Board, Hampshire Planners Association. where he has been serving as The award is granted to an indichairman for the last five years. vidual who has advanced or promotSince 1975, he has aced the cause of planning in the public tively served on various town arena as members of planning boards boards including the town of or commissions, zoning boards of Bedford Planning Board, the adjustment, economic development Bedford Town Council, the Goldberg boards or commissions, or other Bedford Zoning Board, and the elected or appointed officials. Bedford Sewer Commission. In The award recognizes the recipient’s addition, Goldberg was Bedford’s representime and dedication to increasing the under- tative to the Southern New Hampshire Planstanding of planning principles and advanc- ning Commission from 1975 to 1983 and ing the merits of planning. helped develop a regional economic develGoldberg has been a professional opment Master Plan.

Dietz Staff Additions

Springfield, MA ciate. He collaborated – Dietz & Company on residential projArchitects announced ects at a design firm the additions of Kris in Great Barrington, Kennedy, Josh Payne, Mass. Jamie Kelliher, and Kelliher, prior to Mark Hellen to its joining Dietz, worked team. at Drachman Institute Kennedy, who for Regional Develjoined Dietz as an inopment and Paolo Kennedy Payne tern in the spring of Soleri/Arcosanti Plan2010, has been added ning Office in Arizona as a full-time architectural associate. He where he worked on award winning multiManchester, NH - Allen & He joins the growing earned his Master of Architecture degree family, mixed-use building projects. Major Associates announced that structural team at A&M that is and also acquired certification as LEED AP Hellen spent over 10 years at CBT Benjamin Schlick, P.E. has joined currently involved in projects BD+C. in Boston, working on various educational, the structural division, as a projincluding multi-family residenresidential, and commercial projects. Payne joined as an architectural assoect manager. tial, hospital, bio-tech, retail, and Schlick has over six years commercial. of structural engineering experiAllen & Major Associates ence in design and consulting on has office in Woburn and Lakevcommercial, retail, and residenille, Mass and Manchester, NH. Boston - The Marr Companies Company, and Isaac Blair tial projects. Schlick announced that Eric Stalmon has & Co., Inc. been named safety director for the Stalmon champicorporate safety department. ons the safety goals for Stalmon joined Marr in 2008 as all the Marr companies Cambridge, MA –SMMA recently appointed Ryan Farias as safety representative, responsible for and has successfully director of marketing. His responsibilities will include providing implementing the company’s wideachieved a higher level of leadership for the firm’s marketing strategy and execution, manranging safety program to all five Marr awareness, responsibility, aging the company’s marketing services team, and working with entities: Marr Scaffolding Company, and accountability for all SMMA principals on new client and market sector development. Daniel Marr & Son Company, Marr safety matters throughout Stalmon Prior to joining SMMA, Farias was vice president and director of Equipment Corporation, Marr Rigging the companies. marketing for Bovis Lend Lease. “Ryan is the perfect complement to our leadership team,” said Ara Krafian, P.E., SMMA’s CEO and president. Farias Boston - The American Society of Mark O. Dawson, ASLA Sasaki AssociLandscape Architects has announced the ates, Inc., Watertown; Kris M. Horiuchi, elevation of five members of the Boston ASLA Horiuchi Solien Inc., Falmouth; and Society of Landscape Architects (BSLA) to Martha Schwartz, ASLA Martha Schwartz complete this form and fax it to the status of fellow. Partners, Cambridge. Nominated by the BSLA in the Terrence J. Dewan, ASLA Terrence J. Subscriptions, 781-293-5821 Works Category were: Susan F. Child, DeWan & Associates of Yarmouth, Maine Name_______________________________________ ASLA Child Associates, Inc., Boston; was nominated in the Service Category.

Schlick Joins Allen & Major

Marr Names Stalmon

SMMA Appoints Farias

ASLA Nominations

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BOND Welcomes Hayes

Everett, MA - BOND welcomes industry veteran Frank Hayes to the company as vice president. Hayes brings a wealth of perspective, institutional experience, and 20 plus years of construction experience to the company. In past years, he has been field engineer superintendent for Aberthaw Construction; project manager for William A. Berry and Son Inc.; director of construction & chief of operations at Harvard Business School; and most recently New England VP for Shawmut Design and Construction.


August, 2011


High-Profile: People

Slattery NHCIBOR Realtor of the Year

RDK Hires Five

Andover, MA - RDK announced that it has recently hired five project managers in response to the growing number of new projects and initiatives that the firm is now managing. In the past seven months, RDK has welcomed David Ellowitz, PE, LEED AP; Jeffrey Faucon, PE; Karl Gebhardt, PE, LEED AP; Karl Krueger, LEED AP; and Richard Plante as the firm’s newest project managers. In their new roles at RDK, they will join fellow PMs as they focus on their current projects, acquire new ones, and continue to grow the business. Gebhardt



Amherst, NH - NHCIBOR director of the National Asboard past president Tom Duffy sociation of Realtors and 13 announced that Arthur Slattery of years on the N.H. Real Estate Amherst has been selected as the Commission as commissionRealtor of the year. er, with 10 of those years as Arthur Slattery has been a realchairman. tor for over 32 years. He has served The basis of the judgas president of the New Hampshire ment was the contribution to Association of Realtors, the New the betterment of the comHampshire Commercial Investment munity life, and conduct of Slattery Division, and New Hampshire Combusiness reflecting the Code mercial Investment Board of Realtors. of Ethics of the National AsHe served for several years as a national sociation of Realtors.

Two Promoted at GZA



Story Receives Professional License

Norwood, MA - James He is a registered ProfesGuarente has been promoted sional Engineer in Massachuto senior project manager at setts, New Hampshire, New GZA GeoEnvironmental’s York, and Pennsylvania. Metro Boston office. GZA also announced that Guarente joined GZA Stephen Raymond has been proin January of 1993 as a geomoted to senior project manager technical engineer. Currentat the Manchester, N.H office. ly his work focuses primarRaymond first joined the ily on dam investigations/ company tn 1998. He left the Guarente analyses and remedial repair firm for a two-year period and design/construction projects. returned in 2005 in the capacHe has also served as a resident engineer ity of construction manager, focusing on during implementation and construction construction aspects of larger scale facilof several multi-million dollar dam re- ity closure and environmental remediapair/improvement projects. tion projects.

developing utility master plans Auburn, ME - Harriman and performing facility analyses announced that David W. Story for various campus settings. recently received his Professional Engineer (P.E.) license from the Most recently, he was State of Maine Board of Licensure part of the design team responfor Professional Engineers. sible for the integration of the Story has worked in Harrifirst fuel cell in the country man’s Auburn office for over five for a food retailer. His experiyears as a mechanical engineerence also includes the design of intern. He has spent a great deal of energy-efficient chilled and hot Story time performing feasibility studies water hydronic systems. to determine the viability and payHe is currently designing back of sustainable technologies, as well as the replacements of the underground utility Worcester, MA - Brian Duffy, an health hazards. He designing a variety of systems that focus on distribution systems at Bowdoin College Environmental, AOWHealth and Safety also has expertise energy efficiency. and the University of New Hampshire. (EH&S) Compliance Specialist and Certi- in remedying “sick In addition, Story has experience fied Safety Professional (CSP) who works building” conditions out of Tighe & Bond’s Worcester Office, to address chemical recently passed the Certified Industrial Hy- contaminants, allergienist (CIH) examination. gens, mold, and water Duffy is Tighe & Bond’s practice damage in building Boston - RFWalsh Collaborative Partners announced the leader in the areas of industrial hygiene systems. In addition, addition of project manager Joseph L. Miele. and indoor air quality. He provides EH&S he has developed Miele comes to Collaborative Partners with a wide variety Duffy services to private and public clients in instrategies to evaluate, of experience on high-profile projects of varying size and comdustries, schools, hospitals, residences and identify, remediate, plexity involving new construction and renovation. commercial, facilities. and control workplace health and safety He has overseen major area projects including the Duffy has significant experience in hazards to increase worker productivity BriggsElementary School in Ashburnham and multiple Massevaluating and controlling workplace ex- and minimize liability. port and MBTA projects. In addition, Miele has completed posures to hazardous chemicals and other quality analysis and quality control reviews on large-scale developments including the 9/11 World Trade Center - Vehicle SeMiele curity Center, the US West Point Military Academy Preparatory School, and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center of Providence. South Hamilton, MA her account leadership, both Prior to joining Collaborative Partners, Miele was employed by STV Incorpo- Rhino Public Relations anGEI and Hobbs Brook Manrated of Boston. nounced that Jennifer Shelby, agement have won media relaCPSM has been promoted to tions awards in the Society for account director. Marketing Professional SerIn her new role, Shelby vices (SMPS) national marketBoston - RFWalsh Collaborative include construction of MIT’s will continue to be responsible ing communications awards. Partners announced the addition of new Simmons Hall dormitory with for developing, managing, and Shelby joined Rhino PR project manager Cassius D. Moore. In unique architectural design executing PR programs to supwith a wide range of marketing this capacity, Moore will be responsible and details and the construcport Rhino PR clients and workand graphic design skills. PreShelby for hiring and supervising subcontraction of Cabot Corporation’s ing directly with principal Suviously, she was a graphic detors, calculating project estimations, headquarters in Boston. san Shelby, CPSM on business signer with SEA Consultants, and conducting design reviews as well Most recently Moore development activities for Rhino. Inc. She also worked at GZA GeoEnvias maintaining client relations. spent three years working Jennifer Shelby has worked in the ronmental Inc. Moore comes to Collaborative for the Museum of Fine Arts, AEC industry for over 13 years and at She has been a member of the Partners with over 20 years of project where he served as one of five Moore Rhino PR since 2007. Her client work SMPS since 2005 and earned CPSM cermanagement experience in a variety of project managers responsible has resulted in numerous industry awards tification in 2009. industries. for a $345 million east wing for both Rhino PR and her clients. Under Photo by Frank Monkiewicz. He has spearheaded major projects that expansion project.

Duffy Recognized by CIH

RFWalsh Welcomes Miele

Rhino PR Promotes Shelby

Moore Joins RFWalsh


August, 2011



Second Annual Education Day & Tradeshow October 25 Taunton Inn and Conference Center, Taunton, Mass. Topics will be generated by audience participation and Q&A. One topic being considered for the day’s courses would focus on the issues attendees have with using information technology resources most effectively. Your comments would be appreciated on this potential session now, as the possible experts that will be engaged to craft and present this session are being considered. Please reply to this message with any thoughts or suggestions you have. Dave Dimmick, executive director New England Concrete Masonry Association Tel: 508/476-3466 or www.necma.com

High-Profile: Calendar AFE

• Annual Meeting and Membership Drive Thursday September 22, 5:30 p.m. 1 Central Wharf, Boston Region 8 will be sponsoring the annual membership drive and meeting at the New England Aquarium in Boston. AFE Chapter 33 Boston will be hosting this event with the support from Chapter 74 Worcester, Chapter 37 North Shore and chapter 140 NH as well as support from ASHRAE Boston. Enjoy a strolling dinner buffet while gazing at exotic fish and sea creatures from around the globe. Network with other members from Massachusetts and New Hampshire. For more information; http://www.afe.org/chapters/ region8.cfm • Facilities America Conference Registration is now open for the Facilities America Conference, Oct. 11-12, at the

Mirage Hotel Events Center in Las Vegas. Facilities America 2011 will once again be held in conjunction with the Facility Decisions Conference and Expo. The combined events will give attendees their choice of more than 50 educational sessions, networking events (including the AFE Awards Ceremony and a facility tour), and previews of the latest time-and energy-saving technologies and services from hundreds of vendors. Register for Facilities America today! To register and for more information go to AFE.org.



Archeological Survey Technologies Data Integration and application workshop Aug 20-25 - graduate level workshop Oct 21 - professional development day These workshops are for those interested in learning about the technology, methods for application to standing structures and surrounding environment, and findings. Additional information can be found at http://proteus.brown.edu/astda/Home.

For SMPS National Conference visit: http://www.buildbusiness.org

The International Council of Shopping Centers upcoming events for 2011 include: Sept. 19 - VRN Fall Outlet Leasing & Marketing, East Rutherford, NJ Sept. 20 - Capital Marketplace Conference, New York Oct 11 - PA/NJ/DE Idea Exchange Philadelphia Dec. 5 - NY National Conference New York For more information and to register for these events log onto ICSC.org

AIA Connecticut

BIM Programs Program 1: BIM Without Integrated Project Delivery Thursday, Sept. 15, 9-11 a.m. AIA Connecticut, New Haven Mark Herter, AIA, associate, Centerbrook Architects, and Steven G. Haines, assoc. AIA, director, information technology, Centerbrook, and planners will walk us through several BIM project examples. Architects considering, or resisting, adoption of BIM on designbid-build and CMR projects should consider attending this program! Program 2: Implementing BIM on Construction Projects Thursday, November 10, 1-3 p.m. AIA Connecticut, New Haven Rick Warhall, vice president, Whiting Turner Contracting Company New Haven, and BIM experts from his firm will present several case studies. For more information log onto http:// www.aiact.org/


Mass Education Corp. ACEC/Massachusetts Education Corporation onday, will host its annual golf tournament at Marshfield Country Club Sept. 19. This event will be underwritten by Lead (Eagle/Birdie) Tournament Sponsors major supporters of the event and the engineering community in Massachusetts at large. For more information: Kevin Hanley 781-380-7766 ext.12 or khanley@smscurvey.com www.marshfieldcc.com

Pricing Includes ground level or dock delivery. Pricing excludes all taxes and non standard delivery. Pricing valid until 9/30/11.


August, 2011


cutting edge design technology and 3D capabilities

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Massachusetts 425 Boylston St. 4th floor, Boston, MA, 02116

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Focused on Performance


Optimizing building performance is an art, as well as a science. Engineering involves complex choices. BVH takes all the technology and boils it down so clients can understand their options. By bringing it all together to paint the big picture, we simplify the process and keep it – focused on performance.

Civil Structural Mechanical Hartford | Boston start@bvhis.com www.twitter.com/bvhis www.bvhis.com

Electrical Commissioning Technology

Griswold Elementary School Library in progress

Jewett City, CT - FIP Construction, Inc., Kaestle Boos and BVH Integrated Services, Inc. have been working on the campus of both the Griswold Elementary and Middle Schools in Jewett City over the past three years. The phased construction required keeping two active occupied schools in operation during the $60 million plus improvements. The project is about three to four weeks ahead of schedule...story on page 15.


Library - Griswold Middle School

Profile for High-Profile

High-Profile Monthly: August 2011  

High-Profile Monthly is a facility development trade publication, featuring construction activities in New England. Its readers build and re...

High-Profile Monthly: August 2011  

High-Profile Monthly is a facility development trade publication, featuring construction activities in New England. Its readers build and re...