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WHILE IT’S ABOUT 9:30 P.M. ON THE EAST COAST OF THE UNITED STATES, SHAUN DIVINEY, FRONTMAN OF THE NEW SOUTH WALES POP ROCK TRIO SHORT STACK, IS GETTING READY FOR LUNCH. “We’re quite fortunate that we have been successful so young, so we can do whatever we want,” Diviney said through a Skype conversation. All three members are only in their mid-20s, and they have managed to sell out headlining shows, have two top 10 albums and three top 10 singles. As if that’s not enough to take in, they’ve also managed to break up and reform, ultimately bringing the release of their newest album, Homecoming. However, the break up allowed the members to take some time off in order to regain their musical passion. Short Stack was gearing up to release their previous album Art Vandelay in 2012, until the band announced on their Facebook page in March of the same year that they were calling it quits. “I think in the band we didn’t feel like we were accomplishing anything really in making music,” Diviney said. “We felt like we were just making music just for the sake of it. I think a lot of bands sort of fall in that position when they get a bit successful. We took a step back from it and accessed the situation and said, ‘This isn’t really what we want to do.’ So we took a break.” After the announcement, Diviney went on to pursue a solo career, which started the same year as the band’s departure. He wrote and released an EP in October 2013, which was positively received by the public. “I was surfing pretty much everyday, that was pretty much it,” Diviney said. “We didn’t really go out of our way to accomplish anything incredible when the band broke up. We just wanted to chill out and relax for a couple of years. I had my own record, which was just a little bit of fun and it wasn’t anything too serious. We didn’t tour on it that much. I just sort of chilled out.” While the band took a few years apart from each other, the time of separation actually helped each member of the band regroup and miss playing music together. Diviney said each member was making music individually, and the process of doing that and knowing it was each person creating music alone instead of as a full band together just didn’t sit well with everyone. “It’s something that we’ve done from such a long time to all of a sudden have it go,” Diviney said. “It wasn’t something we missed all of a sudden. It was something we missed after a long time, especially when each of us were making

music individually. We were all making music at the same time just not with each other and it was kind of weird. So we decided to step back. We really just missed it and it was cool to do it again.” In 2014, Short Stack announced that the band was officially back together. Instinctively, they hit the studio to write material for what is now known as Homecoming. But this time was different for the trio. Instead of not spending too much time on each song, which has been done on previous albums, Diviney said there was a lot of time put into each song on the 10-song album. “We always just write about our lives, I guess,” Diviney said. “It is more of a stylistic choice for us to be honest. I feel like when we were growing up we concentrated so much on the Blink 182 and NOFX side of things. We missed out on a really good side of the 90s alternative scene like Weezer and the Strokes and stuff. We revisited them little bit on this album, so it’s been cool.” While the album has been out since August and touring for the album has been taking place, Diviney said the majority of 2016 is going to include focusing on a new album and finding the exact direction they want to take this album. “We’re sort of getting a new record together and figure out stylistically of where we want to go,” Diviney said. “There’s so many influences the older you get. I don’t find myself listening to newer music, I find myself listening to older music like the Beach Boys and stuff like that and just creating something that we think is fresh and I think as long as we feel like we’ve got something to say then we feel like we’ll love it.” After Short Stack’s successful career as a band, reformation after a break-up and several albums that have made it into the ears of fans throughout the world, Diviney said everyone in the band is in the right frame of mind. “We don’t have any sort of expectations of what we do; we just have total creative freedom, which is sort of awesome and a really good position for us to be in,” Diviney said. “We’re happy and content with our lives both on and off stage. As a band compared to all of the other bands we hang out with and stuff, I think as individuals we’re all in just a really good place and at the end of the day that’s what’s the most important. You have to be healthy. “ PHOTOS: Sammy Roenfeldt INTERVIEW & STORY: Geoff Burns HIGHLIGHTMAGAZINE.NET - 31

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Issue #48: Ft. Awolnation, Light Years, Alien Ant Farm, Jule Vera, Short Stack, The Vanity, a film tribute to Bowie + more!