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Be Your Best - Be Your Self! Style Week is about more than hair and dresses. It’s health, relaxation, inner joy and a celebration of individual fashion styles, and of course FREE refreshments. At every event, you’re automatically entered to win BIG prizes. Mark your calenders!

Monday, April 19 B lack

$4.00 B arber C uts ! T op L ounge 11:00 -2:00 pm (G uys only please )

FREE M ary K ay F acials B lack T op L ounge 7:00 (G als only please )


Tuesday, April 20 Movie Night

B lack P lus

A way W e G o T op L ounge at 8:00 pm N ails and B aked G oods

T ransformers : R evenge of I nsalaco 216 at 8:00 pm P lus R efreshments


F allen

Wednesday, April 21 $1.00 M artial A rts

A nderson

aerobic room 8:00 pm

FREE Y oga B alance Y oga S tudio 5:00-6:30 pm (V ans provided )

Thursday, April 21 T ips and T ricks for T rifty B uying FROM T he S nooty F ox C onsignment S hop B lack T op L ounge 11:00-2:00 pm

Saturday, April 21 M r . & M iss S tyle W eek W atch as W inners are J udged in Q&A, T alent , and O verall S tyles 3 rd F loor L ibrary : M c G owan 7 pm

W ith S pecial J udges S teinberger , H amilton , K uhlken , austin , S groi ( as P aula ), and S prengelmeyer ( as S imon )

To find out more or save your spot, email

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Style Week Poster  

Just because it's called Style Week doesn't mean that it is all for the girls and fashion. CHECK OUT THESE ACTIVITIES and mark your calenda...