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real unfortunate. But working with Kevin was fantastic. He is so dialed in. He mixed our first EP, and he produced the second one, and on the second, we got to work with him more closely. We have ideas for things and he’d be like ‘Well what about this?’ and random things and we’d be like ‘Jesus Christ, that’s cool. Oh okay.’ In “Are You Going Alone?”, which is the track we’re pushing on the radio right now, we had this basic micro chord sound that was kind of pulsating like it is now, but he ran it through all these crazy Kevin Killen type reverb things and he was like ‘What do you think about this?’ while we were webcasting with him. He was in like Sweden at the time. We were just like ‘Oh my god! Yeah, sure.’ But that’s the thing, he just kind of surprises us. Every time we had an acoustic song, we wrote with all four of us together, and we had all these things built around it. He would have all these crazy ideas and we were like ‘Yeah okay, let’s go for it.’ None of that would’ve happened without him. He’s awesome. Hearing all the U2 stories helps too. It makes you feel cool.

H M : What is the ‘highlight’ of your career so far? A D : I’ve always been told in music, there’s a horizon. Most

recent in my memory is in Columbus at Newport Music Hall with BORNS. That was a lot of fun. That or Cold War Kids

in Dallas. I like big crowds so that kind of stuff is always fun for me. And we’ve been doing this radio promotion thing in Vegas. They do this face off thing and we’ve won like eight nights in a row. We’re like in the hall of fame so in a way that’s my new answer.

H M : What are your plans for the rest of the year? A D : We’re always working on writing new music and

working on all sorts of stuff. We want to get out and we want to tour. That’s really what we want to be doing we want to [be] playing in front of people. We’re better live than in any other format so its just kind of what we have to recognize. For that reason, we just want to be in front of as many people live. So definitely getting out to play for people, touring and stuff like that is big for us. But writing new music, I mean, we’re never going to stop doing that so we’re just constantly working on new stuff and hopefully that new stuff carries us. And I’d love to see “Are You Going Alone?” all over the radio; hopefully all over the country! We’re starting pretty strong so far so we’ll see. PHOTO: Clark Terrell INTERVIEW: Jennifer Boylen


Issue #48  
Issue #48  

Issue #48: Ft. Awolnation, Light Years, Alien Ant Farm, Jule Vera, Short Stack, The Vanity, a film tribute to Bowie + more!