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Bowdoin Construction Celebrates 35 Years

Inside This Issue: Bond Brothers Completes ACS’s Atrazeneca Hope Lodge Landmark Structures Corp. Builds Blanchards Agostini Builds Twin Elementary Schools AHO Construction Completes Two C Pack HQ Pro Con Architect for Weston Office J.M. Coull Completes NOAA Facility Jewett to Renovate SigSauer Academy G. Greene Completes BU Media Lab E.J.Wells, A Profile Consigli Tops Off College Dorm Eckman Completes Dept HQ - Barker Architects An interview with Chris Savereid of Acentech, Inc. Suffolk to Build SU Residence Hall Designed by CBT Columbia Breaks Ground For SOMA HQ - Designed by DAI MBC Honors Hall of Fame Inductees and Skyline Award Winners Plus Educational Facilities News, People, Calendar and more...

November 2008 Gordon College, Ken Olsen Science Center – 82,000 sf science center in Wenham, MA Bowdoin Construction - Construction Manager. (Architect - Payette Associates) Photography: Warren Jagger Photography


November, 2008


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We work with the major contractors on the most significant projects in the area

We are proud to be on the William A. Berry & Son, Inc. team as plumbing subcontractor for the Brigham & Women’s $350-million Carl J. and Ruth Shapiro Cardiovascular Center. The13-floor,

450,000gsf state-of-the-art center houses 16 operating suites 136 intensive care-capable inpatient rooms each with a private bathroom.

The building also uses low-energy and low-water fixtures. It is is the world’s most advanced cardiology center.

1000 Cordwainer Drive, Norwell, Ma 02061 Phone 781-347-9200 • Fax 781-347-9250 www.amerplumb.com

Featuring inhouse fabrication for plumbing and fire protection in our new coroporate HQ.

Mechanical Contractors Registration No. 8028


November, 2008



November, 2008


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Welcome to our 11th Build Boston Edition

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BOND BROTHERS Building, Civil & Utility Construction Emerson College Paramount Center

Northeast Utilities 345kV Transmission Project

ADVERTISERS Acentech Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . .45 Advantage Reprographics, LLC . . . .11 American Plumbing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 B.L. Makepeace . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Bainbridge International Inc. . . . . . . .17 Barker Steel Company, Inc. . . . . . . . .28 Bond Brothers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Boston Plasterers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Boston Valley Terra Cotta . . . . . . . . .39 Bowdoin Construction CorporationCover Brand Scaffolding . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 BTEA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Campbell-McCabe, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . .22 Canatal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 Century Drywall, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Contoocook Artesian Well Co. . . . . .19 Coreslab Structures . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 CSI - Contracting Specialists Inc. . . .36 D. Cronin's Welding Service Inc. . . .48 Daniel Kuusisto Painting . . . . . . . . . .37 EHK Adjorlolo & Associates, Inc. . .19 EJ Wells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 EnviroVantage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Erland Construction, Inc. . . . . . . .30-31 Fischbach & Moore . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Folan Waterproofing & Construction Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 G. Greene Construction . . . . . . . . . . .36 Galway Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 General Safety Services Corp. . . . . . .20 Geothermal Drilling of N. E. . . . . . . .18 Greener Landscaping, Inc. . . . . . . . . .18 Greenscape, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 Hillsborough County Iron Works . . .29 Horner Commercial Sales . . . . . . . . .32 Imperia Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Imperia Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Infrared . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7


Isaacson Structural Steel, Inc. . . . . . .15 J.C Cannistraro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 Marr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Marr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 McNamara Salvia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 MJ Flaherty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59 N. B. Kenney, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 NECA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Norgate Metal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 North Branch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Nothern Business Machines . . . . . . .21 Novel Iron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52 NRI Data and Business Products . . . . .8 Office Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 Patent Construction Systems . . . . . . .24 PC Interiors, Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 Poyant Signs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Precast Specialties Corp. . . . . . . . . . .13 Pro Con . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 R.G. Tombs Door Company, Inc. . . .37 Robert N. Karpp, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Service Point . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 SFC Engineering Partnership, Inc. . .50 Steel Fabricators of N. E. . . . . . . . . .12 The Welch Corp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Thomas G. Gallagher, Inc. . . . . . . . . .38 Tocci Building Corporation . . . . . . . .16 Topaz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Trimax Steel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32 TuSeas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Union Fence, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34 Valleycrest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 W.L. French Excavating . . . . . . . . . .44 Wayne J. Griffin Electric . . . . . . . . . .26 Wessling Architects . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 William C. Wallace Prefab Corp. . . .47 William MacKinlay & Co., Inc. . . . .49 Williams Scotsman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7

When evaluating a mechanical contractor, don’t overlook a critical spec:

E X P E R I E N C E. All mechanical contractors say they can do the job. But at NB Kenney we’ve proven ourselves for more than thirty years. From hospitals, laboratories and schools, to government buildings, municipal buildings and housing projects we can handle the most challenging and complex systems. We invite you to review our success stories and see that we know how to get a project done on time and on budget.

You’ll find that our work meets the most rigorous standards of excellence. If you want uncompromising quality, meticulous attention to detail, and the know-how to get it done right, depend on our experience for your next project.


Harvard University Ten Akron Street Student Housing

Mechanical Contractors



Services: - Preconstruction - Construction Management - General Contractor - Facilities Asset Management

NB KENNEY COMPANY INC. Mechanical Contractors 316 Boxborough, 01719-1708 68 Codman BarnumRoad Rd. Devens, MAMA 01434-3508 telephone 978 263-5999F. 978.849.5299 fax 978 635-9473 P. 978.849.5200 @NBKenney.com email:email skenney@nbkenney.com

November, 2008


EASTERN NEW ENGLAND SETS ITS SITES ON QUALITY AND SAFETY IN ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION. NECA sets the standard for excellence in electrical and telecom projects throughout Greater Boston, Maine, and New Hampshire.

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

Residences at the Colonnade

Spangler Center, Harvard Business School

Courthouse Station, Silver Line, Boston, MA

Leonard P. Zakim Bridge

In the world of construction, quality and safety are critical to every project. Which is why leading architects, general contractors, building owners, and facility managers throughout Eastern New England rely on the skilled union electricians of Local 103 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the professional electrical contractors of the Greater Boston Chapter of the National Electrical

Contractors Association (NECA). For more than a century, IBEW and NECA have literally helped build our region. From our most cherished historical sites and renowned educational institutions, to major transportation projects, leading technology companies, community schools, and libraries, our landmarks shed light on a century of electrical construction unsurpassed in quality.

JATC Training Center/Wind Turbine, Boston, MA

Take a close look at just a few of the recently completed projects by Local 103 and NECA Greater Boston Chapter members. It will tell you where to turn for the highest standards in electrical and telecom construction. Rely on the power of quality electrical work. Call 1-877-NECA-IBEW for a complete directory of NECA Greater Boston Chapter Members, or visit us at www.bostonneca.org

Rely on the power of quality electrical work


(877)NECA-IBEW (632-2423)


Visit us at Build Boston, November 18 - 20 at the Seaport World Trade Center, Booth #407 www.high-profile.com

November, 2008


Three Hall of Fame Inductees

M.J.Flaherty Appoints Peck Newton, MA - The board of directors of M.J. Flaherty Company announced the appointment of Marc Peck as the new president of the long established mechanical contractor in Newton. Jack Desmond is retiring effective Jan 1, 2009, however, he will be a consultant to the Peck company for two years after his retirement date. Desmond has 38 years of

service and dedication to the company and industry. Peck came to Flaherty in 1998 from Clark Construction Company out of Bethesda, MD. He was a vice president and senior project manager for Flaherty, and handled the $50 million Massachusetts Convention and Exhibition Center for the company.

Potter LEED Accredited Cambridge, MA – Brian Potter, CEO of Thomas G. Gallagher, Inc., has earned certification as a LEED Accredited Professional. “More and more of our clients are requesting LEED certification for their projects,” says Potter. “Becoming a LEED AP was a good way to understand what is required and how to help them achieve those goals. LEED certification is the measuring stick that everybody is using. It shows that you really understand and practice the green, sustainable way of building.”


Boston, MA - On October 9, before an audience of 475 people, three new MBC Hall of Fame inductees – Boston University, William A. Berry & Son, Inc., and S & F Concrete Contractors, Inc. – were recognized for their organization’s legacy contributions to the building industry. According to Richard Lampman, president of the MBC and vice president of Tocci Building Companies, “The MBC Hall of Richard Lampman, MBC President, prepares to host the events. Fame is a place where we permanently recognize and honor the best in the industry for their consistent leadership, innovation, community responsibility, and client service. BU, William A. Berry & Son, Inc., and S & F are bedrock examples of organizations which consistently add to the incredible vitality of l - r: Antonio Frias, Rodney Frias and Joseph Frias representing two generations of leadership at S & F Concrete the building industry Contractors, Inc. Photo: © DamianosPhotography.com in Massachusetts.”

Your Single-Source for...Excavation • Site Work Landfill Closures • Soil Remediation • Utility Construction

Harvard First Science, Boston

35 Electric Ave., Brighton, MA 02135 • P.O.Box 35215 • Brighton, MA 02135 E-mail: Estimating@ajwelch.com Phone: 617-254-7550 • Fax: 617-254-0238 • Estimating Fax: 617-783-2072 Museum of Fine Arts - Boston

Current Projects Include:

Astra Zeneca - Waltham

Bovis Lend Lease – AstraZeneca, Waltham City of Attleboro – Pond Street Landfill, Attleboro Columbia Construction Co. – 16 Miner Street, Boston John Moriarty & Associates – Museum of Fine Arts, Boston LNR/Tishman Construction – Shea Memorial Drive, South Weymouth Naval Air Station Shawmut Construction – Apple Computer Shawmut Construction – Malkin Center, Cam bridge Skanska USA Building – Harvard Law School Enabling, Cambridge Suffolk Construction – Cambridge Residence, Cambridge

Suffolk Construction – Long Island Day Camp, Boston Turner Construction – Harborview, Boston Turner Construction – Harvard Life Science, Boston Turner Construction – Mass General Hospital, Boston Turner Construction – RISD Memorial Hall, Providence RI Walsh Brothers – Johnson and Wales, Providence RI Walsh Brothers – Lahey Clinic, Peabody Walsh Brothers – Newport Grand Casino, Newport, RI Walsh Brothers – North Shore Medical Center, Danvers Walsh Brothers – St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Brighton Walsh Brothers – Woman & Infant Hospital, Providence, RI

Find out how you can start laying the groundwork for the future success of your next project - call The Welch Corp. at 617-254-7550 Harvard Allston First Science Center



November, 2008

Washington St. One of Top Ten Boston, MA - Washington Street in the South End/Lower Roxbury has been designated one of 10 Great Streets for 2008 through the American Planning Association’s Great Places in America program. “As mayor of Boston, I already know that our city is home to many

mid-19th century Bulfinch’s plan was executed with 200 acres of made land created and a new community of upscale row houses built. The City, with community input, adopted a high-density zoning strategy while respecting the street’s historic heritage. To prevent residents from

“As mayor of Boston, I already know that our city is home to many great places so it’s wonderful that the APA is honoring Washington Street with this award.” –Mayor Thomas M. Menino

great places so it’s wonderful that the APA is honoring Washington Street with this award,” Mayor Thomas M. Menino said. After almost $600 million in public and private investment, Washington Street is a diverse street that now bustles with activity.” Washington Street is the oldest and longest street in Boston. In 1801, Charles Bulfinch, a Federal-era architect, conceived a plan to create a new residential community by filling in the tidal marshes along the narrow neck of land along which the “street” ran. In the

being displaced, the city and community activists focused on rebuilding a mixed-use district with opportunities for a mix of incomes. Nearly 60 percent of the 1,750 new and renovated housing units are affordable. Boston’s South End remains the largest Victorian brick row house district and designated landmark district in the U.S. Today, contemporary architecture and mixed-use developments are intermixed with Victorian as well as Federal-era residential and commercial buildings.

Correction In the October 2008 issue of High-Profile Monthly, the author of the article "To LEED or Not to LEED" is Katherine Viveiros of PinnacleOne in Middletown, Conn.


Build Boston 2008

oston, MA - Build Boston is the largest regional convention and trade show for the U.S. design and construction industry. More than 16,000 building professionals registered last year—including architects, engineers, contractors, builders, interior designers, facility managers, engineers, and landscape architects—to view more than 350 exhibits on the trade show floor and attend more than 240 workshops and other professional development opportunities. And don't miss the tours of the Big Dig, MIT, Wellesley, the Institute of Contemporary Art, North Point and other design marvels in and around Boston and Cambridge. Everyone connected to the building industry benefits from Build Boston. There are too many workshops to list. Here we have isolated some noteworthy trade and association meetings and dinners. Wednesday Meetings * The BSA Urban Design Committee holds its November meeting at Build Boston and all are invited to join us to discuss current issues in urban design and network with peers; noon–1:30 pm (SB34).

Continued on page 51

O’Dea Exec Director of AGC Maine Augusta, ME - John O’Dea was named the new executive director of the Associated General Contractors of Maine (AGC). He replaces John Butts, the longtime executive director, who took a position earlier this year with AGC Connecticut. O’Dea was serving as AGC’s director of communications and member services at the time of his appointment. A former member of both the Maine House and Senate, he was handling the advocacy and communications efforts of AGC. He will continue that work in his new role as executive director.

According to Loren Clarke, president of AGC Maine, O’Dea’s 20 years of experience in and around the state capitol have helped the Association better communicate the relationship between infrastructure investment and jobs. O’Dea was the executive director of the Maine Irish Heritage Center in Portland before joining AGC Maine. He is a former member of the board of directors of the Greater Portland Chamber of Commerce, and he served as chairman of the Chamber’s Legislative and Policy Committee.

Innovative Solutions For Your Space Needs

As an international company with a strong local presence, Williams Scotsman understands your needs and delivers the right product quickly and efficiently. Our more than 100 branch locations in North America and Spain and a fleet of over 121,000 mobile office and storage units guarantee it. Our storage containers can house excess inventory, seasonal overstock or store merchandise. Mobile offices can be utilized for on site construction offices or sales offices. Williams Scotsman products give you an immediate and secure presence. In addition, we also provide delivery, installation, refurbishment and other services. When your need for space seems unlimited, so

800. 782.1500

do our solutions.

w w w. w i l l s c o t . c o m


November, 2008


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

A Partner

Document Management Technology ™ Web-based project portals • Personalized & password protected • 24/7 access ™ Scanning & archiving ™ Print tracking software ™ Bid management software

Two Receive Highest Honor Boston, MA - The MBC recognized the four decades of mixed-use development success of longtime collaborators

Traditional Printing Services ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™

Color & black & white printing & copying Plotting Binding Mounting Lamination Digital imaging

Kenneth A. Himmel, Related Urban, and Howard F. Elkus, Elkus Manfredi Architects with the association’s highest honor, the Skyline Award for Outstanding Achievement. Given only six times in the 87-year history of the MBC, the award recognizes exemplary contributions to the built environment and to the design, construction, and development community. Himmel and Elkus, friends and business partners who worked on several marquee projects including Boston’s Copley Place, New York’s Time Warner Center, and Phoenix’s CityNorth, appeared together to accept the award, which was presented by Robert L. Beal, president, The Beal Companies.

l-r: Kenneth Himmel and David Elkus

CBT Begins Habitat House 33-41 Farnsworth Street Š Boston, MA 02210 857.383.3700 Š www.nrinet.com Boston

New York



Washington, DC

Boston Plasterers’ & Cement Masons Local 534 serving: MA, NH, ME & VT, America’s Oldest Building and Construction Trades International Union Since 1864 Our trained and skilled craftsmen are just a phone call away. We offer reliable, responsible, highly qualified and competent personnel, state certified apprenticeship and training program. OSHA certified membership. We are committed to quality and performance. Sub Contractors A1 Concrete Cutting Angelini Plastering Austin Ornamental Inc. Back Bay Concrete Bidgood Alloc. Cape Cod Plastering Cavalieri Const. Century Drywall Components Spray Fireproofing D & M Concrete East Coast Fireproofing F.C.F. Concrete Floors G & G Plaster & EIFS H. Carr & Son Island Lath & Plaster J.R.J. Construction John L. Ciman & Son J.L. Marshall M.L. McDonald Co. Mailoux Bros. Construction Mecca Const. Corp. New England Decks Polcari Plasterworks, Inc. Ricmor Construction, Inc. S & F Concrete Stafford Construction


Plasterers: Veneer Plaster Venetian Polished Plaster Three coat conventional Plaster Ornamental Plaster Historical Restoration & Preservation E.I.F.S. Portland Cement (Stucco) Fireproofing Cement Masons: Flatwork Sidewalks Pool Decks Decorative Concrete Overlays Stamped Concrete Concrete Repair & Restoration Epoxy, Seamless and Composition Flooring *and much more* For More Information Please Call Peter Stracuzzi, Jr. Industry Analyst Office: 617-825-5200 • Cell: 617-750-0896 Website: www.opcmialocal534.org

Stoughton, MA - Construction has started on a new home for South Shore Habitat for Humanity in Stoughton. The house is being built in partnership with CBT Architects, who donated the design and a substantial contribution to the construction costs for the house in honor of the Boston firm’s 40th anniversary. “Giving back to the community is very much a part of our firm culture,” says Alfred Wojciechowski, principal of CBT. “Since the earliest days of the practice, the partners have taken the role of citizen architect seriously and have committed a certain percentage of time to projects for non-profit organizations that need architectural help pro-bono or for a minimal fee.” Building on the idea of the standard Habitat bungalow, the new clean modernist design offers a variety of solutions that provide the family a sense of living in a larger space and put a priority on sustainability, which was not part of the original Habitat program but has proved to be a compelling issue for both CBT and Habitat. CBT’s and Habitat’s approach to sustainability focuses

New home for South Shore Habitat for Humanity on three majors areas: individual and community welfare, conservation and regeneration, and energy. The efficiently designed home will consume less energy, help achieve savings, and teach the residents how to maintain the systems in the future. Structural engineering firm McNamara Salvia and landscape architects Copley Wolff have also donated their design time and talent to South Shore Habitat.

Opening Held at U.S. Courthouse Springfield, MA – The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), together with the U.S. District Court and Second Congressional District of Massachusetts, hosted an Opening Ceremony at 300 State Street in Springfield to celebrate the completion of the new United States Courthouse. "This is indeed a proud moment for all of us as we celebrate the many years of planning, design, and construction that have yielded this United States Courthouse,” said Regional Administrator Dennis R. Smith. “For many years to come, the citizens of Western Massachusetts will enjoy the unique aspects of this building from the pavilion to the historic trees, to the artwork that adorns the courtrooms and corridors. We are proud of our work."

November, 2008


High-Profile: Facilities Developmnet News

Columbia Breaks Ground For SOMA HQ Jewett Supports NHAEF

Raymond, NH - Jewett Construction Co., Inc., member of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association (NHADA), recently showed its support of the automotive industry. Upon completing renovations at Tulley BuickPontiac-GMC-BMW-Mazada-VW, additions at BMW of Stratham, and renovations to both Porsche of Stratham and Audi of Stratham, Jewett presented the New Hampshire Automotive Education Foundation (NHAEF) with a $1,000 donation for each respective project. Jewett recently began construction of the new Automotive Training Center at Manchester Community College. This facility is designed to achieve a LEED certified rating as guided by the U.S. Green Building Council; the Center will incorporate a variety of strategies to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact while providing students with stateof-the-art learning tools.

Designed by DAI Marlborough, MA - Columbia Construction Company celebrated the groundbreaking for Special Olympics Massachusetts’ (SOMA) new headquarters, the Yawkey Sports Training Center. Centrally located in Marlborough, the new 25,000sf training facility and athletic fields will be located on a five-acre site. This new building will house executive offices, support facilities and 4,000sf of flexible classroom space that will provide a suitable venue for fundraising and banquet functions. DAI’s design includes a procesGroundbreaking team sional walkway leading into the main entrance containing a "Hall of Fame," which will introduce visitors to the unique nature of this facility. As they enter the lobby, further images and interactive displays will reinforce the educational aspects of the organization. The team also includes B.R.T. Management and Consulting, owner’s representative; Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, civil engineer; and Engineers Design Group, structural engineer Model of the new Yawkey Sports Training Center

Commercial • Institutional • Fine Residential • Irrigation • Stonewalls, Walkways & Terraces

Current Landscaping Projects Include:

Frog Pond

Trilogy Roof Garden

Natick Mall Expansion - Dimeo Construction West End Residences - Turner Construction Boston University NEIDL - Turner Construction Charles Street Jail Hotel - Suffolk Construction MGM Foxwoods - Perini Construction Harvard University @ 10 Akron St. - Bond Brothers Tufts Dame School - Shawmut Construction Northpoint Residential - Jones Lang LaSalle CA/T North End Park - McCourt Construction Frog Pond Park - Turner Construction Long Island Day Camp - AJ Welch Shea Memorial Drive - AJ Welch Slatersville Mill - John Moriarty and Associates Paige Farley Hackle Memorial Park - The Salvation Army CA/T Wharf District Park - Cashman Construction Boston Children's Museum - Shawmut Construction Bogarta Casino Expansion - Yates/Tishman Liberty Mutual, NH - William A. Berry

Reservoir Woods

Suffolk University

Telephone: 617-254-1700 • Fax: 617-254-0234 • 17 Electric Avenue, Boston, MA 02135 • www.valleycrest.com www.high-profile.com

November, 2008


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

Hampton Inn and Suites on Schedule Pro Con Architect and CM Yonkers, NY – Construction is continuing on schedule for a new Hampton Inn and Suites hotel located at 160 Corporate Boulevard, in the South Westchester Executive Park, just off the Sawmill Parkway in Yonkers. Pro Con Inc. of Manchester, N.H. is the architect and construction manager for the new 150-room hotel, and FSG Yonkers Hotel, LLC is the owner and developer. The hotel will be managed by Colwen Management of Nashua, N.H. Pro Con Inc, which began site work on the design build project in March 2008, has scheduled a May 2009

completion date. In addition to the design and construction management services, Pro Con also provided pre-construction and structural engineering services for the developer. The 87,566sf, four-story hotel will offer king and queen rooms, and 37 studio suites. The Hampton Inn and Suites is one of several recent design build hotel projects Pro Con Inc. has been responsible for including a Residence Inn by Marriott in Auburn, Maine, The Suites at Newport Beach in R.I., and a Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott in Manchester, N.H.

Rodgers Library trusses are Flying

North Branch Builds New Library Designed by Adams and Smith Hudson, NH - Trusses are flying at the site of the new George H. and Ella M. Rodgers Memorial Library in Hudson. The new 13,500sf facility is being built by construction manager North Branch Construction, Inc. of Concord and was designed by Adams and Smith LLC of Swampscott, Mass. The new building consists of a struc-

tural steel frame with wood trusses. The exterior of the building will feature a stone veneer, which was incorporated into the design to carry the look of the fieldstone exterior on the old library to the new. Construction of the $3.7 million library will be completed in the early spring of 2009.

Hampton Inn and Suites Nears Completion

WE MAKE IT WORK www.fischbachandmoore.com 74 Lawley Street, Boston, MA 02122 Phone: (617) 628-7300 Fax: (617) 268-4453

Program Management • Fire Alarm • Technologies • Transportation Markets • Instrumentation & Control • Public Works/Utilities www.high-profile.com

November, 2008


High-Profile: Facilities Development News AdvantageReprographics New England’s Premier Reprographer

Place an extension of Advantage in your office. We provide both large and small format equipment with tracking software in your office for your immediate use. Rendering of new regional office for Weston Solutions

Weston Solutions Builds New Office Pro Con Architect Concord, NH – Pro Con Inc. has been contracted to provide design-build services for Weston Solutions’ new regional office. The new 21,000sf office building will be located on Constitution Avenue, just off I-93 in Concord. As part of the design process, Pro Con led space programming, scheduling, cost estimating, and concept plan development. Pro Con Inc has prepared preliminary design plans and specifications and is currently working with the owner to obtain planning board approvals. A primary project objective is to create a highly efficient, LEED certified green building. The green features being considered include: high efficiency boiler and mechanical systems, solar hot water or electricity, light shelves and sun shades, on-site storm water management system, low-flow water fixtures, durable and renewable products, natural ventilation, and more. The building will feature high-per-

formance, innovative products such as the GreenGrid green roof system. GreenGrid vegetated roofs have many benefits including reducing run-off, lowering the energy demand during summer months, and increasing natural habitat. The site layout and orientation positions the building to optimize day lighting while limiting site disturbance. The landscape plans feature indigenous plantings that will not need irrigation and require minimal maintenance, along with deciduous shade trees. Preferred parking will be provided for alternative fuel vehicles. The 16,000sf, two-story offices will house Weston’s environmental and redevelopment professionals and serve as a visible display of the Company’s commitment to restoring environmentally-impaired property. A smaller 4,600sf suite will be leased. Construction completion and occupancy are planned for 2009.

Copley Wolff New Projects Boston, MA - Copley Wolff Design Group (CWDG) announces several new local and national project assignments: The firm has been engaged by CBT Architects to design and oversee the construction of a 6800sf roof deck on the 39th floor of One Post Office Square in the heart of Boston’s Financial District. This new space will incorporate green design elements and provide additional outdoor space for tenants. Blackstone Group (NYC) is the building owner. CWDG has also been engaged by Blackstone Group to enhance the curb appeal, accentuate building entries, and provide overall design and construction super-

vision on several of its key properties at the Wellesley Office Park. CWDG continues its work in Springfield, Mass. with the schematic design for the renovation and expansion of Putnam Vocational Tech High School with architects Drummey Rosane Anderson, Inc. The new courtyard for the Miles and DiNardo residence halls at Bridgewater State University was recently redeveloped by CWDG along with Cambridge-based Pfeufer/Richardson Architects to include new plantings and new bleacher-style seating. This installation was completed by Consigli Construction of Milford.

Topping Off Photo Mismatch The September issue of High-Profile Monthly included a story about the recent Bond Brothers topping off of the Richard E. Griffin Academic Center for the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS). A photo used with the story was of another top off. The steel for that project was supplied by Ocean Steel, and the correct photos are shown here.


580 Harrison Ave. Boston, MA 02118 • 617-275-7061 www.advantagerepro.com

     !6#"  !6 #6!


 -2(0.2(00'1()' (,%-*, 

Ed Bond with workers at MCPHS topping off




',12/5&/53$**(,%%-+ www.high-profile.com

November, 2008


High-Profile: Facilities Development News We don’t just build green, sustainable, and LEED Certified Buildings for our clients - we decided to design and build one for ourselves.

North Branch Construction’s new Concord, NH Corporate Office

North Branch Construction, Inc. (603) 224-3233 . FAX (603) 225-7165 www.northbranch.net

Rendering of Residence Inn by Marriott

Pro Con Frames Residence Inn Auburn, ME – The framing is complete on a new 100 room, Residence Inn by Marriott hotel located at 670 Turner Street. Pro Con Inc of Manchester, N.H. is the architect and construction manager for the $7.8M design-build hotel, which is being developed by Auburncourt, LLC. The hotel is conveniently located six miles from I-95 and is diagonally across from the Auburn Mall. “The framing on both the main hotel and the gatehouse is complete and the roof shingles have been installed,� said to the Pro Con Inc. project manager. “The mechani-

cal, plumbing, sprinkler, and electrical rough-ins are under way and the guest room interior partitions are complete. It’s exciting to see the hotel take shape.� The four-story, 75,256sf hotel will offer studios, one- and two-bedroom suites with complete kitchens and separate sleeping and living room areas. The Gatehouse will feature a large hearth room including a fireplace, breakfast buffet area, guest market, meeting room and study area. Plans call for a connected pool house with an indoor pool, spa, fitness room, and guest laundry.

Consigli Starts Mormon Center Burt, Hill Architects


Cambridge, MA - Consigli Construction Co., Inc. has broken ground on the new, 35,892sf Cambridge stake center for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which will ultimately become the headquarters of the Cambridge stake, representing a regional population of 4,000 Mormons worshipping in 14 area congregations. In partnership with Burt, Hill Architects, Consigli will oversee construction of the steel-framed masonry building, which will feature a brick-clad exterior. The site will incorporate an underground parking garage as well as ample green space with trees and a series of planting beds surrounding the building. The two-story, multi-purpose struc-

ture will include classrooms, offices, and meeting rooms surrounding a double-height sanctuary space in the center of the building. To the rear of the sanctuary is a cultural hall, which will be used mostly for social activities or as an overflow room if required for larger holiday services. In addition, the room features basketball hoops and anchors for volleyball nets. Other components include several offices for the volunteer ministry; serving areas with kitchen equipment; a room containing the baptismal font, and used only for specific religious services; and finally, 12 Bible study classrooms. The project is slated for completion in February 2010.

Gilbane Donates Services

Find a Member of the Steel Fabricators of New England online at

www.ssfne.org Steel Fabricators of New England 11 Robert Toner Blvd., # 234 • North Attleboro, MA 02763 Phone: 603-766-7363 • Fax: 508-695-0039 Catherine Flaherty, Executive Director Fà DKHUW\#VVIQHRUJ


Boston, MA - Faced with a 19 percent increase in rents for office space in downtown Boston, many nonprofit agencies have been forced to move out of the city, but for Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP), the umbrella agency for youth mentoring in Massachusetts, the problem wasn’t its lease – which was locked in at an affordable rate – but how to provide adequate workspace for the rapid expansion of its staff within a very short period of time. Dyer Brown & Associates, an interior design-focused architectural firm that provided its services at a reduced cost, and students from Wentworth Institute of Technology, helped develop the plans that included gutting the central space where the old cubicles were located and installing eight new cubicle spaces, painting, installing new lights and ceiling tiles, dividing an existing

conference room into two “new� rooms, and expanding the kitchen and copy-room area. Gilbane organized a team of sub-contractors, all of whom provided goods and services at an average of a 40 percent discount, and included Sullivan & McLaughlin; Mass Acoustics; K + K Acoustical Ceilings; Valante Mechanical Contractors, Inc.; Reflex Lighting Group, Inc.; SOEP Painting Corp.; and Kimball Office Furniture.

MMP newly expanded office.

November, 2008


High-Profile Expert Advice: Building Information Technology

Building Information Modeling: Ownership & Liability By Benjamin J. Galuza BIM promises many benefits. It also raises many questions. As technology develops and users become skilled, what can firms do to ensure that today’s investment offers future success? Understanding ownership and liability issues and their relevance will put your firm ahead of the pack. BIM 101: More than 3D Building Information Modeling is the process by which a digital, three-dimensional, object-oriented software package is used to create an information-rich central database that will follow the project from design inception, operation, and deconstruction or

firms addressing this issue? Managing Principal, Chad Wisler says, “At Vanderweil, we’re developing our own BIM object libraries – we want them to be organized, accurate, and to meet our internal quality control standards. At the same time, we’re working with product manufacturers that we trust. We know the information coming from these manufacturers will maintain the integrity of our BIM efforts.” Clearly, this effort is a tremendous upfront investment. What protects firms who are making this investment while allowing for the necessary collaboration across disciplines? Protect Digital Data Transfers with

“At Vanderweil, we’re developing our own BIM object libraries. At the same time, we’re working with product manufacturers that we trust. We know the information coming from these manufacturers will maintain the integrity of our BIM efforts.” –Chad Wisler, Managing Principal reuse. BIM designers do not simply draw walls; they define and link a 7-5/8” CMU wall object that can be parameterized with such data as R-Value, fire-rating, paint color, cost, and procurement time. In this way, BIM may be used not only to design and document a project, but also to track materials, coordinate construction, analyze future performance, manage the building when occupied, and accurately disassemble for reuse at the end of a building’s life. The user may view this central database of information through many lenses including the 3D model, floor plans, elevations, section cuts, schedules, and drawing sheets. This means that when a modeler makes a change through any lens or view, they are changing the central embedded information and all lenses reflect that change. BIM Transition Many compare the coming transition to BIM to the transition from paper drafting to CAD over 20 years ago. At the time, the market mandate for CAD was strong because of the obvious productivity benefits: Engineers could do their own drafting, and drafters working in CAD could replace three to five drafters working by hand. The mandate was successful because of two enabling factors: new technology in the form of software, the personal computer, and plotters and printers, as well as a critical mass of skilled users across the industry able to lead others through a relatively easy learning curve. The transition to BIM, however, presents new layers of challenges and may not be as smooth. In order to meet a market mandate, we need technology and skills. But we also need to address the big “I” in BIM: Information. While the value of BIM increases with more embedded information from more stakeholders, the lack of information integrity deems it worthless. Consider this analogy: The vast number of contributors to Wikipedia is both its greatest strength and its weakness, strength because of the wealth of information and diverse perspective, weakness because of the lack of standardized quality control. How are leading

AIA C106TM and E201TM-2007 AIA defines digital data as information, communications, drawings, or designs created or stored in an electronic form. BIM object libraries and models in their entirety fall into this definition, and are therefore covered under two AIA Contract Documents: AIA C106-2007 Digital Data Licensing Agreement and E201-2007 Digital Data Protocol Exhibit. When existing contracts do not adequately address the issues associated with digital data transfer, AIA C106-2007 can be engaged between owner/architect, architect/consultant, or owner/contractor. C1062007 protects the modeling party from changes that occur once the building information model has been transferred to others. This includes all downstream parties, such as subcontractors and sub-consultants. If an AIA 1997 Contract Document or later is used, C106-2007 may not be needed. However, in this case E201-2007 should be considered as an attachment, because it contains a “protocol table” defining how the project data can be formatted, transmitted and used. Note that E201-2007 cannot be enacted by itself but it can be used as an attachment to any existing contract or agreement. Further, to collect a licensing fee for digital data C106-2007 or equivalent should be enacted with an article specifically addressing fees. As an added insurance parties should label all digital data as Business Proprietary or Confidential. Conclusions While BIM raises many questions there are steps that leading firms can take today to ensure future success. Understanding the contracts that AIA has developed is a good first step to ownership and liability issues moving forward. If these contracts are clearly understood these leading firms and their partners will be protected and rewarded for their hard work as the industry advances. Benjamin J. Galuza, LEED AP Vanderweil Engineers, LLP





Architectural precast panels harness the power of creative design. At Precast Specialties, we never forget that architects expect us to deliver an innovative product that makes their vision a reality. We manufacture panels in an unlimited palette of colors and textures and we can incorporate virtually any aesthetic element including reveals, chamfers, ribs and bullnoses or anything your design requires. For an innovative precast partner, call 781- 878 - 7220 X 212.

Precast Specialties Corp. Your vision is our inspiration. precastspecialtiescor p.com

Scaffold Erection & Dismantling Services a t M a r r engineering . design erection and dismantling sectional frame . systems scaffold t u b e a n d c l a m p . scaffold enclosures rolling towers . debris chutes mast climbing work platforms

617.269.7200 w w w. m a r r s c a ff o l d i n g . c o m www.high-profile.com

November, 2008


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

The Terminal Building at Pease

Marriott Renaissance Hotel and Spa at Patriot Place.

Pro Con Architect and CM for Hotel Foxborough, MA – Pro Con Inc, of Manchester, N.H. is the architect and construction manager for the new four star, 150-key, Marriott Renaissance Hotel and Spa at Patriot Place. The full service hotel and spa is part of a 1.3 millionsf lifestyle and entertainment center that is being built next to Gillette Stadium. S & S Hotels, LLC of Manchester, N.H. is developing the Renaissance Hotel & Spa and Colwen Management Inc. of Nashua, N.H. will manage the resort. “The six-story steel framing is erected and the hotel is beginning to take shape,” said Mark Schleicher, owner of S & S Hotels. “The Renaissance Hotel and Spa anchors the stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues at Patriot Place and is adjacent to Gillette Stadium, so it is a fantastic location for both football fans and visitors.”


The hotel’s public spaces will include a stylish 98-seat restaurant, a private dining room, a lounge with 60-foot bar and stone hearth oven, a flexible space conference room, an enclosed business center, a club lounge on the 5th floor, fitness center, indoor pool and a full service spa with 14 treatment rooms that will offer facials, massages, body wraps/scrubs, nail care, and hair care. “The design and layout of the Renaissance Hotel at Patriot Place reflects the brand’s new imaginative multi-purpose lobby zones, distinctive room designs and new signature services,” stated James Loft, AIA, principal and executive vice president of Pro Con Inc. “Our intent is to provide guests with a memorable travel experience through unique style, attention to detail and sophisticated technology.”

Portsmouth, N.H. Jewett Construction has completed the Terminal Building Improvements for the Safety and Security project at the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease located on Airline Avenue. The project consists of renovations to 22,000sf of terminal space to improve the airport’s capacity to handle incoming and traffic, which includes an addition of new incoming baggage handling equipment. Also included are renovations to some of the interior space to move TSA and Customs and Border Protection offices to accommodate increased passenger traffic. This fast-track construction is to be done without interruption to incoming and outgoing passenger traffic. Design was provided by Hoyle,

Tanner & Associates, Inc. of Manchester, N.H. and Fennick/McCredie Architecture, LTD of Boston, Mass.

Terminal Building Improvements for Safety and Security

November, 2008


An AISC Certified Structural Steel Fabricator

Isaacson Structural Steel, Inc. Recent list of projects: Charles River Plaza, North & South Buildings - Boston, MA Children’s Hospital New Research Building - Boston, MA Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Expansion - Lebanon, NH Residences at Manchester Place - Manchester, NH MITRE Center, Bedford Campus - Bedford, MA Federal Prison - Berlin, NH Dana Farber Hospital - Boston, MA Russia Wharf - Boston, MA Massachusetts General Hospital - Boston, MA

Isaacson Structural Steel, Inc. 40 Jericho Road PO Box 67 Berlin, New Hampshire, 03570

Phone (800) 752-2045 Fax (603) 752-4237 www.isaacsonsteel.com www.high-profile.com

November, 2008


High-Profile: Healthcare Facilities Development News

Frisbie Hospital Expansion Shepley Bulfinch Architect

Channel Completes Rehab Center Designed by Hastings & Hoffman Interiors Salem, NH - Channel Building Company has completed a multi-faceted renovation project for Salemhaven Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Salem. The 110-bed, multi-story care facility has undergone a major transformation on all three floors that consists of resident rooms, nurses’ stations, visiting rooms, and common area space. The exterior work included the demolition of the existing front entry and the addition of a new covered canopy, cupola and vestibule entrance. Egress improvements to the rear of the facility included concrete pad, stairs and wheelchair lift access to the garden and patio area.




A phased construction plan was followed allowing the 30,000sf center to remain open during construction. “It was extremely important that we complete this renovation project with minimal disruption to the center’s very special residents,” said Jon Krygeris, project manager at Channel Building Company. Working in conjunction with interior space designer, Caryl Hoffman of Hastings & Hoffman Interiors of Lawrence, Channel created rooms meeting all the necessary ergonomic and medical environment requirements on time and within budget.


c a l m

phere of comfort, grace, and warmth for women of all ages. A new emergency department now accommodates the hospital’s growing number of visits – over 30,000 annually. The addition gave the hospital the ability to convert over 80 percent of its patient beds to private rooms. Other facilities include a new endoscopy center, created to accommodate increased demand; the Gustafson Center for Women and Children’s Health; and a 20-bed coronary care unit; as well as radiology and cardiology services. Designed by the Boston architecture firm of Shepley Bulfinch, the project’s first phase, a 88,700sf addition, opened in July 2008. Phase II, which will renovate 22,600sf of existing space, including the pharmacy and cafeteria, is scheduled for completion in 2009.

Landmark Starts Addition Worcester, MA - Landmark Structures Corporation has been retained by Christopher Heights Assisted Living to construct a new media room and adjoining deck at its Worcester facility. The 700sf addition, presently in construction, will house the assisted living center’s media room. The construction project includes an adjoining deck with steps leading to the center’s outdoor garden. Adrianne Hoffman of Smook Architecture & Urban Design in Boston serves as architect for the project.

constructed Just the way healthcare providers and patients need it to be.




Salemhaven Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Rochester, NH – A bold new main entry is the major addition to Frisbie Memorial Hospital. Accessible and inviting, Frisbie emphasizes the importance of providing a supportive, healing environment by welcoming patients and visitors with a new front entry and light-filled central waiting area. The construction manager was William A. Berry & Son, Inc. The 90-year-old regional hospital has gone well beyond putting on a pretty face. The 111,300sf renovation and expansion is the hospital’s first major renovation in more than 25 years, and reflects significant changes in community hospital service models from inpatient to outpatient treatment. The Gustafson Center for Women and Children’s Health is the most prominent example of this transformation, coupling clinical excellence with an atmos-

High-Profile Focus: Green & Sustainable

November, 2008


Erland Projects on Walking Tour Burlington, MA Erland Construction will have two projects shown on the United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) full day of walking tours during the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Boston. On November 22, attendees will have the opportunity to see the renovated and expanded Cadet Residence Hall at Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) in Bourne and the U.S. EPA Laboratory in Chelmsford – both LEED Gold projects built by Erland. Erland completed the MMA dormitory expansion in August of 2007. The project consisted of adding two floors to two of the existing dormitories while they remained in use, thereby increasing capacity by 150 beds without

U.S. EPA Laboratory taking away sites for future develop- America Award; and the Associated ment needs. A one-story connector Builders and Contractors’ New England building that united the Chapter Excellence in Construction area on the first floor Eagle Award. was demolished and This design/build regional facilithen rebuilt into a six ty for the U.S. EPA accommodates 30 story structure to house different types of research and testing a new elevator. The labs—metallurgical, air emissions and complex renovation and toxins, microbiology, soil sedimentaexpansion project has tion, and marine biology labs—and recently been honored several cleanrooms. The facility has with several industry on-site water processing, and hazawards including the ardous storage rooms. CMAA New England This facility was the first in the Building of the Year country to use the passive solar energy Award; Construction photovoltaic system and the first laboraCommunications’ Gold tory to receive a LEED Gold rating in Medal Building of Massachusetts. Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Solectria Expands Management Team

Lawrence, MA - Solectria Renewables has added two new members to its growing management team. Scott M. Bowden joins as business development manager and Brad Sherman as sales associate. Bowden will oversee business development for the company's extensive line of grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) inverters and accessories. He has more than 20 years of technology sales experience in the audio, semi-conductor, and optical disc industries. Previously he was managing director of U.S. operations for the Swiss firm 4M Technologies. Brad Sherman will manage Solectria Renewables' existing and growing customer base with all sales information and support. Most recently, he conducted fieldwork for the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust, helping to maintain a balanced ecosystem on 80 miles of conservation trails and land.


November, 2008


High-Profile Focus: Green Building & Sustainable Design Design & Planting Walls & Walks Weekly Maintenance

Sealing & Striping Concrete Flat Work Paving, Granite Curbing

Drainage Work Licensed Fertilizer Tech Snow Plowing, Shoveling

Cadet residence hall at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Experienced in what we do. Greener Landscaping Inc. has been in the Landscape Industry for 18 years. Greener Landscaping has over 85 employees fully uniformed and trained by our in-house safety officer. Along with the expertise that comes by hiring Greener we will also conduct written weekly property inspections to assure that our work and our client's property are to satisfaction. Please feel free to call us now and speak directly to the owner. 123 Bolt Street Lowell, MA 01852 tel: 978-441-3900 fax: 978-441-0603 email: contactus@greenerinc.com

Landscaping the future...

Robert N. Karpp Co. Inc. Building Materials Six Locations to Serve You Boston : Abington : Rowley : Attleboro : Sandwich : West Kingston, RI

MMA Cadet Hall Green Certified Designed by Prellwitz Chilinski Bourne, MA - A cadet residence hall at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA), powered substantially by on-campus renewable energy, has been certified under the (LEED) program at the Gold level by the U.S. Green Building Council. The building becomes Massachusetts’s first LEED Gold public higher-education residence, a distinction that culminates a multi-phased renovation and addition program designed by architects Prellwitz Chilinski Associates (PCA) in conjunction with the Academy, Erland Construction and the Massachusetts State College Building Authority. Located on a scenic peninsula campus at the western mouth of the Cape Cod Canal, the Cadet Housing building is a model of cutting-edge energy efficiency and sustainable building. Key sustainable design elements include an on-site energy supplies, a high percentage of recycled content materials and modern

plumbing fixtures that have reduced domestic water use by 48 percent. Operable windows, occupancy sensors, energy-efficient lighting, and abundant daylighting also help control inside temperatures. Energy is produced for the building through three “green” power systems. A 242-foot high wind turbine captures the abundance of high winds on the canal; a rooftop photovoltaic array, installed with the aid of a Massachusetts Technology Collaborative grant, powers the site’s enhanced lighting fixtures; and natural gas-powered cogeneration turbines provide heat and hot water while converting wasted heat to additional electricity. In addition to their obvious environmental benefits, these systems facilitate hands-on learning opportunities for students interested in engineering and facilities management while enhancing the overall residential experience through new baths, lounges, improved accessibility, and expanded laundry rooms.

Look Who’s Gone Green!


Leeds Material Available MA (617) 269-5880, Toll Free MA (800) 244-5886 • Rhode Island (401) 783-1046

Corp. Headquarters 480 East First St., Boston, MA 02127 ph. 617-269-5880 : fax. 617-269-2387 : www.karpp.com www.high-profile.com

For More Information Visit: www.geodrillingofne.com


* Harvard University Cambridge MA * Nichols College Dudley MA * Saltwater Institute Kennebunk ME * Belmont Senior Center MA * Saco Transportation Center Saco ME * Oceanic Institute Scituate MA * Berkshire Hills School Great Barrington MA

“Tapping the Earths’ Energy” * Battered Women s Shelter sowmba certified WBE

Boston MA

* Wayside Farms-55+ community E.Bridgewater MA

November, 2008


High-Profile Focus: Green Building & Sustainable Design

Contoocook to Install Peabody Dorm’s Geothermal System By Rick Patenaude advantage of the thermal conhe October issue feaductivity of the antifreeze-water tured Trumbullsolution, which has a superior Nelson’s construction ability to transfer heat energy. of Peabody Dormitory at Geothermal systems are Proctor Academy in Andover, becoming more popular because N.H. Here, we focus on the of their many benefits, includgeothermal well system that is ing: part of the LEED based design It’s cost effective, and the of the residence. energy is readily available. Over Patenaude Trumbull-Nelson a 10-year period, cost savings in Construction Company Inc. chose operations of geothermal versus traditional Contoocook Artesian Well Co. Inc. to heating and cooling methods can range install the ground loop assembly for from 35 to 70 percent. Maintenance costs Peabody Dormitory’s closed loop geother- can be reduced by 30 to 50 percent. Heat mal heating and cooling system. from the earth is readily available; estiContoocook Artesian Well’s job was to mates from the Department of Energy sugorganize and prepare the site, drill the bore gest that underground resources in the holes, grout the loops, fuse the pipe, and United States are equivalent to a 30,000ensure correct water flow per the design. year energy supply. Designed for energy saving performIt’s easy on the environment. A ance in the 12,500sf residence, a closed closed loop geothermal system is as green loop system takes advantage of the con- as it gets, because only the water generatductive transfer of a liquid. The system is ed during the drilling process is taken from closed because it re-circulates the same the earth. The bore holes are not set into an water-antifreeze mix, rather than using aquifer, so there is no chance of contaminew water from an aquifer and bleeding nation or impact to local aquifers. With its some of that water off as is the case with geothermal system, the campus can further other types of geothermal systems. reduce emissions from fuel oil, propane, Construction of the system involved and natural gas. first laying out the geo field, or location of Less energy is needed to get to room the individual wells, on the project site per temperature. In a geothermal system, the design. Then, six separate 500-foot energy is expended only to move the heat wells, or bore holes, were drilled using the to and from the earth, not to create it. same rotary drill rigs and techniques It’s more comfortable. In a hot air employed in traditional artesian water heating system, a small amount of highwells. temperature air is blown into a room. This Next, a U-shaped tube of HDPE pipe can make a room feel drafty and inconsiswas inserted into the well. The bore hole tent. The geothermal system instead moves was grouted from top to bottom with a larger and more heat- consistent quantities thermally-enhanced grout that encourages of warmer air, minimizing fluctuations and heat to transfer to and from these ground drafts. loops. A series of “geo clips” kept the It’s aesthetically pleasing and quiet. loops spaced apart and against the outside Most facilities require heating exchangers of the bore holes during the grouting for AC operations that sit outside next to process. This spacing makes each 500- the building. These units are unattractive, foot loop as efficient as possible in trans- noisy, and difficult to camouflage with ferring heat to and from the earth. The con- landscaping. The geothermal heat pump is stant 50 +/- degree temperature of the earth situated in the basement utility room, out is utilized to capture or release heat energy. of sight and earshot. HDPE pipe fusion was the next It’s easy on the equipment. In a process, whereby the ground loops and closed loop system, the water is not comindividual pieces of HDPE pipe and fit- ing from an aquifer; no excess minerals or tings are fused to make one continuous sediment come in contact with the geoground loop “web” assembly. Traditional thermal heat pump. This means a longer barbed fitting and clamps are not used, to life, less wear and tear on expensive equipeliminate the possibility of underground ment, and a greater return on investment. system leaks. The final step was pressure Rick Patenaude is general manager and flow testing the ground loop assembly. of Contoocook Artesian Well Co. Inc., The ground loop assembly connects based in Henniker, N.H. The company has to a geothermal heat exchanger inside the been drilling wells since 1936 and regubuilding. The heat exchanger unit gives larly works with contractors to design and and takes heat energy from the earth install geothermal systems of all types. through the series of 500-foot ground Contact the company at 603-428-6060 and loops. These specific heat exchangers take learn more at www.forwater.com.


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November, 2008


High-Profile Focus: Green Building & Sustainable Design

The Green Roundtable Calendar Events for November The following is an abbreviated list of events for the month of November offered through the Green Roundtable. For full details on any listing, please visit: http://www.nexusboston. com/space/events.html/2008/9.

11/19/2008 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm • Emerging Green Builders Committee--Greenbuild After-party

11/8/2008 10:00 am - 2:00 pm • The Green Roundtable-NEXUS Second Saturdays: What Makes a Material Green?

Suffolk University’s 10 West Residence Hall. Photo credit: Chuck Choi

Suffolk Univ. Receives Leed Gold Boston, MA - CBT Architects received LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council for Suffolk University’s 10 West Residence Hall — a distinction shared by just a handful of student residence halls in Massachusetts. Suffolk’s newest residence hall combines smart real estate strategy, innovative design, and green building practices to meet the demand for student housing in the heart of Boston. Suffolk acquired the property in Downtown Crossing, one of Boston’s most vibrant urban neighborhoods, when a local developer’s plans to renovate the buildings into one-bedroom and studio condominiums failed. With the project 85 percent complete, CBT began the historic renovation and rehabilitation of the early 20th century buildings

11/19/2008 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm • Greenbuild - - The Green Revolution - USGBC & Boston Welcome Gala

into a residence to house 270 students. Working within the individual condominium floor plans, CBT transformed these fixed configurations with minimal demolition into lofts, suites, singles, and studio housing. The building now houses a far larger number of people per unit and per floor but still offers Suffolk students a hip, urban, and sustainable living environment “By incorporating green building principles into the entire process from programming to design to construction, a high degree of sustainability was realized,” said Christopher Hill, AIA, principal of CBT Architects. “The LEED Gold certification for the 10 West Residence Hall demonstrates CBT’s continued commitment to building environmentally friendly and energy efficient buildings.”

11/20/2008 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm • The Green Roundtable-NEXUS Party!

11/13/2008 8:00 am - 9:00 am • The Forum - Education Committee Meeting

12/2/2008 8:00 am - 9:00 am • Forum - Communications Committee Meeting

11/16/2008 9:00 am - 5:00 pm • The Green Roundtable at Massachusetts Climate Action Conference

12/2/2008 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm • The Green Roundtable--Lunch and LEED

11/18/2008 12:00 pm 11/20/2008 6:00 pm • The Green Roundtable at Build Boston 11/19/2008 Mark 9:00 am 11/20/2008 7:30 pm Your • The Calendar Green Roundtable at Greenbuild 2008 in Boston

12/2/2008 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm • The Forum--Boston LEED Users Group (BLUG): LEED for Labs 12/4/2008 8:30 am - 5:00 pm • USGBC--LEED for New Construction Technical Review 12/4/2008 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm • The Green Roundtable--LEED AP Study Group

Safety is our middle name Safety Fall Arrest Systems Window Washing Pressure Washing Metal Cleaning and Restoration Welding Engineering Testing


General Safety Services Corp 69 Milton Street • Dedham, MA 02026 www.high-profile.com

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November, 2008


High-Profile Focus: Green Building & Sustainable Design

Developing A Green Mindset By Moshe Cohen, The Negotiating Table, and Barbra Batshalom, The Green Roundtable Reprinted from The Green Roundtable newsletter In the past few years, chances are you have encountered green design on one of your projects, and if you haven't, you will soon, most likely. For those of you who haven't, green design, also known as sustainable design, is the term used to describe the processes, technologies, and strategies that aim to make a project both environmentally friendly and cost effective. Unfortunately, like many ideas trying to break into the main stream, green design and sustainability encounter considerable resistance when proposed into the marketplace. While green designers try to consider the costs as well as the benefits of their ideas, the building industry and building owners have generally been cool to the notion of greening their projects. The general perception is that sustainability is all about technologies, and

that these technologies cost more, are unproven and unreliable, and interfere with the normal way of doing business. So, as someone interested in development but not necessarily in sustainability, what can you do to avail yourself of the benefits of green design ideas while maintaining your healthy skepticism of green design and the folks who promote it? The first thing you can do is to suspend your disbelief in sustainability long enough to learn about its advantages. In some instances, your benefit might be in long-term capital cost savings, or in an integrated design and construction process that saves time and money. In other instances, the advantages will be in the form of government grants to try green technologies, or in the form of tax breaks. To access full article, click on http://www.nexusboston.com/learn/new sletter_features/developing_a_green_mi ndset.html

Consigli Oversees School Projects Concord, N.H. - Consigli Construction Co., Inc.’s Maine operations have successfully completed a series of projects at St. Paul’s School in Concord, N.H. wrapping up several years of ongoing summer work designed to restore and refurbish multiple buildings on the school’s campus. A key part of the 2008 program was the completion of the restoration of Coit Hall, a 19th century gothic architecture-styled residence hall. Starting in 2005, Consigli has systematically performed masonry restoration, window replacement, repointing, chemical cleaning, and brick rebuilding. This year’s work focused on completion of the masonry restoration, installation of energy-efficient windows, and new copper flashings and slate for the building’s roof. Consigli has also installed ice and water shields on the roof sheathing and replaced deteriorated wood elements. In prior years, Consigli has constructed a new entry canopy. Consigli’s craftsworkers self-performed all of the project’s masonry work.

This summer’s work also included rebuilding the campus steam plant chimney, which required maintaining a tight schedule during the campus steam shutdown to ensure it could be re-activated prior to the students’ return. After lightning damaged the chimney, Consigli rebuilt the top 30 ft. at heights of up to 120 ft. in the air. The work included a new CMU backup wall, chimney flue liner, anchor installation, cast stone pieces, lightning protection, copper flashings and a new brick veneer. The team also oversaw repairs at the Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul, which included stained glass repair and brownstone patching. In years past, Consigli’s team has successfully carried out a twoyear phased renovation of St. Paul’s Ohrstrom Library and multiple floodprotection improvements, again with numerous components self-performed by Consigli craftsworkers. All work was preceded by extensive pre-construction planning that produced schedules designed to minimize impact on the students and procure long-lead items prior to construction.


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November, 2008


High-Profile: Educational Development News

Suffolk Renovates Theatre as Res. Hall Designed by CBT/Childs Bertman Tseckares Boston, MA Suffolk Construction Company, Inc. has been awarded a $29 million contract to renovate the existing façade of the Modern Theatre building in downtown Boston and construct a new 12-story student residence hall for Suffolk University. Suffolk Construction had performed more than a year of preconstruction services for the project. Designed by CBT/Childs Bertman Tseckares, Inc., the new residence hall will accommodate up to 200 students, while the first floor will house a 2,400sf “black-box” theatre and an 800sf art gallery. Suffolk will disassemble and restore the historic façade of the theatre and will then rebuild the Newly renovated façade of the Modern Theatre building façade around the structure of the new building. “This is a significant strategic win for has allowed us to capitalize on continuing our Suffolk Education group,” said John F. development opportunities. We are excited Fish, CEO of Suffolk Construction. “As the to have the opportunity to continue our education construction market maintains its work on this incredible project and help strength despite the slowing economy, our make Suffolk University’s vision for this team’s reputation for quality in this sector building a reality.”

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ICON Educational Projects Boston, MA – Emerson College, Salem State College, and Harvard University have hired ICON architecture, inc. to work on key renovation, adaptive use, and planning projects. With Emerson College ICON transformed an existing sixstory lightwell in the college’s Walker Building into 3500sf of multi-level useable space—an addition that is a tremendous asset for the downtown campus. Measuring just 24 feet by 30 feet, the lightwell-cum-building serves the adjacent library, accommodating a series of fully wired group study and meeting rooms in its top three floors. The third level, located directly across from the library’s main circulation desk, houses and displays the original set of the TV series Will and Grace, donated by Emerson alum Max Mutchnick, the show’s co-creator. ICON’s careful design for this challenging space maximized useable square footage and avoided structural penetration of an existing nightclub on the building’s first level. The firm worked with Salem State College on an adaptive use project in a former GTE/Sylvania manufacturing plant for an “interim” library. Salem State administrators approached ICON about designing a library space in the eastern end of its Central Campus Academic Building, after which the firm teamed with Ann Beha Architects under the direction of the Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) to undertake this fast track project. The design for the 25,000sf space embraces the structure’s former industrial use by keeping its trusses exposed and allowing natural light to flood the space from the steel framed clerestory sky light. Finally, ICON is working with Harvard University’s Allston Development Group (ADG) on a series of planning, urban design, and design review projects related to the “neighborhood edge,” focusing on those areas where the university’s development in Allston interfaces with the community. ICON is providing design recommendations for a parcel behind the Honan-Allston Library on North Harvard Street that will include a community park and is investigating design and program options for Harvard-owned properties off Western Avenue.

November, 2008


High-Profile: Educational Facilities Development News

Jewett to Renovate SigSauer Academy Epping, NH - Jewett Construction Company, Inc. has recently begun exterior renovations at SigSauer Academy in Epping. Work will consist of an exterior facelift, including the painting of concrete block walls, installation of vinyl siding, and wrapping trims with aluminum. This project marks the ninth contract between

Jewett and SigSauer, proving their longstanding working relationship. Jewett will work closely with SigSauer in order to minimize disruption to the clients’ operations, and will team up with subcontractors Coco Contracting of Manchester and Kaloutas Painting of Peabody, Mass. to complete work on schedule.

Acella Completes School Dorm East Sandwich, MA - Acella Construction Corporation recently completed the construction of a new 16,000sf dormitory at Riverview School in East Sandwich. Riverview School is an independent, co-educational, residential school of international reputation that houses 180 students with complex language, learning and cognitive disabilities from all over the world. It was established in 1957 and is located on

historic Route 6A, just an hour from Boston or Providence, R.I. The scenic 16-acre campus features outstanding classroom facilities and condominium-like dormitories. The recently completed dormitory, the Janse-Butler House, accommodates 36 middle and high school students and six staff members in two shifts in full service, handicap accessible housing. Acella worked on this project in close collaboration with CMG Architects.

Recently completed Janse-Butler House

Boston University's new Media Center

G. Greene Completes BU Media Lab Boston, MA - G. Greene Construction recently completed a design/build project with Wilson Architects. The job entailed designing and constructing a new Media Center in the Sargent College Building at Boston University. The scope of work included a complete fit-out of a 3,000sf study hall that was converted into an IT server/work room and a computer and study lounge. This new center offers students workspace to produce projects and literature related to their studies. New finishes within the center include bamboo wood paneling, cork flooring, low VOC paints and high recycled content ceiling tiles and countertops. All materials used on the project complied with the LEED for Commercial

Interiors program including directing construction waste to recycling plants, maintaining air quality both before and after construction, and the use of rapidly renewable and environmentally-friendly materials. The G. Greene Team worked closely with Boston University throughout the entire budget process to come up with a LEED certifiable project that met all budgetary guidelines and scheduling requirements. In addition to this project, G. Greene Construction is currently working at Harvard Medical School renovating over 29,000sf of office space on Huntington Ave. The project has been designated as a LEED Gold certification under the United States Green Building Council’s rating system.

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• Woonsocket Middle School, Woonsocket, RI - 1,000 tons • 13 Walgreens Throughout New England Area - 390 tons • Camp Fogarty, Greenwich, RI - 700 tons • Mount Washington Hotel, Brenton Woods, NH - 327 tons • Toyota Tufankjian, Braintree, MA - 639 tons • Bourne Elementary School, Bourne, MA - 588 tons • Hingham Shipyard, Hingham, MA - 460 tons • 8 Shaws Throughout the New England Area - 720 tons

UMass Recreation Building, Amherst, MA - 1,100 tons

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November, 2008


High-Profile: Educational Facilities Development News

Bowdoin College Arena Pro Con CM - Design AC Project Architect

l-r - George Marsh, AIA – principal (Payette); R. Judson Carlberg, Ph.D. – president (Gordon College); Kurt Keilhacker, M.B.A. - Chairman of Board of Trustees (Gordon College); Irwin M. Yanowitz – executive vice president (Bowdoin Construction). Photo courtesy of Bowdoin Construction.

Gordon Science Center Completed Payette and Bowdoin Team Up Wenham, MA - Payette, an architectural design firm, and Bowdoin Construction announced the completion of Phase 1 of the Ken Olsen Science Center at Gordon College in Wenham. Named for Ken Olsen, the founder of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and a member of Rendering of the Ken Olsen Science Center at the College's Board of Trustees, the Gordon College new science center fosters interdiscilabs, classrooms, faculty offices, a 400-seat plinary interaction and critical thinking. The 83,154sf science building is a new auditorium, a case study/lecture hall and a facility that houses the departments of biolo- main lobby with museum quality displays. Bowdoin Construction was selected gy, chemistry, physics, computer science, mathematics, psychology, and movement by Gordon College to manage the construcscience. It contains numerous wet and dry tion of the science center in March of 2006.


Brunswick, ME – The dasher boards Pro Con Inc project manager. “The rink is and the protective glass panels are current- in the final stages of construction and it is ly being installed at Watson Arena, a new exciting to see the progress.” Bowdoin 68,200sf ice arena on the campus of plans to officially open the Watson Arena Bowdoin College in Brunswick. on January 18, 2009 with a men’s and Pro Con Inc of Manchester, N.H. is women’s doubleheader. the construction manager for the $20 milThe environmentally friendly arena lion project and Bear Mountain Design will have a very energy efficient refrigeraAC, LTD of Barnard, Vermont is the proj- tion system and de-humidification system ect architect. and will utilize recycled water. The new arena will feature a 90-ft Throughout the project, Pro Con Inc. and by 200-ft ice surface and will have a seat- Bowdoin have maintained a strong coming capacity for 1,900 and standing room mitment to the environment and anticipate capacity around the concourse for an addi- the Watson Arena to be LEED certified tional 600. Both the main concourse area after completion. and interior seating will provide great views of the action on the ice. The arena has exposed steel trusses, masonry columns, and wood accents through the facility. The project includes large locker rooms with generous space for changing, equipment storage and athletic training areas. The site plan calls for a 360-space parking lot. “The stadium seating, scoreboard, and interior lighting have been installed and the protective glass is currently being placed along Dasher boards and the protective glass panels are currently being installed at Watson Arena. the rink,” according to the

November, 2008


High-Profile: Educational Facilities Development News

The Perfect Classroom is Formally Launched


ayland, MA - Architecture students and their educators the most Involution LLC (Ai3) and effective new learning tools; proper use of Triumph Modular announced natural daylight; ventilation systems the formal launch of the CASE 21 class- designed for optimum air quality; and the room solution – a high-performance learn- most finely tuned acoustics and sightlines. In addition, CASE 21 integrates the ing environment employing state-of-theart green design, organizational layout, most advanced principles of green, sustainable design to maximize energy effiand technology integration. CASE 21 (Creative Academic ciency, minimize environmental impact, and provide a classroom setting that is Sustainable Environments for the 21st Century) was conceived by Ai3 as an answer to the thousands of poorly Providing a glimpse into the designed classrooms that are conclassroom of the future. structed each year in the United States. "Before they crack a single book, many students across America are being put at a disadvantage because the classrooms they are trying to learn in work against them," said Scott Dunlap, co-founder and partner at Ai3. "Many typical classrooms – as currently designed – ignore the positive effects that daylighting, ventilation, air quality, acoustics, sightlines, technology integration, sound reinforcement and other key factors have on learning. We have been incorporating genuinely healthy. Ai3 partner and cothese positive effects into our design phi- founder Jim Jordan, who is credited with losophy for several years and the results having designed the widely acclaimed are undeniable. Students learn better, Massachusetts School Building Authority School (Whitman-Hanson smarter and faster in these environments." Model CASE 21 employs Ai3's advanced Regional High School), has led the design understanding of the ideal learning envi- charge regarding green design, sustainronment to address these factors and max- ability, and LEED certification for the imize the benefits of smart classroom CASE 21 project. "The CASE 21 classroom itself – in design: Integrated technologies to provide

many ways – can be a learning tool as applied to sustainable design principles, environmental responsibility, and the effective use of technology," said Dunlap. "Above all, our kids deserve the best chance we can give them at being successful in school. The research is pretty conclusive that the more healthy and comfortable a classroom environment, the better that students and teachers will perform."

CASE 21 is being launched at a time when school districts across the country are coping with the challenge of addressing their facility needs. The traditional answer, however, has been substandard temporary educational space (for meeting short-term enrollment bulges), or complex major construction projects (for long-term needs) that often require a five- to sevenyear timetable and the inevitable problem

of cost overruns. CASE 21 combines the most advanced principles of design for the ideal learning environment with the rapid-delivery, cost-control benefits of modular construction. The CASE 21 classroom solution is constructed completely off-site, in a climate-controlled environment that virtually eliminates delays or other obstacles related to weather, site disruption or other factors. Installation is executed by the most experienced technicians in the modular industry. The construction and installation process was developed based on years of research and practical experience at Triumph Modular – the nation's leading provider of high-quality permanent and temporary modular buildings for education, health care, and other key economic sectors. "Scott Dunlap and his partners at Ai3 have designed the perfect classroom. What we have is the perfect system for building and delivering it, on time and on budget, to the exact specifications for any school district," said Cliff Cort, president and CEO of Triumph Modular. "Many communities are in crisis over the challenge of meeting their school facility needs. CASE 21 allows them to create the most outstanding learning environment available for their students, while avoiding the timedelay and cost overrun headaches that have traditionally defined school construction projects.”

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November, 2008


High-Profile: Educational Facilities Development News

Consigli Tops Off College Dorm

l- r: Raeanne V. Curtis, commissioner, Conn. Dept. of Public Works; Anita T. Gliniecki, president, Housatonic Community College; Pamela Loeffelman, FAIA, managing principal, Perkins Eastman; Dr. Louise S. Berry, chair, board of trustees, Connecticut Community - Technical Colleges; M. Jodi Rell, governor, State of Connecticut; Alan Willig, associate, Perkins Eastman; Bill Finch, mayor, City of Bridgeport; State Rep. Felipe Reinoso; William McGurk, member of the board of trustees of Community-Technical Colleges; Lynne Fusco, Fusco Corporation.

Milford, MA – Consigli Construction Co., Inc. recently put in place the final steel beam in an ongoing expansion to and renovation of Bridgewater State College’s Pope and Scott residential halls. When complete, the expansion will afford an additional 300 students the opportunity to reside on campus, while ongoing renovations, such as upgrades to the existing buildings’ HVAC systems, installation of elevators, and provision of sprinkler systems, as well as the replacement of bathrooms, windows and doors, will offer enhanced comfort and quality of life for all occupants.

Sears Building is Now a Community College Designed by Perkins Eastman Stamford, CT - The Stamford office of Perkins Eastman has redesigned the old Sears Roebuck building in Bridgeport into a contemporary icon that not only serves as a visual gateway to the Housatonic Community College campus, but also contributes to the revitalization of the city overall. The new 174,500sf facility transforms this once single-building college into a thriving campus for students of all ages. Construction manager was Fusco

Corporation. At a recent ribbon cutting ceremony Pamela J. Loeffelman, FAIA, managing principal of Perkins Eastman’s Stamford office, said, “We are especially pleased with the creative reuse of what was once literally a vacant box into the centerpiece of a cohesive campus with architectural interest and humane scale.” The new facility, called Beacon Hall, accommodates core classrooms for

the humanities, foreign language and business while expanding student services and community outreach. Also included is a cafeteria, and special events banquet rooms that can accommodate up to 500. In addition, the creation of a black box theater in Lafayette Hall creates a fully instructional environment for the study of theater production, and expansive student lounges that are interspersed throughout the building.

Topping off ceremony for Bridgewater State College’s Pope and Scott residence halls.

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November, 2008



November, 2008


High-Profile: Facilities Development News

J.M. Coull Renovates Health Center Maugel Architects

Rendering of The Huntington of Nashua

Stabile to Build Cottage Homes Nashua, NH Stabile Construction Services of Nashua has been awarded a contract to build six cottage homes as a new living option at The Huntington of Nashua, a lifecare retirement community for active retirees. The Huntington is a not-for-profit community that currently offers 124 luxury apartments, indoor pool, movietheater, woodworking, arts/crafts rooms, an exercise/wellness center and on-site assisted living and nursing care. This is the first phase of a total of 23 cottages to be built. Stabile

Construction Services broke ground on these first six cottages on Oct. 21, 2008. Anticipated completion for Phase I is set for June 2009. The cottage homes will be available in floor plans ranging from 1,792 to 2,197sf. The majority of the cottages will be in duplex or fourplex units, although three free-standing cottages will be available. All cottages will feature two bedrooms plus a home office, a full kitchen, great room, 2 1⁄2 bathrooms, two-car garage, and a deck and porch.

Lowell, MA - J.M. Coull, a fullservice construction company, announced that it has completed the first phase of renovations at the Lowell Community Health Center facility located on Warren Street in Lowell. Renovations to the 5,000sf space on the second floor included the removal and replacement of nearly all of the interior finishes and MEP systems. The improvements involved the construction of 10 new exam rooms, a waiting room, doctors’ offices, restrooms, and a staff lounge. This new space houses Lowell Community Health Center’s Family Medicine and Women’s Services practices.

J.M. Coull performed construction activities, including reinforcement of the ceiling, walls, and floor surrounding these rooms, without upsetting ongoing computer operations. J.M. Coull was responsible for all of the design-build services on this project, including design of the interior space and the systems that support the space, cost estimating, scheduling, and construction and pre-construction services, as well as managing licensure approval by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The architect is Maugel Architects of Harvard.

Artist Model Unit Unveiled Boston, MA - Mayor Thomas M. Menino joined City Councilor Rob Consalvo, The Hamilton Company, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, and the Hyde Park arts community to unveil the first model unit at Boston’s newest and much anticipated artist live/work community at One Westinghouse Plaza. Upon completion in spring of 2009, One Westinghouse Plaza will feature 62 live-in artist studios in a conveniently located and affordable section of the city. The Hamilton Company, on behalf of Motherbrook, LLC, is converting 80,000sf of space into individual and

communal workspaces, as well as an artist’s gallery. The studios, including nine affordable units, average approximately 1,000sf each, and will feature originally restored flooring, large Palladian windows, and 12-foot high ceilings. The redevelopment will serve as an exciting new community with many resources for local artists. One Westinghouse Plaza presents an excellent location for an artist’s community due to its proximity to public transportation, short ride to downtown Boston, and large open spaces.



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November, 2008


Hillsborough County Iron Works, Inc. MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Miscellaneous Metals & Ornamental Iron, Structural Steel, Design-Fabrication-Installation STRUCTURAL STEEL J STAINLESS J ALUMINUM J STAIRS J RAILINGS J MISCELLANEOUS FABRICATION

Hillsborough County Iron Works, Inc. is a full service steel contractor, specializing in the design, fabrication and installation of high quality Miscellaneous Metals and Structural Steel Packages for the construction industry. The office staff at Hillsborough County Iron Works, Inc. brings a wealth of knowledge and years of steel industry experience to your project. Our in-house estimating, drafting and project management departments are ready to provide full service and attention to your specific project requirements.

Recent Hillsborough County Iron Works, Inc. Projects: Marlborough Technology Park, Marlborough, Ma- J. Calnan & Assoc. Alan B. Shepherd Discovery Ctr. Concord, NH - Bauen Corp. Leggs Hill YMCA Salem, MA - Groom Construction Concord Hospital Garage Concord, NH - Gilbane Newport Schools Newport, NH - Eckman Construction Merrimack County Nursing Home Boscawen, NH - Harvey Construction Corp. Sawtooth Parking Garage Claremont, NH- Beloin NHCTC Health Ed. & Tech. Center Manchester, NH Eckman Construction Emerson Hospital Concord, MA - Delphi Construction, Inc.

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November, 2008


Erland Successfully Completes

Field House and Wellness Center at Springfield College Area: 160,560 square feet Architect: DiLullo Associates Although the Springfield College Field House and Wellness Center project was scheduled for a completion date of September 12, 2008, Erland finished in August to accommodate the start of the fall semester. The project consists of a new 93,820sf field house with basketball courts and an indoor track; a 47,840sf addition to the wellness center; and a 18,900sf addition to the athletic training/exercise science complex. These facilities support the Springfield College humanics philosophy of educating the whole person – spirit, mind, and body.

Electrochem Solutions, Inc. Area: 82,000 square feet Architect: Maugel Architects Formerly located in Canton, MassachuseĴs, Electrochem had outgrown its existing facility, and chose Erland to construct its new lithium baĴery manufacturing facility in Raynham, MassachuseĴs. Erland completed this project in just ten months. The new 2-story building houses manufacturing space on the first floor and oĜces on the second floor. The new plant is more than twice the size of the Canton facility, allowing more space for administrative oĜces; more and bigger research and development labs and testing centers; and room to spare for future expansion. Electrochem was recently recognized with a Gold Level Team MassachuseĴs Economic Impact Award.


November, 2008


Erland Construction, Inc. | 83 Second Avenue | Burlington, Massachusetts 01803 781.272.9440 | www.erland.com Contact Chuck Vaciliou | cvaciliou@erland.com

Projects in 2008 Current Work Includes: Fay School Dormitory and Waste Water Treatment Facility

The Mall at Lincoln Station Retail Renovation and Addition

Leonard Florence Center for Living Skilled Nursing Home

Oak Grove Village Apartment Complex Featuring 201-units

New Academic and Health Center at Hillside School

Palomar Medical Technologies

Area: 17,560 square feet Architect: Baer Architecture

Corporate Headquarters

This fast-track project consisted of renovations and a 17,560 square foot addition to the Hillside School’s existing Stevens Hall. The one-story addition includes a 1,200 square foot health center, nine classrooms – three of which are science labs – and a wrestling/multi-purpose room. Renovations of the existing building include installing new sprinkler and fire alarm systems. This multi-purpose facility is an important new asset for the boarding and day students on this middle school campus.

Corporate Campus Building 2

Sepracor, Inc. Springfield College Campus Center

Waverley Woods 40 Townhouse-style Apartment Units

Academic | Commercial | Technology | Residential

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November, 2008


High-Profile Feature: Brockton Twin Elementary Schools

Agostini Builds New Brockton Twin Elementary Schools HMFH Architects, BKA Architects and Ronald J. Poliseno


rockton, MA - Agostini Construction Company received the Notice to Proceed for a $52.2 million contract with the City of Brockton in February 2007 for the construction of two new elementary schools with identical floor plans and nearly identical building features. The New Brockton Twin Elementary Schools are located on Quincy Street and Colonel Bell Drive in Brockton, Mass, approximately 3.4 miles apart from each other. Agostini broke ground on the 22-month project in March 2007 and has worked aggressively along with HMFH Architects, BKA Architects and Ronald J. Poliseno, the owner’s project manager, to complete the project ahead of schedule. These efforts proved successful as students entered the new Mary E. Baker School on Quincy Street for classes on October 21, 2008, nearly three months ahead of schedule. Each elementary school is designed to accommodate 850 students in grades K through 6. The Baker School on Quincy Street and the Manthala George, Jr. School on Colonel Bell Drive are each approximately 116,000sf in area, consisting of three-story classroom wings to the north and east, adjoining cafetorium and gymnasium spaces, and a two-story section to the west that includes the kitchen and mechanical areas. Administrative spaces are included in the first floor of the north classroom wing, and the library/media center is located on the third floor of the north classroom wing. The schools have been constructed with the latest materials and technology to promote energy efficiency and to provide cutting edge facilities for elementary school students in Brockton for many years to come. Additionally, the

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Exterior of Quincy Street Elementary School.

Steel Structure

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Even Audet, P.Eng. Sales Manager USA

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November, 2008


High-Profile Feature: Brockton Twin Elementary Schools Waterproofing


Building Restoration & Masonry Contractors


Sealants & Waterproofing WBE / SOMWBA Certified

Specializing in Historical Restoration of Churches, Schools & Municipal Buildings For Over 39 Years

• Facade Cleaning & Sealing • Epoxy Injection • Special Coatings

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Noreen Folan - Vice President


November, 2008


High-Profile Feature: Brockton Twin Elementary Schools Continued from page 32 Mary E. Baker School on Quincy Street was the recipient of a Green School Grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, and the Baker School includes a 27.8 kW Rooftop Photovoltaic System. The Baker School also includes a 30,000 gallon underground cistern to collect roof and site runoff for reuse in irrigation of the site. Exterior and interior features as well as state-of-the-art mechanical, electrical and technology systems combine to provide not only a first class educational institution but also a multi-purpose facility intended to serve an extensive after-school program as well as numerous opportunities for community use. Exterior features include parking for more than 120 vehicles to promote community use of athletic fields and facilities.

Two playground areas include three playground structures and safety surfacing at all fall zones for elementary school children. Extensive concrete sidewalks, brick patios, park benches, and bike racks have been installed throughout the site to further encourage students, staff, and the community to walk to and around the site, promoting healthy living as well as exposing all to the features offered by the project. Exterior building features include an easy to maintain masonry exterior, energy efficient rooftop HVAC units, zinc coated copper roof and siding panels, high performance glass in exterior windows and curtainwalls and extensive use of skylights throughout the building. High performance glass reflects the glare and heat of the sun and also lowers the building cooling needs. Skylights throughout the facility allow natural light to

Exterior of Quincy Street Elementary School.

Hallway of Colonel Bell Drive Elementary School. filter into the building providing “daylighting” of third-floor classrooms, the media center, cafetorium, and gymnasium thereby reducing electrical lighting requirements. Interior building features continue the focus on energy efficiency and a first-class learning environment. Energy efficient light fixtures, light level sensors, and occupancy sensors work together to save electricity by automatically turning off interior lights when spaces receive adequate natural light or if the space remains unoccupied for extended periods. Extensive windows and curtainwalls throughout the building also encourage “daylighting” of interior spaces and further reduction of lighting and electricity use. Cutting edge technology has been

integrated into the construction of the building to provide unlimited access to incoming and outgoing video, internal networking, and high-speed Internet access. The owner has fitted classrooms with interactive white boards and ceiling-mounted projectors in all learning spaces to promote the state-of-theart technology available to these elementary school students in Brockton. Agostini Construction Co., Inc. was founded in 1987 and is located in East Providence, R.I. and is engaged in municipal, educational, university, and private construction projects throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Additional information is available at www.agostiniconstruction.com.


Union Fence, Inc. “Proud to be part of the Agostini Construction team on the Brockton Elementary School project”

John Amicangioli Union Fence, Inc. (401) 383-0031 (401) 383-0183 277c Scituate Aveue Johnston, RI 02919 Fencing surrounding playground at Brockton Elementary School. Photo courtesy of Agostini Construction. www.high-profile.com

November, 2008


High-Profiles: Awards

Kagan Receives Award The AIA CT recently announced the winner for the 2008 People’s Choice Award. Kagan Architecture was given the Award for Best in the Educational Facility Category. Gerald M. Kagan, FAIA, principal, and Rosemary Benivegna, project architect are pleased with this Award for their design of the Benjamin Jepson Pre-K to 8 Magnet School. This 91,000sf project finished on time and within budget. The inspirational design on 14 acres of land includes two upper stories of classrooms, and a media center/ library, gymnasium, administrative offices a cafetorium, along with a separate wing designed for Pre-K and K-1 classrooms.

The guestroom tower features glass and iron-spot brick

Suffolk Hotel Project Wins Grand Prize

Award-winning Benjamin Jepson Magnet School

SGH a ‘Best Firm to Work For’ Waltham, MA - Gumpertz & Heger Inc. (SGH) has been named a “2008 Best Firm to Work For” by Structural Engineer and CE News magazines for the fourth consecutive year. “We are pleased that our workplace development efforts continue to be recognized nationally,” said Glenn Bell,

CEO of SGH. “Our firm’s success over the last 50 years is a direct reflection of the long-term careers our employees establish here.” SGH has offices in Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

Boston, MA - The Liberty Hotel construction project, managed by Suffolk Construction Company, Inc., recently received the prestigious Buildings magazine 2008 Building Innovations “Modernization” Grand Prize for its transformation from historic prison to luxury hotel and the successful preservation of the original structure’s landmark status and unique design elements. The Suffolk Construction project team was recognized for the significant obstacles it faced on the project, including the selective demolition, removal, and salvage operations that were required to preserve the building’s national landmark status. Laborers sorted through 100,000 bricks from demolition to pick out the ones

that could be reused. The renovation brought back the building’s cupola, which had been removed in the late 1940s. The granite exterior of the building was restored and remains largely unchanged, with new slate roofing. Exposed brick walls and a wroughtiron chandelier complement the lobby and hold true to historic materials. Catwalks surround the main lobby that were once used to move prisoners to and from their cells. A new, 16-story guestroom tower features glass and iron-spot brick. The conversion from Charles Street Jail to Liberty Hotel was completed in two years, and the hotel opened for guests in October 2007.

SPECIALIZING IN: Exterior and Interior Landscape, Planning, Development, Transitional and Long-Term Management Throughout New England

FOCUSING ON: • Planning, Budgeting and Pre-construction cooperation • Strategic and Creative value engineering

Intercontinental Hotel, Boston, MA

• Vigilant Budget Management • Critical Paths and Turn-over dates • Project close-out details • Ongoing transitional client support. Avalon Rooftop Terrace

100 Revolutionary Drive East Taunton, MA 02718

Jon Ciffolillo, VP Business Development ph. (508) 977-9100 fax (508) 884-2431 http://www.greenscapemass.com

Private Estate, Wellesley, MA

P.O. Box 260 Worcester, MA 01613 www.high-profile.com

November, 2008


High-Profile: Awards

RIAGC ‘Build RI-08’ Awards

SINCE 1996, Contracting Specialists Incorporated has steadily emerged as a leader in specialty construction, providing clients throughout the north- and southeast U.S. with proven and innovative solutions for their concrete repair, masonry restoration and waterproofing challenges. CSI SERVICES: ß ß ß ß ß ß ß ß ß ß

Air Barriers Caulking & Sealants Chemical / Epoxy Grouting Concrete Restoration Deck Coating Systems Expansion Joint Systems Exterior Wall Coatings Masonry Restoration Marine Repair Site Development & Excavation ß Structural Stabilization & Strengthening ß Waterproofing Systems

BOSTON ß 508.222.2377


Building Facades Bridges, Piers Dams, Spillways Educational Facilities Government Facilities

FT. LAUDERDALE 954.786.3223


PORTLAND 207.523.3431

ß ß ß ß ß

Health Care Facilities Parking Decks, Garages Stadiums Tank Linings Water Treatment Plants


WASHINGTON, DC 888.931.0125

www.contractingspecialists.com www.high-profile.com

Providence, RI - The R. I. Chapter of the Associated General Contractors (RIAGC) of America recently honored seven construction companies for 10 outstanding projects judged worthy of recognition in its seventh “Build Rhode Island” awards program. Five general contractors and two specialty contractors received a total of six honor awards and four merit awards: E.W. Burman, Inc. of Warwick received a merit award for new construction of a mausoleum and chapel in the Swan Point Cemetery in Providence as well as an honor award for renovation/restoration work on the Hotel Providence. Honor awards were presented to: Honor Award - Redwood Library and Athenaeum • Century Drywall, Inc. of - Walsh Brothers. Lincoln for interior new construction of a Twin River gaming facility of Providence for the construction of the new Baxt Building addition to Miriam Lincoln; • Custom Drywall, Inc. of East Hospital. • Gilbane Building Company of Providence for interior renovation work on the Grant Fulton Music Hall, Brown Providence received an honor award for construction of the new GTECH Center University, Providence; and • Dimeo Construction Company of office building, and a merit award for renovation of the Gateway Center office building, both in Providence • New England Construction of Rumford, received a merit awards for construction of the new Smart Car dealership in Fairfield, Conn, and for the design and construction of the Polyrack North America headquarters and manufacturing facility, Cumberland, R.I.; and • Walsh Brothers, Inc. of Providence, received an honor award for the historic restoration and expansion of Merit award - Polyrack North America headquarters the Redwood Library and and manufacturing facility-New England Construction Athenaeum in Newport.

Kingsbury Receives NECA Award Bethesda, MD – Glenn W. Kingsbury, executive manager of the NECA Boston Chapter, has been awarded the National Electrical Contractors Association Executive Distinguished Service Award. Kingsbury received the award on October 7 at NECA 2008 Chicago, the Association’s Annual Conference and Trade Show. Distinguished Service Award recognizes the NECA staff executive or chapter manager who has made the greatest contribution to NECA’s advancement. According to NECA, and as referenced in the September 2008 Electrical Contractor Magazine, “Throughout his long and highly productive career with the association, Kingsbury has worked not only to benefit his chapter, but to move the

entire organization forward. His accomplishments have earned him the respect of contractors and union officials alike.” Kingsbury got his start at the NECA Chapter Manager Training Program in 1979, after having received his MBA from Ohio State University. After a brief stint as acting manager of the Penn-Ohio Chapter, he moved to the Boston Chapter in 1980 and has been the Boston Chapter Executive Manager since 1997. In receiving the award, Kingsbury said, “I am honored to have been recognized by NECA, and look forward to building upon the Boston Chapter’s role as a leading organization in all aspects of electrical construction – training, safety, quality, and progressive industry and community relations.”

November, 2008


High-Profile Feature: Two C Pack Systems Headquarters

Aho Construction Completes HQ for Two C Pack Systems Bruce Ronayne Hamilton Architects for 300,000sf Manufacturing Facility


ashua, NH – For about five years this 300,000sf building shell stood vacant due to a severe change in market conditions for the original company that developed the property. The building didn't even have a floor, and there were no mechanical systems or electrical service in place. A tall chain link fence with barbed wire surrounded the property and the site was overgrown with tall grass, weeds and trees. This past year Two C Pack Systems purchased the property at 100 Northwest Boulevard, and Aho Construction was selected to complete the building, site and interior fit-up. Construction began early this year, and the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held in October, which was attended by many prominent guests and officials including Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau. The new headquarters provides Two C Pack Systems with a manufacturing facility designed with the latest equipment for their operations and integrates sustainable materials and energy conserving tech-

nologies, specifically a geothermal system that utilizes wells for a portion of the heating and cooling systems. Two C Pack Systems manufactures high-end folding and set-up type carton packaging, and is a subsidiary of Cartotecnica Chierese, the European leader in the printing and conversion of high quality folding cartons. William J. Luers, president of The Tamposi-Nash Real Estate Group of Nashua, served as the owner's representative for the project. Architectural services were provided by Bruce Ronayne Hamilton Architects of New Ipswich; civil engineering by Hayner/Swanson of Nashua; structural engineering by Arthur W. Rose, PE of Manchester; mechanical systems engineering by Design Day Mechanicals of New Ipswich and electrical engineering by Downing Engineering of Harrisville. The major subcontractors for the project included Selmer Bros. Foundations, S&S Concrete, Tri-State Iron Works, SL Chasse, Multi-State Roofing,

Interior lobby view R.G. Tombs Door, Blue Dot Glass, Daniel Kuusisto Painting, United Wall Systems, JHS Interiors, Flooring Associates, Stanley Elevator, Granite State Plumbing and Heating, Hampshire Fire Protection, East Coast/ Winchester Mechanical and Gate City Electrical.

Aho Construction Inc. is a full-service commercial and industrial general contractor, construction manager and design/builder based in southern New Hampshire.

Doors, Hardware & Overhead Doors



“Our doors are as tight as a tomb!”


Two C Pack Systems production area


Daniel Kuusisto Painting “Proud to be part of the Two C Pack project with Aho Construction” (603) 878-2935 • (603) 878-0855 P.O. Box 108, New Ipswich, NH 03071

Wholesale Repairs All Brands Sales Installation Service

Architectural Doors | Sectional Doors | Rolling Steel Doors Dock Seals | Dock Levelers, etc | Scissor Gates High Speed Doors | Impact Doors | Fire Shutters & Doors Operators & Accessories | Online Quote | Kick-outs From schools to manufacturing and beyond, R.G. Tombs Door Architectural Division has the product line for you. With a combined 50 years in the business, our sales staff will be glad to answer any questions you have.

Whether your project needs are simple or complex, R.G. Tombs Door has the solution.

The opportunity to bid your next project will be greatly appreciated. Please send bidding information to: Architectural Bidding R.G. Tombs Door Company, Inc. 38 West River Road Hooksett, NH 03106

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November, 2008


High-Profile Feature: AstraZeneca Hope Lodge for the American Cancer Society.

Bond Brothers and CBT Complete ACS's AstraZeneca Hope Lodge


oston, MA - Bond Brothers recently completed construction of the AstraZeneca Hope Lodge for the American Cancer Society. Located at 125 South Huntington Avenue, in the Longwood Medical area of Boston, the facility will provide free lodging and support services for cancer patients and family members who must travel more than 50 miles to Boston for treatment. In addition, the building will house an American Cancer Society Community Resource Center, available for the Society’s community programs and patient services, and to local community groups for gatherings. “This new facility is the realization of a dream,” said Don Gudaitis, CEO of the New England Division of the American Cancer Society. “The AstraZeneca Hope Lodge Center in Boston will give hundreds more cancer patients access to high quality cancer care every year.” Bond Brothers has been involved with the AstraZeneca Hope Lodge project since mid-2005, serving throughout preconstruction to assist the American Cancer Society, New England Chapter, in determining the best building plan for the former Vincent Memorial Hospital. Site and structural aspects of the project determined the program of replacing a 1950s era building with a new addition and completely renovating the 1907 original building. AstraZeneca Hope Lodge features 40

AstraZeneca Hope Lodge for the American Cancer Society - renovated front entrance patient suites, which each include a bedroom for two occupants, a full bath, and a sitting room with TV and DVD player. Shared living spaces include a large kitchen and dining area with separate kitchen-andbreakfast-bars in the four corners—so that guests can prepare meals for their families

or small or large groups—and a large multipurpose area in the center that usually contains dining tables but can support sizable events. Each floor also contains a laundry, a living room, and several beautifully furnished seating areas of various sizes. Hope Lodge has the feel of a high-



class inn with high-quality furnishings and fixtures. Extensive communal rooms include a library, a game room, a family room with child-size play kitchen and comfortable adult seating, a movie viewing

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Thomas G. Gallagher is proud to be a part of the Lee Kennedy Team

“Proud to be part of the Bond Team on the American Cancer Center Project.”

P.O. Box 6604, Manchester, NH 03108 (603) 641-2199 Phone (603) 641-5582 Fax


Thomas G. Gallagher installs, services and maintains HVAC, plumbing, refrigeration and fire protection systems to protect your people and your environment. We can help you run your facility more efficiently and reliably for years to come.






109 Smith Place Q Cambridge, MA 02138 617.661.7000 Q www.tggallagher.com

November, 2008


High-Profile Feature: AstraZeneca Hope Lodge for the American Cancer Society. Continued from previous page room with reclining chairs and large screen with surround sound. Outdoor areas include a deck with gas grill off the dining space and a serene contemplative garden. A Quality of Life Center for community programs and patient support services including staff offices complete the building. The Hope Lodge construction project involved complete renovation and restoration of a century-old hospital into a state-ofthe-art residence. During construction, crew members retained historic details including

preserving the historic facade and dismantling and reassembling the antique Grueby fireplace, now the focal artwork in one of the communal living rooms, rather than a working fireplace. The very restrictive site on South Huntington Avenue presented challenges as did the earth retention, which required four different systems. The complicated task of dismantling the building interior and retaining the original walls and face

Common Area showing the antique Grueby tile fireplace required an interior braced frame. The care given to designing for the comfort and solace of the patients also applied to creating a healthy building by employing green design components and pursuing LEED™ certification. Energy usage is a major component of this process, and Hope Lodge components include maximum natural light, high-efficiency electrical fixtures all controlled by movement sensors, and a solar hot water system for domestic hot

Guest Room at the AstraZeneca Hope Lodge

water. Sustainable products and regional materials were used throughout, and paint, carpeting, and furniture were all evaluated for recycled components, low embodied energy, and no toxicity. AstraZeneca Hope Lodge, a unique and highly gratifying project, was completed by Bond Brothers in 19 months, on time and on schedule. CBT is the architecture firm on the project.

Terra Cotta

A r c h i t e c t u r a l Te r r a C o t t a

Union Station, Springfield, IL

West Lafayette Library, West Lafayette, IN

Bridgewater State College Residence Hall, Bridgewater, MA

Photography: © 2008 Brett Drury

Photography: © 2008 Brett Drury

© 2008 Justin VanSoest

Boston Valley Terra Cotta Manufacturer of Architectural Terra Cotta, clay roof tile and TerraClad TM Rainscreen System©

Recreating The Past & Designing The Future 6860 South Abbott Road Orchard Park New York 14127 888 214 3655 www.bostonvalley.com


November, 2008


High-Profile Feature Cover Story: Bowdoin Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Bowdoin Celebrates 35th Anniversary


eedham Heights, MA – Bowdoin Construction is celebrating its 35th anniversary of providing pre-construction planning and construction management services throughout the New England region. Founded in 1973, Bowdoin began as a tenant fitout contractor focusing on first-class corporate interiors projects. The company has experienced steady growth over the years and has developed into a full-service construction management firm serving five primary market sectors including corporate commercial, academic/cultural, medical/healthcare, hospitality/multifamily, and retail/ restaurant developments. Bowdoin’s efforts to maintain a diverse portfolio of work has helped to make it a more recession proof firm, and has also aided in its ability to obtain and retain some of the industry’s top talent. “While we are certainly very proud of our work over the years, we are even more proud of the fact that we have maintained such a great core staff of estimators, project managers, and superintendents who have an average tenure at Bowdoin of 17 years. This is a truly remarkable feat that is unmatched in the industry,” said George Chabot, president. “Our people enjoy working together and they have developed a keen understanding of their respective roles

Sunrise Assisted Living – New 62,000 sf assisted living center with Alzheimer’s unit in Lynnfield, Mass. Architect – BeeryRio Architects Photography – Phil Frink as well as a mutual respect for each other. From a managerial standpoint, it is very reassuring to know that the teams we place on our projects have established successful track records working together for nearly two decades,” added

Brian Collins, vice president/general manager. This level of dedication and experience has clearly strengthened Bowdoin’s client relationships and has been a major factor in its ability to foster repeat and referral business throughout all five of its market sectors. Over the past 10 years, Bowdoin has experienced its most significant growth in the academic and healthcare sectors, focusing on private colleges, prep schools and medical centers. This past month alone, Bowdoin has celebrated dedication ceremonies for

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Community Health Center of Cape Cod – New non-profit health clinic in Mashpee, MA. Architect - Melton Ferre Architects. Photography – Gregg Shupe www.high-profile.com

November, 2008


High-Profile Feature Cover Story: Bowdoin Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Atrium School – 28,000sf private school utilizing extensive sustainable design features in Watertown, Mass. Architect – Maryann Thompson Architects

Continued from previous page three Massachusetts landmark buildings for various private institutions including the Ken Olsen Science Center at Gordon College in Wenham, MA, - the Agnes Varis Campus Center at Tufts University in Grafton, and the Invensys Foxboro Branch/Kraft Family Center YMCA in Foxboro. Earlier this year, Bowdoin also celebrated grand openings for The Community Health Center of Cape Cod in Mashpee, Dedham Ophthalmic Consultants and Surgeons in Dedham, and The ENT Center of Rhode Island in Warwick, R.I. Bowdoin is proud of its commitment to building green. “We have been members of the United States Green Building Council since 2002, and we coordinate with our clients and architect/engineer partners to help incorporate a green building initiative into each project’s overall scope,” said Irwin Yanowitz, executive vice president. The firm actively assesses sustainable building systems and materials during the pre-con-

Southern New England Surgery Center - S. Attleboro, Mass. 25,000sf outpatient surgery center with 8 operating rooms and 2 procedure rooms. Architect: Hardaway Associates. Photography: Gregg Shupe struction process, and maintains a consistent waste management and recycling program for all of its projects. “We’ve also been involved with award-winning projects such as The Atrium School in Watertown, Mass. which has recently be recognized for its sustainable design features including extensive use of natural daylighting, waterless urinals, and low-flow bathroom fixtures, recycled materials, and storm water runoff reclamation,” said Yanowitz. In addition to its commitment to top quality service for its clients, Bowdoin also takes an active role in giving back to the local community, as is evidenced by its in-house Charity Committee. The committee meets monthly and votes on donations to be made by the company to various non-profit organizations. In 2008, Bowdoin’s Charity Committee has made contributions to numerous causes including Dana Farber Cancer Institute, American Diabetes Association, Plymouth Salvation Army Food Pantry, and Architecture for Humanity.

EZ Storage/300 Needham Street – 221,000 s.f. mixed-use facility in Newton, MA Architect: ADD, Inc. Photography: Gregg Shupe

The Village At Colony Place – New 170,000 s.f. lifestyle center in Plymouth, MA Architect – Jacobs Carter Burgess. Photography – Gregg Shupe

Babson College, Knight Auditorium - Summer renovation of Knight Auditorium in Wellesley, MA. Architect - Milford & Ford Associates. Photography – Gregg Shupe www.high-profile.com

November, 2008


High-Profiles Corporate Profile: E.J. Wells Insurance Agency

E.J.Wells Profile: Over 100 Years in Business


estford, MA - Founded in 1900, E.J. Wells Insurance Agency specializes in risk management and consulting services to construction companies. We work closely with our clients to become their trusted advisor and help them develop and implement risk management solutions. Ongoing safety and loss control training is provided through sponsored seminars conducted both by our staff and outside specialists. Paul J. Coffey, president of E.J. Wells, is a licensed insured advisor who has specialized in providing risk management advice to contractors for over 25 years. His many contributions to his clients include providing risk management seminars and authoring several articles on construction insurance issues. The agency participates in several construction organizations, including Associated General Contractors (AGC),

rently serves as president elect of the Massachusetts Building Congress. Our senior staff includes members of the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters Society (CPCU) and Certified Insurance Service Representatives (CISR).

We offer a full range of insurance products and expertise to our clients. Understanding the needs of the construction industry, our focus starts with an extensive review of exposures to loss including job site visits and current

We work closely with our clients to become their trusted advisor and help them develop and implement risk management solutions. Utility Contractors Association of New England (UCANE), and Associated Sub-Contractors of Massachusetts (ASM). In addition, Paul Coffey cur-

safety procedures. We work closely with our clients to understand their concerns about contracts, certificates of insurance, and the cost of their insur-

ance program. As a value-added service, we review all sub-contractors' certificates of insurance to ensure that the certificates satisfy the requirements of the contracts. In addition, we work with our clients to ensure that their Safety and Loss Control procedures address the scope of the work being performed. By representing most of the major insurance companies specializing in construction, we are able to offer well-rounded and comprehensive insurance programs designed to protect the assets of our clients. Our client relationships are built on a team approach to discovering the needs and concerns that face contractors on a daily and long-term basis. We believe that understanding our clients is a key factor to developing long-term relationships within both of our organizations. Most of our growth is the result of referrals from existing clients who have benefited from this approach. E.J. Wells Insurance Agency is dedicated to being the leading construc-

ASSOCIATIONS • Massachusetts Building Congress (MBC) • Associated General Contractors (AGC) • Utility Contractors of New England (UCANE) • Associated Sub-Contractors of MA (ASM) • Massachusetts Association of Independent Agents & Brokers (MAIAB) tion insurance organization in New England. Our goal is to provide the highest level of quality insurance services and products to our clients. Please visit us at www.ejwells.com or call us toll free at 1-888-389-5300. We can be reached at E.J. Wells Insurance Agency, Inc, Regency Park 238 Littleton Rd. Westford, MA 01886

Are you a SCUP member? Do you have expert advice or a case study on a L.E.E.D. college or university that embodies sustainable design or green building? In the December 2008 edition of High-Profile Monthly, we will be highlighting some of the most innovative, sustainable buildings on university/college campuses throughout New England. To be a part of this exciting issue, contact Anastasia Barnes at 781-294-4530 or anastasia@high-profile.com. to reserve space.


PLEASE RECYCLE! Blackstone Harvard University LEED Platinum building

Editorial submission and advertising space is limited. Deadline is Friday, November 21 www.high-profile.com

November, 2008


• General Contractors • Utility Contractors • Elevator Contractors EJ Wells insures over $500M in construction projects each year. We are construction risk specialists. For over 100 years, our reputation for extraordinary assistance and advice has attracted many of the construction industry’s most prestigious firms as our clients.

• Mechanical Contractors • Dry Wall Contractors • Construction Risk Management Reviews

Associations: Associated Subcontractors of Massachusetts Associated General Contractors of America Massachusetts Building Congress Utility Contractors’ Association of New England

E.J. Wells Insurance Agency, Inc. • We offer a full range of insurance products and expertise to serve our clients. Understanding the needs of the construction industry, our focus starts with an extensive review of exposures to loss including job site visits and reviews of current safety procedures. We work closely with our clients to understand their concerns about contracts, certificates of insurance and the cost of their insurance program. • As a value added service, we review all sub-contractors’ certificates of insurance to ensure that the certificates satisfy the requirements of the contracts. In addition, we work with our clients to ensure that their Safety and Loss Control procedures address the scope of the work being performed.

Regency Park, 238 Littleton Road Westford, MA 01886 T: 978 392 4567 F: 978 392 9696 Toll Free: 888 389 5300 www.ejwells.com

• By representing most of the major insurance companies specializing in construction, we are able to offer well rounded and comprehensive insurance programs designed to protect the assets of our clients.


November, 2008


W.L French Excavating Corporation

Site Development • Environmental Management • Contract Trucking Services Include: • Mass Excavation • Site Remediation • Earth Support Systems & Design • Contract Trucking • Brownfield Redevelopment • Soil Remediation • Operation of <RCS-1 Facilities • Heavy Utility Installation • Foundation Excavation • Site Cuts & Fills • Construction Dewatering • Transportation & Disposal Plans • Fill Management Plans • In-Situ Soil Treatment • Aggregate Materials Supply to Include: Crushed Stone, Screened Loam, Processed Gravel Seawall Stone, Capping Clay, Sand, Salt, Common Borrow

Recent Projects Include: Logan International Airport - Centerfield Taxiway Station Landing Phase V UMass Medical Center Utility Tunnel Phillips Academy Goodard Library - Clark University AVENIR Apartments Greater Boston Food Bank MIT Cancer Research Program Wachusett Reserviour R. L. Tennant Conoco Phillips

J. F. White Contracting, Co., Inc. Cranshaw Construction Consigli Construction Consigli Construction Consigli Construction Dimeo Construction Consigli Construction J. F. White Contracting, Co., Inc. R. Zoppo Corp. Richard White & Sons, Inc. Waste Management

3 Survey Circle North Billerica, MA 01862 Phone [866] WLF.2010 / [617] 924.1234 • Main Fax [978] 663.5240 / Estimating Fax [978] 663.0229 **Please Visit our Website at www.wlfrench.com** For weekly updates, please visit our blog at www.wlfrench.blogspot.com


November, 2008


High-Profile Interview: Chris Savereid of Acentech, Inc.

An Interview With Chris Savereid of Acentech, Inc.


igh Profile (HP): First, congratulations on Acentech's 60th year. I understand that for its work in acoustics, Acentech was honored by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) "for having almost single-handedly invented an entire profession by creating an awareness of acoustical considerations in design and by integrating solutions based on scientific principles with architectural and artistic concepts." Can you elaborate on that? Chris Savereid (CS): The AIA recognized the pioneering work of our founding firm, Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN), which essentially invented the profession of acoustics consulting when it was founded in 1948. Many of the firms that compete with Acentech today were started by consultants who received their initial training and experience in one of BBN’s offices. When the acoustics division of BBN became Acentech in 1989, we committed ourselves to building on this rich heritage. A remarkable eight of Acentech’s current consultants have worked together at both BBN and Acentech for around 30 years. I think that the AIA award also recognizes an outstanding continuity of service. HP: What have been the most significant changes in architectural acoustics in recent history? CS: Two notable changes evolved with technology over the last 15 years: the use of computer modeling (which has largely replaced building physical models) and the resulting auralizations (acoustical simulations of an environment). Using computer modeling and signal processing techniques, acoustical consultants can transform architectural drawings into a realistic, surroundsound aural rendering of a space – an auralization – that allows architects and project owners to hear their space before it is even built. Although naturally suited for evaluating music performance spaces, auralization can be used for rooms of any kind – from atriums, libraries, and dining halls to academic lecture rooms and corporate conference rooms. HP: What should project owners consider for audiovisual and sound system design during pre-construction? CS: In many ways, audiovisual and sound systems are only as good as their programming phase – when an experienced AV/sound system designer consults with users and gains a full understanding of what the systems must do, who will be operating them, and what the budget will allow. The system description and budget that come out of this programming effort will give the users an accurate idea of how the system will serve their needs. Without a thorough and sensitive programming phase, there is a very real danger that an AV contractor will simply give the user what the contractor considers appropriate, which could be just another standard, off-the-shelf system – and run the risk of not meeting the user’s particular needs or specific goals. HP: Why is the issue of noise and

l-r standing: Brian Masiello, audiovisual systems consultant; Bob Berens, acoustics consultant; Chris Savereid, president; and Carl Rosenberg, principal, all of Acentech. Seated is Leo Beranek, author of Riding the Waves: A Life in Sound, Science and Industry. Photo credit: Joan McQuaid/Acentech vibration control talked about so much? Has the problem increased? CS: More attention is being paid to issues of noise and vibration control than ever before, and this applies to manufacturers, engineers, and architects. At the same time, the general public’s awareness of these issues, and in many cases its sensitivity, has increased as well. As an example, consider how often restaurant reviews include a comment about the noise level of a dining room. Regarding sound systems, the general public has come to expect very realistic and exciting sound amplification with a fidelity that matches the studio quality of CDs. This focus on sound results in plenty of work for acoustical and audiovisual consultants. I think that we have better tools and knowledge than ever before for analyzing and resolving noise and vibration issues. HP: How do you approach environmental and industrial acoustics? Are there rules that apply to these disciplines? CS: Acentech performs acoustics and noise analyses for commercial and industrial facilities, airports, highways and railroads – all of which can generate sound and vibration that may impact surrounding communities. Our firm evaluates the range of environmental impact in ways that allow the public and regulatory agencies to make informed, responsible decisions. Most communities have very specific regulations that govern environmental and industrial noise levels. Within certain types of workplaces, OSHA noise limits apply to protect the hearing and health of workers. HP: What trends in building dynamics have you noticed? CS: As construction methods have gotten lighter-weight (mostly to save money), there is increasing concern with structure-borne vibration that can adversely affect sensitive equipment. This is particularly true in healthcare facilities as well as the rapidly expanding field of biotechnology, where labs are full of high-tech, very sensitive instruments. We have consultants who assist in the design of laboratory and health-

care facilities that accommodate noise and vibration sensitive equipment, such as MRI machines. HP: What projects are you currently working on? CS: Acentech works with a broad range of clients and projects, from shaping the sound of a symphony hall to creating corporate video conference rooms to managing the noise and vibration of factories and products. Currently, we are working on projects for the new headquarters of the United States Institute of Peace, which will be located on

the National Mall in Washington, D.C. and the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. One of our most notable projects currently underway is a new symphony hall for Puerto Rico, Sala Sinfonica Pablo Casals, in San Juan, due to open in spring 2009. HP: Describe one of the firm’s most interesting projects. CS: One of our favorite projects is right here in Boston: the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston’s major addition and renovation, which includes enclosure of the former open-air East Courtyard. The architect had created a compelling aesthetic design for the new atrium, with glass and stone wall surfaces and a glass ceiling: all hard surfaces that would reflect sound. We used auralization to hear how this atrium would sound during a large banquet event, with amplified speech and a live music ensemble. This exercise resulted in a decision to incorporate a large amount of acoustical absorption into the space to control activity noise and improve intelligibility. As the design progressed, this acoustical requirement was coordinated with the need for solar heat screening of the glass ceiling. Acentech assisted the architect in selecting a translucent, sound-absorbing ceiling material that accomplished both goals. In this project, auralization helped the design team address functional issues, including acoustics, while honoring the architect’s original vision for the space.

Celebrating 60 Years of Consulting Acoustics | Audiovisual | Vibration

www.acentech.com www.high-profile.com

November, 2008


High-Profile: News

Loomis Chaffee School Tecton and Dubose Architects, BVH Engineers, O & G Contractor Windsor, CT - The renovation at the Loomis Chaffee School, designed by architects Tecton, Inc. and Dubose Architects, expands the Clark Science Center to become the home for both the math and science departments. The new Clark Center for Science and Mathematics is situated in the center of the campus of the privately-run day school in Windsor. Plans for renovations were initially small in scope, but blossomed into a $13 million full building renovation with redesigned classrooms, new labs, new offices for teachers, and a redesigned lecture hall. Outdated building systems were completely replaced with new systems, and a new lobby entrance and side entrance constructed on the north and east faces of the building. A new stairway and elevator were also fit into the building layout, eliminating the former ramps. In addition to 11 regular classrooms, the new center contains four bio/chem classrooms, four physics lab classrooms, three project rooms, one deep storage room, one classroom/computer lab, a robotics lab/classroom, a planetarium, nine offices, a faculty/seminar room, a botanical walkway across the roof, an earth rotation pendulum, an elevator, and renovated restrooms.

Modern mechanical and electrical systems in the renovated classrooms, designed by the engineering team at BVH Integrated Services, Inc., focus on energyefficiency, including motion sensors, daylighting controls, and solar tubes. The botanical walkway was created as another corridor from one stairway to another, and is enclosed in glass with minimal lighting, temperature and humidity control, and floor drain to achieve the effect of a greenhouse. A rooftop observatory complements the planetarium as a teaching tool to help students study the night sky Construction on this design-build project is being done by Construction Manager O & G Industries in two phases. The first phase of construction was completed for the Fall 2008 semester.

Exterior view of the Loomis Chaffe School

American Cancer Society Astra Zeneca Hope Lodge

State Electric Completes Hope Lodge Boston, MA â&#x20AC;&#x201C; State Electric Corp. of Woburn, Mass., has recently completed electrical construction of the 56,000sf American Cancer Society Astra Zeneca Hope Lodge on South Huntington Avenue in Boston. The lodging facility for cancer patients is comprised of a fully renovated 100 year-old, 13,200sf, four-story building and an adjoining new 42,800sf building. The Hope Lodge Center in Boston will provide 40 private patient suites, a library, courtyards, common areas for meal preparation and dining, transportation to treatment, and the on-site resources of an American Cancer Society Quality of Life Center. The new Hope Lodge will increase lodging capacity in Boston by nearly 70 percent, serving 1,500 guests each year with free lodging and around-the-clock assistance in navigating their cancer jour-

neys.â&#x20AC;? State Electricâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s multi-dimensional project scope entailed providing comprehensive electrical installations for both facilities, including primary and emergency power, lighting systems, fire alarm, security systems and tel/data systems. The existing 100-year old building required complete gutting and renovation. Unforeseen structural issues in the 1907 building had to be addressed, prior to the installation of mechanical systems. The facility is Leed Certified. Among the various energy saving systems is the lighting package, with occupancy sensors controlling 98% of the fixtures. The project team included Architect CBT/Childs Bertman Tseckares, Boston; GC Bond Brothers, Everett; and EE Cosentini, Cambridge.

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November, 2008


William C. Wallace Prefab Corporation We manufacture custom walls built to order, delivered to your job site, assembled upon request!

WILLIAM C. WALLACE PREFAB CORPORATION started building wood framed homes in the field when the companies founder, WILLIAM C. WALLACE, had a vision of a better way to perform this task without all the pitfalls onsite framing can lead to (rain, snow, extreme temperatures, poor site conditions and loss of materials and tools due to unsecured sites). That leads us to where we are today, in a state of the art manufacturing facility where our group of tradesmen produce the highest quality wood framed walls, roofs, floor systems as well as completely framed A dormers, decks, farmers porches and other wood framed detail such as Cupola's or angles bay units for projects throughout the greater New England area in a climate controlled environment. We pride ourselves in accuracy, efficient use of time and materials and extreme attention to detail.

Number One in Prefab » Engineered trusses » Floor Panels » Roof Panels » Ceiling Panels » Wall Panels » Bay Floors » Cupolas » Dog Houses » Decking

Here Are Some Of The Advantages of Using WILLIAM C. WALLACE PREFAB Products: • We offer a complete weather tight package delivered and/or installed • All interior and exterior walls and gables are built in a controlled environment • Less lumber loss due to sun warping, ice or snow damage • Less labor needed, which leads to quicker field assembly • An 85% reduction in on-site scrap wood • Better control which leads to less hassle with returned lumber credit • Our plant generates almost no waste, everything is recycled

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November, 2008


High-Profile Feature: Blanchards Liquors Headquarters Renovation

Landmark Renovates Blanchards Headquarters


est Roxbury, MA - Landmark Structures Corporation, a full service General Contractor/Construction Management Company, is continuing work on a 7,500sf addition and 9,500sf renovation project at Blanchard’s Liquors headquarters, in West Roxbury. The two-phase project, slated for completion at the end of November, will include a 7,500sf addition that will house a basement storage space, retail space, and second floor offices including a wine tasting room. Landmark Structures will also renovate the facility’s existing 9,500sf retail and office space. MacKinlay Electric is proud to be involved in the modernization of this West Roxbury neighborhood fixture. We have the ability to install state of the art energy efficient lighting as well as updated fire and sprinkler monitoring systems. We handled the necessary permitting and inspections to allow Blanchards to continue to serve their customers in this new retail space. Expertise in new construction and renovations of existing buildings is the cornerstone of our operation, and we look forward to working with both Landmark Structures and Blanchards in the future.

Above and below: Interior renovations


Structural Steel / Miscellaneous Metals

Specializing in Structural Steel Fabrication, Erection & Miscellaneous Metals

“Proud to be part of the Landmark Structure Team on the Blanchard Liquor’s Headquarters project.” Mobile Service • Specialty & Ornamental Crane Service • All Types of Welding

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November, 2008


High-Profile Feature: Blanchards Liquors Headquarters Renovation

Buck MacKinlay

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MacKinlay Electric has provided high-quality electrical service to the greater Boston area and beyond since 1949 • • • • • • • •

Service & Electrical Upgrades Violation Corrections Service Calls Remodeling Smoke / CO Detectors Pools & Spas Home Theatre & Sound Systems Telephone / Cable / Data Wiring

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November, 2008


High-Profile: Completed Facilities Development News

Jones Lang LaSalle Completes Project Winter Street Architects Boston, MA - Jones Lang feature new infrastructure servicLaSalle completed a 150,000sf es (MEP) and HVAC, cafeteria base building rehab and tenant and kitchen, data center, restimprovement project for GSI rooms, interior finishes, exterior Group, Inc. at 125 Middlesex upgrades, and three new building Turnpike in Bedford. The facilientrances. The project was comty consolidates GSI's pleted in a period of five months Massachusetts locations and and delivered one month ahead serves as the global manufacturof schedule. ing leader's global headquarters. Jones Lang LaSalle's conWassersug Construction included struction team, led by Project improvement of 90,000sf of manufacturing, Executive Steven Wassersug, included warehouse, testing and assembly areas and Senior Construction Manager William DePippo, Estimator Karl Ginand, and super60,000sf of office space. Key features of the new facility intendents Kevin White, James Mitchell and include integration of a testing area, light Jeff Baldwin. Winter Street Architects served as assembly areas, and Class 100,000 clean room environments. Other improvements architect and RDK Engineers as engineer.

DPM Completes Renovation Newton, MA - Diversified Project Management, Inc. (DPM), a Newton-based construction management, facilities and move-planning firm, has completed Safety Insurance’s 104,000sf renovation and restack project. Safety Insurance, a provider of automobile insurance in Mass. renewed, renovated and restacked their 104,000sf of space at 20 Custom House Street in Boston. Renovations included nine floors, lobbies, cafeteria, and main reception area. The space remained occupied as DPM managed the construction and multiple staff relocations. Maugel Architects and Elaine Construction provided design and construction services.

Aberdeen Group HQ Completed Margulies Perruzzi Architects Boston, MA - Margulies Perruzzi Architects, has completed the design of a 25,000sf office space for Aberdeen Group, a leading provider of fact-based research services. Founded in 1988, Aberdeen's research and market intelligence is used by 2.2 million readers in more than 40 countries. When relocating their Boston headquarters to the Seaport Center on Fargo Street, Aberdeen chose to build out former industrial space to create offices, conference rooms and support facilities for 150 people. Wishing to occupy the new space quickly, Aberdeen set a chal-

lenging design and construction schedule. Margulies & Associates completed the project, design through construction, in just over 90 days. “Aberdeen’s vision to transform a barren shell into a vibrant workplace could not have been realized without the tireless efforts and forward thinking of the Margulies Perruzzi Architects team,” said Stephen Gold, president of Aberdeen Group. “They worked within tight time constraints to deliver a superbly designed space. We extend our sincere appreciation for a job well done.”

Naval Shipyard Completion Brookstone Builders GC Portsmouth, NH - Brookstone Builders, Inc., construction managers and general contractors headquartered in Manchester, have completed a specialty renovation project at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. The contract manager was CCI Construction & Environmental Services Group, a construction management firm with its regional office located in Augusta, Maine. www.high-profile.com

This project involved the conversion of 3,100sf of open-concept training space into offices, conference rooms, and secure storage areas. The fit-up included selective demolition, lead and asbestos abatement, HVAC and electrical upgrades, and standard finish work. In addition, approximately a dozen steel windows were replaced with new energy-efficient and architecturally-correct replicas.

November, 2008


High-Profile: News Build Boston 2008 Continued from page 7 • The annual gathering at Build Boston of members and friends of the DataCAD Boston User's Group (DBUG). All are welcome. There is no charge, but registration is required.6:00 pm–7:30 pm (SB98) • The Boston Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and the regional members of the Specifications Consultants in Independent Practice (SCIP) discuss new trends in specifications and technical documents. Moderators are Roger Grant, CSI National Technical Services director, Mark Kalin; SCIP president; and Brian Neely, CSI Boston president. There is no charge but registration is required; 6:00 pm–8:00 pm (SB99) Thursday Meetings • Each year, Architecture for Humanity (AfH) Boston holds its monthly Thursday evening meeting at Build Boston. AfH Boston attracts volunteers who believe that designing the built environment can improve people's lives through creative solutions to a variety of issues including space constraints, negligible budgets, lack of seismic construction knowledge, and natural and/or political disasters. Pro-bono architectural services is provided to those who may otherwise be unable to access them, and work is performed at any scale—local or

international—as long as it can identify a need and form a team around it. Attend the AfH meeting to see what they're all about; 5:30 pm–7:00 pm (SC85) • The annual BSA/Build Boston Gala and Design Celebration is a unique celebration of the building industry, award-winning design, young designers...and Build Boston's 24th anniversary. This year's Gala includes a special focus on young architects and the diversity of our industry. • An annual networking event in the industry, the gala begins with a cocktail party on the Build Boston exhibit floor and moves into a custom-designed setting with visual delights celebrating design, exhibits of award-winning projects and a fabulous buffet; 6:00 pm (SC91) Thursday Receptions and Dinners • Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) 2008 Excellence in Construction Awards. ABC's Massachusetts Chapter will celebrate the best of merit shop construction with its 16th Annual Excellence in Construction Awards. This will be a lively evening of great networking, food and fun. We've left the long speeches and presentations on the shelf in favor of a high-energy showcase of some of the best projects in the region and the talented teams behind them. The cocktail party is from 6:00 pm–7:00 pm and the Awards Celebration/Reception will take place from 7:00 pm–9:00 pm.(SA95)

Marble tile was laid in the reception area Photo credit: © Warren Patterson Photography

HLM Office Renovated Margulies Perruzzi Architects Boston, MA - Margulies Perruzzi Architects has completed the interior design of 10,000sf of Class A office space that was renovated for HLM Venture Partners, a Boston-based venture capital firm that invests in healthcare companies. HLM’s existing leased space wrapped around the building’s core in a “dumbbell” layout, which caused staff in the remote ends of the space to feel isolated from the central part of the office. In response, Margulies Perruzzi Architects created an open layout that uses abundant glass to take advantage of natural

light, deploys curved surfaces at the transition points, and introduces a strong red circular arch feature that winds through the whole office space at the ceiling level to visually connect the space. The reception area was relocated to the center of the arch, directly adjacent to the elevator lobby, creating a central public space. Marble tile was laid in the reception and waiting areas to differentiate those public spaces from the rest of the office. Walls were designed with a continuous wooden panel that provides storage space for future expansion of filing.

Formwork Systems CONTACT: Bob Mansour, Forming Manager @ 617.269.7200

Marr Scaffolding Company One D Street South B o s t o n , M A 0 2 1 2 7 Boston: 617.269.7200

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B r a n c h O f f i c e s : S p r i n g f i e l d M A 4 1 3 . 7 3 9 . 2 1 2 1 / Pr o v i d e n c e R I 4 0 1 . 4 6 7 . 3 1 1 0


November, 2008


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The historic brick exterior was cleaned and restored, and new windows were installed, which replicate the look of the original windows.

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Eckman Completes Dept HQ

2008 Annual Review A look at those who made the headlines in High-Profile Monthly for the year 2008

Barker Architects

December Feature: J.M.Coull Builds NOAA

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Concord, NH - Eckman Construction closely with the owner to design an elegant has completed an $11.3 million addition public entrance and lobby area that comand renovation to the former Medical & plements the historic building while meetSurgical (M&S) Building, in Concord's ing the modern security requirements of a Gallen State Office Park. It will be the new State office building. All new systems were headquarters for the N.H. Department of installed in what will continue to be known as the M&S Building, including mechaniRevenue Administration. A four-story addition “filled in” the cal, HVAC, electrical, and fire protection, center of the formerly U-shaped building, as well as data and security systems. and the interior of the building was completely gutted and renovated. The historic brick exterior was cleaned and restored, and new windows were installed which replicate the look of the original windows. Eckman collaborated with Barker Architects of Concord on the design-build project. In addition to offices, the building includes conference rooms, a hearing room with audio equipment, a secure mail room, and two connected training rooms equipped with smartboards and video View of entrance to new headquarters for the conferencing. Eckman and Barker worked N.H. Department of Revenue Administration

Integrated Completes Tenant Fit-Up Architect Helicon Design Group Shrewsbury, MA - Integrated Builders, a construction management, design-build and general contracting firm, recently completed the 20,679sf tenant fitup for Valeritas at 800 Boston Turnpike in Shrewsbury. Valeritas, headquartered in Parsippany, N.J., with offices in Shrewsbury, is a medical technologies company serving the fast-growing diabetes market through its proprietary drug delivery systems. Integrated Builders was

room, a 200sf Class 100 Clean-room, a lab space, office and R&D, and a cafeteria. The exterior improvements included significant alterations to the existing facade and a new entrance to the building, landscaping and stone walls. Integrated Builders worked in collaboration with project architect Helicon Design Group Boston. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineer was Hanover-based Wozny Barbar Associates, Inc.

“In addition to tenant fit-up, we repositioned the 50,000sf building with extensive exterior renovations, a new entrance and stone facade.” –Jay Dacey, president of Integrated Builders. hired by the landlord, Vinco Properties, for the tenant fit-up job and the repositioning of the building. The interior fit-up consisted of building a modular Class 10,000 Cleanwww.high-profile.com

“In addition to tenant fit-up, we repositioned the 50,000sf building with extensive exterior renovations, a new entrance and stone facade,” said Jay Dacey, president of Integrated Builders.

November, 2008


High-Profile: News

NECA Adopts Energy Policy Chicago, IL –The National Electrical Contractors Association's (NECA) Board of Governors adopted an association-wide formal and comprehensive policy on energy independence at its Annual Meeting, Oct. 4. The policy encourages investment in renewable and alternative energy product, modernizing and securing the national electric grid, and actively working to decrease U.S. reliance on oil and energy resources from other countries. “This policy formalizes the ongoing commitment and expertise that NECA member electrical contractors offers to the growing market of green construction,” explained NECA’s Executive Director of Marketing Rob Colgan in a presentation to

the Board of Governors. “NECA was an early industry leader in the development of photovoltaic solar technologies and continues to provide comprehensive solutions to customers that address the need to conserve, utilize efficiently, and safely distribute domestic forms of clean energy.” In addition to adopting the energy independence policy, NECA's annual convention and tradeshow focused on energy conservation and efficiency, green technology and renewable energy production.

NESCO Expands Network In VT Rutland branch has been in operation for 25 years and is a full-service branch with approximately 7,900ssf including 1,400sf counter operation and 6,500sf warehouse. Bill Mangan will continue as branch manager of the newly named Yankee Electric Supply branch in Rutland. Combined, the branch associates have over 50 years of expertise in serving the electrical industry.

Ver mo nt

Canton, MA – NESCONeedham Electric Supply announced that the Rutland, Vt. branch of Walsh Electric Supply will join its Yankee Electric Supply family, NESCO’s Vermont and New Hampshirebased division. Founded in 1953, Walsh Electric Supply is a family-owned and operated electrical distributor serving contractors and industrial and commercial accounts. The

Mayor Thomas Menino (third from right) attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday, Oct. 6, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Opens Boston, MA - Robin Brown and his partners at CWB Boylston LLC officially opened one of the city’s most anticipated projects - the Mandarin Oriental. A celebratory ribbon cutting and feng shui ceremony marked the hotel's grand opening recently, officiated by the Mayor of Boston, the Honorable Thomas M. Menino, and attended by 150 distinguished guests, development partners and Mandarin Oriental executives from around the world. Located in the Back Bay on

Boylston Street, the new Mandarin Oriental combines classic New England elegance with refined Oriental touches. With 136 elegantly appointed guestrooms and 12 suites, the property will provide the city's most spacious accommodations. The 16,000sf Spa and Fitness Center, along with 10,000sf of stylish function space, the signature restaurant Asana, and the chic M-Bar & Lounge complete the luxurious setting. The hotel is furnished and decorated with an Asian theme.


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November, 2008


High-Profile: Completed Facilities Development News

The conference room takes full advantage of the site’s high ceilings and plentiful natural light. Photo credit Woodruff/Brown Architectural Photography.

Acentech Completes Aetna Customer Center Architects Perkins + Will


Printing and Document Management Technology

Hartford, CT - Acentech, Inc., a multi-disciplinary acoustical consulting firm, announced the completion of Aetna’s new customer center in Hartford. Opened in April 2008, the new Aetna Customer Center occupies a privileged location in the company’s historic headquarters building and takes full advantage of the site’s high ceilings, plentiful natural light, and courtyard views. Acentech, one of the largest U.S. acoustics and audiovisual consulting firms, was selected by architects Perkins + Will to provide architectural acoustics consulting and mechanical system noise and vibration control consulting for this corporate project. The 15,000sf Aetna Customer Center is equipped with two large technologically advanced presentation rooms, a multi-media theater, an elegant dining facility, gallery/exhibition space, and myriad smaller meeting and break rooms. The guiding aim of the design was

Smaller meeting and break room to provide an ideal environment in which to host, without compromise, two simultaneous corporate customer events, and to provide each customer group with an experience of engagement and comfort.

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November, 2008


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November, 2008


High-Profile: People

ADD Inc. Advances Four Boston, MA ADD Inc. announced the advancements of four of its staff to leadership positions. The promotions include the appointments of Tamara Roy, AIA, Roy LEED AP and Karen Van Winkle to senior associate principal and the appointments of Kevin Collins and Jorge Enes to associate principal. Roy is an urban design professional whose Collins projects at ADD Inc have included large-scale mixed use and master planning projects such as the Seaport Square Master Plan, Jackson Square Mixed Use, and 321 North Master Plan in Plantation, Florida. Her architectural design works include Nouvelle at Natick Mall in Natick and the mixed use hotel development at 275 Albany Street in. Van Winkle, ADD Inc’s director of client development for nearly eight years, has more than 25 years of experience in the New England design community. Her extensive experience in product sales and service delivery provides a unique expert-

ise in client development, presentation skills, and sales. Collins has experience in all phases of the design and documentation of commercial, instituVan Winkle tional and residential buildings. He has been with ADD Inc. for over eight years. As s e n i o r designer/manager, his most recent work includes Nouvelle at Natick Mall, a 215-unit Enes luxury residence in Natick, Archstone North Point condominiums in Cambridge, and The Shops at Farmington Valley in Connecticut.. Enes’s project management experience and diverse portfolio of workplace projects make him an asset to every project he is involved in. Since joining ADD Inc nearly three years ago, his projects have included the award-winning LEED certified BostonCoach interior in Boston as well as interiors for Boston Consulting Group, PAREXEL and Fidelity Investments, Spaulding & Slye and Gordon Brothers.

EYP Names Horst CIO technology – including planBoston, MA - Einhorn ning, operations, and adminisYaffee Prescott, Architecture & tration – for the IT department. Engineering, P.C. (EYP) Immediately prior to joinannounces Bradley Horst, AIA, ing EYP, Horst worked for NCARB, as its new chief inforAutodesk as product marketing mation officer. Mmanager for architectural Horst, who possesses 20 solutions, responsible for global years of expertise in the AEC product marketing for the Revit industry, will be an integral Architecture software applicapart of EYP’s management Horst tion. Additionally, he previousteam, driving the technical and strategic vision of the firm’s IT organiza- ly worked for prominent architecture firms tion. NBBJ and Shepley Bulfinch Richardson In his new role at EYP, Horst will and Abbott, as an architect and director of develop and implement strategic direction information technology, respectively. and supervise all information systems and

Young Joins Sterling Boston, MA - Roberta (Bobbe) extensive experience in developing strateYoung, LtCol (Ret), BS, MHA has joined gic master facility plans, the most recent Sterling Planning Alliance, a division of of which led to a $259 million Hospital of Steffian Bradley Architects, as a principal, the Future replacement hospital for Baystate Medical Center. where she is responsible for A former Chief leading project engagements, Consultant to the Air Force helping Sterling and SBA’s Surgeon General for Health healthcare clients develop Facilities Planning, Young led strategic facility master plans tri-service teams in developing and practical interim strateautomated medical space and gies. equipment planning systems, as Young has 28 years and well as facility assessment over $2 billion of experience tools. in planning and overseeing the Young Prior to Baystate Health, design and execution of healthcare construction projects for inte- she worked as an independent consultant grated health systems, academic medical and for the Rhode Island Department of centers, specialty care, ambulatory care Health as an Emergency Response and support service centers. She also has Planner.

CSI Team Announcements Contracting Specialists Incorporated (CSI) made the following personnel announcements: Russ Charpentier has joined the company’s Northeast Division as projects manager. His experience includes more than 13 years in the construction industry. Much of that time has been spent with manufacturers of various products for the commercial construction industry, as well as working closely with architects, engineers, subcontractors and owners in the design of preventative waterproofing systems on both new and retrofit construction projects. Bob Montagna has been promoted to

projects executive, based in the company’s Boston-area office. He has more than two decades of experience as a general contractor and as a specialty subcontractor. His experience includes both new construction and the restoration/rehabilitation of existing structures as well as remedial waterproofing of existing buildings. Scott Wells has joined CSI’s Northeast Division as General Superintendent. Wells has over 27 years experience in construction management. Previously he helped found Hoover Wells, a concrete restoration contractor based in Toledo, Ohio

Maiorano LEED Accredited Westfield, MA, - Tighe & Bond, Inc. announced that Jaclyn M. Maiorano has become a (LEED) Accredited Professional. Maiorano, a licensed professional engineer, joined Tighe & Bond in 2003. Maiorano

Jewett Welcomes Gary Stevens Raymond, NH - Jewett Construction Co., Inc. recently welcomed Gary Stevens to their team as a project manager. With a construction background of more than 25 years, he has managed projects ranging from water

and waste water treatment facilities, to heavy industrial, to residential construction. Stevens was previously the sole proprietor of a small general contracting firm in Southern New Hampshire.

Taylor Named to Cutler Board Worcester, MA - Cutler Associates, recently named J. Robert Taylor, AIA, president of Cutler Design, to its board of directors. The selection was formalized at the company’s recent board meeting at the end of September. Taylor joined Cutler Associates in 1990 and serves as president of the company’s inhouse design firm, Cutler www.high-profile.com


Design. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado, is a registered architect in eight states, and is a member of the American Institute of Architects, DesignBuild Institute of America, and Boston Society of Architects. In his 35-year career as an architect, Taylor has led design projects for a wide-range of prominent corporate and scholastic clients.

November, 2008


High-Profile: People

Krygeris LEED Accredited Wilmington, MA Channel Building Company, a design-build private sector commercial construction company, announced that Jon Krygeris, project panager, was recently certified by the U.S. Green Building Council as a LEED AP. Krygeris has been a professional in the construction

industry for over six years and has consistently supported the mission of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, efficien, and healthy places to live and work. Krygeris

Copley Wolff New Team Members Boston, MA - Lynn Wolff and John Copley announced the addition of five new members to the Copley Wolff team. Jennifer Chandler, landscape designer, had two years of horticultural experience prior to joining Copley Wolff Design Group, working at a nursery during which time she became a Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist. She has both hand- and digital-rendering skills and also is experienced at creating both physical and digital three dimensional models. Melissa Braun, ASLA - brings over five years of a wide-range of landscape and planning experience to CWDG. Her multifaceted approach to project design stems from her experience in a myriad of projects involving planning, historic preservation, campus and park design; her studies in architecture and urban design in Copenhagen, Denmark; and her residential restoration of the landmark James Rose Center in Ridgewood, NJ. Michael D'Angelo - landscape designer provides exceptional creative ability with project conceptual design, design development and has produced construction documents for projects throughout the southeastern United States and abroad. Recent projects include a dormitory courtyard at Bridgewater State College, renovations at Portsmouth Regional Hospital and landscape plans for Stone Place in Melrose, Mass. Nicholas Campanelli - landscape designer brings over 10 years of practical experience, both in the field and at the design table to Copley Wolff Design Group as a landscape designer. He has





experience working on the preparation of presentation exhibits, construction documents, and 3D SketchUp models. His projects include master planned commuSmith nities, community parks, golf course community streetscapes and main entryway monuments. Tracy Smith - director of marketing was formerly with the Boston District Council of the Urban Land Institute. Tracy has over 10 years of of marketing, public relations, and managerial experience in the commercial real estate industry.

Integrated Builders Hires Burgess Braintree, MA - Integrated Builders, a construction management, design-build and general contracting firm, announced that it has hired Sean Burgess as assistant project superintendent Burgess is responsible for on-site job safety, subcontractor coordination, daily reporting and budget/schedule management. He brings extensive experience to Integrated Builders in managing projects in the $500,000 to $1 million range for a wide range of product types including corporate, retail, and multi-family housing.


Hoffmann Architects Expands Staff Hamden CT H o f f m a n n Architects, an architectural and engineering firm specializing in the rehabilitation of building exteriors, welcomed three new employees. Miniter Courtney R. Miniter joins the firm as a project representative. She provides architectural support for the firm’s projects in the form of drafting, design detailing, and assisting in construction Yates administration. Daniel R. Salazar, as a new project manager, brings over 20 years of experience in all phases of architectural investigation, programming, design, document production, and construction administration. Salazar is responsible for investigating and resolving water infiltration problems, construction failures and deterioration in a variety of commercial, public, Dean Yates, Assoc. AIA joins Hoffmann Architects’ Washington, D.C. office as project coordinator. His responsibilities include conducting condition assessments, preparing contract docu-

ments and specifications, and administering construction for building envelope rehabilitation projects, including roof repairs and replacements, façade restoration, and Salazar plaza/terrace waterproofing. Hoffman Architects also announced the 10th anniversary of a member of its technical personnel. In the decade since Senior Architect Juan Kuriyama Kuriyama, AIA joined the firm he has established himself as an authority on building envelope rehabilitation. In interviews and articles in Spanish and English publications alike, Kuriyama has offered his expertise on window replacement, waterproofing, maintenance planning, and façade design considerations. Beyond overseeing the diagnosis and resolution of building system distress, he is also responsible for developing and maintaining client relationships and for mentoring junior staff members.

Monahan Appointed to MHEFA Board MHEFA was created Boston, MA - I.B.E.W. over 30 years ago to assist Local 103 Business Manager non-profit organizations Michael P. Monahan has recently throughout Massachusetts. been appointed by Governor The organization helps instiDeval Patrick to serve on the tutions such as human servBoard of the Massachusetts Health and Educational Facilities ice providers, colleges and Authority (MHEFA). universities, hospitals and research facilities, in securThe appointment by ing low-cost, tax-exempt Governor Patrick recognizes Monahan financing for planned faciliMonahan’s leadership role in the Massachusetts construction industry as ties or expansion projects. Providing, on well as his expertise in major development average, more than one billion dollars per projects and zoning requirements. year to non-profit organizations, MHEFA Monahan also sits as a long time member is wholly self-funded and receives no state funding. of the Boston Zoning Board of Appeals.

November, 2008


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U.S. Green Building Council

NEFA Upcoming Event

Greenbuild International Conference and Expo IFMA Boston Holiday Gala 2008 December 4, 2008 - 6:00-10:00 PM Artists for Humanity 100 West Second Street Boston, MA. We invite you to join IFMA Boston at the Artists for Humanity gallery in the Fort Point district as we raise a glass of cheer to toast the holiday season and the coming New Year. Proceeds from this event will benefit the SPARK Center Member: $75 Non-Member: $100 At the door: $125 Register by November 26, 2008 No cancellations after December 2. More info: ifma@ifmaboston.org or (781) 397-8870 If you are interested in sponsoring or donating in-kind gifts, please contact the event Co-Chairs: Ana Correa, Cushman & Wakefield, acorrea@metlife.com (617) 578-2336 Monica Moreira, LEED AP, Margulies Perruzzi Architects, mmoriera@mp-architects.com, (617) 4823232

November 19-21, 2008. 7:00am - 8:00pm Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Join us at the U.S. Green Building Council’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Boston November 19-21, 2008. Buildings play a critical role in protecting and improving our environment and the health of the people who

NAIOP Awards Gala

The Massachusetts Chapter of NAIOP cordially invites you to attend the 2008 Distinguished Real Estate Awards Gala honoring The Fallon Company for achievements in real estate, charitable activities and community betterment with a special tribute to outgoing Chief Operating Officer, Fran Shifman, in honor of her many contributions to our industry and to NAIOP. Tuesday, November 18 Westin Boston Waterfront, 425 Summer Street, Boston, MA 5:30 PM: Cocktail Reception 7:00 PM: Program and Dinner For more information contact Debbie Osheroff at 781-453-6900 or via email at osheroff@naiopma.org

occupy them. USGBC’s Greenbuild conference and expo is an unparalleled opportunity to connect with other green building peers, industry experts, and influential leaders as they share insights on the green building movement and its diverse specialties. Visit http://www.greenbuildexpo.org for more information about GreenBuild Boston. Or to register www.greenbuildexpo.org/Program/leed_workshops.html.

Save The Date!

BOMA International Winter Business Meeting and Leadership Conference January 16–19, 2009 Renaissance Esmeralda Resort & Spa Indian Wells, California. http://www.boma.org/

Calendar Alert!

MBC Congress Unplugged Holiday Social Wednesday, December 10, 2008 Joe‘s on the Waterfront - Boston 5:30 - 7:30 pm - Cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, music, giveaways, and good company http://www.buildingcongress.org/ho me.html

The New England Franchise Association (NEFA) will present "Franchise Financing: Keys to Success in the Current Economic Climate" on Tuesday, November 18, 5:30 p.m. at the Marriot Hotel, 1000 Marriott Drive, Quincy. Mass. Expert panelists will outline how successful franchise development requires franchisors to stay up to date on all financing options available. The evening includes a cocktail and networking session beginning at 5:30 p.m., dinner at 7:00 p.m., and then the presentation. The entire business community is urged to attend. Reservations are required. But membership in the NEFA is NOT required. Registration Fee is $60 per person and includes dinner. All NEFA Members get $10 off. To reserve your seats, please contact New England Franchise Association via the organization's website www.NEFranchise.org, email: info@NEFranchise.org, or by calling NEFA Executive Director Jim Coen, (617) 469-3002.

Furniture Specification 3–D Drawings Color Renderings Audio Visual Integration and Coordination Installation Drawings Developing Standards Programs Project Management Furniture Rentals Asset Management & Storage Electrostatic Painting Re–upholstery/Refurbishing Ergonomic Audits Leasing Delivery, Installations and Maintenance

New England’s Largest Knoll Dealership Boston, MA | Hartford, CT | Manchester, NH | Shrewsbury, MA | www.ori.com www.high-profile.com

November, 2008



Bowdoin Construction Corp. 220-1 Reservoir Street Needham Heights, MA 02494 P: 781-444-6302 F: 781-444-4970

Invensys Branch / Kraft Family Center YMCA: 52,000 sf expansion and renovation in Foxboro, MA (Architect – Annino Associates, Inc. )

ENT Center of Rhode Island: 16,000 s.f. medical facility for otolaryngology procedures in Warwick, RI. (Architect – Hardaway Associates)


eedham Heights, MA – Bowdoin Construction is celebrating their 35th Anniversary providing pre-construction planning and construction management services throughout the New England region. Founded in 1973, Bowdoin began as a tenant fitout contractor focusing on first class corporate interiors projects. The company has experienced steady growth over the years and has developed into a full service construction management firm serving five primary market sectors including Corporate Commercial, Academic/Cultural, Medical/Healthcare, Hospitality/Multifamily, and Retail/Restaurant developments. See story on page 40.

Agnes Varis Campus Center at The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University – Renovation of former Grafton State Hospital housing facility into new multi-use campus center in Grafton, MA (Architect - Finegold Alexander + Associates )

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High-Profile Monthly: November 2008  

High-Profile Monthly is a facility development trade publication, featuring construction activities in New England. Its readers build and re...

High-Profile Monthly: November 2008  

High-Profile Monthly is a facility development trade publication, featuring construction activities in New England. Its readers build and re...