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BCMA ChampionshipS


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Wolff wins top Canadian Kawasaki prize bike

Following on the foot steps of team mates Landon Nelson (2011 Winner) and Jess Pes (2010 Winner) another Cycle North Powersports sponsored Rider, Hayden Wolff has won a couple great prizes. At 12 years old, Wolff is the youngest rider to win the $3,000 in cash and the 2013 Kawasaki KX 250F. In 12 races last season, Wolff collected 591 points and won three championships. A rider earns 100 points for each win. Wolff's accomplishment is more remarkable considering he missed six weeks and the first three races of the season a6er suffering an injury to his hand during early spring prac8ce. The Canadian Kawasaki Team Green points are accumulated throughout Canada.

Hayden Wol wins a brand new Kawasaki KX 250F for his top Kawasaki points achievement in 2012 for all of Canada, 3rd year in a row this prize has come to a BCMA Rider.

kamloops Racing on :

April 27 & 28 June 8

Home of the CMRC Na8onals Round 1, the fourth annual BCMA Championships and hos8ng BCMA Series Races, the GKMA is a sandy track located along side the Thompson River on the Whispering Pines Indian Reserve. This great track a?racts riders from all over Canada and the United States to their annual events.

August 31 & September 1

Check them out at

Greg Small of Kamloops, BC

A huge thank you to Leiha ConstanJne for supplying most of the photos in this publicaJon, this would not of been possible without your help!

Daniel Elmore of Smithers, BC

Hunter Friesen of Abbotsford, BC

Racing on

May 11 & 12 July 20 & 21


Welcome to salmon ďŹ shing country, you could plan your summer vacaJon around a great scenic trip and some amazing motocross! Terrace has been with the BCMA series for the last four years, working in partnership with the local college they always oer some great new obstacles for their sandy track. Along with Moto-X schools and Fun Races they host two provincials events a year!

Check them out at

Gavyn Miller of Prince George, BC


Race Day Bike Prep by Rob Munro

You’re PUMPED! There’s a motocross race tomorrow and you can’t get to sleep. The excitement of your first gate drop keeps running over and over in your head and you wonder if you’ve done everything you can to prepare for the big day. Everyone knows that motocross racing can be a dangerous sport, racers accept that risk. A cri8cal part of that risk management is proper bike maintenance. Don’t add to your risk by riding a dirt bike in poor condi8on or your bike could wind up hur8ng you or someone else. It doesn’t ma?er whether you ride a 50cc 2-stroke or a 450cc modified fire-breathing monster. When you race a dirt bike, you will punish your machine. Being compe88ve in a race means that you will push yourself and your machine to the absolute limits. This applies equally to the motor and the chassis. Because of this, you need to make sure that your bike is in the best condi8on that it can be. You might be able to ride around the field next to the house with a few bolts missing; worn out brake pads, and bald 8res, but on the track any one of these could spell disaster. Before the race, make sure that the bike you are riding complies with the rules that are set out for the class and race you are signing up for. If you have the owner’s manual that came with the bike, bring it with you to the track. It will have useful informa8on for making adjustments for weather and certain track condi8ons. Since none of us are perfect, I like to make a checklist several days before the race to make sure I don’t forget anything. Clean Bike: Dirt can hide lots of problems. Cleaning the bike will give you the opportunity to visually inspect your bike in detail. Check all fluid levels: Engine oil, transmission oil, coolant, and brake fluid. Tighten all fasteners: Nothing is more embarrassing than a track worker handing you back your kick starter because it fell off. Check chain: Visually look at the chain and sprockets for excessive wear and adjustment, lubricate before 1st prac8ce.

Clean air filter: Pack a 2nd oiled spare air filter. Unless you plan on holeshong and winning each race, chances are you will need the spare. Check Tire condiJons, and spokes: Overfill your 8res at home to 16 PSI, and then come race morning; adjust your 8re pressures to suit track condi8ons and weather. It’s way easier to let a li?le air out the morning of the race than search for a compressor or 8re pump to put air in. Check those spokes; the tension is important especially if you plan on doing the big jumps. Number plate awareness: Be prepared to put a number on both side number plates and front number plate. If you and another rider share the same number, one of you will have to make a change. Electrical tape or duct tape will do in a pinch. Mud Prep: Track condi8ons and weather are very unpredictable. Make arrangements to have a way to st rider out there, but if the score keepers can’t see your numbers, you’re going home empty handed. Fuel: I know what you’re thinking, how could someone not remember to fill up their fuel. It happens, and it even happens at the pro level. Race days are busy, when you sit down for a lunch break, PUT FUEL IN! A li?le prepara8on before race day will not only ensure that your bike will run good and keep you safe, but will allow you to sleep be?er the night before dreaming about that all important day that lies ahead.

Jaime Munro of Kamloops, BC

Earl Houlden of Terrace, BC

AusJn Watson of Quesnel, BC

Troy Bell of Williams Lake, BC

Jordy Davis of Quesnel, BC

Williams Lake Racing on :

August 10 & 11

September 14 & 15

The Williams Lake Dirt Riders Associa8on holds two provincial races every year and a few motocross schools run by their local Pro; Brock Hoyer. This amazing facility boasts a winding hard packed track that keeps you in the shade of the trees. Located in the middle of the provinces these are always well a?ended races by both the Southern and Northern Riders.

Check them out at

Racing on: May 4-5


Hometown track of the BCMA Vice President, Tammy Watson. The Watson family has been a huge part of all motocross racing in Quesnel for many years. Located in city limits the Quesnel Dirt Riders AssociaJon operates BCMA’s only sand dune track. This track oers hairpin turns, steep inclines, huge jumps and more. This huge open track has lots of visibility for the spectator.

Dean Johnson of Fort St. James, BC

Ashcroft Racing : April 13-14 September 28-29

At the beginning of 2012, and with the vision of the current chief, Greg Blain, Eagle Motorplex became a true motorsport facility with the installaJon of a BCMA sancJoned 2.1 kilometer motocross track. Joining the BCMA for their second year the track at the popular N’lakapxm Eagle Motorplex oers all levels of riders a variety of challenges. Centrally located with nearby restaurants and accommodaJons lots of racers from all over BriJsh Columbia travel to parJcipate in the events at Ashcro[.

For more informaJon check them out at

Prince george

Racing on : June 1 & 2

September 21 & 22

One of the best spectator tracks in BC, the PGMA hosts two BCMA races every year at their Blackwater Motorsports Race Park. A long 8me group within the BCMA with a large rider base, this hard pack track oers steep inclines and declines along with many technical obstacles.

Check them out at

Rob Hawrys of Vanderhoof, BC


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