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New bachelor degrees at Highline College.

Each designed to either get you into high demand jobs back home or toward your goal of applying to graduate programs in the United States.

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Cybersecurity and Forensics Highline’s Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Cybersecurity and Forensics expands on a strong Computer Science and Computer Information Systems Department. • • • •

Work in the growing career field of protecting private and public computer networks Take courses in computer forensics, network intrusion detection, cloud computing and web application hacking Build on a technical degree with upper-division classes in a high-tech and high-demand program Prepare for higher-level specialized technical positions and management opportunities

Global Trade and Logistics Highline’s Bachelor of Applied Science degree is part of our center for international business and trade. The college hosts the Washington State’s Center of Excellence for Global Trade and Supply Chain Management. • • •

Youth Development

Respiratory Care Highline’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Respiratory Care builds on our strong AAS program ensuring students receive a relevant, timely education. The program has special endorsement from the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care. • • •

Designed to assist in your personal and professional growth Develop and strengthen your leadership abilities and increase your chances for promotion opportunities Apply to graduate school programs

Gain skills that will help companies and organizations build and deliver products better, faster and cheaper Put yourself at the heart of global business Get involved in career fields including freight forwarding, customs brokerage, trucking, third-party logistics, and warehousing and distribution

Highline’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Youth Development is focused on building strategies and programs for adolescents and young adults. • • •

Help youth grow and develop in positive ways and avoid drugs, violence and crime Become part of a large network with community agencies Participate in quality internships for students in dozens of agencies serving the full scope of youth issues

Additional restrictions and requirements apply to international students. Please consult with the program coordinator, Tanya Powers, or contact the ISP office, for further information. For more information visit

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PATHWAY OPTIONS Cybersecurity and Forensics • AAS Data Recovery (91 CREDITS) • AAS Network Security Engineer (92 CREDITS) • AAS Web/Database Developer (92 CREDITS)

Global Trade and Logistics • AAS E-Commerce


• AAS Retail Management (98 CREDITS) • AAS International Business & Trade (98 CREDITS) • AAS Accounting (101 CREDITS) • AAS Business (93 CREDITS)

Respiratory Care • AAS Respiratory Care (124 CREDITS)

Youth Development • AAS Community Health & Wellness (90 CREDITS) • AAS Early Childhood Education (90 CREDITS) • AAS Chemical Dependency (90 CREDITS) • AAS Criminal Justice


• AAS Human Services (90 CREDITS) • AAS Chemical Dependency (90 CREDITS) • AAS Paralegal (90 CREDITS) • AAS Paraeducator (90 CREDITS)

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT PROGRAMS MS-ISP • PO Box 98000 • Des Moines, WA 98198 USA Telephone: (206) 592-3725 • Fax: (206) 592-3738 • Email:

15094 7/15

Highline College Bachelor of Applied Science Programs  
Highline College Bachelor of Applied Science Programs