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Life Sciences and Advanced Technology

UConn Facility Receives Award...p30 West Hall, Tufts University, Preservation Massachusetts Awards...p17

CMS, KBA Architects and CTA Construction at Burlington Memorial Elementary School...p24

Award winning 175-185 Wyman Street complex...p15

Richmond Group to Expand Cubist facility...p33

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July 2011

Suffolk Tops Off UMass Medical School Suffolk Tops Off Dartmouth College Project Shawmut Breaks Ground on Taco Expansion MPA Receives Award for 175 -185 Wyman Street UMass Boston Breaks Ground - Walsh Brothers CM NECA Contractors Leading the Way in Solar Projects Walsh Brothers Tops Off BU Building Vertex Breaks Ground at Fan Pier Groundbreaking at St. Sebastian’s BRA Approves Berklee Plan

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July, 2011

July, 2011


Serving Boston and Surrounding Communities for 35 years. H&H Builders is a full service construction firm providing: • Pre-Construction Planning • Construction Management • General Contracting • Design/Build Assisted Living Corporate/Commercial Medical/Health Care Retail/Restaurant Academic Financial/Banking • Renovation • Tenant Fit-up • New Construction • Pre-Engineered Buildings Rockland Trust, Attleboro

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Turbine at local 103

Compass on the Bay Assisted Living

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July, 2011


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E X P E R I E N C E. All mechanical contractors say they can do the job. But at NB Kenney we’ve proven ourselves for more than thirty years. From hospitals, laboratories and schools, to government buildings, municipal buildings and housing projects we can handle the most challenging and complex systems. We invite you to review our success stories and see that we know how to get a project done on time and on budget.

You’ll find that our work meets the most rigorous standards of excellence. If you want uncompromising quality, meticulous attention to detail, and the know-how to get it done right, depend on our experience for your next project.


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July, 2011

Recently Closed Transactions


FELDMAN Professional Land Surveyors F











LocaL & RegionaL expeRtise: 1 9 4 6

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$4,000,000 Since 1994 the Commercial • Retail•Centers Retail RetailCenters Centers Division has been involved in Buildings • Industrial Industrial Buildings Buildings Refinance and• Industrial Working Capital Loan • Apartment Buildings arranging financing for Real LocaL & RegionaL expeRtise: • Apartment Apartment Buildings Buildings LocaL LocaL & R& egionaL RegionaL expeRtise expeRtise : :Pine Manor College - Agency & Conventional --Agency Agency && Conventional Conventional Estate related transactions. Since the1994 Commercial Division Since1994 Since 1994 the Commercial the Commercial Division Division • Office• Buildings Office OfficeBuildings Buildings

has involved in arranging hasbeen been has been involved involved in arranging in arranging financing forfor RealReal Estate financing financing for Real Estate Estate related transactions. related related transactions. transactions.

can Finance any pRopeRty stRuctuRe:

Loans --Bridge BridgeLoans Loans Chestnut- Bridge Hill, MA

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• Office• Buildings Office OfficeBuildings Buildings $1,800,000 • Retail•Centers Retail RetailCenters Centers cc anan Fc inance anyany Fan inance Finance any • Industrial Buildings • Industrial Industrial Buildings BuildingsLoan pp RopeRty stRuctuRe : :Refinance and Rehab RopeRty pRopeRty stRuctuRe stRuctuRe : • Apartment Buildings Property types include: • Apartment Apartment Buildings Buildings Property Property types types include: include: Lodging House condominium construction, singlesingle - Agency & Conventional condominium condominium construction, construction, single --Agency Agency && Conventional Conventional family office, retail, familysubdivision, family subdivision, subdivision, office, office, retail, retail, MA LandBoston, cquisition /d eveLopment / construction LoansL: oansL:oans: La Land and acquisition cquisition /d /d eveLopment eveLopment / construction / construction assisted living, hotel &hotel assisted assisted living, living, hotel &&

Property types include: condominium construction, specialized properties. / Condominiums specialized specialized properties. properties. / Condominiums • Subdivisions • Subdivisions Subdivisions / Condominiums single family subdivision, office, Spec Houses Single Spec • Single• Family SingleFamily Family Houses retail, assisted living, hotel & RReLationships $800,000 SpecHouses aRe ta het Bhet asis ReLationships Re he Basis eLationships aRe Basis specialized properties. WindW &ind soLar nergy oo Fo usiness : : : W ind & sseoLar oLar eenergy nergy F uR oouR FBo BuRusiness Business • Developers • Engineering Firms • Architectural Firms • Law Firms • General Contractors • Educational Institutions Whether it is relationships with • Health Care Institutions our capital sources or with our • Government

Relationships Are the Basis Of Our Business: clients, we are constantly striving to improve our dealings.

Harry R. Feldman, Inc. • 112 Shawmut Avenue • Boston, MA 02118 • 617-357-9740 • www.harryrfeldman.com

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Vice President - Commercial Division Vice President - Commercial Division Vice VicePresident President - Commercial - Commercial Division Division Phone: 781-684-5712 Phone:Phone: 781-684-5712 Phone: 781-684-5712 781-684-5712 Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com Sid.Spiegel@NEMoves.com rd 52 Ave., 33rd Floor 52Second Second Avenue, Floor, Waltham, MA 02451 52 52 Second Second Avenue, Avenue, 3rd 3rdFloor, Floor, Waltham, Waltham, MAMA 02451 02451 Waltham, MA 02451 Tel:NY 781-878-4540 NE NY NE Tel: Tel:781-878-4540 781-878-4540 NY Proof REal EstatE JouRNal Proof Proof REal REal EstatE EstatE JouRNal JouRNal

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Whether it isit relationships withwith ourwith Whether Whether is relationships it is relationships ourour capital or with ourwith clients, capitalsources capital sources sources or with or our our clients, clients, weweareare constantly striving to to to weconstantly are constantly striving striving improve ourour dealings. improve improve dealings. our dealings.

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July, 2011


Griffin Gets Patriotic Employer Award

Groundbreaking at Fan Pier

Contact Chris Hadorn: 774.259.2390

Boston - Mayor Menino and the BRA defining ‘a sense of place’ for the waterjoined with Boston-based development front as one of the city’s most vital assets. firm The Fallon Company to break ground Our restaurants, retail, cultural destinations on Fan Pier’s second and third office build- and office space, along with ongoing public ings and the future home to the 1.1 million programming, have re-connected hundreds sf global headquarters for Vertex Pharma- of thousands of Bostonians to and onto the ceuticals. water.” This lease is the The Vertex office largest commercial lease The groundbreaking cer- buildings are each 18 in the history of Boston, emony celebrates the stories high and offer a and with construction largest commercial lease combined total of approxiunder way, it’s also the mately 1.1 million sf of largest private sector in Boston’s history and research (laboratory) and construction project in the largest private sector office space, plus 60,000sf construction project un- of ground floor restaurant the country. More than 1,000 derway in the country. and retail, and underconstruction jobs will be ground parking. created as a result of this The buildings are new project. Vertex currently has approxi- designed by two highly-acclaimed archimately 1,300 employees in Massachusetts tectural firms, and Boston-based Turner and expects to add an additional 500 new Construction will serve as the project’s jobs in Massachusetts through 2015 to sup- general contractor. port the company’s continued growth. 50 Northern Avenue is designed by Joseph Fallon of The Fallon Com- Tsoi/Kobus Associates of Cambridge. The pany, said: “As we continue to develop and contemporary building design is comprised move Fan Pier forward, one thing is appar- of a floor-to-ceiling glass exterior with light ent: people are inherently drawn to the wa- blue glass and a full-height sloped design ter. In just a few short years, the growth and feature along Northern Avenue, to offer development of Fan Pier has transformed panoramic views of the waterfront and surour waterfront into a world-class destinaContinued on page 41 tion. We’ve made tremendous progress in

Holliston, MA - Director of operations, Gerry Richards and corporate human resources manager, Donna David recently accepted the Patriotic Employer Award on behalf of Griffin Electric, for the company’s exceptional support of National Guard and Reserve Force employees by the National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR). Ombudsman Rick Bedell of the ESGR was on-hand to present the award. US Marine Corps Reserve Lance Corporal Michael Black nominated the company, stating that they hired him knowing he was in the Marine Corps Reserve and was going to deploy to Afghanistan. Without hesitation, Griffin Electric granted him time off for military training and vacation prior to his deployment. “They are a good caring company for all service members,” he said. In addition to Black, two other Griffin Electric employees are currently serving

l-r: Rick Bedell, Donna David, and Gerry Richards

on active duty, and a third recently returned from leave. Headquartered in Holliston, Griffin Electric has offices in Duluth, GA; Raleigh, NC; Charlotte, NC, and Pelham, AL. The company, with its over 1200 employees, serves clients throughout New England and the Southeast in markets ranging from commercial, educational and municipal to medical, industrial and high-tech.

Sacco Joins High-Profile

High-Profile is pleased tioneer Magazines, a position to announce the appointment of later assumed by her father, Jessica Swartz Sacco, of GuilHerb Swartz. “I grew up on ford, Conn., as our exclusive job sites and started working sales representative for Conselling advertising for these necticut. Jessica is uniquely publications soon after atsuited for this position, having tending Northeastern Univerliterally grown up in close assity,” Jessica says. sociation with the construction “I love the construction industry in New England. industry and (after a brief reHer grandfather, Her- Jessica Swartz Sacco spite to begin raising a famman Swartz, was the owner ily) I am so happy to be back and publisher of New England Con- working again with High Profile.” You’ll struction, Truck World and Construc- be hearing from her soon.

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July, 2011


Photo Correction: Dartmouth Hitchcock Projects

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Heater Road rendering of front elevation.

In our June issue we published a rendering of the Dartmouth Hitchcock Nashua facility with the Dartmouth Hitchock Heater Road Medical Building story. We include here the correct photos and captions. Designed by Lavallee Brensinger, the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Heater Road is scheduled to open in the fall 2012. The facility will house primary care, outpatient rehabil­itation, functional restoration, dermatology, phlebotomy, and a sleep disorders center. The published photo was that of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nashua’s new

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nashua’s new medical office building/ambulatory care building

Simulation model of typical clinical pod for the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Heater Road project 152,000sf multi-specialty medical office building/ambulatory care building designed by healthcare architects MorrisSwitzer Environments for Health. The facility will accommodate space to relocate the existing clinical and support programs as well as expanded clinical programs. For the complete stories, with the corrected photo, visit our archives at www.high-profile.com/main/issues and click the June issue to page 20.

UMass Medical School Topping Off Designed by ARC, CM Suffolk Construction

Worcester, MA - State, city, and local officials, students, and faculty members from the University of Massachusetts, and representatives from ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge and Suffolk Construction Company recently held a topping off ceremony to commemorate completion of the structural steel frame for the Albert Sherman Center, a nine-story medical research facility at the university’s medical school campus in Worcester. Photo: John Gillooly/ PEI Upon its completion, the new faARC topping off at UMass Medical School cility will total approximately 500,000sf of space, doubling the medical school’s Department of Quantitative Health Sciencresearch capacity and expanding its educa- es, the RNA Therapeutics Institute and the tional space. Center for Experiential Learning and SimFeaturing a new wet lab research ulation under one roof. It will be a state-ofbuilding, with educational and academic the-art facility where some of the world’s spaces, this building will be the latest addi- top researchers can focus on creating new tion to the university’s Worcester campus, therapies for many debilitating diseases as which has grown over the past seven years well as facilities to support the education of since the construction of the Aaron Lazare the next generation of physicians in MasMedical Research Building. The Albert sachusetts. Sherman Center will be physically linked The building will be energy-efficient to the original Medical School building. and environmentally sustainable to meet ARC, a nationally recognized ar- the US Green Building Council’s LEED chitectural, planning, and interior design Silver standards, as well as all local, state, firm specializing in educational, science, and building energy performance standards sports and corporate facilities, is oversee- and building codes. ing all aspects of the project from design In addition to wet lab space, the new services, including programming, through addition will include clean rooms, adminisconstruction, commissioning and closeout. trative space, a 300-seat auditorium, library, The project is scheduled for completion in conference center, cafeteria, and campus late 2012. support spaces. A 1,441 space garage will The Sherman Center will bring the be built in the adjacent biotechnology reAdvanced Therapeutics Cluster (ATC), the search park.

The Master of Science in Management (MSM) for Interior Architecture is a highly customized, comprehensive, and flexible graduate program that prepares professionals for advanced roles in the interior design industry. 36-Credit, cohort-based program includes seven management courses and five electives that will address critical areas of design for working professionals. Interdisciplinary studios focus on both environmental and universal design concepts and applications. Advanced technologies in design will incorporate Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Revit a process which goes far beyond switching to new software, but rather requires a paradigm shift in the design process. Small classes offered in a hybrid format with a combination of online and on-campus/studio coursework.


July, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News Our mission: To provide a level of value, quality and service that is unrivaled in the construction industry.

Design by CMK Architects

New $18.2 million Kingswood Regional School Multi-Purpose Building Governor Wentworth Regional School District, Wolfeboro, NH

North Branch Construction, Inc. (603) 224-3233 . FAX (603) 225-7165


Longevity, Reliability, Quality, Professionalism and Integrity. 5 Important Reasons To Choose Interstate For Your Next Project

The Difference is Attitude Connecticut

70 Treble Cove Road North Billerica, MA 01862 t. 978.667.5200 f. 978.947.8259

New Hampshire

Rhode Island




And the Winners Are...

Frank Monkiewicz snaps a shot of MPA’s Barbara Hicks at SMPS ROC Awards. Nice snacks! by Michael Barnes Publisher, High-Profile Monthly The economy has improved somewhat, and associations are sharing the results of those teams that have completed projects during the tough times. I had the opportunity to chat with Ronald Worth, CAE, ESMPS, CPSM, CPC, and CEO of SociMichael Barnes ety for Marketing Professional Services. Ron was attending the 30th Anniversary celebration of the SMPS Boston and ROC awards (see page 20). Ron was upbeat about the nationwide attendance gains this year. We hope to attend the national conference in Chicago this August. Boston SMPS hosted last year’s national conference. Award nights always pull out the stops with high caliber top executives in attendance to accept the awards. You can look for more award nights this fall. The Massachusetts Building Congress (MBC) is accepting nominations from its members for organization/company inductees into the MBC Hall of Fame. The 2011 Hall of Fame inductees will be honored at the MBC Annual Dinner and Hall of Fame Gala in November. National Development has been selected to receive the NAIOP Massachusetts 2011 Distinguished Real Estate Award for achievements in real estate, charitable activ-

one integrated design—one beautiful result.

Wessling Architects Led The Design Team for New England Conservatory Restoration Winner of the 2010 Preservationbuilding Achievement Award. How can you execute a successful project, avoiding The New Conservatory Campus honored in your the category all England the usual hassles, andwas fullfilling original vision of of Exceptional Maintenance of a Historic Property. This project beautiful, effective architecture? The solution is to address concentrated on the exterior renovation of Jordan Hall, the entire project asBotolph one integrated design. 295 Huntington Avenue, 241 St. Street, and 33 Gainsborough Street in Boston’s total approach enhances the design process and Back This Bay. “This project has brought these protects exceptional buildings to a your interests not only due to efficiency, but high standard of renovation and also through comprehensive professional services, strong reinforces the idea that good communication, and a deeper reliance on partnering. maintenance is good preservation”, said Sarah Kelly, Executive Director of the Boston Preservation Alliance.




SMPS CEO Ron Worth and Michael Barnes at SMPS Gala.

ities, and community betterment. The award will be presented at NAIOP ’s Annual Award Gala in November with a special tribute by HFF, the evening’s platinum sponsor. Michael Marvelli’s trip to AISC’s national conference in Pittsburgh earlier this year has prompted us to carry more news relevent to the industry. AISC’s 14th Edition Steel Construction Manual will be available in hard copy format on July 1. Orders may be placed through AISC’s online bookstore at www.aisc.org/bookstore. The 2010 AISC Specification is available for free downloading on the AISC website at www.aisc. org/2010spec.

Now is the Time to Build

Summer makes for great travel. Recently, I was able to view the progress of the rehabilitation of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool and grounds in Washington, D.C. The Louis Berger Group, Inc. is the architect,engineer, and construction manager, Corman Construction is the general contractor. The Davis Companies (TDC) has entered the D.C. market teaming with American Real Estate Partners (AREP) to purchase 1140 and 1146 19th Street N.W. in Washington, D.C. TDC is based in Boston. While the plans are still preliminary, AREP and TDC are planning for a Class A, full building renovation that will add three floors to the top of the buildings. Davis Square Partners, a joint venture between K.S.S. Realty Partners and Gate Residential Properties, announced that Maxwell’s Green will provide 24 of its 184 LEED certifiable rental properties at affordable rates to income eligible households based on federal housing guidelines. The affordable housing units are one of numerous social and community benefits that are part of Maxwell’s Green – Somerville’s latest innovative, transit-oriented residential development. The expected groundbreaking is for later this summer.


Presidents Place, 1250 Hancock Street, Suite 815, Quincy MA 02169 (617) 773-8150



Washington D.C. reflecting pool

July, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Broad Institute to Expand Boston - McCall & Almy announced that the Broad Institute has solidified its plans to expand at Cambridge Center in Kendall Square. McCall & Almy advised the Broad Institute in this complex transaction, which entailed extensive negotiations with numerous stakeholders, resulting in the Broad’s long-term control and expansion of its headquarters. The Broad Institute will add a second building to its facility at 7 Cambridge Center, creating an additional 250,00sf of research and administrative space on an adjacent parcel at 75 Ames St. The addition will be connected to 7 Cambridge Center on six levels, facilitating collaboration among Broad Institute scientists. The new building is expected to be completed in 2014. Construction of the expansion is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2012, with the Broad Institute expected to take occupancy during the first quarter of 2014. The team has recently reached a major milestone – long-term control of the site.

Shawmut Breaks Ground on Taco Expansion Designed by Baker Design Group

Cranston, RI - Shawmut Design and Construction has broken ground on an $18 million expansion and renovation project at Taco’s manufacturing headquarters, located in Cranston. Designed by architectural firm Baker Design Group of Boston, Taco’s state-of-the-art Innovation & Development Center will consist of a groundup, 24,037sf, two-story building that is connected to the company’s main headquarters. Shawmut will also conduct an extensive renovation to 24,000sf of Taco’s existing headquarters.

Rendering of Taco’s Cranston headquarters

Ron Simoneau, VP at Shawmut Design; John Hazen White, Jr., owner of Taco; and Tom Goemaat, CEO of Shawmut.

Taco’s Innovation & Development Center will feature a 63 seat tiered classroom, two 25 seat teaming spaces, two 30 seat classrooms, a library with computer center, conference rooms, computer training labs, demonstration rooms featuring cutting-edge equipment, and functioning laboratories for testing and teaching. Shawmut Design and Construction will also perform an extensive, floor-toceiling renovation to 24,000sf of Taco’s existing headquarters, which will include new offices, meeting rooms, and work sta-

tions that will be illuminated by a combination of natural light and energy-efficient lighting. Other environmentally friendly design elements will be included, and when completed, the project is expected to be LEED certified. A ceremonial groundbreaking was held on Friday, June 3, 2011. Construction began on Monday, June 6. The project, which will employ Shawmut’s trademark design-build approach, will be performed in five phases and is scheduled to be completed in fall 2012.

Contact Nexamp, New England’s leading turnkey solar installer, for a complimentary solar energy assessment of your new or existing facility. Let us help you reduce your energy costs: Nexamp makes solar energy simple and profitable for you. www.nexamp.com


Boston Properties

Wire Belt Co.

General Mills

Quabbin, Inc. www.high-profile.com

July, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Groundbreaking for Abbey School

ARC Architect, Advanced Building Concepts GC

Portsmouth, RI Students, faculty, alumni, and local business leaders, including principals from ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge, celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony in May for a new student dormitory and faculty residence for the Portsmouth Abbey School at its campus in Rendering of the new student dormitory and faculty residence Portsmouth. The 28,000sf buildas well as elements of the existing architecing, which will contain 30 student beds and tural style of the campus. The building rethree faculty residences organized along a inforces the new “campus green” that was central corridor, is designed by ARC, an developed as part of ARC’s first residence architectural, planning, and interior design hall on the campus. firm specializing in educational, sports, sciSustainable features include the use ence, and corporate facilities. of roof-top solar panels that will provide Portsmouth Abbey School, a coedu- anywhere from 60% to 100% of the buildcational, Catholic Benedictine boarding ing’s hot water needs. Water-saving toilets and day school for students in grades 9-12, and faucets, energy-efficient lighting and is located on a 500-acre campus along appliances, as well as very high efficiency the picturesque shores of Rhode Island’s boilers, will also contribute to the buildNarragansett Bay. ing’s sustainable features. The new buildThis is ARC’s second housing proj- ing is oriented to maximize passive solar ect on the campus, having completed a 36- heating, and the super insulated building bed girls’ dormitory, St. Brigid’s House, in shell will minimize the need for supple2007. The new boys’ dormitory will incor- mental heat. porate similar design features, including a Advanced Building Concepts is the large common room and central study, both general contractor for the project, which is of which reinforce the sense of community scheduled for completion in the summer of the school strives to foster. The design will 2012 and occupancy in the fall of 2012. integrate locally sourced building materials

John D. Murphy Breaks Ground

Walpole, MA - John D. Murphy Co., a Walpole-based real estate development and investment firm, held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new 117,200sf office/warehouse building at its Walpole Park South complex. Local officials, along with the ownership, the exclusive leasing team of NAI Hunneman, and the design-build team of Advantage Construction, attended the ceremony. The existing seven buildings at the 466,000sf Walpole Park South are now fully leased with recently completed transactions to Fulfillment Services (15,000sf), The New England Patriots (10,000sf), and Specialty Flooring Systems (5,000sf). The new project will be the eighth building at this 54-acre complex. Located at 3 Walpole Park South Drive, the new building sits on a 9.05-acre site. The space is sub-dividable by 5,960sf and can be used for office, showroom, and warehouse.

l-r: John Kelley, president, Advantage Const.; Donnelly Murphy, pres., John D. Murphy Co.; and Cathy Minnerly, exec. VP, NAI Hunneman

CTA Starts Work on New School

Boylston, MA - CTA Construction Co. Inc., based in Waltham, has started work on the new Tahanto Regional Middle/High School in Boylston. The new 126,000sf facility will feature an expanded auditorium and band and music area and will meet the standards of the Massachusetts - Collaborative for High Performance Schools (MA-CHPS), a certification process that addresses school design, construction,

and operation. MA-CHPS strives to make schools environmentally friendly and efficient energy, water and material efficient, well-lit, thermally comfortable, acoustically sound, safe, healthy, and easy to operate. The new middle/high school, with a construction cost of $32.2 million, is scheduled to be completed by fall 2012 and occupied by January 2013.

Commercial • Institutional • Fine Residential • Irrigation • Stonewalls • Walkways • Terraces

Fine Residential

Princeton University Chemistry Building

Athletic Fields

The Work Force of Nature Current Landscaping Projects Include:

• Harvard Law School – Skanska • MIT Koch Center – William Berry • MGH – Building for the Third Century – Turner Construction • Temple Beth Elohim - Richard White Sons • Princeton University Chemistry – Turner Construction • Brown Creative Arts Center – Shawmut Design and Construction • Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum – Shawmut Design and Construction • Appleton Mill – CWC Builders • Russia Wharf – John Moriarty and Associates • Cambridge Rindge and Latin – Consigli Construction • Harbor Park Pavilion – Turner Construction • Dana Farber – Walsh Brothers • Dorchester Ave Improvements – McCourt Construction • Johnson and Wales University – Johnson and Wales • Linden Square Improvements – Federal Realty • Boston College Weston Jesuit Housing – Lee Kennedy Company • Logan Conrac Enabling – Suffolk Construction • IRS Modernization – Columbia Construction


Landscape Development

Telephone: 617-254-1700 • Fax: 617-254-0234 • 17 Electric Avenue, Boston, MA 02135 • www.valleycrest.com www.high-profile.com

July, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Market Basket Store Under Way

Pro Con GC - Prellwitz/Chilinski Architect

Ninety-five percent of the demolished construction waste material will be recycled.

Manchester, NH – Construction is under way for a new Market Basket store located at the corner of Elm and West Auburn streets in downtown Manchester. RMD Inc of Tewksbury, Mass. is developing the store for Demoulas Super Markets Inc. and the Market Basket stores. Prellwitz/Chilinski Associates Inc. of Cambridge, Mass is the project architect, and Pro Con Inc. of Manchester, N.H. is the general contractor for the project. The new store will be located on a 10.7-acre site that was most recently

home to Rockwell Automation Inc.’s Allen Bradley plant. As part of the extensive renovation project, Pro Con demolished a portion of the structure, including exterior walls and the existing concrete slab. The company is planning to recycle 95% of the demolished construction waste material from the former building, diverting tons of debris from landfills. The demolition work began in March 2011 and sitework, which will use the crushed recycled materials as fill, in early May.

Tilton, NH - Jewett Automotive Design & Construction of Raymond has contracted with Belknap Subaru of Belmont to build a new, state-of-the-art auto dealership for the company’s relocation to Tilton. This extensive project involves both interior and exterior renovations to the existing showroom and service buildings of

the former HK Powersports and the addition of a 1,600sf steel-framed infill linking the existing structures. The new dealership will offer customers a larger inventory of new, used, and certified vehicles, a more spacious showroom and a specially furnished customer waiting area.

Jewett to Build New Dealership

Phase 1 of Clapp House Resto Completed

Historic Boston Teams up with North Bennet St. School Boston - Historic Boston Incorporated recently completed the first phase of restoration on the 1804 Clapp House in Dorchester, celebrating the work of a student carpentry team from the North Bennet Street School of Boston on the historic – and future – residence building. Historic Boston employees and students from the North End school, which teaches traditional trades including preservation carpentry, marked the completion of the stately, Students finish Phase 1 of the Clapp House restoration. restored building. Restoration of the To date, restoration of the Clapp Clapp House, named after a family that House has involved new windows and sills, built the 1804 house and home of Animal foundation reconstruction, and chimney reRescue League Founder Anna Clapp Harbuilding. The students removed shingles to ris Smith, is the first project of an ongoing reveal original clapboards, which were recollaboration between Historic Boston Inc. paired before being painted with a primer. and the North Bennet Street School. The In the summer, North Bennet Street team works to repair overlooked historic and Historic Boston will team up to repair buildings in Boston while helping North the house’s roof structure. Bennet Street students train in real-world The Clapp House project is expected preservation projects. Students complete to be completed in 2012 and is intended not a full scope of preservation carpentry projonly to restore an important historic buildects, and Historic Boston manages the maing but also to provide one and possibly sonry improvements and property acquisitwo new residences to the neighborhood. tions.


Since 1958 we've been building Precast, Prestressed Concrete Structures!

Union Station Parking Garage Logan International Airport Parking Garage

BRING US IN EARLY... Our wealth of experience spans more than fifty years. We are able to provide you with assistance in the design and construction of all types of precast structures.

WITH OUR DESIGN ASSIST PROPOSAL WE DELIVER... • Guaranteed Maximum Pricing • Guaranteed Schedules • Value Engineering • Design Development • TEKLA 3D Modeling • Constructibility Solutions.

UCONN Stadium

Yale Dormitory

Blakeslee Prestress, Inc. Corporate Office: Route 139 ■ P.O. Box 510 ■ Branford, CT 06405 ■ Phone: 203.481.5306 Massachusetts Sales Office: 5 Mount Royal Avenue ■ Marlborough, MA 01752 ■ Phone: 508.486.9100 www.blakesleeprestress.com E-mail: rvitelli@blakesleeprestress.com

altusgroup member TM


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July, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Awards

IFMA Boston 2011 Awards of Excellence


oston - The Boston chapter of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) announced the winners of the 2011 Awards of Excellence. Jones Lang LaSalle and building owner TIAA-CREF won for Sustainability Practices at 99 High in Boston. EMD Serono and Jones Lang LaSalle were recognized in the Medium Project category for the EMD Serono Research Center project in Billerica. You Make it Happen Award: IFMA Facility Fusion Committee and Ambassadors The “You Make it Happen” award is given in recognition of service to the IFMA Chapter that goes above and beyond expectations and makes a substantial impact on the membership and success of the organization. Joe Flynn, LEED AP (Margulies Perruzzi Architects), Lori Stewart Coletti, CFM (Leggat McCall Properties), Thomas Bourgeois (Wentworth Institute of Technology student), Edward O’Rourke (GEI Consultants), Brian Folan (Donahue & Associates), Jay Philomena (Jay Philomena Associates), Robert Fortado, FMP (Beverly Schools), Mike Ramos (Margulies Perruzzi), Molly Pidgeon (Ironwood Construction Co.), Christina Arlin (Wentworth Continued on next page

Joe Flynn, representatives from EMD Serono and Museum of Fine Arts project teams, Alicia Dernier - Best Practice: Medium Project Award Winners

Kent Larson

Chris Gilman, CFM, E Ink-Exemplary End User Award

Alicia Dernier, CFM, IFMA Boston President and James Koloski, RDK EngineersExemplary Service Provider Award

Joy Shapiro and Alicia, Diversified Project Management-President’s Award Winner

Joe Flynn, representatives from Ropes & Gray, Alicia Dernier-Best Practice: Large Project



Build it Right

Build it Responsible

Build it AMERICAN! 20 Turcotte Memorial Drive I P.O. Box 706 I Rowley, MA 01969 T: 978-948-8000 I F: 978-948-8650 I www.caponeiron.com



— Unknown

160 Boylston Street 3rd floor Boston, MA 02116 www.copley-wolff.com · 617.654.9000

July, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Awards Continued from previous page

Facility Fusion Committee and Ambassadors-You Make It Happen Award

Kent Larson, MIT Media Lab and Awards of Excellence Keynote and representatives from Nelson Black Cow for Biogen Idec project-Best Practice: Sustainability LEED Principles

student), Marie Maseng (Viking Controls), Joanne Katz (Partners Healthcare), Angela Rothemich (Liberty Mutual Group), Natalie Lessard (Wentworth student), Meghan O’Brien (Wentworth student), Leah Mulrenan (Wentworth student), Krystle Foley (Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA), Jordan Taras (Wentworth student), Sarah Henry (Wentworth student), Judylynn Monaco (Fresenius Medical Care NA), Jill Bellio (Jill Bellio Designs), Clayton Loubier (Wentworth student), David Colarusso (Wentworth student), Christopher Davin (Wentworth student), Carolyn Manoukian (Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA), and Shane Savoie (Creative Office Pavilion). President’s Award: Joy Shapiro, Diversified Project Management Exemplary Service Provider Award: James Koloski, RDK Engineers Distinguished End User: Chris Gilman, CFM, E Ink Emerging Leader Award: Thomas

Joe Flynn, LEED AP, IFMA Boston President Elect, Alicia Dernier, and representatives from Manulife/John Hancock-Best Practice: Small Project Award

Bourgeois, student, Wentworth Institute of Technology Education & Professional Development Award: Richard Christiano, CFM, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Facilities Management Achievement Awards for Best Practices:

• Sustainability Practices: TIAACREF (nominated by Jones Lang LaSalle) • Sustainability Existing LEED Principles: Biogen Idec (nominated by Nelson Black Cow) • Small Project (<50,000sf.): Manulife/John Hancock (nominated by Manulife/John Hancock) • Medium Project (50,000 – 150,000sf.): Museum of Fine Arts (nominated by Acentech) and EMD Serono (nominated by Jones Lang LaSalle) • Large Project (>150,000sf.): Ropes & Gray (nominated by Structure Tone, Inc.)

Alicia, Kent and representatives from TIAA-CREF project team-Best Practice: Sustainability Best Practices




Established in 1985, The Torrey Company, Inc. is a total building and construction management firm that focuses on a broad range of commercial and industrial operations. These operations include: Co-Generator Plants, Corporate Centers, Department Stores, Food Processing Plants, Freezer Plants, Higher Education, R & D Facilities, Resorts, Shopping Centers, Supermarkets and Warehouses.



T. 508.695.6005

F. 508.695.2123

www.torreyco.com www.high-profile.com

July, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Awards


oston - On April 20, 2011, 
 the New England Chapter of the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) held the 17th Annual Project Achievement Awards Program. Frank DePaola PE, acting highway administrator for the Mass. Department of Transportation, was the keynote speaker. This year a total of 13 projects received awards in the areas of infrastructure, building construction, and program management. Projects were from both the public and private sectors. The award winning projects include: Infrastructure less Than $10M - Phillipston “Heavy Lift” Project - MassDOT Infrastructure greater than $100M - Interlink at TF Green Airport - Gilbane Building Company New bldg. construction less than $15M - Weston DPW - PMA Consultants New bldg. construction less than $20M - New Temple -Temple Beth Elohim – Phase 1 - Richard White Sons New bldg. construction less than $30M - Wind Technology Testing Center Turner Construction Company New bldg. construction less than $50M

CMAA Achievement Awards


Keynote speaker Frank DePaola

2011 Person of the Year, Edmond Hunter

Distinguished Service Award recipient Nicholas Macy CMM (r) accepts from Awards Committee members David Doane PE, CMM and Kay Barned-Smith AIA, CCM.

Distinguished Service Award recipient Christine Keville, with New England Chapter President Ralph Jacobs, PE

Department of Public Works Weston, MA  

Economy Parking Garage - Parsons Brinckerhoff New bldg. construction greater than $100M - Ambulatory Care Center - PMA Consultants New bldg. construction greater than $150M - East End Housing Project - Tetra-Tech New bldg. construction greater than $200M - Yawkey Center for Cancer Care - Walsh Brothers Renovation bldg. construction less than $5M - Wright and Bullock Halls - Cutler Associates Renovation bldg. construction less than $10M - Haystack Satellite Radar Replacement Bond Brothers Renovation bldg. construction less than $20M - McCarthy College Center - Colantonio Program Management - Accelerated Bridge Program – MassDOT Each year the awards program recognizes outstanding construction management students with a scholarship. This year 13 students from four area colleges were awarded scholarships. Schools represented with scholarship recipients for this year included Northeastern University, University of Southern Maine, Wentworth Institute of Technology and WorcesContinued on next page

Award-winning general contractor and proud partner with PMA Consultants on the Weston DPW Project.


1432 Main St., Suite 204, Waltham, MA 02451 (781) 786-6600 www.ctaconstruction.com

Painting Contractor for the Clark University Projects Public Works Facility for the Town of Weston, Massachusetts, at the  The  scope  of  work  included  construction  of  a  New  Department  of 


site of the current facility located at 190 Boston Post Road By‐Pass  (Route 20). The project included all demolition and removal of the  existing  facilities,  reorganization  of  site  elements  and  the  ARCHITECT HKT Architects, Inc.  construction of a new facility. The new facility is comprised of two    new buildings. The Vehicle Equipment Operations Garage is 18,400  YEAR COMPLETE SF  and  will  house  a  vehicle  wash  bay  and  vehicle  and  equipment  2011  storage spaces. The Building will also include an attached 3,000 SF  open canopy.  The Operations Building is 23,500 SF and will house  LOCATION administrative  offices,  employee  support  spaces,  workshops,  and  Weston, MA  Wallcovering • Decorative Finishesoperations  • Highfor Performance vehicle  maintenance  the  Department  of Coatings Public  SIZE Works,  The  site  contain  parking,  a  fueling  facility,  and  a  material  • Pressure Washing • Polomyx/Zolatone • Metallic Finishes 42,000 sf  storage bin area.  Town of Weston 

We are proud to be recognized as a leader in the renovation and preservation of historic and architecturally significant buildings.


• Historical Restoration • Architectural Finishes

$ 11,250,000 

This project was awarded a project achievement award by the 

Construction Management Association of America, New England  • Faux Finishes • Electrostatic Painting Chapter.  

155-U New Boston St., Suite 174   Woburn, MA 01801 architecture

interior design


urban design


Phone: 781-933-9301 Fax: 781-933-9302

Visit our website: www.newhorizonfinishes.com

July, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Awards

Margulies Perruzzi Receives Award

CMAA Awards Continued from previous page ter Polytechnic Institute. A total of nearly $23,000 was awarded in scholarships to these students. The 2011 Person of the Year is Edmond Hunter. He is the acting director of design and construction at the MBTA. Hunter was recognized for his accomplishments as a dedicated public servant, a highly effective manager, and an outstanding leader in the construction profession. Distinguished Service Awards were presented to Nicholas Macy CCM and Christine Keville. Macy was recognized for his recently completed six years of service on the New England chapter’s board of directors. Keville was recognized for her 20 years of service at both the chapter and national levels of CMAA.

Boston - Margulies Perruzzi Architects announced that the firm received a 2011 Environmental Design + Construction Excellence in Design Award for its sustainable design of Hobbs Brook Management’s Class A office complex at 175-185 Wyman Street in Waltham. Margulies Perruzzi Architects was recognized with an Honorable Mention in the commercial category. Owned and operated by Hobbs Brook Management, designed by Margulies Perruzzi Architects, and built by Columbia Construction Company, the complex earned LEED Gold certification and Innovation in Design credits in all five categories set forth by the US Green Building Council. The 175-185 Wyman Street complex is 335,000sf of new construction built with the highest level of design, construction, materials, and finishes. The property features two L-shaped buildings with a courtyard between that creates a campus-like setting. The project includes underground and surface parking and a 5,424sf, foodcourt style corporate dining facility in the 175 Wyman Street building with an outdoor patio, as well as a café and satellite location for the shoulder periods in the 185 Wyman Street building next door. Sustainable aspects include an integrated green cleaning program, mature landscaping, high-reflection roofing, pre-

Award winning 175-185 Wyman Street complex ferred parking for hybrid vehicles and car poolers, and shower facilities for bicycle commuters. The project recycled over 95% of the former building on the site as structural fill, incorporating an equivalent of $7 million worth of recycled materials. The state-of-the-art stormwater treatment system utilizes a pond that doubles as a landscape feature to clean water before it heads to the Cambridge Reservoir, while additional stormwater runoff collected on


site is used for irrigation of the site’s native and drought-resistant plantings. The project featured 40% water-use reduction and 22% optimized energy performance during the design, engineering, and construction phases, with the intention of reducing energy costs to future tenants. Additionally, the exterior materials of the building provide practical solar protection through the use of solar shading that minimizes heat gain while also drawing natural light deep into the office space.

Colburn & Guyette Foodservice Designers & Consultants


into GREEN


Sustainable building is one of our specialties here at COLANTONIO. With LEED certified structures under our belt, we have the specialized experience to turn your next project into the real thing. But that’s not to say we can’t do it all: we self-perform a wide array of trades for satisfied clients across New England, delivering projects on-time and within budget.

Want to know more? Just check out our portfolio at www.colantonioinc.com 508.429.8666 16 everett st holliston, ma 01746 info@colantonioinc.com






July, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Awards

Boston Preservation Alliance 2011 Preservation Achievement Awards

Boston - The Boston Preservation Alliance announced its 2011 Preservation Achievement Awards that are bestowed annually to honor outstanding achievements in historic preservation and compatible new construction in Boston. The award winners were:

Integration of Preservation and New Construction:

Atlantic Wharf - owner/developer: Boston Properties, architect: CBT Architects.

Modern Theatre - owner/developer: Suffolk University, architect: CBT Architects

Rehabilitation by a Public Agency: Brewer Fountain - owner/developer: city of Boston Parks and Recreation Department, architect: Carr, Lynch and Sandell.

Rehabilitation/Restoration of a Religious Property Tiffany Stained Glass Window Restoration at Theodore Parker Church - owner/developer: Theodore Parker Church, architect: Donham and Sweeney Associates

New Construction in Harmony with Boston’s Built Environment Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - owner/developer: Museum of Fine Arts Boston, design architect: Foster + Partners, executive architect: CBT Architects.

Rehabilitation of a Historic Industrial Space:

Rehabilitation/Restoration Preserving Boston’s Heritage Georges Island Visitor Center - owner/ developer: Massachusetts Department of Conservation, & Recreation. architect: McGinley Kalsow & Associates.

New Parkland Added to Boston’s Open Space: Fan Pier Public Green - owner/developer: The Fallon Company. landscape architect: Richard Burck Associates.

Boston Renaissance Charter Public High School - owner/developer: Boston Renaissance Charter Public High School, architect: HMFH Architects. Metropolitan Waterworks Museum - owner/ developer: Metropolitan Waterworks Museum, E.A. Fish architect: Gund Partnership

Maintenance of a Historic Neighborhood Landmark: Jamaica Plain Civil War Monument owner/developer: City of Boston, conservator Daedalus, Inc.


The Watermill Lofts – The Lofts at Lower Mills owner/developer: Winn Development, architect: The Architectural Team

Neighborhood Preservation: 90 Smith Street – Basilica Court - owner/ developer: Mission Associates II, LLC/ Weston Associates, Inc.; architect: Spalding Tougias Architects

July, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Awards


oston - Each May, Preservation Massachusetts holds an event to recognize and celebrate the efforts and accomplishments of those individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to preserving the Commonwealth’s historic resources. This year’s Paul E. Tsongas Awards honors the preservation excellence of higher education institutions and preparatory schools of Massachusetts.

Preservation Massachusetts Awards

Emmanuel College Brimmer & May for the Corkin Visual Arts Center - Delta Design And Construction College of the Holy Cross for Campus Commitment - Perini Construction, Fontaine Brothers, and Bond Brothers Emerson College for the Paramount Center - Bond Brothers Emmanuel College for Campus Commitment - Walsh Brothers Harvard University for Appleton

Amherst College The 2011 Honorees for The Paul E. Tsongas Award are: Amherst College for Stewardship Aquadro & Ceruli The Berkshire School for Rehabilitation - Fontaine Brothers Boston College for St. Clements Hall - Lee Kennedy Inc.

Harvard Law Dorm

New England Conservatory for Campus Rehabilitations - Tishman Construction Corporation Phillips Academy for Paresky Commons - Consigli Construction Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study for the Sunken Garden - The Picot Company Springfield College for the Judd/ Sitzer YMCA Center - Erland Construction Suffolk University for the Modern Theater - Suffolk Construction Tufts University for West Hall University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth and Bristol Community College for the Star Store Building Wellesley College for Alumnae Hall - Lee Kennedy Inc Wellesley College for Campus Commitment and Rehabilitations - Consigli Construction Worcester Academy for Kinglsley Hall - Consigli Construction

Radcliffe Institute Chapel - Shawmut Construction Harvard University Law School for North Hall Site Rehabilitations - Shawmut Construction Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences for Community Commitment Middlesex Community College for the Federal Building - Suffolk Construction

Completed south elevation at Tufts University

Congratulations Award Recipients

Sandwich Town Hall, Sandwich, MA

Provincetown Town Hall, Provincetown, MA

2011 Preservation Award, Mass. Historical Commission 2011 William D. Smith Accessible Design Award, BSA

Provincetown Town Hall:

2011 Preservation Award, Mass. Historical Commission

planning firm that specializes in the sensitive renovation and adaptive reuse of historic buildings and structures, compatible additions, and new buildings within historic areas. The firm is a recognized national leader in the renovation and adaptive reuse of historic buildings for new uses. Professional Services:

Rockport Community House: 2011 Preservation Award, Mass. Historical Commission Georges Island Visitor Center: 2011 Preservation Award, Boston Preservation Alliance West Hall, Tufts University:

Photo by Justin Knight

2011 Paul Tsongas Preservation Award, Preservation Mass

Georges Island Visitor Center, Boston Harbor

Rockport Community House, Rockport, MA McGinley Kalsow & Associates, Inc. is an architectural and preservation

We are privileged to have led the team of experts that conducted the comprehensive restoration & renovation of the following 2011 award-winning projects: Sandwich Town Hall:

Photo by Brad Fowler songofmyself.com

Tel: (617) 625-8901 www.mcginleykalsow.com

• • • •

• Historic Structure Reports Architecture • Cost Estimating for Building Renovation Historic Preservation & Adaptive Reuse Feasibility Studies, Codes & Accessibility • Restoration of Historic Masonry Preservation Planning

West Hall, Tufts University, Medford, MA


July, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Awards

N.H. Preservation Alliance Awards

Jackson Public Library - Steve Booth Photography

l-r: Edith Houlihan, Library Trustee, Curtis Milton, Monolithic Building Services, Timber Framer, Steven Weeder, Tamarack Construction, Dennis Mires, P.A., The Architects, Sam Harding, Treasurer, Friends of the Jackson Public Library, Michael Weeder, Tamarack Construction, Warren Schomaker, President, Jackson Historical Society, Leslie Schomaker, Lynn Stevens, Building and Fundraising committees. Concord, NH - On May 10 nine projects across the granite state were recognized by the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance for outstanding achievement in preservation at its annual announcement ceremony in Concord. State Architectural Historian James L. Garvin of Pembroke was honored for his outstanding contributions to the preservation of landmark structures, artifacts and communities in New Hampshire. Two generations of preservation advocates and professionals, and countless historic places, have benefited from his thoughtful, practical and pioneering research and outstanding communication and advocacy skills.

• Moultonborough Heritage Commission, Elizabeth Durfee Hengen Award for education and planning First Lady Susan Lynch was on hand to present the award to Jim Garvin, who also recieved a N.H. Senate proclamation for his outstanding service from Senator Sylvia Larsen. The award program is sponsored by Sheehan Phinney Bass +Green, The Common Man Restaurants, and North Branch Construction as well as Lavallee Brensinger Architects, The Lumber Barn, Marvin Windows and Doors, Meridian Construction Corporation, Preservation Company and Thurston Millwork. 25th Anniversary sponsors Elizabeth Durfee Hengen, Preservation Consultant, Fifield Building Restoration & Relocation, and Vintage Kitchens. Steve Booth Photography and Bedford Fields also contributed services to the event. The New Hampshire PreservaGorham Town Hall (Steve Booth Photography) tion Alliance is the Left to right: Tim Sappington, AIA, Michael Waddell (Project statewide membership Manager), Denise Vallee (Director of Finance & Admin), Paul organization dedicated Robitaille (Selectman), Glen Eastman (Community Theater to preserving historic Project Committee) buildings, communities, and landscapes The award-winning projects include through leadership, education, and advocasix construction projects: cy. Current priorities include providing as• Center Meetinghouse Committee for the sistance to community leaders and promotrehabilitation of the Center Meetinghouse, ing the use of easements, barn preservation, Newbury and tax incentives. • Jackson Public Library for the adaptive use of the Trickey Barn • Tri-County Community Action Program for the rehabilitation of the Ashland School • 1850 Associates for the revitalization of the Pandora Mill • Town of Gorham for the rehabilitation of the Gorham Town Hall • State of New Hampshire for the rehabilitation of the New Hampshire State Library Ashland School (1320) Courtesy photo Three educational initiatives: • Historical Society of Amherst for docu- Left to right: David Baer, Milestone Engimentation and education, for Walking Tours neering & Construction, Lawrence M. Kelly, Tri-County Community Action Program of Amherst Village • Curtains Without Borders for the docu- Executive Director, Joe Costello, President Tri-County CAP Board of Directors mentation and education, the N.H. Historic Theater Scenery Survey Project


Newbury Meeting House Awarded Renovations by North Branch Construction

Newbury, NH - The recently completed renovations by North Branch Construction of Concord to the Newbury Center Meeting House in Newbury were among 10 projects honored by the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance with a Preservation Achievement Award this year. In 2005, citizens of Newbury led by Dan Wolf, along with the board of trustees responsible for the Meeting House, came together and decided it was time to repair their town’s piece of history before it would be lost forever. A board of directors was formed and joined forces with North Branch Construction to bring the Newbury Center Meeting House back to life. The four-phase restoration project began with raising the building to replace the foundation, which proved to be no small feat itself. Once the building was lifted, it was discovered that the supporting timbers were in serious stages of potential failure and North Branch had to work quickly to provide corrective measures to

Newly renovated Newbury Meeting House ensure structural integrity before lowering the building back onto the new concrete foundation. The remaining phases included removal and repair of the bell tower and steeple, roof repairs, extensive exterior and interior renovations, and sitework. Old photographs were utilized to make sure the building remained as historically accurate as possible throughout construction.

65th Apprentice Graduation

Apprentice graduates during the recent ceremony Boston - The Joint Apprentice and Training Committee for the Electrical Contracting Industry of Greater Boston held its 65th Annual Apprentice Graduation on June 2, 2011. Graduating during a ceremony at the IBEW Local 103 in Dorchester were 131 electrical apprentices and 29 telecommunications apprentices. Michael Monahan, Local 103 business manager and JATC chairman, said, “We are proud to have graduated so many talented and skilled men and women from the electrical and telecommunications apprentice program….” The Special Achievement Awards were presented to the following: David Richmond of Lawrence received the William M. Swanson, Jr., Electrical Apprentice of the Year award; Derek Ogren of Haverhill received the Paul J. Woods Telecommunications Apprentice of the Year award; Michael J. Barry, Jr. of Quincy received the Charles A. McCarthy Memorial Award; Fletcher Fuentes of Melrose received the Philip C. Davis Apprentice of the Year Award; Robert Adjemian of Norwood received the Russell F. Sheehan Distinguished

l-r: David Richmond, recipient of the William M. Swanson, Jr. award; Mrs. Judy Swanson; and John Dumas, president of Local 103, IBEW. Service Award. The Joint Apprentice and Training Committee Trustees include: Local Union 103, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Michael Monahan, chairman, Sean M. Callaghan, and John P. Dumas and the Boston Chapter, National Electrical Contractors Association, William E. Weber, Jr., secretary, Joseph Bodio and Alan Scharfe. Leo J. Purcell, director of training; Thomas P. O’Toole, asst. director of training and Christopher D. Sherlock, asst. director of training make up the JATC full time administrative staff.

July, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Awards

SMPS Boston ROC Awards

SMMA - First Place for Holiday Card Ryan Frias (SMMA), Matt Hawk, Mark Guarino, Michael Reilly


he Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Boston celebrated its 2011 Annual ROC Awards recently. The ROC (Recognizing Outstanding Communications) Awards Gala for Marketing Communications and Marketing Achievements is the largest annual undertaking for the chapter. Below is the list of winners by category Integrated Marketing: Rhino Public Relations - 1st Place; Design and Company – Honorable Mention Website: Design and Company – 1st Place; RDK and CDM – tie for Honorable Mention Event Marketing: Nitsch Engineering – 1st Place; Pare Corporation – Honorable Mention Target Market: Marquiles Peruzzi Architects – 1st Place; CBT – Honorable Mention Holiday Card: SMMA – First Place; CDM – Honorable Mention Brand Identity: CDM – First Place; Rizvi – Honorable Mention People’s Choice: CBT Best In-House Design: Reed Hilderbrand Best in Show: Marquiles Peruzzi Architects Emerging Marketing Professional: Doug Larence, Gund Partnership New Member Award: Krista Sykes, Architecture in Context. All photos on this page by Frank Monkiewicz Photography

Event Marketing Nitsch Engineering - 1st Place (l-r) Judith Nitsch, Lisa Brothers, and Laurie Strickland

Design and Company 1st Place for Website is accepted by Lisa J. Sullo

Marquiles Peruzzi Architects - for Best of Show and 1st Place for Target Market accepted by Barbara Hicks

Rhino Public Relations - 1st Place for Integrated Marketing: Jennifer Shelby, Susan Shelby, Matt Hawk (SMPS President with FST), Michele Spiewak

Matt Hawks SMPS President presents the New Member Award to Krista Sykes, Architecture in Context Matt Hawk, Krista Sykes

Doug Larence Gund Partnership wins Emerging Marketing Professional

The Best In House Design award accepted by Sarah Vance from Reed Hilderbrand.

Brand Identity CDM - First Place to Jessica Romeo

The SMPS Awards Committee top row l-r: Jesse Lockwood, Integrated Design Group; Kate Shoss, Architectural Resources Cambridge; Sarah McGillicuddy, Walsh Brothers Incorporated (Committee Director); Mark Guarino, Guarino Design Group ;, Danielle Jackson, CDM. bottom row l-r: Bethany Barker, Boston Interactive (Committee CoChair); Rebecca Roy, Commodore Builders (Committee Co-Chair); Pamela Sullivan, Sullivan Creative, and Andrea Lalinde, CDM National.

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July, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Awards

IIDA NE Awards 2011

Boston- Interior Design Association of New England (iidaNE) announced the winners of its annual IIDA New England Interior Design Awards recently at The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, In an evening of networking, food and fun. ...and the winners are: • Best Undergraduate Student Design: Kristi Avery • Honorable Mention: Andrew Bortles • Best Graduate Student Design: Aimee Schefano • Best Education Design: Johnson & Wales - Cuisina Art Center • Honorable Mention: Rochester School of Technology • Best Healthcare Design: Dana Farber Cancer Center, Yawkey Center for Cancer care • Best Hospitality / Retail Design: Sawyer Enterprises • Best Research / Lab Design: Palomar Medical Technologies • Best Private Residential Design: Museum Tower Apartments • Best Office under 30,000sf: Infositex Corporation • Best Office 30,000 - 80,000sf: Analysis Group • Best Office over 80,000sf: Adobe • Honorable Mention: Avid Technology, Inc. • Best In Show: Adobe Congratulations go out to the winners and to the awards committee for a well executed iidaNE event of the year.

JM Coull Wins ‘Diamond Level First and only Recipient

Boston - JM Coull, a construction management and design-build firm based in Maynard, was named the first and only recipient of the “Diamond Level” safety award by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Massachusetts at its STEP Awards banquet earlier this month. ABC added the Diamond level to its STEP (Safety Training and Evaluation Process) program last year, with the goal of recognizing member companies that meet the very highest

IIDA awards night attendees Bill Gisness of SG&A, with Maureen Rystrom, Director of Marketing and Jay Calnan of J. Calnan & Assoc. Edward Barnett, IIDA , TK&A Architects, chaired the awards committee with board members Angelo Azurin - Sasaki; Joyce Blatt, IIDA NE Executive Director, iidaNE; Gable Clare IIDA; SpagnoloGisness & Associates; Morgan Cronin, AssoKristi Avery ciate IIDA; SpagnoloGisness & Associates; Anna DeMare, Affiliate IIDA, Workrite; Lisa Drapos, Industry IIDA, Kimball Office; Donna Repko, Affiliate IIDA, Herman Miller; Valya Trupos, ADD Inc. and Julie Tulloch, Industry IIDA: Office Resources IIDA sponsors include: Founding Sponsor: Office Resources; Chapter Partners: Allsteel, Milliken; Gold Sponsors: Herman Miller, J.Calnan & Associates, Stone Source and Spagnolo-Gisness & Associates.

Pinnacle Receives Award

Southborough, MA - Pinnacle Financial Group is one of three companies that received the prestigious 2011 “Massachusetts Family Business of the Year” Award. Pinnacle was honored at an awards ceremony held at The Henderson House in Weston, Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Awards program was created five years ago in a partnership between Northeastern University’s Center for Family Business and The Family Firm Institute New England Chapter, to promote and highlight some of the great achievements of Massachusetts-based, family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs.

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qualifications for safety preparedness and performance. JM Coull has achieved other distinctions conferred by ABC, including “Certified Green Contractor” (one of only two firms in the state to earn this designation) and “Accredited Quality Contractor.” “One of our core values is ‘relentless improvement,’ and we use the ABC programs as benchmarks in our ongoing pursuit of that goal,” said JM Coull president Andrew Coull.


The awards program annually presents three family businesses, based on size, with Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Awards to recognize them for their successfully run and managed family businesses. The awards selection committee highlighted Pinnacle’s strategic direction, business success, and community involvement. “We are truly honored and delighted to have received this recognition from family business leaders and academics in the business community,” commented Pinnacle CEO Michael Mingolelli, Jr.

Award Winning Structural Design of Buildings Awarded: 2011 Preservation Achievement Award from the Boston Preservation Alliance for Atlantic Wharf

July, 2011


Congratulations to all the 2011 STEP Award Winners! 2011 ABC Massachusetts STEP Award Winners STEP DIAMOND AWARD Coull, Inc., J. M. STEP PLATINUM AWARD Bowdoin Construction Corporation DECCO, Inc. Kaplan Corporation Maguire Company, Inc. Methuen Construction Co., Inc. Miano Construction Corp. Middlesex Corporation, The M. J. Moran, Inc. North Shore Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Notch Mechanical Constructors Piquette & Howard Electric Service, Inc. Ryan Construction, Inc. Tecta America New England, LLC. Williams Building Company, Inc. Zampell Refractories, Inc.

STEP GOLD AWARD Acella Construction Corporation A & M Construction Co., Inc. Architectural Caulking & Waterproofing Callahan, Inc. CTA Construction Co., Inc. Cutler Associates, Inc. Dellbrook Construction LLC. Electrical Dynamics, Inc. Electronic Environments Corporation Elm Electrical, Inc. Erland Construction Florence Electric, LLC. T Ford Co., Inc. Interstate Electrical Services Corporation S. E. Luttazzi & Sons, Inc. Lake HVAC, Inc. MEC Electrical Contractors & MEC Technologies MJM Masonry, Inc. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Keefe Plumbing & Heating Pilgrim Interiors, Inc. Rivers Electrical Corporation Sagamore Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Tenant Systems, Inc. Tocco Corporation R. H. White Construction Co., Inc.

STEP SILVER AWARD Breen & Sullivan Mechanical Services, Inc. DeAngelis Iron Work, Inc. Energy Electric Co., Inc. C. E. Floyd Company, Inc. Forish Construction Company, Inc. W. T. Kenney Co., Inc. Medford Wellington Service Co., Inc. NorthStar Construction Services Corporation Piping Systems, Inc. Professional Electrical Contractors of CT, Inc. R & R Window Contractors, Inc. RALCO Electric, Inc. Reilly Electrical Contractors, Inc. RELCO Shawnlee Construction, LLC. C. White Marine, Inc. STEP BRONZE AWARD NAPPA Electrical Contractors

Safety is paramount and these awards display the premium ABC companies place on having a safe workplace. Associated Builders and Contractors - Massachusetts Chapter 200 Wheeler Road, Burlington, MA 01803 781-273-0123. www.abcma/org



July, 2011


Zahr Honored

High-Profile Focus: Awards

Manchester, NH - The late John Zahr, formerly president of Harvey Construction Corp., has been honored by a distinguished panel of judges as the recipient of the 15th annual New Hampshire Construction Industry Ethics Award. The award honors the “individual, business or organization that, through its words and deeds, best demonstrates a commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards in construction.” The presentation was made to The late John Zahr’s family accepting award Zahr’s family on June 9 at Associl-r: Zahr’s daughter, Molly; son, John; the ated General Contractors’ Build New award’s founder David W. Wood; Zahr’s wife, Hampshire Awards Dinner, held at The Marcia; and daughter, Katy. Derryfield in Manchester.

SMMA Named in Top 50

Cambridge, MA tellectual culture through a SMMA, a Cambridge-based series of education and traindesign firm, was named one ing programs. It also boasts of the Top 50 Small Company its own set of educational Workplaces by Inc. Magazine programs, including knowland Winning Workplaces. edge groups in areas such This competition annually as sustainable design and a recognizes the nation’s best mentorship program,” Inc. small and mid-sized company editors reported. work environments. The feature also In a firm profile titled Ara Krafian, CEO and showed the firm’s lighter president of SMMA The Learning Company, SMside, including the staff traMA’s professional developdition of Friday espresso ment and training initiatives were singled café gatherings and the company bike, out by Inc. editors as a workplace best used by project team members to travel to practice. local meetings and construction sites. “SMMA fosters a collaborative, in-

CSA Report Card

Berlin, CT - The Connecticut Subcontractors Association (CSA) announced the results of the 2010 Contractor Report Card during a dinner meeting held at the Hawthorne Hotel in Berlin. The top-rated contractors include Bartlett Brainard Eacott, Inc.; Gilbane Building Company; and Manafort Brothers Incorporated. As a service to the state’s subcontractors, CSA created a Contractor Report Card to establish a generic, but helpful business practices analysis of contractors. To make sure all of the state’s contractors were rated, the report card was divided into three parts, and subcontractors rated 30 general contractors in a series of three report cards over a six-month period in 2010.

USGBC Green Design Award Winners

Boston - Green innovations that take a giant step forward were the focus of the fourth annual Innovation in Green Design Award, given by the Massachusetts Chapter of the US Green Building Council. The annual event connects the local green building community and recognizes innovation in the green building field throughout the state. The jury gave awards to two building projects, an innovative product, and a feasibility study. Each of the winners Cliff Court from Triumph Modular wins the demonstrates the best forward-looking 2011 Innovation in Green Design Award for the high-performance building category. ideas that are replicable and cost effective. Product or Technology Related Building Project Related Co-Winners - FreeStyle Flooring Winner - Harvard Yard Childcare Center submitted by Triumph Modular, submitted by SelecTech, Inc. and City of Boston Green Roofs Study submitted by Inc. Honorable Mention - Weston Corpo- Arrowstreet. rate Center submitted by Boston Properties 2010 Timmy Award Winning Projects • Best Historic Rehabilitation Utilizing Low-Income Housing Tax Credits • Bourne Mill Apartments, Tiverton, R.I. • Developer: Edward A. Fish Development, Braintree, Mass. • Architect: The Architectural Team, Inc., Chelsea, Mass. 2010 ABC - Excellence in Construction Awards – Bourne Mill • Eagle Award • Green Award • LEED Silver 2011 ABC Step Award - Gold Areas 18th Largest GC Source BBJ Pace Setters Award Areas 11th Fastest Growing Company

Award Winning Bourne Mills Project, Tiverton, RI

Areas 53rd Largest Private Company Source BBJ Ed Dann Vice President Business Development 536 Granite Street, Braintree, MA 02184 edann@dellbrook.com

www.dellbrook.com 781.380.1608


July, 2011


High-Profile Focus: Awards

PHCC Awards Scholarships

The PHCC of Boston awarded 18 scholarships during their annual scholarship awards dinner to deserving college students, all of them sons and daughters of employees of PHCC companies. The total monetary amount was $25,000 of scholarships awarded. Students were chosen through an application process. The top scholarship winner was Douglas Bent, son of Daniel Bent of American Plumbing & Heating in Norwell who received a $3,000 scholarship. Other winners included: Grace Ahl - Scituate, Douglas Bent - Marshfield, Patricia Blanchard - Framingham, Amy Donohoe - Woburn, Margaret Donohoe - Woburn, Christopher Duffy Franklin, Brenden Fickert - Lakeville, KerriAnn Hanley - Pembroke, Ryan Hennessey -

l-r: Scholarship Committee Chairperson Nancy Shine of J.F. Shine Mechanical with the top scholarship award winner Douglas Bent and Daniel and Astrid Bent. Hanson, Andrew Kennedy - Byfield, Stephen Leonardo - Groton, Derek Marani - Marshfield, Courtney Pfifferling - Haverhill, Austin Rowe - Quincy, Shawn Smith - Malden, Scott Sorensen – Derry, NH, William Wall – Walpole, and William Walsh - Milton

Delano Volpe Award Recipient

clients. As senior vice Boston - Nobis Engineering, president he is respona multi-disciplinary consulting firm, sible for overseeing the announced that Principal Peter Delstrategic direction of ano, P.E. has been recognized by the Nobis’s growing federal Society of American Military Engipractice. neers (SAME) Boston Post as the Delano served in recipient of the prestigious S. Peter the US Army and New Volpe Award. This annual achievement award honors a SAME memJersey Army National ber whose support and loyalty to the Guard from 1985-1992 Boston Post and SAME have been Peter Delano (r) accepts and retired as a captain. SAME Volpe award without fail. He has served SAME as Since joining Nobis in 1995, a past President of the Delano has managed numerous engineer- Piscataqua Post and board of directors as ing, remediation, construction, and facil- well as SAME Boston Post Small Business ity contracts for the firm’s federal agency Committee Chair and Board of Directors.

CBC Annual Awards Dinner

Hartford – The annual Project Team Awards dinner was hosted recently by the Connecticut Building Congress (CBC). The winning project teams were recognized for their achievement in project quality excellence through close collaboration. This year’s winning projects are: New Construction: First Place - Smilow Cancer Center Hospital at Yale New Haven submitted by Turner Construction Company. Award of Merit - Readiphotograph by Paul Rossi ness Center at Camp Niantic, East Lyme submitted by LaRosa l-r: Thomas DiBlasi and John Hawley, Gilbane Building Co. present check to William Casey, executive Building Group, LLC. Major Renovations/Expansions: director, Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Haven. First Place - Restoration of Waterbury City Hall, WaterAward of Merit - Metropolitan bury submitted by Decarlo & Doll, Inc. Business Academy, New Haven submitted Award of Merit - Mary Hooker Envi- by Fusco Corporation. ronmental Studies School, Hartford submitIn addition to the project awards, ted by PDS Engineering & Construction. Thomas DiBlasi of DiBlasi Associates, Small Projects: John Hawley of Gilbane Building Co., and First Place - Bellarmine Museum at Rolff Knobel of Turner Construction Co., Fairfield University, Fairfield submitted by co-chairs of CBC/Habitat for Humanity Petra Construction Company. Golf Outing, presented a donation of more Award of Merit - The Groton Senior than $36,000 to Habitat for Humanity of Center, Groton submitted by Enfield Build- Greater New Haven, and $4,500 in scholers, Inc. arships went to four winning high school K-12 Schools graduating seniors chosen for displaying First Place- Killingly High School promise in fields of study including arand Regional Vocational Agricultural Cen- chitecture, engineering, and construction ter, Killingly submitted by Gilbane Build- management. ing Company.

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July, 2011


High-Profile Feature: Burlington Memorial Elementary School

CTA Ready for First Day of Class


urlington, MA - The countdown to the first day of the school year has begun, and CTA Construction Co. Inc. will hand over the keys to the new Memorial Elementary School well before the first bell rings in September. The new 500-student Memorial Elementary School, occupying 78,500sf, went up directly in front of the existing school it will replace. Started last March, CTA’s crew put the finishing touches on the $17 million facility by the middle of July. Designed by Knight, Bagge & Anderson Inc., the facility offers preschool, kindergarten, and grades one through five classrooms, a gymnasium, cafeteria, li-

Designed by Knight, Bagge & Anderson

brary and media center, art room, music room, and administrative offices. Waltham-based CTA is turning its attention to the second phase of the project, tearing down the 1950s-era school behind the new building. In addition, CTA is also the general contractor on the renovation and expansion of the Marshall Simonds Elementary School directly across the street from the Memorial Elementary. “At CTA, we value our partnerships with the building owners, and our working relationship with Burlington has been outstanding. We have been able to keep this project ahead of schedule and under budget because of the leadership and cooperation

Memorial Elementary School

Owner’s Project Manager


Construction Monitoring Services, Inc.

of Burlington school officials,” said Ed Pereira, CTA’s project manager on Memorial Elementary. Built in the 1950s and never significantly upgraded, the old Memorial Elementary School lacked adequate classroom space, fire protection systems, and handicapped accessibility, and had outdated mechanical, heating, and plumbing systems. The new Memorial Elementary School is the first new school built in Burlington since the high school in 1972. With demolition of the old building, the completed site will include play-

ing fields, landscaping, expanded parking, dedicated bus traffic access, and handicap access. Demolition and sitework are scheduled for completion by the end of the year. Across Winn Street from the new Memorial Elementary School, CTA is already under way on a $21 million makeover of the Marshall Simonds Middle School. The middle school project includes building a new two-story addition with a prominent entryway and classrooms. It also includes phased renovations to the existing 50-yearContinued on next page

General contractor on both of Burlington’s new schools the Memorial Elementary School and the Marshall Simonds Middle School.

Owner’s Project Manager / Construction Managers

“Proud to be part of the team as the Owner’s Project Manager

Memorial Elementary school

at the Burlington Elementary School project”

270 Main Street • Marlboro, Massachusetts 01752 Tel: (508) 786-0600 • Fax: (508) 786-0608 E-mail: CMS@CMS-MA.com www.high-profile.com

Marshall Simonds Middle school

1432 Main St., Suite 204, Waltham, MA 02451 (781) 786-6600 www.ctaconstruction.com

July, 2011


High-Profile Feature: Burlington Memorial Elementary School Continued from previous page old facility with extensive upgrades to all the classrooms. With more than 20 school building projects completed or under construction, CTA Construction has completed more than $450 million in public projects in the past decade. Highlights of the $21 million Marshall Simonds project include: • A two-story, 37,000sf front entrance addition with science classrooms, and administrative, health, and guidance offices. • Floor-to-ceiling renovations of

118,000sf classrooms including new floors and ceilings, lighting, fire protection, HVAC, furniture, technology, as well as fresh paint. • Three connecting corridors constructed to improve building flow. • Two outdoor courtyards that can be used as classrooms and to grow plants as part of the science classes. The Marshall Simonds project is slated for a spring 2013 finish.

Burlington Memorial Elementary School Atrium

Project Team for Burlington Memorial Elementary Project Manager - Construction Monitoring Services, Inc. Architect - KBA Architects General Contractor - CTA Construction Co., Inc. MEP / FP Engineer - BLW Engineers, Inc. Structural Engineer - Souza, True and Partners, Inc. Civil Engineer - Nitsch Engineering, Inc. Landscape Architect - Rojas Group, Inc.

Selected Subcontractor for Memorial Elementary Fire Protection

We Install, Service and Inspect “Peace of Mind” • INDUSTRIAL • • INSTITUTIONAL • • RESIDENTIAL • • COMMERCIAL •

24 Hour Emergency Service 1-800422-4971

Fire Protection Specialists Recent Completed Projects:

Burlington Memorial Elementary School Atrium

KBA Architects / Knight, Bagge & Anderson, Inc (617) 241-2807 | (617) 241-2857 6 Thriteenth Street | Charlestown Navey Yard | Charlestown, MA 02129 kbuckley@kbaarchitects.com | www.kbaarchitects.com

Air Sovereignty Alert Complex, Barnes Air National Guard – Westfield, MA Palomar Medical Technologies – Burlington, MA Luce Hall – Newport Navy Base – Newport, RI Worcester State College – Worcester, MA Pearle L. Crawford Memorial Library – Dudley, MA Shaw’s Supermarket – Stow, MA Cranston Self Storage – Cranston, RI New Balance – Lawrence, MA Polar Warehouse –Auburn, MA National Grid – Special Purposes Building – Northborough, MA Ron Bouchard Nissan – Lancaster, MA Southborough Medical Center – Southborough, MA The Parlin School – Everett, MA UMASS Johnson, Lewis & Thatcher Buildings – UMASS Amherst – Amherst, MA

(508) 753-0015 • 22 Canterbury Street • Worcester, MA 01610

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July, 2011


High-Profile: Educational Facilities Development News

No. Branch Begins Kingswood Schools

Wolfeboro, NH - North Branch Construction of Concord has begun major summer construction for the Kingswood middle school, high school, and vocational school. With students on summer vacation, over 200 construction workers are on-site to complete renovations in all three schools. The high school is undergoing an interior demolition and asbestos Major summer construction at Kingswood Schools abatement as well as gym and locker dle school. Reconstruction will continue room renovations. Selective demolition well into 2012; however, functional classwill also occur in the middle school and rooms and a new high school administravocational school, along with gym, locker tion building are expected to be turned over room, and kitchen renovations in the mid- for use in fall term, 2011.

Cutler Provides Clark U Renos

Worcester, MA - Cutler Associates provided design-build services to Wright and Bullock Residence Halls at Clark University. The renovations included contemporizing the façade and entrance, new welcoming lobbies, social lounges, and common area. This was a fast-track summer renovation project that was completed in 14 weeks. A creative, cost-effective design-build solution was devised to

Bullock residence hall

CTA Presents Scholarships

Beverly, MA - CTA Ventures, the general contractor on the newly renovated and expanded Beverly High School, has awarded $5,000 in scholarships to two seniors from the facility’s first graduating class. Graduating seniors Alyson Shea and George H. Kallas were selected to each receive a $2,500 scholarship based on their plans to attend four-year colleges, demon- Newly renovated and expanded Beverly High School strated leadership as a student, and includes classrooms, science labs, and adactive participation in athletics. The Beverly High School project ministrative offices. Renovations in the included construction of a new four-story existing school included the gymnasium, wing and phased renovations to part of the auditorium, kitchen, cafeteria, and locker existing building. The new 147,000sf wing rooms.

Wright Hall maximize the value of the $3.5 million budget. The team worked with the facilities and residence life teams to determine the needs and priorities for the future of the buildings. The results focused on creating a contemporary identity for the facilities, both inside and out, updating the lighting, colors, and fabrics to fashion a modern environment that will be comfortable and welcoming for today’s freshman students.

The block and concrete structures offer traditional, double-loaded corridor accommodations with double bedrooms and common bathrooms. The halls are a key component of the First Year Experience Program at the university and are paramount to creating unique learning and social opportunities and a sense of community for these students. New lobbies were built within the expanded façades, and elevators were installed, enhancing both accessibility and exterior aesthetics. New social lounges were created on each floor, the bathrooms were rebuilt throughout both buildings incorporating energy recovery technologies, and additional common spaces were added to improve community interaction and facilitate residence life program goals. These spaces include smart study rooms, laundry centers, and community kitchens.

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the new Charles Hayden Planetarium a reality. Thanks to your commitment and leadership, we can proudly say that Boston is now home to the most technologically-advanced planetarium in the country.

For more information please visit:



Thank you to the Museum of Science, Boston for the opportunity to help make your vision for

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July, 2011


High-Profile: Educational Facilities Development News

UMass Boston Breaks Ground Walsh Brothers CM

Boston - The University of Massachusetts Boston broke ground recently on the first new academic building since the campus was completed in 1974. The building, a $155 million, 220,000sf Integrated Sciences Complex, is being built at the entrance of the Columbia Point campus and will house state-of-theart research, teaching, and training laboratories. Walsh Brothers, the construction manager for Rendering of the new six-story integrated sciences complex. the complex, has begun drivrepresents a significant step forward in our ing 320 piles into the site to support the building foundation. The work continued commitment to provide access is expected to continue through the sum- to high-quality education for our students,” mer and is the beginning of $700 million in said Chancellor J. Keith Motley. “This is construction activity on the UMass Boston the start of a planned renewal of our campus that will open the doors to opportunity campus over the next decade. The new six-story building, designed even wider at UMass Boston.” The complex is part of a 25-year by architectural firm Goody Clancy, will master plan that will include the Edward include wet and dry research laboratories M. Kennedy Institute for the United States and support space, undergraduate biology Senate, which starts construction this fall, teaching labs, an infant cognition lab, and and a general academic building, which two new research centers – the Developwill begin construction in 2012. mental Sciences Research Center and the These will be followed by roadway Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy. It reconfiguration and additional academic, is expected to open for classes in Septemresidential, athletic, and parking facilities, ber 2013. as well as a greening of the campus with “The Integrated Sciences Complex improved pedestrian and bike paths.

Suffolk Tops Off Dartmouth Project Architect Machado and Silvetti

Rendering of Dartmouth College Visual Arts Center Hanover, NH - Suffolk Construction recently celebrated the topping off of the Dartmouth College Visual Arts Center located in downtown Hanover. Suffolk is managing construction of the $32 million, 106,000sf framed structure that will house the college’s studio arts, film, and TV studies programs. The four-story facility will feature teaching and production studios, classrooms, exhibition space, a screening room, an auditorium theater, and faculty and administrative offices. In addition to the new Visual Arts Center, the firm is providing construction management services for a new $3.7 million, 3,200sf chilled water building with two 500-ton chillers. The topping off ceremony recognized the placing of the final steel beam on

the Dartmouth College project, which has been designed to achieve a LEED Gold certification. To celebrate this key construction milestone, Suffolk vice president of education for the northeast Frank Craemer and senior project manager Timothy Harris were joined by Dartmouth College provost Carol Folt, vice president of campus planning and facilities Linda Snyder, and director of project management Matthew Purcell. The architect for the Dartmouth College Visual Arts Center is Machado and Silvetti Associates of Boston, while the chilled-water facility is designed by RMF Engineering, Inc. of Baltimore, Md. The chilled water facility will be completed in August 2011, and the Visual Arts Center will be completed in April 2012.

Fire Protection

Commercial / Residential

cutting edge design technology and 3D capabilities

Massachusetts 425 Boylston St. 4th floor Boston, MA, 02116

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July, 2011


High-Profile: NECA News


PV/Solar Electric Installations Require the Training and Knowledge of Licensed Electricians

by Glenn Kingsbury cal installations and therefore or the users of photovoltaic must be installed by trained (PV) systems, business and and licensed electrical profesresidential customers alike, sionals. it is critical that those who perform The installation of phoPV installations have the proper tovoltaic power systems is training and experience. It is also well covered by what has long vital that oversight of solar electric been State law in Massachuprojects is provided by qualified setts - M.G.L. Ch. 141S 1. wire inspectors that examine all asThe statute reads, “No person, Glen Kingsbury pects of the electrical installation. firm or corporation shall enIt is a matter of protecting public ter into, engage in, or work at safety as well as having assurance that an the business of installing wires, conduits, appropriate, quality solar electric installa- apparatus, fixtures or other appliances for tion has been provided. carrying or using electricity for light, heat There are those that are trying to or power purposes, unless such person, downplay the importance of having quali- firm or corporation have received a license fied personnel install PV systems and are and a certificate therefore, issued by the seeking to exempt photovoltaic/solar elec- state examiners of electricians and in actric projects in Massachusetts, via House cordance with the provisions hereinafter Bill 1004, from existing state regulation set forth.” The language of this statute is and oversight. NECA remains fully in sup- unambiguous. It certainly applies to the port of the existing regulations that affirm installation of photovoltaic systems, which that solar installations are indeed electri- require wiring to enable the conversion of

sunlight into electricity, which is used to light, heat, and power our homes, educational facilities, and businesses. For the last 96 years, the contractors of the Electrical Contractors Association of Greater Boston (NECA) have abided by the regulations of the State Examiners of Electricians. We have gained the necessary training and experience to qualify as “Master Electricians.” In a 2009 ruling, The Massachusetts Board of State Examiners of Electricians (BEEE) reinstated its determination that photovoltaic systems in Massachusetts are required to be installed, repaired, and maintained only by a licensed journeyman electrician or a properly supervised apprentice. It is a determination that will continue to serve the Commonwealth and its citizens well. NECA and our electrical industry partners, the IBEW, are well prepared to meet the increasing demand for photovoltaic installations. We have, for years, been training apprentices and journeymen elec-

tricians in photovoltaics. The contractors of our Association have adeptly performed dozens of solar installations, just a few of which are documented on these pages. These PV projects, and many others that are under way by our experienced electrical contractors, will continue to positively impact the business community and residential customers throughout the region for years to come. They are projects that have been and will be installed to meet all electrical codes and specifications. We applaud the State Board of Electrical Examiners for their ruling that confirms that PV system installations be handled by properly trained personnel, and with the oversight of electrical examiners and wire inspectors. NECA looks forward to continuing to build a safer, brighter and renewable future for Massachusetts. Glenn Kingsbury is the executive manager of National Electrical Contractors Association Boston Chapter.

NECA Contractors Leading the Way in Solar Projects in Greater Boston J. M. Elec. Installs Academy PV System

Byfield, MA – NECA Boston contractor J. M. Electrical Co., Inc. of Lynnfield completed the installation of the Governor’s Academy PV system in a threemonth project in the late 2010. The company’s field crew of five electricians from IBEW Local 103 was su-

pervised by PM Adam Palmer and foreman Paul Kelly. The system consists of 154 Kyocera solar panels and two Solectria 15kW solar inverters, and a PanelClaw ballasted roofmount system.

Lighthouse Completes Subaru Showroom Engineer - ART Engineering

Broadway Electrical Completes MWRA Deer Island Solar System The design-build 456.12kW solar electric system at MWRA’s Winthrop treatment plant was completed in May 2011.

Solar rooftop of Subaru dealership, Hanover, MA Hanover, MA - Lighthouse Elec- and was completed in late April 2011. trical Contracting, Inc. of Rockland reThe system will supply about cently completed solar installations at the 85,000kW of electricity per year, which Planet Subaru dealership in Hanover. The represents approximately 40% of the deal78.54kW system is comprised of 374 Ev- ership’s energy needs. ergreen Solar panels mounted to the buildThe Subaru dealership, owned by ing’s 9,200sf roof via a ballasted Sunlink brothers Jeff and John Morill, has won roof-mount system, specified due to its lack several awards for their environmentally of roof penetration, Satcon solar inverters, friendly approach to their dealership inand a Solectria data acquisition system. cluding the US Environmental Protection Lighthouse PM Newell Thomas and Agency’s Energy Star Small Business foreman Billy Norcott headed a crew of Award and USA Today’s and National Auto five electricians based out of Local 103. Dealer Association’s Dealer Innovation The project commenced in mid-January Award.


JFW Completes WELCO Project

Stoughton, MA – J. F. White Construction’s (JFW) Electrical Division recently provided design-build services for the 75.26kW rooftop solar system at the WELCO facility in Stoughton. The project included JFW’s solar array electric energy analysis, development of schematic design, performance calculations, filing all permits, and DG interconnection application. J.F. White provided complete

design, engineering (subcontracted) and construction documents, procurement of all materials, on-site construction oversight, supervision, and project management. The firm also provided system commissioning and provided onsite training. The six array PV system is comprised of 390 Kyocera 235-watt PV modules mounted on a Unirac HD rail racking system, utilizing four 13kW and two 15kW Solectria inverters.

July, 2011


Photovoltaic/Solar Energy Installations �

Solar (Photovoltaic) Panel and

Photovoltaic/Electrical Installation Training

Wind Energy Installations at JATC Electrical Industry Training Center, Dorchester, MA

Wind Energy Installations �

Photo courtesy of Zapotec Energy Inc.

MIT Building 57, Alumni Pool, Cambridge

Energy Efficient Integrated Building Systems

Spectacle Island, Boston Harbor


ising energy costs and cleaner

and the National Electrical

energy. Issues on everyone’s

Contractors Association (NECA)

mind — from city and town officials to homeowners, and

Boston Chapter are leading the way. Take a look at just a few of our

from building owners to facility

recently completed solar projects.

managers. There are smart

Call NECA Boston Chapter and

alternatives. When it comes to

IBEW Local 103 at 617-969-2521

photovoltaic installations and

for further information on how

wind energy installations, the

“green” building technologies

skilled union electricians of the

and renewable energy sources are

International Brotherhood of

powering a brighter and cleaner

Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 103

future for Eastern New England.

Trolley Square, Cambridge Spectacle Island, Maverick Gardens, and Trolley Square photos courtesy of Lighthouse Electrical Contracting, Inc.

Maverick Gardens, East Boston

Building a brighter, renewable future for New England

www.the103advantage.com www.bostonneca.org 877-NECA-IBEW (632-2423)

For a complete directory of NECA Boston Chapter firms, visit www.bostonneca.org www.high-profile.com

July, 2011


High-Profile Feature: Life Sciences and Advanced Technology

UConn Facility Receives Award

Goody Clancy Designers - Built by FIP Construction


armington, CT - The University of Connecticut Health Center’s Cell and Genome Sciences Building was recently named Renovated Lab of the Year for 2011 by R&D Magazine. Designed by architect Goody Clancy of Boston and BVH Engineers of Bloomfield, Conn,. the new laboratory facility was built by FIP Construction who oversaw all pre-construction planning, scheduling, and overall construction activities on the project. The 117,000gsf gut renovation of a vacant former industrial laboratory has created a new interdisciplinary research center, bringing together geneticists, cell and molecular biologists, theorists, computer scientists, and mathematicians, working together in pursuit of a variety of translational research goals. In collaboration with Goody Clancy, FIP Construction changed a 1970s industrial research facility into a state-of-the-art cell and genome lab, connected to natural light and the surrounding landscape. The existing facility had resulted in many interior spaces with no daylight; these were transformed into open, flexible labs in an orderly circulation pattern. UCHC’s ambitious program for the building included not only researchers representing a number of departments and organizations in the medical school and medical research enterprise, but incubator labs

(c) Anton Grassl/Esto.

A sculptural metal and wood canopy signifies the entry to the Cell and Genome Sciences Building, providing an orienting element as well as a custom feature that differentiates the structure from others in the area.

Electrical Contractor to support the commercialization of new research, and all the amenities, including food service, bicycle parking and showers, conference rooms, food service and a 100seat auditorium, to support a free-standing research facility. Beyond the complex program, the building was required to receive a minimum LEED Silver rating, and stay within a very restricted budget. Goody Clancy’s design created a complete transformation of the non-descript existing building. Formerly solid exterior walls were opened up with more

than 50 new punched window openings, and over 450 linear feet of skylights were added to not only bring daylight into the deeper interior spaces of the two-acre building footprint, but to emphasize key circulation routes and improve the legibility of the building plan for visitors. The former program areas which were tightly clustered were completely reconfigured, to create a mix of office space, labs, and support spaces that would be more amenable to the needs of an academic medical center research program. Walls between labs and public spaces were opened up with bor-

Dedicated to Your Success Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc.

is proud to have been a part of the

UConn Health Center project with the FIP Construction team

rowed lites to enhance daylight penetration, and to enhance visual connection between the different program elements. The building houses new-stateof-the-art systems. And not just research equipment, although the microscopy, translational genomics, and screening facilities are all top-of-the-line. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were completely replaced with modern, highefficiency equipment. A new data center in the building supports ongoing building use and is also a site for the Virtual Cell program, designated as a National Resource by NIH. And state-of-the-art audio-video

equipment and telecommunications capabilities allow the auditorium and conference facilities to be used not only for a wide variety of scientific presentations, but also for videoconferencing to the main UCHC campus, or to anywhere on the planet. To help keep on-budget, the original exterior envelope was maintained as the boundary of the new work. Since the overall shape of the building was unchanged, Goody Clancy used the new windows and their associated sunshades, as well as a new canopy for the new front entrance location, as design elements to help express the new Continued on next page

Plumbing/Fire Protection

Focused on Performance


Optimizing building performance is an art, as

Corporate Headquarters: 116 Hopping Brook Road Holliston, MA 01746 (508) 429-8830

well as a science. Engineering involves complex

Regional Offices: Charlotte, NC • Raleigh, NC Duluth, GA • Pelham, AL

focused on performance.

choices. BVH takes all the technology and boils it down so clients can understand their options. By bringing it all together to paint the big picture, we simplify the process and keep it –

Civil Structural Mechanical

CT Lic ELC.0123697-E1

MA Lic A8999

Hartford | Boston start@bvhis.com

www.waynejgriffinelectric.com www.high-profile.com

www.twitter.com/bvhis www.bvhis.com

Electrical Commissioning Technology

July, 2011


High-Profile Feature: Life Sciences and Advanced Technology Continued from previous page ownership and use of the facility. The site was also completely relandscaped, not only to enhance the building’s image, but to install native vegetation and create a new set of bioswales and bioretention ponds to better manage stormwater on the site. The Lab of the Year judges were impressed by the way Goody Clancy’s design decisions made the best use of the budget, saying, “This renovation succeeded because of its focus on what is important to get the right people to be willing to work in the facility....It should open the eyes of current owners and potential future users that there are wonderful opportunities for most existing buildings.” Or, in the words of Dr. John Carson, one of the building’s scientist occupants, “The physical transformation of the building from what it was to what it is now is as dramatic as the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. The intensity and quality of daylight brought into the building is stunning. The grove of trees in the back and the breakroom are grace notes that immediately enhanced scientific and social interaction and improved livability of the building by providing informal congregation areas… The cross-roads and adjacent open demo lab are spectacular engines of scientific synergy within the building.”

Gibson Associates Inc. and Thermo Fisher Scientific participate in an award winning renovation. (c) Anton Grassl/Esto.

(l): Open labs add flexibility and foster collaboration as well as added efficiencies from consolidating storage and shared equipment. Generous borrowed light allow views to the exterior through the write-up areas.

Site and Internal Security Physical and Electronic System

Risk and Protection Consulting Since 1964

Project Team for UConn Health Center

Owner: University of Connecticut Health Center Finance Corp. Architect: Goody Clancy & Associates Construction Manager: FIP Construction, Inc. Civil Engineer/Landscape: Vanesse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Structural Engineer: LeMessurier Consultants Mechanicial/Electrical Engineer: Cosentini Associates, Inc. Plumbing/Fire Protection: BVH Integrated Services, Inc. Security: Ducibeela, Venter, and Santore Lab Planning: SST Planners Estimating: Vermeulens Cost Consultants Energy and LEED: Viridian Energy and Enviro., LLC. Security: Ducibella, Venter, and Santore

DVS provides a wide variety of security services to diverse corporate, governmental, and institutional clients throughout the US. We participate in all aspects of physical, procedural, and electronic security design as well as developing Threat and Risk Assessments (TARA), protection programs, and engineering documentation including specifications and plan drawings.

Ducibella Venter & Santore 250 State Street North Haven, CT 06473

(203) 288 - 6490 Phone 1 (800) 819 - 3364 Toll Free www.dvssecurity.com


July, 2011


High-Profile: Healthcare Facilities Development News

Carr CM for MAM Rehab Ctr. Reno No. Branch Completes Rehab Hospital Design Services by Levi + Wong

Rendering courtesy of Levi + Wong Design

Interior renovations of Mary Ann Morse’s Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Natick, MA - In late 2009, construction management firm Carr Enterprises, Ltd. of Peabody was contacted by The Aspen Group, Inc. of Reading to begin preconstruction services and estimates for its client, Mary Ann Morse’s Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Natick. Carr was named as MAM’s construction manager, with the groundbreaking occurring in late July. This $3.9 million addition and renovations, four phase project consists of a new two story, 8,000sf addition, along with extensive, phased, interior renovations occurring on every level of the existing facility. The new addition includes 12 new

patient rooms, a new rehabilitation gym, occupational therapy rooms, and a new activity/dining area and roof deck for Alzheimer’s patients. The renovations occur on the lower, ground, and first floor levels, and include the renovation of patient rooms, offices, and activity areas, along with the construction of new offices, locker rooms, and mechanical and storage areas on the lower level. Levi + Wong Design Associates of Concord provided design services. Completion is scheduled for August, 2011.


The Solution to Stormwater Runoff is Right Under Your Feet Aqua-Bric® and Eco-Stone® Permeable Pavement ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

High-strength 9000 psi pavement ADA compliant - firm, stable, slip-resistant Freeze-thaw and snow-plow safe Easy to clean and maintain Cost competitive to conventional pavements Qualifies for LEED® credits Ideal Concrete Block Company, Inc. www.IdealConcreteBlock.com Serving New England Since 1923



Designed by JSA

Portsmouth, NH - North Branch Construction, Inc. of Concord has completed construction of the new Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital at the Pease Tradeport Campus in Portsmouth. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on June 9 to celebrate the completion of the facility. This 46,000sf, 33 bed, two-story facility designed by JSA, Inc. of Portsmouth is the third inpatient hospital for the Northeast Rehabilitation Health Network, with two other facilities located in Salem and Nashua. The new inpatient acute rehabilitation hospital will serve the needs of the seacoast of New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. The new facility features an interior park complete with a full sized car, trolley replica, mini-market, and movie theater seating to aid in assimilating patients back into daily activities. There is also an outdoor park featuring a footbridge, an incline ramp with rails, and a variety of surface materials such as concrete, stone dust, brick pavers,

Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital

and crushed stone for patients relearning how to walk. Attending the ribbon-cutting cermony from North Branch were Kenneth Holmes, president; Eric Hastings and James Schwartzkopf, project managers; Thomas Hanley, project superintendent; and Katie Lopes, marketing coordinator. Attending from Northeast Rehab were Dr. Howard Gardner, founder; John Prochilo, CEO; Jim Murphy, CFO; and Mrs. Naomi Gardner, director of public relations. Bradlee Mezquita of Appledore Engineering was also present.

l-r: Eric Hastings, Bradlee Mezquita, James Schwartzkopf, Jim Murphy, Dr. Howard Gardner, Mrs. Naomi Gardner, Thomas Hanley, Katie Lopes, Kenneth Holmes, and John Prochilo.

July, 2011


High-Profile Feature: Life Sciences and Advanced Technology

The Richmond Group Underway With Expansion of Cubist Facility

Lexington, MA – Cubist Pharmaceuticals hired The Richmond Group of Hopkinton as the design-build construction manager for its new $50 million vertical expansion laboratory project located in Lexington that is scheduled for completion in 2012. The new space was designed to accommodate Cubist Pharmaceuticals’ current and future needs for research and development. Due to site restrictions and the current building footprint at their location in Lexington, the most cost effective solution for expansion was to build “vertical,” hence the name of the project “vertical expansion.” As part of the visionary and forward thinking process by Cubist and The Richmond Group, the concrete footing and steel columns were designed into the floor plan for the Level 1 laboratory project in 2007. These new columns support the new two floors of labs and the mechanical penthouse and roof. Without the integration of the foot-

Work in progress, October 2010 ing and columns into the newly built Level 1 lab layout, the current project wouldn’t have been feasible without additional costs and/or schedule impacts. This forwardthinking approach allowed Cubist Pharmaceutical R&D labs to continue on Level 1 with minimal impacts to the scientists as the new structure was erected above their existing labs in the afternoon and early evening hours.

Project Team for Cubist Pharmaceuticals

Owner: Cubist Pharmaceuticals Construction Manager: The Richmond Group Architect –Shell and Core: Spagnolo Gisness & Associates, Inc. Architect –Interior Fit-out: Olson Lewis Dioli & Doktor Architects MEP Engineers: R.G. Vanderweil Engineers Civil Engineer: Highpoint Engineering Landscape: Michael Wasser Associates Structural Engineer: Goldstein/Milano Code Consultant: Rolf Jensen & Associates, Inc.

The additional 77,000sf of stateof-the-art laboratory space (overall addition of 104,000gsf of new space) at Cubist’s Lexington headquarters is comprised of two floors of laboratory/administration/technical support, a new central utility plant, a new mechanical penthouse and retrofit of Level 1 existing labs. Also included in The Richmond Group’s design/build contract with Cubist is a 299 space precast parking garage. Many of the new building elements have been transposed over to the garage so it will blend in with the new facility and the overall look of the Cubist Pharmaceutical corporate campus environment that already exists. The entire project was drawn and coordinated in 3D/BIM. The Richmond Group, working directly with their design team (R.G. Vanderweil Engineers, Spagnolo Gisness & Associates, Inc. and Olson Lewis Dioli & Doktor Architects) and subcontractors developed the 3D model to facilitate the

“SG&A is honored to be working in a highly collaborative process to create this major addition and renovation. By creating a building that is efficient in its design, we have created a facility that promotes interactive and collaborative processes so vital to Cubist’s important work in the discovery, development and commercialization of acute care therapies.” proper sequencing for installation of the mechanical/electrical/plumbing system while eliminating conflicts in the field. The 3D model was also a major asset during the preconstruction phases of the project in helping to assist Cubist and the entire project team to fully visualize the entire project before any work was installed in the field. This approach has allowed The Richmond Group to minimize field changes, maintaining the baseline cost estimate.

May 2011


cubist pharmaceuticals

The Richmond Group, a leading planning and construction management company exclusively serving the Massachusetts Biotech Industry.

Anton Grassel Photographer

Planning and building complex, technically advanced research and development laboratories requires a singular focus. We are the only Eastern Massachusetts construction company to specialize exclusively in this challenging industry for two decades. 77 Main St. Hopkinton, MA 01748 508.435.9700 www.therichmondgroup.com

[fostering movement] between old + new chemistry + biology operations + scientific investigations

A partnership between Cubist Pharmaceuticals, The Richmond Group & SG&A resulted in an iconic multi story “atrium.” This vertical expression of a modern “Grand Central Station” joins the North + South buildings with ease and sophistication.

architecture | interior design | planning | 200 high street | boston, ma 02110 | t.617.443.0680 | www.sga-arch.com


July, 2011


High-Profile: Educational Facilities Development News

Citizens-Union Sponsors Stang HS

Fall River, MA - Citizens-Union Savings Bank was the first major corporate sponsor for the Bishop Stang High School’s expansion campaign. The school has set a $6 million goal toward its expansion project. Citizens-Union Savings Bank led the way with a pledge for $125,000 to aid the Front row l-r: Conor Gay, Sarina Pointe, Grace school in its efforts. Carroll, Roland Dumas, Ana Vasconcelos, and TheA five-floor building that formerly resa E. Dougall. Back row: Lorenzo Dube, Corey served as a convent adjacent to the high Krajewski, Stephen Long, and Patrick Long. school will be renovated and will serve as the school’s academic resource center. president of the senior class, and student The new 22,000sf facility will provide the council president Grace Carroll. school with 22% additional space. Bishop Stang graduates included RoIncluded were: Bishop Stang president land Dumas who works in Citizens-Union’s Theresa E. Dougall; Conor Gay, president of maintenance department; Ana Vasconcelos the junior class; Lorenzo Dube, president of from the accounting department, and Stethe freshman class; Sarina Pointe, president phen and Patrick Long from Citizens-Union of the sophomore class; Corey Krajewski, affiliate Partners Insurance.

HMFH Selected for UMass Project

Amherst, MA - HMFH Architects has The team has designed a program that been selected for the renovations to Van Me- will incorporate a variety of upgrades to the ter Halll at the University of Massachusetts 400-bed residence hall, including new finAmherst campus. The project will be com- ishes throughout the building, and new ceilpleted for occupancy in September 2011. ings, lighting, casework, and furniture for all Van Meter Hall is a first year living of Van Meter’s common areas. Built-in and and learning community focused on culture movable furniture reflecting dynamic color and the arts for students pursuing a career, schemes will increase flexibility for differprogram of study, or passion in music, art, ent social gatherings and study groups. dance, or theater. In addition, HMFH has integrated an The proposed design highlights reno- innovative multi-dimensional component vating student lounges, social and recreation for students to share their artwork in an inareas, dance and practice rooms, study spac- teractive display that will support the buildes and media rooms on the building’s first ing’s specialized programming. and second floors. Structural Engineers


Groundbreaking at St. Sebastian’s

Erland Teams with Robert Olsen + Architects

l-r: Science dept. chair Dave Wilbur; math dept. chair Jim Rest; librarian Fr. John Paris’s ass’t headmaster Mike Nerbonne; director of library & information svcs Mike Deschenes; headmaster Bill Burke and board of trustees president David Gately Needham, MA - On May 12, Erland Construction attended the groundbreaking for St. Sebastian’s School’s new science, mathematics, and library center in Needham. Erland is teaming with Robert Olsen + Architects for the new two-story center built as an addition to the existing main building. When completed in early 2012, the new structure will feature eight math classrooms, two biology labs and two science

ssue Next I


u sr a l E n g i n e e r s S t r u c t u r a l E nS gt r i nuec et r 125 Main Street Reading, MA 01867 , M( A 7 8 1 - 6 7 01- 29 59 9M0a i (np S) t r e e t7 8 1 - 6 R 7 e0a- d9i9n3g 9 f )0 1 8 6 7 S e r v i c e--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------s I n c l u d e : - - - -7- 8- -1-- -6-7- 0- -- -9-9- 9- -0- -( -p-)- - - - - -7-8- 1- -- -6-7-0- -- 9- -9-3- 9- - (- f- -) - - - - - - - - - - - Providing Principal level service in a variety of building markets. S e r v -------- ices Include:---------------------------------------------------------* * * *

classrooms, two chemistry labs, two physics labs, a math/science computer room, a seminar room, and a reading room. In addition, the new building will have a large rotunda with high-end finishes that will be used for physics lessons. As part of this project, Erland will renovate a section of the existing main building to connect the buildings together and will perform life safety upgrades to the church on campus.

On Site


During the months of July and August High-Profile Monthly staff will be visiting on-site locations to take photos and report on current projects. We hope you will invite us to share news of your current project. Call or e-mail to discuss your project featured in the August publication.

Our Services Include:--------------------------------------------------

Building Condition Review * Specialty structures design * Building * Building Condition Review Condition Review * Structural PeerPeer Review Façade Renovation * Structural Reviews * Façade and Garage Renovations * Structural Value Engineering Seismic evaluation of renovations and additions * Tenant Fit-outs * Façade Renovation * Seismic evaluation for renovations and additions * Tenant Fit-out Value Engineering * Seismic * Specialty structures design Evaluation of Renovations and Additions

* Value Selected Curre n t R eEngineering n o v a t i o nReviews Projects:-------------------------------Selected Educational Projects:----------------------------------------------------* Specialty Structures Design * * * * * * *

LA Fitness, Stoneham, MA. New entrys and façade + 15,000 sq. ft addition. * Structural Peer Reviews * Inc., Bowdoin College Wellness Center, Brunswick, Maine. Girls Lynn, MA. Renovation of historic wood structure + New gymnasium building. 175 Wyman Street, Waltham, MA 260 Hanover Street Vertical Addition, Boston, MA * Girls Inc., Lynn,* Ambulatory MA. Renovation of historic school structure + New gymnasium building. Tenant Fit-out Children’s Hospital Care Ctr., Peabody, MA. Renovation + new building. * Princeton University, Jadwin Hall Renovation, Princeton, New Jersey Carpenters Union *Headquarters, Dorchester, MA. New overbuild and bldg. re-use. BIM Services * Milton Academy, ForbesMA. HallRemove addition, Milton, MA for new transmission control rooms. National Grid, Northboro, columns * Bentley University, Auditorium Renovation, Waltham, Wonderland Station, Revere, MA. Busway relocationMA * Carpenters Union Headquarters and Training Center, Dorchester, MA. Scotia St. Selected Station, Boston, MA. Concrete Repairs and restoration Housing Projects:-------------------------------------------

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Street, Cambridge , MA * 277 Broadway, Cambridge, MA * Hilton Garden Inn, Northampton, MA * Christopher Heights, Marlborough, MA Cubist Pharmaceuticals Vertical Addition, Lexington, MA Bowdoin College Fitness Center, Brunswick, ME * Marriott Residence Inn, Portland, ME Selected Project Experience:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* South Shore Plaza Expansion, Braintree, MA. 350,000 sq. ft. expansion of existing mall * Residence Inn, Conway, NH * Lansdowne Street Music Hall (House of Blues), Boston, MA. 50,000 sq. ft. nightclub * Bowdoin College Wellness Center, Brunswick, Maine. 4-story, 32,000 sq. ft addition * Residence Inn, Colchester, Vermont * 175 Wyman Street , Waltham, MA. 2 building office complex, 335,000 sq. ft. * Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute, Hampton, VA. 90,000 sq. ft. PTC * Hilton Garden Inn, Northampton, MA * Marriott Residence Inn, Portland, Maine 5-story, 133,000 sq. ft. hotel * Cubist Pharmaceuticals,Inn, Lexington, MA. 3-story, 110,000 sq. ft. vertical addition * Residence Yonkers, New York * Wonderland Station Parking Facility, Revere, MA. 9-stories for 1,907 cars * Carpenters Union Headquarters, Boston, MA. 67,500 sq. ft. addition, 18,000 sq. ft. parking

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Lee Kennedy Co., Inc. recently joined Hearth, The Architectural Team and others to celebrate the ground breaking of Hearth at Olmsted Green.




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July, 2011


Proud providers of the Miscellaneous Metals and Ornamental Iron

New Hampshire Steel Fabricators, Inc 17 Lamy Drive Goffstown, NH 03045

Phone: (603) 668-3464 Fax: (603) 668-2703 www.nhsteelfab.com


July, 2011


High-Profile: Educational Facilities Development News

Walsh Brothers Tops Off BU Bldg.

Boston - Boston-based construction management firm Walsh Brothers, Incorporated alongside Fallon Towle & Associates, Boston University (BU) staff members, Beacon Architectural Associates, and ironworkers recently celebrated the topping off of the new medical campus residence building. l-r: Paul Griecci (Walsh), Jim Heighton (Fallon Towle), Walsh Brothers was Steve Villani (Walsh), John Barton, Derek Rodger, Dave selected by Fallon Towle to Flynn, and Bill Gasper, (all from BU); Kyle Pierro (WBI), shepherd the construction Richard Towle (Fallon Towle), Paul Gauvin (Walsh), and of BU Medical School’s Keith Mercy (Beacon Architectural Assoc.) new 104-unit, nine-story long-awaited 98,500sf building will have a graduate residence hall. The brick and limestone façade and metal and glass paneling. The new residence hall will help the University Medical Campus meet its increased need for affordable housing options. It also will allow BU to accept a more diverse pool of graduate applicants as well as ease the commuting time and cost for graduate students while concurrently fostering a greater sense of community on the campus. The traditional brick building will house 208 students; each fully furnished unit comprises two-single bedrooms, one bath and a common area with a fully applianced galley kitchen. The building also will feature space for future retail operations on the ground level and informal space for Gary Nicksa, Vice President of Operations residents’ interaction or study, a laundry facility, and bike storage space. at BU signs the beam.

Gateway Building Takes Shape

Pro Con CM - Lavallee Brensinger Architects

Manchester, NH – The new 8,132sf Gateway Building, which is considered to be the “front door” to The Derryfield School, is taking shape at 2108 North River Road. Lavallee Brensinger Architects is the project architect and Pro Con Inc. is the construction manager for the $1.2 million project, funded in part through a grant from New Hampshire Community Development Finance Authority. The new Gateway Building is close to completion. The Gateway Building is replacing the Art House, New paved pathways will connect which was formerly located the Gateway Building to the other camon the site and was razed in early January. Pro Con, Inc. has scheduled a July pus facilities, and new rock retaining walls 2011 completion date for the Gateway have been constructed. Building.

LKCo. Gets Northeastern U Reno Designed by Miller Dyer Spears

Boston, MA - Lee Kennedy Co. of Quincy was selected recently for a $1.5 million renovation of Northeastern University’s Cabot Center weight room. This fast-track project includes demolition and reconstruction of the existing weight room and sports medicine facili-

ties. Designed by Miller Dyer Spears of Boston, the 13,000sf space includes a hydrotherapy room, new flooring and lighting and glass curtain walls. This marks the third straight summer renovation project for Lee Kennedy Co. on Northeastern’s campus.

Pricing Includes ground level or dock delivery. Pricing excludes all taxes and non standard delivery. Pricing valid until 8/31/11.


July, 2011


High-Profile: Multi-Residential Facilities Development News

Framing Complete at Portwalk

More Affordable Housing for Hooksett Eckman Helps NeighborWorks

Hooksett, NH - There will soon be 16 new units of affordable housing in Hooksett. NeighborWorks Greater Manchester, with help from Eckman Construction, is building four new structures with four townhomes in each at the busy corner of Bypass 28 and Whitehall Road. The affordable townhome apartments will be a mix of two- and threebedroom units, and include one completely handicapped-accessible unit. A new access road to the residences, to be named Mallard Road, will enter off Bypass 28. To make room for the new development, an existing home on the corner was demolished. “The townhomes are right on schedule for an early winter completion,” said Eckman Vice President John Deloia. “We have enjoyed working with NeighborWorks Greater Manchester before, and are proud to have a part in bringing more workforce

An existing building was demolished to make room for the new development. housing to the area.” NeighborWorks Greater Manchester is a nonprofit organization that provides access to quality housing services to individuals and families in the Greater Manchester region by revitalizing neighborhoods and supporting opportunities for personal empowerment.

Townhomes uinder construction.


Pro Con CM and Architect

Portsmouth, NH – The framing is complete for The Residences at Portwalk, a $6.8 million mixed-use apartment building in the heart of Portsmouth’s historic district. Pro Con Inc of Manchester is the architect and construction manager for the sustainable design build project. Cathartes Private Investments of Boston is the developer. Upon completion, The Residences at Portwalk The Residences at Portwalk will apply to become figurations, ranging in size from 720sf to LEED certified. 1,169sf. The 36 upscale apartments will “With nearly 50 workers at the con- feature gourmet kitchens with wood cabinstruction site each day, the project is on- etry and granite counters, Energy Star stainschedule for an October 2011 completion less steel appliances, living/dining room or date,” said the Pro Con Inc project manager. great room, and master bedroom suite with “Installation of the building’s TPO roof is cultured marble vanity counter and shower under way and installation of the windows surround, walk-in closet, laundry area and and masonry will begin by mid-June.” over-sized windows. Some floor plans inThe five-story, 52,000sf luxury clude a raised ceiling and sliding terrace apartment building is located on Hanover doors, offering scenic views of the city Street and is part of Portwalk, a mixed use of Portsmouth and the skyline. The Residevelopment that is situated between Deer dences will have a private entrance with an Street’s retail district and Portsmouth’s fa- elevator and a dedicated parking area. mous Market Square. The 9,400sf of ground level retail The Residences at Portwalk will of- space will have large windows, high ceilfer natural light-filled open floor plans with ings, and creative layouts. various one- and two-bedroom design con-

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July, 2011


High-Profile Feature: Rhode Island College

KBE Begins RIC Renovation

Renderings courtesy of Design Partnership of Cambridge

Providence, RI - KBE Building Corporation began renovation of the 70,000sf recreation center at Rhode Island College (RIC) last month. The $12.5 million project is part of an overall plan by the college to enhance and modernize student life around the campus. Once completed, the facility will house a number of support functions for recreational and fitness activities. Included in the plan are a weight room, a multipurpose dance studio, a field house, and natatorium. The renovation will also include necessary and extensive HVAC system upgrades and architectural renovations. KBE is working with Design Partnership of Cambridge (DPC) and Sgarzi Associates on the recreation center renovation project, which is part of a campuswide effort to modernize student life facilities on campus. The design team worked closely with RIC to evaluate the viability of reprogramming the existing building to better serve campus recreational needs. The team conducted several user-driven forums to better understand and accommodate the needs of faculty, students, and staff. Based on those results, DPC developed a program and design solution that will create an architectural companion to the existing athletic building, address circulation and security complexity within the existing facility, create an inviting recreational complex for the campus community, maximize daylight into interior


DPC Architect / Sgarzi Athletic Design

Rendering courtesy of Design Partnership of Cambridge

Rendering of the main entrance at Rhode Island College spaces, and provide multi-use functionality for sports and special events. The program will also provide space for fitness, weight room and multipurpose rooms, social gatherings, and a sports medicine area. As part of addressing urgent building needs, the renovation will include necessary and extensive HVAC system upgrades and architectural renovations. Once part of the State Home and School for Children, RIC’s Recreational Center was acquired from the state in the mid-1980s, and opened as the RIC Recreation Center in 1989 upon completion of the renovation project to enclose the existing swimming pool and add the current field house.

The original structure was built in the early 1950s. The KBE on-site construction team is currently coordinating the interior demolition work in preparation for the renovations. Wiring and fire safety resources are also being installed.

KBE is phasing the project to keep the recreation center operational throughout. The weight room facilities have been temporarily relocated to the field house, and the pool and field house will remain open over the summer. Completion date is scheduled for January 2012. In recent years, the Farmington, Connecticut-based construction firm has managed the construction of a number of fitness centers and athletics facilities at higher education institutions. These include new athletic fields and locker facilities at Hood College in Maryland, new athletic fields and press facilities at University of Bridgeport (CT), the additions and renovations to Wesleyan University’s Freeman Athletic Center, a fitness center at New London’s Connecticut College, and the James P. Muldoon River Center crew and sail facility project at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

Project Team for RIC

General Contractor - KBE Building Corporation Architect - Design Partnership of Cambridge Athletic Programming & Design - Sgarzi Associates, Inc. MEP / FP Engineering - Thompson Consultants, Inc. Structural & Civil Engineering - PARE Corporation Landscape Architect - Diane C. Soule and Associates Cost Estimating - Essential Design and Estimating

July, 2011


High-Profile: Green Facilities Development News

Window Films: A Continuing Professional Education Credited Course


by Peter J. Davey indow film options have increased dramatically over the past 40 years. Tremendous technological advances in the construction and manufacture of window films also have occurred. Along with helping to meet continuing education credit requirements, this course provides an overview of the many features and benefits of window films and the opportunities to help Peter J. Davey achieve energy conservation, security and architectural design goals. American Window Film, Inc. is offering an American Institute of Architects/ Continuing Education System (AIA/CES) credited course on window films. This one-hour course is an introduction to window film application as a daylighting strategy for architects and engineers. After completing the course and 10-question quiz, credit earned will be reported to CES Records for AIA members. 3M Company and The Continuing Architect are registered providers with the AIA/CES and as a 3M Authorized Prestige

Window Film Dealer, American Window Film, Inc. is qualified to offer the course. Course attendees will gain knowledge of window films including different types and materials; commercial, retail and residential window film applications; their features and benefits relative to energy savings and safety of people and property; and architectural/designer application potential. Solar control, security, architectural/designer and privacy window film options are examined in the presentation. The course also provides insight on submitting Construction Specifications Institute specifications for appropriate window films for specific purposes. Additionally, the course reviews the history and basics of window films including their construction and performance specifications. Current requirements to obtain LEED certification have increased demand for products that implement practical and measurable green building design and construction solutions. Many window films qualify for LEED credits. LEED credit categories for window films include energy and atmosphere, daylight and views, light pollution reduction, optimized energy performance and many others that help to improve LEED rating status. (Categories are listed in the course

presentation.) Global recognition of the window film industry was received in 2009 when the National Fenestration Rating Council agreed to certify window films. Course highlights include differences in construction and benefits of metalized and nonmetalized window films for interior and exterior use and discussion on window film specifications including solar heat gain coefficient, shading coefficient and total solar energy rejected. A major benefit of window film is the reduction of solar Heat Gain and its associated energy cost savings. A “rule-of-thumb” for energy savings is that for every 100sf of window film installed on glass exposed to the sun, about one ton of air conditioning is saved. Course discussion includes information on equipment and software available for measuring temperatures pre- and post-application and projecting returnon-investment. Although there are many simple calculators available that will help to estimate potential energy savings, the window film industry has developed an energy savings analysis simulation program called E-Film – designed to calculate estimated energy savings when using solar control window films. E-Film projections can be helpful when attempting to qualify for utility company incentives.

As safety is a major benefit of window film, construction and specifications related to security films are examined in the course. Blast and missile impact testing performance is demonstrated relative to windstorm protection against flying debris. Security films help prevent damage to property that can result from exposure to the elements. They are a low-profile deterrent to smash-and-grab crime and vandalism. Additional window film benefits include improved interior comfort through the reduction of temperature imbalances, reduced UV/fade damage to fabrics and furnishings, reduced nuisance glare and overall improvement to a building’s exterior appearance. Architectural/designer and privacy films are also in demand. Flat glass essentially becomes a canvas for a creative film design. Among a variety of designer options, these films can provide an etched glass look at a fraction of the cost. Subsequently, if change is desired, the film can be removed easily and a new creative design applied. Conference rooms, lobbies, retail environments, glass partitions and private offices are typical opportunities for designer and privacy film installations. Peter J. Davey is president of American Window Film, Inc.

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July, 2011


High-Profile: News

Meridian Begins Library Resto

Concord, NH – Two years ago, Meridian Construction was hired to renovate the State Library in Concord. The project, which included replacing and restoring over 100 century-old windows, received a lot of attention in the area due to the historical significance that the library holds for many in New Hampshire. The outstanding work performed by Meridian won them a 2010 Excellence in Construction award from Associated Builders & Contractors. Meridian has started work on a new set of restorations, on the signature

Restoration work includes cleaning, repairing, and repointing the building’s granite exterior

The Concord State Library

granite façade of the library, interior skylights, and more. Upcoming work will include cleaning, repairing, and repointing the building’s granite exterior. Glass skylights will be replaced and reglazed, as the original glazing compound contained asbestos, which was properly removed and disposed of. The new frosted replacement glass will be enhanced by attic area lighting above the skylights, simulating natural lighting that had been previously eliminated through years of weathertight construction solutions. Additional restorations include fixing existing plaster walls, ceilings and moldings, marble stairwell, and mosaic floor tiles. Thermal improvements have been made, involving low expansion foam applications to attic walls and ceilings above existing interior restored skylights. The estimated completion date for the project will be around late summer.

Harriman Commits to Challenges

Portland, ME - Harriman, a full-service architecture and engineering design firm with offices in Portland and Auburn, Maine and Manchester, N.H., recently signed both the Architecture 2030 Challenge and the AIA 2030 Commitment, pledging its commitment to a sustainable built environment. The Architecture 2030 Challenge is an initiative aimed at reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by changing the way buildings are designed and constructed. The AIA 2030 Commitment is a chal-

lenge set forth by the American Institute of Architects to its member firms to take a leadership role in reducing the energy consumption and greenhouse gas creation in the buildings that are designed and operated. The Commitment has a clear long-term goal: by 2030, it will be standard practice to design and construct climate neutral buildings – buildings that do not use greenhouse gas emitting energy to operate. The goal is to reduce energy consumption across each firm’s entire portfolio, not just for projects seeking green building certification.

Gloucester, MA - During a ceremony in Gloucester, Patrick-Murray Administration officials presented three of the state’s newest Green Communities – Gloucester, Newburyport, and Swampscott – with awards to finance clean energy projects. Municipal officials plan to use awards, totaling $497,000, for heating and ventilation improvements, building envelope upgrades, and energy-efficient lighting. “Today we celebrate municipalities who lead the way in meeting Massachusetts’ clean energy and energy efficiency goals, which save money and protect the environment,” said Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Richard K. Sullivan Jr. In March, EEA’s Department of Energy Resources (DOER) awarded its latest round of grants worth $3.6 million to the state’s newest Green Communities - 18 cities and towns from Boston to the Berkshires that earned the designation, making

them eligible for awards to fund local renewable power and energy efficiency projects that will advance both municipal and state clean energy goals. The Green Communities awards will fund: • Gloucester: $198,200 for energy conservation measures, including improvements to the O’Maley Middle School building envelope, demand control ventilation upgrades, and the installation of an energy-saving ceiling and heat exchanger at the O’Maley Rink. • Newburyport: $155,000 for energy conservation measures at the police station and city hall, including air sealing, modification of the HVAC system, lighting replacement, and other mechanical systems improvements. • Swampscott: $143,800 for energy conservation measures at municipal school buildings, including lighting retrofits and steam trap upgrades, and funding for a part-time energy manager.

Green Awards to Three Communities

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Turner Construction – Harborview, Boston Turner Construction – Harvard Life Science, Bosto

July, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Erland Gets Tsongas Award Jablonski Architects

Jack Hodgkins, chair of Preservation Massachusetts; Stephen Jablonski, president of Stephen Jablonski Architects; Richard B. Flynn, president of Springfield College; Steven McDonald, president of Erland Construction; and Jim Igoe, president of Preservation Massachusetts. Boston – On May 4, Erland Construction, Springfield College, and Stephen Jablonski Architects were honored with Paul E. Tsongas awards from the Preservation Massachusetts organization at its 2011 ceremony at the Fairmont Copley Plaza. The firms were singled out for their work on the Stitzer YMCA restoration project at Springfield College. Erland Construction teamed with Stephen Jablonski Architects to renovate Judd Gymnasia – the oldest building on the Springfield College campus – that yielded the Stitzer YMCA Center. This adaptive reuse focused on restoring the unique charac-

ter of the 1894 campus landmark. Over time, the building had been renovated and changed to accommodate various needs. For this project, Erland was charged with bringing the building back to life, revitalizing and emphasizing its original beauty by uncovering its large arched windows and vaulted ceilings. The 39,350sf building now includes the College’s Office of YMCA Relations, YMCA program space, and the YMCA Hall of Fame. A new Springfield college museum and the college archives, along with new student activity space, are housed in this renovated building.

JC&A CM for Emulex Project

Timpanelli at CT ABC Meeting Speaks on Bridgeport Development

Stratford, CT--Paul Timpanelli, president and CEO of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council (BRBC), was the featured speaker at the most recent Breakfast Meeting of the Associated Builders and Contractors held at the ABC offices in Stratford. Timpanelli, who is responsible for the BRBC’s planning, leadership development,


and economic development initiatives, served as the keynoter for an informative discussion of prospective future development throughout the Bridgeport Region. He serves with various civic, governmental, and political organizations and is a former first selectman and town clerk for the Town of Trumbull.

CTA Tops Off High School

Tewksbury, MA - During a recent topping off ceremony, CTA Construction Co. lifted into place the last piece of steel for the Tewksbury Memorial High School, marking an important milestone in the project. Up next, workers will build exterior walls and a roof, followed by the interior construction, all to be completed by summer 2012. The $52 million high school will cover 219,000sf and stand three stories tall. Located within yards of the current high school, the project presents CTA Construction with the challenge of working around the school’s schedule to minimize disruption. There are 4,200 pieces of steel

weighing 1,700 tons in this structure. Work on the foundations started last December and steel erection began in February. The new Tewksbury Memorial High School will feature a two-story, glass entryway; a full performing arts center with lighting, sound, and rigging systems; and a gymnasium ringed by an elevated indoor track. Once completed, CTA will demolish the former high school, built in 1959, and build athletic fields and parking lots on the site. The building will meet the standards of the Massachusetts - Collaborative for High Performance Schools (MA-CHPS).

Packard Design Architect

Bolton, MA - J. Calnan & Associates, Inc. of Quincy was recently awarded the construction management services for Emulex, a networking services company located in Bolton. This fast-track project includes the renovation and consolidation of its existing offices and laboratories to 33,200sf. The project involves significant upgrades to the office space and common areas, including a state-of-the-art gym, renovation and expansion of the restrooms and shower facilities, and the construction of new laboratory space.

Additional features will include high-end finishes throughout to reflect the company’s desire to provide a positive work environment for its employees. All of this work must be done adjacent to and within occupied spaces, and sensitivity to the occupants will be practiced at all times. The project team includes Packard Design architecture; WB Engineers, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineers; and Dowling Houy, project management.

Groundbreaking at Fan Pier Continued from page 6

rounding Boston skyline. 11 Fan Pier Boulevard is designed by Elkus/Manfredi Architects of Boston, the same firm responsible for designing Fan Pier’s first office building, ONE Marina Park Drive. This building design is comprised of floor-to-ceiling glass set into a metal framework pattern with crisp green glass. A key design feature of this building is a curved building design on the east face of the structure overlooking a seventh floor outdoor terrace, as well as an all-glass

feature at the corners of the building facing the city. Planned public improvements will include all new streets, utilities, sidewalks, decorative paving, and landscaping around the new buildings as well as a new public water transportation dock with a ticket facility and public restrooms. It is anticipated that both buildings will achieve Gold LEED certification upon completion.

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July, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

KBE Completes New Bank Branch

Farmington, CT - KBE Building Corporation (KBE) a 52-year-old construction services firm providing design-build, construction management and general contracting services to a diverse clientele, has completed construction of a new branch for Farmington Bank. The new branch is located in the Elmwood Plaza on Newington Road in West Hartford. “It was a privilege for us to have an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in building a project of this size and in this industry,” said KBE president and CEO Mike Kolakowski. “Our


Wm Rawn Architects

Boston - The BRA has approved Berklee College of Music’s Institutional master plan for developing three parcels along Mass. Ave. that will add 500,000sf of classroom, performance, administrative, student life, and dorm space for 800 students. The architect is William Rawn Associates Architects, Inc. of Boston. Construction for one of the projects will begin this fall. The site, referred to as the Berklee Crossroads project, will see the most draNew Farmington Bank branch matic changes when it’s fully developed as a team did a wonderful job in making sure 24-story tower featuring a new, state-of-thethe folks at Farmington Savings Bank had art performance center. the best facility possible for their employThe first project to be constructed is ees and customers.” 168 Massachusetts Avenue for a projected

No. Branch Completes Transitional Home

Manchester, NH - North Branch Construction, Inc. of Concord has completed the construction and renovation of a new housing facility for the nonprofit organization Families in Transition. This building, located in Manchester, will serve as transitional housing for homeless women and their children. The Gothic Revival style building, originally named the Hervey Tufts House when it was built in 1846 by stove merchant Hervey Tufts, has changed ownership multiple times in the past 150 years and undergone many additions and renovations. This is the fourth building that North Branch has completed for Families in Transition, a local agency that provides affordable intermediate housing and extensive social service programs to families in need.

BRA Approves Berklee Plan cost of $100 million. A building existing on the site now will be razed to create a 16-story, 155,000sf mixed-use building with floorto-ceiling windows on the bottom floors illuminating student life and music for passersby. Construction is planned for this fall with an opening for the 2013 fall semester. The building will house new dorm rooms, a two-story dining hall and a student performance venue. A music technology center with recording studios will be developed below grade while practice and ensemble rooms and student lounges will occupy the upper floors. Along the street will be retail space.

Lee Kennedy Recent Projects

The project included the demolition of a Quincy, MA — Lee Kennedy Co.’s Work for Highland Capital Partners large section of the existing historic buildInteriors group has begun work on tenincludes full demolition and fitout of the ing and the construction of a new three-story addition in its place. The remaining portion ant fit-up projects for venture capital firm space at One Broadway in Cambridge. of the building underwent asbestos abate- Highland Capital Partners and law firm LKCo. is also providing full preconstruction services together with Dyer Brown ment and lead paint removal before a total Duane Morris. The multi-level fitout for Duane Architects on the fast-track project. renovation. The final product, designed by Morris will include offices, open work These projects are new additions Burnell-Johnson Architects of Manchester, stations, and conference rooms with to LKCo’s portfolio of downtown inincludes an administrative office space, heavy A/V. LKCo. is working with Nel- teriors work for clients including State community kitchen and dining area, and 17 son Architects on the project, which will Street Bank, Bank of America, and HIG units of housing. be completed in a short 14 weeks. Capital. North Branch Construction has provided affordable housing in New Hampshire for many years with the construction of workforce, elderly, and transitional housing. West Lebanon, NH - Jewett Metal Buildings & Steel Erectors of Raymond, under Examples of these projects include Parment- contract with TRB Development Group Inc., recently completed construction of a new er Place workforce housing in Concord and FedEx Distribution Center in West Lebanon. Spring Street veteran housing in Nashua. The multifaceted project includes 46,000sf of new construction to house office and warehouse facilities as well as numerous loading docks.

Jewett Completes FedEx Ctr.

July, 2011


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

MFA Acoustic Services Provided by Acentech

Cambridge, MA Acentech Inc. provided consulting and design services for the Art of the Americas Wing and Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Family Courtyard at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA). Working with internationally renowned London-based architects Foster + Partners and architect of record, Boston-based CBT/ © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Childs Bertman Tseckares The Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Courtyard at the Inc., Acentech consulted on Museum of Fine Arts, Boston architectural acoustics, audiovisual systems design, musical performances of various sizes and and mechanical system noise and vibration volumes, and party noises ranging from a control for the additions to the museum. small cocktail gathering to a large formal The new 121,307sf Art of the Ameri- dinner. cas Wing features a central glass building This rich library of sounds was used flanked by two pavilions of glass and gran- to auralize or model the courtyard for the ite. The Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Family ears, thereby allowing the MFA and the deCourtyard, a soaring glass structure enclos- sign team to make confident and informed ing one of the museum’s two courtyards, is design decisions regarding the acoustics of adjacent to the Art of the Americas Wing. its space. Measuring 12,184sf and 63 feet high, the To accomplish the MFA’s functional spectacular light-filled gathering place, and aesthetic goals for the courtyard, Acenwhere visitors can meet, relax, and dine in tech recommended that acoustical treatthe café, affords year-round enjoyment of ments be incorporated into the design to the outdoors and also serves as a venue for accommodate these future events. special events. In addition to acoustical modeling, To ensure that the acoustics of such a another critical element of Acentech’s large and reverberant space would be suit- work was ensuring intelligibility of speech able for events and presentations, Acentech during events in the courtyard. used a powerful tool, called auralization, to A standard loudspeaker setup would demonstrate the acoustical characteristics create a cacophonic sound, so a sophisticatof the courtyard. ed loudspeaker system was designed and Using computer modeling and signal concealed inside the columns that hold up processing techniques, Acentech’s acous- the glass structure. An array of specifically tical consultants transformed architec- designed loudspeakers steer the sound in a tural drawings into an aural rendering of controlled dispersion pattern, directing the the space (an “auralization”) that allowed sound to people’s ears on the floor rather the design team and the MFA to hear the than blasting sound throughout the space. acoustics of the courtyard before it was John Moriarty & Associates of Boseven built. In the acoustical model, Acen- ton served as general contractor and contech placed sounds that typified the kind struction manager for the project. of events that MFA would host, such as

Golden Building Restored Historic Boston Incorporated PM

Boston – Historic Boston Incorporated (HBI) and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino celebrated a major rehabilitation and restoration of the Golden Building in Dorchester, a $320,000 project focused on a 116-year-old commercial building and designed to spur economic investment in the wider Fields Corner neighborhood. The two-story, 8,500sf Golden Building, a centerpiece of the commercial area with a history of multiple retail tenants, now features an entirely new and friendlier façade. HBI identified the project’s potential and provided building owner Stephen Golden with a $210,000 loan to complete the storefront and façade projects. Amory Architects of Boston was hired to create a vision of what the building could like if these architectural features were restored or recreated. “Steven was very receptive to the idea,” said Jeffrey Gonyeau, HBI’s program director for Historic Neighborhood Centers. K & B Contracting, Inc. of Boston began work at the end of last year, and work proceeded through one of the snowiest, wettest winters in recent memory. HBI collaborated with Fields Corner Main Street and served as owner’s representative and project manager during five months of construction. Golden received a $50,000 ReStore Grant and an additional $25,000 Partners with Non-Profits Grant from the city of Boston and Fields Corner Main Street. Decades of partial and haphazard alterations were removed to be replaced by the handsome, consistent appearance of an earlier era in the building’s life. The Golden Building façade

Building owner Stephen Golden (l), Mayor Thomas Menino (c), and Boston Dept. of Neighborhood Dev. Dir. Evelyn Friedman (r) celebrate the restoration of The Golden Building, seen in the background. rehabilitation is the first brick-and-mortar project of HBI’s Historic Neighborhood Centers Program, which is intended to initiate real estate improvements in older Boston neighborhoods by targeting prominent and worthy historic structures and facilitating significant, highly visible improvements. Historic Boston Incorporated is a nonprofit organization that works with local partners to identify and invest in the redevelopment of historically significant buildings and cultural resources in order to catalyze neighborhood renewal.

© Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Carolyn A. and Peter S. Lynch Gallery / 18th-Century Boston


July, 2011


Nugent Joins HMFH

High-Profile: People

Davis Names Ferreira

Boston -The Davis Companies Ferreira will serve on announced the appointment of Jorthe senior management team danna Ferreira as chief financial Ofand investment committee ficer and chief compliance cfficer. She of the firm. is a seasoned real estate fund manageShe served for 13 ment professional with deep experiyears as principal and chief ence working in growth oriented comfinancial officer for MacFarpanies such as Davis. lane Partners, a real estate She will oversee all aspects of investment management the company’s financial activities, firm in San Francisco. Ferreira Nugent including debt and equity financing, Previously Ferreira investor reporting, capital markets served as campaign controlstrategies, risk management, information ler for US Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Harvard, MA - Maugel provement projects in Boston and technology, and human resources and will managed her own tax and consulting firm play a key role in supporting The Davis in Oakland, Calif. after beginning her caArchitects has recently hired MetroWest. reer with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Steven Wychorski, LEED AP Prior to joining Maugel, Companies’ on-going development. ID+C to join its architectural Wychorski worked in some of team. Wychorski brings nearly the most prestigious architectural 20 years of experience to Maufirms in Boston including Dyer gel where he works on its corpoBrown; Margulies Perruzzi ArBoston - Wilson Architects firm’s, with a high concentrarate design team and is currently chitects; and Shepley, Bulfinch, announced that Mark H. Allen, tion of work with academic working on several tenant imRichardson & Abbot. AIA, LEED AP has joined the and corporate clients on vari50-person architectural firm as a ous campus buildings.” Wychorski principal, joining founding prinDuring the last 16 cipals Bill Wilson, Matt Leslie, years, Allen’s design work and Chris Martin. includes projects at Perry Auburn, ME – Harriman, a full-service architecture and engi“We welcome Mark to our Dean Rogers Partners Archineering firm with offices in Maine and New Hampshire, announced firm,” stated Bill Wilson, presitects in Boston, and as a vice that Tyler Johnson has joined the firm. dent of Wilson Architects. “His president at Elkus Manfredi Johnson, an architectural designer, brings over five years of Allen experience complements our Architects, also in Boston. experience. He is an associate member of AIA, a LEED Accredited Professional, and the director of the ACE Mentoring Group for Portland, a national mentoring group that mentors high school students who are interested in pursuing architecture, engineering, or construction. Portsmouth, NH – Kate building systems, construction Johnson is currently working with the Oxford School District Johnson Hamblet, AIA, an architect in documents and services, proon ADA Upgrades and the NAVFAC P-282 Sub Component Facility JSA’s Portsmouth office, has gramming planning and practice, at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. passed the Architectural Regisschematic design, site planning tration Examination (ARE). The and design, and structural sysexamination is prepared by the tems. National Council of Architectural Hamblet is a member of Boston RFWalsh under Massachusetts bidding Registration Board and formally JSA’s senior living design stuCollaborative Partners anlaws. licenses architects. dio, and is working on projects nounced that Jean McQuestion As assistant project Candidates for licensure throughout New England. She was named a certified public manager, McQuestion acts as Hamblet must earn a professional degree in was the founding president of procurement official through the a liaison for project teams, ararchitecture, complete a lengthy the Roger Williams College Office of the Inspector General chitects, consultants, general internship, and obtain a passing score in all chapter of Habitat for Humanity and spent of the Commonwealth of Mascontractors and site personnel seven divisions of the ARE, which include: time in New Orleans working on a Habitat sachusetts. to ensure smooth, flawless combuilding design and construction systems, project. Through the Massachumunication between all parties setts Certified Public Purchasinvolved. Her responsibilities McQuestion ing Official Program (MCPPO) include maintaining the project Boston - Fort Point Project Management (FPPM), a providfor school project designers and calendar, compiling monthly er of real estate project management and relocation services, anowner’s project managers, individuals are reports, generating meeting minutes, and nounced Danielle Banks has joined the firm as a project manager. In certified to procure products and services working with teams to gather information. her new role, she will provide detailed project planning, scheduling, coordination and communication for client relocation and renovation projects across multiple industries. Currently, Banks is overseeing renovation and relocation projects for clients including Genzyme, Brown University, and Bank of East Taunton, MA - Advanced Trim- of sales experience America. Wright (ATW), a custom remanufacturer to his role at ATW; Banks of PVC exterior trim products, announced he began his career Wayne Andrutis as business development at IKON Office SoQuincy, MA - J. Calnan & projects from preliminary planmanager. lutions where for 18 Associates, Inc. announced that ning throughout the construction In this role Andrutis oversees all new years he held several William McKenna has joined and final occupancy. business development functions, develops management and sethe Quincy-based company as a His responsibilities include sales procedures and processes, conducts nior positions. He project manager. In this capacsupervision of staff and submarket analysis, and implements sales and then joined Bath Fitity, he will be responsible for adcontractors; trade coordination; marketing strategies in addition to build- ter as vice president vancing JC&A’s ability to delivlogistics and safety planning; Andrutis ing and maintaining the firm’s customer of sales and operaer superior project management subcontractor buy-out; contract data base. He works closely with ATW’s tions for the southservices to its clients. negotiation; requisition review design, production, customer service, and eastern Mass. and R.I. region. In addition, McKenna will and approval; financial status reinside sales teams. Andrutis was also part owner of an be responsible for the overall McKenna ports; budget reports; quality conAndrutis brings more than 30 years insurance restoration company. management and coordination of trol and client satisfaction. Cambridge, MA - HMFH Architects announced that Julia Nugent, AIA has joined the firm as a senior associate. She will play an integral role in expanding HMFH’s expertise in higher education and campus planning. With over 20 years of professional experience, Nugent has focused on college and university facilities and campus master planning assignments for clients such as MIT, U of Mass. Amherst, and the Mass. State College Building Authority. She is a long-time faculty member at the Boston Architectural College (BAC) and currently chairs the BAC Thesis Committee.

Maugel Architects Adds Wychorski

Allen Joins Wilson

Harriman Hires Johnson

Hamblet Newly Licensed Architect

McQuestion MCPPO Certified

FPPM Hires Banks

ATW Names Andrutis

JC&A Adds McKenna


July, 2011


High-Profile: People

MorrisSwitzer Staff Announcements

Boston - MorrisSwitzer Environments for Health announced the following recent hires to its Boston office: Romeo Moreira joins the Boston office as project manager. He brings over 15 years of experience to the firm. His previous work employment includes Perkins + Will Architects where he was project manager on Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Newton Wellesley Hospital. While at CannonDesign he was project architect for Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Camie Maze, AIA, LEED AP, joins the comany as a senior project planner/ architect. She is a registered architect and LEED Accredited Professional with nearly 25 years of healthcare planning and design experience. As director of quality control, she is also responsible for standards and the workshop series coordination. Prior to joining MorrisSwitzer, Maze was with Tsoi Kobus & Associates managing projects for several nationally prominent healthcare institutions. Tom Mitchell, LEED AP, project designer, has relocated to the Boston office from the home office in Burlington, Vt. Working extensively in Revit, Mitchell brings his specialty to projects such as Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center’s Nashua Clinic.





Stephanie Taylor, MD, MArch, CEIC, CIC, has been appointed director of research for MorrisSwitzer. Taylor combines her medical expertise with healthcare architecture and planning. She recently achieved certification as an infection control professional through The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology.

GZA Promotes Kipp

Portland, ME GZA for corporate mergers and GeoEnvironmental, Inc., an acquisitions; oil/hazardous environmental and geotechnical material response planning consulting firm, announced that and preparedness; and exTimothy Kipp has been promoted tensive EHS training expeto senior consultant in its Portland rience including hazardous office. waste management, USKipp has more than 27 DOT hazardous materials years experience in environmenmanagement, SPCC and tal health and safety (EHS) manoil pollution prevention, Kipp agement. He offers a wide range and a wide range of OSHA of EHS management and strasafety programs. tegic planning to GZA clients, includKipp first joined GZA in 1992, ing environmental management system and returned in 2008 after four years as and compliance system development; the corporate environmental health and safety program management/implemen- safety (EHS) manager for Sprague Entation; EHS metrics and reporting; en- ergy. vironmental auditing and due diligence

Lanigan Joins Lindberg & Ripple

Windsor, CT - Lindberg Lanigan was an independent & Ripple, Inc. announced that disability, long-term care, and Charles T. Lanigan (“Chuck”) has risk management consultant. joined the company as a principal. In this role he partnered with Lanigan will use his experbrokers on a nationwide basis tise to develop disability income marketing company-sponsored and long-term care programs for programs. executive groups and corporations. During his 35-year career, He will also work with the indushe has been a senior vice presitry’s leading carriers to design and dent, Disability Income StrateLanigan deliver customized disability risk gic Business, for Mass Mutual, management programs for client a vice president of risk managecompanies and voluntary benefit programs ment for The Hartford Financial Services for corporations. Group, and held executive positions at Prior to joining Lindberg & Ripple, Connecticut Mutual and Paul Revere Life.

Hoffmann Promotions

Hamden, CT - Hoffmann Architects announced the promotion of two employees. Kevin R. Weise, assoc. AIA, has been promoted to project manager. Previously a project Weise coordinator with the firm, Weise is responsible for conducting investigations, developing design documents, and participating in construction oversight. His new responsibilities will also include diagnosing building system distress, preparing condition survey reports, building and maintaining client relationships, and leading project teams.

Michael S. Pereira, assoc. AIA, has been promoted to project coordinator. In his former role as project representative, Pereira provided drafting, dePereira sign detailing, and construction administration support to the firm’s Connecticut office. He will now be responsible for developing drawings and specifications, overseeing construction, liaising between building owners and contractors, and supporting design development.

CES Welcomes Conover

Middletown, CT - Consulting Engineering Services (CES) announced the addition of Scott Conover to its team. With over 25 years of experience, he joins CES as a full-time business development manager.

For the past two years Conover served as the business development manager at RH White Construction. Prior to RH White, he was the director of cient relations for PinnacleOne (now Arcadis).

Windover Hires Five

Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA - Windover, LLC, of Manchester-by-the-Sea, announced the hiring of five new employees. Maryann Bogart joins Windover as director of construction accounting and system process. She comes with over 27 years experience in financial management in the construction industry. Tracey Hartford, director of business development, joins the firm after spending nine years in a similar role at Berry where she specialized in educational construction projects. Henry Linscott, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, joins Windover’s customer service group. Tim Corbett, Merchant assistant superintendent, joins the company after spending several years at some of New England’s largest construction firms. John Merchant, superintendent, joins





Windover Construction with over 12 years experience in supervising large-scale commercial construction projects in the research, healthcare, and education markets.

Mabardi Joins Jones Lang LaSalle

Boston - Jones Lang LaSalle announced that Lorraine Mabardi has joined Jones Lang LaSalle as the New England research manager. She will direct the research program for the region and strategically partner with the firm’s businesses and clients to track and

analyze commercial real estate markets. Mabardi joins Jones Lang LaSalle after 10 years at Fidelity Investments. Most recently she led the research efforts within the Fidelity Real Estate Group.


July, 2011


High-Profile: Calendar AGC AFE

2011 IFMA Boston’s Annual Schmooze Cruise Thursday, July 21 4:45 – 5:30 Registration and boarding 5:30 – 7:45 Boston Harbor Cruise. Fan Pier Marina, Boston All Aboaaard the Samuel Clemens for the ninth Annual Schmooze Cruise! Come join the Boston Chapter of IFMA for a summer evening filled with good people, tasty food and drinks, and some of the best views of Boston! The Cruise will depart from Fan Pier Marina in the Seaport District at 5:30 p.m. sharp and will sail rain or shine. This event is sure to sell out, so make sure to sign up today! Parking: Public parking available at the open lots near the Fan Pier. Please note: This is a cash bar only and unfortunately there are no options for credit card purchases and there is no ATM on board.

Annual Meeting and Membership Drive Thursday September 22, 5:30 p.m. 1 Central Wharf, Boston, MA 0211 Region 8 will be sponsoring the annual membership drive and meeting September 22, 2011 at the New England Aquarium in Boston. AFE Chapter 33 Boston will be hosting this event with the support from Chapter 74 Worcester, Chapter 37 North Shore and chapter 140 NH as well as support from ASHRAE Boston more information: www.afe8.org


Save the Date! Annual Golf Tournament September 13, 2011 Wedgewood Pines Country Club Stow, MA more information at ssfne.org

CFMA Golf Outing September 27, 2011 CFMA Massachusetts Annual Golf Outing Sandy Burr Country Club, 103 CochituateRoad, Wayland, Mass. 10 - 11 a.m. Registration 11 a.m. –Shotgun Start 3:30 p.m. –Cocktails CFMA’s golf outing is the main fundraiser for its scholarship program. For more information: tbettle@ggreene.com

- July 28, Golf Classic AGC hosts this year’s Golf Classic at The International Golf Resort in Bolton! All AGC member firms are encouraged to invite key personnel, business associates and clients to join in the fun at the Annual Golf Classic. Proceeds assist in developing educational programs for the industry. For more information and to register: agcmass.org - October 6 Build New England Awards Gala - 2011 - Construction Industry Gala & Build New England Awards Program The Intercontinental Hotel 510 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 6 p.m. Reception - 7:30 p.m. Dinner and Program RSVP by September 9 For more information and to register: agcmass.org


Boston by Sea - NAIOP’s Harbor Cruise Set sail along Boston’s dynamic waterfront Wednesday, August 17 Mix business with pleasure at NAIOP’s Harbor Cruise, featuring networking, cocktails, and an inside look at the waterfront’s past and future developments from industry leaders. 5 p.m. Registration at the Samuel Clements, 60 Rowes Wharf, Boston 5:30 p.m. Boat Departs (promptly!) 7:30 p.m. Boat returns to dock Contact: Pauline RandPhone: (781) 4536900 x4Email: rand@naiopma.org

For SMPS National Conference visit: http://www.buildbusiness.org

ASM’s 16th Annual Golf Tournament Monday, July 25 Benefitting the education and advocacy efforts of ASM, and the ASM Scholarship Program Features! Same tee time for all players – 12 noon Side-by-side courses by Jack Nicklaus and Rees Jones Use of first-class locker facilities All players together for lunch and dinner Barbeque lunch, reception and dinner Player gifts, contests and over $60,000 in prizes $50,000 Cash for Hole in One! Raffle to benefit ASM’s scholarship Program Sponsorship opportunities to stand out as an industry leader and show your support for ASM.

Best-In-Class Training

Build on your Autodesk skills like never before

More Than 85 Technical Experts Specialists In 8 Different Industries The deepest talent pool of BIM, Revit and FM experts in the industry. With extensive AEC industry experience, we’ve been there, and can help you with everything from a simple support call to implementation and custom software development.

Call our Boston office today at 508.663.1400 or visit us online at imaginit.com/boston


July, 2011


Have you seen what we do? The industry’s largest educational and networking event returns for a third successive year. Come and visit the structural steel industry across the country. Follow us on Twitter @SteelDay.

 September 23, 2011  www.SteelDay.org  The 3rd Annual SteelDay™

SteelDay™ is an annual event hosted by the American Institute of Steel Construction, its members and partners. Plan your SteelDay™ visits and see firsthand why it makes sense to build with steel. There’s always a solution in steel. Now you know where to find it. American Institute of Steel Construction One East Wacker Drive, Suite 700 Chicago, IL 60601 312.670.2400




July, 2011 University of Connecticut Health Center -

Stem Cell Research Farmington, CT Complete interior demolition and conversion of an existing 117,000 s.f. building into stateof-the-art stem cell and genome research laboratory LEED Silver Certification Existing building shell was retrofitted with new windows & skylights for natural daylighting Specialty lab gas and water systems were installed to support the laboratory functions Entire mechanical and electrical infrastructure was replaced with new switchgear, chillers and boilers Full fit-out included laboratory, casework, over 60 fume hoods, and specialty lab equipment Cold storage environmental chambers Vivarium, procedure and holding room, cage and washdown Autoclave and sterilization systems 1.4 MKW building generation systems Three independent building UPS redundancy

FIP Construction, Inc. Farmington, Connecticut www.fipconstruction.com


Profile for High-Profile

High-Profile Monthly: July 2011  

High-Profile Monthly is a facility development trade publication, featuring construction activities in New England. Its readers build and re...

High-Profile Monthly: July 2011  

High-Profile Monthly is a facility development trade publication, featuring construction activities in New England. Its readers build and re...