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Michelle Boshoff


Mr John Bullen (80) and Mrs Lorraine Bullen (78). Mr Bullen is still missing in Botswana.

From R99 995




t sounds like a story right out of an adventure book. But the ordeal that the Bullen couple, from Badfontein outside Lydenburg went through can not be any more real. Mr John (80) and Mrs Lorraine Bullen (78) were on an African holiday in the Chobe District, near Kasane in Botswana. Their vehicle got stuck in a “sand” river late afternoon on Tuesday 13 September and they only had the bare essentials to survive on. They were about 120km inland, away from the river. They had tried to attract the attention of airplanes overhead but to no avail. Before the vehicle got stuck they had spoken to anti-poaching guards and fire guards in the area. The guards assured them that they were on the right path to the Savuti Camp. She said it is shocking that those roads are not blocked off. “We waited at the Landrover before we decided he should walk to Savuti,” said Mrs Lorraine Bullen. It is suspected that she is referring to Wednesday 14 September. “He left at around 17:00 in the afternoon (about 24 hours after becoming stuck) with a compass, bottle of water, a pillow case with two tins of fruit and Provita biscuits and a GPS. I waited for him to return and prayed that he’d be safe. He couldn’t take too much because he had to carry the five liters of water. “The days went by and I slowly started to realise that he may not come back or was not able to find our Landrover again. “When he left, he walked in the direction of the Savuti Camp, 36km from us. It was

suppose to be a two day walk,” she continued. By the eighth day, Mrs Bullen heard a vehicle approaching. It was a group of tourists from the Netherlands. They had also taken the wrong road and they landed in the sand river. “The Hollanders towed our Landrover to a police and army camp in the middle of the bush. The camp immediately sent out a search-and-rescue party for my husband. The Emergency Services in Botswana and Zambia also started a search party for Mr Bullen. Several teams were searching the area, including helicopters and 140 men on the ground. The International Police, Interpol, also joined the search. A sand storm delayed their search over the past weekend. Mrs Bullen decided to come home but the search is still on. She stayed at the Chobe Safari Lodge while she was recovering from the ordeal. “They were extremely kind to me and made me feel at home.” Her son, Mike Bullen, flew to Kasane to help her with all the arrangements. The Chobe District is the largest park in that part of Botswana. It is a tourist haven and known for the thousands of elephants and other wildlife that roam the area. Mrs Bullen said that they had nearly died in a veld fire while Mr Bullen was still with her. Poachers burned the grass to herd the animals. The Netherlands tourists told her they had found a dead elephant a couple of meters from her Landrover. “It was frightening, very frightening. The Lord will lead us through this.” The emergency services and police in Kasane haven’t given up hope that they will find Mr Bullen.

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29 September 2011

Shocking conditions in Mashishing Michelle Boshoff


hile residents in Lydenburg complain about garbage not being taken away, residents in Mashishing are living in the filth. It was with a great shock that Highlands Panorama News saw the first hand evidence of these horrific conditions. It seems as if some residents decided not to take garbage bags to the town’s dumping ground and dump it just on the border of the houses.

Even raw sewerage rivers are running through the township, between the houses. The residents have said that they are tired of living like pigs and that the municipality has forgotten about them. The Highlands Panorama News was just too late to take photo’s of people dumping bags but the evidence was still there. This is another question laid before Thaba Chweu - how can this happen? The stench and evident unhygienic conditions will turn any stomach by just looking at it, try living in it...

The ladies of Indlu Finance were all dressed up for Heritage Day on Friday. Even though it was only on Saturday, they took the opportunity to wear their traditional clothes to work. From left are (back): Martha Mdluli (Swazi), Anna Maklou (Sepedi), Mavis Mnguni (Swazi); (front): Mapule Mathelele (Swazi), Patia Maphanga (Zulu) and Rachal Mohubedu (Sepedi). - Michelle Boshoff.

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8 29 JulieSeptember 2010 / 8 July 2010 2011

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Michelle Boshoff ’n Bekende inwoner van Lydenburg het met tot haar skok agtergekom dat twee van haar ma en ’n familievriend se grafstene gesteel is. Me. Petro Joubert is Sondag na die Lydenburg Begraafplaas (oorkant CMI) om blomme op hul grafte te sit. Die grafstene van onderskeidelik haar ma, me. Catherine Gertrude Maritz en mnr. Frans Beetge, ’n familievriend, is gesteel. Oom Frans (Frans Jacobus Beetge) was ’n geliefde karakter en die Beetge’s is aan almal bekend. Me. Joubert was in Junie by die grafte om blomme op te sit. Me. Maritz en mnr. Beetge se grafte is in verskillende rye en ’n entjie uitmekaar uit. Dit word vermoed dat hierdie twee grafte opsetlik verwyder is en dat dit beplan is. Me.


Joubert was na dié ontdekking baie geskok en kon nie glo dat sy voor skoon grafte te staan kom nie. Sy het Dinsdag die munisipaliteit gebel, wat bevestig het dat die grafstene weg is en dat daar slegs sement is. Indien enige iemand inligting oor hierdie twee grafstene besit, word hulle versoek om die polisie of die Highlands Panorama Nuus by 013 235 2287 te skakel. Dit is ’n misdaad om grafstene te verwyder en tronkstraf kan opgelê word.

“Waar is oom Frans se grafsteen?”

It’s all in the expression A girl from Bosfontein Primary at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. It was the experience of a lifetime for these children. See the complete article and more photo’s on page 19.

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29 September 2011


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is myne. My dokter, my apteker, my Tuppervrou, my stoof, my yskas en my man. Almal en alles het 'n Dis Myne. Myne word voor alles gebruik. Lidwoorde, die of 'n, staan nie voor die bywoord nie, slegs myne word in die besitting-konteks gebruik. Dalk kom die gebruik daarvan voor by mense met 'n minderwaardigheidskompleks. Ek weet dat Beatrice se man Jacques is, maar sy verwys na hom as My Man. Elke keer as daar van hom gepraat word. Die verskynsel noem ek die verhoogde-bewussyn-van-eiendom-sindroom. Interessant. Die Myne, loop oor in lojaliteit vir diensverskaffers. Velsorg, smeersel, en vreetsels. My restaurant maak sus en my velroom werk so. Mense sal moeilik van Hul verskaffers afwyk. Net soos jou motorversiener, hetsy in sy agterplaas, hetsy in 'n motorhawe. Na 'n bestelling by 'n vreemde Tupper-verkoper raak ek onlangs lam van die skuldgevoel. Ek kan mos nie my gewone-behulpsame-vriendelikaltyd-betyds-bakkieverkoper in die steek laat nie. Sy is immers Myne. Dis net hoe dit is. Summier kanselleer ek die bestelling by die vreemde vrou. Hoe moet mev. Lojaal nou voel, as ek by iemand anders bestel. Sê nou sy kom in my huis en sien die nuwe Tupper wat nie by haar gekoop is nie. Vir Pille-sorg en apteeksake het ons vir oom Jaap. Vir hom vra jy advies van rooi oë tot 'n pyn in die groottoon. Ja, vir ernstige kwale is 'n dokter nodig. Daarvoor het jy Jóú dokter. En geen ander geneeskundige kan die kwaal laat wyk nie. Later voel hy soos familie en sy woord is wet. So moet 'n kapsel ook maar groei tot Jóú salonfundi haar skêr kan inlê. Vir 'n volle 18 jaar, het ek 'n tannie wat my kapsel snip. En as sy nie tyd het nie, moet dit maar so staan. Dié paar keer wat ek 'n ander haarkapper op proef gestel is, loop ek sielsongelukkig daar uit. Dis net nie dieselfde nie. Ja, dis myne. Let wel, nie 'n dokter of 'n apteker, nét Myne.

Andri Rosseau het hierdie pragtige Azalia’s afgeneem Saterdag 24 September op Noel en Petro Jones se plaas op Badfontein. Almal is welkom om die Azalia’s te bewonder, skakel hulle om ’n afspraak te maak. Julle is welkom om piekniek te hou en daar is ook ’n Azalia kwekery. Skakel hulle by 082 308 0410 om dié uitstappie te reël. Die landlynnommer, 013 235 1840, mag buite werking wees. Gaan geniet die kleurspel!

Nico en Tanya Muller is by Laske Nakke getroud op 10 September. Hulle vestig hulle self in Lydenburg. Foto deur Stephané Photography.

Mnr. P. M. de Lange kan sy bestuurderslisensie en motorsleutels by die Highlands Panorama Nuus afhaal. Die kantoor is op die hoek van Viljoen en Jansen Strate, Lydenburg.


Pit Bull puppy lost

Ons ry bietjie rond op die motorfietse. Plekke om te sien, mense om te ontmoet, stories om te vertel. Ons is amper terug!

Amper terug...

A male Pit Bull, chocolate brown in colour and a white stripe across the chest, +/- 8 weeks is lost. Please help me find my Bobby. I lost him at my parents house in Mashishing - old CMI houses. Thank you Oria Phori Cell 079 195 6833.

The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever. Isa 40:8

Volg ons op Facebook - Langpad Huistoe Or go to:

Thank you Lord for being the only constant in our lives.

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29 September 2011


Oom Hannes word spin-spin 82 jr L

os litte laat die jonges van gees met ’n Health Gym. Die groep bestaan almal uit lede lied in die hart deur hul dagtake van die Lydenburg Dienssentrum. Te danke aan hul uithouvermoë en goeie gees, het die vorder. eienaar, Jurie, besluit om ’n uitdaging te bied. Mnr. Hannes Venter is op 82 jaar die oudste Hy bied gratis lidmaatskap aan vir enige lid van die spinning-groep by JJS Connection iemand wat wil aansluit, mits jy ouer is as

oom Hannes Venter. ’n Goeie mediese geskiedenis word aangevra en almal se bloeddrukke word geneem voor elke sessie. Sport-Hartmonitors word gebruik vir nuwe kliënte of kliënte met ’n kardiovaskulêrerisiko. Cobie Steinberg en Roelf du Toit is die twee spin-instrukteurs wat die groepie lei na fikser hoogtes. Daar is nog plek vir ongeveer vier persone wat wil aansluit by die gewilde

sportgroepie. Die enigste voorwaarde is dat jy ’n lid is van die Lydenburg Dienssentrum. Lede van die groepe betaal die maandelikse verlaagde gimnasium-tarief (dankie Jurie). Vir enige belangstellendes kontak me. Hantie B e z u i d e n h o u t b y d i e Ly d e n b u r g Dienssentrum, tel. 013 235 3875.

Old Swimming Pool Centre, Potgieter Str, Lydenburg 013 235 1539

Join October 2011 and only pay ½ the joining fees Van links na regs (agter): Derick Wilson, Kitty van der Wal, Hantie Bezuidenhout, Hannes Venter, Bets Jacobs; (voor): Cobie Steinberg (instrukteur) Marie Wilson ,Koi van der Wal; (heel voor): Elsa Bester

and get extra 3 months on us when signing a 12 month contract!

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29 September 2011

Events • Gebeure • Events

Fabulous Food and Fine Wine Fair vind plaas ten bate van Cansa op die volgende datums en op die volgende manier: W a n n e e r : O p s i e 1 : Die 4 gang maaltyd met gasspreker Claude Moller op Vrydag 30 September 2011 om 7nm by die Watervalsriviervallei G e l o f t e f e e s t e r r e i n . Donasie vir die ete is R250 en sluit die volgende in: 4 gang maaltyd; Koffie; 'n bottel wyn per tafel; Gasspreker; Uitkamp geleentheid vanaf die aand tot Sondag oggend; Toegang tot die wyn en kosproe fees die volgende dag. Braai by die boma die Saterdag-aand (ons voorsien pap en sous, bring net vleis en eie drinkgoed). Saterdag 1 Oktober 2011 Opsie 2: Donasie R100 - toegang tot die wynproe en kosstalletjies op Saterdag 1 Oktober 2011 vanaf 10-30 die oggend. Tot tien verskillende wynhuise kan wyne laat proe, kosstalletjies insluitend Forel demonstrasie, kaas "samples" (van Tonteldoos) Indiese geregte, koek, beskuit, lekkergoed ens. ens. Onthou om kampstoele te bring vir onder die bome sit en piekniek hou. Gedurende die dag gaan daar verskeie kosmaak demonstrasies wees. Claude Moller, Jan Neethling, Willem Montgomery en Mike Fincham gaan demonstreer hoe om lekker en anders te kan kook. Deel van Opsie 2: Kinders onder 18 - Donasie R20 - GEEN TOEGANG TOT DIE WYNPROE IN DIE SAAL NIE. Reuse water-opklim-engly baan asook kleiner water glybaan. Onthou swembroeke, handdoeke en sonskerm! Hotdogs, bunny chows, vetkoeke ensovoort te koop vir eet op

Saterdag GEEN COOLER-BOXES toegelaat op terrein nie. Musiek word verskaf deur Wouter van Rensburg. Onthou, hierdie funksie is ten bate van Cansa. Ons ken almal iemand wat 'n stryd stry of gestry het teen hierdie verwoestende siekte. Net hier onder in ons straat is daar Gert Stoltz, Tannie Bets Language, Wiesa Wheele, Isobel Naude, beide tannie Toks en oom Bern de Kock is dood aan kanker ..... die lys hou aan. Deur die dag saam met ons te kom geniet, maak jy 'n bydrae tot die navorsing wat verbeterde behandeling tot gevolg kan hê.

Gig by two leading artists THE SAMA nominated Blues artist, Gerald Clark, will perform at The Cowshed. Gerald is from the Delta Blue fame and will perform with fellow musician, Stefan Dixon. The gig will be at The Cowshed on 22 October.

Enige iemand wat 'n kosstalletjie wil bedryf met interessante kosse, doen asseblief aansoek by Stalletjies kos R200 (waarvan R100 reguit na Cansa gaan, en die ander R100 vir kostes). Kontak my gerus vir enige navrae. Elize 082 416 1420 of per e-pos

Gerald Clark

Plan your dates and events and we will ad vertise it free of charg community diary. The diary of the Highlands e Panorama News has alw in our comprehensive datab ays been a ase for everything tha t happens in this are highlandspanorama@ a. Email, or michell, info to 013 235 3076 or fax the event write it down on a pie ce of paper and hand offices. Remember the it in at our golden rule of where , when, what and wh Include all the relevant o applies. information and a conta ct person. ~ Thank you Michelle Boshoff, editor. Beplan jul datums en funksies. Ons sal dit gratis in die gemeenska adverteer. Die dagboe psdagboek k van die Highlands Panorama Nuus was volledige databasis van nog altyd ’n alles wat in die gemeen skap gebeur. Epos of faks die fun ksies se inligting na highlandspanorama @y michelleboshoff@yah, of faks na 013 235 3076. Dit kan ook papier geskryf word en op ’n stukkie by ons kantore ingehan dig word. Onthou die go van toepassing... wie, wat, waar en wanneer ue reël is . Verskaf asseblief al inligting en ’n kontakp die relevante ersoon. ~ Baie dankie Mi chelle Boshoff, redakteu r.

Gerald’s acoustic Afrikaans album 'Sweepslag' ('Whiplash') was nominated as the best Afrikaans Alternative Music Album at the 2009 SAMA (South African Musicians and Artists) awards. Stefan Dixon’s is also a well known singer-songwriter and has played at a lot of big festivals in Cape Town as well as in Mozambique, a t t h e S T R A B f e s t i v a l . The show kicks off at `8.00 for 18.30pm on Saturday, 22 October. Tickets cost R150 per person. This includes a light meal, prepared by local chef, Gretel van Rooyen, formerly a lecturer at the Zevenwacht Chef’s School in the Cape. Tickets can be purchased at Lydenburg Pharmacy in Kantoor Street. A cash bar will be available. For more information, call Gretel on 082 888 5374, or Ann on 082 453 5998.For more information on Gerald, visit his website: w w w . g e r a l d c l a r k . c o . z a For directions to The Cowshed, visit our website: w w w . t h e c o w s h e d . c o . z a

Stefan Dixon

Charity Golf Day 8 October DL Makelaars Charity Golf Day 8 October 2011 - In aid of Duncia Childrens Home and Wenakker. The options for the golf day are as follows: • Sponsorship of a tee or green: Tee R500, Green R1000, may advertise on the golf course at the tee or green of your choice. Course regulations apply (1st come - first served) • Enter a fourball for R500 (dinner included): Enjoy the day with us. • Enter as an individual for R150: you will be allocated a fourball. • Donations of prizes and/or cash: All donations will be acknowledged on the day. Your support with this worthy event will be greatly appreciated. For more information contact Mindi on 082 375 4746

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29 September 2011

LAPSAR moet noodgedwonge sluit - help asb.

’n Hupstootjie

Sit-sit so...

Michelle Boshoff Me. Gerda Chester het haar hart en siel in Longtom Animal Protection and Rescue Services gesit. Sy mag weens gesondheidsredes nie meer LAPSAR bedryf nie. Haar hart bloei vir die diere wat sy deur die jare opgepas en die geleentheid tot ’n beter lewe gegee het. Sy is bereid om die besigheid weg te gee aan iemand wat ook die diere sal oppas en versorg. Dit behels om Lydenburg se weggooidiere in te neem, hul mediesebehandeling te reël by die veeartse en hulle baie liefde en aandag te gee. Die persoon moet ook sy eie bakkie hê. Hierdie hokke kan ook as kennels gebruik word vir mense wat op vakansie gaan. Gerda en haar man Andre het

letterlik hul nerwe afgewerk op van LAPSAR ’n sukses gemaak. Hulle het onselfsugtig alles in hul vermoë gedoen om die diere te versorg en nooit ’n wins gemaak hieruit nie. Mense wat kans sien vir so ’n liefdadigheidsbesigheid kan Gerda skakel by 082 041 6165. LAPSAR is nie deel van die DBV nie is ’n privaatinstansie.

Free hearing tests Hearing Being able to hear sounds is very important to human beings. It enables us to communicate with each other and makes us feel as part of a group. Being able to hear well allows us to receive information, both from other people and from our surroundings. Sounds can be pleasurable - the sound of nature or music, or noisy sounds that are too loud or too uncomfortable.

Verf die dorp rooi

Lekker Kermis Soos net Rusoord kan

The challenge of handling a hearing loss Getting used to life with a hearing loss is challenging to most hearing aid users, both mentally and physically. It can be difficult to accept the fact that you are more or less dependent upon one or two hearing aids and that your hearing loss is permanent. Hearing aid users also often feel that just telling other people about their needs and what others can do to help can be challenging. However, there are many ways of facing the challenges of having a hearing loss positively. Contact Advantage Hearing Aids for their Spring Special. Get a free hearing test on Thursday 6 October. Call 0861 102 207.

Die Lydenburg Rusoord vir Bejaardes en Woonstelle se feesnaweek het Vrydag afgeskop met ’n optog deur Lydenburg. Ossewaens, sleepwaens, Doves se limousines, Sterkspruit Natuurreservaat se brandweertrok en ander voertuie is ingespan tot groot vermaak van almal in die strate. Saterdagoggend het almal Kermis gehou soos net Lydenburgers kan. Daar is behoorlik gekuier, geëet en geniet. ~ Michelle Boshoff

Mining & Industrial

29 September 2011


MSA Africa sponsors international award in recognition of excellence in mining safety


SA, leading manufacturer of sophisticated safety equipment and locally represented by MSA Africa, is proud to be the official sponsor of the prestigious John T. Ryan Safety Award, recognising outstanding safety practices in the mining industry.This year saw the award presented in South Africa for the first time. “This award pays tribute to mines that are dedicated to turning a passion for safety into success,” says Hayley Arnesen, Customer Focus Programs and Loyalty Director, MSA Africa. The John T. Ryan award was presented at the prestigious annual MineSAFE Awards, held on 19 August. A joint venture between the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM), the Association of Mine Managers South Africa (AMMSA) and the South African Colliery Managers Association (SACMA), and with valued input from the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR), the Chamber of Mines, the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and the United Association of South Africa Unions, the event provided an opportunity for several mines to share and learn new ways of improving safety within the industry.

“This annual conference is designed to help bring South African mines to the goal of 'Zero Harm',” says Arnesen. A newly established South African John T. Ryan committee, consisting of representatives from AMMSA, SACMA, SAIMM, and the Chamber of Mines, was tasked with determining which South African mine had the lowest total injury frequency rate (TIFR) during 2010. The award was presented to Modikwa Platinum Mine, a joint venture between African Rainbow Minerals and Anglo Platinum. Although there was only one overall winner in 2011, in future a winner will be selected for each of the four different categories: Platinum, Gold, Coal and Diamond & Base Metals. Each of the category winners will receive a plague with the overall winner collecting the bronze floating trophy. The trophy, depicting a miner coming home to his family at the end of his shift, symbolises the importance of every life. This idea is best put in the words of French Inspector General of Mines, Fredric Le Play (1806-1882): “The most important thing to come out of a mine is the miner.” The trophy was named after John Thomas Ryan, a mine rescue worker in the USA coal mines in the early 1900s. Ryan and George Deike, a fellow rescue worker, identified

the lethal combination of methane gasses and open flame cap lamps as one of the main reasons for the high fatality rates in the mines at that time. Working with Thomas Edison, the partners developed and launched the first incandescent cap lamp that has become the forerunner of the electric cap lamp that is still used today. The launch of this product saw the birth of MSA in 1914. MSA subsequently became involved in the development of self-breathing apparatus used by soldiers in World War 1. Following the War, John Ryan spread his safety message to other industries, such as steel and chemicals; and MSA grew and expanded into Canada. In order to promote safe mining production, MSA Canada offered to donate a prestigious trophy to recognise notable achievements in safety practices. This trophy was accepted by the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and they launched the John T. Ryan National Safety Trophies in 1941. The success of this programme has seen it being exported to various countries including Chile, Peru, and now South Africa.

Photo on page 10


Mining & Industrial

29 September 2011

Article on page 9

/ 082 300 5301

Back row: left to right: Mr Alan Peers, Lydia Maupa, Dinah Kale, Vusi Mpafe, Dirk Fousche, Silence Matsepane, Hendrick Steyn; (front): Dr James Lidderd, Mr George Vengelsamy and Johannes Mametja

4U BURGERSFORT LYDENBURG Shop 30, Morone Centre 76 Viljoen Street T: 013 231 7758 T: 013 235 1486/96 F: 013 231 8009 F: 013 235 2702 E:



Official Agent


29 September 2011

Mining & Industrial


From left to right (back): Sam Zikilala, Ezequel Sigauque and Lenord Hlatshawyo; (front): Mandla Kunene, Attie Nhanombe, Rudi van den Berg, Robinson Lushaba, Micheal Sebeble and Simon Malivhoho.

Safety Performance of Babohlale Mining at Dilokong Chrome Mine


abohlale has worked two months in a row without a Disabling Injury. During the last eight months they have worked four months without a single DI. This is an exceptional achievement, taking their difficult ground conditions into consideration. The Manager, Mr Johann Kotzè, the Mine Overseers, Mr Rudi van den Berg and Mr Leonard Hlatswayo, together with their whole team maintain their zero tolerance towards sub standard safety standards. Frequent safety meetings are being held to discuss safety issues, and to increase safety performance. The ASA Metals / Dilokong Chrome Mine Management Team would like to congratulate Babohlale for their dedication towards the safety of their employees.

Tel: 013 235 3082 / 013 235 3596 Fax: 086 699 8237 Chroomstr 1, Lydenburg Email:

Any product you need please phone: Tel: 013 661 1672 Faks: 013 661 1572 E-mail:


De Goede provides business advice, all under one roof EXCITING NEW PRICES! De Goede Finance Universe celebrated its 22nd Anniversary on 1st of September 2011. Our Universe specializes in the following services under one roof: Formation of Closed Corporations, Corporate & Employed Benefits, Bookkeepers, Estate Planning, Tax Consultants, Financial Planning, IT Solutions & Sales, Formation of Trusts, Short term & Life Insurance, Temporary Employment Services Providers, Labour Law & Human Resource Practitioners. We are an accredited Pastel Accounting & Payroll Training Centre. We are also a registered dealer for software and stationary. 013 752-8121/ 013 752-7658

Contact: Sonica or Miliza at: Tel: 013 752 8121 Cel: 083 604 2635 / 072 381 3543 Email:

VENUES FOR PASTEL TRAINING: Lydenburg: Payroll: 3 - 7 October 2011 SARS e@syfile Workshop: 8 October 2011 NOW: R699 Special on Pastel Xpress NOW: R3 999 Pastel Payroll: All 5 Modules NOW: R7 495




Mining & Industrial

29 September 2011

Samancor Eastern Chrome Mines(ECM) is proud to support local schools REALISING the importance of foundation training, ECM has this year supported the Khenzani Program at Makgekantshe Primary, Mangabane Primary, Mapuru II and Kgoboko Primary. The Program is aimed at foundation training for Grade R and Grade 1 students. It covers motor skills, numeracy and literacy skills. Lenkse Buglass, one of the Khenzani Trainers says that the most important outcome of the program is that it improves children's ability to converse, which in turn develops their confidence. Principal Rebecca Sekgobela says the program has been a huge success and a great blessing to every child involved. The children's appetite for leaning has been ignited. Khenzani uses fun techniques to teach the children. Consequently they are having so much fun without realising they are learning in the process. During 2008, Rebecca also approached ECM with a request for an Administration Block. At that stage the school only had classrooms, and no administration facilities. Samancor approved the request, and the construction of the administration block started at the end of last year. The building is now in its final stages of construction.

Only Valid on Mondays

Only Valid on Saturdays From 15:00 - 20:00



Saucy Square + a Regular Soda

TRY OUR NEW SAUCY SQUARE BURGER! 100% Beef Patty, Tomato, Lettuce, a slice of Cheese and a tangy Mayo sauce. Served with Chips and a Regular Soda.

Maxi’s Lydenburg 013 235 1692

Both meals for sit-downs only!


500g T-Bone, chips & country Vegetables or a glass of wine



Mining & Industrial

29 September 2011

Winners of the HIV / Aids Calendar Competition ASA Metals hosted an Art Competition with the aim of developing an HIV/AIDS Calendar for 2011. The competition was approved by the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Herman Smith during 2010, with both company employees and scholars of the surrounding schools participating. On Friday 2 September 2011, ASA Metals representatives Ms. Emsie Henderson (HR Manager), Mr. Riaan van der Westhuizen (SHEQ Manager), Melga Madihlaba (HR Officer – Smelter) and Lazarus Mlisane (NUM Full Time Shop Steward) visited Maputle Secondary School for the handover of prizes to the winning scholars. Congratulations to Raymond Mabilu who received R500.00, and the school a further R1000.00. The handover of the prizes went well and proved that this HIV / AIDS Calendar Competition was a huge success. ASA Metals believe that the importance of this competition helped to create awareness of HIV / AIDS, and made a difference in the way people approach HIV / AIDS awareness. They kindly thank all who took part and for making this competition possible. Winners of the HIV / AIDS Calendar Competition: Raymond Mabilu (left) with Mr Chaba (Principle of Maputle Secondary School) with the R1000 prize money.



Mining & Industrail

29 September 2011

Driving Skills for Life MCGEE & Co Lydenburg, in conjunction with the Ford Motor Company held a “Driving Skills for Life” course on 21 September, for a group of local ladies. The idea behind the course is “smart driving, protecting lives, saving fuel”. Driving Skills for Life was established in the United States in 2003 by the not-for-profit Ford Motor Company Fund, the US Governors Highway Safety Association and a panel of safety experts to teach newly licensed drivers the necessary skills for safe driving beyond what is learned in standard education programs. More people die on the worlds roads every year than by any other cause. between 2000 and 2015, the World Health Organisation predicts that road accidents will cause approximately 20 million deaths and leave more than 1 billion people injured, bereaved, or left to care for a road accident victim - most of these in the developing world. Yet despite these alarming statistics, awareness of the recurring tragedy of death and injury by traffic accident remains

inappropriately low. Here are 10 tips from the course:• Use safety belts all the time, • adjust rear and side view mirrors for clear sight • drive relaxed; anticipate situations • avoid distractions like talking on the phone • maintain a safe following distance between vehicles using the 3 second rule • change gears = drive at low engine speeds (rpm , the ideal range is 1,500 - 2,500 rpm to reduce fuel consumption • use the vehicles momentum and built-up energy and roll with the traffic when approaching red traffic lights, before changing direction ... • switch of the engine if you expect to stop and idle for more than 20 seconds, it is economical to switch off a warm engine • check tyre pressure regularly and adjust it appropriately, this saves fuel and increases safety • remove weight and unused racks, additional weight of only 20 kg increases fuel consumption by approximately 1%. Thanks to McGee & Co for the event, it was very informative and a lot of fun was had by all.

Tel: 013 235 8910

Samancor Eastern Chrome Mines Laboratory

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Samancor Eastern Chrome Mines built and commissioned their own laboratory in 2009. The laboratory plays a key role in ensuring that product quality is on specification. In May this year, the lab received an assessment by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS). SANAS is an independent body capable of assessing organisations for compliance to the relevant international/national standards and verifying their appropriate competence for tasks per their scope of activities. SANAS accreditation benefits accredited organisations through an impartial assessment by experts on their performance. After a process of six months, the ECM lab received their accreditation on 27 July 2011.This independent assessment and recognition of an organisations' competence allows the accredited organisations tests, inspection reports and certificates to be recognised as equivalent to organisations in other countries accredited by their National Accreditation Bodies with which SANAS has concluded a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA). Laboratory accreditation is highly regarded both nationally and internationally as a reliable indicator of technical competence. Many customers prefer suppliers which can provide analysis from an accredited laboratory. SHEQ Manager Frank Cotton said :"ECM is very proud to have a laboratory of such high quality. Every member of the team is an asset!".


29 September 2011

We buy & sell new or used vehicles for CASH

(Top prices paid) 083 778 6430/ 083 778 6499


Motoring Editor / Motor Redakteur: Andre Coetzee 083 626 6305

New Lexus IS 350 will come to SA LAUNCHED in 2006, Lexus' answer to the BMW 3-Series has always been stymied by its lack of model choices. It really isn't a bad car in its own right, but until now it's only ever offered the choice of a middle-of-the-road IS 250 and the M3 rivalling, IS-F V10. Perhaps the most logical addition to the range would have been the turbodiesel model available in Europe, but Lexus insists that our diesel quality never made this possible. However, Lexus is about the expand the range with another highperformance petrol model, the IS 350, which will effectively bridge the gap between the two existing models and give Lexus a rival to the more powerful Germans. The IS 350 will make its South African debut at the Johannesburg International Motor Show (JIMS) next week and though we'll have to wait until then to reveal its pricing and final specs, we can tell you that it is a more powerful alternative to the likes of BMW's 335i and Merc's C350. The new Lexus is powered by a 3456cc direct injection V6 engine, which pelts out 233kW at 6400rpm and 378Nm at 4800rpm and can, according to claims, screech from 0-100km/h in just 5.6

seconds. Power is channelled through the rear wheels via a sixspeed automatic transmission, with a manual mode linked to steering wheel paddles. Lexus SA says we can expect its usual generous array of comfort features, which would cost more on German rivals, to be standard on the IS 350. These include navigation with voice command, reverse camera and the Lexus Premium Sound System among other novelties. Passive safety kit comprises eight airbags, including knee bags for the driver and front passenger. IOL mot sep26 lexusis re

Come and view the New Volkswagen Jetta today

From R222 000 Range:

Standard Features

1.2 TSI Trendline 1.4 TSI Trendline 1.4 TSI Comfortline 1.6 TDI Comfortline 1.4 TSI Highline 2.0 TDI Highline

6 Speed Manual Multifunction Computer Electronic Stability (ESP & EDL) ABS Aircon Airbags

New 2.5D-4D Xtra



29 September 2011

Kia SA to rival Germans with Optima THE last time Kia dared to brave the D-segment market, well let's not go there. Yet judging by the quantity of those tearfully dull Magentis sedans we've seen on the roads, we'd be surprised if they sold four or five. Why not once bitten, twice shy then? You see, the all-new Optima appears to be a very different beast, one with bolder looks and modern technology. Given the overall credibility of Kia's recent offerings, in fact, we wouldn't be surprised if this new offering gives rivals like the Accord, Mazda6 and Sonata quite a scare. Interestingly though, it seems Kia has even bigger ambitions than the Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata and Mazda6 as KIA SA marketing manager David Sieff puts it: The Optima will challenge German brands currently dominating this segment, and provide consumers with an alternative, when shopping for a luxurious mid size sedan” The new Optima will make its local debut at the Johannesburg Motor Show next week, although final specifications are only set to be announced when the car is actually launched here early next year. The car was penned at Kia's European design studio in Europe, to “draw the attention of the eye in the same fashion as a perfectly-tailored Italian suit,” in the words of chief designer Peter Schreyer. It's certainly bold by Kia standards, even if there is a bit of Saab influence apparent in those rear doors. On the mechanical front, the Optima should ensure a decent ride via multi-link rear suspension and its modern range of engines aim to offer a good balance between performance and economy. Though the local engine range has yet to be announced, overseas versions offer

the choice between a 147kW 2.4-litre direct injection, naturally aspirated unit and a 204kW 2-litre turbo - both engines being petrol units and delivering power to the front wheels. Expect the local version to be well kitted and judging by overseas offerings, it could offer novelties like a panoramic roof, infotainment system with rear-view camera and heated and cooled leather seats.

IOL mot sep26 kia optima re

Longtom Nissan Group Voortrekker str, Lydenburg

• Lydenburg • Ermelo • Standerton

Time is running out on this Special offer! Offer valid from 7 July - 7 October 2011. T&C Apply. E&OE WE SERVICE ANY VEHICLE OUT OF WARRANTY TOO!



BUY more than Do a SERVICE R2 000 above R2 000 and stand a worth of parts chance to WIN a and receive 5% DISCOUNT FREE SERVICE! Herman van Huyssteen: 082 356 5087

New tyre inflator full of hot air There are few things more frustrating than untying that bulky aerosol tyre inflater that's been cluttering up your favourite beetlecrusher for years - only to find that it's lost its puff and you're still stuck in the middle of nowhere with a puncture. Now the makers of Slime, a non-aerosol tyre sealant, have come up with a more expensive, but possibly more effective solution - and it's not only for off-roaders, but for anybody who rides beyond the street lights. The Slime Power Sport tyre inflater is a versatile, (very) compact 12volt compressor, that comes complete with a variety of interchangeable clips and connectors so it can be powered by almost any 12V source. (Tip from bitter experience: if your bike or quad has a small battery,

From: R379 900 5 Year / 150 000km manufacture’s Warranty & Roadside Assistance. 5 Year / 90 000km Service Plan


Santa Fe

5 Year / 150 000km manufacture’s Warranty & Roadside Assistance. 5 Year / 90 000km Service Plan

5 Year / 150 000km manufacture’s Warranty & Roadside Assistance. 5 Year / 90 000km Service Plan

From: R279 900

From: R399 900

New Thinking. New Possibilities. HYUNDAI LYDENBURG VILJOEN STREET, TEL: 082 329 0795 / 013 235 2141 / 013 235 4745 / 013 235 4802 Johan Lubbe: 082 908 9113

keep the engine running while you're using it!) The whole kit 'n caboodle (except for the 500ml bottle of tyre sealant) fits into a rugged carrying case that measures 15 x 15 x 6cm and the distributors say it'll puff up to 20 bar - more than enough to re-inflate a car, bakkie, quad or motorcycle tyre. But most important: it's not a oneshot solution like an aerosol. It can be used again if the tyre goes flat before you get home. Recommended retail is R445 (plus R138 for the tyre sealant, which isn't included) at your AMP dealer.


29 September 2011


Mini reveals its new Coupe IT all started with the reborn Cooper back in 2001. Now it's 2011 and Mini's fifth model derivative is supposed to compete with the likes of Peugeot's RCZ and VW's Scirocco. The proliferation of BMW’s British brand sees Mini add a fifth line to its product offering, promising to be the most dynamically engaging Mini road car yet. Mini’s Coupe is due to go on sale in South Africa during the fourth quarter of 2011 alongside its Cooper, Convertible, Clubman and Countryman siblings. Although it has been a long development period – the concept was shown at the 2009 Frankfurt auto show – Mini’s stylists have managed to craft a neat two-door coupe likeness from the brand’s hatchback heritage, although the wrap-around glasshouse will appear odd to some. Anders Warming, Mini’s design and styling chief, has raked the Coupe’s windscreen by an additional 13-degrees compared to its Cooper range sibling. The coupe is between 30 and 35mm lower and 15 to 20mm more substantial bumper-to-bumper than the Cooper hatchback, with Cooper S and John Cooper Works coupe models being 5mm longer and lower than the standard coupe. Crucially, all Mini Coupe models will ride 29mm lower than their hatchback siblings, clearly signaling BMW’s dynamic intent with its latest development of the British compact-car brand icon. Despite the reduced ride height, Coupe is 25kg heavier than a comparable Cooper due to additional structural stringing to improve torsional rigidity. An interesting styling add-on (befitting its headline dynamic billing within the Mini range) is an active rear spoiler which deploys from the boot lid at more than 80km/h, harnessing downforce to stabilise the rear kinematics. Mini will offer the coupe in three trim levels (Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper Works) with a choice of four engines - three petrol engines (two turbocharged) and a single turbodiesel. Entry-level power will be courtesy of a 1.6-litre petrol unit producing 90kW/160Nm thanks to BMW’s valvetronic technology. Mini’s baseline coupe will be good for 0-100km/h in nine seconds and is claimed to consume only 5.4 litres/100km. The Mini’s Cooper S Coupe adds turbocharging to the 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine, boosting outputs to 135kW/260Nm. Performance is (unsurprisingly) keen, with 0-100km/h in only 6.9 seconds and a top speed of 230km/h. Amazingly, despite its rampant performance, the coupe Cooper S is claimed to only consume 0.4 litres/100km more than the normal 1.6...John Cooper Works (JCW) badging denotes, as one would expect, the coupe range’s performance benchmark. With power boosted to 155kW (and 280Nm) thanks to refinement of the 1.6-litre engine’s twin-scroll turbo and gas-exchange routing, Mini’s JCW coupe is sure to scare TT (Scirocco) owners with its ability to complete the benchmark 0-100km/h sprint in only 6.4 seconds before powering on to 240km/h. Coupe JCW’s brakes are harmonised with the performance at hand, with generously large 316mm rotors rolling behind the front 17-inch alloys and 280mm discs at the rear. Industry analysts will question the wisdom of BMW's attempt to squeeze too much brand equity from the Mini brand with derivatives such as the coupe, yet with the Bavarian auto giant seeking more sales activity in lower segments of the premium market (where VW has the Scirocco), the 'Werke's logic is understandable. The question remains though: will South African's warm to the idea of a Mini sans its rear seats?

Special on Services & Parts! Trademark of the Ford Motor Company.

Volledige diens op Ford Bantam of Ikon (1996-2006)

Slegs by Mcgee werkswinkel

Geldig 1-30 September2011

McGee &

Kie/ Co

Cnr. Voortrekker & Viljoen Strs, Lydenburg 013 235 2371 FSP 10677


Hino Lydenburg

2010 Low km for only R149 900 Picture for illustration purpose only

• Hercules Coetzee: 082 225 8090 • Henry Moyo 083 237 5171 • Adelene le Roux: 076 416 8644 • Shakes Shabalala: 073 933 8715

• Lydenburg • Ermelo • Standerton

Longtom Nissan Group Voortrekker str, Lydenburg

013 235 1780

An Authorized Financial Service Provider



29 September 2011

Huis van die week House of the Week Tel: 013 235 3512, Fax: 013 235 1642 / l

Lydenburg Office, The Heads Centre, Shop 29 de

Dis ons 2 Verjaarsdag op Saterdag, 1 Oktober 2011

Lieflike Leefhuis

Kom kuier saam vanaf vroegoggend tot laat.

Hierdie drie slaapkamer, twee badkamer huis bied jou alles en nog meer. Kantoorspasie sowel as ’n woonstel met sy eie badkamer. Kontak vandag nog vir Sonia: 082 590 0905. ERA Lydenburg.

Nuwe Toyota voertuie op uitstalling. Bring die kinders saam, Springkasteel en inkleurpret. Moenie ons pretdag misloop nie! Tel: (013) 235 2005

Tel/ Faks: 013 235 2622 / Eleen Nel: 082 896 3908 Dries: 082 462 7723 / Buhrmanstr 32, Lydenburg BESOEK ONS KANTORE VIR DIE BESTE DIENS EN ADVIES.

TE KOOP: Heleen 082 492 8412

Mariëtta 082 213 0380


013 235 1986 Bemarking en verhuring van eiendomme. Besoek ons webwerf vir inligting oor al ons eiendomme.


VIR ALLE EIENDOMSBEHOEFTES TE KOOP, VERKOOP OF VERHURINGS Verkope: Werner: 082 776 9347 Minnaar: 082 775 6370 Verhurings - Ina: 082 775 6369 013 235 4890 E-pos:

• 1x 2 Slk. W/stel met ruim sit/eetk, badk, mot. Sekuriteitskompleks - R565, 000 en 1 x 2 slk - R690, 000

R1 320 000 NEW, Wonderful and Ideal for a family. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, open plan living area and kitchen. Double Garage, Domestic Toilet, Stand just the right size to maintain. Fully Fenced. Tiled Roof. Upmarket Area! Phone Sonia: 082 590 0905

• 3 Slk outydse huis met houtvloere, staalplafonne, ruim sitk/eetk/tv. Komb/wask, badk, mot, netjiese erf met besproeïng, oral lugversorgings R995, 000 • 3 Slk. Meenthuise met ruim oopplan sit/eetk/komb. Aparte opwas/wask, 2 mot, tuintjie sekuriteitskompleks, BTW en oordragskoste ingesl. R920, 000

Ronel Breedt 083 262 2110

Wilma Viljoen Verhurings Agent 082 921 9991

R840 000 Family home in the peaceful town of Ohrigstad.3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Aircon in Living and diningroom. Kitchen with scullery. Double Garage with Domestic quarters. Big stand ± 1500m2

• 3 Slk siersteenwoning, 2 badk, ruim, sit/eetk, komb/opwas, wask, 2 mot, omhein, goeie area, naby skole - R1, 350 milj. • 50 Ha onontwikkelde grond met slegs boorgat ± 20 km - Badfonteinpad. Mooi uitsig. R700, 000


Sonia Jooste Verkoops Agent 082 590 0905


Phone Ronel: 083 262 2110

More than 3500 offices in 36 countries and in excess of 40 000 sales associates worldwide

Properties/ Eiendomme

29 September 2011


Bosfontein school kids visit Moholoholo 130 under-privileged children from Bosfontein Primary School were given the chance to visit the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre last week. This trip was organised by Carol Fox of PAW Conservation Trust to help these children better understand wildlife conservation and also have a fun day out as well. Carol organised this visit with generous sponsorship from Fraser Alexander and Lydenburg Long Tom SuperSpar, who sponsored 130 packed lunches. To find out more about PAW Conservation Trust – see their website

Kopie van die maand! 3 Slaapkamers, 2 badk. 2 Motorhuise PLUS 1 slaapk. woonstel PLUS 1 slaapk. bachelor’s woonstel.

R1,195 000 ‘n Handelsmerk in die eiendomsmark sedert 1962

Tel: 013 235 4512, 57 Kantoor Street, Lydenburg, Fax: 086 695 5516

Sole and Exclusive Mandate. Residential Development. Situated in Goud Street, Lydenburg. Full title, DRINGEND OPSOEK NA HUURHUISE! three bed, Verkope: Fanie du Toit - 072 317 3959 two bathroom, Verhurings: Christa - 073 987 0718 double automated garage. Only two units available. Priced at R960 000. Save thousands on transfer duty. 100% bonds available (T&C Apply), Phone Fanie du Toit: 072 317 3959/ 013 235 4512.





082 904 8587

R305 000 Pragtige hoek erf in The Heads R890 000 3 slaapkamer huis, 2 badkamers 2 leefareas rustige buurt Verskeie beleggings geleenthede Met inkomstes. Vanaf R3 000 000

R 1 160 000 3 slaapkamer woonhuis, goed geprys In Sterkspruit. 2 badkamers, 2 motorhuise

R 995 000 4 slaapkamer woonhuis, 2.5 badkamers, 2 motorhuise, 4000m2 erf

Te Huur: 170m2 kantoor - R10 800 per maand 3 slaapkamer - R 10 600 per maand

Tel: (013) 235-1102, Faks 0866 941 431,

• Wood Products • Stevensons • Cemcrete • Prominent Paints • O’Grady’s • Dulux • Nova

Formulated for Specific Applications A unique collection of project specific paints • Metallics for Decorating • Frosted Glass for Windows & Mirrors • High Heat for Grills • Appliance Epoxy for Refrigerators

And more!

HUURBESTUUR/RENTALS 013 235 1102 Petro twitter: @deovolprops



29 September 2011

News / Nuus

Dit het die Lydenburg Laerskool bykans R95 000 aan produksiekoste gekos, maar om die 1 200 kinders op die verhoog te kry in asemrowende kostuums was dit die moeite werd. Die konsert het verstom van musiek tot kostuums en die kinders verdien ‘n groot partytjie vir al hulle harde werk. Om nie eens van die onderwysers en ouers wat ure ingesit het, te praat nie. Dit was definitief die konsert van die jaar. - Michelle Boshoff

Die konsert van die jaar deur Lydenburg Laerskool. Foto’s Michelle Boshoff

Nuus/ News

29 September 2011

Ms Barbara Turpin (left) playing violin, Mrs Inge Chester-Browne, Charlene Coetzee and Hestia Brink.

Klopkloppie Kleuterskool se Oupa-en-Oumadag was weereens ’n groot sukses met die kleuters wat hul familie vermaak het. Hulle was tog te oulik met hul musiekvernuf. Van die personeel het aangetrek vir Erfenisdag en was baie kleurvol. ~ Michelle Boshoff

Herma Swanepoel with a gorgeous corsage.


Some of the sponsors and organisers Mrs Ann Wilson, The Cowshed, Toos Dijkzeul and Philippa Huchzermeyer.

The Dinaledi String Project has become close and dear to the hearts of people in Lydenburg. Several ladies supported this project last Wednesday. “We are not yet an orchestra but a project, and one of these days we will be able to have a concert without anyone cringing at the sound. The children are extremely gifted and practice hard,” said the organiser Toos Dijkzeul. Thank you to Mrs Philippa Huchzermeyer who hosted the event at her house, The Bistro, Isabel Dickson, Kenchington’s, The Cow Shed and other people that made this garden party an event to remember. ~ Michelle Boshoff

Mrs Helberg showing off the rose on her wrist.

MUNICIPALITY OF THABA CHWEU PUBLIC NOTICE CALLING FOR INSPECTION OF THE SUPPLEMENTARY VALUATION ROLL FOR 2010/2011 Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 49(1) of the Local Government Municipal Property Rates Act, 2004 hereinafter referred to as the “Act” that the Supplementary Valuation Roll for the financial year 2010/2011 in terms of Section 78 of the Act is open for public inspection at the undermentioned offices of the Thaba Chweu Municipality, during normal office hours (08:00 to 16:00) for a period of 30 days starting from 27 September 2011 until 28 October 2011. MASHISHING (LYDENBURG) ADMINISTRATIVE UNIT Civic Centre Sentraal Street LYDENBURG 1120

Lydenburg / Steelpoort / Witbank / Middelburg / Balfour / Northern Cape SABIE ADMINISTRATIVE UNIT Civic Centre 8th Avenue SABIE 1260


An invitation is hereby made in terms of Section 50(1) of the Act that any owner of property (indicated below) or other person who so desires may lodge an objection on the official prescribed application form which is obtainable at the under-mentioned offices of the Thaba Chweu Offices, in respect of any matter reflected in, or omitted from the valuation roll 2010/2011 within the above-mentioned period. MASHISHING (LYDENBURG) ADMINISTRATIVE UNIT Civic Centre Sentraal Street LYDENBURG 1120 Contact: Mr.C.S. van Eck

SABIE ADMINISTRATIVE UNIT Civic Centre 8th Avenue SABIE 1260 Contact: Mr. S.S. Selekane

GRASKOP ADMINISTRATIVE UNIT Civic Centre Hoof Street GRASKOP 1270 Contact: Mr. K.G. Mashego

Attention is specifically drawn to the fact that in terms of Section 50(2) of the Act an objection must be in relation to a specific individual property and not against the valuation roll as such. The completed and signed forms must be returned to the above-mentioned addresses on or before 28 October 2011. Supplementary Valuation Roll 2010/2011 affects the following properties i.e.: 1. Subdivided or consolidated properties. 2. Improved properties e.g. newly constructed houses/ buildings. P O Box 61 LYDENBURG 1120 Notice No. 26/2011

Qualified Artisans required


DIESEL MECHANIC - EARTH MOVING (Open Cast Mining - Witbank / Middelburg / Northern Cape) Qualification requirements: • Grade 12 / N3 • Valid Diesel Mechanic / Earthmoving equipment Mechanic Trade Test Experience Required: • Basic knowledge of mining industry • Experience on Hydraulic Fault finding • 5 years experience in repairing Earthmoving Equipment and components such as excavators, dozers, graders, dump trucks etc. • Experience on Hitachi or Komatsu equipment would be advantageous. FITTER (Lydenburg / Steelpoort) Qualification Requirements: • Grade 12 / N3 • Valid Trade Test Fitter • 5 years post qualification experience Experience Required: • 2 years underground experience • Experience on Conveyor belt maintenance and construction ELECTRICIAN (Lydenburg / Steelpoort) Qualification Requirements: • Grade 12 / N3 • Valid Electrician Trade Test • HT Course Experience Required: • 2 years underground experience • Experience on rig boxes, cables, gullies & conveyor belt maintenance and construction. BOILERMAKER (Lydenburg / Steelpoort) Qualification Requirements: • Grade 12 / N3 • Valid Boilermaker Trade Test • 5 years post qualification experience Experience Required: • 2 years underground experience • Experience on pumps, back plates on tips and conveyor belt maintenance and construction. RIGGER SUPERVISOR (Secunda) Qualification Requirements: • Grade 12 / N3 • Valid Rigger Trade Test (Section 13) Experience Required: • 10 years post qualification experience • 2 years Plant construction (Piping, Pressure Vessels etc) experience

Top Rates Offered Employment subject to Medical Fitness Certificate passed and Trade Test Certificate verification

Forward your CV including a copy of your ID and Trade Test to Fax: 086 643 4661 or email:


29 September 2011


S4 SLIMMING Tablets 076 677 6002

SALON HAIR & K W A G G A IETSIE NICE VERVOER. Vir enige LINGERIE 074 887 vervoerwerk, 4 ton 6950 trok. Kontak Nico: 082 563 4592, Charlotte: B E A U T Y B O X 072 865 6424. sonbed 013 235 4986 A1 DROOGSKOONMAKERS & wassery. 013 235 3976. A1 LOCK & KEY. Centurion gate motors & remotes & security - 013 235 3976. AK JEWELS - 013 235 1075 R O N I Q U E UPHOLSTERERS whether old/new - we make a difference 013 235 1109

SLENDER YOU firming and toning beds. Amazing inch reduction. Carmen 082 378 6426 ANNIQUE - Beauty L a F e m m e / Skoonheid Salon Larrisa Thomas 083 291 0372


TREASURE TIME digitale fotografie. SECURE STORAGE Studio, troues en alle AVAILABLE Rezak geleenthede. Willie/ Storage now open. Tania: 082 331 4814/ Dirk 076 660 1389 0 8 2 7 8 6 3 4 5 8 H U U R K O O P za PROBLEME Het jou terugbetaling op jou SKOONMAAK/ voertuig 'n nagmerrie CLEANING geword, of is jou aflos te hoog. Skakel ons gerus vir 'n oplossing. SKOONMAAK VAN 073 830 8637 MATTE, meubels, L A W N P R O - motors en droogsuig weed/pest/disease v a n o o r s t r o o m d e control & landscaping. matte. Martie 082 951 7494 079 519 6061 VICTORS POOLS & LAPAS - Get braai for free! 5mx3m pool and 4mx4m lapa = R28 000. 6mx4m pool and 5mx4m lapa = R32 000. 7mx4m pool and 6mx4m lapa= R35 000. 8mx3m pool and 8mx4m lapa = R40 000. Call Victor 072 266 4198


ALL GARAGE DOORS, Centurion gate motors, electric fencing. Fanie Grobler. Preferred, Accredited Installer. 072 774 4339/ 013 235 4521


CREATIVE NAILS TRAINING 084 860 7714 NAILS, LASHES, Makeup 076 677 6002/ 013 235 4947

SKOONMAAK van matte en meubels. Des 072 446 5394


I.T.@Large - for all pc r e p a i r s & maintenance, updating hardware and software, virus removals, networks, printers , callouts etc. Jacques 071 268 9211 / Pierre 079 881 1932


AT L A S PA N E E L KLOPPERS G e a k k r e d i t e e r. Kontak: 013 235 3423/ 082 454 8382 AUTOHAUSEN SMART-REPAIRS: Minor Body, Paint & Hail Damage. Stone Chips & Polish. Poly Rubberise. Smash & G r a b Ti n t . P a i n t


Protect Film. Neels lieflike tuin, alarms 013 235 2721/ 082 b i n n e e n b u i t e . Loopafstand van 334 3596 Laerskool. Verhuring vanaf 1 Des 2011. MOTORS TE KOOP/ R14 500 p/m. Skakel 079 887 3698 of 082 CARS FOR SALE 907 7076 EK KOOP BYNA ALLE tweedehandse motors, bakkies, combi’s en dubbel cabs vir kontant. Ek is bereid om op te tel. Skakel Unis 082 959 9120/ 072 203 1614


PRAGTIGE 3SLK 2 badk, 1 motorhuis. Groot erf. R8500 p/m vanaf 1 Oktober - 31 Desember. 083 288 6834 3SLK, 2 badk, 1 motorhuis. Groot erf. R7400 p/m. 1 Oktober beskikbaar. 083 288 6834 LOSIES/

LODGING H A M B A N AT H I VEHICLE HIRE- car & van rentals. 013 L O S I E S , LY D E N 235 1780 BURG. 073 555 4840 TE KOOP/ FOR SALE


BEL VIR OUMA vir koeke, terte, beskuite en klein koekis. Marie 083 657 9452

O N S K O O P tweedehandse goedere. Bel my & ek kom sien jou. 076 745 0441



LY D E N B U R G HONDESALON - 072 320 9203. . PETS CORNER - 013 235 2658

CJ’S TRAILER HIRE: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. new trailers avail. 076 775 3245/ 076 775 3255

ROTTWEILERS - 7 pragtige hondjies, VAKANTE g e b o r e 0 4 / 0 9 / 11 , BETREKKINGS/ beskikbaar vanaf VACANCIES 21/10/11. Ingeënt en ontwurm. Ouers u i t s t e k e n d e ONS BENODIG ’n waghonde. R1500. g e k w a l i f i s e e r d e Skakel 083 656 4269 skoonheidsterapeut. Bring volledige CV na Creative Nails, TE HUUR/ Lydenburg. TO LET TA F E L D O E K E Overlays, glase en eetgerei. Skakel Rina: 082 751 0432 EIENDOM TE KOOP/ PROPERTY TO BUY MEENTHUIS: 3 slk, 2 badk, dubbel motorhuis, stoep. R1.4 milj. 082 406 7830

EIENDOM TE HUUR/ PROPERTY TO RENT 3 SLK, 2 BADK, 2 motorhuis met afdak,

KERKE/ CHURCHES •Anglican Church Ly d e n b u r g . S u n . 08:30. Tel. 013 235 1 9 1 9 . • Gereformeerde-kerk Lydenburg. Sondae 09:30. Tel. 013 235 4391. • Hervormdekerk Lydenburg. Son. 09:30 en 18:00. Tel. 013 235 3554 • Methodist Church Lydenburg:Sunday service 08:30, Sunday School 08:30 Tel. 013 235 2936 • N G M o e d e r g e m e e n t e Lydenburg. Sondae 09:30. Tel. 013 235 3101. • NG-kerk

Ly d e n b u r g S u i d . Sondag 09:00. Tel. 013 235 3329. • Volle Evangelie-kerk. S o n d a e : Oggenddiens met kinders 10:00, aanddiens 18:00. Woensdae 19:00 midweekdiens, Jeugdiens Saterdae 18:00. Tel. 013 235 2711/ 084 688 5007. P a s t . A n d r e Hanekom. • El Shaddai Gemeente Evangelie van Christus Netwerk. R e n s b u r g s t r. 4 1 , Ly d e n b u r g . Wo e . 19:00 Vry. 19:00 jeug. Sondagskool 09:00, diens Sondae 10:00 e n 1 8 : 0 0 . • New Apostolic Church. Sun. 09:00. Wed. 19:30. Grant Roode 082 886 2934. • Rehobot Gemeente (AGS van SA). Sondae 09:30 (kinderkerk), 18:00 (Engelse diens) Di. jeugsel 19:00 Woens. sel 19:00, jeugby kerk 18:30. Vry. Jeug 18:30. Kerkkantoor: 013 235 4905. • Lewende Woord Lydenburg. Sondae 0 9 : 3 0 . Burgersentrum. Liana Esterhuysen: 013 235 2463.• Mooi Hawens Evangelisasie Sentrum (PPK). Wo. 10:00 vrouediens, biduur 19:00. Sondagskool 08:45, diens So. 10:00 en 18:00. Past. Wouter Deysel: 072 183 0004 en past. Jaco Deysel: 082 338 1570. • Lydenburg Baptist Church / Baptiste Kerk co / hv Simmond en De Souzastrate Pastor / Ds Kallie Fourie 082 928 5075 l y d e n b u r g Sunday mornings 09:30 Sondag oggend 09:30. • Shalom Church Centre. S e r v i c e s Coromandel. Sunday School 10:00, church service 11:00. Skhila Sunday School 10:00 a n d c h u r c h service 11:00. Pastor J o h a n n e s Ramashala: 073 569 0635 or 073 420 7954. • A.G.S Steelpoort. Sondagoggende 09:00, aande 18:00, Woensdaeselgroep 18:30. Past Beukes: 083 291 8005/ kerkkantoor: 087 808 5604. • Sewedag Adventiste K e r k . Saterdagoggende, Methodiste Kerk, Burgerstraat L y d e n b u r g . Bybelstudie 09:15, e r e d i e n s 11 : 0 0 . Navrae 082 466 5946/ 013 235 4049. • Volle Evangelie Kerk B u r g e r s f o r t ( L a e r s k o o l Burgersfort) oggend: Sondag 9 am aand: Sondag 5 pm. Woensdag: 7 pm Bid l y d e n b u r g Sunday mornings 09:30 Sondag oggend 09:30. Vergadering. Pastoor Antonie Nortje - 084 818 0920. • Burgersfort AGS Gemeente, elke Sondag om09:00, selgroep elke Woensdag om 18:00. Pastoor Leon Labuschagne 084 512 9046 Kerkkantoor 087 808 5604.

Lydenburg Septic Tank Services Ons sal enige geskryfde kwotasie verbeter in die Lydenburg, Ohrigstad en Dullstroom omgewing

071 289 8079

67 De Clerq street, Lydenburg 013 235 2432 / 084 587 5666

Worthy Funerals Dawid Peyper 084 587 5666

BECP BETON PRODUKTE •Sement Boustene; •Interlock en Bevel plaveistene; •Vloer- en Muurteëls; •Tuinsirkels; •Klippies; •Steppingstones en vele meer!! Vertoonlokaal by Kuns vir Afrika Padstal 4km uit Lydenburg op Dullstroompad.

Ben: 082 408 2798 Maria: 082 446 2277


39 Rensburg St Lydenburg 013 235 2429


(Lydenburg) Plastiek - dakplaat - vervaardiging masjien + gebou te huur R6000 p/m. (Opsie om te koop) Alleenreg vir vervaardiging en verskaffing in Mpumalanga. Produk agt jaar in bedryf. Eienaar ander belange. 082 826 1502

TE HUUR: Vragmotor te huur vir alle tipe vervoer - bestuurder sal voorsien word. Langafstande R4/km + Diesel

Te Koop • Fiat 640 trekker R35 000, • Trekker 5 Ton hydroliese tip sleepwa R25 000, • Kemper 1 ry kuilvoer kerwer R3 500, • 5’8” John Deere dis R4 500, • Safim 3 skaar balkploeg R4 800, • Soilmaster 2 skaar ploeg met diepte wiel R2 500, • 7 ry Benfarm groente saad planter R7 500, • Monosem 4 ry vakuum planter- herbou R25 000, • Soilmaster 9 ry koring/soya planter R12 400, • 1 ry saailing planter R1 500, • 1 ry patat ranke planter R1 500, • Soilmaster 1 ry patat uithaler R4 500, • 1.5m² damskrop R3 500, • 1.8m wyd Howard Selecti rotivator R6 500, • 400lt balkspuit, Technoma pomp R5 500, Werktuie in goeie werkende toestand Besproeiings pype: • Bauer 89.70mm pype @ R120 elk • Bauer 50mm pype @ R70 elk • Perrot 70mm pype @ R120 elk

082 924 5041

Dr. David Huchzermeyer; Dr. Philippa Colly; Dr. Anthony Davis; Dr Jac Brink; Dr Brian Chester-Browne

57 Kerk Str (c/o Kerk & De Beer Str) Lydenburg Clinic: 013 235 4132 Clinic: 013 235 2555 Fax: 013 235 3260 After Hours: 013 235 4132 / 076 053 7178

Notices & Vacancies

29 September 2011


Wedvlugduiwe uitslae Hier is die naweek se wedvlugduiwe uitslae, gevlieg vanaf Springfontein, oor 'n afstand van 744 km. Ope 1 : Die wenspoed was 1014 meter per minuut.: 1 en 2 G Marais 3 G Roets 4 G Marais 5 Frans en Danelle Hokke 6 Allo Lofts 7, 8 en 9 G Marais 10 Allo Lofts Ope 2: Die wenspoed was 933 meter per minuut: 1 G Roets 2 P Mans 3 G Marais 4 P & M Venter 5 en 6 P Mans 7 Frans en Danelle Hokke 8 Allo Lofts 9 en 10 G Marais

Marula Platinum Limited is situated on the eastern limb of the Bushveld Indigenous Complex near Burgersfort. We are looking for the right calibre persons to fill the positions of:


Instrument Technician

In addition to challenging opportunities,

Requirements: Gr. 12 Certificate with Accounting as one of your subjects Further studies in regards to accountancy & knowledge of Pastel would be an advantage.

Marula (Ref. 80517/1)

remuneration package and the normal

The ideal candidate will meet the following requirements:

• Good knowledge of PID control on flotation system • Computer literacy (MS Office packages)

Preference will be given to candidates

Please send detailed CV with credentials to: Closing Date: 7 October 2011

• A minimum tertiary qualification of a National Diploma in Instrumentation (T3/S4/N6) and a valid Instrumentation Trade Certificate (Section 13)

• Valid medical certificate or medically fit in order to obtain such certificate.

from the designated groups, in line with

• A minimum of 3-5 years’ experience as an Instrument Technician in a processing plant or a related industry


• Advanced knowledge of PLC and SCADA programming (Siemens Simatic 545 and Allen Bradley Controllogix 5000, RS VIEW SE and PLANAXATION)

Vakature vir ervare Afrikaanssprekende kantoordame by dinamiese besigheid in Lydenburg.

• Advanced knowledge of networks (Ethernet, DeviceNet, Tiway and Wireless) and ControlNet

Vereistes: MS Excel, MS Word, Pastel, Boekhouding, Goeie telefoon etiket.

• Knowledge of maintaining software backup • Knowledge of the following types of instruments: Flow, pressure, level, temperature, analytical, loadcells, belt scales and nuclear density

CV kan gefaks word na 086 531 9299 met geldige verwysings

• Experience working on SAP system • Process control experience in a similar environment


VAKANTE BETREKKING Steenekamp Broekman Ing beskik oor ’n vakante pos vir ’n invorderingsklerk. Die applikant moet oor ’n grondige rekenaarkennis beskik en vlot Afrikaans en Engels magtig wees. Ervaring in skuldinvordering sal tot voordeel strek. Rig u Curriculum Vitae per e-pos aan: of per hand by Lexnumerigebou, Kerkstraat 46, Lydenburg. Sluitingsdatum is 12 Oktober 2011. Indien aansoekers nie binne 10 dae vanaf sluitingsdatum deur ons kantore gekontak is nie, moet hulle aanvaar dat die aansoek onsuksesvol was.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the following:

The ideal candidate will meet the following requirements: • An N3 (NQF Level 3) qualification, including a valid (Section 13) Trade Test • At least 5 years’ experience as a qualified Rigger and Ropesman in a plant environment • A valid Red Ticket or medical fitness in order to obtain such a certificate of fitness • A valid driver’s licence and own transport • Willingness to work a reasonable amount of overtime, including weekends and public holidays, plus standby duties, as required.

the provisions of the Employment Equity Act, the Company’s recruitment policy

• SCADA and PLC changes and maintenance thereof

and employment equity plan.

• Assisting Instrument Mechanicians in plant when needed on breakdowns

All short-listed candidates will be

• Controlling critical spares in sections • Assisting with installation and commissioning of projects

subjected to psychometric assessment. CVs must include copies of relevant qualifications. Incomplete CVs will

• Performing standby duties and working overtime when needed

not be considered.

• Faultfinding on PLCs

Interested applicants should

• Ensuring quality of installations and that production targets are met

register online. Visit our website at

• Updating all PLC I/Os lists in the plant • Planning and organising maintenance on a day-to-day basis. click on “Careers” then “Job Applications and Vacancies” and then “Job Search”. Written applications should be addressed to: Tlale Maroga, Marula Platinum, PO Box 1496, Steelpoort

Marula (Ref. 80517/2)

Human Communications 80517

Fax CV to 013 235 2145

large-company benefits.

Rigger and Ropesman

Vacancy for a cashier who should be computer literate with previous experience

the Company offers a competitive

1123, fax: (013) 214-6021 or e-mail: The successful candidate will be responsible for: • Planning and organising maintenance on a dayto-day basis • Installing and maintaining conveyor belts • Lifting equipment, overhead cranes and thickeners • Maintaining all legal books.

Closing date: 10 October 2011 In the event that you have not heard from the Human Resources Department within a period of 30 days after the closing date for applications, your application can be regarded as unsuccessful.


LYDENBURG: 0861-42-43-44 STEELPOORT: 0861-03-03-03


29 September 2011

Letabo Perr presteer Die ruiters van Letabo Perr ryskool buite Burgersfort het uitstekend gevaar in die skouspring kompetisie wat by die Pienaarsdam naby Middelburg aangebied is. Die volgende ruiters het deelgeneem en as volg presteer: Micaela van der Merwe het 80cm gespring op Superstar en het 4 eerste plekke gekry en ook die Power Jump gewen van 1.3 m. Op Prince of Arcole het sy 3 eerste plekke gekry en ’n derde plek met ’n

hoogte van 90cm en een meter. Sy het die Kampioenskap met al twee perde gewen. Baie geluk aan al die ruiters vir hierdie pragtige prestasies! Baie dankie en geluk aan die afrigter, June Lark wat die meisies so getrou bystaan en afrig. Vir enige navrae skakel gerus vir June by 078 400 7802

Links bo: Yolandi Nel met Angel en links onder Danelle van der Walt met Bronze Beat

Bo: Jessemay Moore met Sultan

Onder: Micaela van der Merwe met Superstar.

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29 September 2011 Jr / Yr 9 No: 38  

29 September 2011 Jr / Yr 9 No: 38

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