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End of an Era*................................................................90 Watsons Seeds...........................................................92-93 How The National Trust Use Highland Cattle for Conseration throughout the UK.............................94-97 Temporary Quarters*.......................................................98 Scots Breed Lifts Production on Welsh Hill Farm......100-102 Thoughts on Breeding Good Bulls*................................103 The Impact of Brexit on Scottish land values (CKD).........116 Members List.........................................................122-148 Breed Standard.............................................................149 List of Society Field Officers...........................................150 HCS Panel of Judges...............................................151-153 Official Pedigree Shows & Sales.....................................153 Price List.......................................................................154 *Extracts from Impressions of My Fifty Years of Highland Bull Sales, 1964-2014

Acknowledgements The Highland Cattle Society would like to thank the following for their contribution to this new look Highland Cattle Breeders Journal: • • • • • • •

Christopher Evans Rhian Price – Farmers Weekly Duncan Barrie – Galbraith Johnny Watson – Watson Seeds Ronan Loftus and Una Brennan – IdentiGEN The National Trust Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland – John Cameron

The winner of the Journal Front Cover photograph Competition is Lesley Matheson of Brue Highlanders, the runner-up photographs will be displayed on the Highland Cattle Society website and Facebook page. Finally as always I would like to say a massive thank you to Darren Bruce, Paul Johnstone, Ken Fletcher and the whole Scottish Farmer

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President – Tom Thomson United Auctions Ferne Mele Noreen Drexel Angus MacKay The Highland Cattle Breeders Clubs

team who have been instrumental in the publication of this journal but in particular I would like to say a special thank you to Shirley Derani who has not only had to put up with a change in schedule but also a new look, new size journal. It has been a massive task and I thank you for your dedication, creativity, hard work and patience.

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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE nd Cattle message for the Highla r since I last wrote a timing of the d nge cha It has been over a yea e hav we son for this is that ncial year Society journal. The rea to tie in with the fina to September. This is e Jun nge will m cha fro s Thi tion r. lica yea pub ber every runs from 1st Septem orted will be rep res of the Society which figu al nci fina e of printing, all sed to mean that, at the tim journal has also increa te year. The size of the utilise to ers mb me w allo relevant for a comple l and produce a better journa to s ter prin the w . allo ctively more creatively and effe e managed to conthe advertising space t year the Society. We hav pas the in d nge cha e hav lus in last year’s surp the Many things g win follo , l stability and to this end nk you, the tha to like tinue the task of financia uld 7. I wo all et to continue this is 201 r memberships and also accounts, we are on targ you h wit iety soc r you t to suppor r. The more registrations yea members, for continuing the ing dur etc. s tions, transfer s to keep income raised from registra the Society but also help s not only the finances of t the tha s ure ens This le. and transfers we have help catt tion to the breeding of the rk goes our records accurate in rela all members. A lot of wo an accurate resource for is se aba dat and k My thanks must go the 6. herd boo 201 to up ks boo d her tions to allow in the position to publish sorting details of registra herd book and we are now hours/days checking and nt into the production of the spe e hav o wh . ay llivr king Angus MacGi necessary underta , Janet Sian, Angus Mackay and involved but it was a very members of staff – Sian a monumental task for all h tight budgets and all wit led trol this to happen. This was con l income of the wel the very e n eas bee incr has to iety ing our Soc endeav Expenditure within the expenditure whilst also o support us ny valuable sponsors wh g on our behalf to control ip but also from our ma and Helen – are workin ersh mb me the from es mainly sible to Society. Our income com events. have tried as much as pos shows, sales and Society Highland Cattle and we in rest open inte nts, throughout the year at our eve f is bee iety ist all members of the Soc This includes some special The main reason we are year at various locations. hland Gathering Hig this The held and nts w eve at Sho lsh and press The Royal We and promote the breed in the w, The Yorkshire Show, events to meet members at The Royal Highland Sho staff have attended these e so her of voic er a days and our attendance to mb me face a one s t put it ust. Sian and at leas nts are very important as held at Perth Show in Aug Highland Breed. These eve . This means that there ties the in par h rest bot inte for an g e rdin hav awa potential members who sonal and hopefully more message on the by email or by leaving a ce in the future is more per mbers can still be made that contact with the offi me last year whether from the r tact ove con nts but eve ce is closed e helped out at the various hav o wh I know how will be times when the offi iety ws. Soc sho l the of iona nat thank all members ibit your cattle at local and telephone. I would like to not only by council but stands. Many of you exh g ated nnin reci ma app or are nts rts eve f effo t your it was taking cattle to bee cattle to not only g and I can assure you tha ed and the quality of the paring cattle for showin way of promoting our bre much work goes into pre at gre a . is stry It . indu ntry l cou tura around the to the wider agricul also the many local shows hland cattle can provide if you have any event to the opportunities Hig nt to the Society and so orta imp very the general public but also are , oad abr or you have had or are If UK it. the ut in abo ed w bas kno er All members, wheth er members please let us oth top the newsletters rest for inte cles of arti be y for l ma . We are always looking ails happening which you fee det the h let us know and wit ce ase offi ple in ed contact the mbers would be interest planning an event please g that you feel other me thin any e hav you if l. so and the journal newsletter or journa I would be published in either the they need to be replaced. if it is acceptable it may of council step down and ers ous mb vari me in r fou ers ry, mb rua me Feb t from all of our Every year at the AGM in council as we need inpu be involved in the deto consider standing for stion decisions, better to que and encourage all members side out the on d stan se in various areas to y erti eas exp e very hav is It ers as. memb geographical are our Society. A lot of our of d lved in council. goo invo the ing for om de bec ma ut cisions that have to be you to think seriously abo ask uld wo I cattle and and re , mo iety h Soc we could always do wit that could be useful to the r were well supported but eering Compayea tion this Auc held new s a is sale re iety the The Soc all be aware, s. ober this year, as you will sale will be a huge succes people attending. In Oct m well and hope that the the h et, wis me all can we ers sure mb am me ere ny running the sale. I t of the Society year wh ld a strong are a very important par nity for members to bui All the shows and sales ortu opp an is It le. catt sell and buy lly tle. efu Cat d hop hlan and socialise promotion of Hig their have an interest in the venors who all give up network of people who ers and committee con mb me ncil cou all nk ip. ersh mb I would like to tha me the s of and represent the view time as time to attend meetings work and dedication my Sian. Without her hard to and go ers st mb mu me nks all tha l for My fina She works hard n much more difficult. she does. ing ryth eve President would have bee of t fron best interest at the fore My term always has the Society’s l report for the journal. r that this will be my fina nk tha to n otte forg e You may be glad to hea 8. If I hav the AGM in February 201 d now. nke tha as President will end at f rsel you r side do apologise. Con anyone for their help I Best wishes to you all. Tom Thomson

16 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

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18 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 19

FOREWORD Welcome to the 2017 Highland Cattle Breeders Journal. This year the binding of the journal is printed in sapphire blue to commemorate Her Maje sty the Queen, our patron’s Sapphire Jubilee on 6 February 2017. As you are all aware a huge amou nt of work has been done over the last 18 months to draft the missing volumes of the Highland Cattle Society’s herd book . I can confirm that the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 volumes will go to print as soon as possible. Each volume will be contained withi n one bound herd book. This will also be printed in sapphire blue as a special tribute to our patron Her Majesty the Queen as opposed to the traditional red binding. I am indeb ted to Angus MacKay and Angus MacGillivray for their hard work, knowledge, experience and patience on this project. Throughout the summer shows many people have asked why the journal is later being published this year. This decision to issue the Highland Cattle breeders Journ al in September was taken by Council for a number of reasons. The first being that it woul d coincide with the start of the new financial year and there fore membership and registration prices would remain current for the life of the publication , secondly it was felt that the issue of the journal prior to the Official Autumn Show and Sale would allow members to ‘target’ adver ts to promote their fold and the stock they will have forwa better ‘value for money’ from their rd at the Autumn and Spring sales, adverts. giving members The journal has also increased in size to allow advertisers a greater oppo rtunity to maximise the impact of larger size will present greater adve their adverts. The rtising space for members and spon sors although I know that this will with the task of re-shuffling bookshelv present many members es to accommodate the new journ al. Some of your favourite items will still as the Members List, Judges List, Coun be included such cil Members, Society Sale Results, National Show Results and Club News however some sections have been . Following feedback removed such as the show dates, these will be printed in the spring a more appropriate time. We have news letter which was felt also removed the local show resul ts and the hints and tips for new breed removed as they are readily availa ers. These have been ble on the website along with the rules contained within the pink page not the finished article and we hope s. This new look journal is to improve on it year on year using constructive feedback from yourselves 2017 has been a particularly busy year . so far and that won’t change as we move into the autumn period. Janua taken up with drafting catalogues, Council Member nominations and ry and February was the preparation and hosting of the and Sale in Oban. I also had the pleas AGM and the Spring Show ure of attending the North of Engla nd Highland Cattle Club’s AGM in spent meeting with sponsors in prepa Huddersfield. March was ration for the new financial year, the first meeting of the newly formed and issue of the spring newsletter. Council and the drafting April consisted of preparing two sale catalogues and arranging the Engli at Beeston. In May we hosted the sh Premier Show and Sale Highland Classes at the Multi-breed Sale through United Auctions in Stirlin and Sale at Beeston and attended g, we held the Show BeefExpo in Stoneleigh. The Highland Cattle Society were also informed in operational responsibilities for Oban May that the day-to-day Livestock Centre would be taken over by United Auctions. In early June the Scotland Beef Event at The Fans, Earlst Society were present at on where Emma Paterson kindly provi ded a Highland Cow with a cross calf and Jim Ogston, Iain MacKay and Angu at foot for the stand s MacKay kindly helped me meet and greet new and existing members and ers. A small committee met with Unite potential customd Auctions to finalise the arrangeme nts for the Autumn Show and days a stand at the first National Show of later the Society hosted the year the Royal Highland Show. Early July Janet and I headed to the followed shortly after by Helen and Great Yorkshire Show me travelling to the Royal Welsh Show . All three National shows were extre and a great platform to promote our mely successful breed. I would strongly encourage all members to take part in these show camaraderie and be involved in mark s, experience the eting Highland Cattle to the larger agricultural audience and general publi As I write this we are packing ready c. to attend the 2nd National Highland Gathering at Perth Show where 91 have been entered. I must thank John Highland cattle Singer for the huge amount of work he has done on behalf of the East of and the Society in bringing this show Scotland Club together. A massive thank you to all the sponsors and Roddy MacDouga McKechnie, Belle McNaughton and ll, Catherine all the other people who will be helpin g at the BBQ this evening and show August is the last month in the Socie tomorrow. ty’s financial year so it is the time to finalise the Journal, apply for Gift Aid, Accountants and Auditors and of cours meet with e we have our Council Meeting on 25 Augu taken up with updating websites, issuin st 2017. The first week of September g membership invoices and submitting is the final VAT return of the financial Early September we will travel to Balna year. broich for what can only be described as a one-off fun filled weekend consi of a Highland Cattle Show, farm tours sting , dinner, auction and ceilidh all in aid of PATCH the first charity specifically support 24/7 palliative care for patie to nts in hospital. The remainder of Septe mber will be occupied with drafting catalogue and making the arrangeme the nts for the autumn sale. Then we move into October with our 120th Autumn Show and Sale of Highland Cattle in Oban, Breed Development meeting, Council meeting and dinner dance and ceilidh. I will be taking two weeks off following the autumn sale for what I can only describe as a very sad time me as I help my parents prepare and for disperse our herd of Aberdeen Angu s in Stirling as well as possibly selling and moving from the farm. November is the month of drafting and printing the winter newsletter as well as hosting the final Council meeting of the calendar year. On 15 December 2017 entries close for the Spring Show and sale in Oban and then we start again in January. The office will be closed over the Christmas and New Year period from 21 December until 3 January. I would like to take this opportuni ty to thank all of our members for their help and support throughout the year and especially my Council members and the Presid ent Tom Thomson and Vice-President, Gordon McConach ie. A special thanks must also go to Janet and Helen who have put in a huge amount of work throu ghout the year, have helped me load and unload numerous vans and stands and who make work ing in the Society office a joy. Than k you. I wish you all the very best of luck in the forthcoming sales and look forward to seeing you soon . Sian

20 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017



Mark Armstrong

Bernhard Husmann

Died 16th December 2016

Died 10th December 2016 Mr Bernhard Husmann suddenly died on 10 December 2016. He was one of the most successful Highland Cattle breeders in Germany. His family have lived on the farm “Hof Husmann” since 1492. There is even a legend in that area that speaks of sacred cattle that were kept on the farm. At exhibitions, he won many prizes with his very traditional animals who exhibited typical breed characteristics. Hof Husmann was a long-standing member of the Highland Cattle Society and all his animals were registered in the Scottish herd book. Bernhard felt it was very important to breed Highland Cattle in the old Scottish tradition. Bernhard and his friends Beate and Andreas at The Gotsgarten Fold worked together successfully for many years and they wish to keep Bernhard’s memory alive in the cattle breeding community. They wish to preserve the precious genetics and Bernhard’s desire to preserve the originality of Highland Cattle will be continued. We send warm condolences to the Husmann family in Horstmar.

Mark sadly passed away on 16th December 2016, peacefully at home. He had been diagnosed with a primary brain tumour which unfortunately did not respond to treatment. He had just turned 48 and obviously Mark’s family were devastated however they all share Mark’s positive outlook on life and he was proud to encourage his daughters in his love of Highland Cattle. Mark loved life on Tiree, and particularly enjoyed looking after his beloved prize-winning fold of Highland Cattle as well as the social aspect his Cafe provided. Mark served as a Director of Tiree Community Development Trust from 2011 until 2013 and his dry wit and straight talking were greatly missed following his resignation due to work commitments as Cafe Proprietor, Crofter and Delivery Driver. Mark also served as Chair of the School PTA and in recent years won some serious accolades for showing Highland cattle.

Miss Rosemary Dalgleish Leachy Fold, Barbreck As breeders of Highland Cattle we will all be saddened to hear of the passing of one of the great West Highland stalwarts of the Highland breed, Miss Rosemary Dalgleish (Leachy Fold) Barbreck. The foundations of her highly successful fold were laid from the very best of her fathers renowned Barbreck Fold, gaining her much acclaim over several decades. Few breeders managed to prize the Braes of Greenock Challenge Bowl from her during the nineteen eighties winning it on four consecutive occasions from 1981-1984 having won it perversely in 1974-75. More success followed at the October sale in 1989 when her much admired two year old heifer, Banrigh Ruadh 9th of Leachy having been placed second sold for 3,000gs. The Leachy folds swan song in the sale ring came at the February sale of 1994 when Rosemary’s last two cows, mother

Rosemary receiving the Braes of Greenock Trophy from Liz Fellowes 1984

Jim McConachie Died February 2017

and daughter, paraded together in the cow class, Siusan Ruadh 26th of Leachy being placed first while her mother Siusan Ruadh 22nd lifted the third prize, regarded by many to be the finest Highland cows to pass through the sale ring for many years. Siusan Ruadh 26th went on to lift the champion ship award and the D M Stewart Memorial Trophy, selling for 5,500 gs while her mother fetched 3,800gs both going to further establish the Craigowmill fold. There will be few if any of the Highland breeds successful folds today that do not have some of Rosemary’s breeding. To describe her cattle as being decidedly feminine would be an understatement, they epitomised all of the finest characteristics one would want to find in any Highland fold and something Highland breeders of today should aspire to in her memory. Angus MacKay

22 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

The sudden passing of Jim McConachie of the Culfoich Fold in February 2017 sent the Highland Cattle membership into deep shock. Jim served on Council from 2011 until 2014, was an avid supporter of the Highland breed and a dedicated steward at our bi-annual shows and sales in Oban. Jim began farming primarily with Aberdeen Angus cross cows put to a Hereford Bull and a small flock of Scottish Blackface sheep but the farm developed and success followed with prizes at the Royal Smithfield show in the Cross Cattle section through the 70s and 80s. As well as the commercial operation, Jim established a pedigree Charolais herd and a pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd and went on to secure numerous titles and championships. In 1990, a Highland cow and calf were purchased from Cardhu Distillery and the Culfoich Fold of Highland Cattle was born. Jim purchased a few select cows and heifers from Innisard, Scourie, Shenavallie, Tordarroch, Millerston and West Merkland. Artificial Insemination was used initially – mainly from Douneside and Tinto bulls to establish the growing herd. The first foundation Stock bull was Exhibit 2nd of Auch, purchased privately from the Knox family at Innisard in 1999. His first son Orison of Culfoich saw Jim take the Male Championship at Oban in 2004. Orison was sold to the Murray Cooper fold for 4200 guineas and went on to be Male champion at the Royal Highland, Great Yorkshire and Royal Shows.

In 2005 Jim purchased Donnachadh Ruadh 1st of West Merkland for 4200gns. He not only proved to be a consistent show winner for Jim including Male Champion at the Royal Highland Show in 2006 but bred exceptionally well. His first son, Brogach 2nd of Culfoich, was reserve Male champion and sold for 8000gns in Oban in 2008. Success for Jim continued with Gaisgeach 1st of Culfoich, another reserve male champion, sold in Oban 2009 for 5600gns and later went on to secure Male champion at the Royal Welsh Show 2009. Jim will be sorely missed by his friends at the Highland Cattle Society.

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 23

OBITUARIES Richard Kiene 23rd August 1952 - 31st March 2017 Family and friends were greatly shocked and saddened by the sudden and unexpected passing of German breeder Richard Kiene, after a short illness in March 2017. Richard was an unassuming man of vision. He had a strong belief in the virtues of Highland beef raised extensively and organically in the Baltic coastal nature conservation areas of Schleswig Holstein. This picturesque part of Germany is south of the border with Denmark, and east of the historic city of Lubeck. Abandoning a banking career in 1985, Richard and his wife Uschi, followed their hearts, and assisted by Manfred Ruser, well known German buyer at the HCS sales in Oban for nearly forty years, started on the adventure of a lifetime with the purchase of some pedigree Highland Cattle, which were followed by many more from Oban over the years. Their enterprise “Highlanderhof Kiene” based in the little coastal village of Behrensdorf, grew to 350 head of Highland Cattle, supplying quality grass-fed beef, sausages and salamis direct to the end customer, thus raising the breed’s profile on the dinner plate in preference to in the show ring. The venture also demonstrated the value of Highland Cattle for conservation grazing and wildlife - the cattle helping to maintain the traditional coastal landscape and wetlands which are highly valued by residents of the area and visitors alike. So much so that this Scottish breed is now viewed as an integral part of the local landscape. A few years ago Richard branched out into English Longhorn cattle - he had strong views about the purpose of horns in cattle. “They are there for a reason, and also serve a thermoregulatory function.” (Quote). In 2015, towards the end of August, Richard, Uschi and family celebrated 30 years of “Highlanderhof Keine” in the paddock behind the house. About two thousand people arrived to enjoy German hospitality on a hot sunny day - it epitomised Richard’s approach to life - everyone welcome, a great family event, fun for the children, country crafts and demonstrations, traditional and rare breeds of farm animals, humour and great music from his friends and favourite band “The Baltic Scots”. I was privileged to be there, and to join the family

24 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

afterwards over a glass of wine, or two or three, sitting out in the dusk, as the moon rose and the bats flew, with wild geese calling from the marshes nearby. A weary but happy Richard commented “We never have time to be bored. There’s always so much to do. Despite all the challenges and difficulties over the last thirty years, its wonderful to be able to celebrate this anniversary of our time with Highland cattle with so many good friends and guests”. A life well lived as they say, sadly ended all too soon, to the deepest sorrow of his family. But his legacy “Highlanderhof Kiene” which he and Uschi created together, lives on in the capable hands of Uschi and family members; I sincerely wish them every success, and happier times again one day. Hilary Barker



Extract from ‘Impressions of My Fifty Years of Highland Bull Sales, 1964-2014’ My first visit to the Highland Bull sales in Oban was on the 3rd of March 1964. The sale at that time was held in conjunction with a large sale of commercial breeding heifers from all over the West Highlands and Western Isles, the majority of which were crossbred Highland, sired by Shorthorn bulls. In those days 90% of purebred Highland cattle were used for cross breeding, there being only 35 folds with stock bulls registered in the Highland Breeders Journal. The herd book for 1964 contained only 35 bulls and 320 heifers; the membership being just over 300. The popularity of the cross-Highland cow throughout not only the Highlands but most of the upland areas of Scotland meant there was a very limited demand for pedigree Highland bulls, there being only 14 sold on that day fifty years ago, the average price being 110gs; the 18 females sold averaged 100gs. On leaving school at fifteen I started working as an apprentice shepherd on a high hill farm at the head of Glen Luss. This is where my love and understanding for the Highland breed took root. My employer, Mr Alex Robertson annually made a trip to Oban to attend the spring sales, the purpose of which was to buy three or four replacement heifers for the herd of thirty cross-Highland cows which I was in charge of. Over the years the number of pure Highland cattle within the herd had diminished and by the time I was in charge it was down to four, and try as I might to persuade him over the years to go back to pure Highland my efforts were in vain. At the sale that day he bought three two-year-old cross heifers; to the best of my recall they were seventy pounds each. They were probably the furthest travelled cattle at the sale having come all the way from the island crofting township of Scolpaig in North Uist. The long journey from the most westerly point of the island, which in former times was renowned for the quality of its purebred Highland cattle coming from folds such as Balranald and Vallay, the heifers’ journey would probably have taken at least two days, starting with the long road to Lochboisdale, then the all too often stormy crossing to Oban, probably calling at Castlebay en-route to collect more cattle. This sale was one of the highlights of the year for the many crofters who made their annual trip to Oban to sell their hardy heifers. Occasionally, very occasionally, my boss’s love for the Highland breed would overcome his typically West Highland practical approach and he would buy a Highland heifer, but never one of these soft, less hardy lowland types, “oh no” not for him, what he would buy would come from some remote corner of who knows where, probably from one of his old pals, he would refer to it as being “the old kind”, hardy, very hardy!

26 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Exhibit of Strathallan, Champion Bull Sale 1966 900gs to the Douneside Fold, record price.

The judge on the day was the well-known Shorthorn breeder Mr James Biggar who appeared to be focused on size, choosing the three-year-old Ballochmorrie of Ormsary as champion, selling for 240gs. The reserve champion award went to the best yearling, the very attractive Marlaoch of Douneside. This was without question a breeder’s bull; nevertheless, on the day he could only command a bid of 200gs leaving the ring unsold. The following year Mrs. Bowser, Benmore fold, would have to pay an additional 500gs to secure the services of Marlaoch of Douneside the 1965 Champion. On the day he fetched 700gs; he was at that time the second dearest Highland bull ever sold. There was another yearling to leave the ring unsold at the1964 sale, Exhibit of Strathallan, the first prize junior yearling could only attract a bid of 150gs. On his return visit to Oban in 1966 he had the double honour of not only the championship award, but he set a new record price of 900gs selling to the Douneside fold. Exhibit of Strathallan went on to sire five consecutive bull sale champions between 1969 -73, a record as yet unbeaten. Due to the great scarcity of purebred Highland cattle the spring sale of 1966 saw a resurgence of interest in the breed. The average for the fifteen bulls on offer was 240gs. As well as the record price Exhibit of Strathallan there were some other notable bulls sold on the day. Douglas and Angus Estates had third and fourth prize two-year bulls. Uallach 2nd of Douglas sold at 180gs to a former president, Commander H. Duncan, Ruglas Fold. Uallach 2nd was in later life to breed very well in the Cladich Fold. The fourth prize winner, Seumas of Douglas sold for 220gs to the Ulva Fold where he left some outstanding stock in several of the folds on the Isle of Mull.

Ballach Ruadh Ile 2nd, 3rd prize 2 year old bull, 1972, top price 1000gs to Strathallan.

Marlaoch of Douneside, Champion 1965, 700gs to Mrs Bowser, Benmore.

The sale of 1968 was described thus in the breed journal: “The number of spectators was disappointing.” The report went on to state the sale after the show was “Very disappointing indeed.” Out of the twenty-five bulls for sale, twelve left the ring unsold including the champion, Ben Alder of Scone Palace who could only command a bid of 130gs. Unable to find a buyer, he eventually was used in the Balmoral fold with limited success. My employer, Mr Alex Robinson who was very hard to please, described the situation like this: “the poor quality of the cattle on offer were only out-shone by the poor quality of the judging.” The female section fared every bit as badly with both the champion and reserve leaving the ring unsold at 90gs. The only bull to command any real interest was the third prize, Niall of Douneside selling to Sir Francis Walker, Leys Castle. There can be few bulls that in the past fifty years influenced the breed as much as Niall of Douneside. Little did I think then that Niall and I would cross paths again in 1975. The sale of 1969 was a complete contrast to the previous year. It saw the first son of the record price Exhibit of Strathallan emulate his sire by not only winning the championship award but claiming the new record price of 1,100gs. Major Gordon Lude fought off strong competition to secure Moirreach of Douneside. The average price for the sixteen bulls sold was 245gs compared to 110gs the previous year. I recall some other very good bulls on offer that day, David of Cladich, 157gs to Ormsary, Prionnsa Buidhe of Ulva, 168gs to Benmore, Seumas of Ulva, 315gs to Scone Palace. Each of these bulls was to prove a better breeder than the champion they faced that day, which is very often the case. The championship award carries no guarantees as to which bull will breed best. I well remember the sale of 1970 as it was almost cancelled due to severe weather conditions; many of the buyers were unable to attend, as were some of the cattle due to the heavy snowfall on many of the roads in the north and west of Scotland. Douneside went on to win their second championship with Seumas of Douneside selling to Ardnamurchan Estates for 500gs. What I remember most of this event was the quality of the females on offer. The Benmore consignment in particular were quite outstanding all of which were sired by her champion buy of 1965: Marlaoch of Douneside. Mrs Bowser’s heifers won all four female classes all of which were off the same female line, the well-known “Bhanna Prionnsa.”

Barraiche of Douneside was the third of Exhibit of Strathallan’s sons to claim the championship award in 1971, selling for 650gs to Sir William Lithgow, Ormsary. Some years ago I asked John McKechnie, the manager of the Douneside fold, which of his five champions he considered to be the best. Barraiche was without doubt his choice, having the overall structural correctness along with what he considered to be an outstanding coat of hair. Another bull from the Douneside fold was to the fore that day who was to prove himself as great a breeder. MacDomhunll of Douneside, sired by Domhunll of Douneside was third in the twoyear-old class selling to the Benmore fold for 300gs. The best of the cows in the Benmore fold today still show the good characteristics of this bull. Only four females were sold on the day to average 160gs. This was due to the fact that all cattle herds in Scotland were undergoing Brucellossis accreditation at this time. The demand in Scotland for Brucellossis-accredited cattle of all breeds had a very positive effect on the Spring Highland sale of 1972. A resurgence of interest not only from farmers in Scotland and south of the border saw the average for bulls rise to 420gs for seventeen, whilst the twelve heifers on offer average 220gs. As is often the case the judging did not follow the prices. The champion Manus of Douneside could only command 350gs selling to the judge who later in the day sold it to Miss Rosemary Dalgleish, Leachy fold where he went on to prove himself a true consistent breeder of quality females. On returning to the Oban sale as an old bull in 1977, he commanded 1,100gs being placed first in the aged class. On that day he was looking in top form, by far the best bull at the sale. The long-established Islay House fold took the top price at the 1972 sales with the big Ballach Ruadh Ile 2nd, the Strathallan fold paying 1,000gs. Although this bull looked the part, he failed to prove himself as a great breeder; one look at the calves the following year and Ballach Ruadh was down the road. When you looked at the pedigree everything was right, all the best breeding; his sire Diarmad of Achnacloich, champion at the Oban sale of 1962, his dam line being the highly regarded Princess Ealasaid 4th of Achnacloich, while also on his dam’s side the very best of Barbrek breeding in Eilidh Ruadh 27th of Barbrek who in turn was out of the 1955 champion John of Severie. This was a good lesson to me; no matter how good everything might look and regardless of what you might have paid, never try to convince yourself it will come good, it never will. Cut your losses and move on! Angus MacKay

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 27

UNITED AUCTIONS A Highland Partnership United Auctions holds a long and illustrious partnership with the Highland Cattle breed stretching back to the 19th Century. Today the partnership is strengthened further with the Highland Cattle Society basing its headquarters alongside United Auctions at Stirling Agricultural Centre. United Auctions is also proud to be the Official Auctioneer at both the Stirling Bull Sales and the spring and autumn show and sales at Oban Livestock Centre. Selling the Pedigree Highlanders at this year’s autumn sale in Oban will be Argyll born auctioneer Raymond Kennedy ‘Since selling my first Highlander nearly 5 years ago, the breed has become a real passion of mine. The strength and quality of the cattle is to be admired and is only matched by the dedication and enthusiasm of its breeders. As well as providing a showcase for the pedigree sales, United Auctions also believes in the strength and appetite in the commercial market for this renowned breed. The Company has seen the sales of commercial highland cattle rise by 29% and recently conducted the dispersal of 184 head from the Dumyat Herd. George Purves, Group Managing Director ‘the positive foundation and history with Highland cattle has allowed us to build a special relationship with the society and its members. After the success of the Pedigree sales in Stirling and the increase in commercial cattle sold through our store and breeding rings we hope to transfer this energy and professionalism into the forthcoming Oban sales. We recognise the importance of the Oban sale not only for the history of this iconic breed but to the economic output and value it brings to the town and local community. As the new custodians of the sale we bring the experience of a team of over 80 professionals and support staff dedicated to the livestock industry incorporating a blend of experience and youth, providing continuity of service that Highland Cattle breeders can rely upon.

28 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

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Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 31

SOCIETY SALES Society Sales 2016/2017 119th AUTUMN SHOW & SALE 9th & 10th October 2016 Judge: Mr Robert Phillip Green Farm, Hellifield, Skipton. BD23 4LA

Best Heifer Calf winning the Myrecairnie Perpetual Trophy HEATHERBELLE OF CRAIGOWMILL UK541989201996. Born 18/04/16. Black Vendor: Messrs Brown Reserve Heifer Calf UNA 11TH OF CRAIGOWMILL UK541989601993. Born 14/04/16. Red Vendor: Messrs Brown

Young Handlers Judge: Melissa Sinclair, Pollok Fold The 119th Autumn Show & Sale turned out to be an action packed weekend starting with a Highland Cattle promotional event in Argyll Square Oban in partnership with Bid4Oban and Jackson Brothers Butchers. A drinks reception in the Royal Hotel welcomed new members, visitor, vendors and buyers on Saturday evening. On Sunday 9th October Robert Phillip from Hellifield Highlanders Yorkshire capably judged the Autumn show and found his Champion in Susan 20th Ormsary from Sir William Lithgow Bt & Son from Ormsary. Iona Keys from the Keys Fold and her friend Niamh Cameron aged 12 baked highland cow cupcakes and sold them in the market raising £200 for the Hurricane Matthew Appeal in Haiti. 160 people attended the Society Dinner and Ceilidh on Sunday evening where the Grand Raffle was drawn and members played ‘Shove the Pound’ to raise over £900 for Marie Curie. On Monday the Sale commenced at 10am, two animals shared the top price of £3000, Ailsa 9th of Craigowmill from Ken & Eva Brown of Kinross who was sold to Michael & Sally Nairn of Balnabroich Farms and Raineach of Eilean Mor from Karen & Michael MacGregor who sold to Mr A Fitzsimon, Dumfries. Out of the 70 animals present 57 found new homes giving a clearance rate of 81%.


Stockman who brought out the Overall Champion winning the K W walker Memorial Quaich Mr Alan Bosomworth of Ormsary

Best Cow winning the Thaggnam Cup BAN RIGH OF MOTTISTONE UK282865200250. Born 07/02/08. Red Vendor: Mr Michael Poland

Overall Female Champion and Best Three Year Old winning the Invernairn Cup and Bell Ingram Quaich SUSAN 20TH OF ORMSARY UK540930402575. Born 01/04/13. Red Vendor: Sir William J Lithgow, Bt & Son (Ormsary)

32 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

GRUAGACH 49TH OF ORMSARY UK540930502569. Born 23/03/13. Red Vendor: Sir William J Lithgow, Bt & Son (Ormsary) Sold for 2200 guineas, Volker Hahn & Ruediger Lange ISEABAL 20TH OF CARSAIG UK540930502576. Born 02/04/13. Red Vendor: Lady Lithgow Sold for 2200 guineas, Volker Hahn & Ruediger Lange AILSA 9TH OF CRAIGOWMILL UK541989601685. Born 20/03/13. Red Vendor: Messrs Brown Sold for 3000 guineas, Balnabroich Farm

Reserve Cow NEOINEAN OG 9TH OF WHITSLAID UK560288400285. Born 01/05/08. Red Vendor: Blairlogan Highlanders Best Bull Calf winning the Neil Jackson Memorial Perpetual Trophy 600499 OF DUNACH UK541151600499. Born 06/03/16. Red Vendor: Lord Denham Reserve Overall Champion and Best Two Year Old winning the George Bruce Memorial Trophy NEMANDA 4TH OF KNOCKENDON UK584024500186. Born 24/03/14. Red Vendor: Ronald & Frances Fergie Reserve Three Year Old RAINEACH OF EILEAN MOR UK500029600085. Born 04/07/13. Red Vendor: Karen & Michael Macgregor

Reserve Bull Calf 100494 OF DUNACH UK541151100494. Born 25/02/16. Red Vendor: Lord Denham THREE YEAR OLD HEIFERS Section 1, Class 1 Born on or between 01/01/2013 and 06/04/2013

Reserve Two Year Old JENNY 5TH OF MOTTISTONE UK282865500638. Born 24/02/14. Red Vendor: Mr Michael Poland

Female Champions

2nd 3rd 4th

Other Leading Prices ALMA 2ND OF CNOC UK541200600121. Born 03/04/13. Black Vendor: Sydney & Maureen O’Hara Sold for 700 guineas, Douglas. THREE YEAR OLD HEIFERS Section 1, Class 2 Born on or between 07/04/2013 and 30/04/2013 1st SIUSAN 10TH OF GLENGARNOCK UK580657200218. Born 08/04/13. Dun Vendor: A & H Kirkpatrick Sold for 1500 guineas, Grant Hyslop 2nd BEAN BHUIDHE 6TH OF CRAIGOWMILL UK541989701728. Born 17/04/13. Red Vendor: Messrs Brown Sold for 2200 guineas, Volker Hahn & Ruediger Lange

Best Yearling Heifer winning the Braes of Greenock Challenge Bowl PRINCESS DUBH 2ND OF CRAIGLUSCAR UKUK544529400282. Born 25/03/15. Black Vendor: Hamish E T Irvine Reserve Yearling Heifer HOLLY OF CRAIGLUSCAR UKUK544529500283. Born 30/03/15. Red Vendor: Hamish E T Irvine

1ST SUSAN 20TH OF ORMSARY UK540930402575. Born 01/04/13. Red Vendor: Sir William J Lithgow, Bt & Son (Ormsary) Sold for 2000 guineas, Falko Steinberg

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 33



3rd CAPLEADH MAIREAD 5TH OF GLENGORM UK540990400721. Born 24/04/13. Red Vendor: Glengorm Not sold 4th LILLIAN 7TH OF ISLE OF BUTE UK585263700111. Born 26/04/13. Red Vendor: R & E McMillan Sold for 1500 guineas, Darryl Harris

CLARA BEG 11TH OF MIUNGAIRIGH UK544552600056. Born 13/05/13. Yellow Vendor: Mr A J MacColl Sold for 1800 guineas, Graeme Keep

ALICE GUN DUIL 1ST OF GRAY BRAE UK563716100103. Born 20/03/14. Red Vendor: Douglas and Hilary Crane Sold for 1600 guineas, Mrs J H Stirckland


TWO YEAR OLD HEIFERS Section 2, Class 4 Born on or between 01/01/2014 and 31/03/2014

TWO YEAR OLD HEIFERS Section 2, Class 5 Born on or between 01/04/2014 and 31/12/2014

Other leading prices:


1st 2nd

NEMANDA 4TH OF KNOCKENDON UK584024500186. Born 24/03/14. Red Vendor: Ronald & Frances Fergie Sold for 2000 guineas, Mr Anderson, Dalry

Other Leading Prices DOSAN BHEAG 48TH OF ACHNACLOICH UK541139500677. Born 07/04/13. Red Vendor: Thomas Nelson Sold for 1500 guineas, Douglas THREE YEAR OLD HEIFERS Section 1, Class 3 Born on or between 01/05/2013 and 31/12/2013 1st 2nd

RAINEACH OF EILEAN MOR UK500029600085. Born 04/07/13. Red Vendor: Karen & Michael Macgregor Sold for 3000 guineas, Fitzsimon, Dumfries CATRIONA 2ND OF GARTOCHARN UK541401400059. Born 15/06/13. Red Vendor: Mr & Mrs J S McKechnie Not sold 3rd CAPLEADH PROISEAG 8TH OF BROOMRIGG UK581560300065. Born 12/06/13. Red Vendor: Mr & Mrs D R Fountain Sold for 1350 guineas, Jonathan Weir 4th NEOINEAN RUADH 2ND OF ACHNACROISH UK546383500014. Born 29/05/13. Red Vendor: S & I McKay Sold for 1300 guineas, Jonathan Weir

2nd 3rd 4th

JENNY 5TH OF MOTTISTONE UK282865500638. Born 24/02/14. Red Vendor: Mr Michael Poland Not sold LILI 23RD OF ACHNACLOICH UK541139200716. Born 22/03/14. Red Vendor: Thomas Nelson Sold for 1000 guineas, Michael Poland LIZZIE 9TH OF KNOCKENDON UK584024200183. Born 27/01/14. Red Vendor: Ronald & Frances Fergie Sold for 1000 guineas, Sir Jim Paice

Other leading prices: MORAG BEAN RUADH 1ST OF BRAELANGWELL UK502183300001. Born 26/02/14. Red Vendor: Hugh Sydney Mitchell Sold for 500 guineas, Darryl Harris

Other Leading Prices

ALICE 4TH OF GRAY BRAE UK563716500100. Born 01/03/14. Red Vendor: Douglas and Hilary Crane Sold for 1000 guineas, Yann Guisnel

PEIGI 3RD OF CNOC UK541200200124. Born 03/05/13. Black Vendor: Sydney & Maureen O’Hara Sold for 1500 guineas, Yann Guisnel

MALDA DUBH 7TH OF KNOCKENDON UK584024300184. Born 16/03/14. Black Vendor: Ronald & Frances Fergie Sold for 1200 guineas, Douglas

34 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

WENDY OF CORNTOWN UK509977500002. Born 21/06/14. White Vendor: Mr Ron MacLean Sold for 1200 guineas, Rhian Thomas MAIREARAD BHUIDHE OF BORLAND UK542205200538. Born 06/04/14. Yellow Vendor: Mr K Howman Sold for 2000 guineas, Jonathan Weir 3rd MACEY OF EARN UK507623100652. Born 10/05/14. Red Vendor: Mrs Heather Corrigall Not sold 4th AGNES OF EARN UK507623400648. Born 16/04/14. Red Vendor: Mrs Heather Corrigall Not sold Other leading prices: SONASAG BUIDHE OF EILEAN MOR UK500029700093. Born 10/06/14. Yellow Vendor: Karen & Michael Macgregor Sold for 2000 guineas, Yann Guisnel MORAG 2ND OF ARDENTRAIVE UK544270500121. Born 12/07/14. Dun Vendor: The Keys Family Sold for 1000, Grant & J E Drew YEARLING HEIFERS Section 3, Class 6 Born on or between 01/01/2015 and 31/12/2015 1st PRINCESS DUBH 2ND OF CRAIGLUSCAR UKUK544529400282. Born 25/03/15. Black Vendor: Hamish E T Irvine Sold for 1400 guineas, W Bange & Sons 2nd HOLLY OF CRAIGLUSCAR UKUK544529500283. Born 30/03/15. Red Vendor: Hamish E T Irvine Not sold 3rd KATE 9TH OF JEDDERFIELD UK561724200096. Born 28/03/15. Red Vendor: Caroline Cuthbertson Not sold

ANNA RUADH 4TH OF JEDDERFIELD UK561724100095. Born 27/03/15. Red Vendor: Caroline Cuthbertson Sold for 700 guineas, Manfred Ruser

ANNAG DUBH OF CRAIGLUSCAR UKUK544529200279. Born 26/02/15. Black Vendor: Hamish E T Irvine Sold for 800 guineas, D Soutar MORAG BEAN RUADH 2ND OF BRAELANGWELL UKUK502183500003. Born 16/03/15. Red Vendor: Hugh Sydney Mitchell Sold for 700 guineas, Ruser ALIS JEAN 2ND OF BORLAND UK542205300581. Born 17/03/15. Black Vendor: Mr K Howman Sold for 600 guineas, Douglas MORAG 3RD OF ARDENTRAIVE UK544270600129. Born 11/06/15. Red Vendor: The Keys Family Sold for 320 guineas, Fraser & Son HEIFER CALVES Section 4, Class 7 Born on or between 01/01/2016 and 17/02/2016 1st 2nd 3rd

BARABEL 2ND OF CHEDLEY UK230842700012. Born 13/01/16. White Vendor: Mr Graeme Keep Sold for 800 guineas, Manfred Ruser MARIEAD 2ND OF BLAIRLOGAN UK541302600136. Born 01/02/16. Red Vendor: Blairlogan Highlanders Sold for 800 guineas, Montgomery LYNSEY 2ND OF KEILLMORE UK544550500338. Born 01/02/16. Black Vendor: Stuart D. Campbell Sold for 1400 guineas, Hendrick Hoof

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 35



SORCHA DUBH 4TH OF CLADICH UK544550400344. Born 10/02/16. Red Vendor: Mrs Jon H Strickland Sold for 700 guineas, Hendrick Hoof

Other leading prices: GRACE 3RD OF CHEDLEY UK230842600011. Born 07/01/16. Yellow Vendor: Mr Graeme Keep Sold for 180 guineas, A Ewing ALMA GRIANACH 4TH OF CLADICH UK544550100341. Born 06/02/16. Red Vendor: Mrs Jon H Strickland Sold for 500 guineas, Maisey SEONAIG 2ND OF BLAIRLOGAN UK541302100138. Born 07/02/16. Red Vendor: Blairlogan Highlanders Sold for 600 guineas, Montgomery GHEILDER DUBH 2ND OF CLADICH UK544550600346. Born 17/02/16. Black Vendor: Mrs Jon H Strickland Sold for 600 guineas, Yann Guisnel HEIFER CALVES Section 4, Class 8 Born on or between 18/02/2016 and 06/04/2016 1st PRINCESS VICTORIA OF CLADICH UK544550100348. Born 20/02/16. Black Vendor: Mrs Jon H Strickland Sold for 700 guineas, Hendrick Hoof 2nd FURAN BEATHAG 27TH OF GLENGORM UK540990500848. Born 25/02/16. Red Vendor: Glengorm Sold for 900 guineas, Caroline Ronald 3rd MORAG MINGEAL 12TH OF GLENGORM UK540990700857. Born 15/03/16. Red Vendor: Glengorm Sold for 600 guineas, Neil Fletcher 4th SOPHIE OF CHEDLEY UK230842200014. Born 23/03/16. White Vendor: Mr Graeme Keep Sold for 420 guineas, Manfred Ruser

2nd 3rd 4th

UNA 11TH OF CRAIGOWMILL UK541989601993. Born 14/04/16. Red Vendor: Messrs Brown Sold for 800 guineas, Caroline Ronald GILLIAN 3RD OF BLAIRLOGAN UK541302700144. Born 28/04/16. Red Vendor: Blairlogan Highlanders Sold for 600 Guineas, Michael Poland DOROTHY NIGHEAN 14TH OF GLENGORM UK540990500876. Born 11/04/16. Yellow Vendor: Glengorm Not sold

Other leading prices: FURAN GUN DIUL 21ST OF GLENGORM UK540990200887. Born 02/05/16. Yellow Vendor:Glengorm Sold for 550 guineas, A Ewing COWS & SENIOR HEIFERS Section 5, Class 10 Born on or before 31/12/2012 1st 2nd 3rd

BAN RIGH OF MOTTISTONE UK282865200250. Born 07/02/08. Red Vendor: Mr Michael Poland Sold for 1200 guineas, A Hyslop & Son NEOINEAN OG 9TH OF WHITSLAID UK560288400285. Born 01/05/08. Red Vendor: Blairlogan Highlanders Sold for 1100 guineas, Montgomery MOLAG OF ARDENTRAIVE UK544270100096. Born 30/06/11. Red Vendor: The Keys Family Sold for 700 guineas, Mr Grant

HEIFER CALVES Section 4, Class 9 Born on or between 07/04/2016 and 31/05/2016

MALES Section 5, Class 10 Born in 2016



HEATHERBELLE OF CRAIGOWMILL UK541989201996. Born 18/04/16. Black Vendor: Messrs Brown Sold for 1500 guineas, A Ruckenschaub, Austria

36 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

600499 OF DUNACH UK541151600499. Born 06/03/16. Red Vendor: Lord Denham Sold for 900 guineas, Yann Guisnel, France

2nd 3rd 4th

100494 OF DUNACH UK541151100494. Born 25/02/16. Red Vendor: Lord Denham Sold for 300 guineas, J Fraser & Son 600492 OF DUNACH UK541151600492. Born 14/02/16. Red Vendor: Lord Denham Sold for 300 guineas, J Fraser & Son 400497 OF DUNACH UK541151400497. Born 03/03/16. Red Vendor: Lord Denham Sold for 300 guineas, J Fraser & Son

Young Handlers Class – The Oban Times Best Young Handler Trophy Judge: Melissa Sinclair of the Pollok Fold 1st Beth Noble 2nd Laura Hunter 3rd Dougie MacDonald 4th Sophie from Denmark 5th Emily Armstrong 6th Kate Armstrong 7th Asha Nelson 8th Ruaridh Cameron Judging of the Best Pair of Suckled Heifer Calves Bred by Exhibitor Winning the Cladich Cup for the best pair of suckled heifer calves bred by exhibitor was Mrs J H Strickland of Cladich. Judging of the Best Pair of in-calf Heifers Winning the Thomas McLatchie Memorial Trophy for the best pair of in-calf heifers was Sir William Lithgow Bt & Son with: SUSAN 20TH OF ORMSARY UK540930402575. Born 01/04/13. Red Vendor: Sir William J Lithgow, Bt & Son (Ormsary) GRUAGACH 49TH OF ORMSARY UK540930502569. Born 23/03/13. Red Vendor: Sir William J Lithgow, Bt & Son (Ormsary) Prettiest Calf Trophy Winning the prettiest calf trophy was Kenny & Lesley Matheson from Brue Highlanders. Craigowmill Trophy Murn Cameron and Lewis Singer shared the Craigowmill Trophy for the Best Young Handler throughout the year. Large Show Fold Trophy R & E McMillan from the Isle of Bute Fold.

Small Show Fold Trophy Mr Robert Wain of the Rose Fold. Sale Averages Section Three Year Olds Two Year Olds Yearlings Heifer Calves Cows Bull Calves


2015 Difference

£1931.25 (14) £2019 (13) £1348.84 (13) £1253 (15) £791 (6) £672 (14) £775.14 (17) £628 (18) £1050 (3) £1667 (8) £472.50 (4) £425.00 (4)

-£87.75 +£94.84 +£119 +£147.14 -£617 +£47.50

126th SPRING SHOW AND SALE, OBAN 12th & 13th February 2017

Judge: Jimmy Laing, Young Handlers Judge: Helen Laing It was the first time ever a father and daughter pairing were honoured with judging the Spring Show with veteran Jimmy Laing judging the animal classes and daughter Helen Laing judging the Young Handlers classes. The buyers on Monday were selective but prepared to pay good prices for the right cattle. Two Year Old Bulls £4153 (11) up £1592 from £2561 (18) in 2016 Three Year Old Bulls £2590 (3) up £543 from £2048 (4) in 2016 Aged Bulls £3675 (1) up £1750 from £1950 (3) in 2016 Yearling Bulls £1192 (4) up £466 from £726 (11) in 2016 Senior Heifers £2100 (7) down £473 from ££2573 (4) in 2016 Three Year Old Heifers £1638 (10) up £520 from £1118 (7) in 2016 Two Year Old Heifers £1445 (10) up £300 from £1145 (10) in 2016 Yearling Heifers £825 (18) up £75 from £750 (21) in 2016 Cows - £840 (1) The Overall Male Champion of the day taking the Craig Sellar Trophy and The W Pearson Brown Memorial Trophy for the Best Two year old bull was a black bull, Cameron Dubh of Kelby. He was born on 4 January 2015 out is out of Fiona 2nd of Bien Esk and by Conan Dubh of Craigowmill. Cameron Dubh comes from the home of first time exhibitor T P Radford from Lincolnshire and was expertly shown by stockman Daniel Rowbottom who won the Roy Cruickshank Goblet. This bull heads to the Blingery Fold in Wick for 6500 guineas.

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 37



The fold from Glengorm also took 5200 guineas for Archie Sauce of Glengorm who stood second in the same class as Angus Ruadh of Glengorm. Archie Sauce was purchased by Messrs Stewart of Langraw.

The Reserve Overall Male Champion and Reserve Two Year Old Champion winning the Caledonian Marts (Stirling) Trophy was Douglas of Rannoch a red bull from Donald MacNaughton who has been coming to Oban for 52 years. Douglas of Rannoch born on 6 April 2015 is by Reich of Rannoch and out of Skye 2nd of Rannoch. He travels all the way to Germany to his new home with Falko Stenberg for 6000 guineas.

Out of the same stable was the Two Year Old Heifer Champion, Skye of Allanfearn who heads to Hendrick Hoof of Germany for the top female price of the day 4000 guineas. Skye is by Crusoe of Brue, out of Caileag Bheag 25th of Callachally born on 23 February 2015. The overall female champion was the Best Senior Heifer and came from Sir William Lithgow, Bt & Son (Ormsary) who won the D M Stewart Memorial Trophy with Sidonia 12th of Ormsary, born on 6 April 2013 by Callum 2nd of Goldenberry out of Sidonia 10th of Ormsary and in calf to the black bull Ruaridh of Inver. Sidonia 12th of Ormsary was brought out by Alan Bosomworth who won The Angus MacGillivray Memorial Quaich, she heads to Germany to the home of Volker Hahn & Ruediger Lange for 2200 guineas.

Show Results Section 1, Class 1 1st Best Two Year Old Bull & Overall Champion – Cameron Dubh of Kelby from T. P. Radford, 6500 guineas, Blingery Fold, Wick 2nd Braveheart of Mortimers from Blairlogan Highlanders, bred by Mortimers Farm 3rd Connieach Riabhach 6th of Leys from Leys Castle, 1200 guineas, Robert Phillip, Hellifield Highlanders 4th Duke 10th of Leys from Leys Castle Second top female price went to Ken & Eva Brown of the Craigowmill Fold with Isla Dubh 9th of Craigowmill who stood second in her class to the Overall Female Champion. She is a April 2013 born heifer by Panther 2nd Vom Aignerhof out of Isla Dhubh of Craigowmill and went to the Blingery Fold from Wick along with the Overall Male Champion for 3800 guineas.

Topping the sale was Angus Ruadh of Glengorm from Past President Tom Nelson, Isle of Mull. Angus Ruadh stood first in his class, was born on 4 March 2015 and heads to Inverinate Estate for 8000 guineas.

The Reserve Overall Female Champion was the Three Year Old Heifer Champion, Amber of Allanfearn, from the Allanfearn Fold of Maureen MacArthur & John Ashton. They also won the MacLean Duart Perpetual Trophy for the Best Pair of Females of any age. Amber was born in April 2014, is out of Ruby of Allanfearn and by Eilean Dubh of Craigowmill and heads to D Howden for 3200 guineas.

38 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

The Young Handlers class was divided this year as a new trophy was donated by Annie Perkins of the Thistle Fold for the Under 12s. Winning this section was young Kate Cameron of the Dunach Fold. The Senior Young Handler who won the Woodneuk Trophy was Kerrie MacGillivray of the Pennygown Fold, Isle of Mull.

Section 1, Class 2 1st & Sale Topper at 8000 guineas – Angus Ruadh of Glengorm from Glengorm sold to Inverinate Estate 2nd Archie Sauce of Glengorm from Glengorm, 5200 guineas, J & M Stewart, Langraw 3rd Ross of Earn from Heather Corrigall 4th Elliot of Earn from Heather Corrigall Section 1, Class 3 1st & Reserve Two Year Old Bull & Reserve Overall Male Champion – Douglas of Rannoch from Donald MacNaughton, 6000 guineas, Falko Steinberg, Germany 2nd Nero 2nd of Knockendon from Ronald & Frances Fergie, 3200 guineas, E Cameron, Glen Nevis 3rd Ossian of Allanfearn from Maureen MacArthur & John Ashton, 2200 guineas, Oliver Harrison 4th Dochie of Gartocharn from Mr & Mrs J McKechnie Section 2, Class 4 1st & Best Three Year Old Bull – Bodach Geal of Borland from Mr K Howman, 2000 guineas, Andrew Ewing

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 39


SOCIETY SALES 2nd & Reserve Three Year Old Bull – Solomon of Brunilla from Simon & Emma Haley, bred by Rikka Palonen 3rd Ruadh Nero of Seam from Simon & Emma Haley, 3000 guineas, Micahel & Sally Nairn, Balnabroich 4th Exception of Ballimore from Duncan Buchanan bred by John Neill MacLeod Section 3, Class 5 1st & Best Aged Bull – Gille Dubh of West Edmondsley from L & L Braines, 3500 guineas, Killochries Fold 2nd & Reserve Aged Bull – Conneach of Dams from Mr & Mrs C W Wilson 3rd Lasgaire Dubh 6th of The Bin from Ian Duncan Section 4, Class 6 1st & Best Yearling Bull – Buidhe Kracken of Seam from Emma & Simon Haley, 1500 guineas, K H Winter, Germany 2nd Reserve Yearling Bull – Dubh Armunn of Seam from J & J Singer, 2000 guineas, J Singer, Kintore 3rd Aileag Ruadh of Rhudle from D Buchanan bred by J Warmerdam 4th Hector 2nd of Blairlogan from Blairlogan Highlanders Section 5, Class 7 1st & Reserve Senior Heifer – Una Geal of Pollok from Glasgow City Council, 1100 guineas, F Pommer, Germany 2nd Dossan Og 12th of Craigowmill from Ken & Eva Brown, 2600 guineas, P & S Smith, Stockley 3rd Yana of Cnoc – from Sydney & Maureen O’Hara, 1200 guineas, Oliver Harrison 4th Shona of Cnoc – from Sydney & Maureen O’Hara Section 5, Class 8 1st & Overall Senior Heifer & Overall Female Champion – Sidonia 12th of Ormsary from Sir William Lithgow Bt & Son (Ormsary), 2200 guineas, Vokler Hahn & Ruediger Lange, Germany 2nd Isla Dubh 9th of Craigowmill – from Ken & Eva Brown, 3800 guineas, Blingery Fold, Wick 3rd Iseabal 21st of Carsaig – from Lady Lithgow, 1900 guineas, P & S Smith, Stockley 4th Ella Ruadh 31st of Callachally from Mr H M MacPhail, 1200 guineas, Glenmassan Estate Section 6, Class 9 1st Aimee Ruadh 2nd of Balnabroich from Michael & Sally Nairn, 1400 guineas, G Hyslop 2nd Cassie Buidhe 5th of Cladich from Mrs Jon H Strickland, 2200 guineas, Glenmassan Estate 3rd Eilidh 2nd of Dams – from Mr & Mrs C Wilson, 900 guineas, E Halford 4th Cosima Beusach of Cnoc from Sydney & Maureen O’Hara, 1000 guineas, Epsilon NV, Isle of Mull

40 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Section 6, Class 10 1st Best Three Year Old Heifer & Reserve Overall Female Champion – Amber of Allanfearn from Maureen MacArthur & John Ashton, 3200 guineas, D Howden 2nd & Reserve Three Year Old Heifer Champion – Agnes of Earn from Heather Corrigall, 1900 guineas, A Mrtens, Breekmoor Fold 3rd Morag of Balnabroich from Michael & Sally Nairn, 1000 guineas, D Booth, Yorkshire 4th Primrose 12th of Knockendon from Ronald & Frances Fergie, 1000 guineas, Andrew Ewing Section 7, Class 11 1st & Best Two Year Old Heifer – Skye of Allanfearn from Maureen MacArthur & John Ashton, 4000 guineas, H Hoof, Germany 2nd Lucy of West Edmondsley from L & L Braines, 1500 guineas, Pommer, Germany 3rd Danielle Ruadh of Ceannacroic from Dunlossit (Farming) Ltd, 1200 guineas, Andrew Ewing 4th Helen Ruadh of Kelby from T P Radford, 600 guineas, E Halford

Section 9, Class 15 1st & Best Cow – Magaidh 25th of Pollock from Glasgow City Council, 800 guineas, Rhian Thomas, Wales Young Handlers (Under 12) 1st & Winner of the Thistle Fold Shield – Kate Cameron 2nd – Jayden McLaughlan Young Handlers (12 – 18) 1st – Kerrie MacGillivray 2nd – Chloe Roberts 3rd – Rhuari Cameron 4th – Asha Nelson

Overall Male Champion and winner of the Two & Three Year Old bull class for bulls born on or between 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2015.

Bryden of Culfoich from J & M McConachie & Son, born on 10 April 2015 by Jacob 2nd of Benmore and out of Cailean of Culfoich. Bryden of Culfoich was shown by Rich Thomson and is from a line of show and sale winners. He sold to Mr Casey of the Casey Fold in Orkney for the top price of 5000 guineas.

Section 7, Class 12 1st & Reserve Yearling Champion – Ceit of Balnabroich from Michael & Sally Nairn, 2400 guineas, D Howden 2nd Eden Sean of Killochries Fold – from Killochries 3rd Baravalla Mina Sean 2nd of Killochries from Killochries 4th Princess Amanda of West Edmondsley from L & L Braines, 600 guineas, Epsilon NV, Isle of Mull Section 8, Class 13 1st & Best Yearling Heifer – Harriet Angus of Killochries Fold from Killochries 2nd & Reserve Yearling Heifer – Annag Angus of Killochries Fold from Killochries, 1200 guineas, A MacDonald, Ardbhan 3rd Dorothy of Chedley from The Chedley Fold (Ltd), 800 guineas, M Ruser, Germany 4th Emilia of West Edmondsley from L & L Braines Section 8, Class 14 1st Anna Fiadhaich 10th of Glengorm – from Glengorm, 700 Guineas, The Wildlife Trust 2nd Lottie 8th of Mosscairn from Archie & Kay Aitchison, 1000 guineas, Miss Eilidh McKay 3rd Robina of Chedley from Chedley Fold (Ltd), 700 guineas, M Ruser, Germany 4th Furan Diul 22nd of Glengorm from Glengorm, 1300 guineas, Witches Craig, Blairlogie

Male Championship

Reserve Male Champion and second in the Two & Three Year Old Bull Class


Sunday 30th April 2017 & Monday 1st May 2017 Judge: Mr Bob McWalter, Fort William The Highland Cattle Society would like to extend their sincere thanks to Agricar Group for the sponsorship of the Highland classes and to East Coast Viners for sponsoring the trophies for the Highland Championship classes. The Society would also like to thank our Judge Mr Bob McWalter and United Auctions for the use of their facilities and the professional organisation of the show and sale. Out of the 35 entries, 31 Highland Cattle were forward. The sale on Monday conducted by Mr Raymond Kennedy saw 18 animals sell to a top price of 5000 guineas for the Male Champion, Bryden of Culfoich from J & M McConachie & Son to the Casey Fold in Orkney. The second top price of the day also went to the McConachie family for Donal 2nd of Culfoich who sold to The Burns Family for 2400 guineas. The female top price was paid for by Ben Wainwright from Aquhorthies Farming, Aberdeenshire for Eden Sean of Killochries.

Solomon of Brunilla from Mr & Mrs S Haley bred by Ms R Palonen. This black bull was born on 21 May 2014 is sired by Angus of Tordarroch and out of Samanta 2nd of Brunilla. Solomon heads to Ben Wainwright from Aquhorthies Farming in Aberdeenshire for 1100 guineas. Overall Female Champion & winner of the Two & Three Year Old Heifer Class for heifers born on or between 1 January 2014 & 31 December 2015. Jenny 5th of Mottistone from Michael Poland, born on 24 February 2014 this red heifer is by Uisdean of Mottistone and out of Jenny of Mottistone. Jenny is from the late Mary MacLean’s famous Mairi of Balure family. This three year old heifer heads to the home of new breeder Louise Fotheringham from Cairncross, Glen Esk, Brechin for 1000 guineas. Reserve Female Champion and second in the Two & Three Year Old Heifer Class Morag 3rd of Goldenberry from Mr Alan Kennedy. This heifer by Callum of Cir Mhor and out of Morag 3rd of Avondale was born on 16 January 2014 and has been running with the bull Lord Mosscastle 2nd of Ardbhan since 1 April 2017.

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 41


Top priced female at 1500 guineas was Eden Sean of Killochries from the Killochries Fold who sold to Ben Wainwright. 

Class Results Aged Bulls – Paraded Only Lot 500 – Moluag of Kilpatrick from Tordarroch estates, bred by Mr John M MacKay. Class 1 – Bulls born on or between 1 January 2014 & 31 December 2015 1. Lot 508 – Bryden of Culfoich from J & M McConachie & Son (Male Champion) 5000 guineas to Mr Casey, Orkney. 2. Lot 502 – Solomon of Brunnila from Mr & Mrs S Haley, bred by R Palonen (Reserve Male Champion) 1100 guineas to Ben Wainwright, Aquhorthies Farming. 3. Lot 506 – Donal 2nd of Culfoich from J & M McConachie & Son, 2400 guineas to the Burns Family, Tippetcraig. 4. Lot 509 – Sir Laurence II of Springfield (Leadburn) from Gavin & Anna Brown 5. Lot 505 – Bond 2nd of Mottistone from Mr Michael Poland Class 2 – Bulls born in 2016 1. Lot 511 – 300783 of Mottistone from Mr Michael Poland (Official name: Eoin Mhor 22nd of Mottistone) 2. Lot 512 – 400043 of Balemartin from The Armstrong Family (Official Name: Seamus Ruadh of Balemartine) 420 guineas to Jim Fraser, Tilbouries. 3. 700204 of Culloden from The Culloden Fold (Official Name: Murray of Culloden) Other Prices: Lot 513 – 700072 of Dams 380 guineas to Simon Haley. Class 3 – Cows born on or before 31 December 2013 1. Lot 514 – Princess Monica 5th of Torrie from Mr Edward Halford bred by Mrs H Barker 2. Lot 515 – Deoraidh Iona of Cladich from Mr Edward Halford bred by Mrs Jon H Strickland

42 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Class 4 – Females born on or between 1 January 2014 & 31 December 2015 1. Lot 517 – Jenny 5th of Mottistone from Mr Michael Poland (Female Champion) 1000 guineas to Louise Fotheringham, Brechin 2. Lot 516 – Morag 3rd of Goldenberry from Mr Alan Kennedy (Reserve Female Champion) 3. Lot 519 – Capleadh Proiseag 9th of Broomrigg from Mr & Mrs D Fountain – 1000 guineas to Michael Poland. 4. Lot 520 – Eden Sean of Killochries from the Killochries Fold – 1500 guineas to Ben Wainwright, Aquhorthies Farming. 5. Lot 518 – Katie Morag of Broomrigg from Mr & Mrs D Fountain – 800 guineas to Woodneuk.


The Male Champion also came from the same home, a red bull, Joshua of Stockley by Ceannard of Muingairgh was born on 17 April 2015.

Other Prices: Lot 521 – Seud Dubh 3rd of Dams to Jim Fraser for 250 guineas. Class 5 – Yearling Heifers born on or after 1 January 2016 1. Lot 523 – Milis 2nd of Seam from Mr & Mrs S Haley 2. Lot 525 – Skye of Craigluscar Farm Fold from Hamish E T Irvine – 500 guineas to Louise Fotheringham, Brechin. 3. Lot 524 – Summer of Craigluscar Farm Fold from Hamish E T Irvine 4. Lot 532 – Primrose of Craigluscar Farm Fold from Hamish E T Irvine – 850 guineas to Louise Fotheringham, Brechin. 5. Lot 533 – Joselyn of Craigluscar Farm Fold APP A – from Hamish E T Irvine – 350 guineas to Andrew Ewing. Other Prices: Lot 527 – Peallachag Ruadh 2nd of Dams 180 guineas to Dean Lot 529 - Eilidh 4th of Kipper Lynn -280 guineas to Andrew Ewing Lot 530 – Peallachag Beag 6th of Dams - 280 guineas to Andrew Ewing Lot 531 – Hope 9th of Kipper Lynn - 280 guineas to Andrew Ewing Lot 534 – Lilianna of Craigluscar Farm Fold - 480 guineas to Louise Fotheringham, Brechin


Saturday 13th May 2017 Judge: Jim Ayres There were 25 cattle forward at the Highland Cattle Show & Sale in Beeston on Saturday 13 May 2017. Judge Jim Ayres, from Norfolk selected the June born black three year old heifer as his female champion. Cairistiona Dubh of Stockley was also crowned Overall Champion and she was bred and brought out by Peter and Sue Smith from the Stockley Fold in Herefordshire.

18 of the 25 animals forward sold to an average of 606 guineas (£578) giving a 72% clearance. Thorpe Estates paid the top price of 1200 guineas to Robert Phillip of the Hellifield Highlanders Fold for the 3rd prize, two year old May born red bull Ardbeg of Hellifield by Uallach Ruadh 2nd of Pollok. Three animals shared a price tag of 1000 guineas, the cow Seonag 3rd of Bien Esk bred by Patricia Smith and sold by Arthur Hill to Simon & Emma Haley of the Seam Fold ran with a March born bull calf at foot. Diorbhail of West Edmondsley with her heifer calf at foot from Edward Halford, bred by L & L Braines sold for 1000 guineas to Chesters and Mr Goodwin paid the same for Julia Carr’s January born yearling heifer Morag of Marrick Park. Section 1 - Aged Bull 1. Dark Prince of Walton from Paul Harris bred by Mrs Suzanne Hill Section 2 – Bulls born in 2015 1. & Male Champion – Joshua of Stockley from Peter & Sue Smith 2. Julian of Harris from Paul Harris 3. Ardbeg of Hellifield from Robert Phillip, sold to Thorpe Estates for 1200 guineas. 4. Jak of Stockley from Peter & Sue Smith

Section 3 – Yearling Bulls 1. Bruno of the Rose from Robert Wain 2. Lenard of Harris from Paul Harris sold for 350 guineas to J T Kirkham 3. Duncan of Kipper Lynn from Edward Halford sold to J T Kirkham for 300 guineas. 4. Ailig of Caradog from Rhian Thomas sold to Eric Bautsch for 580 guineas. Section 4 – Cows 1. Seonag 3rd of Bien Esk from Arthur Hill bred by Patricia Smith sold for 1000 guineas to Simon & Emma Haley 2. Annag of Edgerston from Arthur Hill bred by Edgerston Trading (2006) Ltd sold for 880 guineas to Eric Bautsch 3. Diorbhail of West Edmondsley from Edward Halford bred by L & L Braines sold for 1000 guineas to Chesters. Section 5 – Three & Two Year Old Heifers 1. & Female Champion & Overall Champion – Cairistiona Dubh of Stockley from Peter & Sue Smith 2. Monica of Kipper Lynn from Edward Halford sold for 520 guineas to Chesters 3. Misty of Rose from Robert Wain 4. Rowan 5th of Hunters from Edward Halford sold to Mr Mainwaring for 520 guineas. Section 6 – Yearling Heifers 1. Morag of Marrick Park from Julia Carr sold for 1000 guineas to Mr Goodwin 2. Kaitlin of Marrick Park from Julia Carr sold for 800 guineas to Mr Goodwin 3. Ialluinn 3rd of Kipper Lynn from Edward Halford sold to Mr A Jones for 270 guineas. Eilidh Dubh of Reilth Top was not shown but sold for 578 guineas. Section 7 – Unhaltered Cattle 1. Celandine of Nibs Heath from Joyce Newby sold to David Kinsie for 420 guineas. 2. Ceinlys of Nibs Heath from Joyce Newby sold to David Kinsie for 420 guineas 3. Cilla of Nibs Heath from Joyce Newby sold to J T Kirkham for 340 guineas 4. Caryl of Nibs Heath from Joyce Newby sold to J G Williams for 390 guineas 5. Coral of Nibs Heath from Joyce Newby sold to J T Kirkham for 340 guineas.

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 43



Observations on the Oban Show

Since ancient times, of course, the bull has represented brings down the hammer and announces, “away to Tiree” or strength and virility, which in turn prompted humans to “away to Germany” depending on who bought the animal. The evening dinner and award perform feats of courage involving celebration was elegant and raucous. dangerous interactions with the Breeders traded their white coats for animals. The Greek word for bull-leaping evening dresses and kilts and guests is taurokathapsia – once one has mastered the pronunciation, it produces drank whisky out of trophies nearly as fast as it was being poured in. Scottish a most satisfying sound, especially if dances are high-energy cardio workouts repeated endlessly on a loop, while strolling among cattle on the grounds of – though I had sufficient structural soundness and motor coordination to the Oban market. The practice requires participate only in one dance, for days the acrobat to approach the bull from I carried bruises inside my elbows to the front, grab the horns and somersault prove it. Scottish songs are filled with backwards, propelled by the momentum longing and stirred up the bit of Scottish created by the beast as he reacts by blood passed on from my maternal forcefully thrusting his neck upward. On grandmother, ushering in the exciting the Greek island of Crete, in the palace realization that my ancestors walked of Knossos – home of the mythical Ferne Mele this land, and may have even cavorted Minotaur – there are stunning frescoes and brawled with the ancestors of depicting the act. But back to the show: it culminated on the second day people in the very same room. A rather perfect ending to with the auction, as the collective attention shifted from a perfect stay - thank you for the warm hospitality Scottish observing the structure and the movements of cattle to breeders ! detecting the gestures of prospective buyers. There seemed Ferne Mele to be a hint of sadness at the parting, when the auctioneer

There are cattle, and then there are highland cattle, as I discovered ten years ago on my first visit to a show in the United States. Talking to a co-founder of the Northeastern Highland Cattle Association, who was 83 years old at the time, I learned that he saw highlanders on his first trip to Europe as a soldier in 1943 and had been passionate about the animals ever since. Sixty-five years after that fateful encounter, he sat in a bar in Springfield, Massachusetts, having a convivial conversation over beers with a German breeder – a first-timer to the American shows who was baffled by the strange equipment used in the US, such as the special cages in which cows get their coats blow-dried, trimmed and fluffed up.

Oban. This may be a routine event for the Scottish breeder but represents a world of discoveries to the curious outsider. Picturesque Oban seems to trigger a cycle of wishing and longing. Three vessels – the Isle of Mull, the Clansman and the Lord of the Isles – connect the town to neighboring islands, and their comings and goings seem to impart the rhythm to urban life, as they alternate their conspicuous presence in the port’s still waters to their equally conspicuous absence. The town seems to heave with the collective sighs of people who wish for the ferries to sail off soon, when they are moored in the port, and long for them to return when they are away. Against this backdrop, an organized herd of majestic animals and their breeders converged in Oban. Having recently enjoyed reading a little book entitled “Cattle on a

I believe a leaf of grass of no less than the journey-work of the stars.... ...and the cow crunching with depress’d head surpasses any statue” Walt Whitman As an observer with no financial interest and no beast in the game, I came away with two main recollections from that first show, one superficial and one deep. On a superficial level, the show seemed a cross between a beauty pageant and a bodybuilding contest. About a female, the judge said he’d like to see her shed a hundred pounds to improve her femininity. Of a bull, the same judge remarked that he needed to “boulder up”. As a neophyte one discovers a fascinating vocabulary associated with the assessment of cattle’s structural soundness. Also there seems to be endless commentary about the way females are tracking. My sister would perhaps appreciate this kind of talk – she worked in fashion for many years and was in charge of selecting models for the runway shows, largely based on their gait. On a deeper level, however, I was touched by the passion that breeders and handlers displayed for their animals – beyond the transactional nature of the event, there was a genuine, loving relationship between humans and beasts. I noticed it especially at the end of the show, when the animals were finally able to relax and lie down on the ground, surrounded by discarded empty cans of Pink Oil (a special hair gel for cows that seemed to be consumed in industrial quantities). The sight of a highlander bull resting, ruminating peacefully, oblivious – or was he? – of any awards and accolades bestowed upon him a short while before, while his attendant sat down next to him, resting her head and shoulders against his side, quietly sipping a drink, was a scene of serene beauty. In February 2017 I had the privilege to travel to Scotland, the cradle of highland cattle civilization, to attend the show in

44 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Thousand Hills” (by Katharine Stewart), I looked at the trailers in the parking lot and recalled the depiction of the long-gone practice of droving, the extended trips when cattle would be moved to market “on the hoof”. Droving would typically start in September, when the cattle were well fed, and the process would take months, compared to the short commercial bursts of the present day, when shows last a couple of days. There is something romantic about this pilgrimage to market of breeders with their cattle and their indispensable dogs. Though undoubtedly it must have been arduous, it was a slow journey through a spectacular landscape and there were opportunities to interact with host families along the way. To be around highland cattle in the Highlands is to experience a heightened and unique pleasure - like the taste of an espresso savored in an Italian piazza overlooking a beautifully ornate Baroque church, it carries an authenticity that is not achievable anywhere else. And it is an aesthetic experience, as the animals are a truly beautiful sight to behold. I’m awed by the sturdy females: a six-month calf at the show may be back in three years as the mother of her own six-month calf. And the fierce but gentle males: if highlanders were to be used in Pamplona’s yearly running with the bulls, one imagines a festive stroll with people threading daisy chains around the animals’ horns. The process of domestication of cattle reportedly began about 5,000 years ago, but standing face-toface with a highland bull one gets the impression that perhaps it was the animal’s choice to peacefully coexist with humans. At any rate, the bulls’ physical strength combined with their relative docility only enhances their masculinity.

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 45


HOME COOKING FROM THE USA This cookery book has become an American classic – a must-have in every farm kitchen. All Scottish beef producers should be introduced to it! When I used to sell from the farm and at farmers’ markets, I used to print out some of the recipes to help consumers know how to cook various cuts. It is readily available on Amazon and other booksellers. Nonie Drexel Original review by Gail Maynard, Highland Cattle breeder, Orchard Hill Farm, Maine and US Senator Bernie Sanders, D:Vermont

A Favourite Recipe fro

m Deborah Krasner’s

Good Meat:

Red Wine-Braised Be ef Pot Roast with Portabella Mus hrooms, Rosemary an

d Cloves

Good Meat

“This is the essence of good home cooking, the food your children will for, and any friend lucky remember you enough to eat at your table will reminisce abo years. Plan to make pot ut this meal for atoes or polenta, as we ll as your vegetables suc or any nice greens, while h as turnip and/ the stew cooks. Use a dec ent red wine here – it doe to be great.” sn’t need

By Deborah Krasner

Time: ½ hour prep; 3 hou

The Complete Guide to Sourcing and Cooking Sustainable Meat Deborah Krasner, James Beard Award winning Vermont writer and food professional, has compiled a comprehensive guide to finding, preparing and enjoying healthy, fairly priced and sustainable meat. A passionate advocate of sustainable agriculture and buying local, Krasner understands how these practices benefit the health of humans, the animals and the environment. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality and safety of their food, and want to know not only how it was raised, but by whom. They want to connect their food to the source, and they understand the economic impact of local production. Because of this increased awareness, we’ve seen tremendous growth in farmers’ markets, farm stands, and community supported agriculture, all connecting consumers to farms. As Senator Bernie Sanders Published 2010 by Stewart, Tabori & Chang, points out, “Buying direct from a farmer plows 90 cents An Imprint of ABRAMS of each dollar back into the farm and protects our local ISBN 97-8-1-58479-863-7 communities”. While the demand is up for good quality, grass fed meat raised locally, the author cautions consumers to do their homework, read labels carefully and ask key questions. Local food is food we know; consumers can visit the farm, ask “their” farmer questions about how he/she treats their animals. Good Meat offers a wealth of information with chapters on grass-fed beef, and pasture raised lamb, pork, rabbit and poultry. Additional chapters cover eggs, and side dishes. Krasner includes detailed text, photos and diagrams on animal anatomy showing primal and sub primal cuts. She has helpful suggestions for cut lists for consumers buying in bulk. We have used this information in talking with customers who might ask, “So, what cuts can I get with a fore quarter or a hind quarter?” In Good Meat Krasner sets down the basics of cooking pasture-raised meats and provides detailed cooking instructions on specific cuts. She believes in using the whole animal – nose to tail - and provides recipes for doing just that. Good Meat draws on a wide range of international cuisines and the 200 plus recipes are designed for the unique characteristics of leaner, grass-fed meat. The author aims to help consumers prepare some less familiar cuts with confidence. Another feature makes this book a must-have for pasture farmers: the beautiful photography, by Marcus Nilsson, who specializes in food and travel. In Good Meat, Deborah Krasner has indeed produced a grass-fed culinary bible. And a hefty one it is, which leads to my only complaint. The book weighs nearly five pounds. So I will work to maintain my upper-body strength because Good Meat is worth the effort. “Not too long ago the term “organic” was considered weird and used only for a fringe segment of our agriculture system, and the idea of grass fed meat was almost inconceivable. In fact, it was extremely difficult to find a vegetable or fruit that had not been sprayed with chemicals, or meat that had not been raised on a factory farm, wow! Has that changed!” These words from Senator Bernie Sanders appear in the forward to this user friendly and informative book.

46 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Deborah Krasner

rs in oven

• 4 portabella mushroom caps, chopped (use mo re if you love mushrooms) • approx ½ cup extra virgin olive oil • 1½ cups minced onions (optional up to 2 cloves chopped garlic if you love garlic, but don’t over-do it in this recipe) • 2 tablespoons diced pancetta or uncured bac on • 1 cup shredded or fine ly chopped carrots • 6 bay leaves • 6 whole cloves • 2 sprigs rosemary • 1 tablespoon tomato paste

Serves 6-8 • 1 cup canned tomato es, chopped, drained of liquid • 1 full 750 ml bottle of red wine • 6 cups clear beef sto ck – if not home-made, use low-salt • Salt and fresh-ground black pepper • 3 to 4 pounds of Hig hland beef round, or brisket, or other pot-roast cut. You could also use stew chu nks but then lower the cooking temp slightly. Pot: a large covered ste wpot which is both flam e-and oven-proof. Also you will need a large bow l, slotted spoon and stirring spoon.

Method: Oven at 300 F / 170 C Using your stew pot on top of the stove, heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil over low hea t. Do not let any of the vegetables over-brown or burn. Add mushrooms and a pinch of salt. Sautee on low heat, stirring, until they begin to sweat and give off lots of juice. Set them aside in a bow l with all their liquid. Add the chopped onions to the pot with anothe r tablespoon of olive oil, stir. Ad d the chopped pancetta or bacon, stir, and sautee until gol den, onions translucent (about 5 minutes). Add the carrots and kee p stirring, gently sautee ing. Add the bay leaves, cloves and rosemary. Add olive oil as needed. Add the mushrooms but not their juice, and kee p stirring and sauteeing. Season with salt and pepper. Remove and place the entire contents of the pot into the mushroom bowl, leavin g just a bit of oil and juic e in the pot.

Make sure the meat is dry and not bloody. Sea son it with salt and pepper. Add it to the pot with a tables poon of olive oil and turn up the hea t to brown it on all sides. Return the whole veg & bacon mix to the pot , stir in with the beef, reduce heat. Ad d the tomato paste, stir . Simmer over low heat for 10 minutes. Don’t let the bottom stick or burn Add the chopped tomato es, the bottle of wine, the mushroom juice, and 5 cups of the stock, to cover the meat. Stir, bring to simmer. Save 1 cup of stock in case you need to supplement the liquid late r. Cover the stew pot. Pla ce in oven for about 3 hours. Occasionally check it and stir . It should remain at a simmer the whole time. Never let the liquid evaporate. This is a very “forgiving ” recipe – as long as the liquid does not evaporate , it can tak e 2, 4 or 6 hours at a low heat. When serving, you can use the stew liquid dire ctly, fishing out the bay leaves and sprigs of rosemary, or you can strain it, and/or reduce or use some of it to make gravy.

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 47

CLUB NEWS North of Scotland Highland Cattle Club CHAIR Jim Fraser

SECRETARY Veronica Thomson

East Tilbouries, Maryculter, Aberdeen, AB12 5GD Email: Tel: 07785 522648

Clackriach Cottage, Maud, Aberdeen, AB42 5NU Email: Tel: 07508 830593

The north club had a busy 2016 with long & fun trip to The Royal Welsh Show, later in year a visit to North Club Chairman’s highland fold and members going forward for The National Fold Competition. We had our yearly club show at the beginning of June 2016 at Leys Castle – With a few members sampling the local hospitality on the Saturday night before showing on Sunday. We had a great turn out of cattle and thank you to all those who attended getting cattle ready for the show and those who have taken the time to come along and support the club show. Thank you very much to Judge John Redpath who placed Hailey 1st of Rannoch Overall Champion from Donald McNaughton. Reserve Overall Champion was Conall Dubh of Tilbouries from J & L Fraser & Sons.

and shade, oh and the nice cool drinks, enjoyed by all. We all put our judging skills to the test to see if we could agree with the Judge Angus MacDonald– some of us were spot on other’s not far off with the remaining taking shade and keeping re-hydrated. The show had something for everyone and lots which we’ve never seen at shows before & people were so friendly. Thank you to the Welsh Club for your fantastic hospitality on Monday after the show we had great fun and it was nice meeting you and seeing your great quality of highland cattle. Back at the hotel with some rooms in an annexe of the main hotel and others having 4 poster beds. Our room however was the envy of many with our self-contained apartment our very oversized bed and our very own designer curtains tailored by myself (Veronica). After some of us took a wee dip in the local river and a lot of stingy nettles, it was off to our last dinner, and enjoying everyone’s company outside in the evening. Thank you to everyone who made the trip to The Royal Welsh Show so very memorable.

CLUB NEWS In September 2016 we had a visit to The Fraser families Tilbouries Fold at Maryculter, with a lot of new club members attending this visit. There were a great selection of cattle to look at and also seeing the highland cattle which was being finished for Waitrose Supermarket Chain. Sheila & Co provide a lovely selection of food & drinks for everyone, thank you very much for a great day out. 2017 has been a very successful year for club members Maureen McArthur & John Ashton, where they won National Small Fold of the year, very well done to them both. With our AGM held in February, and suggested put forward. We held a training day in March which Angus McGillivray led the day and gave us very useful information about highland cattle, working with them, halter training & washing. There were many new members who attending the workshop, I hope you all found it useful, if you are interested in follow up training please let us know. June 2017 had us visit the lovely Leys Castle grounds for our yearly club show. This year we charged a small fee for the BBQ with money raised going towards the Highland Cattle Society Fundraising. We had over 40 head of cattle booked for the show along with first time exhibitors, putting into practise what they’d learning on the training day. Thank you very much to Judge Jimmy Laing who placed Conall Dubh of Tilbouries Overall Champion from Kevin & Veronica Thomson ClackRiach Fold & Reserve Overall Champion was Heather of Richmondhill from Craig Finnie, Richmondhill Fold. Thank you to all exhibitors and all at Leys for a great day. In September the club has arrange trip to the western isles, visiting Brue Fold and Ardbhan Fold and a few other stops on the way.

Thank you all for your support over the last year and to our sponsors during 2016 & 2017 it has been greatly appreciated. For further information about the North of Scotland Club or wish to become a member please get in with the Secretary Veronica Thomson, Tel 01771 613560/0750 8830593 email: veronicathomson@

In 2015 we decided to arrange a trip to The Royal Welsh Show in 2016. We headed off on Sunday 19th July, with a few games and super hospitality on the bus. Thank you to Catherine Ogston for helping serve the refreshments. Arriving at a lovely country hotel to temperatures in the high 20’s we did wonder if John Ashton had driven us to Europe somewhere, with the fantastic weather staying with us during our full stay. During the bus journey we had a few games & raised £435.00 for McMillan Nurse’s. Heading to the show ground on Monday morning, there was no queuing to get into show ground which was great, first purchase for myself was a pair of sunglasses. After having a wee look round some of the show, we need to find refreshments in this heat a drink was in order. This ended up with a phone call to the North of Scotland to be told where we would find a bar at The Royal Welsh Show for non-members. It was worth the wait to find comfy seating

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Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 49

CLUB NEWS West of Scotland Highland Cattle Club CHAIR Catherine McKechnie


France Farm, Church Road, Gartocharn, G83 8NF Email: Tel: 07733 196667

36 Lochlibo Road, Lugton, Kilmarnock, KA3 4DZ Email: Tel: 07909 761122

Since the last journal was published the West Club have had a busy & successful year. With the show season behind us, we had our 2016 September trip in the sunny North East. Aberdeenshire was in fair form as we rolled into Ellon for the weekend where we had a very pleasant stay in the Buchan Hotel. Twenty one members stayed at the hotel over the weekend with more members turning up for each of the visits. On the Saturday we visited Bruce and Partners at Logie Estate, Ellon. Stocksman Andrew Reid & his team kept us well entertained on the day, we started off with a tour of the new bull pens which were very impressive indeed. Then we were ferried around the estate in a feed trailer to see their excellent Angus and Charolaise herds kept in varying lots & age groups. We were also introduced to their embryonic fold of Highlanders which, it should be noted, has foundation stock sourced from West Club members. It should also be noted that on the day the hospitality extended to visits, to not one, but two bothies, leaving the stocks of good Dalmore whisky seriously dented at both locations. At the first stop Andrew persuaded some of the braver members to try some Peach Brandy left by previous visitors. By the looks on their faces, it is safe to say Dexter Logan, Alan Prentice & Stephen Hunter will take a while to get caught like that again. At the second stop we were well fed with a grand lunch of soup and sandwiches. On the Saturday evening we had a lively & entertaining dinner at the Buchan Hotel with our Hosts from both Saturday and Sunday visits in attendance. On Sunday our visit was to Jim and Sheila Fraser at East Tilbouries, Maryculter, where once again we were made most welcome. Initially we met up with Jim at one of his outlying fields to see a fine group of young beasts. From there we went in convoy in our cars around several groups of Highlanders before arriving at East Tilbouries. It was a bright but chilly day with a keen wind and those of us who climbed aboard the trailer were rewarded with seeing the Highlanders on the hill in fine fettle. We were provided with an excellent

50 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

lunch on our return to the steading. Two excellent visits and our members were royally treated on both occasions. I am sure those who were there will agree, we saw many superb coos and had an altogether entertaining weekend.

September trip - don’t drink the brandy!

CLUB NEWS passing in 2016 of former President William Steel, former member Mark Armstrong & Bernard Barker, who, though not a West Club, member was well known to us through his widow Hillary. This was a quite year for committee changes with only one committee member up for re-election, Marilyn Muir was re-elected unopposed. Our committee runs on membership cycles of three years with a maximum of two terms to be served consecutively. It was, in the main, a very positive meeting. We had a few words from Tom Thomson in his capacity as current Highland Cattle Society President who gave a few insights into the workings of council & some of the progress being made within the Society. Our Show Fold of the Year Trophy was awarded at the AGM as is our normal practice and once again the top honours and cup went over the water to the “Isle of Bute Fold” of Ronald (Scooby) & Eileen McMillan. The Business meeting was followed by a very sociable dinner. Sadly, February brought the passing of Archie McIntyre, a club ex-president & one of our founding members, then Jim McConnachie a couple of weeks later. Both of whom will be sadly missed. It was heartening to see the large turnout at both funerals. To move on to cheerier things, we had our spring trip on the 21st of May when we visited the Ben More Fold where the club was hosted by Jim & Shona Ogston on behalf of Emma Paterson. Jim & Shona had extended the members an invitation, to come up the night before the visit with their caravans. A few keen souls accepted and a great night was had by all in attendance. With ceilidh music in the air and a fabulous spread provided by Shona, the fun and laughter

lasted quite late into the evening. Our members had a fantastic day out on the Sunday, all the cattle were within easy walking distance of the steading at Innishewan. This was followed by stock judging and yet another superb lunch. Over the years, keeping clubs together and the members interested and keen to be involved is never easy, the visits to Folds, Herds and events go a long way to building the bonds between folk. It must be said that, over the years, the West Club and its Members never fail to be amazed at the hospitality and generosity we encounter on our visits. We are eternally grateful to all those kind souls who take the time and effort to make us and others welcome, as anyone who has hosted a visit to their herd knows, it is a big commitment and involves a lot of organisation. We really do appreciate all the sweat blood and tears which have given our Club some fantastic days out. So a big thank you to all our past hosts & hostesses and to those who will hopefully have the forbearance to have our company in the future. We like to think that the West Club is a friendly and open Club. We have a very diverse membership and we do have a lot of fun. We can’t be that bad, some folk have even asked us back. For our weekend trip this September we will be heading west to Ormsary Estate where we are looking forward to seeing Sir William Lithgow’s Fold & estate under the guidance of Stocksman Archie McArthur. We will be staying in Inverary at the Loch Fyne Hotel on Friday the 15th and Saturday 16th of September, hopefully there will be no need for the Inverary Jail to be brought into use. Organisation is well in hand for the trip as this report goes to print. We are looking forward to another busy and enjoyable weekend.

September trip - all aboard the feed wagon.

The New Year brought us to our AGM, once again held in the Fenwick Hotel. We had a good turnout of members and this year we managed to avoid being caught in a blizzard. The Business Meeting was started on time and the agenda quickly worked through. During her “Chairman’s remarks” Catherine McKechnie asked the members to remember the

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 51


CLUB NEWS year (available for £2.50 from committee members) and at the Club Show on the 19th of August we will have commemorative rosettes & gifts for the exhibitors. Hopefully this year the Club Show will see the sun come out. As usual the show will be being held in the “Bothy Field” below the garden at Pollok House. We are eternally grateful to Glasgow Parks for giving us the use of this field and to the Parks staff for setting up the gates & show ring, it is such a lovely setting for the event. Hopefully the next twenty five years will see a lot more happy and successful Club Shows, with membership growing and folks having as good a time in the club as the last 25 years have provided. Club Show - Overall Champion, D McNaughton.

Our 2016 Club show last August was ably judged by Jim Ogston, Donald McNaughton took “Overall Champion” with a fine red Heifer, “Reserve Champion” went to Alan Prentice, Junior Champion was won by Dexter Logan and “Reserve Junior Champion” was by Caroline Cuthbertson. We have had three wet years in a row so we should be getting used to it, but 2016 outdid itself, though the day started reasonably enough, the rain became so heavy at one point that we suspended the judging for twenty minutes. Thank goodness there are a few members who bring Gazebos, the cattle had plenty of company for a while. I think everyone still enjoyed their day though. The show was followed by our customary barbecue and prize giving, unfortunately undercover due to the excess precipitation. A huge vote of thanks to all who exhibited and our willing team of assistants and organisers, we can’t hold a show without you.

Club Show - Reserve Champion, Alan Prentice.

2017 is the West of Scotland Highland Cattle Club’s Silver Jubilee and we are very proud to be celebrating our 25th Birthday this year. To mark the anniversary we decided to produce a commemorative Club Badge marking the

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East of Scotland Highland Cattle Club CHAIR John Singer


Kintore House, Auchenblae, Laurencekirk, AB30 1TS Email: Tel: 07786 396504

Lochton of Leys Farm House, Lochton, Banchory, AB31 5QB Email: Tel: 07585 007594

The East Club held their annual Club Show once again at Forfar Mart on Sunday 28th of May 2017.We were delighted with the number of exhibits entered by our club members giving this years Judge, Mr John Redpath the difficult task of choosing the top placings. There was a large yearling class which particularly took him some time for contemplation. The Club Champion of the day was from Balnabroich, 2 year old heifer Sidonia the 4th of Balnabroich and Reserve was Yearling Borland Liliann exhibited by Ken Howman of Borland. The champion line up is as follows. We would also like to congratulate our East Club Members Graeme Easton and Rebecca Greenhorn securing the Champion at the 2017 Royal Highland Show.

of sponsors, providing an attractive amount of prize money. Planning at great length has been undertaken to ensure all our exhibitors have a great day, great time at the BBQ on the Friday night. We hope all our exhibitors will have special day and that it will be a show to remember by all.

Club Show - Judging the Championship.

As I said earlier this is the West Club’s Silver Jubilee, which I think will be the same for a few of the other Scottish clubs too. It has been a hectic year and a good percentage of the members have been very active on the show circuit. The West Club did very well at the Highland this year, the West Club was represented in all classes and took two thirds of the available prize tickets in the cases. As well as that, “Reserve Junior Female, was won by Jim & Catherine McKechnie” “Reserve Female” was Glasgow Parks, then the “Best Junior Bull,” “Reserve Bull” and “Best Junior Animal” tickets all went to Alan Prentice. The West Cub were showing well at the Great Yorkshire too, Dexter Logan took the overall Champion ticket there, with the Haley’s Seam Fold and Robert Philip’ Hellifield Fold adding to the clubs representation in the tickets. Well done to everyone. As I said earlier, we are a big Club with a diverse membership but we always have room for more. The Club is very welcoming and within our ranks we have a wide range of experience and knowledge which our members are happy to share. We are actively looking for new (and returning) members so, whether new to Highlanders or an old Hand we will be happy to have you in our ranks. If you would like to join us, please get in touch with myself (Duncan Watt) or Catherine McKechnie or indeed any of the Club Committee or Members.

The club looks forward to supporting Lady Sally’s Charity show at Balnabroich in September and to our Annual Club Dinner and evening of entertainment on Saturday 18th November 2017at the Red House Hotel in Cupar Angus. Open to all Highland Cattle Society Members to attend, details to follow on Facebook and will be advertised at Oban Show and Sale. East of Scotland Highland Cattle Club Club Show - Sunday 28th May 2017 at Forfar Mart

The club were delighted to have new members attend the show with their exhibits and it was lovely to see so many of our other non-exhibiting members to come along and support the show. The day was enjoyed by all and the club is forever grateful to it’s sponsors, the mart and active members who all make the day a real success. We had our annual car treasure hunt on Sunday 23 July hosted by Margaret and Jim McGowan and Vivian and Steve Saichney. We started our hunt at Elmwood College Car park, Cupar and then finished with a lovely meal at Elmwood Golf Club. It was a great day had by all and the weather, scenery and the treasure hunt itself was most enjoyable. The club is thrilled to be hosting the 2nd National Highland Gathering at Perth Show this year and we are delighted to have 22 exhibitors attending with over 90 cattle entered into the classes. The club has raised a substantial amount

CHAMPION LINE UP JUNIOR BULL Fionn Mhor of Srathelie - David Souter, Strathelie YEARLING HEIFER Borland Liliann - Ken Howman, Borland 2 YEAR OLD HEIFER Sidonia 4th of Balnabroich - Balnabroich Farm 3 YEAR OLD HEIFER Socha Dudh 2nd of Cladich - Mr & Mrs Reid, Glenfarquhar PAIRS Borland, Ken Howman CHAMPION Sidoria 4th of Balnabroich - Lady Sally Nairn, Balnabroich Farm RESESRVE CHAMPION Borland Liliann - Ken Howman, Borland BEST ANIMAL BRED BY EXHIBITOR Sidonia 4th of Balnabroich, Balnabroich Farm JUNIOR HANDLER Lewis Singer - Kintore Castle BEST STOCKMAN Alex Smith - Balnabroich Farm BEST LADY HANDLER Beth Noble - Grace On the day there were no exhibits for Senior Bull, Senior Cow, Junior Cow and the calf classes.

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 53


CLUB NEWS North of England Highland Cattle Club CHAIR Peter Fletcher


4 Northlands, Harthill, Sheffield, S26 7XZ Email: Tel: 07776 055107

Green Farm, Hellifield, Skipton, BD23 4LA Email: Tel: 07812 105375

This has been a very successful year for the North of England Highland Cattle Breeders Club starting with the Great Yorkshire Show in 2016. The show report is available in the National Shows section of this Journal however we also staged a Comb the Highland Calf at the show and raised £153.80 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Julia Carr hosted a fantastic Fold visit at Marrick Park, Richmond on 18 September 2017. We are indebted to Julia for hosting this visit and all the work she has done for the club over the year.

We would like to congratulate club members Samantha and Mark Braines who tied the knot on 4 November 2016 On 13 November 2016 Thirsk Auction Mart was the location for our rising Star Calf Show which was sponsored by Keelham Farm Shop and Bunton’s Plant Hire. Members travelled to Huddersfield for our Annual General Meeting held on 21st January 2017 where alongside the main business Neil Fletcher hosted a fun filled quiz, merchandise was on sale and a raffle was held. Finally on 1 May 2017 the club once again hosted a very successful Sheffield Highland Fling.

Show Results Yearlings 1. Daniel Rowbottom (Kelby Fold) David Booth 2. 3. Robert Phillip Robert Wain 4. Two Year Olds 1. Robert Wain (Rose Fold) Graves Park 2. 3. Julia Carr Graves Park 4. Three Year Olds Steve Burnett 1. Mike Burgess 2. 3. Mike Burgess Robert Wain 4. Cow & Calf 1. Robert Phillip (Hellifield) Simon Lumb 2. 3. Mike Burgess Calf 1. 2.

Reserve Champion & Homebred Animal - Robert Phillip.

We would like to thank everybody who has helped us over this last year and further club reports will be on the Facebook page.

Midland & Southern Highland Cattle Club CHAIR Daniel Rowbottom

SECRETARY Elizabeth Gwynn

Holme Farm, Kelby, Grantham, NG32 3AJ Email: Tel: 07812 858893

Aston Mill, Lea, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 7LT Email: Tel: 01989 750233 Sian was then invited to address the meeting and updated members on the business of the Society.

Mike Burgess (Norell Fold) Robert Phillip


Bull Under 2 Years 1. Robert Wain 2. Graves Park 3. Daniel Rowbottom Novice Handler – Senior – Beth, Graves Park Novice Handler – Junior – Ruby Rowbottom

SHEFFIELD HIGHLAND FLING 2017 May 1st 2017 saw the Sheffield Highland Fling featuring sheep shearing, ferret racing, pet dog show, Scottish Pipe Band, Fun Fair and of course the Highland Cattle Show. Thirty five entries gave our judge Mr Jim Ayres a challenge on this beautiful day, once the drizzle was chased off by the sun. Thanks to Sheffield City Council for their support and sponsorship. The presentation and standard of cattle was excellent in some part due to the Buddy classes run over the years, educating newcomers in ring craft and presentation. Sheffield’s Lady Mayoress presented the prizes.

54 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017


Supreme Champion - Steve Burnett

The A.G.M. on January 10th 2016 was the start of the Club’s twenty fifth anniversary year and a special welcome was extended to the new H.C.S. Secretary Sian Sharp and her husband who had made the long journey from Scotland to Ullesthorpe in Leicestershire. Following the business of the meeting President, Jeff Dale presented the cups for 2015. These went to Sandie Tedbury for the large fold, Robert Wain for the medium fold and Emma Dale and Fiona Cox for the small fold.

Our Club year continued with members meeting at Matlock Bath train station on May 7th to take the cable car to Derbyshire’s oldest visitor attraction, The Heights of Abraham, a visit arranged by our Chairman, Robert Wain. The journey to the top was spectacular although once there the view was a little hazy, but that did not bother members who went into the caverns while others enjoyed the woodland walk and amphitheatre. Everyone was delighted to see a group of Robert’s Highland cattle and Jacob sheep that graze this area of outstanding natural beauty. Robert had transported refreshments to the top of the hill in his land rover so that they could be enjoyed while taking in the view. Then it was a return journey by cable car to the car park and a short drive to Alison House at Cromford, a small hotel with beautiful gardens where a celebration lunch had been arranged. Much reminiscing took place aided by a display of photographs of previous events put together by Brenda Ayres. A raffle organised by Sandie Tedbury raised £95.

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 55


CLUB NEWS As the afternoon progressed, an anniversary cake kindly donated by President, Jeff Dale was cut and enjoyed. Members were each presented with a brass plaque to commemorate the twenty five years that the club had been running.

Thanks were expressed to Club Chairman, Robert Wain who provided an excellent lunch for friends and exhibitors following the judging. Before leaving for home Jim and Brenda Ayres presented each member with a commemorative mug for the 25th anniversary of the club.

further downstream. Samples from the brook were collected, to examine and talk about back at the farm after lunch. We then made our way back to the farmhouse where a delicious lunch had been prepared, the weather allowing us to sit around in the courtyard.



On a pleasant early Autumn day members gathered at Lower Lady Meadows Farm , Bradnop Nr.Leek, to visit the Oakwood Fold. For many of us it was the first time that we had the opportunity to explore the Staffordshire Moorlands, an area of England lying between Stoke -on - Trent and the Peak District, having a terrain of woodland and lakes with rolling hills and crags. It was difficult to believe that such a beautiful area was just 10 miles from the industrial Potteries. The farmhouse and long barn are listed being built of stone in 1641. In the early 1800’s a reputed Clockmaker and farmer resided at the farm. One of his grandfather clocks still remains in the house to this day.

The Club was delighted to hold its annual show on July 10th 2016, in conjunction with Ashby Show, a leading agricultural event in the Midlands. The show has a traditional feel but offers a range of modern entertainment for all the family and takes place in a delightful area of Leicestershire at Cattows Farm, Heather. Although not as hot as last year the weather was very suitable for members to exhibit an excellent selection of cattle. • Junior Champion went to Robert Wain with Paris of the Rose • Presidents Cup went to Mrs. Lindsey Trees with Capleadh Dubh 2nd of Grafton • Jim Ayres Cup for the best animal of the opposite sex went to Mr. Peter Edwards with Nero of Knockendon • Don Johnson Cup for Pairs went to Mrs. L. Trees of the Grafton Fold

56 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Upon arrival Coffee and refreshments were served in a barn that had previously served as a craft workshop. John explained that he and Tracey had moved to the farm nearly 3 years ago and now farm 65 acres. They currently have 100 North Country mules and a small flock of pure bred Charollais sheep. Due to the wet and cold weather they lamb indoors during April. They brought their first 4 Highland cattle in 2009 and the fold has grown slowly to 12 cows, a bull and followers totalling 30 animals with calving starting in January. Following John’s introduction it was time to set off on a walk across the fields to see the cows, some of which had enjoyed success at various shows. The route took us across to the nearby Coombs brook which runs alongside the farm where Nick Mott from the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust explained about the buffer strip management being employed on the farm to elevate flooding

During the day there was opportunity to enjoy the display provided by the Notts and Derby living history group entitled WW2, The Women’s Land Army together with a collection of vintage tractors and machinery. After lunch Tracey invited us to explore the gardens that surround the farmhouse and if we wanted more activity a traditional skittle alley had been set up in a nearby barn. A raffle held during the day raised £65 which was donated to R.A.B.I. It was an absolutely splendid day and sincere thanks must go to John and Tracey for all their hard work and generous hospitality.

task; however the final winners were for the small fold, Ruth Thompson with the Catesby Fold and for the large fold Lindsey Trees of the Grafton Fold. The winners were each presented with an engraved crystal bowl. Club cups this year went to Sandie Tedbury, Lynsey Trees and Robert Wain.The A.G.M. also saw Daniel Rowbotton from the Kelby Fold taking over the job as Chairman and Charlie Edwards becoming Club President. We were pleased to welcome H.C.S. President, Tom Thompson with Mrs.Thompson to the meeting. He was delighted to be at the meeting and congratulated the club on being friendly and well organised. Before adjourning for lunch, a raffle and auction raised £286 for Club funds.

MIDLAND AND SOUTHERN MEMBERS NATIONAL TV STARS During the Spring a must watch programme on BBC 1 was The Farmer’s Country Showdown. We were delighted to report that one programme featured our very own Sandie and Robert Tedbury preparing their cattle for showing and featuring the judging at the Edenbridge and Oxted Show in the South of England.

2016 FOLD COMPETITION However before we forget about 2016, mention must be made of the very successful Fold competition that took place during the year. Judge, Archie Mc Arthur joined us at the 2017 A.G.M. to review the competition. Six large folds and two small ones had entered from Sussex to Staffordshire giving Mr. McArthur, who was chauffeured around the area by Jim Ayres, a difficult

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 57



2017 FOLD VISIT The weather in Spring 2017 had been very good, but would it be kind to club members as seventeen of them gathered in deepest Herefordshire on April 30th to visit Hopes Ash Farms where Robert Davies farms in partnership with his wife, Rachel and parents Bryan and Jean. In a large, feed storage barn the family had organised coffee served with delicious chocolate brownies, lemon drizzle cake, carrot cake and introducing welsh cake to some members who had not eaten them before. Well we were only a short distance from the Welsh border!! Robert welcomed everyone explaining that they were not a mixed farm by accident; farming policy had been driven by a desire to spread the risk of becoming hit financially should commodity prices take a tumble for the core business. So as well as being a dairy farm, 30,000 turkey stags are reared annually for poultry processor, Faccenda, 600t of apples are grown for local cider makers and 200 ewe lambs are purchased each September to help manage the grazing and are sold on as yearlings at Hereford market. They out-winter on stubble turnips drilled straight after the barley is harvested. It provides a good break before spring beans or maize are sown. His hard work-and that of the current team along with previous generations, was recently recognised when Robert was named Mixed Farmer of the Year 2016 at the Farmers Weekly awards. The group began their tour by viewing the two Lely Astronauts robots (called Buzz and Neil) where around 100 in-milk cattle including Simmental crosses are milked. Average milk yield is 10,000-litres/cow derived largely from a TMR diet. Milk is sold to farmer co-operative Arla. Then it was across the yard to see a group of in-calf heifers that had started out as 46 but 22 had recently being lost to bovine TB. Robert explained that the disease had blighted his whole farming life and in practice compensation for 22 culls will equate to 16 replacements at current market value. He had taken up his concerns with the local M.P. who had arranged for him to meet with Defra representatives and bTB advisors in London to discuss tabular compensation. He hopes that he has done as much

58 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

as he can to highlight the situation. The family will have to look at changing their business to mitigate the impact that the disease has both on the farm financially and emotionally. Maiden heifers may have to be housed until calved to avoid becoming infected whilst out at grass. This he said is only marginally more palatable than becoming a flying herd with the associated risk of buying in disease such as Johns, Lepto and BVD. Since our visit five more heifers have been lost as a result of testing. The tour of the farm continued through the sheds to see a lively bunch of calves also fed by robots. Robert explained that historically the family had bred Simmental cross cattle for beef but with the market demanding slightly smaller carcasses they were now artificially inseminating cows with Limousin and Belgium Blue semen. Away from the cattle, members moved on to see the, the recently commissioned bio-mass boiler that supplies heat to the farm house and the traditional stone barns let as residential and commercial units. Then it was time to venture out on the farm walk, starting off through an orchard, recently re planted with an old Perry pear variety called Blakeney Reds. We continued through meadows lush with grass ready for silageing, taking in a wildlife pound before making the trek up the hill above Hopes Ash to reach and walk through a beautiful old bluebell wood before returning along a track back to the farm. Before leaving the farm for lunch, Daniel thanked Robert and Rachel for their kind hospitality and gifts were presented. An excellent lunch was provided at a nearby village hall before members made their long trip home and yes the weather was once again kind to M.S.H.C.C.

Highland Cattle Club of Wales CHAIR Julian Ford Llan Farm, Llanfrothen, Penrhyndeudraeth, Gwynedd LL48 6DU Email: Tel: 01766 770399

SECRETARY Eleri Hughes Bryn Pyll, Trefriw, Conwyn, LL27 0JP Email: Tel: 07979 150278

LOOKING BACK ON 2016 On 2nd May, Mayday bank holiday, Sioe Nefyn 2016 took place, the first show in the Welsh club’s calendar. The rain was torrentially horizontal as the cattle arrived at the show, but thankfully things improved by the time judging started. Nefyn has had dedicated Highland classes with a society judge for several years. My aim for 2017 is for the show to register with the society and the classes become official society classes. The judge for the day was Hugh Hoather, Oak Fold, Cheshire. He did a great job and I think, he enjoyed his trip to deepest North Wales!

Olwen & Julian Ford of HCCW - being presented with best cattle breed stand award.

The next big event for the club was the RWAS which as always was a great week – this year we had members of the North of Scotland club down to visit as well – I think a good time was had by all! The weather was hot -too hot - the competition was good and the judge was Mr Angus McDonald, all the way from Ardbhan fold North Uist. There were new faces and old competing. Male & Overall champion went to J2 farming with Jamie of Hisland and female and reserve champion went to Peter & Sue Smith with Ceidh 2nd of Stockley. Julian, club chair enjoying Nefyn Show.

FUTURE EVENTS We look forward to continuing in 2017 with our club show at Malvern and a visit to the Isle of Wight in September. Finally thanks must go to all the office holders and committee members for all their hard work over the last eighteen months and also to all members without whom there would not be a club. We are always keen to recruit new members so if you are interested please contact club secretary, Elizabeth Gwynn via or tel.01989 750233.

Next was the RWAS Spring Festival in Builth Wells on the weekend of May 21st & 22nd. Classes were, again, made up of traditional, rare and native breed cattle. Few members tend to show at this show, but plenty attend the festival to support and socialise with the other members. The stand was once again very well set up and manned, mainly by Julian & Olwen Ford as well as on a rota basis by other club members and very well attended. We had a guess the weight of the cow competition for the first time, to encourage attendance to the stand and to raise money for the Air Ambulance charity. We raised £500 for the charity and we also won first prize for best cattle breed stand.

Jamie of Hisland: Male & Overall Champion Highland, 2016.

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 59


A busy HCCW RWAS 2016 Monday evening dinner spilling over into the Simmental tent.

Stockley Fold: Winners of the large fold competition, regionally and then nationally.

There was the usual club dinner on the society stand on the Monday evening, this was especially well attended this year with us having an extra 40 guests joining us from the North of Scotland Club. This was Sian Sharp first year at the RWAS as HCS secretary and we hope she enjoyed it! The HCS society stand was popular with visitors for all four days of the show and the cattle lines busy as always. The Welsh club took part in the National Fold Competition for the first time in 2016. What a weekend in August that was!

In September, there was an open day at the Gwrhyd Fold, Ystradowen, Swansea held by the Davies family. The day’s activities included cattle assessments by Robin Chilton, a walk around the cattle on the hill and viewing of the shorthorn crosses as well. Lunch was a BBQ & buffet and was lovely, during this there was a chat about butchery and the chance to see the farm shop. After lunch there was a demonstration of the Ritchie Combi Clamp and a talk on the advantages of reseeding.


It was decided at the AGM 2015 that the HCCW would offer a grant to all members towards assessments of the breeding female highland cows in their fold. The committee feel that these assessments are an excellent idea that can only benefit the breed, the Welsh club would be leading the way by introducing these assessments and providing a quantative method of measuring and documenting a breeding cow’s attributes that can be used when buying and selling stock, and when breeding and improving lines. A few members took up the club on the offer in 2016 and it was agreed to extend the offer it until next year. To finish off the year there was the Christmas dinner/AGM held, for the fourth year running, at the Elan Valley Hotel, Rhayadr. Plenty of members attended, and Mr & Mrs Robert Philip, the fold competition judge and his wife attended as our guests. There were new faces and old attending. Once the AGM was over we enjoyed good food, drink and great company. The quiz, organised by Robin Chilton and Gareth Davies was good fun and I think everyone enjoyed themselves and had a good night.

Later in May – the weekend of 20th/21st was time for the Royal Welsh Spring Fair again. This year the Caradog Fold from Pencader provided a cow and calf for the stand for the first time. The guess the weight competition was once again held raising funds for the air ambulance again this year. The Royal Welsh Agricultural Show was another great showcase for the highland breed. All members that attended had a great few days, with the cattle doing very well in the various classes. The judge was Mr Robert Phillip of Skipton. The overall champion was three-year-old heifer Princess Easter Bunny of Walton, owned by Louisa Jordan. It was The Jordan’s first time showing at the RWAS so a great achievement! Other first-time showers Rhian Thomas and Eilwyn Davies also had success in the cow and calf class with their cow Gruagach of Balnabroich. The HCS tent was busy all week and the annual dinner on the Monday evening was a great success. A massive thank you to Sue & Gareth Davies and Jan & Robin Chilton for organising the superb buffet after a long and very warm show day. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE REST OF 2017: Oswestry Show 5/8/2017 Lampeter Show 11/8/2017 Meirionydd County Show 30/8/2017

WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING SO FAR IN 2017: May Day, 2017 brought us to Nefyn show again, a good day with fine weather. Mr Geoff Spawton was our judge for our first ever year with official Highland classes. Becky Rowlands won the breed champion for the second year running with her cow and calf.

The May fold appearing over the brow of the hill after Geoff sent the dog up for them.

James & Jacky travelled 500 miles across Wales and the Borders with our judge Robert Phillip from Skipton. Judging this can’t have been an easy task, as Robert was taken from cows kept on conservation land up mountains and in woodlands to those on lush pasture; and with owners who had just started out to those who had highlands for many years. There was a lot of cows to see and a lot of rain, they trudged up mountains, waded through rivers and penetrated the deepest woods. Our small fold winner was Mr John Evans of the Tyrhos Fold in Carmarthenshire and the large fold winner was Peter & Sue Smith of the Stockley Fold, Herefordshire. The Smiths went on to win the National Large Fold Competition.

60 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Robin discussing highland cattle assessment.

Included in our new members for this year were Ruth Charles, a North Walian who lives half of the year on North Uist and helps with the Ardbhan Fold, and Neville Hughes, also from North Wales who runs a TV company. The HCCW club enabled Nev & Ruth to meet and organise filming of a Welsh language programme on North Uist which featured the cattle and the McDonalds. The programme was screened on S4C in March this year, but am sure is available on catch up. It was ‘Wil ac Aeron: Taith yr Alban’. (Wil & Aeron: Tour of Scotland).

Grug & Greta - cow and calf of Caradog Fold, Pencader on the stand at the Royal Welsh Spring Fair at Builth Wells.

The grand parade in the main show ring RWAS 2017 - Eilwyn Davies & Rhian Thomas - first time showing at RWAS in front of photo. (Photo - Peter Howells)

There will be other social events through the year as well, an open day is planned in October 2017. We will be visiting Llerneuaddau farm near Aberystwyth to see the Plynlimon Highlands & Shorthorns – recently featured in the Farmer’s Guardian and on the HCS website, and was also featured on the S4C programme Ffermio earlier this year. The itinerary is still being worked on. On November 25th, 2017, the AGM and Christmas dinner will be held, at a new venue this year – the Three Wells Hotel near Llandrindod Wells. Eleri Hughes

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 61

IDENTIGEN Introduction

IdentiGEN is a leading provider of DNA-based solutions to the agriculture and food industries, with operations in UK, Europe, USA and Canada. We can offer a number of different DNA services to the livestock industry including genomic analysis, but our core activity is in the arena of traceability, breed authenticity, parentage and DNA based Quality Improvements for protein supply chains. The customer base consists of a combination of producer groups, retail & foodservice chains and the processing sector. Within this article we aim to provide you with an insight of what our DNA programmes can deliver and to provoke further thoughts on how it could benefit your breed.

Brand protection & Consumer Awareness

Consumers are becoming increasingly more informed about their food and aware of the importance of breeds and their related product and heritage characteristics. Consumers are showing increasing concerns over the integrity and origin of food on their plates; is the product consistent with the claims made on the packaging. This could be claims in relation to origin (e.g. British, Irish), production methods (e.g. Organic, Outdoor Reared), maturation method/time, breed (e.g. Highland, Hereford), species (e.g. ‘horse gate’) etc. etc.. Any bad press will damage the brand of the product and consumers will lose confidence in the brand, which in turn will impact sales growth. IdentiGEN’s TraceBack ® system provides a means of underscoring product claims associated with a brand through DNA traceability. This would provide additional assurances to customers and consumers around the integrity of the product sold and therefore the Highland Cattle breed.

IDENTIGEN Cost effective & Robust - Traceability and Breed Authenticity

Recent scientific advancement in DNA technology has made traceability deliverable at a large scale. IdentiGEN’s DNA TraceBack® system captures the unique DNA of the eligible cattle as they move through the processor’s production chain. Robust analytical and statistical techniques are employed, making it possible for primary and processed beef products to be traced back to their origins with precision that is unachievable with conventional tracking systems. DNA TraceBack® is different from other traceability methods, as it traces DNA in meat – not barcodes or RFID labels – to verify the exact origin of the meat. With DNA TraceBack® the product is the label, linking the meat in stores and restaurants with the exact animal it came from. A typical DNA programme implemented at a food processor is designed to verify cattle eligibility and specification parameters set by a retailer or food service. The sampling plan covers incoming raw materials and finished product, representative of product flow and risk. DNA analysis is specifically tailored to authenticate breed genetics whilst linking final meat products to cattle raised on eligible farms. In practical terms this means that the incoming raw material samples and finished retail pack samples are linked with the associated carcasses, using conventional traceability systems in place. All the samples are subsequently DNA profiled and evaluated for matches (traceability), breed authenticity and predetermined specification parameters. The findings are captured in a report and distributed within the supply chain. An alternative to authenticating through breed genetics, is a parentage based approach. Within the EU, beef programmes marketed by breed typically have a number of eligibility criteria, a key one being that an animal must be sired by a registered purebred bull. Due to the lack of a universal scientific definition of a ‘breed’, the existence of sire registry errors and international sourcing of genetics through AI, IdentiGEN have developed the supply chain monitoring programmes for breed referred to previously. An alternative to this approach is a direct ‘sired by’ verification programme based on a DNA parentage analysis. However, this requires all sires to be sampled and DNA profiled, to form the basis of the authentication process. Our DNA parentage test could also be used to support the heritage of an animal prior to entry in to the herd book, to maintain the highest level of pedigree within the breed. To provide our traceability, breed authenticity and parentage service at a commercially effective level, IdentiGEN have developed a platform that can handle a large quantity of samples. The platform is based on SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) technology. This low density platform has some advantages compared to the high density chip platforms. It: • • • •

is suitable for testing a larger number of animals, with a relatively low number of tests per animal, evaluates a lower number of target markers, concentrates on a particular test (e.g. traceability, breed authenticity, parentage) or specific traits is more cost effective on an individual animal basis.

IdentiGEN can offer both platforms, but before deciding if the more expensive chip platform is most suitable for the application, you have to consider what you are going to do with all that information. There is no doubt that the developments within DNA technology are one of the fastest moving around, with Next Generation Sequencing quickly developing to a commercial offering. This will open other doors to exciting new areas.

Marketing Supply Chain Integrity

DNA is tamperproof and permanent, making it a foolproof way of tracing beef from farm to fork. Unlike other traceability methods, DNA technology uses ‘nature’s barcode’ to provide accurate information on the entire supply chain, linking the DNA in primary, cooked and processed beef products from point of sale back to source. IdentiGEN’s DNA traceability system is utilised by retailers and food processors in the UK, Europe and North America, who use the technology to generate value-added assurance for consumers. By tracing the DNA in meat and linking it to the original animal and its production history, retailers and food processors can more reliably source with integrity. This advanced level of supply chain transparency helps verify product claims, and can be used to market beef products carying breed claims, with greater confidence to consumers. IdentiGEN’s DNA TraceBack® system is adopted by a large number of retailers as an accurate way of tracing its beef back to approved farms, whilst also verifying breed authenticity of beef products with a breed claim.

62 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Within our diverse team of scientists and industry experts, we have dedicated and experienced marketing specialists who work closely with our customers on how best to market the unequivocal guarantee of quality and distinction offered through a DNA verified programme, with the aim to get the highest impact and return to the producers. Hopefully this snapshot of what IdentiGEN can offer, will provoke some thoughts on the advantages it could bring to the development and sustainability of the Highland Cattle Breed. For more information, please contact Anton Hofland ( or visit our website Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 63



Extract from ‘Impressions of My Fifty Years of Highland Bull Sales, 1964-2014’

Show Results from 2016/2017

In an effort to improve the overall size within the breed the Highland Cattle Society made the frame scoring of all bulls at society sales compulsory in the 80’s. This was a combination of measuring height over the loin and assessing weighing. The higher the numbers the better the frame score. Over the years it did little with regards improving the quality of bulls within the breed. All it achieved was to encourage breeders to feed to excess their young bulls in order to gain a higher frame score. This ridiculous situation was highlighted during the March sale of 1989 when the champion weighing 660kg, at 24 months of age, Gaoth a Tuath of Balmoral could hardly walk around the ring, he sold to German breeder Her W Dill. The honour of having the top weight on the day was to go to the other Balmoral Bull, Gaoth Deas of Balmoral, weighing in at 679kg at just over 24 months. At 2,200 gns he slouched out of the ring unsold. Next in line was a big yellow twoyear-old from Mrs Bowser, Ruisear of Benmore who stood at 51in and weighed 621kg selling 6,000gs to D. Dixon, Kilbride, Lochgilphead. This I thought was a very good bull; it was unfortunate that not much was heard of him afterwards. The only other bull that day to reach the 600kg mark was Broach of Pollok weighting 607kg. He was sired by the bull, which I had sold to them in a private deal, Padruaig Ruadh of Douglas, and sold to Mrs M Rosenberg, the Iddesleigh fold for 2,200gs. By far the highlight of the day came when the unplaced Victor of Earn came into the ring. Some breeders were somewhat surprised that this twenty-month-old bull had not been placed during the show. This was of little consequence to the two breeders from the Netherlands who would not stop bidding, being determined to own Victor. Eventually when the price reached the quite unbelievable sum of 14,000gs. Victor went to the Austie fold in the Netherlands. The new owners of the record-price Victor had over several years been buying some of the best females at the Oban sales, establishing what was a very fine fold of cattle in the east of Holland. Unfortunately Victor’s calves were very mixed with regards to type and did little to improve the quality of the fold. I was hoping to buy a new bull myself that day but was reluctant to buy any bull in such an over-fed condition and put him into to true hill environment such as Edentaggart. After being the under bidder for Ruiseart of Benmore, I settled for the Jock of Benmore son, Alastair Ruadh 2nd of Glenogle, paying 2,600gs. He was to turn out to be a very good investment, selling four of his sons for

64 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

the average price of 5,200gs. Unfortunately his daughters were not of the same standard as his sons and as I am a firm believer that the most important component of any pedigree heard lies in the quality of the females; I only used him for two years. The females that day met with an unprecedented demand selling to a top of 4,600gs for the champion Capleadh 9th of Millerston, with German breeders buying many of the best heifers. Bachy Mor of Woodside sold for 3,100gs to Herr W. Dill and Herr F. Steinberg bought Cairistiona of Dargavel for 2,500gs.

Gaoth A Tuath of Balmoral, Champion Bull Sale 1989, to Her Dill, Germany.

The average prices were the highest ever recorded. 29 Two-Year-Old Bulls Av £2,981 an increase of £2,146 on the 1987 sale 2 Aged Bulls Av £1,680 an increase of £908 on the 1987 sale 19 One-Year-Old Bulls Av £899 an increase of £127 on the 1987 sale 10 Three-Year-Old Heifers Av £3,161 an increase of £2,358 on the 1987 sale 5 Two-Year-Old Heifers Av £3,098 an increase of £2,560 on the 1987 sale 6 One-Year-Old Heifers Av £1,776 an increase of £1,240 on the 1987 sale 6 Cows Av £1,295 an increase of £747 on the 1987 sale The export demand saw twenty-three cattle bought by German breeders along with three to France and one to the Netherlands. Angus MacKay

ROYAL HIGHLAND SHOW 2016 Thursday 23rd June

Judge: The Late Jim McConachie, Grantown-on-Spey Class 229, FEMALE born on or after 1st April 2015, (13 Entries) 1st McKechnie, J & C, Lisa 2nd of Gartocharn, UK541401 500067, 01/05/2015, S: Brogach 1st of Balmoral, D: Boidmeach Rhadh 3rd of Glengoyne 2nd McKechnie, J & C, Kirsty 2nd of Gartocharn, UK541401200071, 08/04/2015, S: Brogach 1st of Balmoral, D: Kirsty Morag of Ubhaidh 3rd A A McIntyre Poultry, Caitlin 4th of Stair, UK585057 700091, 08/04/2015, S: Seamus 3rd of Lagg, D: Caitlin 2nd of Killochries 4th Cuthbertson, Caroline, Conochair 4th of Jedderfield, UK561724 300097, 16/04/2015, S: Allt Ruadh of Grannich, D: Conochair 12th of Lagg 5th Mackay, Mr John M, Ailis Niamh of Kilpatrick, UK544960 300015, 20/05/2015, S: Moluag of Tinto, D: Alice of Kilpatrick 6th Hyndford Fold, Banrigh 5th of Hyndford , UK560890 300081, 08/05/2015, S: Alexander Of Glengorm, D: Banrigh of Hyndford

Class 230, FEMALE born on or between 1st January and 31st March 2015, (10 Entries) 1st Balnabroich Farms,, Sidonia 4th Of Balnabroich , UK542297 700580, 12/03/2015, S: Cliadhamh Mor Of Balmoral , D: Sidonia 8th Of Ormsary 2nd Hunter, Mr & Mrs S & R, Fiochag 3rd Of Hunters, UK562907 600114, 14/02/2015, S: Gregor Of Grae Brae , D: Fiochag Of Hunters 3rd Hunter, Mr & Mrs S & R, Subhladair of Hunters , UK562907 700115, 01/03/2015, S: Gregor of Grae Brae , D: Subhlair 26th Of Brucefield 4th Cuthbertson, Caroline, Anna Ruadh 2nd of Jedderfield , UK561724 100095, 27/03/2015, S: Allt Ruadh of Crannich , D: Anna Ruadh 1st of Jedderfield 5th Thomson, Mr Tom, Ceit Dubh of Woodneuk, UK583079 501502, 23/03/2015, S: Jock 12th of Woodneuk, D: Seonaid Ruadh 3rd of Inchmarnock 6th A A McIntyre Poultry, Bhoidheach 3rd of Stair, UK585057 600090, 27/03/2015, S: Seamus 3rd of Lagg, D: Bhoidheach Bheag 16th of Shenavallie Class SP2 – Junior Female Champion Balnabroich Farms,, Sidonia 4th Of Balnabroich , UK542297 700580, 12/03/2015, S: Cliadhamh Mor Of Balmoral, D: Sidonia 8th Of Ormsary

Class SP2A – Reserve Junior Champion McKechnie, J & C, Lisa 2nd of Gartocharn, UK541401 500067, 01/05/2015, S: Brogach 1st of Balmoral, D: Boidmeach Rhadh 3rd of Glengoyne Class 231, FEMALE born on or between 1st January and 31st December 2014,(18 Entries) 1st & winner of the McLaren Building Preservation Trophy, presented by McLaren Building Preservation. Kirkpatrick, A & H, Claggorm 40th of Glengarnock, UK580657 200239, 11/04/2014, S: Angus Dubh 2nd of Glengarnock, D: Claggorm 20th of Glengarnock

2nd Balnabroich Farms,, Sidonia 2nd of Balnabroich , UK542297 400486, 12/03/2014, S: Cliadhamh Mor Of Balmoral , D: Sidonia 8th Of Ormsary 3rd McKechnie, J & C, Catriona 3rd of Gartocharn, UK541401 300065, 19/06/2014, S: Angus 8th Dunvegan, D: Morag 44th of Woodneuk 4th Kennedy, Mr Alan, Roxanne 4th of Goldenberry, UK585380 100038, 28/04/2014, S: Calum of Cir Mhor, D: Roxanne of Donnachadh 5th Poland, Mr Michael, Hazel 2nd of Mottistone , UK282865 300643, 21/03/2014, S: Eoin Mhor 8th of Mottistone , D: Hazel of Lynton

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 65

THE SHOW SEASON 6th Ranch Livestock, Gheilder Dubh 141st of Glamis Castle, UK540208 303489, 28/04/2014, S: Black Grouse of Glamis Castle, D: Gheilder Ruadh 14th of Glamis Castle   Class 232, FEMALE born on or between 1st January and 31st December 2013, (10 Entries) 1st Glasgow City Council, Una Ruadh 49th Of Pollok, UK561310 600497, 21/04/2013, S: Uallach Dubh 5th Of Pollok, D: Una Ruadh 41st Of Pollok

Class 234, FEMALE, in Milk, born on or before 31st December 2011, (7 Entries) 1st Paterson, Mrs Emma, Iona Bhuidhe 1st of Benmore, UK542773 400787, 06/03/2011, S: Alastair Ruadh of Meggernie, D: Iona 25th of Benmore 2nd Blairlogan Highlanders, Solas Emma 4th of Benmore, UK542773 500760, 17/03/2010, S: Aonghas-A-Rithist of Achnacioich, D: Solais Emma of Benmore 3rd Hunter, Mr & Mrs S & R, Capleadh Proiseag 3rd Of Broomrigg, UK581560 200050, 28/07/2010, S: Urquhart Of Tordarroch, D: Capleadh Proiseag 1st Of Broomrigg 4th Balnabroich Farms,, Sidonia of Balnabroich, UK542297 600180, 05/04/2010, S: Lochan of Sorne, D: Sidonia 8th of Ormsary 5th A A McIntyre Poultry, Morag 2nd of Stair, UK585057 700007, 03/04/2008, S: Conan of Corriemuckloch, D: Morag 7th of Killochries Class SP1 – Best Calf at Foot exhibited with Dam 1st Blairlogan Highlanders ,Hector of Blairlogan born on 19 February 2016

2nd Howman, Mr K C R, Maireared Stuamaig 2nd of Borland, UK542205 100495, S: Stepdancer 3rd Of Glengorm, D: Maireared Buidhe 1st of Borland 3rd MacNaughton & Lawrie, Mr, Skye 4th of rannoch, UK541718 300076, 25/04/2013, S: Fergus of Isle of Bute, D: Skye 2nd of Rannoch 4th Kirkpatrick, A & H, Claggorm 37th of Glengarnock, UK580657 300212, 21/03/2013, S: Orison of Culfoich, D: Claggorm 6th of Glengarnock 5th Ranch Livestock, Fraoch 19th of Ashmore, UK542226 200615, 17/03/2013, S: Gille Dubh 3rd of Craigowmill, D: Fraoch 9th of Ashmore 6th Glasgow City Council, Una Geal Of Pollok, UK561310 300487, 22/03/2013, S: Charlie Of Pollok, D: Una Odhar 2nd Of Pollok Class 233, FEMALE, in Milk born on or between 1st January and 31st December 2012 (5 Entries) 1st Hyndford Fold, Banrigh 3rd of Hyndford, UK560890 500069, 08/04/2012, S: Jacobite of Benmore, D: Banrigh 2nd of An Sidhean 2nd Hunter, Mr & Mrs S & R, Malda Ruadh 4th of Hunters, UK562907 200089, 10/03/2012, S: Tom Tom of Woodneuk, D: Malda Ruadh of Hunters 3rd Thomson, Mr Tom, Sorcha of Woodneuk, UK583079 601216, 03/05/2012, S: Jock of Sorne, D: Cuailean 22nd of Inversnaid

66 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

THE SHOW SEASON Class 235, BULL born on or after 1st January 2015, (6 Entries) & SP5 Best Junior Bull & SP5A Reserve Junior Bull 1st & Best Junior Bull - McKechnie, J & C, Dochie 1st of Gartocharn, UK541401 300072, 13/04/2015, S: Brogach 1st of Balmoral, D: Lily Morag of Ubhaidh 2nd & Reserve Junior Bull - Kennedy, Mr Alan, Callum 12th of Goldenberry, UK585380 300040, 30/01/2015, S: Calum of Cir Mhor, D: Cannach 20th of Achnacloich 3rd Kennedy, Mr Alan, Callum 14th of Goldenberry, UK585380 400041, 31/01/2015, S: Calum od Cir Mhor, D: Cannach 3rd of West Merkland 4th Blairlogan Highlanders, Braveheart of Mortimers, UK281733 700525, 12/02/2015, S: Eoin Mhor 11th of Mottistone, D: Anne Marie of Stair 5th Howman, Mr K C R, Malcolm Of Borland, UK542205 100579, 03/03/2015, S: Silas 3rd Of Borland, D: Maireared Ruadh 2nd of Borland 6th Hyndford Fold, Alisdair 3rd of Douglas , UK560118 500156, 30/03/2015, S: Alisdair of Hyndford , D: Katriona 8th og Douglas Class 236, BULL born on or before 31st December 2014, (3 Entries) 1st MacNaughton & Lawrie, Mr, Bein Gael of Earn, UK507623 100617, 08/04/2013, S: Josh of Earn, D: Erin 3rd of Earn 2nd Cuthbertson, Caroline, Allt Ruadh of Crannich, UK544686 700052, 24/03/2011, S: Ruairidh of Hyndford, D: Agnes A’ghmore 3rd of the Wellburn 3rd Poland, Mr Michael, Eoin Mhor 15th of Mottistone , UK282865 700661, 01/05/2014, S: Eoin Mhor 8th of Mottistone , D: Lady Alma 3rd of Kindrochaid   Class SP6 – Best Overall Male MacNaughton & Lawrie, Mr, Bein Gael of Earn, UK507623 100617, 08/04/2013, S: Josh of Earn, D: Erin 3rd of Earn

Class SP7 – Reserve Overall Male McKechnie, J & C, Dochie 1st of Gartocharn, UK541401 300072, 13/04/2015, S: Brogach 1st of Balmoral, D: Lily Morag of Ubhaidh

Class SP8 – Breeders of the Best Bull Mrs Heather Corrigall - Bein Gael of Earn, UK507623 100617, 08/04/2013, S: Josh of Earn, D: Erin 3rd of Earn Class SP9 – Best Junior Animal McKechnie, J & C, Dochie 1st of Gartocharn, UK541401 300072, 13/04/2015, S: Brogach 1st of Balmoral, D: Lily Morag of Ubhaidh Class SP10 – Reserve Junior Animal Kennedy, Mr Alan, Callum 12th of Goldenberry, UK585380 300040, 30/01/2015, S: Calum of Cir Mhor, D: Cannach 20th of Achnacloich

Class SP11 – Overall Champion Glasgow City Council, Una Ruadh 49th Of Pollok, UK561310 600497, 21/04/2013, S: Uallach Dubh 5th Of Pollok, D: Una Ruadh 41st Of Pollok

Class SP3 – Best Overall Female & Winner of the Highland Victory Cup Glasgow City Council, Una Ruadh 49th Of Pollok, UK561310 600497, 21/04/2013, S: Uallach Dubh 5th Of Pollok, D: Una Ruadh 41st Of Pollok Class SP4 – Reserve Overall Female Howman, Mr K C R, Maireared Stuamaig 2nd of Borland, UK542205 100495, S: Stepdancer 3rd Of Glengorm, D: Maireared Buidhe 1st of Borland

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 67


THE SHOW SEASON Class SP12 – Reserve Overall Champion Howman, Mr K C R, Maireared Stuamaig 2nd of Borland, UK542205 100495, S: Stepdancer 3rd Of Glengorm, D: Maireared Buidhe 1st of Borland

Class 59

Hyndford Fold, Banrigh 5th of Hyndford , UK560890 300081, 08/05/2015, S: Alexander Of Glengorm , D: Banrigh of Hyndford

1st Makayla of Marrick Park from Ms J M Carr 2nd Ellit Dhubh Vallay 1st of Walton from Mr Paul Harris bred by Mr Arthur Hill Class 60

Class 57

GREAT YORKSHIRE SHOW 2016 Tuesday 12th - Thursday 14th July Horny Highlander Trophy presented by Dexter Logan in memory of his later father Kelso Logan to the Stock Person bringing out the Champion Melissa Sinclair from Glasgow City Council

1st Reserve Male Champion and Overall Junior Champion was Braveheart of Mortimers from Blairlogan Highlanders bred by Mortimer Farms

Judge: Mr David Maughan, Blandford Forum, Dorset

1st Female Champion and Overall Champion Ezra of Earn from Mr Mark Braines bred by Mrs Heather Corrigall 2nd Ruadh Eilidh 2nd of Seam from Mr & Mrs S Hayley 3rd Cassie Buidhe 4th of Cladich from Mr S Burnett bred by Mr & Mrs J Strickland 4th Corrina of Kecksys APP A, from Mrs M A Brunt 5th Sara of Hellifield from Messrs R A & W Phillips 6th Barabel Buidhe 3rd of Cornsay Lodge from Mr G Braines bred by Mr & Mrs Ridley Class 61 1st Maserati Black of Hellifield from Messrs R A & W Phillips 2nd Sineag Dubh 3rd of Brunnila from Mr & Mrs S Hayley bred by R Palonen 3rd Leigh Dubh of Hellifield from Mr S & L Burnett bred by Messrs R A & W Phillips

Judge David Maughan had a smaller number of cattle to judge, than in recent years, but nevertheless the quality was superb. The Overall Champion from Mr Mark Braines was Ezra of Earn a Three Year Old in calf Heifer who won at the Great Yorkshire in 2015. This is only the second time an animal has won twice at this prestigious show.

Class 62 1st Reserve Junior Champion Margaret 1st of Seam from Mrs & Mrs S Hayley

Class 58 1st Reserve Female Champion and Reserve Overall Champion was Solas Emma 4th of Benmore from Blairlogan Highlanders bred by Mrs Emma Paterson. 2nd Lady Juliette of Walton from Mr Paul Harris bred by Mr Arthur Hill. Class SP13 – Best Animal Bred by Exhibitor Glasgow City Council, Una Ruadh 49th Of Pollok, UK561310 600497, 21/04/2013, S: Uallach Dubh 5th Of Pollok, D: Una Ruadh 41st Of Pollok Class SP14 – Best Group consisting of 1 Bull, 1 Cow and Calf, 1 Heifer, all the property of one exhibitor Hyndford Fold, Alisdair 3rd of Douglas , UK560118 500156, 30/03/2015, S: Alisdair of Hyndford , D: Katriona 8th og Douglas Hyndford Fold, Banrigh 3rd of Hyndford, UK560890 500069, 08/04/2012, S: Jacobite of Benmore, D: Banrigh 2nd of An Sidhean

68 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Female Champion and Overall Champion, Ezra of Earn from Mr M Braines and bred by Mrs Heather Corrigall. Class 56 1st Male Champion and Best Opposite Sex to the Champion was Calum Seoladair Dubh 6th of Killochries from Mrs M A Brunt, bred by the Killochries Fold. 2nd Mr M Braines - Samson 2nd of West Edmondsley 3rd Mr P Harries - Eoin Mhor 12th of Mottistone

2nd Aibhlin of Hellifield from Messrs R A & W Phillips 3rd Kyla of Marrick Park from Mrs J M Carr

ROYAL WELSH SHOW 2016 Mon 18th July - Thurs 21st July

Judge: Angus Macdonald Ardbhan Kyles, Bayhead, North Uist, Outer Hebrides HS6 5DY

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 69


Class 575 BULL, any age Ist & Male Champion & winner of the Carney Challenge Cup & Overall Champion and winner of the Cefyn Gwrhyd Trophy from the Davies family - Lot – 3208 from J2 Farming; JAMIE OF HISLAND UK312449400305; 01 Jan 2012; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Lord Angus Of Hisland; dam, Sine Dubh Of Craigowmill


2nd Lot 3215 Peter Smith; CASAIR 6TH OF CRAIGOMILL UK541989201345; 01 Apr 2009; bred by Ken Brown; sire, Gile Dubh 3rd Of Craigomill; dam, Casair Dubh Of Dalriada

5th Lot 3220 Mr Jamie-Beau Brewer; FURAN FRAOCH 7TH OF GILDEN VALE UK306233500075; 05 Feb 2013; bred by Mr Handley; sire, Black Prince 2nd Of Idvies; dam, Furan Frouch 3rd Of Gilden Vale

3rd Lot 3218 J2 Farming; LILI MARGARET 2ND OF CIM UK312449300262; 23 Feb 2011; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Logan Odah 2nd Of Coverhead; dam, Lili Margaret 2nd Of Ardbhan

6th Lot 3221 Mrs Becky Rowlands and Mr Huw Rowlands; FRANGAG MISSY 1ST OF THE CELYN UK700876200451,12 Feb 2013; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Brogach Of Leighton; dam, Frangag Dubh 1st Of The May

4th Lot 3219 Mr James Williamson and Mrs Jacky Harrison; PRINCESS ANALENA 1ST OF REILTH TOP UK314152400001; 29 Jan 2012; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Flannchadh Of Moorside; dam, Princess Ruadh 4th Of Killochries

7th Lot 3222 Geoff Spawton; OIGHREAG 2ND OF THE MAY UK741989700159; 28 Mar 2013; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Philip Ruadh 6th Of Auchtenny; dam, Baravalla Oighreag 1st Of The May

5th Lot 3216 Mr & Mrs Arthur Hill; SWEET PRINCESS OF WALTON UK305764500089; 17 Feb 2010; bred by Mrs S M Hill; sire, Wallace Of Cim; dam, Princess 3rd Of Cruach 6th Lot 3213 Mrs Becky Rowlands and Mr Huw Rowlands; CAIRISTIONA RUADH OF CLADICH (Farm Assured 0); UK544550700088; 30 Mar 2008; bred by Mrs Jon H Strickland; sire, Eoin Mhor 2nd Of Torloisk; dam, Cairistiona 4th Of Cladich Class 580 HEIFER, born on or between 01 Jan 2013 and 31 Dec 2013

8th Lot 3226 Mr & Mrs Arthur Hill; ANNAG 1ST OF EDGERSTON UK561903300658; 16 Apr 2013; bred by Edgerstow Trading; sire, Alattair Buid He Of Upper Cornabus; dam, Annag Of Kilnburn Class 582 HEIFER, born on or between 01 Jan 2014 and 31 Dec 2014 1st and winner of the HCCW Silver Salver from S Jones & Sons, Female Champion and Overall Reserve Champion Lot 3231 Peter Smith; CEIDH 2ND OF STOCKLEY UK315256500012; 03 Mar 2014; bred by Peter & Sue Smith; sire, Ceannard Of Miungairch; dam, Ceilidh Of Ubhaidh

1st and winner of the Rowston Holiday Silver Salver from Huw and Becky Rowlands, Reserve Female Champion – Lot – 3224 from Mr Guy Mumford; BEANA 1ST OF WALTON UK305764600118; 12 Apr 2013; bred by Mr & Mrs A Hill; sire, Alisdair Ruadh Of Auchtenny; dam, Gealbean 4th Of Cim

2nd and Best Yearling Male Reserve Male Champion– Lot – 3211 from Peter Smith; JAK 1ST OF STOCKLEY UK315256500019; 26 Mar 2015; bred by Peter & Sue Smith; sire, Ceannard Of Miungaligh; dam, Dossan Ruadh 4th Of Cnoc-Na-Sitll Class 578 COW, any age in calf or with calf at foot. 1st and winner of the Celyn Fold Tankard – Lot 3217 Mr & Mrs Duncan & Angela Handley; UNA DUBH 3RD OF GILDEN VALE UK306233500054; 22 Feb 2011; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Black Prince 2nd Iduies; dam, Una Dubh Of Gilden Vale

70 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

2nd and winner of SP 581A reserve – Lot 3227 Ms M J & V M Monk; PRINCESS 3RD OF CHADWICH UK301858701197; 21 Apr 2013; bred by Exhibitor; sire, George Broderick Of House Of Hoden; dam, Turfrida 27th Of Eastol Moor 3rd Lot 3225 Geoff Spawton; Bravalla Oighreag 2nd of May, UK741989600165; 16 Apr 2013; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Orag Samhach Of The May; dam, Baravalla Mina 4th Of The May

2nd Lot 3230 Mr & Mrs Duncan & Angela Handley; UNA RAINEACH OF GILDEN VALE UK306233100085; 15 Feb 2014; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Brogach Of Gilden Vale; dam, Una Dubh Of Gilden Vale

4th Lot 3228 Ms M J & V M Monk; PRECIOUS 2ND OF CHADWICH UK301858101198; 27 Apr 2013; bred by Exhbiitor; sire, George Broderick Of House Of Hoden; dam, Ealasaid Fionn 2nd Of Mercaston

3rd Lot 3233 Mr Guy Mumford; URSHULA 38TH OF WALTON UK305764600125; 18 Mar 2014; bred by Mr & Mrs A Hill; sire, Alisdair Ruadh Of Auchtenny; dam, Urshula 34th Of Walton

4th Lot 3238 Peter Smith; CAIRISTIONA DUBH OF STOCKLEY UK315256200016; 17 June 2014; bred by Peter & Sue Smith; sire, Caennard Of Miungaligh; dam, Cairisiona Dubh Of Cladich 5th Lot 3235 Ms M J & V M Monk; PRINCESS DUBH 4TH OF CHADWICH UK301858201241; 23 Mar 2014; bred by Exhbiitor; sire, George Broderick Of House Of Hoden; dam, Turfrida 27th Of Eastol Moor 6th Lot 3236 Mr & Mrs Arthur Hill; EASTER BUNNY OF WALTON UK305764700126; 20 Apr 2014; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Alisdair Ruadh Of Auchtenny; dam, Sweet Princess Of Walton Class 584 HEIFER, born on or between 01 Jan 2015 and 31 Dec 2015 1st and winner of HCCW Trophy from Border Software Company, Junior Female Champion – Lot 3243 Ms M J & V M Monk; URSHULA DUBH OF CHADWICH UK301858101282; 25 Apr 2015; bred by Exhibitor; sire, George Broderick Of House Of Hoden; dam, Urshula 25th Of Eastol Moor FORSALE 2nd Lot 3245 Mr & Mrs Duncan & Angela Handley; UNA EITEAG 4TH OF GILDEN VALE UK306233400102; 24 May 2015; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Black Prince 2nd Of Iduies; dam, Una Ruadh Of Gilden Vale 3rd Lot 3246 Robin & Jan Chilton; BANNY OF LEIGHTON UK713085600009; 23 Jun 2015; bred by R & J Chilton; sire, Uk321670700061; dam, Uk541253500051 4th Lot 3240 Mr James Williamson and Mrs Jacky Harrison; PRINCESS DUANA OF REILTH TOP UK314152200006; 20 Jan 2015; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Brogach Of Gildonvale; dam, Princess Ruadh 4th Of Killochries 5th Lot 3242 Mr & Mrs Arthur Hill; LADY MOLLY OF WALTON UK305764200128; 10 Apr 2015; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Alaisdair Ruadh Of Auchtenny; dam, Sweet Princess Of Walton 6th Lot 3239 Mr & Mrs Arthur Hill; MILIS 1ST OF SEAM UK112870500022; 04 Jan 2015; bred by Mr & Mrs Simon Haley; sire, Proiseil Dubh Armuivn; dam, Milis 2nd Of Earn 7th Lot 3244 Mr Guy Mumford; URSULA 1ST OF YARCHESTER UK316135700001; 02 May 2015; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Alasdair Ruadh Of Auchtenny; dam, Urshula 34th Of Walton

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 71


THE SHOW SEASON STARS OF THE FUTURE SHOW 2016 Saturday 12 November 2016 Judge: Mr Jim McKechnie SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP CLASSES Senior Female Champion & Overall Senior Champion Lot 231 SIDONIA 4TH OF BALNABROICH UK542297400549. Born 02/03/15. Brindle from Michael & Sally Nairn. Sire CLIADHAMH MOR OF BALMORAL 9993, Dam - SIDONIA 8TH OF ORMSARY 61276

Reserve Senior Male Champion Lot 223 - RUARUDH 2ND OF BALMORAL UK521043200452. Born 20/02/15. Red from Balmoral Estates. Sire - RUARIDH 1ST OF UBHAIDH 10102, Dam - BHADAIR RUADH 52ND OF BALMORAL 63380

Reserve Junior Male Champion Lot 241 – HECTOR 1ST OF BLAIRLOGAN UK541302300140. Born 19/02/16. Red from Blairlogan Highlanders. Sire LOGAN OF MUINGAIRIGH SILVER, Dam - SOLAS EMMA 4TH OF BENMORE 67880



Junior Female Champion, Overall Junior Champion & Reserve Junior Native Interbreed Champion Lot 254 – RHIBIN GEAL OF RANNOCH UK541718400091. Born 24/02/16. White from Mr Donald MacNaughton. Sire - REICH OF RANNOCH, Dam - RACHEL BUIDHE OF CEANNACROIC 71228

Class 38 – Bulls born 12 Feb to 12 October 2015 1 Lot 224 – Douglas of Rannoch – Donald MacNaughton 2 Lot 223 – Rharidh 2nd of Balmoral – Balmoral Estates 3 Lot 222 – Braveheart of Mortimers – Blairlogan Highlanders 4 Lot 225 – Coirneal Nam Beann of Brue   Class 39 – Heifers born 16 January to 14 February 2015 1 2 3 4

Young Handlers Class – 11 – 14 1 2 3 4

Lewis Singer Beth Noble Kayleigh Dixon Logan Ross

ROYAL HIGHLAND SHOW 2017 Thursday 22nd June 2017 Judge: Willie Maclean

Lot 228 – Dosan 30th of Leys – Leys Castle Estate Lot 230 – Fiochag of Hunters – S & R Hunter Lot 229 - Aisla Emma Dubh of Kintore Castle – J & J Singer Lot 255 – Hayley of Rannoch – H Irvine

Class 40 – Heifers born 2 March to 8 May 2015 1 2 3 4

Senior Male Champion & Reserve Overall Senior Champion Lot 224 - DOUGLAS OF RANNOCH UK541718100088. Born 06/04/15. Red from Mr Donald MacNaughton. Sire - REICH OF RANNOCH, Dam - SKYE 2ND OF RANNOCH 64744

  Junior Male Champion and Reserve Overall Champion Lot 244 – EACHANN RUADH OF HYNDFORD UK560890600084. Born 08/03/16. Red from Mr Alan Prentice. Sire - ALEXANDER OF GLENGORM 9790, Dam BANRIGH 3RD OF HYNDFORD 72092

Lot 231 – Sidonia 4th of Balnabroich – Michael & Sally Nairn Lot 233 - Woodaird Amanda – G Noble Lot 234 – Cridhe Kaylee Dhubh of Tordarroch – J & J Singer Lot 235 – Eileen 4th of Hunters – L Burns

JUNIOR CLASS RESULTS Class 41 – Bulls born 10 January to 19 February 2016 1 2 3

Lot 241 – Hector of Blairlogan – Blairlogan Highlanders Lot 240 – Buide Kracken of Seam – Emma & Simon Hayley Lot 238 – Curtis of Craigluscar – H Irvine

Class 42 – Bulls born 1 March to 17 May 2016 1 2 3 4 5 6

Lot 244 – Eachann Ruadh of Hyndford – A Prentice Lot 247 – Jock Ruadh of Isle of Bute – R & E McMillan Lot 249 – Callan of Isle of Bute – R & E McMillan Lot 248 – Fergus Dubh of Isle of Bute – R & E McMillan Lot 243 – Dubh Armunn of Seam – Simon & Emma Hayley Lot 242 – Jonty Dubh of Kintore Castle – J & J Singer

Judge Willie Maclean took centre stage at the Royal Highland Show judging the Highland classes in what can only be described as almost perfect weather for showing. The day was truly a family affair with all three of Willie’s daughters on hand to help present the prizes and his brother Charlie MacLean at the opposite end of the cattle show rings set about placing the Charolais classes. Willie found his overall champion in the two year old heifer class with Female Champion Eleanor of Ubhaidh (20/02/2015) out of Alice of Earn and by Fergus of Ubhaidh was bred by Roy Tylden-Wright and owned and brought out by Graeme Easton and Rebecca Greenhorn from the Ranch Fold.

Class 43 – Heifers Born 2 January to 27 February 2016 1 2 3  

Reserve Senior Female Champion Lot 228 - DOSAN 30TH OF LEYS UK501022100218. Born 09/02/15. Red from Leys Castle Farm. Sire JOCK OF LYNTOUN 9699, Dam - DOSAN 17TH OF LEYS 58578.

72 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Reserve Junior Female Champion Lot 260 – LAURA ANNE OF HUNTERS UK562907200131. Born 10/04/16. Red from Mr Stephen & Mrs Rosemary Hunter. Sire - GREGOR OF GRAY BRAE 10284, Dam SUBHLAIR 26TH OF BRUCEFIELD

Lot 254 – Rhibinn Geal of Rannoch – Donald MacNaughton Lot 253 – Malda Ruadh 8th of Hunters – S & R Hunter Lot 250 – Lizzie 4th of Seam – Simon & Emma Hayley

Class 44 – Heifers born 16 March to 20 April 2016 1 2 3 4

Lot 260 – Laura Anne of Hunters – S & R Hunter Lot 256 – Sidonia 5th of Balnabroich – Michael & Sally Nairn Lot 261 – June 21st of Hyndford – A Prentice Lot 258 – Capleadh 14th of Craigowmill – K & E Brown

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 73

THE SHOW SEASON Overall Champion & Reserve Overall Champion The reserve overall champion and male champion was a black highland bull from Her Majesty the Queen brought out by Fearghus Ormiston and bred by Ken Brown. Prionnsa Dubh of Craigowmill born on 10/04/2011 was out of Lady Alma Dubh 2nd of Craigowmill and by Panther 2nd Vom Aignerhof.

4th Cuthbertson, Caroline, Conachair 5th of Jedderfield, UK561724 300104, 29/03/2016, S: Allt Ruadh of Crannich, D: Conachair 12th of Lagg, Breeder: Exhibitor 5th Kirkpatrick, A & H, Claggorm 46th of Glengarnock, UK580657 500270, 29/03/2016, S: Jock 4th of Glengarnock, D: Claggorm 20th of Glengarnock, Breeder: Exhibitor 6th Balnabroich Farms,, Sidonia 5th of Balnabroich, UK542297 400682, 16/03/2016, S: Cliadhamh Mor of Balmoral, D: Sidonia 8th of Ormsary, Breeder: Exhibitor Junior Female Champion Ranch Livestock, Claira of Ubhaidh, UK508005 500118, 21/03/2016, S: Fergus of Ubhaidh, D: Alice 1st of Earn, Breeder: Mr Roy Tylden Wright Reserve Junior Female Champion McKechnie, J & C, Kirsty 3rd of Gartocharn , UK541401 500074, 10/04/2016, S: Brogach 2nd of Balmoral , D: Kirsty Morag of Ubhaidh , Breeder: Exhibitor

  CLASS RESULTS 229 FEMALE born on or after 1st April 2016 (13 Entries) 1st McKechnie, J & C, Kirsty 3rd of Gartocharn , UK541401 500074, 10/04/2016, S: Brogach 2nd of Balmoral , D: Kirsty Morag of Ubhaidh , Breeder: Exhibitor 2nd Hyndford Fold, June 21st of Hyndford, UK560890 700085, 20/04/2016, S: Alexander of Hyndford, D: June 11th of Hyndford, Breeder: Exhibitor 3rd Messrs W Thomson, Ceit Ruadh of Woodneuk , UK583079 701679, 19/04/2016, S: Jock 12th of Woodneuk , D: Seonaid Ruadh 3rd of Inchmarnock , Breeder: William and Tom Thomson 4th Hunter, Mr & Mrs S & R, Laura Anne Of Hunters , UK562907 200131, 10/04/2016, S: Gregor Of Gray Brae , D: Subhlair 26th Of Brucefield , Breeder: Exhibitor 230 FEMALE born on or between 1st January and 31st March 2016 (11 Entries) 1st Ranch Livestock, Claira of Ubhaidh, UK508005 500118, 21/03/2016, S: Fergus of Ubhaidh, D: Alice 1st of Earn, Breeder: Mr Roy Tylden Wright 2nd Howman, Mr K C R, Lili Ann of Borland, UK544699 400089, 15/03/2016, S: Stepdancer 3rd of Glengorm, D: Lili Ann 9th of The Horn, Breeder: Exhibitor 3rd Messrs W Thomson, Morag 66th of Woodneuk, UK583079 301619, 06/02/2016, S: Jock 12th of Woodneuk, D: Morag 59th of Woodneuk, Breeder: Exhibitor

74 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

THE SHOW SEASON 5th Balnabroich Farms,, Sidonia 4th Of Balnabroich, UK542297 400549, 02/03/2015, S: Cliadhamh Mor Of Balmoral, D: Sidonia 8th Of Ormsary, Breeder: Exhibitor 6th Hyndford Fold, Banrigh 5th of Hyndford, UK560890 300081, 08/05/2015, S: Alexander Of Glengorm, D: Banrigh of Hyndford, Breeder: Exhibitor 232 FEMALE born on or between 1st January and 31st December 2014 (15 Entries) 1st Glasgow City Council, Chorrach 13th Of Pollok, UK561310 700512, 03/01/2014, S: Uallach Ruadh 3rd of Pollok, D: Chorrach Of Pollok, Breeder: Exhibitor 2nd McKechnie, J & C, Catriona 3rd of Gartocharn, UK541401 300065, 19/06/2014, S: Angus 8th Dunvegan, D: Morag 44th of Woodneuk, Breeder: Exhibitor 3rd Kirkpatrick, A & H, Claggorm 40th of Glengarnock, UK580657 200239, 11/04/2014, S: Angus Dubh 2nd of Glengarnock, D: Claggorm 20th of Glengarnock, Breeder: Exhibitor 4th Blairlogan Highlanders, Solas Emma 1st of Blairlogan, UK541302 400113, 17/01/2014, S: Bono Buidhe of Ceannacroic, D: Solas Emma 4th of Benmore, Breeder: Exhibitor 5th Balnabroich Farms,, Sidonia 2nd of Balnabroich, UK542297 400486, 12/03/2014, S: Cliadhamh Mor Of Balmoral, D: Sidonia 8th Of Ormsary, Breeder: Exhibitor 6th McMillan, Mr Ronald, Robag 6th of Isle of Bute , UK585263 200127, 27/05/2014, S: Laochan Ruadh 3rd of Knockendon , D: Robag 1st of Isle of Bute , Breeder: Exhibitor 233 FEMALE, in Milk born on or between 1st January and 31st December 2013 (2 Entries)

  231 FEMALE born on or between 1st January and 31st December 2015 (16 Entries) Winner - The McLaren Building Preservation Trophy, presented by McLaren Building Preservation. 1st Ranch Livestock, Eleanor of Ubhaidh, UK50800 5600112, 20/02/2015, S: Fergus of Ubhaidh, D: Alice 1st of Earn, Breeder: Mr Roy Tylden Wright 2nd Fitzsimon, Mr Alastair, Smeorach 6th of Tregallon, UK582779 500832, 10/02/2015, S: Torrdarach of Crannich, D: Smeorach of An Sidhean, Breeder: Exhibitor 3rd McKechnie, J & C, Kirsty 2nd of Gartocharn, UK541401200071, 08/04/2015, S: Brogach 1st of Balmoral, D: Kirsty Morag of Ubhaidh, Breeder: Exhibitor 4th McKechnie, J & C, Catriona 4th of Gartocharn , UK541401 700069, 25/05/2015, S: Brogach 1st of Balmoral , D: Morag 44th of Woodneuk , Breeder: Exhibitor

1st Irvine, Mr Hamish, Gheilder Dubh of Cladich, UK544550 500233, 14/02/2013, S: Seonaidh Mor of Ardura, D: Gheilder Ruadh 16th of Cladich, Breeder: Mrs Jon H Strickland 2nd FEMALE, in Milk, born on or before 31st December 2012 (9 Entries) 3rd Messrs W Thomson, Bachy Mor 30th of Woodneuk, UK583079 101204, 25/04/2012, S: Jock 5th of Woodneuk, D: Bachy Mor 26th of Woodneuk, Breeder: Exhibitor 4th Paterson, Mrs Emma, Bridget 32nd of Benmore, UK542773 600824, 29/03/2012, S: Alastair Ruadh of Meggernie, D: Bridget 30th of Benmore, Breeder: Exhibitor 5th Blairlogan Highlanders, Solas Emma 4th of Benmore, UK542773 500760, 17/03/2010, S: Aonghas-a-rithist of Achnacioich, D: Solais Emma of Benmore, Breeder: Mrs Emma Paterson

6th Hunter, Mr & Mrs S & R, Capleadh Proiseag 3rd Of Broomrigg, UK581560 200050, 28/07/2010, S: Urquhart Of Tordarroch, D: Capleadh Proiseag 1st Of Broomrigg, Breeder: D R Fountain 7th Thomson, Veronica, Heather 8th of Tordarroch, UK500970 300102, 05/03/2010, S: Craig of Tordarroch, D: Heather 11th of Innisard, Breeder: Tordarroch Estates 8th Irvine, Mr Hamish, Victoria of Battle Court, UK542653 500030, 13/01/2007, S: Monarch 1st of Earn, D: Holly of Battle Court, Breeder: Messers Young & Brown SP1 Best Calf at Foot exhibited with Dam Thomson, Veronica Dam - Heather 8th of Tordarroch, UK500970 300102, 05/03/2010, S: Craig of Tordarroch, D: Heather 11th of Innisard, Breeder: Tordarroch Estates Overall Female Champion Ranch Livestock, Eleanor of Ubhaidh, UK50800 5600112, 20/02/2015, S: Fergus of Ubhaidh, D: Alice 1st of Earn, Breeder: Mr Roy Tylden Wright Reserve Female Champion Glasgow City Council, Chorrach 13th Of Pollok, UK561310 700512, 03/01/2014, S: Uallach Ruadh 3rd of Pollok, D: Chorrach Of Pollok, Breeder: Exhibitor BULL born on or after 1st January 2016 (8 Entries) 1st Hyndford Fold, Eachan Ruadh of Hyndford, UK560890 600084, 08/03/2016, S: Alexander of Glengorme, D: Banrigh 3rd of Hyndford, Breeder: Exhibitor 2nd Fitzsimon, Mr Alastair, Brogach of Tregallon, UK582779 700911, 03/02/2016, S: James Buidhe of Knockendon, D: Bhanna Prionnsa 2nd of Knockendon, Breeder: Exhibitor 3rd McMillan, Mr Ronald, Jock 3rd of Knockendon , UK585263 500165, 24/04/2016, S: Laochan Ruadh 3rd of Knockendon , D: Lillian 1st of Isle of Bute , Breeder: Exhibitor Junior Champion Bull Hyndford Fold, Eachan Ruadh of Hyndford, UK560890 600084, 08/03/2016, S: Alexander of Glengorme, D: Banrigh 3rd of Hyndford, Breeder: Exhibitor Reserve Junior Champion Bull Fitzsimon, Mr Alastair, Brogach of Tregallon, UK582779 700911, 03/02/2016, S: James Buidhe of Knockendon, D: Bhanna Prionnsa 2nd of Knockendon, Breeder: Exhibitor

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 75

THE SHOW SEASON Reserve Overall Champion Queen, H M The, Prionnsa Dubh of Craigowmill, UK541989 201527, 10/04/2011, S: Panther 2nd Vom Aignerhof, D: Lady Alma Dubh 2nd of Craigowmill, Breeder: Mr K Brown Best Animal bred by Exhibitor Hyndford Fold, Eachan Ruadh of Hyndford, UK560890 600084, 08/03/2016, S: Alexander of Glengorm, D: Banrigh 3rd of Hyndford, Breeder: Exhibitor

236 BULL born on or before 31st December 2015 (4 Entries) 1st Queen, H M The, Prionnsa Dubh of Craigowmill, UK541989 201527, 10/04/2011, S: Panther 2nd Vom Aignerhof, D: Lady Alma Dubh 2nd of Craigowmill, Breeder: Mr K Brown 2nd Thomson, Veronica, Conall Dubh of Tilbouries, UK522994 701692, 17/07/2014, S: Molach Dubh Prionnsa of Tilbouries, D: Petula 3rd of Kinpurnie, Breeder: J & L Fraser 3rd Cuthbertson, Caroline, Allt Ruadh of Crannich, UK544686 700052, 24/03/2011, S: Ruairidh of Hyndford, D: Agnes A’ghmore 3rd of the Wellburn, Breeder: Mr R Sedgewick

Best Group, 1 Bull, 1 Cow with calf & 1 Heifer 1st Thomson, Veronica, Conall Dubh of Tilbouries, UK522994 701692, 17/07/2014, S: Molach Dubh Prionnsa of Tilbouries, D: Petula 3rd of Kinpurnie, Breeder: J & L Fraser 2nd Thomson, Veronica, Heather 8th of Tordarroch, UK500970 300102, 05/03/2010, S: Craig of Tordarroch, D: Heather 11th of Innisard, Breeder: Tordarroch Estates 3rd Thomson, Veronica, Amy Belle of Allanfearn, UK509374 500014, 27/06/2014, S: Crusoe of Brue, D: Amy of Tirry-side, Breeder: Macarthur & Ashton

Male Champion Queen, H M The, Prionnsa Dubh of Craigowmill, UK541989 201527, 10/04/2011, S: Panther 2nd Vom Aignerhof, D: Lady Alma Dubh 2nd of Craigowmill, Breeder: Mr K Brown Reserve Male Champion Hyndford Fold, Eachan Ruadh of Hyndford, UK560890 600084, 08/03/2016, S: Alexander of Glengorm, D: Banrigh 3rd of Hyndford, Breeder: Exhibitor Best Junior Animal Hyndford Fold, Eachan Ruadh of Hyndford, UK560890 600084, 08/03/2016, S: Alexander of Glengorm, D: Banrigh 3rd of Hyndford, Breeder: Exhibitor Reserve Junior Animal Ranch Livestock, Claira of Ubhaidh, UK508005 500118, 21/03/2016, S: Fergus of Ubhaidh, D: Alice 1st of Earn, Breeder: Mr Roy Tylden Wright Overall Champion Ranch Livestock, Eleanor of Ubhaidh, UK50800 5600112, 20/02/2015, S: Fergus of Ubhaidh, D: Alice 1st of Earn, Breeder: Mr Roy Tylden Wright

76 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Judges Report: When I am judging Highland cattle, I want the animal to enter the ring that catches my eye – stylish, head up, showing its character. As I am judging the females I want to see an animal that has a nice head with a fine sweeping horn and a straight back that can show her character. Her head should have a nice long dawson, short face, strong mussel and be wide between the eyes. Having good legs and length to the animal are important traits. There should be a good covering of flesh over the animal without her being too fat to ensure she doesn’t lose her femininity. The hair should be a good length throughout and not patchy. However, this depends on the time of the year as in summer the hair is usually shorter. The frame is also important and should consist of good shoulders and plates with a rear end that is filled out and not narrow. The plates should be wide and straight, not narrowed or curved, the shoulders should also not be narrow, as they should be round.

THE SHOW SEASON When judging the males I look for a bull that has a presence within the ring that is able to show off his masculinity through a strong head, body and horns. He should have style and power as well as being strong boned with a full rear end that is not narrow and not a deep front end. The frame should have a good top line, straight back, good shoulders and wide plates with the bottom line not sagging too much. With regard on how the cattle should be presented in the ring, I expect them to be quiet, standing correctly with their head kept up. When being presented to the judge, the animal should be standing with a leg in each corner – the frame of the animal should be used as a guide as to how far apart the legs should be. The animals should be well combed with no straw hanging from any part of their body, nor stuck in their feet. From a handler’s point of view, they should always be in control and focused on their beast – not what is going on outside the ring. Concentrating on what the judge’s requirements of you and your animal are in the ring is another element of showing that should not be forgotten. When presenting your animal, exhibitors should be smart with their white coat buttoned up and wearing a tie with clean halter and lead ropes. A key point to remember when showing is that you are not only trying to impress the judge, but also the people watching outside the ring! This is why you should always make sure that your animal is standing correctly with their head up even after they have been viewed by the judge, as you never know when the judge will have another look at your animal. I like to see females and males with short feet. This is because shorter feet makes them walk better and allows them to stand taller. Long feet makes the cattle sink their weight into the back of their feet, which in turn doesn’t make them walk as well. When walking, I don’t like to see beasts that have their legs close together at the front nor at the back. Also, I don’t like to see them swinging their legs when walking as they should walk with their legs apart in a straight line. Putting all my points together, what I feel makes a good Highlander is an animal that has style, class, and a presence within the ring. I thoroughly enjoyed my time judging the Royal Highland Show with a few difficult classes – the standard was very high throughout all the classes. My overall champion at the Royal Highland had all the characteristics that I look for in a female. My male champion and reserve overall was a very close runner up. When watching from the outside of the ring, judging can look easy when in actual fact it’s the very opposite as it is very nerve wracking judging the animals. There is a lot of pressure when you are standing in the middle of the ring waiting on your first class to enter, however once the animals start coming into the ring, you automatically focus on the task in hand. You must remember that you are judging the animal, not the person leading it, friendship or

previous winners should not come into consideration when you are picking your prize winners. This may add to the pressure as the animal standing in front of you may have won previous shows. It is an honour to judge any show, but the honour is greater when judging a national show such as the Royal Highland. I would like to thank all the exhibitors that took part as well as the Highland show for asking me to judge. Finally, a big thank you to Sian, Janet and Helen for their help and support. Willie Maclean

GREAT YORKSHIRE SHOW 2017 Tuesday 11th July 2017 Judge: Dochy Ormiston On a very wet show day at the Great Yorkshire Show Dochy Ormiston had a fine display of quality cattle however the quantity was in short supply. The Overall Champion however was drawn in the shortlist in the Overall Interbreed Championship judged by Mr Jimmy McMillan later on Tuesday 11 July 2017.

Overall Champion from Blairlogan Highlanders was Solas Emma of Blairlogan born on 17 January 2014. Class 51 Bull born on or after 1 January 2016 1st Legend of Kelby from T P Radford brought out by Daniel Rowbottom. Legend of Kelby also took the Male Championship as well as the Best Opposite Sex to the Champion. T P Radford follows a successful show and sale year winning the Great Yorkshire Show Pairs Competition and the Group of Three and the Highest Place North of England Highland Cattle Club Member at the show.

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 77



Seniors Heifers born in 2014 1st Solas Emma of Blairlogan from Blairlogan Highlanders. Dexter Logan of Blairlogan Highlanders went on to win the Female Championship and Overall Championship with Solas Emma of Blairlogan.

Senior Cows in Milk born after 1 January 2013 1st Solas Emma 4th of Benmore from Blairlogan Highlanders bred by Emma Paterson. Solas also took the Reserve Female Championship and Reserve Overall Championship for Dexter Logan from Blairlogan Highlanders. 2nd Jipsy Gheal of Ardbhan from Mrs Emma Haley bred by Mr Angus MacDonald. 3rd Maserati Black of Hellifield from Messrs R A & W Phillip 4th Leigh Dubh of Hellifield from Stephen & Lesley Burnett bred by Messrs R A & W Phillip Heifer born 2015 and winner of SP12 1st Diorbhial 2nd of Seam from Mr S B Haley 2nd Margaret of Seam from Mr S B Haley 3rd Dorta of Kelby from T P Radford 2nd Milis 2nd of Earn from Mrs E Haley and bred by Heather Corrigall. Young Cow in calf or milk born between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2013 1st Sara of Hellifield from Messrs R A & W Phillip of Hellifield Highlanders

Yearling Heifer born in 2016 1st Margaret 2nd of Seam from Mr S B Haley 2nd Fern of Hellifield from Messrs R A & W Phillip 3rd Dorta Ruadh of Kelby from T P Radford. Junior Highland Champion Champion – Margaret 2nd of Seam from Mr S B Haley Reserve Champion – Legen of Kelby from T P Radford Female Champion Champion – Solas Emma of Blairlogan from Blairlogan Highlanders Reserve Champion – Solas Emma 4th of Benmore from Blairlogan Highlanders bred by Emma Paterson Overall Champion Champion – Solas Emma of Blairlogan from Blairlogan Highlanders Reserve Champion – Solas Emma 4th of Benmore from Blairlogan Highlnders bredy by Emma Paterson

2nd Cassie Bhuidhe 4th of Cladich from Lesley & Stephen Burnett brad by Mrs Jon Strickland

78 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Best Opposite Sex to the Champion Legend of Kelby from T P Radford

Judges Report: I felt it was a great honour to be asked to judge the highland cattle at the Great Yorkshire Show in 2017 after having shown there many years ago. The last time I competed at this show we had driven north from the royal show and if my memory serves me right there were over 100 highland cattle present. It was Knock fold from Appin who won that year. Sadly there were not the numbers there this year however the ones who did attend put on a great show for me. The champion was Dexter Logans homebred 3yr old heifer and reserve was his Benmore cow with a well grown calf at foot. I would like to thank all the stock attendants for bringing their cattle and the stewards for their invaluable help. I would also like to thank our very own HCS secretary for keeping order in the ring. Dochy Ormiston

The Overall Champion of the day was the Female Champion Princess Easter Bunny of Walton from the home of Mrs Louisa Jordan shown and brought out by Paul Langford and bred by Mrs S Hill. This three year old heifer is out of Sweet Princess of Walton and sired by Alisdair Ruadh of Auchtenny the same sire of the Male Champion Alisdair Dubh of Walton from Mr & Mrs A Hill, a three year old bull out of Margaret Fay Shan 5th Ardbhan.

ROYAL WELSH SHOW 2017 Monday 24th - Thursday 27th July 2017 Judge: Mr Robert Phillip, Hellifield, Skipton North Yorkshire, BD23 4LA

Exhibitor Bred Pairs Highland Cattle were in the limelight at Builth Wells in the interbreed section thanks to Duncan and Angela Handley who won the Exhibitor Bred Pairs competition for the best pair of animals under the age of three at the Royal Welsh Show with Ceannard of Gilden Vale and Una Dubh 5th of Gilden Vale. Females of the Future Congratulations must also be extended to Guy Mumford, James Williamson and Jacky Harrison for being in the short list of the Females for the Future Native Interbreed competition with Urshula Elizabeth 2nd of Yarchester and Ealasaid of Reilth Top, judged by Mr Andrew Ewing.

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 79


THE SHOW SEASON Class Results BULL, any age 1st Mr & Mrs Arthur Hill; ALISDAIR DUBH OF WALTON UK305764100127; 18 May 2014; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Alisdair Luadh Of Auchtenny; dam, Margaret Fay Shan 5th Of Ardbhan. This bull won the Carney Challenge Cup for the Male Championship. 2nd Ms M J & V M Monk; JAMES DUBH OF CHADWICH UK301858301277; 09 Apr 2015; bred by Exhibitor; sire, George Broderick Of House Of Hoden; dam, Turfrida 26th Of Eastol Moor 3rd Mr & Mrs Duncan & Angela Handley; CEANNARD OF GILDEN VALE UK306233700105; 06 Feb 2016; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Proiseil Dubh Armunn Of Murry Copper; dam, Una Dubh Of Gilden Vale Winner of Special Rosette for the Best Yearling Male born after the 1 January 2016. 4th Mr Gareth Davies; DEWI OF LLANERCHYDOL UK713085100011; 12 Mar 2016; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Valhalla Of Oaken Fold; dam, Taryn Dubh Of Karith COW, any age in calf or with calf at foot. 1st Miss Rhian Thomas and Mr E Davies; GRUAGACH OF BALNABROICH UK542297500347; 16 Apr 2012; bred by Messers Michael & Sally Nairn; sire, Am Drobhair Of Coirefura; dam, Gruagach 33rd Of Ormsary Winner of the Celyn Fold Tankard for the Best Cow 2nd Mr Guy Mumford; BEANA 1ST OF WALTON UK305764600118; 12 Apr 2013; bred by Mr & Mrs A Hill; sire, Alisdair Ruadh Of Auchtenny; dam, Gealbean 4th Of Cim 3rd Mr James Williamson and Mrs Jacky Harrison; PRINCESS ANALENA OF REILTH TOP UK314152400001; 29 Jan 2012; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Flannchadh Of Moorside; dam, Princess Ruadh 4th Of Killochries 4th Mr Gareth Davies; CRUINNEAG BHOIDEACH DUBH OF WEST EDMONDSLEY; UK110584200025; 08 Jan 2011; bred by L & L Braines; sire, Cille Dubh of Craigowmill; dam, Cruinneag Bhoidheach of Coverhead HEIFER, born on or between 01 Jan 2014 and 31 Dec 2014 1st Mrs Louisa Jordan; PRINCESS EASTER BUNNY OF WALTON UK305764700126; 20 Apr 2014; bred by Mrs Suzanne Hill; sire, Alisdair Ruadh Of Auchtenny; dam, Sweet Princess Of Walton Winner of the Rowston Holiday Park Silver Salver for the Champion 3yr Old Heifer, Winner of the Thatched Farmhouse Perpetual Cup from Mr & Mrs Carney for the Female Champion and Winner of the Cefyn Gwrhyd Trophy from the Davies Family for the Overall Highland Cattle Champion. 2nd Mr Guy Mumford; URSHULA 38TH OF WALTON UK305764600125; 18 Mar 2014; bred by Mr & Mrs A Hill; sire, Alisdair Ruadh Of Auchtenny; dam, Urshula 34th Of Walton

80 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

3rd Miss Rhian Thomas and Mr E Davies; WENDY OF CORNTOWN UK509977 5000002; 21 JUNE 2014; bred by Mr Ron MacLean; sire, Coinneach of Corntown; dam, Heidi Geal 3rd of Heatherhills Glenlivet 4th Ms M J & V M Monk; PRINCESS DUBH 4TH OF CHADWICH UK301858201241; 23 Mar 2014; bred by Exhbiitor; sire, George Broderick Of House Of Hoden; dam, Turfrida 27th Of Eastol Moor

HEIFER, born on or between 01 Jan 2015 and 31 Dec 2015 1st Mrs Louisa Jordan; LADY MOLLY OF WALTON UK305764200128; 10 Apr 2015; bred by Mrs Suzanne Hill; sire, Alaisdair Ruadh Of Auchtenny; dam, Sweet Princess Of Walton. Winner of the Highland Cattle Club of Wales Trophy from James Williamson and Jacky Harrison . 2nd Mr & Mrs Duncan & Angela Handley; UNA DUBH 5TH OF GILDEN VALE UK306233400095; 15 Mar 2015; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Black Prince 2nd Of Iduies; dam, Una Ruadh Of Gilden Vale 3rd Ms M J & V M Monk; URSHULA DUBH OF CHADWICH UK301858101282; 25 Apr 2015; bred by Exhibitor; sire, George Broderick Of House Of Hoden; dam, Urshula 25th Of Eastol Moor 4th Mr James Williamson and Mrs Jacky Harrison; PRINCESS DUANA OF REILTH TOP UK314152200006; 20 FEB 2015; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Brogach Of Gildonvale; dam, Princess Ruadh 4th Of Killochries HEIFER, born on or between 01 Jan 2016 and 31 Dec 2016 1st Mr & Mrs Duncan & Angela Handley; FURAN FROACH 9TH OF GILDEN VALE UK306233600104; 05 Feb 2016; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Proisiel Dubh Armunn Of Murry Copper; dam, Furan Froach 2nd Of Gilden Vale Winner of the Highland Cattle Club of Wales Trophy. 2nd Mr Guy Mumford; URSHULA ELIZABETH 2ND OF YARCHESTER UK316135200003; 26 Apr 2016; bred by Exhibitor; sire, Conan Of Corriemuckloch; dam, Urshula 34th Of Walton 3rd Mrs Louisa Jordan; DARK SAPPHIRE OF WALTON UK327722200028; 13 Mar 2016; bred by Arthur & Suzanne Hill; sire,Wallace Of Cim; dam, Margaret Fay Shaw Of Ardbhan 4th Mr James Williamson and Mrs Jacky Harrison; EALASAID OF REILTH TOP UK314152700011; 27 Mar 2016; sire, Brogach Of Gildonvale; dam, Uk310228200012

Best Group of Three Animals Owned by Exhibitor 1st Mr & Mrs Duncan & Angela Handley 2nd Ms M J & V M Monk I would like to thank the Royal Welsh Show for the honour of judging the 2017 Highland classes. The weather was glorious and sunny but the animals seemed to cope with it very well. Highlands should have the ability to walk so I look for good feet and legs. A good hard top strong over the shoulders. A nice feminine head in a female, a broad muzzle a good sweep of horn we are a beef breed so good muscularity as well. My Champion was a lovely 3 year old heifer from Louisa Jordan, very well balanced heifer which walked really well it had the same sire as the 2 year old class winner and the reserve champion which was a 3 year old bull from Suzanne & Arthur Hill, Good breeding certainly coming through. I had good classes to judge and the hospitality shown to Wendy and myself was second to none. Thank you to all involved. Robert Phillips

2nd NATIONAL GATHERING - PERTH SHOW Saturday 5th August 2017

of Highland Cattle. Ken found his Overall Champion and Female Champion in Donald & Bryon MacNaughton’s Hayley of Rannoch the three year old heifer by Connor of Lagg out of Hayley 5th of Earn born on 16 February 2014.

In the Reserve Overall spot was the Male Champion Eoin Mhor 17th of Mottistone from Michael Poland brought out by father and daughter team Willie and Lynne MacLean. He was sired by Eoin Mhor 8th of Mottistone and out of Solas Molach 4th of Mottistone born on 28 February 2015.

Judge: Mr Ken Brown, Craigowmill The East of Scotland Highland Cattle Club and in particular John Singer pulled out all the stops at Perth Show on Saturday 5th August 2017 to host the 2nd National Gathering of Highland Cattle in what was described by everyone at the event, highland breeders and non-highland breeders, as the most fantastic lineup of Highland Cattle seen for many years. There were 91 class entries including pairs, groups and young handlers, 77 cattle entries with 65 Highland Cattle actually present at the show. The whole event from start to finish ran like clockwork, starting with a BBQ for exhibitors, members and sponsors on the Friday evening with highland burgers and sausages donated by Keith Howman of Highland Drovers and expertly cooked in what can only be described as monsoon conditions by the ever willing and dedicated Roddy MacDougall. The East of Scotland club members ably assisted by Catherine McKechnie worked tirelessly serving highland burgers, sausages and salads followed by strawberries and cream late into the evening. Our thanks must go to everyone who helped throughout the weekend and our sponsors, Highland Drovers, Roddy MacDougall, G & P Smart, East Coast Viners, Angus Lime Stores, Ross Agrii Services Ltd, Redhouse Hotel, Cupar, D Stewart Raeburn, Graeme East & Rebecca Greenhorn, Lawrie & Symington, Woodaird Highlanders, L S Smellie, CF Fertilisers, Gleadell Agriculture Ltd, Raeburn Brick, The East of Scotland Highland Cattle Club, Johnston Carmichael and Showtime Supplies. A special thanks to Neil and the Directors at Perth Show and our stewards Jim Fraser, Michael Sand and Mr Sand (Senior), David Leggat our wonderful commentator and Angus MacKay assistant commentator. The sun shone on Saturday morning for Judge Ken Brown who had the massive task of placing this fantastic line-up

The junior bull championship was awarded to our patron, Her Majesty the Queen, with Coirneal 2nd of Balmoral brought out by Dochy Ormiston. Coirneal is out of Connachat 66th of Balmoral and by Prionnsa Dubh of Craigowmill, born on 15 February 2016. This bull went on to be the Reserve Overall bull in the Junior Bull Interbreed and Overall Junior Bull Native Breed Champion. Class Results Bull born on or Before 31 December 2015 kindly sponsored by G & P Smart 1st Male Champion and Reserve Overall Champion, winning the Oglivy Dalgleish Challenge Cup presented by 7th Earl of Mansefield, Scone Palace - Eoin Mhor 17th of Mottistone from Michael Poland 2nd Duke 10th of Leys from Leys Castle 3rd Conall Dubh of Tilbouries from Veronica Thomson bred by Mr & Mrs J Fraser 4th Brogach 8th of Leys from Grace Noble, bred by Leys Castle

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 81

THE SHOW SEASON Bull born between 1 January 2016 & 31 December 2016 kindly sponsored by East Coast Viners 1st, Junior Bull Champion and Reserve Male Champion – Coirneal 2nd of Balmoral from H M the Queen 2nd Eachan Ruadh of Hydnford from Mr Alan Prentice 3rd 300125 of Richmondhill from Craig Finnie 4th Duke 11th of Leys from Leys Castle Female in calf or with calf at foot born before 1 January 2014, kindly sponsored by Angus Lime Stores 1st Milis 2nd of Seam from Simon & Emma Hayley 2nd Frangag Dubh of Cladich from Ian Adams, bred by Mrs Jon H Strickland 3rd Julie of Thaggnam from H A & A Garton 4th Princess of Killochries from the Killochries Fold Three Year Old Heifer Class for females born between 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2014, kindly sponsored by Ross Agrii Services Ltd 1st Overall Champion, Female Champion winning the Earl of Mansefield Perpetual Challenge Cup presented by the 7th Earl of Mansefield, Scone Palace, the Highland Cattle Society Rosette for the Overall Champion & the Royal George Hotel Perpetual Trophy for the Best Animal Bred by Exhibitor – Hayley of Rannoch from D & B MacNaugton 2nd Sidona 2nd of Balnabrocih from Michael & Sally Nairn 3rd Catriona 3rd of Gartocharn from J & C McKechnie 4th Phiobaidh 109th of Balmoral from H M the Queen Two Year Old Heifer Class for females born between 1 January 2015 and the 31 December 2015, kindly sponsored by the Red House Hotel, Cupar Angus 1st Sidona 4th of Balnabroich from Michael & Sally Nairn 2nd Kirsty 2nd of Gartocharn from J & C McKecnie 3rd Hayley 2nd of Rannoch from Hamish Irvine bred by D MacNaughton 4th Diorbhail 2nd of Seam from Simon & Emma Hayley Yearling heifer class for females born between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2016, kindly sponsored by D Stewart Raeburn (Pressock Fold) 1st Reserve Female Champion – Skye of Little Rannoch from D & B MacNaughton 2nd Kirsty 3rd of Gartocharn from J & C McKechnie 3rd Sidonia 5th of Balnabroich from Michael & Sally Nairn 4th Peigi Padruaig of Killochries from Ian Adams bred by Killochries Fold Bull or Heifer Calf born in 2017, kindly sponsored by Graeme Easton & Rebecca Greenhorn 1st Cheiftain of Rannoch from D & B MacNaughton 2nd Heather of Clackriach from Veronica Thomson

82 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

3rd 300139 of Richmondhill from Craig Finnie 4th Euan Dubh of Craigluscar from Hamish Irvine Male Championship Champion - Eoin Mhor 17th of Mottistone from Michael Poland Reserve - Coirneal 2nd of Balmoral from H M the Queen Junior Bull Champion Champion - Coirneal 2nd of Balmoral from H M the Queen Female Championship Champion - Hayley of Rannoch from D & B MacNaugton Reserve - Skye of Little Rannoch from D & B MacNaughton Overall Championship Champion - Hayley of Rannoch from D & B MacNaugton Reserve - Eoin Mhor 17th of Mottistone from Michael Poland Pair of Any Age, kindly sponsored by Lawrie & Symington Champion - J & C McKechnie, Gartocharn Reserve - Tom & Willie Thomson, Woodneuk Group of Three owned by exhibitor kindly sponsored by Woodaird Highlanders Champion - J & J Singer, Kintore Castle Reserve - Michael & Sally Nairn, Balnabroich Best Animal Bred by Exhibitor Champion - Hayley of Rannoch from D & B MacNaugton Young Handlers Class, Under 12 years of age, kindly sponsored by Showtime Supplies & L S Smellie 1st Lewis Singer Young Handlers Class, 12 – 16 Years of age, Kindly sponsored by Showtime Supplies & L S Smellie 1st Shannon Thomson 2nd Beth Noble 3rd Mark Reid The quote of the weekend for me was from Lewis Singer winner of the Under 12 Young Handlers Class, whilst presenting him with the first prize I said “ You are very natural at this, you must enjoy doing it”, “yes” he replied, I asked “ do you ever get nervous?”, “No” he added, “I have been doing this for years!”. The 3rd National Highland Gathering will take place in Westmorland Show on 12 September 2019, don’t miss the opportunity to be involved in one of the biggest gathering of Highland Cattle in the country.


HILL CATTLE This article first appeared in Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, Vol. 60, published in 1948.

Hill Cattle INTRODUCTION The end of the Second World War saw the demand for hardy breeding cattle of the right type reach unprecedented heights due to the shortages of beef experienced during the war years. In order to encourage hill farmers to establish herds of hill cattle the government of the day introduced in 1946 the “Hill Cattle Subsidy” a payment of £7 being offered for each in-calf cow and heifer kept on hill land throughout the year and producing a pure or cross-bred calf. The writer of the article Mr John Cameron was one of the leading advocates of cattle on the hills, stocking his high Glenfinlas farm in the Trossach countryside with the best of Highland cattle in order to produce what he considered to be the ideal hill cow, the “Cross-Highlander.” He was also fully aware of the responsibility farmers were under being now in receipt of public monies to help produce a high quality product from the hill and glens whilst at the same time ensuring the highest levels of husbandry to both the cattle and the land. I have often asked my self how much influence this article had on the Cadzow brothers, Denise, Shane and Ralph who had great admiration for the outstanding merits of the Highland cow, which was to play a big part in the development of the Luing Breed, holding their first sale of their new breed in Oban on the 2nd of March 1966. This demand for hill cattle saw a resurgence of interest in the Highland breed which through out the nineteen thirties and forties had fallen into sharp decline almost to the point of no return. It could be said that this new incentive for beef from the hills helped save the Highland breed whilst at the same time did untold damage to the ever-decreasing genetic pool within the Highland breed. This was a very significant turning point for the breed: Many of the very best Highland cows over the following thirty years never saw a Highland bull. Those which did not quite fit into what many purists at that time considered to be the “Ideal Highlander”: the long flowing hair, the perfectly symmetrical horns which over the years has arguably taken up more time at Highland Society Council meeting than almost any other subject, “White Markings”, if and where on the body of any animal can they be permitted and all those cattle considered to be big plain types, all destined to the Shorthorn bull. The development of the Luing breed and the introduction of various continental breeds during the nineteen sixties saw the demand for the cross-highlander diminish, bigger cattle being the order of the day. The Scottish Agricultural Collages were also advocating the Hereford cross Friesian as the ideal hill cow, all to often falling to take into consideration the cost of having to house such thin skinned types over what is all to often a very long winter, needless to say the introduction of the Holstein type Friesian to the dairies of Scotland soon brought the concept of a by-product of the dairy industry supposedly contributing to quality beef production in the hills of Scotland to an end. I took note of the number of references Mr. Cameron made to the “public interest,” a sense of mutual responsibility and respect between farmer and community that has perhaps been lost over the decades. With the coming of what will probably be great change in the way our industry is supported, I ask myself, what is the future for the “Hill Cow?” Perhaps we have come full circle and some of the answers might be found in John Cameron’s article, or to use a more modern term, are we going “Back to the Future?”

84 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

HILL CATTLE THE world food situation has given our Scottish hills an economic importance never before recognised. To-day we can neither raise nor import the meat we require. This position looks likelv to hold indefinitely. There is no probability of importation of live cattle from North America. Ireland can and does supply us with fat and store cattle. Ireland has now other markets. In any case, economically and politically, all parties are agreed that our home-bred cattle must be increased. Agriculturally, if there is to be an increase, it must come from areas that have not hitherto, for one reason or another, bred cattle to their potential extent. We definitely require to maintain in our country a balanced agriculture. In a balanced agriculture, arable areas must practise arable farming, dairying areas dairy farming, and other areas, as far as economically possible, must contribute such store stock as arable areas can absorb. To-day we have an unlimited market at assured prices. These prices are subject to periodic review, with the objective—the fullest possible breeding programme. We have the Hill Farming Act (1946), which generally is a practical Act intended to make hill country capable of producing more and better store stock. The Agriculture (Scotland) Act is on the way. Its object is to make other types of farming economic and to give a general stability to the whole industry. This in itself is an added assurance to “outbye” farming. Undoubtedly there is a practical and well-considered incentive to breeding, and breeders on “outbye” lands must make every effort to make their contribution to what I have already referred - a balanced agriculture. For suitable hill stock cattle, how does Scotland stand to-day? Unfortunately, not well. Breeding is different to cultivation. In a single year arable grassland can be converted to crop growing and in full production, and be all the better for its spell in grass. Not so with breeding: it takes time and foundation stock: foundation stock may be scarce. The early thirties, indeed all the thirties, gave little incentive to store cattle breeding. The Milk Marketing Act (1933) had a direct influence on cattle breeding—good on the dairying side, bad on “store” breeding. The breeding of dairyng queys became more than economic, and the bullock side just a by-product of the female side. Now the task for the industry is how our hill cattle stocks can be increased most expeditiously and soundly with the material at our disposal. I should like at the outset to say that starting off from “ill ” beasts, be they any breed or cross, will lead to individual disappointment and public loss. The essentials for a hill cow are constitution and performance: constitution to live and thrive on the hills and foothills, with help within economic limits; performance, to produce and nurse a calf fit and easy to sell in the fall of the year.

John Cameron judging Junior Bull Class in 1948.

As conditions in Scottish hill country vary so very much in respect of rainfall, snowfall, altitude, shelter, prevailing winds, etc., those being constant variations, as well as drastic seasonal extremes, I do not limit my observations and experiences to cattle that are entirely outlying; good and genuine hill cattle may be “ inwintered.” I should like to say, however, that cattle that can thrive and perform entirely outlying, will generally do well, where conditions entail inwintering. The main objective, the raising of more and better cattle, must not be lost sight of, but this involves a dual problem—the production of a good selling calf and the maintenance of the stock cattle, which, except in pure breeds, may be a different matter. I purposely assume the sale of the calf, other than stock calves, because that means that the holding can be stocked to capacity with cows, and more cattle will be available for arable areas in the shortest time. Again, except in pure breeds, there is the problem of the herd that would, if possible, be self-contained, worked like a regular sheep stock, as opposed to a herd that is breeding entirely calves for sale, and must rely on bringing in a quota of heifers for herd maintenance. Subject to normal conditions, I strongly favour the self contained herd. My experience on typical hill country, in different areas with entirely outlying cattle, is that the cattle acquire a hefting sense and disease immunity rather better than a regular sheep stock. For example, a heft of sheep will stick to its “bit” with wind and storm all against it; not so cattle, they will move long distances to a favourable known spot. This sense is still more developed in deer. In the self-contained herd, also, the breeding of each stock calf is known. Further, the risk of importing disease is much less. A self -contained herd, other than pure-bred, can, of course be maintained by keeping a certain number of the pure breed, whichever it may be. That entails an extra bull, and the extra purebred young cattle, and generally the male calves are not readily saleable as calves. I have suggested that the hill cow must produce a calf fit and easy to sell in the fall of the year. What does the arable man want in those times and in the immediate future? The aim must be to give him, as far as possible, what he may want.

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 85


Group of Highland X Shorthorn Cows with Beef Shorthorn Calves at Foot.

Quite definitely the hills cannot give him calves like “St Boswells” or “Strathspey” calves. They are off different land, of different age, and for an earlier finishing. It may be worth considering certain aspects of arable farming. For one reason or another court feeding of cattle has become not too attractive. The tendency is to acquire cattle at a younger age, have them grow up at “store” costs, and finish them either in courts or on grass. The growing of a large turnip break, carting to courts and carting out dung, has become a very serious item of costs. There is a strong inclination to the view, considering how land has been cross-cropped, that more grass in the rotation, with cattle, would restore fertility and effectively reduce costs. Too heavy cattle might not suit: younger, lighter cattle - there could be more of them - thus enter into the arable economy. Such cattle would require to have breeding and outcome about them. A definite advantage would be coat and constitution so that they could winter in courts, or outwinter, where conditions, soil and otherwise, allowed. In the latter instance a saving in manuring and carting costs would be effected. The arable man also wishes to buy uniform cattle both as to type and age. In Scotland we have two pure breeds of hill cattle – Galloway and Highland. Both are old established. Each breed has remained very much in its own area. More Galloways

86 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

have come North than Highlanders gone South, but they have not taken root, though it is fair to say that not many came North to be maintained as pure-breds. In my opinion those are the two foundation breeds for the economic expansion of Scottish hill cattle breeding. The two have much in common, both good and not so good. Both are real hill cattle and can thrive where many breeds could only survive, if that. Both have long effective lives. Both are goodquality milkers. Both are sensitive, like hill folk, and require knowledgeable treatment. Both are inclined to be shy breeders, the Highlander probably the worse, except under conditions which might not be economic. Both are slow maturing, but that does not matter so long as they go on cheap land. Neither breed can supply, under hill conditions, the type of calf that the arable man requires. Calvings are too protracted, yeld cows too numerous, to make for a uniform calf crop. Calves are inclined to be wild and difficult to handle, bad travellers, and take time to settle in a strange home. They are not suitable for courts as they sweat too much. They are slow maturing. Against that, individual animals under special treatment can aspire to early maturity and a fine killing carcase. The Galloway is probably the more uniform breed as a whole. Highland cattle, naturally more picturesque, may have suffered from the showyard, where certain beautiful characteristics may sometimes have outweighed intrinsic

HILL CATTLE cattle merit. But with all their shortcomings the females of both breeds have that priceless characteristic, that, when suitably crossed, they transmit to their progeny their own best features and the improving properties of the strange male blood. While generally recognised as the universal first cross beef improver, I do not know that the Scottish Shorthorn anywhere exercises a more valuable influence than when used on either the Galloway or the Highland female. Whether it be that both hill breeds have suffered from inbreeding, I am certain that the first cross of either by a Shorthorn bull gains in constitution. They, as one would expect, gain in conformation, docility, early maturity and ultimate weight and value, and if their parents, male and female, have been good enough, and they have been calved in season, they are ready sellers as calves. But the quey calves have a value far above their “store” price, as potential hill cows. As I have already indicated, my experience is that the Galloway-Shorthorn, or the Highland-Shorthorn is in essential respects a better hill cow than her mother. Assuming, of course, that they are well bred, I consider constitution is improved, longevity is not diminished, fecundity is greatly improved, and if the male side was not deficient - as it can happen - in milk, they can nurse better. Docility is definitely better and there is no loss of a matron’s natural qualifications. Such being the case, in my experience the first cross heifer, either Galloway or Highland, should become a hill or “outbye ”cow. Then, if the plan is to maintain the stock of cows by the purchase of cross-bred heifers, the question is merely what bull to use, having regard to the most saleable calves. On Galloway crosses, “Blue-Greys” as they are known, a Shorthorn bull with full beef qualities, and the milk side may be disregarded. On the Highland cross, either a beef Shorthorn or an Aberdeen Angus with plenty substance, again ignoring the milk side. All are good cattle and what feeders want. I do not recommend an Angus bull on the Galloway cross. On the Highland cross, the Angus bull of substance is excellent, and the progeny is, under present conditions, perhaps more easily finished than a second Shorthorn cross. Each of these crosses has what I already mentioned in reference to arable cattle practice—they can mature sufficiently, and by constitution and coat can run inside or out, and finish good cattle. If, on the hand, the plan is to self-maintain the stock cows as “ Blue-Grey or cross Highland, or as near that as possible, the problem is different. While I have had some personal experience with “ Blue-Greys ” and a good deal of observation of results with others, I must frankly state that I cannot give an opinion on how the “ Blue-Grey ” could, as nearly as possible, be maintained. Any crossing, other than for the sale of all the calves, that I have had experience of, has been haphazard

rather than planned: also, the foundation stock, the pure Galloway, that has come North and West would not be as good as stock cattle retained in the breed’s native country. As a matter of fact, in the North and West where Galloways have been kept, the “ Blue-Grey ” has been far too little retained for stock. Of course, until recently there was neither incentive nor cattle policy. I already indicated that, where possible, I favoured selfmaintenance of the herd, like a hill sheep stock, introducing outside blood by purchase of males only. I am perfectly satisfied that the Shorthorn-Highland cross is an adequate hill cow and a sound foundation type. My experiences are on pure hill land with not much “ inbye,” and cattle entirely outlying. I have kept a few pure-bred Highland cows, not so much to produce first cross heifers as to compare results with their crosses and subsequent crosses, all living under exactly equal conditions. I have consistently used a Shorthorn beef bull on cross Highland cows. I have tried to get bulls of families that have milk about them. I have retained for stock heifer calves of this cross and they have been stock cows for years. They are more Shorthorn than their dams, perhaps better cattle to look at, little if indeed any less easy to keep, and can nurse just as well. They are perhaps not so good and carefree at calving. Kindly and docile as they are, they may not be as clever at choosing a calving place as their mothers, nor in guiding their offspring in its earliest hours. Against that, if their offspring is by a Shorthorn or Angus bull, it may be getting too far away from its Highland ancestry and imposes a harder task on its mother. I have used an Angus bull on both first and second crosses. Both are good crosses, though the calves of the second cross are just bare enough of hair for a March hill calving. I have had opportunity of seeing those calves, the Shorthorn-bred ones and the Angus, grow up and finish and on the whole the Angus crosses have been just as uniform and attractive at the end of the day. I have kept as stock cows a certain number out of cross Highland cows by an Angus bull. I have found them just as good hill cattle as any. Again, like the second cross Shorthorn, their calves by a Shorthorn bull are inclined to be bare at birth. But on the question of self-maintenance of a hill cattle herd, the progeny of a second cross Highland cow, be it by a Shorthorn or by an Angus bull, is not of interest. I was fortunate some years ago to get the sanction of the Department of Agriculture to keep a bull calf by a Shorthorn bull out of a cross Highland cow. I used him on cross Highland cows and retained many of his stock. They are uniform and good-doing cows, probably our best nurses. He was, however, bred of a good nursing mother. They have been bred to a Shorthorn bull and the progeny has been uniform. As a good proportion of our stock cows are second cross Shorthorn, bred of our best-doing first cross cows, to

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 87

HILL CATTLE retain such desirable features as they may possess I used a Highland bull on the best of them. The result has been uniform. The progeny are now cows and have been bred to a Shorthorn bull. The progeny is again uniform, and the females look like making stock cattle. I have narrated all this because I have been much impressed by the uniformity of these various Highland and Shorthorn crossings and the possibility of the stabilisation of this uniformity. So much is this the case that, having explained my intentions, I got permission from the Department of Agriculture to keep a bull calf, a straight first cross, Highland cow-Shorthorn bull, and use him on first cross cows. This I have done in season 1947. I propose to carry on what I have done—use a Highland bull on second cross Shorthorn cows and retain the best of the quey calves for stock. I shall retain the pure Highland cows we already have, for the reason already given, and perhaps also because I like them. One day, if we have stock cows together, bred in each of these three ways, I shall be happy if I cannot distinguish the breeding. I may say that certain of the technical officers of the Department of Agriculture, who know well the cattle in the West Highlands and Islands, and the agricultural economy of those parts, favour sending a Highland bull, following Shorthorns, to a township each fourth season. Highland cattle were the foundation stock. Further, I have stated that I had stock cows by an Angus bull out of cross Highland cows. I found them good-doing hill cattle, raising attractive and good-doing calves by a Shorthorn bull, but I have never contemplated using a Highland bull on them, for the reason that the Highland cow and the Angus bull is a known bad cross. Always subject to this, that they are hill-bred stock and not comparable with “inbye” or arable stock, carefully-bred cross Highland cattle are widely recognised as good cattle. I remember looking at the best cross Highland heifers I had ever seen, with the late John Macdonald, Duntulm, and latter of Glen Brittle. He remarked,“They have one fault: you would waste to much time looking at them.”Just another compliment. For a number of years I have had the privilege of attending the Perth Shorthorn bull sales with a gentleman eminent in hill sheep, particularly Blackfaces, and justly recognised as one of the natural judges of all stock. We were admiring the winning group of five bulls; later they made the record aggregate of £35,000. He remarked,“They are like good cross Highlanders; cross Highlanders might walk just as well.” With reference to cattle for “inbye” or the better marginal lands - perhaps not quite hill cattle- I remember seeing in Cumberland, years ago a grand type of thick not to heavy cross Shorthorn, but I do not know how they were bred. Again in Strathspey and along the Moray Coast there was a class of Angus cross cow; a grand type, but hardly for the hills. The general standard of breeding cow to-day on comparable land falls far short of these two types.

88 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Highland Cows on the Hil Rothiemurchus.

I have no doubt many hill farmers, with all the incentives offered, will establish or expand cattle breeding and that not merely as a sideline. It may not be out of place to make certain observations, though to those with experience they may be commonplace. Hill cattle, like any other stock, require attention and management. While they can thrive where others would only exist, there are seasons of the year when they must have help to enable them to raise a calf each season. I might add, they must calve early; if they don’t they will gradually slip back and will not produce a calf each season. A measure of how a herd is doing is a concentrated calving, which is both valuable in uniform calves at the fall of the year and labour and worry saving in spring. The question of what help is required is one to be determined in each particular instance, but what is general is the method of giving it. Breeding cows, when they come to their winter and spring quarters, should be run in small lots, not more than ten together: as far as possible, keep the same lot together each season. If not upset, as a rule they will calve at an identical spot year after year. The choice of such quarters is important—a dry lie and shelter from prevailing storm. Local conditions and weather will dictate when feeding should begin. As March and April are the best calving months, cows will repay judicious help from the New Year onwards. Unless in abnormal weather, feed once a day only; cows, unless spoilt, will rake far away by afternoon; otherwise a lot of the advantage of outlying is lost. Hay is definitely the best fodder and the difference in cost over anything cheaper should be repaid. Hay should be baled or trussed, otherwise much waste can occur and the business cannot afford any waste. In addition to hay, for three months commencing before calving, such concentrate as may be available is desirable, the amount again being determined by local conditions. This raises the whole question of the economics of the business. I can only say that if the cows won’t work out, properly kept, they will be a definite loss to the owner and to the

HILL CATTLE public interest if insufficiently fed and looked after. I should like here to refer to something not at the moment entirely relevant, because conditions in grain markets are not as we had known them for so long. I refer to the times when light or damaged grain had really no market and straw often lay about arable stackyards for years. I suggest the State should take steps to develop a processing of such grain and straw, with the addition of such constituents as would make a useful semi-concentrated feed, easy to transport and feed on hill country. Further, I suggest that there should be a development of the technique of the ensiling of bulky oat crops, such as can be grown on odd bits of once reclaimed land about hill or “outbye ” places. I lay particular stress on a suitable feed. If we have the cattle, the limiting factor on expansion of hill breeding is feed over winter and spring. About the cattle themselves, if they have been bred on the holding the land will generally dictate size, whatever the breed or cross. Again, I repeat, constitution and performance are first considerations, to ensure which correct conformation and protective coat are essentials. Apart from that, cows should have well-shaped, tight vessels. They have to do their nursing under difficult conditions, both of land and weather, with a hungry youngster getting still hungrier as he grows, before the hill grass comes. As to the calf, he may be, through his male parent, less hardy and barer of his coat than his mother, but

the biggest handicap he can suffer is to be too long-legged at birth. As to the care of the cows at calving time, I should say shortly-plenty of scrutiny and little interference. Where the herd is outlying, stock calves should also be out-wintered. They are apt pupils and if carefully and kindly handled will not forget when they become mothers. When cows are arranged for the breeding season, probably going on wide bounds, care must be taken that the bull is fit. A stirk will not generally suffice. Apart from that the herd is practically carefree until New Year. I would like to add, and it has a significance on the economics of the business, that I have always adopted the attitude of the Skye crofter, who used to warn his not too willing horse,“If you won’t do your bit, you won’t be here.” A just recognition of a helpful gesture to hill cattle breeding would, I venture to suggest, be the provision of a class or classes for such cattle at Highland and Agricultural Society Shows. By John A. Cameron, Glenfinlas Introduction by A. R. Mackay Note: “inbye and outbye” refer to the land on a hill farm which is within or without the hill dyke. “quey” refers to young female cattle destined for breeding Further Highland Cows in the Hill

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 89

END OF AN ERA Extract from ‘Impressions of My Fifty Years of Highland Bull Sales, 1964-2014’ A tradition, which had lasted well over one hundred years, was drawn to a close at the bull sale on the sixteenth of February 1993. The long-established Corson’s Mart, as it was known throughout the West Highlands, was about to hear the auctioneer’s hammer fall for the last time at the conclusion of the Highland Cattle sale. It was in 1870 that Thomas Corson commenced his Auction business. He was to build the Oban market in 1881 on land adjacent to the newly completed railway that Corson’s Mart, Oban. over many years delivered both sheep and cattle sold through Corson’s market to destinations through out the British Isles. I considered myself extremely fortunate to have been invited by the Highland Cattle Society to be the judge on this historic occasion. I knew from the start that the quality of the cattle would not quite compare with that of the previous year nevertheless there were a lot of good cattle to judge. In my judge’s report for the society newsletter following the sale I compared what I judged that day to the bulls I could recall when I first attended the Highland Bull Sales in 1964; and it read as follows: “If I were to be asked what the major difference was between the bulls on that occasion and the bulls paraded before me on the 15th of February it would have to be the fact that most of the bulls I saw in 1964 had good legs and the ability to walk correctly which was certainly not the case at this sale. They were a sorry sight indeed trailing their feet and their houghs rubbing together. I thought to myself, it’s maybe just as well that not too many of the bulls on offer are going to be used in a true hill environment, as I doubt they would last very long.” By the time I had inspected the first class of two-year-olds I was determined that whatever I chose for my champion would have to be good on his legs. That is the main reason I chose the white Andy of Innisard, not the most popular colour and some people might say he was rather on the small side, but he was by far the most correct bull at the sale, selling to Sir W J Lithgow, Ormsary for 2,200gs. It would seem to me that the main criteria used for selecting bulls today is size; if he is big he must be good. Nothing could be further from the truth. I went on to add, “There are some fundamental points which must be considered; (1) good feet and legs and the ability to walk correctly, (2) a good top line with plenty of width and well develop hind quarters, (3) a good head, plenty of width between the eyes along with big broad nostrils. If you have a bull calf with all the above mentioned and he is of above average size you might have the makings of a good bull.” Regarding the females that day my comments were as follows: “The females on offer were generally a better selection. The champion Effie 6th of the Well burn showed plenty of character and breeding and was shown in a fairly natural condition. If I have one criticism it must be the condition in which many of the heifers were shown. Great handfuls of fat over their tail heads, far too heavy over their shoulders and brisket that gave many of them a very masculine appearance. I can think of no reason at all to over-feed young heifers to this extent. There were some which would have looked more at home at a fat stock show.” Needless to say this published report failed to win me many friends. Nevertheless I enjoyed the every moment of that historic occasion. They have never asked me back, I wonder why? All that day throughout the show and sale the demolition of this once proud old institution was taking place, the original outside wooden pens were coming down to start making way for yet another supermarket. At the end of the sale many of us gathered in the Mart Bar along with some of the great old Argyll worthies who had known the mart far longer than I. They had come especially to say farewell to what had always been fondly known throughout Scotland as “Corson’s Mart” Angus MacKay

90 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017



“The Highland Cattle breed holds a unique place in our livestock industry” writes Johnny Watson of Watson Seeds.

Tom is trying to get close to the full potential of his cattle enterprise respond very well. The increased clover content in the swards also has further benefits including an increased Omega 3 and reseeding will be a feature of the farm going forward. My next visit was down the coast overlooking Ulva and the content in the beef produced. Iain recently set up a company together with like-minded Treshnish Isles to Iain MacKay at Torloisk. Iain is a fieldsman for the Highland Cattle society and Torloisk was recently one of people who are enthusiastic about ensuring the quality of beef Scotlands QMS monitor farms. A key point to come out of the is maintained, at all times, on its journey from field to fork. The Monitor farm project was the need to address the farms acidic concept aims to produce good store calves from grass at Torloisk soils. The average ph was sitting at 5.4 across the fields and a which are then transferred to Fergus Younger at Old Leckie Farm, programme of liming was carried out to provide a platform for who takes them to finish. They are then slaughtered at the small reseeding and oversowing. Phosphate was also low and this family run slaughterhouse Stevenson’s of Dunblane, marketed through James George of Select Meats and supplied into various was rectified by a series of applications. Iain also operates a deferred grazing system and buys 80 outlets in London including the company’s on-board chef and bales of Haylage per annum from Stirling as silage making butcher Niall Davidson, who also owns a restaurant in London. The beef is also supplied to Richard H. Turner proved too big a challenge. of Hawksmoor, who is a great enthusiast During the Monitor farm project, a of Torloisk Highland beef and the concept number of full reseedings using Mingary of extensively grass-fed beef, and who is Castle mixture were sown following the brains behind Meatopia, a meat a pioneer crop of forage rape and festival in London that Torloisk Highland stubble turnips. The crops grew well has supplied beef to in the past. but the very wet winter conditions Thanks to the increased quality and affected utilisation, not to mention the Tom Nelson and Johnny. yield of the grassland, Iain has managed predation from red deer, although some to improve the performance of these Photograph by Dethmer Shuitema deer fencing has been erected since to calves without compromising the quality negate this problem. The other means or flavour of the meat or having to of grass and clover seed sowing has been by way of oversowing with an Opico harrow, which Iain provide additional supplementary feed, and is now able to produce feels best suits his situation as it avoids land being fully out of good store cattle weighing in at 350kg to 400kg off grass when transferred to Old Leckie Farm for finishing. The pure Highlanders production for very long and helps to maintain the integrity finish at between 550kg and 600kg and the Whitebred Shorthorn of the soil, therefore reducing poaching by heavier animals. In cross Highlanders finish at 600kg or more in a shorter time span addition, Iain does not feel that Torloisk is a farm suitable for than the pure Highlanders. ploughing due to shallow soil depths and high rainfall rates. Clearly chefs are recognising the quality of grass fed Both systems have delivered significant success and the younger Highland beef from both Tom at Glengorm and Iain at Torloisk. grass has added a fortnight’s extra growth at each end of the They are both a credit to the breed in taking the unique growing season, which has benefited production considerably Highland Cattle story to the quality end of the beef industry. and doubled the carrying capacity of certain fields. Iain applies 20.10.10 fertiliser, little and often, and the young grass swards Johnny Watson

I am fortunate to travel the length and breadth of the he produces, recognised in the film as a world class product. UK and Ireland visiting livestock farmers producing He is trying to maximise potential and has recently embarked beef from the full range of breeds. A recent visit to on a programme of grassland improvement. Bracken has been the Inner Hebridean island of Mull to call on two sprayed by helicopter and some oversowing was carried out a of my clients highlighted an optimistic future for few years ago on these particular areas where the nutritional the breed and the outstanding quality of the beef status of the land was fit for purpose. The land was heavily produced from a grass and clover based diet. harrowed and oversown with Mingary Castle Mixture. After Mull is a challenging Island from a a year or two significant improvements in livestock farming point of view. Marginal production are now apparent. land and a very high annual rainfall creates Two years ago, I sampled a dozen fields a challenging environment for those farmers around Glengorm Castle and the results committed to producing top quality beef highlighted a need for lime and phosphate. efficiently. Highland Cattle can cope with No reseeding or oversowing has been this challenging environment, have the attempted there yet as the optimum pH levels ability to convert poor quality hill forage and for bred grasses and clover to thrive has not can thrive outside all year round. been achieved yet and it is a waste of money I visited two well-known breeders, Tom to my mind for clients to rush on with top Nelson of Glengorm and Iain Mackay of quality seed mixtures if the land is not fit to Torloisk to discuss how they approach their make a real success of the operation. Tom Nelson and Johnny grassland management and the challenges Tom has applied a considerable amount inspecting silage in a field they face as they try and improve efficiency of lime and has a small field scale trial of Mingary Castle Mixture. of beef production through better grass spreading crushed scallop shells to try and Photograph by Dethmer Shuitema and clover swards. raise the pH. It is early days as to how Tom Nelson is a former breed President effective this practice will be compared with of The Highland Cattle Society. The Glengorm fold numbers Calcium lime from Torlundy. Phosphate has also been applied. some 60 cows and the finished cattle are born, bred, reared, They operate a deferred grazing system at Glengorm and they slaughtered, packed, sold and eaten on Mull! They are taken need to maximise the production from the good grass fields in to a weight of 550-600kgs finished on grass and clover. the summer. For the first time in 25 years they are taking a cut of I would heartily recommend you watch The Steak Silage at Glengorm and I have taken some grass samples Revolution on Netflix where Tom features for analysis, so we shall see what quality is there discussing the Highland beef from these old swards.

Iain MacKay and Johnny admiring the clover rich sward of Mingary Castle Mixture at Torloisk. The island Calle Ethel Dutchman’s cap is just visible in the background. Photograph by Claire Simonetta.

92 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Iain MacKay and Johnny in a field that was oversown with Mingary Castle Mixture.

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 93



How the National Trust use Highland Cattle for Conservation throughout the UK While wandering the clifftops between East Soar and Bolberry Down, you may have found yourself accompanied by a herd of shaggy cows. These furry friends play an important part in how we take care of the coastal land at Southdown Farm. Owned by one of our tenant farmers, the cows spend their winters grazing on the cliffs. As they amble along eating, they often bash through the dense bramble and graze the tussocky grasslands, reducing the sward height. All of this contributes to the conservation of the land, as they have helped to improve the condition of the area which is a Site of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI). The harmony between farming and natural conservation here has allowed native plants and insects to flourish.

Why Highland cows? There are many ways that the Highland cattle make an ideal choice for grazing this area of land. As a breed, Highland cattle are known for being particularly hardy and happy to graze areas with poor forage, meaning they are often suitable for areas where other cattle or grazing animals may struggle to thrive. In this particular area of land, there are steep unfenced cliff edges which the area best suited for calm, docile animals. They don’t mind walkers and dogs coming

along the coast path. The fact that they won’t be easily spooked is particularly important when they’re near the cliff edges. The land was also considered poor grazing for many animals because of the scrub and dense sward. The way they graze has helped clear the brambles and reduce the sward height, and they generally graze the area evenly rather than favouring one spot. Though they may not look it, Highland cattle are also quite light-footed compared to their cattle cousins, so the land doesn’t tend to get poached as much during their ambles. Because of this, they have already proven successful in improving the condition of the land along Cathole cliffs. Discover how highland cattle have given our woodlands at Dolmelynllyn a new lease of life. In the 1970’s the woodlands within Dolmelynllyn Estate were closed off from grazing and designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and National Nature Reserve (NNR). The woodlands were fenced off and stock removed. For 40 years, the woodlands remained untouched from grazing which resulted in over growth and the condition of this SSSI and NNR became less favourable. Therefore in 2012, we worked in partnership with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to come up with a different approach.

Gentle giants

The docile cattle are happy to watch you pass by

94 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

In March 2015, we introduced three Highland Cattle; Myfi, Wmffre and Hugo to Coed Ganllwyd. They are a hardy breed with long horns and golden wavy coats. We wanted the cattle to graze the understory; the brambles and saplings on the ground so that other vegetation could have the chance to flourish. Myfi uses her horns to grab low branches and graze the leaves; this means that more light can reach the tree trunks and encourage lichens to grow. Our rangers have also been doing a lot of felling work to allow more light onto the ground and as a result we’ve seen a big increase in ramsons (wild garlic) and bluebells. These highland cattle are light on their feet and graze every corner of the woodland, notice the difference between the area fenced off with no grazing on the left and where these cattle have been grazing on the right.

Highland cattle work wonders at Ganllwyd

In August 2016, the cattle were moved to Coed y Gamlan, near Rhaeadr Ddu where they will continue to graze the woodland. We are delighted with the impact of the cattle at Dolmelynllyn and have now been given the go ahead by NRW to add stock to two more woodlands on the estate that need to be grazed. Hopefully once the cattle have cleared the brambles we can then continue grazing the woodlands with sheep from local tenants. As a conservation charity, our core aim is to ensure that Lyme thrives for ever, for everyone. The work carried out by the rangers and volunteers is done in line with Lyme’s ‘Park Conservation Management Plan’ which was created with the support of National Trust specialists and Natural England. The plan sets out the best way to care for the long term future of Lyme’s diverse landscape and the wildlife that live here. Part of the work outlined includes introducing further sensitive, low intensity grazing at certain times of year.

Conservation grazing this spring/summer at Lyme Our herd of sheep have returned to Lyme to help us with our conservation work. They will be grazing on Drinkwater Meadow, the newly re-opened Calves Croft and the Knott area - the sheep help us to maintain the lovely open views across the estate. Without the the sheep the pastures wouldn’t be full of beautiful fungi in the autumn like the Waxcap in the photo. We also have our beautiful Highland Cattle helping us with conservation

grazing in the following areas; on the moor - the side closest to Lantern wood and Caters Slack. Please keep dogs on very short leads in these areas, that way everyone can have a peaceful time during their time at Lyme.

Grazing matters Many visitors have been asking us why grazing matters and how it helps to give the park the best future possible. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. I have never seen grazing here before? Why the sudden change? The Legh family who lived at Lyme for nearly 600 years cleared large areas of woodland to create open spaces for farming. Whilst we no longer farm here at Lyme, we do wish to keep these areas open for people to enjoy and for plants and animals to thrive in. Grazing is the most sensitive way of preventing the natural encroachment of bramble, bracken, coarse grasses and tree saplings which would ultimately return these areas to woodland. Whilst the park has not been grazed to the same level as it would have been during its time as a private estate, grazing has still taken place. Until 2002, the deer grazed the whole park until they were excluded from Cluse Hey, Paddock and West Park. Cattle have been re-introduced to the moor, Cluse Hey, Turfhouse Meadow and Caters Slack and sheep on the Knott and Drinkwater Meadow. We are now increasing the amount of grazing because surveys

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 95


NATIONAL TRUST of the park have shown that plant diversity has reduced, with single species dominating in some places. To support a greater range of wildlife we need a good mix of plant species. There also needs to be the right mix of plants to prevent the return to woodland. Grazing will increase biodiversity and maintain the open views, ensuring that wildlife and people can enjoy the park for centuries to come which, as a conservation charity is at the heart of everything we do. Why are you grazing cattle? Why can’t you just use tractors and machinery? In the absence of woodland, grazing animals have helped to shape many of our semi-natural habitats, allowing the development of rich and diverse wildlife communities as well as the flourishing of wildflowers and delicate grasses. Grazing is the most effective and sustainable way to maintain our grassland, meadows, moorland and heathland and their huge variety of plants and animals. Here are some ways that grazing helps: Grazing animals eat selectively and often choose the more dominant plant species, which allows less competitive plants to become established and increases species diversity. As they graze across the landscape, the animals decide for themselves where to concentrate their efforts and create a mosaic of different sward lengths and micro habitats. Lying, rolling and pushing also serve to increase the structural diversity of the sward. This is important for ground nesting birds like lapwing and snipe that need a varied sward structure to successfully rear their young. Trampling creates areas of bare ground, which is beneficial in moderation. It creates nurseries for seedlings that might not otherwise survive and creates habitats and hunting grounds for open ground, warmth-loving invertebrates and reptiles. Dung creates a whole ecosystem by itself! Conservation

Grazing at Lyme

96 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

grazing animals are usually grazed in extensive, low pressure systems so there is little need for chemicals to control internal parasites. This means that a whole range of wildlife moves into a cowpat to set up home - more than 250 species of insect are found in or on cattle dung in the UK and these in turn provide food for birds, badgers, foxes and bats. Why not use tractors? Livestock grazing has a less instantaneous impact than burning or cutting, allowing less-mobile wildlife to thrive. The grazing animals can also access areas that machinery can’t. Tractors can also possibly cause a lot of damage to the ground. Why can’t ‘footfall’ do the work, surely if you allow enough people to walk through there that will do the job? Footfall is not an effective management tool as it simply tramples the vegetation and then, as can be seen around Paddock Cottage, prevents it from growing. Yes it keeps the vegetation down (but only on the bits that are walked on) but it doesn’t allow grasses and wildflowers to flower and seed.

A beautiful spot for an afternoon of sheep sunbathing (National Trust Images/Garry Lomas Photography)

What animals are you using to graze? There will be sheep in some areas and Highland Cattle in others. The deer will continue to graze across most areas of the park. Highland Cattle are very docile animals and they are not aggressive. When will grazing take place, can you give us a specific date and time scale for when they’re on/off? Conservation grazing is not an exact science and the length and timings of grazing times depends very much on the amount of grass growth, weather conditions and the number of cattle available. Herds of free roaming konik ponies and highland cattle are

helping to engineer new habitats for wildlife at Wicken Fen. As the nature reserve expands under the Wicken Fen Vision, it would not be possible to manage the enlarged reserve using traditional methods of man and machinery, instead a more sustainable approach is needed.

A new approach Our restoration approach is based on three key elements; the natural regeneration of plants, reducing the loss of water through field drains and ditches, and thirdly, the use of grazing animals. Grazing animals are essential to the development of vegetation in new areas of the nature reserve. The animals help keep the landscape open and help wetland and grassland plants to become established.

Extensive grazing at Wicken Fen

Why Konik ponies and Highland cattle The hardiness of the breeds means they are more than capable of withstanding the rigours of life on the fen throughout the year and thrive on the available forage. The Konik pony is a very hardy breed originating from Eastern Europe ideally suited to wetland environments. The Highland cattle originate from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland,they are tough and robust with a placid nature.

How the animals influence their environment The effects the animals have on developing vegetation will vary according to their density and feeding behaviour. Some areas will be grazed more heavily, whilst other areas may escape allowing the vegetation to grow taller. The animals also create other habitats such as well trodden paths through areas of long grass, dusty hollows where they roll, water-filled hoof prints and piles of dung. The animals act as catalysts to help attract new species of flora and fauna to the fen. Horses tend to snip off selected plants with their incisors, creating a mosaic of short cropped ‘lawns’. Cattle largely graze by pulling or tearing at vegetation, leaving a landscape with a more ‘tussocky’ appearance. With these different grazing characteristics, the breeds are the perfect engineers for the long term management of vegetation across new areas of the nature reserve.

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 97

HIGH PRICES IN TEMPORARY QUARTERS Extract from ‘Impressions of My Fifty Years of Highland Bull Sales, 1964-2014’ During the construction of the new market on the outskirts of Oban both the autumn sale of 1993 and the bull sale the following February were to be held in central Scotland within the Perth Mart. The autumn of 1993 saw the dispersal of long-established Leys Castle Fold on the death of its owner Mr K W Walker. This had been preceded by the sale of the renowned Douneside Fold, the Strathallan Fold, the Scone Palace Fold and a major reduction of the long-established Douglas Fold. For as long as I could remember those outstanding folds of Highland Cattle had made a major contribution to the progress of the breed; each one had developed their own quite distinct type. Over the years many of their best cattle had been sold to breeders worldwide helping to make this great breed world-renowned, unfortunately their gain was a great loss to the homeland of the Highland breed for which we are now paying a heavy price. The bull sale in Perth was to see a partial relaxation on the export rules, which allowed some buyers from Denmark and Switzerland to participate at the sale. In total there were two hundred and twelve entered for what was to be a superb event. The champion on the day was Iain Og of Pennygown by Jock of Pennygown and out of one of the great Mairi Ruadhs, selling for 5,000gs to Mr G M Russell. The reserve champion also went to the Pennygown fold with Seumas 2nd of Pennygown by Toisich Mor of Torloisk; this bull was not considered by many at the sale to be one of the best, though slightly bigger than the champion he did not have the look of a great breeder. His entry into the ring was to prove us all wrong the hammer fell at 20,000gs bought by E F Baumer for Sa Arosuo, Azienda Agricola Biologica G Oehen Switzerland. Only an auctioneer with the skill of David Leggatt would be bold enough take a final bid of 20,000gs for a bull like that, and I am sure I could see the under bidder Mrs Janet Nelson Glengorm breathe a great sigh of relief when the hammer fell, as she was being encouraged by her farm manager to go on, but I am certain she was quite happy to hold on to the 15,800gs they had made that day selling their own bulls the best of which Mariner 2nd of Glengorm sold for 7,000gs to MacLeod Estates Dunvaegan Isle of Skye. A much fancied yellow bull from Benmore, Valentine of Benmore was to give Mrs Bowser her best ever sale of 14,000gs going to Dunbeath Estates in the north of Scotland. My own bulls on that day sold well, Craig Mor of Coirefuar selling to the Countess of Kintore for4, 800gs and Iain Ruadh 2nd of Coirefuar selling to the Torloisk fold on the Isle of Mull for 4,000gs, not a bad day’s work.

98 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

David Leggatt snatches the record-equalling bid of 20,000gns for Seumas 2nd of Pennygown from Bill Smith bidding on behalf of the Swiss company ALMA Sa. whilst breeder Donald MacGillivray takes it all in his stride. Rumour has it on Mull that IBR stands for “I’m B.... Rich!”. Credit: John Fraser.

When I look back and consider the overall quality of the bulls that day and the high level of prices obtained this was in my mind the most expensive sale of Highland bulls I ever experienced with nineteen of them fetching over 2,500gs. The female section was every bit as successful with eighteen selling for over 2,000gs and a top of 5,500gs for the champion Siusan Ruadh 26th of Leach. This fiveyear-old cow was at the sale with her mother Siusan Ruadh 22nd of Leachy selling for 3,800gs; they were the last of the well-known Leachy Fold belonging to Miss Rosemary Dalgleish. Both were quite outstanding Highland cows and were bought by Mr Ken Brown of Ledlanet for his Craigowmill fold, where they have more than proved their worth.



Scots breed lifts production on Welsh hill farm

Printed with kind permission of the author, Rhian Price for the Farmers Weekly

Those with long memories may recall an article the then secretary Mr Wilson asked me to write (for the 2005 journal )with regard to the Highland cattle I had introduced to my farm in the Welsh mountains. I had come to the view I needed to reintroduce cattle to the farm rather than take in cattle for summer grazing which we had been doing for a number of years. In years gone by we had kept a herd of Welsh Blacks but I had come to the opinion they were no longer suitable for our terrain. My plan was to buy Highland cows and cross them with a Welsh Black bull to produce a much hardier version of a Welsh Black cow. As it turned out the cows I bought had Beef Shorthorn calves at foot and it didn’t take long to realise this was the route to take, their growth far exceeded expectations and even neighbours with Welsh Blacks said to me, ‘if you buy a Welsh Black bull you will be very lucky to get calves as good as these’. It is now 13 years later and your secretary has asked me to allow publication of an article from Farmers Weekly published last December. What has changed over the years , not a lot

it has to be said , but I think we have proved it is possible to reduce sheep on the mountains and successfully run a mixed grazing regime on semi natural hill grassland. Deferred hill grass with sugar beet nuts is still the winter feed programme and a slightly better bull has improved yearling weights. Due to the vagaries of the Welsh stewardship scheme we now have slightly fewer Highlands and have introduced a small herd of autumn calving Beef Shorthorns. The reason is simply that the Welsh scheme officials stopped us outwintering on one of our hills because of an SSI designation so the Shorthorns now graze that hill as dry cows in summer and winter rather expensively in the converted sheep shed. I still believe the Highland and her first cross is the best cow for our land and the best value for money to be found any where, where else can you find a cow that can be kept for £100 and wean a calf at 50% of its mothers weight. As to the article written last november I can confirm we still haven’t assisted a Highland cow at calving, like wise the 2 year HI x BSH heifers all calved unassisted

Highland cows may be indigenous to Scotland, but their hardiness and efficiency has made them popular on a Welsh farm. Beef Shorthorn cross Highland cattle are proving a winning formula on one Welsh upland farm, where progeny is hitting 1kg/day liveweight gain and returning a margin of £710 a head over feed. Upland farmer Christopher Evans, who farms the 587ha Llerneuaddau Farm, near Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, purchased Highland cows privately from Scotland some 12 years ago. They were already in-calf to a Beef Shorthorn bull at the time the same cross used to establish the Luing but Mr Evans and his then farm manager Dafyd Jones were so impressed with the performance of their calves that they have stuck to the breed ever since. The spring-calving herd of 24 stays outdoors throughout the year, keeping

100 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

to the AA bull. The yearling calves weighed 378kg at turn out in mid may when 13 months. Steers 396kg, heifers 345kg, with those suitable for bulling at 14/15 months in July averaging 375kg at turn out. Beef Shorthorns did considerably better this last winter than the figures used in the article, probably due to a combination of better silage and the older cows now approaching their prime years. Heifer calves weaned at 340kg , 50% of dam weight , all bull calves were out of 2 year heifers and also averaged 340kg but the dam to calf weight was 56%! The bull referred to is now sold as we needed a change for his heifers, he is replaced by one from the Fearn herd, (our very first bull came from Fearn) and we are bringing along a home bred by Dakota of Upsall who we hope will improve the fat cover of our females. As to the future we will rely on our existing Highlands and their first crosses for females in our spring calving breeding programme but at some stage I expect to be back for a few more Highland cows. As my stockman Rheinallt Jones said in the Welsh Farming TV programme “They are a very special breed“ Christopher Evans

rearing costs low at £100 a cow and £140 a calf, while also helping to manage the farm’s unimproved hill grassland, which rises to 670m. Since joining Glastir environment and country stewardship three years ago the farm’s stocking rates have fallen by 45% to comply with the scheme’s strict grazing conditions. Therefore a big emphasis has been put on measuring stock efficiency to improve farm output. Despite their small size Highland cows in the herd average just 470kg – data shows they pack a big punch, with weaned calf weights this year averaging 225kg. “For this type of ground it is very hard to beat a Highland cow,” explains Mr Evans, who is an avid recorder of data. “At my age, if you don’t record, you tend to forget,” he adds. He believes the hardiness of the Highland cows and their easycalving nature combine well with the Beef Shorthorn’s carcass traits to produce exceptional progeny that thrive in the toughest climates.

BREEDING The stock bull, which was purchased privately from the Balgay herd in Perthshire, is within the top 1% for carcass traits, boasting an eye muscle score of +5.3 and a 200-day weight of +22 – within the top 15%. He is currently used across the Highlands and the farm’s small pedigree herd of Beef Shorthorns, although his daughters are given Estrumate and AI’d. Despite the bull’s calving ease direct scores sitting at -4.7, farm manager Rheinallt Jones says he has yet to assist a single Highland cow at calving, although he has had to calve the odd Shorthorn. “The Highlands calve very easily and are excellent mothers. Sometimes you won’t find the calf for two days,” he adds. The bull is turned in with the Highlands in June for three months and cows start calving in late March. Last year 80% calved in the first six weeks and 100% by week eight. Through the winter, cows are kept on deferred grazing. They are offered 2kg of sugar beet nuts to make up for the grass growth deficit and 1kg wheat beet nuts is added to this a few weeks pre-calving in mid-March. After calving, high-DM silage is added until there is a plentiful supply of grass to help boost milk production. This simple feeding regime helps keep feed costs low at just £100 a cow, which includes year-round mineral buckets at £20 a head, explains Mr Evans. Calves start receiving creep feed in September to aid weaning in November and to allow the cows to maintain condition. Calves are then housed at weaning and fed silage and an 18% crude protein blend of distillers’ wheat and sugar beet until May, with bedding and feed costs averaging £140 a head. The best steers may be sold straight out of the shed at 15 months old. The balance are run with heifers at grass until the autumn, when they are sold privately to a farmer who fattens for the Morrisons Beef Shorthorn scheme. Surplus heifers, sold at 18 months for breeding, average about £850 a head (£2/kg).

To further improve efficiencies this year, for the first time the retained heifers have been AI’d to an easy-calving, Aberdeen Angus bull to calve at two years old. Heifers born earliest in the calving period are chosen as herd replacements because they are the most fertile and meet the target bulling weight of 400kg. “Calving at three is another year of expense without return, which we want to avoid,” explains farm manager Mr Jones, who – along with his father Dafyd, the farm’s previous shepherd – has also been integral in the drive to increase the production of the farm’s 400-head flock of Welsh Mountain sheep.

SHEEP PRODUCTION Since the 1960s weaning weights from the flock have lifted from 15kg to more than 30kg and the lambing percentage has increased from 80% to 120%. “Male fat lamb sales have risen from about 20kg to nearer 40kg over the same period. A big improvement has come in the past few years following the application of trace elements to the fields that the lambs graze after weaning. “We used to feel lambs stood still after weaning, so we had the soil tested by Trace Element Services in Carmarthen. The use of their product spread on the land has produced spectacular results, raising weights by 20%. This year, losses from scanning to sale were just 10%. This is a good figure for a hill farm adjacent to a lot of forestry, which leaves the flock more susceptible to predation by foxes at lambing. Mr Jones says the lower stocking has undoubtedly led to improved ewe size and condition. However, he says it is a careful balance at flushing to ensure twinning rates are not too high. These ewes can get up to 150%, but Mr Evans says costs and losses on these hills make it uneconomic. “I would rather one good big lamb than two small ones.”

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 101

SCOTS BREED LIFTS PRODUCTION ON WELSH HILL FARM PEDIGREE SHORTHORNS As well as the commercial enterprises, Mr Evans established a small, pedigree herd of Beef Shorthorns three years ago as a result of the forced reduction in stocking rates. Under Glastir, neither cattle nor sheep are allowed to graze the farm’s highest hill ground from 1 October to 1 April. Therefore, the small herd of 10 pedigrees calve from September and are overwintered from November. They graze the highest 270ha of mountain ground through the summer after drying off, where stocking rates cannot exceed 27lu/ ha in total – eight of which must be cattle. “They came to the farm, so I comply with the restrictions imposed by Glastir. “We have found a way to incorporate them successfully, but it does mean a lot of expense in the winter,” admits Mr Evans. Wintering costs £300 a head excluding labour, but the purebred calves are achieving higher daily liveweight gains of 1.12kg up to weaning in April and go on to average 1.3kg/day between weaning and turnout in May (see “Performance compared”, below). Bull calves are castrated and the aim is to sell steers and heifers of grass before their second winter. Mr Jones says the premium they command more than makes up for their high wintering costs, with all yearlings averaging £1,002 apiece this year. “Our best 18- month-old heifer won champion at Stoneleigh and made £2,500 back in May.” Although he adds this wasn’t included in the yearling average.

PERFORMANCE RECORDING In the past two years Mr Evans has started scanning the pedigrees in an attempt to monitor the fat cover and carcass characteristics of the herd. Yearlings are scanned at 300 days and have their eye muscle and rib fat recorded. “At the moment scanning is showing very little fat cover and that’s something I’m trying to correct. Last year we used the easycalving bull Dakota of Upsall on our heifers. He has very high fat cover and marbling EBVs. This year we are using

102 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Tofts Billabong Prince, whose EBVs I also like.” He hopes this will also help improve the hardiness of the animals and further promote better eating quality and feed efficiency, which is key to the profitability of the farm. However, in the future Mr Evans says hill farming subsidies must continue to support the viability of upland farms. “There is no doubt about it. Even if we are increasing production, we would not survive without hill payments.”

GLASTIR PAYMENTS While Glastir payments have made up for the reduction of stock, Mr Evans fervently believes it is making hill farms inefficient and more worryingly, he says, is its effect on the land. While the scheme has been successful at reintroducing curlew to the farm, Mr Evans says heather has been choked by molina and infestations of bracken and gorse have been compounded by lower stocking densities and selective grazing. In the wake of Brexit he believes such schemes shouldn’t be a “tickbox exercise” but should take into account individual situations. “With Glastir the farm ‘must suit the scheme’, but every farm is different, so the ideology should be the opposite and those drawing up the contract should have the power to adapt the scheme to suit the farm. “If there is to be a revised scheme, I do hope more financial encouragement is given to farmers to introduce cattle to the hills. Suckler herds are expensive to introduce and it is several years before they bring in an income. “I would like to see a payment based on one cattle livestock unit for every 10ha and paid at a rate that is something similar to the reduced stocking payment rate. “The other big worry is the fact that to enter these schemes you have to have a huge reduction in sheep flock numbers. If such schemes come to an end on farms like this, you can’t just go out and buy more sheep. “You have to breed them at home to live on these hills and that means a big reduction in income for several years until you are back at full production.”

THOUGHTS ON BREEDING GOOD BULLS Extract from ‘Impressions of My Fifty Years of Highland Bull Sales, 1964-2014’ When our secretary asked if I would write a piece for our journal I set out with the intention of looking forward. “Where is the Highland Breed Going?” seemed to me to be an excellent title and as I put pen to paper I quickly came to the realisation that over the fifty years in which I have been involved with the Highland Breed, most of what I thought were well considered predictions fell well short of the mark. Never did I think I would see so many thriving Highland cattle societies thorough out the world, along with an ever-growing awareness throughout the international agricultural community of what this great breed is really all about. Needless to say, with regards to the article it was back to the drawing board.

appear something he is not, then you are wasting your time and only fooling yourself.

A 16 month old bull displaying all the attributes one should be looking for in any potential herd sire. Masculinity, strong bone, well developed testicles, power and presence.

Five month old calf already showing an abundance of masculinity. If they do not display it at this age, there is little chance of it improving with age or feeding. Well bred is the key.

I have always been of the opinion, that in order to plan where you are going in life you have to develop an in-depth understanding of where you have come from. With this in mind I chose to look back at fifty years of Highland Bull Sales in the hope that it will not only be of some interest to breeders and enthusiasts from a historical perspective but might in some way help them to plan for the future. Select only from the very best of cows with a proven breeding record of producing calves well above average in relation to weaning weights. This coupled with all the masculine traits and structural correctness, which are essential in selecting good breeding stock. When you are assessing any of your future young bulls, and you are asking yourself how could I best hide a particular fault or how much will I have to feed this calf to make him

Regardless of how well this young bull might do in the show ring or how much you can get him to weigh as a two-yearold, or his value in the sale ring which as we all know is in the hands of the gods, it will have no bearing on his ability as a producer of fine stock. This is decided at the moment of conception and dependent upon the quality of the females he is bred to, and no amount of cosmetics will change this. I am asking myself what the next fifty years have in store for our great Highland breed? I am firmly of the opinion that it still has much to offer cattle breeders throughout the world, especially those who farm and rear cattle in harsh environments, where ruggedness and strength of constitution are essential. It is those highly important traits that will help to ensure the Highland breed’s future and we as breeders must never lose sight of that. This fifty-year adventure has been much more than a fascinating journey which fortunately for me is still ongoing. It has allowed me the opportunity to get to know many of the finest stocks men and women in the world who through their commitment and unstinting dedication to Highland Cattle, have ensured the continuing success of our most majestic native breed. Angus MacKay Postscript: Perhaps the title should have been: HOW HAVE I SURVIVED FIFTY YEARS OF HIGHLAND BULL SALES?

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Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 115

CKD GALBRAITH THE IMPACT OF BREXIT ON SCOTTISH LAND VALUES Immediately after the Brexit vote of June 2016, agricultural commodity prices received a positive and unexpected increase following the weakening of the pound overnight, and a drop in interest rates. At that point farming in this country looked a bit more positive. However more than a year on from the Brexit vote, it’s been widely reported there are a variety of concerns and possible issues relating to the unintended or unknown consequences following the announcement to leave the EU. In reality, in the months following June 2016 land values within certain parts of Scotland continue to be effected by a number of other local economy factors and market influences which are not necessarily connected to Brexit. Scotland’s geographical spread and varying quality of land use for agricultural production means prices can differ considerably across the country. Scotland’s farmland market activity continues to be underpinned by existing landowners and farmers as opposed to external investor demand. There has been an increased use of borrowed money for farm purchases in more recent years as buyers take the opportunity to use ‘cheap’ money while long terms rates remain at historical low levels. Following improvement in values within the residential markets of late, there is a higher proportion of ‘new’ non-farmer or lifestyle buyers coming into the market for the first time.

Productive bare arable land and hill ground suitable for planting remains in high demand as forestry is seen as an attractive option due to the level of improved grants available and the long term investment opportunity woodland can present. Planting land still attracts buyers from south of the border and other European countries, often attracting a premium at closing date. Quality bare arable land presents a higher degree of flexibility far more than marginal arable and pasture land. We have however seen interest at all price levels and for different types and quality of land. The majority of the buyers in the region have tended to existing farmers equipped with a willingness to offset as purchaser of a larger or additional unit over a much longer time frame than other asset classes. Existing farmers have been the most active for commercial blocks of land and farms. This was clear with the sale of the Pitlochie Portfolio last year which was all sold to existing farming businesses. Lifestyle buyers remain particular interested in smaller units equipped with a house and small steading close to amenities. However if a steading is over equipped in terms of the size of the unit it can sometimes detract from the sale unless a commercial use is sought. These trends continue to be witnessed throughout the first half of 2017 with farmland values remaining stable and a healthy number of farm sales completed and further farms coming onto the open market. In the both the short and long term, any downside of Brexit on farmland values is unknown. However at present the weak pound has created more favorable buying environment for overseas buyers, we anticipate a reduction in supply to the market driven by existing uncertainty, which will ultimately help maintain farmland values. The negative effect of a significant reduction in farm subsidies and therefore farming incomes post 2020 is likely to be greater on rents than land values. On the whole and looking ahead, we expect a continuation of the wide variance in results between the best and poorest quality of land within the country. Excluding any major economic, fiscal or tax changes (or indeed further unintended consequences) following Brexit, we do not anticipate any significant price rises or falls in the coming years but expect land to return to sustained and steady growth in the longer term. Over the last 12 months, more than 60 farms totalling over 20,000 acres with a value in excess of £65 million have been sold through Galbraith. Duncan Barrie is involved in a variety of rural management, consultancy, and valuation work as well as farm sales throughout Scotland. He can be contacted on tel: 01786 434620 or email: Duncan Barrie, partner at Galbraith

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MEMBERS’ LIST SCOTLAND Balmoral Estates (Annual) BALMORAL Att: The Resident Factor, Estates Office, Ballater, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB35 5TB T: 01339 742551 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Royds Tylden Wright Abel (Annual) UBHAIDH The Roundhouse, Uvie Farm, Lagganbridge, Invernessshire, Scotland PH20 1BS E: ____________________________________ Mr Ian Adams (Annual) BRATHENS Lochton of Leys Farmhouse, Lochton, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB31 5QB T: 01330 826011 | E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs A Aitchison (Annual) MOSSCAIRN Mossdale Farm, West Linton, Peebleshire, Scotland EH46 7AS T: 01968 661318 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Jan Alder (Annual) CRAIGIERAY Carpenters Croft, Sauchenloan, Rothienorman, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB51 8YP T: 01464 841347 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Kathleen Allen (Annual) RUDHA NA SITHEAN 18A Kirkibost, Great Bernera, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland HS2 9LX T: 01851 612396 ____________________________________ Mr J I Anderson (Life) RORO Roro Estates, Glenlyon, Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland PH15 2PW T: 01887 866292 ____________________________________ Mr Ian Anderson (Associate) Dalcrest, 13 Penders Wynd, Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland KA18 3BS T: 01290 422684 ____________________________________ Mr Billy Anderson (Annual) BAIDLAND MAINS Baidland Mains, Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland KA24 5HS T: 01294 832581 E: ____________________________________ Mr D M G Anderson (Annual) Orchard House, Chirnside Station, Chirnside, Berwickshire, Scotland TD11 3LJ T: 01890 818984 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs J & D Anderson (Annual) CABERFIEDH Caberfeidh, Brough, Caithness, Scotland KW14 8YE T: 01847 851680 E: ____________________________________

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____________________________________ Ardmarnoch Management Ltd (Annual) ARDMARNOCH ESTATE Ardmarnoch Estate, Kilfinan, Argyll, Scotland PA21 2ER T: 07979 264972 | E: ____________________________________ Ardoran Marine (Annual) ARDORAN Per Mr Colin Robertson, Lerags, By Oban, Argyll, Scotland PA34 4SE T: 01631 566123 | E: ____________________________________ Ardura Estate (Annual) ARDURA Ardura, Craignure, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland PA65 6BD T: 01680 812199 | E: ____________________________________ Ashmore and Strone Estate Ltd (Annual) ASHMORE The Estate Office, Romadie, Bridge of Cally, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland PH10 7LG T: 01250 886262 | E: ____________________________________ Mr John Ashton (Annual) Newhouse, Heights of Inchvannie, Strathpeffer, Ross-shire, Scotland IV14 9AE T: 01997 421447 E: ____________________________________ Auchnacraig Estate (Annual) AUCHNACRAIG Auchnacraig, Lochdon, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland PA64 6AP T: 0131 226 7744 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Matthew Auld (Associate) West Plann, Crosshouse, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland KA2 0EF T: 01563 525905 ____________________________________ Ms Susanne Bache (Annual) YGGDRASIL c/o Upper Robieston, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB54 7SJ T: 01466 793346 | E: ____________________________________ Mr JL Baird (Life) SCOTSTON Pond Cottage, Scotston, Auchterhouse, Dundee, Scotland DD3 OQT T: 01382 320435 ____________________________________ Miss Jan Baird (Annual) REDFORD Redford House, Maddiston, Falkirk, Scotland FK2 0BT T: E: ____________________________________ Mr Alexander S Baird (Annual) BIRKHILL Birkhill Farm, Nemphlar, Lanark, Scotland ML11 9JB T: 01555 860244 | E: ____________________________________ Balnafettach (Estates) Ltd (Annual) BALNAFETTACH Per B & S Cassells, Balnafettach, Cromdale, Morayshire, Scotland PH26 3LW T: 01479 870341 | E: ____________________________________

____________________________________ Messrs N & G Bark (Life) NETHERHALL Skirling Mains Farm, Skirling, Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland ML12 6HF T: 01899 860225 ____________________________________




Mr Alan G Bosomworth (Annual) Farm Cottages, Ormsary, Lochgilphead, Argyll Scotland PA31 8PE T: 01880 770279 E: ____________________________________

Messrs Gavin & Anna Brown (Annual) SPRINGFIELD (LEADBURN) Springfield Farm, Springfield Road, Penicuik, East Lothian, Scotland EH26 8PR T: 01968 670397 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Anne Cameron (Life) GLENOGLE Old Auction House, Comrie, Perthshire, Scotland PH6 2LN T: 01764 679195 ____________________________________

Mrs H Barker (Annual) TORRIE Mid Torrie Farm, Callander, Perthshire, Scotland FK17 8JL T: 01877 330203 E: ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs Ian Bowie (Annual) BOQUHAPPLE Little Carbeth, Killearn, Stirlingshire, Scotland G63 9QB T: 01360 551595 | E: ____________________________________

Ms Katherine Brown (Annual) INNISCHOARACH Innischoarach Estate, Glen Lochay, Killin, Perthshire, Scotland FK21 8UA T: 01833 621157 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Julian Bowman (Annual) WINDY HOUSE Windy House, Lower Newport, Caithness, Scotland KW7 6HA E: ____________________________________

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Ms Anna M Bruce (Life) 6B Rowans Gate, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland PA2 6RD T: 0141 887 1433 ____________________________________

Mr J & Mrs W Cameron (Annual) CAMERONS Glenmachrie Farm, Glenlonan, Oban, Argyll, Scotland PA34 4QE T: 01631 770364 E: ____________________________________

Mr B A Bateman (Annual) HALLHILL Hallhill House, Howwood, Renfrewshire, Scotland PA9 1AB T: 01505 703559 | E: ____________________________________ Beinn Dorain Farming LLP (Annual) c/o Laurence Gould, Buchan House, Carnegie Campus, Fife, Scotland KY11 8PL ____________________________________ Mr C Bell (Life) DRUMCROFT Drum Croft, Maud, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB42 5RW T: 01771 644386 | E: ____________________________________ Mr ICR Bett (Life) KINGENNIE Kingennie House, Kingennie, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Angus, Scotland DO5 3RD T: 01382532141 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Graeme N Beveridge (Annual) BEVERIDGE North Everton, Auchry Road, Cuminestown, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB53 5TH T: 01888 545017 E: ____________________________________ Messrs E & S M Bignal (Annual) KINDROCHAID Kindrochaid, Bruichladdich, Isle of Islay, Argyll, Scotland PA44 7PT T: 01496 850330 | E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs A Blackburn (Associate) ROISBHEINN Braecock Mill, Caputh, by Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland PH1 4JG T: 01738 710714 E: ____________________________________ Blairlogan Highlanders (Annual) BLAIRLOGAN Greenhead Farm, Alva, Clackmannanshire, Scotland FK12 5BQ T: 01259 760432 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs A D & E A Bodman (Annual) TAIGH NAN CLACH Stonehouse, Teindland, Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland IV30 8QU T: 01343 842687 | E: ____________________________________

Braesgill Ltd (Annual) HOPE Att: Mr AG Mackay, Hope & Melness Farm, Melness, By Lairg, Sutherland, Scotland IV27 4YP T: 01847 601207 E: ____________________________________ Mr Simon Breasley (Annual) 36 McNabb Street, Dollar, Clackmannanshire, Scotland FK14 7DL T: 01259 740300 ____________________________________ Mr John S Bridge (Life) BEN VUIRICH The Hillocks of Borland, Blacklunnans, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland PH10 7LA T: 01250 882362 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Sam Brooke (Annual) ARDTRECK 28 Fiskavaig, Carbost, Isle Of Skye, Scotland IV47 8SN T: 01478 640773 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Jean & Miss A Brooks (Annual) LISMORE Killean Farm, Isle of Lismore, Argyll, Scotland PA34 5UG T: 01631 760208 | E: ____________________________________ Mr A Brown (Life) BEINN GHLAS Larglanglee House, Crocketford, Dumfriesshire, Scotland DG2 9ST T: 01556 690252 ____________________________________ Mr LL Brown (Life) FORNETH Forneth Farms, Loaning Farm, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland ____________________________________ Mrs D Brown (Associate) DRUMMYGAR Drummygar, Carmyllie, by Arbroath, Angus, Scotland DD11 2RA T: 01241 860548 | E: ____________________________________ Ms Jade Brown (Associate) Straebridge Cottage, Stronmilichan, Lochawe, Argyll, Scotland PA33 1AP T: 01838 200430 | E: ____________________________________

Messrs C.P & M.P Bruce (Annual) KYNEDOR Bogside, King Edward, Banff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB45 3LX T: 01261 821244 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Duncan W Buchanan (Associate) Shenavallie Farm, Benderloch, Oban, Argyll, Scotland PA37 1QU T: 01631 720240 | E: ____________________________________ Mr D Buchanan (Annual) SHENAVALLIE Shenavallie, Benderloch, Oban, Argyll, Scotland PA37 1QU T: 01631 720240 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Mary Buchanan (Honorary) Croftlea, 17 Duntaylor Avenue, Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland PH15 2BX T: 01887 829411 ____________________________________ Ms Esme Buckle (Associate) 2 Rockhall Cottage, Collin, Dumfries, Scotland DG1 4JW T: 01387 750357 ____________________________________ Mr Guy Buckle (Associate) 2 Rockhall Cottages, Collin, Dumfries, Scotland DG1 4JW T: 01387 750357 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Judith R Burnett (Annual) COBAIRDY Croft of Bridges, Cobairdy, Huntly, Aberdeenshire Scotland AB54 7YR T: 01466 740381 | E: ____________________________________ Ms Jane Bury (Annual) FRIARSHAWMUIR Friarshawmuir, Nr Midlem, Selkirk, Scotland TD7 4PZ E: ____________________________________ Mr James Caldwell (Annual) KILMARONOCK Badshalloch Steading, Badshalloch Farm, by Gartocharn, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, Scotland G83 8SB T: 01360 660208 | E: ____________________________________

Mr David D Cameron (Life) SEVERIE 45 Snowdon Place, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland FK8 2JY T: 01786 586310 | E: ____________________________________ Mr E A Cameron (Life) GLEN NEVIS Glen Nevis, Fort William, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH33 6SX T: 01397 705181 E: ____________________________________ Mr Andrew Cameron (Associate) 8 County Cottages, Culduthel, Inverness, Scotland IV2 6AQ T: 01463 241299 ____________________________________ Mr D Campbell (Life) 72 Camaghael, Fort William, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH33 7NF T: 01397 703322 ____________________________________ Mr Stuart Campbell (Annual) KEILLMORE Keppochan Farm House, Cladich, Dalmally, Argyll, Scotland PA33 1BQ T: 01866 833287 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Chris Carver (Annual) TORLUNDY Torlundy Farm, Torlundy, Fort William, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH33 6SW T: 01397 703015 E: ____________________________________ Mr Patrick Casey (Annual) CASEY Gaitnip Farm, St Ola, Orkney, Scotland KW15 1SX T: 01856 874175 | E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs J Caven (Annual) OFFERANCE FOLD Offerance Farm, Gartmore, Stirlingshire, Scotland FK8 3RZ T: 01877 382244 | E: ____________________________________

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 123


MEMBERS’ LIST ____________________________________






Mr A Cheape (Annual) FOSSOWAY Middleton Farm, Fossoway, Kinross-shire, Scotland KY13 0PB T: 07974 357795 E: ____________________________________

Mr James Corbett (Annual) LOCHBUIE Lochbuie House Lochbuie Isle of Mull Argyll Scotland PA62 6AA T: 01680 814214 E: ____________________________________

Miss Jill Davis (Annual) FRIARTON South Friarton Farm, St Martins, Perth, Scotland PH2 6AH T: 01821 640611 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Callum Donaldson (Annual) COMMORE Commore Farm, Neilston, Glasgow, Scotland G78 3DA E: ____________________________________

Mr Graeme Easton (Annual) RANCH The Ranch, Letham, Angus, Scotland DD8 2PG T: 07517348809 | E: ____________________________________

Miss Ann Chinner (Annual) APETHORPE Tarland Lodge, Tarland, Aboyne, Scotland AB34 4TB T: 01339 880833 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Heather Corrigall (Annual) EARN No 4 Culnaha Nigg, Easter Ross, Scotland IV19 1QP T: 01862 851229 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Anastasia Delap (Annual) ACHADUNAN Achadunan, Cairndow, Argyll, Scotland PA26 8BJ T: 01499 600238 | E: ____________________________________

Ms RCC Douglas (Annual) SHOLTO Craigsford, Earlston, Berwickshire, Scotland TD4 6DJ T: 01896 849213 | E: ____________________________________

Edgerston Trading (2006) Ltd (Annual) EDGERSTON 1 Overton Bush Cottages, Camptown, Jedburgh, Borders, Scotland TD8 6RW T: 07966 476377 | E: ____________________________________

Forest Enterprise Scotland (Annual) KATRINE per Stewart Hendry, Cowal & Trossachs Forest District Office, Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire, Scotland FK8 3UX T: 01877 382383 E: ____________________________________

Ms Ailsa Clark (Annual) AM BLAR MOR Blairmore Farm, Fowlis, Wester Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland PH7 3NW T: 01764 683789 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs J & M R Clark (Annual) HOUSE OF NAIRNE House of Nairne, nr Tullybelton, Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland PH1 4PT T: 01738 787850 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs M D & S A Clarke (Annual) ASHIEBURN Williamwood Farm, Kirtlebridge, Lockerbie, Dumfries, Scotland DG11 3LN T: 01461 500213 E: ____________________________________ Mr Andrew Clotworthy (Annual) INVERALTON 1 Vine Park Drive, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Scotland KA3 2SQ T: 01563 541738 ____________________________________ Mrs U F Cochrane (Honorary) 18 Drumbrae South, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland EH12 8SL T: 0131 334 3065 ____________________________________ Mr M.G. Cockram (Life) Fersness Farm, Eday, Orkney, Scotland ____________________________________ Miss Morven Coghill (Annual) BLINGERY Blingery Farm, Mains Cottage, Wick, Caithness, Scotland KW1 5SF E: ____________________________________ Messrs M & J Coghill (Annual) ACHREAMIE Achreamie, Dounreay, Thurso, Caithness, Scotland KW14 7YB T: 01847 811433 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Colin Soutar (Annual) 51 Newhouse Drive, Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, Scotland T: 07818 628541 ____________________________________ Conaglen Est, Broadlands Properties Ltd (Annual) CONAGLEN Aryhoulan Cottage, Conaglen Estate, Ardgour, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH33 7AH T: 01855 841321 E: ____________________________________

124 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Mr & Mrs D Crane (Annual) GRAY BRAE Gray Brae Farm, Leadburn, West Linton, Peeblesshire, Scotland EH46 7BE T: 01968 670947 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs R & E Crawford (Annual) RHUBODACH Stuck Farm, Rothesay, Isle of Bute, Strathclyde, Scotland PA20 0QL T: 01700 502803 ____________________________________ Mr John Crilley (Honorary) 5 Easter Muckbovie, Westhill, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland IV2 5BN T: 01463 795841 ____________________________________ Ms Fiona Cruickshank (Annual) BALNASTRUARTACH Balnastuartach Farm, Calvine, Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland PH18 5UD T: 01796 483279 E: ____________________________________ Mr Ian Cruickshank (Annual) Balnastuartach Farm, Calvine, Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland PH18 5UD T: 01796 483279 E: ____________________________________ Mr John Cruickshank (Associate) 24 Park Crescent, Scone, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland PH2 6JZ T: 01738 551758 ____________________________________ Culachy Estate Management Ltd (Annual) CULACHY per Bidwells, Carn Dearg House, North Road, Fort William, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH33 6PP T: 07320 366573 ____________________________________ Ms Caroline Cuthbertson (Annual) JEDDERFIELD 4 Ivanhoe Road, Peebles, Peeblesshire, Scotland EH45 9BB T: 01721 723453 ____________________________________ Mr D E Darroch (Annual) ARDFARNAL Inver Lodge, Graighouse, Isle of Jura, Argyll, Scotland PA60 7XX T: 01496 820223 | E: ____________________________________

Delnabo Estate (Annual) DELNABO per David Taylor, Tomintoul, Ballindalloch, Banffshire, Scotland AB37 9HT T: 01807 580366 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs Donald, Alasdair, Mhairi & Robert Dempster (Annual) TEAGHLACH Keppoch Cottage, Monzie, Crieff, Perthshire Scotland PH7 4HE T: 01764 650024 E: ____________________________________ Lord Denham (Life) DUNACH Dunach Estate, Glenlonan, Oban, Argyll, Scotland PA34 4QE T: 01631 770364 E: ____________________________________ Ms Linda Dennis (Associate) 18 Park Avenue, Darley Dale, Matlock, Derbys, Scotland DE4 2FX T: 01629 733009 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs Veda Dewar & Kenneth Wood (Annual) WITCHES CRAIG Witches Craig, Blairlogie, Stirling, Scotland FK9 5PX T: 01786 474947 | E: ____________________________________ Mr D R Dickson (Annual) LYNTOUN Hamilton Hall Lodge, West Linton, Peebles-shire, Scotland EH46 7DB T: 01968 660347 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Robert Dixon (Life) KILBRIDE Kilbride Farm, Lochgilphead, Argyll, Scotland PA31 8QE T: 01546 605234 E: ____________________________________

Douglas and Angus Estates (Annual) DOUGLAS Estates Office, Newmains, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland ML11 0RH T: 01555 851536 | E: ____________________________________ The Hon Mrs Henry Douglas-Home (Life) OLD GREENLAW Old Greenlaw, Duns, Berwickshire, Scotland TD10 6UP T: 01361 810230 | E: ____________________________________ Mr P M Douglas-Home (Life) Old Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland TD10 6UP T: 01361 810238 | E: ____________________________________ Ms Noreen Drexel (Annual) Tigh Cuileann, Auchnagoul, Inverary, Argyll, Scotland PA32 8XT T: 01499 302677 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Andrew Dryburgh (Annual) THE ROAN The Roan, Lauder, Berwickshire, Scotland TD2 6SA E: ____________________________________ Mr IGM Duff (Annual) DUCHAL Hardridge Farm, Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire, Scotland PA13 4TF T: 01505 873340 ____________________________________ Mr Ian Duncan (Annual) THE BIN Upper Robieston, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB54 4SJ T: 01466 793346 | E: ____________________________________ Dunedin Highland Fold (Annual) DUNEDIN per Irralee Stewart, Dunedin Farmhouse, Madderty, Perthshire, Scotland PH7 3PD T: 01764 683388 E: ____________________________________

DM Stewart Ltd (Life) Lochay, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland PH7 3NL T: 01764 654604 | E: ____________________________________

Dunlossit (Farming) Ltd (Annual) CEANNACROIC Knocklearach, Ballygrant, Isle of Islay, Argyll, Scotland PA45 7QL T: 01496 840232 E: ____________________________________

Miss Alex Doak (Annual) MUIRFOOT Silverwood House, Cleghorn, Lanark, Scotland ML11 8NZ T: 01555 661425 | E: ____________________________________

Mr James Duthie (Annual) INVERUGIE Aikenshill Farm, Aikenshill, Foveran, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB41 6AT T: 01358 742990 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs M M Edwards (Annual) NA COMERICH 4 Englishton Muir, Bunchrew, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland IV3 8RQ T: 01463 717782 ____________________________________ Epsilon NV (Annual) PENNYGHAEL Att: Mr Paul Chauvet, Pennyghael Estate Keepers Cottage, Pennyghael, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland PA70 6HD T: 01681 704232 E: ____________________________________ Errol Enterprises Ltd (Annual) ERROL c/o D Ogilvie, Savilles, Earn House, Broxden, Business Pk, Perthshire, Scotland PH1 1RA T: 01738 479180 | E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs R Fergie (Annual) KNOCKENDON Knockendon Farm, Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland KA24 5HU T: 01294 832266 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Craig Finnie (Annual) RICHMONDHILL Richmondhill House, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB42 3JW T: 01779 473552 | E: ____________________________________ Firm of Ardtornish Farms (Annual) ARDTORNISH Ardtornish Farm, Ardtornish Estate, Morvern, Argyll, Scotland PA80 5UZ T: 01967 421288 | E: ____________________________________ Firm of R S Duncan (Annual) BLACKSTONE Blackstone Farm, Rigg Road, Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland KA18 3JJ T: 01290 421639 | E: ____________________________________

Mr James Foster (Annual) CRAGGANVALLIE 2 Cragganvallie, Kiltarlity, Beauly, Inverness, Scotland IV4 7HT E: ____________________________________ Miss Louise A Fotheringham (Annual) CAIRNCROSS Cairncross, Glen Esk, Brechin, Angus, Scotland DD9 7YT T: 01356 670251 | E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs D R Fountain (Annual) BROOMRIGG Broomrigg, Watchhill Road, Lochmaben, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, Scotland DG11 1RX T: 01387 810326 | E: ____________________________________ Mr J S Fraser (Life) TILBOURIES for J +& L Fraser & Son, East Tilbouries, Maryculter, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB12 5GD T: 01224 732351 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Sheila Fraser (Annual) East Tilbouries, Maryculter, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB12 5GD T: 01224 732351 | E: ____________________________________ Mr A Galbraith (Honorary) 26 Dun Mor Avenue, Kilmory, Lochgilphead, Argyll, Scotland PA31 8TP T: 01546 602050 ____________________________________ Messrs Donald & Karen Galbraith (Annual) GLEANN BAGH A CHASTEIL 11 Glen Castlebay, Isle of Barra, Outer Hebrides, Scotland HS9 5UQ T: 01383 732199 | E: ____________________________________ Mr A W Garrick (Annual) HEATHERHILLS GLENLIVET Glenmuir Auchnarrow, Glenlivet, Ballindalloch, Banffshire, Scotland AB37 9JN T: 01807 590253 ____________________________________

Ms Catriona Fitzsimon (Associate) 2 Rockhall Cottages, Collin, Dumfries, Scotland DG1 4JW T: 01387 750357 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Haydn Alun Garton (Annual) THAGGNAM 4 Kildinny Cottage, Forteviot, Perthshire, Scotland PH2 9DD T: 01738 812184 | E: ____________________________________

Mr A Fitzsimon (Annual) TREGALLON Tregallon Farm, Lochfoot, Dumfries, Scotland DG2 8NG T: 01387 730272 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Ian Gauld (Annual) SANINE Sandineuk, Sandend, Portsoy, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB45 2UE T: 01261 843343 E: ____________________________________

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 125


MEMBERS’ LIST ____________________________________






Mr Mark Gerrard (Associate) 27a Andrew Dodds Avenue, Mayfield, Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland EH22 5BW E: ____________________________________

Mr Alfred Gordon (Annual) AIKET CASTLE Aiket Castle, Dunlop, Ayrshire, Scotland KA3 4BP T: E: ____________________________________ Mr Andre Goulancourt (Annual) INVERSNAID Inversnaid Lodge, Inversnaid, By Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire, Scotland FK8 3TU T: 01877 386254 | E: ____________________________________

Hillhead Farm Management Co Ltd (Annual) THE HIILHEAD OF BIELDSIDE FOLD per Beverlie Welo, Hillhead Road, Bieldside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB15 9EB E: ____________________________________

Mr Hamish ET Irvine (Annual) CRAIGLUSCAR FARM FOLD Craigluscar Farm, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland KY12 9HT T: 01383 727222 E: ____________________________________

Mr Archie Kirwood (Annual) BEEBROCH Foresthill Farm, Fintry Road, Denny, Stirlingshire, Scotland FK6 5JF ____________________________________

Mr D M M Gilbertson (Annual) LEYSTONE Leystone House, Burrelton, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland PH13 9NB T: 01828 670373 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Richard W Haldane MBE (Life) CLOAN Cloan Estate Trust, Cloanden, Auchterarder, Perthshire, Scotland PH3 1PP T: 01764 662100 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Nicola Hodge (Annual) GLENSHOCHIE Glenshochie, Stanley, Perth, Scotland PH1 4PX T: 01738 787627 | E: ____________________________________

Ms Jane Isaacson (Annual) ACHINRIER Achinrier Farm, Barcaldine, Argyll, Scotland PA37 1SF E: ____________________________________

Mr Kenneth Knott (Annual) INCHMORE Inchmore Cottage, Glenmoriston, Invernessshire, Scotland IV63 7YN T: 01320 340349 | E: ____________________________________

Mr John Gillies (Annual) BEINN NAN CARNAN 24 Garry Gall, Castlebay, Isle of Barra, Western Isles, Scotland HS95 5UH T: 01871 810853 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Sheena Graham (Annual) Killochries Fold, Lochwinnoch Road, Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire, Scotland PA13 4TE T: 01505 873627 ____________________________________

Mr Timothy J D Hall (Annual) OLD INZIEVAR Old Inzievar House, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland KY12 8HA E: ____________________________________

Mr Greg Hooker (Annual) UPPER PULDAGON Upper Puldagon, Stirkoke, Wick, Caithness, Scotland T: E: ____________________________________

J F Engineering (Annual) BLACKMARK Blackmark, St Johns Town of Dalry, Castle Douglas, Dumfriesshire, Scotland DG7 3UG T: 01644 460532 E: ____________________________________

Mrs P Knox (Life) INNISARD Mains of Glentruim, Newtonmore, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH20 1BE T: 01540 673722 ____________________________________

Messrs R & V Jackson (Annual) NETHER TULLOCH Nether Tulloch Farmhouse, Laurencekirk, Aberdeen, Scotland AB30 1JA E: ____________________________________

Mr Griogair Labhruidh (Annual) FONN NA GAIDHLIG Fonn Na Gaidhlig, North Ballachulish, by Fort William, Scotland G38 8ND T: 01389 830209 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Chris James (Life) TOROSAY Ard Daraich Lochdon, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland PA64 6AP T: 01680 812421 | E: ____________________________________

Mr J A Lacey (Annual) BEINN LATHA UR Toll House, Lawers, Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland PH15 2PA T: 01567 820561 | E: ____________________________________

Mr B Kennedy (Honorary) Unthank Cottage, Ewes, Langholm, Dumfriesshire, Scotland DG13 0HW T: 01387 380684 ____________________________________

Mrs Lesley Lacey (Associate) Toll House, Lawers, Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland PH15 2PA T: 01567 820561 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Alan Kennedy (Annual) GOLDENBERRY 7 Thirdpart Holdings, West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland KA23 9QB T: 01294 823339 E: ____________________________________

Mr D & Mrs K Laing (Annual) STAC A CHAGAIR Lincluden,The Square, Bowmore,Argyll, Scotland PA43 7JP T: 01496 810613 ____________________________________

Mrs Sheila Gillon (Annual) AVIEDALE Lower Toftingall, Watten, Wick, Caithness, Scotland KW1 5Xw T: 01955 621257 ____________________________________ Glasgow City Council (Annual) POLLOK Att. Manager, Pollok Country Park, Knowehead Lodge, Glasgow, Scotland G43 1AT T: 0141 636 6920 E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs A & E Glen (Annual) GLENELLAN Glenellan Ythanbank, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB41 7TD T: 01358 761775 | E: ____________________________________ Glen Tanar Estate (Annual) GLEN TANAR Brook’s House, Glen Tanar, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB34 5EU T: 01339 886451 | E: ____________________________________ Glenavon Estate Ltd (Annual) GLENAVON Birchfield, Tomintoul, Ballindalloch, Banffshire, Scotland AB37 9HX T: 01807 580245 | E: ____________________________________ Glengorm (Annual) GLENGORM Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland PA75 6QE T: 01688 302321 E: ____________________________________

Ms Kate Graham (Annual) SHANKEND Heip Hill House, Greensidehall Road, Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland TD9 7HE T: 01450 374772 E: ____________________________________ Mr William J Grant (Annual) AUCHRY Lower Old Mill, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB53 8BN T: 01888 560055 ____________________________________ Mr J P Grant of Rothiemurchus (Annual) ROTHIEMURCHUS Rothiemurchus Estate Office, Dell of Rothiemurchus, Aviemore, Inverness, Scotland PH22 1QH T: 01479 810858 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Philip Gray (Annual) SMEATON Smeaton Farmhouse, Smeaton Estate, East Linton, East Lothian, Scotland EH40 3DT E: ____________________________________ Ms Michelle Greaves (Annual) ARDIFFERY Hill of Ardiffery Bungalow, Hatton, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB43 0TB E: ____________________________________ Ms Mary J D Gregory (Annual) RHUGARBH Rhugarbh Croft, Appin, Argyll Scotland PA32 4BA T: 01631 730309 | E: ____________________________________ Ms Thea Groves (Annual) Stonefield Farm, Glenmassan, by Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland PA23 8RA T: 01369 706640 | E: ____________________________________

Mr GM Goldstraw (Annual) VENLAW Venlaw Farm, Peebles, Peeblesshire, Scotland EH45 8QG T: 01721 722040 E: ____________________________________

Mrs G M Gunn (Annual) SWINEY per Mr Ian Gunn, Cairnald House, Lybster, Caithness, Scotland KW3 6BT T: 01593 721747 | E: ____________________________________

Messrs K & L Gordon (Annual) ROSEHEAD TEUCHAR Rosehead, Greeness, Cuminestown, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB53 8HY T: 01888 544582 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Garry Haggart (Annual) MIDDLE LUNDIE Kargarrie House, Lundie, Edzell, Angus, Scotland DD9 7QN T: 01356 625529 | E: ____________________________________

126 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Mr Steve Hartley (Annual) RICCARTON Riccarton Farm Cottage, Riccarton, Nr Newcastleton, Scottish Borders, Scotland TD9 0SN T: 01387 376296 E: ____________________________________ Mr George Head (Annual) THREEPWOOD BANK Threepwood Bank, Crossford, Carluke, Lanarkshire, Scotland ML8 5QF T: 01555 860247 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs K Headspeath (Life) Upper Rosemount, Tain, Ross-shire, Scotland IV19 1ND E: ____________________________________ Mr Ken Headspeath (Annual) THE WELLBURN Upper Rosemount, Tain, Ross-shire, Scotland IV19 1ND E: ____________________________________ Mr Ken J Headspeath Jnr (Annual) SORNE 25 Morrison Street, Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland DD8 5DB T: 01575 575144 E: ____________________________________ Mr Allan G Hemmings (Annual) GANNOCHY HIGHLANDERS Gannochy Estate, Per Savills, 12 Clerk Street, Brechin, Angus, Scotland DD9 6AE T: 01356 628621 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Gary Henry (Annual) STROQUHAN Stroquhan Estate, Dunscore, Dumfries, Scotland DG2 0UP T: 01387 820537 | E: ____________________________________

Ms Vivienne Hope (Annual) AUQUHARNEY Mains of Auquharney, By Hatton, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB42 0QU T: 01779 841216 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Graeme Houston (Annual) AUCHAMORE Wellbank, Hatton Road, Rattray, Perthshire, Scotland PH10 7HZ E: ____________________________________ Mr JW Howat (Life) Ja Mar, 53 Crofthead Road, Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland KA7 3ND T: 01292 260820 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Stephen & Mrs Rosemary Hunter (Annual) HUNTERS Barnhill Farm, Allanton, Shotts, Lanarkshire, Scotland ML7 5AB T: 01501 820433 E: ____________________________________ Mr Grant Hyslop (Annual) BLACK GLEN Blackburn Farm, Crawfordjohn, Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland ML12 6SX T: 01864 505212 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs Robert Hyslop & Sons (Annual) REDRULLION Ryehill Farm, Sanquhar, Dumfries, Scotland DG4 6HW T: 01659 50632 | E: ____________________________________ Inchmarnock Island (Annual) INCHMARNOCK per Alastair Murray, Port House, Straad, Isle of Bute, Argyll, Scotland PA20 0QF T: 01700 500132 | E: ____________________________________

Kilchoan Management Ltd (Annual) KILCHOAN per Mark Atkinson, Kilmelford, Oban, Argyll, Scotland PA34 4XD T: 01852 200283 | E: ____________________________________ Killochries Fold (Annual) KILLOCHRIES FOLD Sheraig Cottage, Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire, Scotland PA13 4TE T: 01505 873627 | E: ____________________________________

Ms Ali Hibbert (Annual) SHEARDRUM Sheardrum, Saline, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland KY12 9TA T: 01383 852991 ____________________________________

Inverdunning Ltd (Annual) DUMYAT East Gogar, Blairlogie, Stirling, Scotland FK9 5QB T: 01259 727600 | E: ____________________________________

Kinch Enterprises (Farms) (Annual) WESTFIELD Westfield Lodge, Contlaw Road, Milltimber, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB13 0EX T: 01224 735269 E: ____________________________________

Highland Wagyu (Annual) MOHMAR Burnside of Balhaldie, Dunblane, Perthshire, Scotland FK15 0NB T: 01786 823767 | E: ____________________________________

Inverinate Estate (Annual) KILLILAN Inverinate Estate Smech Management Co Ltd Inverinate, Kyle of Lochalsh Scotland IV40 8HB T: 01599 530055 E: ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs A Kirkpatrick (Annual) GLENGARNOCK Strathmore, Beith Road, Glengarnock, Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland KA14 3BX T: 01505 683251 E: ____________________________________

Mr James Laing (Associate) 7 King Edward Court, King Street, Invergordon, Ross-shire, Scotland IV18 0RF T: 01349853105 ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs S Lambie (Annual) GLENSHERRAIG Burnbank, Brodick, Isle of Arran, Scotland KA27 8DF T: 01770 302866 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs M W Lauder (Annual) KILLUNDINE C/o Mr Mike Thompson, Bell Ingram Ltd, Durn Isla Road, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland PH2 7HF T: 01738 621121 ____________________________________ Lawers Estate (Annual) LAWERS HOME FARM Att: Mrs Sheila Bruce, Lawers Home Farm, Comrie, Perthshire, Scotland PH6 2LT T: 01764 670050 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Connie Lawrie (Annual) LAGG per Mr Gyle Lawrie, Saval Beg Farmhouse, Lairg, Invernessshire, Scotland IV27 4ED T: 01549 402305 ____________________________________

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 127


MEMBERS’ LIST ____________________________________






Messrs Jame & Laura Leeming (Annual) LOGIE New House North, Craigieford, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB41 8NL E: ____________________________________

Ms J J Lunney (Annual) 33 Hamilton Place , Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB15 4AX T: 01224 638990 | E: ____________________________________

Mr D J MacGillivray (Honorary) Pennygown Farm, Aros, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland PA72 6JN T: 01680 300335 E: ____________________________________

Mr William MacKenzie (Annual) BLAR A BHARD 5 Laxay, Isle of Lewis, Scotland HS2 9PJ T: 07851 830449 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Donald MacNaughton (Annual) RANNOCH 72 Centre Street, Kelty, Fife, Scotland KY4 0EH ____________________________________

Mr Gordon McConachie (Annual) Cuilgrianan, Mill of Newton, Insch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB52 6SN T: 01464 851294 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Oliver D Lewis (Annual) MONCHYLE FARM Monachyle Mhor, Balquhidder, Lochearnhead, Perthshire, Scotland FK19 8PQ T: 01877 384622 | E: ____________________________________

Messrs Maureen MacArthur & John Ashton (Annual) ALLANFEARN Newhouse Heights of Inchvannie, Strathpeffer, Ross-shire, Scotland IV14 9AE T: 01997 421447 E: ____________________________________

Leys Castle Farm (Annual) LEYS Estate Office, Leys Castle, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland IV2 6AF T: 01463 234713 | E: ____________________________________

Mr A J MacColl (Annual) MIUNGAIRIGH Sealladh Na Mara, Glengorm, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland PA75 6QD T: 01688 302184 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Ian Lindsay (Annual) DALQUHAIRN Mill House, Bridgend Road, Avonbridge, by Falkirk, Scotland FK2 2NU E: ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs A A MacDonald (Annual) ARDBHAN Ardbhan Kyles, Bayhead, North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland HS6 5DY T: 01876 510293 | E: ____________________________________

Mr John A Lithgow (Life) INVER Att: Archie McArthur, Ormsary Estate Office, Lochgilphead, Argyll, Scotland PA31 8PE T: 01880 770700 | E: ____________________________________ Lady Lithgow (Life) CARSAIG Att: Archie McArthur, Ormsary Estate Office, Lochgilphead, Argyll, Scotland PA31 8PE T: 01880 770700 | E: ____________________________________ Sir William Lithgow, Bt & Son (Ormsary) (Life) ORMSARY Att: Archie McArthur, Ormsary Estate Office, Lochgilphead, Argyll, Scotland PA31 8PE T: 01880 770700 | E: ____________________________________ Lochaber Forest District (Annual) GARRY PINEWOOD per Kenneth Knott, Torlundy, Fort William, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH33 6SW T: 01397 702184 E: ____________________________________ Lochs & Glens Holidays (Annual) ACHRAY Att: Chris Lumb, School Road, Gartocharn, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, Scotland G83 8RW T: 01389 713715 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Peter Logan (Annual) KNOCKBAIN West Knockbain Farmhouse, West Knockbain Mains, Munlochy, Ross-shire, Scotland IV8 8PG T: 01463 819942 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs Euan & Penny Loudon (Annual) EASTER DEUGLIE Easter Deuglie House, Glenfarg, Perthshire, Scotland PH2 9QJ T: 07817 583678 | E: ____________________________________

128 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Mrs Ena MacDonald (Annual) Ardbhan, Kyles, Bayhead, North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland HS6 5DY T: 01876 510268 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Finlay Macdonald (Annual) KINLOCHROAG Kinlochroag South Gisla, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland HS2 9EN T: 01851 672368 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Fraser MacDonald (Annual) Ardbhan Fold, Kyles, Bayhead, North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland HS6 5DY T: 01876 510293 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs M MacDonald (Annual) DRUIMDEARG 20 Balivanich, Benbecula, Western Isles, Scotland HS7 5LA T: 01870 602129 E: ____________________________________ Mr William MacDonald (Honorary) Tormore Farm, Dunbeath, Caithness, Scotland T: 01595 731240 ____________________________________ Mr Connor MacDonald (Associate) 25 Burnside, Kippen, Stirling, Scotland FK3 8EF ____________________________________ Major H R MacDonald-Haig (Life) BORLUM Borlum Farm, Drumnadrochit, Inverness-shire, Scotland IV3 6XN ____________________________________ Mrs Ali MacDonell (Annual) GLENFESHIE Glenfeshie Estate Ltd, Glenfeshie, Kincraig, Kingussie, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH21 1NX T: 01540 651739 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Angus Edward MacGillivray (Annual) AM SIDHEAN Old Post Office House, Dalmally, Argyll, Scotland PA33 1AA T: 01838 200477 E: ____________________________________ Mrs Ashley MacGregor (Annual) PROVAN Burnhead Farm, Kilsyth, N Lanarkshire, Scotland G65 9LG T: 01236 822038 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs Karen & Michael Macgregor (Annual) EILEAN MOR Port An Aiseig, Glenborrodale, Acharacle, Argyll, Scotland PH36 4JP T: 01972 500263 | E: ____________________________________ Mr John M Mackay (Annual) KILPATRICK 29 Harris Crescent, Old Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, Scotland G60 5LH T: 01389 382318 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Iain MacKay (Annual) CNOC NA SITH Torloisk Farm, Ulva, Ferry Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland PA74 6NH T: 01688500130 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Ewan Mackay (Annual) GLENGOYNE 5 Crosshead Road, Killearn, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland G63 9RN T: 01360 551604 | E: ____________________________________ Mr A R Mackay (Life) COIREFUAR Tigh Cuileann, Achnagoul, by Inverary, Argyll, Scotland PA32 8XT T: 01499 302677 | E: ____________________________________

Messrs Ian MacKenzie & Co (Annual) ESSICH Essich Farm, Inverness, Inverness, Scotland IV2 6AJ ____________________________________ Mr Peter MacLaren (Annual) HANDAXWOOD 7 Ravelston Dykes, Edinburgh, Mid Lothian, Scotland EH4 3EA T: 01501 773105 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Ron MacLean (Annual) CORNTOWN 8 Corntown, Conon Bridge, Ross-shire, Scotland IV7 8DN ____________________________________ Mr William MacLean (Associate) Inverglen Barcaldine, By Oban, Argyll, Scotland PA37 1SG T: 01631 720560 ____________________________________

Mr H M MacPhail (Honorary) CALLACHALLY Callachally Farm, Salen, Aros, Isle of Mull, Argyll Scotland PA72 6JN T: 01680 300424 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Colin MacPhail (Annual) The Paddock, Over Abington Farm, Abington, Lanarkshire, Scotland FK8 3RT E: ____________________________________ Mr Charles MacPhee (Life) Rhu Ard, Connel, Oban, Argyll, Scotland PA37 1PJ ____________________________________

Major N MacLean-Bristol, OBE, DL (Annual) BREACACHADH CASTLE Breacachadh Castle, Isle of Coll, Argyll, Scotland PA78 6TB T: 01879 230353 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Andrew Macphee (Annual) ACHTERNEED Birchlea, Achterneed, Strathpeffer, Ross-shire, Scotland IV14 9AE T: 01997 421694 E: ____________________________________

Messrs Archie MacLellan & Caroline Ronald (Annual) GLEN MOR Glen Mor, Invergarry, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH35 3HN T: 01320 366230 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Angus Macpherson (Annual) BIALLID Craig Dhu House, Laggan, Newtonmore, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH20 1BS T: 01528 544200 | E: ____________________________________

Mr DJ Maclennan MRCVS MBE (Annual) OLD CORRY Old Corry, Broadford, Isle of Skye, Inverness-shire, Scotland IV49 9AL T: 01471 822229 ____________________________________ Ms Heather MacLeod (Associate) Ballimore Farm Estate, Kilchrenan, Taynuilt, Argyll, Scotland PA35 1HD T: 01866 833496 ____________________________________

Mr C T Mackenzie (Life) SCALISCRO Scaliscro Estate, Uig, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland HS2 9EL T: 01851 672325 | E: ____________________________________

Mr I A M MacLeod (Annual) CRINGLETIE Cringletie Farm, Eddleston, Peebles, Scotland EH45 8PL T: 01721 730240 | E: ____________________________________

Dr G MacKenzie (Life) TINTO Earisdal, 66 Sherifflats Road, Thankerton, Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland ML12 6PA T: 01899 308009 E: ____________________________________

Mr Andrew MacLure (Associate) 46 Lower Shader, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland HS2 0RH E: ____________________________________

Mrs M MacKenzie (Annual) COIGACH The Schoolhouse, Canisp Road, Lochinver, Sutherland, Scotland IV27 4LH T: 01571 844487 E: ____________________________________

Mr Bryon MacNaughton (Annual) LITTLE RANNOCH 4 Green Road, Kinross, Kinross-shire, Scotland KY13 8EE T: 01577 865325 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Ross MacMillan (Annual) INVERSHIEL Forest Lodge, Balmacara, Kyle, Ross-shire, Scotland IV40 8DP T: 01599 566732 E: ____________________________________

Mrs Kirsteen Manuel (Associate) GLENMASSAN Ballochyle, by Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland PA23 8RD T: 01369 704412 ____________________________________ Marchburn Farms Ltd (Annual) MARCHBURN Att: Miss Claire Lockhead, Peelie Belt, Glassel, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB31 4DH T: 01339 882700 E: ____________________________________ K & L Matheson (Annual) BRUE Seabhal 19, Brue, Isle of Lewis, Western Isles, Scotland HS2 OQW T: 01851 840377/291 E: ____________________________________

Messrs J & M McConachie & Son (Annual) CULFOICH Culfoichmore, Advie, Grantown-on-Spey, Morayshire, Scotland PH26 3PN T: 01807 510201 ____________________________________ Mr Roddy McDougall (Butchers) (Associate) Flat 2/1, 12 Ashmore Road, Merrylee, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland G43 2PW T: 0141 577 7286 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Margaret McGowan (Annual) WOODAIRD Fingask Farm, Dairsie, Cupar, Fife, Scotland KY15 4RX T: 01334 652246 | E: ____________________________________ Emma McGrigor (Associate) Achlian House, Cladich, by Dalmally, Argyll, Scotland PA33 1BQ E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs A A McIntyre & Family (Annual) STAIR Cedar Cottage, Enterkine Estate, by Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland KA6 5AL T: 01292 520453 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Iain McKay (Associate) Cnoc Cottage, Creagan, Appin, Argyll, Scotland PA38 4BQ T: 01631 730617 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs S & I McKay (Annual) ACHNACROISH Duiletter Farm, Glenstrae, Dalmally, Argyll, Scotland PA33 1AP T: 07748 226203 E: ____________________________________ Miss Eilidh McKay (Annual) BRINDLE POINT CROFT Brindle Point Croft, Appin, Argyll, Scotland PA38 4BA E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs James S McKechnie (Annual) GARTOCHARN France Farm, Church Road, Gartocharn, Dumbartonshire, Scotland G83 8NF T: 01389 830757 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Archie McArthur (Annual) Ormsary Estate Office, Lochgilphead, Argyll, Scotland PA31 8PE T: 01880 770700 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Iain McKenzie (Associate) BRINALLAN Stonehouse, Brora, Sutherland, Scotland KW9 6NJ T: 01408 621819 E: ____________________________________

Mrs Nicola McClung (Annual) CROC MHOR Glenburnie, Eden Grove, Gordon, Berwickshire, Scotland TD3 6JU T: 01573 410606 ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs N & M McLellan (Annual) KILCHIARAN Kilchiaran, Port Charlotte, Isle of Islay, Argyll Scotland PA48 7UB T: 01496 850248 ____________________________________

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 129


MEMBERS’ LIST ____________________________________






Mrs Mairi McLellan (Annual) SHIELDAIG CROFT Heatherlea, Badachro, Gairloch, Inverness-shire, Scotland IV21 2AB T: 01445 741229 E: ____________________________________

Mrs Morag Middleton (Annual) BARNA Barna, Mid Mains of Balfour, Fettercairn, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB30 1DU T: 01561 340451 | E: ____________________________________

Messrs Michael & Sally Nairn (Annual) BALNABROICH Balnabroich Farm, Strathardle, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland PH10 7NW T: 01250 881254 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Emma Paterson (Life) BENMORE Auchlyne, Killin, Perthshire, Scotland FK21 8RG T: 01567 820354 E: ____________________________________

Mr Mark Reid (Annual) REID HIGHLANDERS 26 Aldersyde, Taynuilt, Argyll, Scotland PA35 1AG E: ____________________________________

Mr J G Mitchell (Annual) IDVIES Idvies Estate, 6 Braehead Road, Letham, Forfar, Angus, Scotland DD8 2PG T: 01307 818505 | E: ____________________________________

National Museum of Rural Life (Annual) KITTOCHSIDE per R Young, Wester Kittochside, Philipshill Road, Glasgow, Scotland G76 9HR T: 0131 247 4372 | E: ____________________________________

Pennygown Farm (Annual) PENNYGOWN FARM per James MacGillivray, Pennygown Farm, Aros, Argyll, Scotland PA72 6JN T: 01680 812193 | E: ____________________________________

Paul & Clare Rooney (Annual) MONKSFIELD Monksford House, Monksford Estate, Newton St Boswells, Roxburghshire, Scotland TD6 0RU T: 01835 822341 E: ____________________________________

Mr Hugh Sydney Mitchell (Annual) BRAELANGWELL Braelangwell House, Balblair, Ross-shire, Scotland IV7 8LT T: 01381 610247 E: ____________________________________

Mr T. L. Nelson (Annual) Kilmaronaig, Connel, Argyll, Scotland PA37 1PH T: 01631 710223 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Edward & Mrs Elizabeth Pickard (Annual) CRAIGEND Craigend Farm, Old Mugdock Road, Strathblane, by Glasgow, Scotland G63 9ET T: 01360 770330 E: ____________________________________

Mr JA McMillan (Associate) Craigmore, Farnell, Brechin, Angus, Scotland DD9 6UP T: 01356 629441 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs R & E McMillan (Annual) ISLE OF BUTE Little Grenach Farm, Rothesay, Isle of Bute, Argyll, Scotland PA20 9PE T: 01700 504690 | E: ____________________________________ Mr R McNaughton (Associate) HILLHOUSE 5 Marshall Place, Luncarty, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland PH1 3UU T: 01738 828217 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Gregor McNicol (Annual) GASK Gask House, Balnafoich, Inverness-shire, Scotland IV2 6XG T: 01808 521409 E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs N & J McQuistin (Associate) AIRYOLLAND High Airyolland, New Luce, Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire, Scotland DG8 OAU T: 01581 600223 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Bob McWalter (Associate) 12 Clerk Drive, Corpach, Fort William, Inverness, Scotland PH33 7LE T: 01397 772212 | E: ____________________________________ Dr A & B Mearns (Annual) AN CEATHRAMH An Ceathramh Muie, East Rogart, Sutherland, Scotland IV28 3UB T: 01408 641474 | E: ____________________________________ Meggernie Estate (Annual) MEGGERNIE Managed Estates, Land Agents & Estate Management, 1 Springkerse Road, Stirling, Scotland FK7 7SN T: 01786 462519 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs Brown (Annual) CRAIGOWMILL Ledlanet, Kinross, Kinross-shire, Scotland KY13 0RR E: ____________________________________ Mr Eoin Middleton (Associate) Barna, Mid Mains of Balfour, Fettercairn, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB30 1DU T: 01561 340451 ____________________________________

130 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Messrs H & F Moir (Annual) FERNIEBRAE Nethermill Croft, Kintore, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB1 0UJ T: 07774 483522 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs M Montgomerie (Life) MONKCASTLE Titwood Farm, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Scotland KA3 2PN T: 01563 523901 | E: ____________________________________ Moor Partnership (Annual) CRAIG LEEK Invercauld House, Braemar, Ballater, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB35 5TS T: 07584 067565 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs G C Morrison & Son (Annual) CUNNINGHAM Cunningham Farm, Spey Bay, Fochabers, Moray Scotland IV36 7PJ E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs M P Moy (Annual) BARVRACK 2 Old Stable Courtyard, 2060 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland G43 1AT T: 0141 636 5735 | E: ____________________________________ Muirhouse Farm Partnership (Annual) MURHSE Muirhouse, Muirhouse Stow, Galashiels, Selkirkshire, Scotland TD1 2QL T: 01578 730221 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Donald Murchie (Annual) TORBEG Torbeg, Greannan, Blackwater, Isle of Arran, Scotland KA27 8HB T: 01770 860200 | E: ____________________________________ Miss Pamela LM Murray (Life) BALHEARTY Balhearty House, Coalsnaughton, Tillicoutry, Clackmannanshire, Scotland FK13 6NA T: 01259 752343 E: ____________________________________

Thomas Nelson (Annual) ACHNACLOICH Achnacloich, Connel, Oban, Argyll, Scotland PA37 1PR T: 01631 710796 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Anna Nicholson (Life) Craigdarroch, Main Street, Killin, Perthshire, Scotland FK21 8UW T: 01567 820511 | E: ____________________________________ Miss Sarah Nicolson (Associate) EYRE FOLD Eyre, Snizort, Isle of Skye, Inverness-shire, Scotland IV51 9XB T: 01470 532450 | E: ____________________________________ Grace Noble (Annual) GRACE Lochton of Leys Farm House, Lochton, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB31 5QB T: 01330 825 595 E: ____________________________________ Mr Jim Ogston (Associate) Innishewan Cottage, Luib, Crianlarich, Perthshire, Scotland FK20 8QT T: 01567 820583 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs Sydney & Maureen O’Hara (Annual) CNOC Cnoc Lodge, Creagan, Appin, Argyll, Scotland PA38 4BQ T: 01631 730212 E: ____________________________________ Mr C D Ormiston (Associate) Gelderside, Balmoral Estate, Ballater, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB35 5TX T: 01339 742353 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Moyra Porter (Annual) BORICHILL West Carrabus, Bridgend, Isle of Islay, Argyll, Scotland PA44 7PX T: 01496 810261 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Alan Prentice (Life) HYNDFORD 8 Westbank, Ravenstruther, Lanarkshire, Scotland ML11 8NL T: 01555 880350 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs D.M & K.E Proctor (Firm of Ebriehead) (Annual) EBRIEHEAD Ebriehead, Maud, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB42 5SA T: 01771 644398 | E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs HJ Queisser (Annual) GLENEARN Glenearn House, Bridge Of Earn, Perthshire, Scotland PH2 9HL T: 01738 812822 | E: ____________________________________ Mr David Stuart Raeburn (Annual) PRESSOCK Burnside of Tulloes Farm, Letham, Angus, Scotland DD8 2NR E: ____________________________________ Raithburn & R & H Raeside (Annual) RAITHBURN Maidenhill Farm, Ayr Road, Newton Mearns, by Glasgow, Scotland G77 6RT T: 0141 639 1140 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Fearghus Ormiston (Associate) 21 Bannoch Place, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland KA13 7JY ____________________________________

Mr Jack P Ramsay (Life) MILLERSTON Millerston Farm, Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland KA5 5HH T: 01290 550997 ____________________________________

Mr J Paterson (Life) CARROCHAN Woodend Farm, Balfron, Stirlingshire, Scotland G63 0QB ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs J Redpath (Annual) MULLABRACK Knowehead Kilry, Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland PH11 8JA T: 01575 560233 E: ____________________________________

Mr Steven Reid & Miss Amy Singer (Annual) GLENFARQUHAR 134 Forest Park, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB39 2FF E: ____________________________________ Mr Mark Reynier (Annual) WESTER ELLISTER Wester Ellister, Port Charlotte, Islay, Argyll, Scotland PA48 7UE T: 01496 860375 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs F Rice (Life) BELSTANE Belstane, Kirknewton, Midlothian, Scotland EH27 8DQ T: 01506 880543 ____________________________________ Messrs John & Jacqueline Riley (Annual) PAIBLESGARRY Semeil, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB36 8XJ T: 01975 651382 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Tom Ritchie (Annual) MIDDLESHAW Innis Bheag, Middleshaw, Lockerbie, Dumfries, Scotland DG11 1AJ T: 01576 570267 | E: ____________________________________ Sir W J D Roberts, Bt (Life) STRATHALLAN Strathallan Castle, Auchterarder, Perthshire, Scotland PH3 1JZ ____________________________________ Mr P J Robertson (Life) DOUNE OF GLENDOUGLAS Doune of Glendouglas Farm, Luss, Loch Lomond, Dunbartonshire, Scotland G83 8PD T: 01301 702312 ____________________________________ Mr R G Robertson (Life) PITGARVIE Pitgarvie Farm, Laurencekirk, Kincardinshire, Scotland AB30 1RB T: 01674 840219 ____________________________________ Mr W G Robertson (Life) Pitgarvie Farm, Laurencekirk, Kincardinshire, Scotland AB30 1RB T: 01674 840219 ____________________________________ Messers J.P.C. & A.S. Robinson (Annual) Dalchosnie & Kynachan Estate, Creag Mhor Lodge, Kinloch Rannoch, Perthshire, Scotland PH16 5QD T: 07584 374230 E: ____________________________________ Mr William Roddie (Annual) SAUCHIE Sauchieburn House, Sauchieburn Estate, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland FK7 9PZ T: 07770 57476 E: ____________________________________

RSPB Scotland (Annual) GHIOL Att David Laing, Kinnabus Farm, The Oa Port, Ellen, Isle of Islay, Argyll, Scotland PA42 7AX T: 01496 300118 ____________________________________ Mr H Saggers (Annual) Estate Office, Leys Castle, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland IV1 2AF T: 01463 243355 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs Tom & Claire Sample (Annual) THE GEAL ROS Fossoway School House, Crook of Devon, Kinross, Perth, Scotland KY13 0UL E: ____________________________________ Mr Alex P Samson (Annual) Muddy Boots Farm Shop, Balmalcom, Cupar, Fife, Scotland KY15 7TJ T: 01337 831222 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Robin Sedgwick (Annual) CRANNICH Crannich Farm, Aros, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland PA72 6JP T: 01680 300495 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Liz Shaw (Associate) CIR MHOR 1 Glen View, West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland KA23 9JG E: ____________________________________ Mr Ron Shaw (Associate) 21 Ardrossan Rd, Seamill, West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland KA23 9NA T: 01254 686799 ____________________________________ Ms Claire Simonetta (Associate) Torloisk Farm, Ulva Ferry, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland PA74 6NH E: ____________________________________ Mr Jeff Simpson (Annual) ALLATHUMPACH Allathumpach, Glen Deskry, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland Ab36 8XL T: 01975 651719 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs J & J Singer (Annual) KINTORE CASTLE Kintore House, Auchenblae, Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB30 1TS T: 01561 320717 | E: ____________________________________ Mr James Skea (Associate) Windy Park Farm, Blairlusk, Gartocharn, by Alexandria, Scotland G83 8NB T: E: ____________________________________

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 131


MEMBERS’ LIST ____________________________________






Mrs Anne Skea (Annual) THE BLAIR ROWAN FOLD Windy Park Farm, Blairlusk, Gartocharn, by Alexandria, Scotland G83 8NB T: E: ____________________________________

Messrs J & M Stewart (Annual) LANGRAW Langraw, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland KY16 8NR T: 01334 473061 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Mike Taylor (Associate) Westlea, Kyleakin, Isle of Skye, Highland, Scotland IV41 8PH T: 01599 534391 | E: ____________________________________

Ms Sandra Stewart (Annual) t/a Farming & Conservation, Boquhapple House, Thornhill, Stirling, Scotland FK8 3QJ E: ____________________________________

Messrs J Taylor (Annual) ARDEONAIG Braes of Ardeonaig, Killin, Perthshire, Scotland FK21 8SY T: 01567 820005 | E: ____________________________________

The Torridon (Annual) THE TORRIDON Mr Daniel Rose-Bristow, Annat, by Achnasheen, Wester Ross, Scotland IV22 2EY T: 01445 791242 | E: ____________________________________

W G C Farming Ltd (Annual) KILMARTIN HALL Kilmartin Hall, Glenurquhart, Invernessshire, Scotland IV63 6TN T: 01862 842632 E: ____________________________________

Ms Yvonne White (Annual) ROMESDAL 8 Kingsburgh, Snizort, Isle Of Skye, Scotland IV51 9UT T: 01470 532729 | E: ____________________________________

Mr R & Mrs S Strachan (Annual) CAILAICH Cailaich Farm, Calgary, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland PA75 6QY T: 01688 400238 | E: ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs M Taylor (Annual) GLENTYNE Dippen Head Farm, Dippen, Isle of Arran, Ayrshire, Scotland KA27 8RJ T: 01770 700672 ____________________________________

Lord Strange (Life) The Mains of Megginch, Errol, Perthshire, Scotland PH2 7RN T: 01821 642120 | E: ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs N Taylor (Annual) BARLOCHAN Barlochan Wood, Palnackie, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland DG7 1PE T: 01556 600221 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Paul Sloan (Annual) BEACHMORE Lochview, Whitehouse, Argyll, Scotland PA29 6XR T: 01880 730228 | E: ____________________________________ Mr A Smith (Honorary) GLENGARRY Strathoich, Aberchalder, Invergarry, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH35 4HN T: 01809 501260 ____________________________________ Mr Andrew Smith (Annual) CLACH NA GRUAGACH Ardalanish, Bunessan, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland PA67 6DR T: 01681 700674 | E: ____________________________________ Mr David Smith (Annual) CONGASH Flowerybrae Farm, Memsie, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB43 7AW E: ____________________________________ Messrs Bruce & Heather Smith (Annual) ARDENTALLEN Shiol Ardentallen, Lerags, Argyll, Scotland PA34 4SF T: 01631 563100 ____________________________________ Mrs Patricia Smith (Annual) BIEN ESK Craigengelt Farm, Stirling, Stirlingshire Scotland FK7 9QS T: 01324 825773 E: ____________________________________ Mr David Soutar (Life) STRATHELLIE Strathellie, Old Drove Road, Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland PH11 8JX T: 1828633917 E: ____________________________________ Mrs Virginia M Stacy-Marks (Associate) AUCHTENNY Mid Balchandy, Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland PH16 5JT T: 01796 482812 | E: ____________________________________ Ms Alice Starmore (Annual) BROAD BAY Hedmark 42, Gress, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland HS2 0NB T: 01851 820707 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Ian O Stewart (Annual) HUME HALL Hume Hall, Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland TD5 7TW T: 01573 470300 | E: ____________________________________

132 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Strathmore Farming Company (Annual) GLAMIS CASTLE per Duncan Wilson, Estate Office, Glamis, Forfar, Scotland DD8 1RJ T: 01307 840479 | E: ____________________________________ Strathvaich Farms LLP (Annual) STRATHVAICH Per Donald MacRae, Lubriach, Strathvaich, Ross-shire, Scotland IV23 2QH T: 01997 455232 ____________________________________ Mr Jon Strickland (Annual) Cladich Mor, Cladich, Dalmaly, Argyll, Scotland PA33 1BQ T: 01383 200656 ____________________________________ Mrs Jon H Strickland (Annual) CLADICH Cladich Mor, Cladich, Dalmaly, Argyll, Scotland PA33 1BQ T: 01838 200656 E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs G Sutherland (Annual) BARDNAHEIGH Bardnaheigh, Harpsdale, Halkirk, Caithness, Scotland KW12 6UL T: 01847 831344 | E: ____________________________________ Mr J. W. Sutherland P/D & G/B Ltd (Annual) WESTPOINT 4, The Shore, Wick, Caithness, Scotland KN1 4JW T: 01955 605472 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Chris H Swift (Annual) CLUNES South Clunes, Kirkhill, Inverness-shire, Scotland IV5 7PT T: 01463 831381 | E: ____________________________________ Mr W F Taylor (Life) DALL Dall Farm by Killin Perthshire Scotland FK21 8SX T: 01567 820432 ____________________________________

Mrs J E Taylor (Life) FERN TOR Machrimore Mill Farm, Southend, Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland PA28 6RQ T: 01586 830637 ____________________________________ Mr Allan Telford (Associate) COLDSTREAM Douglas & Angus Estates, Dairy Cottage, The Hirsel, Coldstream, Berwickshire, Scotland TD12 4LR T: 01890 882618 E: ____________________________________ The Armstrong Family (Annual) BALEMARTINE Farmhouse Balemartine, Isle of Tiree, Argyll, Scotland PA77 6UA T: 01879 220373 E: ____________________________________ The Burns Family (Annual) TIPPETCRAIG Tippetcraig Farm, High Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire, Scotland FK4 2EU T: 01324 813700 | E: ____________________________________ The Culloden Fold (Annual) CULLODEN c/o Mr John Cooper, Tordarroch Castle, Farr, Inverness-shire, Scotland IV2 6XF T: 01324 812914 | E: ____________________________________ The Keys Family (Annual) ARDENTRAIVE Ardentrive Farm, Isle of Kerrera, By Oban, Argyll, Scotland PA34 4SX T: 01631 570938 | E: ____________________________________ The National Trust for Scotland (Annual) CHANAIDH per Geraldine MacKinnon, Taobh na Mara, Sanday, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH44 4RS T: 01687 462829 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Ruth Thomas (Associate) Torogay Solas, Isle of North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland HS6 5BY T: 01876 560307 | E: ____________________________________ Mr T R R Thomson (Life) Craighaugh Cottage, Hillside Road, Barrhead, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland G78 1ES T: 0141 881 1538 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Veronica Thomson (Annual) CLACKRIACH Clackriach Cottage, Maud, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB42 5NU T: 01771 613560 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs William Thomson (Honorary) WOODNEUK Woodneuk Farm, Hillside Road, Barrhead, Strathclyde, Scotland G78 1ES T: 0141 881 1438 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Richard Thomson (Honorary) GERGASK Speyview, Lagganbridge, By Newtonmore, Inverness-shire, Scotland PH20 1AN T: 01528 544211 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Wm Thow (Life) The Crossings, Killearnan, By Muir of Ord, Ross-shire, Scotland IV6 7RY T: 01463 870581 ____________________________________ Messrs R S & J M Tilford (Annual) MUNLOCHY Grianan, Bogallan Croft, Kessock, Inverness, Scotland IV1 3XE T: 01463 731869 | E: ____________________________________ Tordarroch Estates (Annual) TORDARROCH Farr, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland IV2 6XF T: 01324 812914 | E: ____________________________________ Trustees of Cawdor Marriage Settlement Trust Joint Fund (Annual) DRYNACHAN Estate Office, Cawdor, Inverness, Scotland IV12 5RE T: 01667 404666 | E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs M Venables (Annual) LOCH VOIL Tulloch Farm, Balquhidder, Perthshire, Scotland FK19 8PQ T: 01877 384296 E: ____________________________________ Mrs H Vernon (Annual) EACHAIG Rashfield Farm, by Kilmun, Argyll, Scotland PA23 8QT T: 01369 840237 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Ben Wainwright (Annual) Aquhorthies Farming, 27 Fare Park Drive, Westhill, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB32 6WE T: 01224 742109 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Penny Waiter (Life) The Poste House, Skeabost Bridge, Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland IV51 9NP E: ____________________________________ Mr R D Wallace (Annual) NORTH AUCHENBRAIN David Wallace & Sons, North Auchenbrain, Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland KA5 6JW T: 01290 550252 ____________________________________ Mr John Warmerdam (Annual) RHUDLE Rhudle Farm, by Lochgilphead, Argyll, Scotland PA31 8QE T: 01546 605 274 E: ____________________________________ Mr Angus Webster (Associate) Gullin Farm, Meggernie Estate, Glenlyon, Perthshire, Scotland PH15 2LR T: 01887 866270 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs R & M Weir (Life) SUNNYSIDE t/a Sunnyside Estate, Venlaw, Greentowers Road, Cartland, Lanarkshire, Scotland ML11 7RB T: 01555 662513 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Jonathan Weir (Annual) WHITEHILLS Whitehills Farm, Gleneagles, Auchterarder, Perthshire, Scotland PH4 1RQ T: 07967 029483 E: ____________________________________

Ms Heather M Wilson (Annual) MHOREONACH Mhor-Eonach 15, Aignish Point, Isle of Lewis, Scotland HS2 0PB T: 07912 345200 ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs C W Wilson (Annual) DAMS Dams of Rameldry, Kingskettle, Cupar, Fife, Scotland KY15 7TY T: 01337 830315 E: ____________________________________ Mrs C M Wilton (Annual) FLASBY MOORSIDE 4 Bush Cottages, Glen Tanar, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB34 5EU T: 01339 885415 E: ____________________________________ Lt Col Colin Stewart Winter (Annual) SHELLACHAN Shellachan, Kilchrenan, by Taynuilt, Argyll, Scotland PA35 1HD T: 01866 833263 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Matthew Woods (Annual) NETHER GLENNY Nether Glenny Farm, Port of Menteith, Stirlingshire, Scotland FK8 3RD T: 01877 385604 | E: ____________________________________ Mr David Young (Annual) NA BRAITHREUN OG 2 Dovecot Park, Selkirk, Roxburghshire Scotland TD7 4ES E:


Mr I Weir (Life) Dungrianach, Appin, Argyll, Scotland PA38 4BQ T: 01631 730387 ____________________________________

Mr Rory Aird (Annual) SLAUGHAM Naylands, Slaugham, West Sussex, England RH17 6AG T: 07785 376311 | E: ____________________________________

West Lothian Council (Annual) BEECRAIGS per. Nick Hopwood, Beecraigs, Country Partner, Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland EH49 6PL T: 01506 284516 E: ____________________________________

Ms Charlotte Alford (Annual) FOXHILL Foxhill Farm, Blackborough, Cullumpton, Devon, England EX15 2HU T: 07971978767 E: ____________________________________

Mrs J E Wheelwright (Life) Sunnyside Farm, Cleish, Kinross-shire, Scotland KY4 0HY T: 01383 832812 E: ____________________________________

Miss Daphne Allan (Life) SUMMERBERRY Summerberry, 74 South Road, Clifton-upon-Dunsmore, Rugby, Warickshire, England CV23 OBZ T: 01788 543420 ____________________________________

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 133


MEMBERS’ LIST ____________________________________






Mr D Andrew R Anderson (Life) 1 Titus Way, North Hykeham, Lincoln, England LN6 9FA T: 01890 818984 ____________________________________

Mr Eric Bautsch (Annual) FOXGLOVES Take Nature Home, Foxgloves, Chesterfield Road, Rowsley, Derbyshire, England DE4 2NN T: 01629 732371 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Jamie-Beau Brewer (Annual) BEAU Lower Pointer Farm, Wooten Underwood, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England HP18 0RX E: ____________________________________

Mr Stephen J Carver (Annual) TIDDIECROSS Tiddiecross, Charlton Lane, Telford, Shropshire, England TF6 5EY T: 01952 740355 | E: ____________________________________

Mr JB Cockburn (Associate) LOWOOD Lowood, 4 Wycar, Bedale, North Yorkshire, England DL8 1EP T: 01677 423448 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Adrian Richard Bayford (Annual) HORSEHEATH LODGE Horseheath Lodge, Linton, Cambridge, England CB21 4PT T: 01223 892346 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs J Brotherton (Associate) DALRIADA Twyssenden Manor, Goudhurst, Kent, England TN17 2RG T: 01580 212375 ____________________________________

Mr Stephen Casely (Annual) GARLAND Garlandhayes Fm, Westcott, Cullompton, Devon, England EX15 1SB T: 01392 881262 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Graham H Bell (Annual) TEG Top House Farm, West Lane Burn, Selby, Yorkshire, England YO8 8LR T: 01757 270343 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Kenneth Brown (Annual) WETLEY 366 Cheadle Road, Cheddleton, Nr Leek, Staffordshire, England ST13 7BW T: 01782 550429 ____________________________________

Castles Estate (Annual) CASTLES ESTATE c/o South Lynch Estate Office, Standon Main Road, Hursley, Winchester, Hampshire, England SO21 2JH T: 01962 767910 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Alan Coddington & Miss H J Rushworth (Annual) JAGGARDS Bunns Farm, Withergate Road, Worstead, Norfolk, England NR28 9SF E: ____________________________________

Mr Nigel G Darling (Annual) BLUE CEDAR Long Meadow Barn, Intwood Farm, Intwood, Norwich, Norfolk, England NR4 6TQ T: 01603 452060 E: ____________________________________

Mr Nick Bennett (Annual) MARTINGALE Martingale Cottage, Black Lane, Little Haywood, Staffordshire, England ST1 8UL T: 01889 882689 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Adam McLeish Brown (Annual) McLEISH Honeywood Farm, Honey Pot Lane, Purleigh, Essex, England CM3 6RT E: ____________________________________

Mr TJ Chapman (Annual) DUXBRIDGES Hillside Farm, Woodchurch, Ashford, Kent, England TN26 3RQ T: 01233 860216 ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs D Booth (Annual) SCHOLES 166 Scholes Village, Rotherham, S Yorkshire, England S61 2RQ T: 01142 465305 | E: ____________________________________

Mr S K Brown (Life) BROWHAZE 18 Woodmarsh Farm, North Bradley, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England BA14 0SB T: 01225 776770 ____________________________________

Miss M E Chapman (Life) BISHOPTHORPE Moor Farm Bungalow, Bishopthorpe, York, Yorkshire, England YO23 2UF T: 01904 702383 | E: ____________________________________

Mr J M Ayres (Life) REECHES 36 West End, Northwold, Thetford, Norfolk, England IP26 5LE T: 01366 728565 | E: ____________________________________

Lindsay Bousfield (Annual) SWEETBRIAR New Tynnings, Acton Beauchamp, Worcester, England WR6 5AE T: 01531 640963 | E: ____________________________________

Mr RBI Clark (Annual) PENLAYZEBURY Penwood House, St Breward, Bodmin, Cornwall, England PL30 4NL T: 01208 850823 ____________________________________

Mr JH Bacon (Annual) RIBY GROVE Riby Grove, Riby, Nr Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England DN37 8NP T: 01469 560661 ____________________________________

Mr John Bowler (Annual) CHERRYDALE 19 Pavement Lane, Mobberley, Cheshire, England WA16 7EN T: 01565 873148 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Marlene A Brunt (Annual) KECKSYS Kecksys Farm, Camebridge Road, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England CM21 9BZ T: 01279 600896 ____________________________________

Mr Thomas Barr (Life) WILLOWBROOK 34 Broughton Road, Cosby, Leicester, Leicestershire, England LE9 1RB T: 0116 2841267 ____________________________________

Mr Michael Bracegirdle (Annual) Mellor Knowl Wince, Macclesfield, Cheshire, England SK11 0QE T: 01260 227628 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Jane Andrew (Associate) ASHBURNHAM Pigknoll Farm, Ashburnham Battle, East Sussex, England TN33 9NU T: 01424 892060 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs R Andrew (Annual) BROOKFIELD Brookfield, Lyminster, Nr Littlehampton, West Sussex, England BN17 7QN T: 01903 882505 | E: ____________________________________ Mr J Aspden (Life) HOLE HOUSE 10 Woodlands Avenue, Blackburn, Lancashire, England BB2 5NN E: ____________________________________ Mr Paul Atherton (Annual) BORSDANE School Farm, Bagshaw Lane, Aspull, Wigan, England WN2 2SR T: 07977 986131 E: ____________________________________

Messrs T J & E Barr (Annual) HIGHCROSS Redwood Garth, Carleton Hill Farm, Carleton, Penrith, Cumbria, England CA11 8TZ T: 01768 863881 E: ____________________________________ Mrs J W Barr (Life) Willowbrook, Broughton Road, Cosby, Leicestershire, England LE9 1RB T: 0116 286 4354 ____________________________________ Mr Angus Bates (Annual) WALNEY ISLAND 53 Buller Street, Walney Island, Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, England LA14 3TT T: 01229 230037 | E: ____________________________________

134 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Messrs L & L Braines (Annual) WEST EDMONDSLEY 10 Mill Street, Millfield, Sunderland, England SR4 7BG T: 0191 565 6530 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Mark Braines (Annual) DAISY HILL Daisy Hill, 10 Mill Street, Millfield, Sunderland, England SR4 7BG E: ____________________________________ Messrs Chloe Braithwaite & Andrew Patterson (Annual) LOUGHWOOD Underwood, Homer Much, Wentlock, Shropshire, England TF13 6NQ T: 01952 727401 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Michael Burgess (Annual) NORTWELLE The Old Mill House, Main Street, Norwell, Nr Newark, Notts, England NG23 6JN ____________________________________

Mr Angus Clarke (Annual) WATERLOO COTTAGE Waterloo Cottage Farm, 34 Harborough Road, Great Oxendon, Leicestershire, England LE16 8NA E: ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs S Burnett (Annual) ASHGROVE 3 Shillbank View, Mirfield, West Yorkshire, England WF14 0QG T: 01924 496709 E: ____________________________________

Mr Jeff Clarke (Annual) THE LOST FARM Woodbine Farm, Grandborough Fields, Grandborough, Rugby, Warwicks, England CV23 8BA T: 01788 521469 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Sophie Busk (Annual) HOUGHTON Eveley Farm, Houghton, Stockbridge, Hampshire, England SO20 6SA T: 01794 388389 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Elizabeth Cliffe (Annual) MALTHOUSE The Malt House, Norwich Road, Mulbarton, Norfolk, England NR14 8JL T: 01508 570351 | E: ____________________________________

Ms Julia Carr (Annual) MARRICK PARK Marrick Park, Marrick, Richmond, N Yorks, England DL11 7LH T: 01748 884348 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Ian Coates (Annual) SMC HIGHLANDS Hill Farm, Bartindale Road, Hunmanby, Filey, N Yorks, England YO14 0JD T: 01723 892861 | E: ____________________________________

Messrs H Carr & Son (Annual) LEE GATE Wayside, Lee Gate Farm, Malham, Skipton, North Yorkshire, England BD23 4DN T: 01729 830436 | E: ____________________________________

Mr David Cobb (Annual) DARLTON Barrow House Farm, Woodcoates Lane, Darlton, Newark, Nottinghamshire, England NG22 OTH T: 01777 228260 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Norman G. A. Coles (Annual) ROUNDOAK HIGHLAND Round Oak, Heniker Lane, Sutton Valence, Kent, England ME17 3ED T: 01622 844491 | E: ____________________________________ Ms Christina Coulthard (Annual) FELLSIDE FARM Fellside Farm, Caldbeck, Wigton, Cumbria, England CA7 8HA T: 01697 478616 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Brian H Cowan (Annual) COLQUHOUN Burnside, Paper Mill Lane, Claydon, Ipswich, Suffolk, England IP6 0AP T: 01473 833339 E: ____________________________________

Mr Anthony Davies (Annual) NOREDOWN Noredown House, West Marden, Chichester, W Sussex, England PO18 9ES T: 02392 631586 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Gary Davis (Annual) YAXHAM 50 St Peters Close, Yaxham, Dereham, Norfolk, England NR19 1RN T: 01362 696353 ____________________________________ Messrs T W T & M R Dawe (Annual) FOXCOMBE Highlands, Lewdown, Okehampton, Devon, England EX20 4BS T: 01566 783127 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs J A Dawes (Life) CRAYCOMBE Craycombe House, Fladbury, Worcestershire, England WR10 2QS T: 01386 860692 | E: ____________________________________

Mr JM Coyle (Associate) SLIPPERFIELD Highfield Farm, North Road, Bretherton, Lancashire, England PR26 9AY E: ____________________________________

Mr B Dawson (Annual) LLECHWEDD DU Church Farm, Hazelwood Hill, Belper, Derby, England DE56 4AD T: 01332 840640 ____________________________________

Mr Andrew Crean (Associate) DEEPDALE MARSH Marsh Farm, Burnham, Deepdale, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England PE31 8DD E: ____________________________________

Mr Stewart Deards (Annual) GODSTONE Godstone Farm, Tilburstow Hill Road, Godstone, Surrey, England RH9 8LX T: 01883 742546 | E: ____________________________________

Ms Kathrine Crompton (Annual) WADE’S BECK 78 Moor End Road, Mellor, Stockport, Cheshire, England SK6 5PT E: ____________________________________

Mr B Dickinson (Life) BROCKSTONES Brockstones, Kentmere, Kendal, Cumbria, England LA8 9JW ____________________________________

Mr NA Crooks-Meredith (Life) 5 Westerton Blackdown Avenue, Pyrford, Woking, Surrey, England GU22 8QH T: 01932 340277 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs JWG Dalby & Sons (Annual) RINGSWOOD Cestersover Farm, Pailton, Nr Rugby, Warwickshire, England CV23 OQP T: 01788 832188 | E: ____________________________________ Miss Emma Dale & Mrs Fiona Cox (Annual) CHATER 12 Station Cottages, Wing Hollow, Wing, Oakham, Rutland, England LE15 8RY T: 01572 737458 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Harry W Dodd (Annual) RIVERSIDE Riveside Cottage, Organford Road, Holten Heathe, Dorset, England BH16 6LA T: 01202 661919 E: ____________________________________ Mr Quentin Dolph (Annual) WHITELEY PARK Whiteley Park Farm, Whiteley Road, Ripley, Derbyshire, England DE5 3QL T: 07811 904752 | E: ____________________________________ Lady Caroline Douglas-Home, MBE. DL (Life) Heaton Mill House, Cornhill-on-Tweed, Northumberland, England TD12 4XQ T: 01890 882303 | E: ____________________________________

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 135


MEMBERS’ LIST ____________________________________






Mr Jack Duggan (Annual) BLACK PASTURE Hillcot Wall, Hexham, Northumberland, England NE46 4EQ E: ____________________________________

Fir Farm Ltd (Annual) FIR Rectory Farm, Lower Swell, Stow-on-the-Wold, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England GL54 1LH T: 01608 737057 | E: ____________________________________

Mr W Haggas (Life) WALMSGATE Walmsgate Estates (Farming), Low Farm, Walmsgate, Louth, Lincolnshire, England LN11 8QN T: 01507 480360 ____________________________________

S. J. Harrison (Annual) HARTSIDE Aimshaugh, Alston, Cumbria, England CA9 3EL T: 01431 381461 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Arthur Hill (Annual) WALTON Hollybush House, 49 Sheinton Street, Much, Wenlock, Shropshire, England TF13 6HU T: 01952 728239 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Charles Dumas (Annual) FAIRRIE Whitmore Vale Farm, Whitmore Vale Road, Grayshott, Surrey, England GU26 6DH T: 01428 606882 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Ben Firth (Annual) RISSINGTON Church Farm, Little Rissington, Gloucestershire England GL54 2ND T: 01451 821409 | E: ____________________________________

Mr R S Gibson (Life) CLAYROYD 10 Park Close, Lightcliffe, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England HX3 8SQ T: 01422 202895 E: ____________________________________

Mr Roger Dunkley (Annual) DOODALE Barr Farm, Town Street, Old Malton, Yorkshire, England YO17 7HD T: 01653 694530 | E: ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs C L Fisher (Annual) THE FISHER 202 Smedley St, Matlock, Derbyshire, England DE4 3JD T: 01629 57376 | E: ____________________________________

Easton & Otley College (Annual) EASTON AND OTLEY COLLEGE Easton, Norwich, Norfolk, England NR9 5DX T: 01603 731200 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Neil Fletcher (Annual) THORNYTHWAITE Hillcrest, Glaisdale, Whitby, Yorkshire, England YO21 2PU T: 01947 897430 ____________________________________

Mr P Edwards (Annual) CHARNWOOD Little Scotland Farm, Burney Lane, Staunton, Harold, Melbourne, Derbyshire England DE73 1BH T: 01332 865814 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Mervyn Flindall (Annual) CHYPRAZE Chypraze Farm, Morvah Pendeen, Cornwall, England TR19 7TU E: ____________________________________

Mr C Edwards (Associate) 18 Hill Close, Westmancote, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England GL20 7EW T: 01684 772056 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Stewart Ford (Annual) FIREBEACON Firebeacon, Little Quantock, Crowcombe, Taunton, England TA4 4AP T: 01984 618605 E: ____________________________________

Elite Meat Ltd (Associate) per Gordon Atkinson, 53-57 High Street, Starbeck, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England HG2 7LQ T: 01423 883194 | E: ____________________________________ Mr B J Elwood (Associate) 17 Casswell Drive, Quadring, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England PE11 4QW T: 01775 821457 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Jonathan Eno (Annual) ROK Herd Bangalore Farm, Bypass Road, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, England ST14 5AA E: ____________________________________ Mr C L V P Evans (Annual) Lady Arbour Court, Winforton, Herefordshire, England HR3 6NU T: 01544 327223 | E: ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs M France (Annual) CAROLINA ‘Carolina’, Cleveley Bank Lane, Forton, Preston, Lancashire, England PR3 1BY T: 01524 791431 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Judy Gardner (Annual) ECKINGTON Manor Farm, Eckington, Nr Pershore, Worcestershire, England WR10 3BH T: 01386 751600 | E: ____________________________________ Ms Victoria Garfield (Annual) ABHAINN AVON Clifton Wharf, Vicarage Hill, Clifton upon Dunsmore, Warwickshire, England CV23 0EY T: E: ____________________________________

Mr John Fenton (Annual) SPRINGWELL Springwell House, Elmswell, Driffield, Yorkshire, England YO25 3EL T: 01377 252021 | E: ____________________________________

Messrs K & J Gascoigne, Yorkshire Highlanders (Annual) SALJEN Holly Beck Farm, Commonside, Flockton, Nr Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England WF4 4DA T: 01924 848161 | E: ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs W Fiddler (Annual) LOCH MAREE Swifts House Farm, Bentley Lane, Heskin, Chorley, Lancashire, England PR7 5UY T: 01257 451490 | E: ____________________________________

Gatcombe Park Estate (Annual) GATCOMBE Minchinhamton, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England GL6 9AT T: 01453 885377 ____________________________________

136 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Mr P Gilder (Life) The Grafters, Stow Road, Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire, England ____________________________________ Mr David S Gill & Mrs Frieda Rivera-Schreiber (Annual) WASDALE Windsor Farm, Nether Wasdale, Cumbria, England CA20 1EU E: ____________________________________ Mr David Gorton (Annual) THE HOLME FOLD Whitehall Farm, 26-32 Kirkgate Street, Holme Next the sea, Hunstanton, Norfolk, England PE36 6LH T: 01553 691691 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Archie Graham-Palmer (Annual) CEFN PARK Cefn Park, Wrexham, England LL13 9TT T: 01978 262889 | E: ____________________________________ Mr D Greenhaugh (Life) THE PHEASANT 38 Liverpool Road, Chester, Cheshire, England CH2 1AQ T: 01244 378858 | E: ____________________________________ Mr J & Mrs D R Greenwood (Annual) THIMBLEBY West Farm, Thimbleby, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, England DL6 3PU T: 01609 883004 E: ____________________________________ Ms Joy M Griffiths (Life) CIM J2 Farming Hisland, Aston, Owestry, Shropshire, England SY11 4JF T: 01691 610964 | E: ____________________________________

Mr D Haighton (Annual) ELLERDINE Muckleton Bank Farm, Telford, Shropshire, England TF6 6RQ T: 01939 251128 E: ____________________________________ Mr Kevan Haines (Annual) BEACON HILL Beacon Hill Farm, Hilmarton, Calne, Wiltshire, England SN11 9HT T: 01249 760263 | E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs Simon Haley (Annual) SEAM Marland Lodge, Church Bank, Eggleston, Co Durham, England DL12 0AH T: 07968 375307 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Edward Halford (Life) KIPPER LYNN 32 Peartree Bungalows, Blackhall Mill, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, England NE17 7TW T: 01207 561272 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Matthew G Halliday (Annual) ASH Ashton Farm, Countisbury, Lynton, Devon, England EX35 6BL T: 01598 741232 E: ____________________________________ Mr S & Mrs K Halshall (Annual) SUMMERSTONE Thwaite House Farm, Summerstone Estate, Lofthouse, N. Yorkshire, England HG3 5SN E: ____________________________________ Mr Duncan & Mrs Angela Handley (Annual) GILDEN VALE Quarry Farm, Dorstone, Hereford, Herefordshire, England HR3 6BL T: 01981 550096 | E: ____________________________________

Messrs Russell Harrison Ltd (Annual) STONEYTHORPE Stoneythorpe Hall, Southam, Warwickshire, England CV47 2DL T: 01926 811811 | E: ____________________________________ Harrock Hall Estate (Annual) c/o Smiths Gore, 5 Church Street, Clitheroe, Lancashire, England BB7 2DD T: 01200 411050 | E: ____________________________________ Harthill Highlanders (Annual) HARTHILL 4 Northlands, Harthill, Sheffield, S Yorkshire, England S26 7XZ T: 01909 773034 | E: ____________________________________ Ms Karen A Hartland (Annual) STRATHGARVE Bishops Wood House, Kiddemore Green Rd, Bishops Wood, Staffs, England ST19 9AA T: 01785 840163 | E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs T C Hayes (Annual) OAKEN Kilcott Mill, Lower Kilcott, Nr Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, England GL12 7RL T: 01453 843127 | E: ____________________________________ Mr JM Hayward (Life) FLODDEN Cameley House, Cameley, Temple Cloud, Bristol, England BS39 5AJ T: 01761 451111 ____________________________________ Henson & Andrews Ltd (Annual) BEMBOROUGH Cotwsold Farm Park Ltd, Near Guiting Power, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England GL54 5UG T: 01451 850307 E: ____________________________________

Mrs Suzanne Hill (Annual) Hollybush House, 49 Sheinton Street, Much, Wenlock, Shropshire, England TF13 6HY T: 01952 728239 | E: ____________________________________ Hitherfields Highland Cattle Ltd (Annual) HITHERFIELDS Hitherfield, The Hill, Little Somerford, Chippenham, Wiltshire, England SN15 5BQ T: 01666 311073 E: ____________________________________ Dr H A Hoather (Annual) OAK Oak House, Hassalls Lane, Bridge, Trafford, Chester, Cheshire, England CH2 4GA T: 01244 300742 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Carol N Hocknell (Annual) BURNBANK The Pinfold, Poole, Nantwich, Cheshire, England CW5 6AL T: 01270 628414 E: ____________________________________ Mr Andrew Holman-West (Annual) ALSCOT Alscot Estate Office, Atherstone Hill, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickhire, England CV37 8NF T: 01789 450451 | E: ____________________________________ Mr G Honour (Annual) MANSMOOR Holts Farm, Mansmoor Lane Charlton-on-Otmoor Nr Kidlington Oxfordshire England OX5 2UR T: 01865 331395 E: ____________________________________ Miss J Horberry (Associate) GRAIZELOUND Croft House, Graizelound Fields, Haxey, Doncaster, S. Yorkshire, England DN9 2NA T: 01427 752230 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Paul Harris (Annual) HARRIS 28 Wavendon Road, Salford, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, England MK17 8BA E: ____________________________________

Mr Adam Hewitt (Life) HEWITT Nield House Farm, Worcester Road, Harvington, Nr Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England DY10 4LP T: 01562 777651 E: ____________________________________

Mr NS Grundon (Annual) TARA Tara Colley, Hill Lane, Hedgerley, Berkshire, England SL3 4AT T: 01753 663111 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Richard Harris (Annual) CROWNLEY Crownley, Lembury Road, Stoke, Gabriel, Devon, England TQ9 6QD T: 01803 782847 | E: ____________________________________

Mr David William Hewitt (Annual) BANK HEAD Bank Head, Crosby, Ravensworth, Penrith, Cumbria, England CA10 3JB T: 01931 715000 | E: ____________________________________

Mr David Howden (Annual) POINTER The Old Rectory, Ludgershall, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England HP18 9PG E: ____________________________________

Mr Nick Grundy (Annual) RAMPSBECK Rampsbeck Court, Watermillock, Penrith, Cumbria, England CA11 0LP T: 01768 486415 ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs A Harrison (Annual) FRITH Frith Manor, Baldwins Hill, East Grinstead, West Sussex, England RH19 2JW T: 01342 871414 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Kevin Hilborn (Annual) AXNA Lower Creason, Horndon, Mary Tavy, Devon, England PL19 9ND T: 01822 810381 | E: ____________________________________

Mr K Howman (Life) BORLAND Ashmere, Felix Lane, Shepperton, Middlesex, England TW17 8NN T: 01932 225445 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs S Griffiths (Associate) THE GRANGE Ellerdine Grange Farm, Ellerdine, Telford, Shropshire, England TF6 6QR T: 01952 770322 ____________________________________

Mrs Sally House (Annual) LITTLEMOOR Littlemoor Farm, Littlemoor Road, Mark, Highbridge, Somerset, England TA9 4NL T: 01278 641104 | E: ____________________________________

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 137


MEMBERS’ LIST ____________________________________






Ms Abigail Howson (Annual) HOWSON Lake Farm House, Pendell Road, Bletchingley, Surrey, England RH1 4QH E: ____________________________________

Mr Simon & Mrs Lindsay Jones (Annual) THE STILL Chestnut House, Crosby, Garrett, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, England CA17 4PR T: 01768 371592 | E: ____________________________________

Messrs M & J Luscombe (Annual) BRANDCLIFFE New Friars Garth Farm, Malham, Skipton, North Yorkshire, England BD23 4BY T: 01729 830608 | E: ____________________________________

Colonel R Martin, OBE (Life) THE BRAND The Brand Brand Hill, Woodhouse Eaves Loughborough Leicestershire England LE12 8SS T: 01509 890269 E: ____________________________________

Mr D Mitchell (Annual) UPPER CRAY Upper Cray Farm, Stainland Dean, Holywell Green, Stainland, Halifax, Yorkshire, England HX4 9QA T: 01422 379273 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Phillip Hughes (Annual) STAINMORE Grey Scar Farm, Stainmore Rd, Bowes, Co Durham, England DL12 9RH ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs Stephen & Louisa Jordan (Annual) ACRE FOLD Acre House, The Down, Chetton, Shropshire, England WV16 6UA T: 07973 914103 E: ____________________________________

Mr Iain Kyle (Annual) GLEN KYLE HIGHLANDERS Church View, Roweltown, Carlisle, Cumbria, England CA6 6LD T: 01697 748310 E: ____________________________________

Mr Murray Mackay (Annual) RATTAR Zantra Ltd, Garden Farm, The Town, Great Staughton, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, England PE19 5BE T: 01480 861066 | E: ____________________________________

Mr James Mather (Annual) EILEAN HOAN Braemar Sangomore, Durness, Sutherland, England IV27 4PZ T: 01971 511284 E: ____________________________________

Mr M J Monk (Annual) CHADWICH Manor Farm, Chadwich, Bromgrove, Worcestershire, England B61 0QG T: 0121 453 5825 ____________________________________

Inchcape (Annual) SLIABH Manor Farm, Clyffe Pypard, Swindon, Wiltshire, England SN4 7PY T: 01793 731223 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Susan Ingham (Annual) LOWER RED BRINK Fold Cottage, Lower Red Brink, Hubberton, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, England HX6 1PA T: 01422 839840 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Charles James (Annual) KENNEGGY Folly Farm, Lower Kenneggy, Rosudgeon, Penzance, England TR20 9AR E: ____________________________________ Mr J Jameson (Annual) BALTINGLASS Chinslade Farm, Cherington, Shipston on Stour, Warickshire, England CV36 5JB T: 01608 686992 E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs P Jee (Annual) BERESFORD 42 Beresford Road, Dorking, Surrey, England RH4 2DF T: 01306 500733 | E: ____________________________________ Mr David Johnson (Annual) BRANDYFIELD Westfield Farm, Westfield Lane, Barlborough, Derbyshire, England S43 4TP E: ____________________________________ Mr Adrian Johnson (Annual) RETREAT Retreat Farm, Whittington Lane, Thornton, Leicestershire, England LE67 1AL E: ____________________________________

Mr Graeme Keep (Annual) CHEDLEY per Graeme Keep, Sycamore Farm, Bramford, Suffolk, England IP8 4NN T: 01473 834074 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Deirdre Kelly (Annual) WIGGONHOLT HIGHLANDERS Banks Cottage, Wiggonholt, Pulborough, W Sussex, England RH20 2EL T: 01798 873106 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Yvette Kendall (Annual) HARROWBRIDGE HIGHLANDERS Harrowbridge Hill Farm, Commonmoor, Liskeard, Cornwall, England PL14 6SD T: 01579 320509 ____________________________________ Mrs S Kennedy (Annual) MIDDLE MARCH The Tower, Elsdon, Northumberland, England NE19 1AA T: 01830 520638 | E: ____________________________________ Mr RC Kerry (Associate) 1 Simon Cross, Wickham Market, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England IP13 OST T: 0728 746885 ____________________________________ Mrs A M Kershaw (Annual) ROUNDHILL Brookside Farm, Haslingden Old Road, Accrington, Lancashire, England BB5 3SW T: 01706 216491 | E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs Philip Kettle (Associate) MELKETT 1 Preceptory, Stainby, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England NG33 5QR T: 01476 860099 | E: ____________________________________

Ms Barbara Johnston (Annual) COVERDALE New Laithe, Arkleside, Horsehouse, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, England DL8 4TU T: 01969 640463 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Christoph Klinger (Annual) LOCHAN AN T SEILICH Willow Cottage, Wash Lane, Snetterton, Norfolk, England NR16 2TU T: 01953 497003 E: ____________________________________

Messrs Gareth & Kate Jones (Annual) COURT FARM Court Farm, c/o Oaklands, Deblins Green, Callow End, Worcester, England WR2 4UE E: ____________________________________

Knipe Family (Annual) HULLATER HIGHLAND Hullater Farm, Oxen Park, Nr Ulverston, England LA12 8HH T: 01539 534839 | E: ____________________________________

138 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Mr Nick& Mrs Elaine Lacey (Annual) CANNAFARM c/o The East Barn, Sawtrees Farm, Cold Christmas Lane, Thundridge, Herts, England SG12 7SL T: 01279 843991 | E: ____________________________________ Mr T J Lake (Annual) THREXTON Millstones, Threxton Est., Nr Watton, Thetford, Norfolk, England IP25 6LT T: 01953 883285 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Tony Lang (Annual) PARKHAM Flaxmans, Parkham, Bideford, Devon, England EX39 5PG T: 01237 451215 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Sally Leighton (Annual) HEADLAND 33 Church Lane, South Wingfield, Derbyshire, England DE55 7NJ T: 01773 833823 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Andrew G Letten & Ms Deborah Simpson (Annual) CHEVIN Russell Farm, Leeds Road, Otley, Leeds, W Yorkshire, England LS21 1DL T: 01943 462665 | E: ____________________________________ Mr RS Lines (Life) Seaton Cottage, Station Road, Great Ayton, Cleveland, England TS9 6HB T: 0642 722237 ____________________________________ Mr Minto Lohoar (Annual) KEYSTON Manor Farm, Keyston, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England DE28 0RX T: 01832 710333 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs Richard & Avril Lowndes (Annual) GADDENS Gaddens Close Farm, Charlie’s Lane, Ringwood, Hampshire, England BH24 3FB T: 01425 471015 | E: ____________________________________

Sir Bruce MacPhail (Annual) THORPE LUBENHAM C/o Fisher German LLP, 40 High Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England LE16 7NX T: 01858 410200 ____________________________________ Mr Robert Magan (Associate) Headland, 21 Sands Lane, Badsey, Worcestershire, England WR11 7EZ T: 01386 832100 ____________________________________ Mr M J Mair (Annual) EASTOL MOOR Mair & Sons (Farmers) Ltd, Manor Farm, Doddington, March, Cambridgeshire, England PE15 0TN T: 01354 740229 ____________________________________ Mrs Sue Maisey (Annual) FREYA Hop House Fryup, Whitby, N. Yorkshire, England YO21 2AP T: 01947 897097 | E: ____________________________________ Manx Rare Breeds Ltd (Annual) MANX Suite 9-10, 22 Athol St, Douglas, Isle Of Man, England IM1 1JA E: ____________________________________ Mr Julian Manyon (Annual) THE FELIX FOLD Borley Hall Farm, Borley, Near Sudbury, Suffolk, England CO10 7AB T: 01787 372141 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Martin Marriner (Associate) Birchley House Farm, Fosten Lane, Biddenden, Kent, England TN27 8DZ T: 01580 291984 E: ____________________________________

Ms Lucy Lowther (Annual) HIGH LIONS High Lions Lodge, Yearsley, York, England Y61 4SN T: 01347 838308 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Caryn Marriner (Annual) BIRCHLEY FARM Birchley House Farm, Fosten Lane, Biddenden, England TN27 8DZ T: 01580 291984 E: ____________________________________

Mr R J Lund (Annual) EAST CLOUGH East Clough Farm, Garsdale, Sedbergh, Cumbria England LA10 5PW T: 01539 620895 ____________________________________

Miss Ruth Marshallsay (Annual) ANT SIATHAMH SONAS Widcombe Cross, Culmhead, Taunton, Somerset, England TA3 7DX E: ____________________________________

Mr David Alan Maughan (Associate) Springmead, Stubhampton, Blandford Forum, Dorset, England DT11 8JU T: 01258 830568 E: ____________________________________ Mr James Mawle (Annual) HISLAND J2 Farming, Hisland, Oswestry, Shropshire, England SY11 4JF T: 01691 610934 E: ____________________________________ Mr E McDonough (Associate) 47 Merton Grove, Astley, Tyldesley, Lancashire, England M29 7HT T: 01942 879841 E: ____________________________________ Mrs M McIntyre (Life) BYFLEET Derisley Farm, 26 High Road, Byfleet, Surrey, England KT14 7QG T: 01932 341586 ____________________________________ Mr C G McLean May (Life) 26 Bradley Avenue, Bristol, England BS11 9SL E: ____________________________________ Mr Ian Melluish (Annual) GOODTREES Goodtrees Farm, Holtye Road, Cowden, Kent, England TN8 7EB E: ____________________________________ Mr James Mercer (Associate) PORTOCKS Little Portocks End, Little Clevelode, Nr Malvern, Worcestershire, England WR13 6PE T: 01684 311456 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Rachel Monk (Associate) RAVENSCAR Home Farm, Ravenscar, Scarborough, N. Yorkshire, England YO13 0NH T: 01947 880688 ____________________________________ Montreal Estate (Annual) DIBDEN Salter’s Heath Farm, Cold Arbour Road, Bessels Green, Sevenoaks, England TN13 2PR T: 01732 452998 E: ____________________________________ Mr M C Moore (Life) WENMAR Woodstock Bower Farm, Stoke Buss, Tenbury Wells, Worcesteshire, England WR15 8QN T: 01885 410443 | E: ____________________________________ Mr John Gareth Morris (Annual) MORDALE Birchview Farm, Irlam Moss, Irlam, Manchester, England M44 5LY T: 0161 775 6672 | E: ____________________________________ Mortimers Farm (C MacLean) (Annual) MORTIMERS Mortimers Farm, Eastleigh, Hampshire, England SO50 7EA T: 02380 601938 E: ____________________________________ Mr K Morton (Life) Ashley House, Church Lane, Glentham, Market Rasen, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England LN8 2EL T: 01673 878996 ____________________________________ Mr Anthony Mosley (Honorary) 16 Edgecombe Way, St Ann`s Chapel, Gunnislake, Cornwall, England PL18 9HJ T: 01822 833204 ____________________________________

Messrs R., D.R. & M. Middleton (Annual) HAMDEAN Hamdean Farm, Peopleton, Pershore, Worcestershire, England WR10 2DY T: 01905 840231 ____________________________________

Mr Guy R Mumford (Annual) YARCHESTER 76 Bridge North Road, Broseley, Shropshire, England TF12 5DR E: ____________________________________

Mr M L Miles (Annual) MAL JAN Willowbrook, Tring Road, Long Marston, Tring, Hertfordshire, England HP23 4QL T: 01296 668164 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Joyce I A Newby (Annual) NIBS HEATH The Woodlands, Nibs Heath, Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England SY4 1HL T: 01939 260381 ____________________________________

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 139


MEMBERS’ LIST ____________________________________






Mr Daniel Newcomb (Annual) ORCHARD HOUSE Orchard House, George Pit, Escomb, Bishop Aukland, Co. Durham, England DL14 7SU T: 01388 609647 | E: ____________________________________

Mr David Owen (Life) VIDAMIR TIDDLE Larkins Biddenden, Tenterden, Kent, England TN30 6TE ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs JRB Peacock (Annual) SAINT MARYS St Mary’s Hall, Church Road, Wiggenhall-St MaryThe Virgin, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England PE34 3EJ E: ____________________________________

Mr G J H Rainey (Life) APRIL Bates Moor Farm, Foulsham, Dereham, Norfolk, England NR20 5RS T: 01362 684406 ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs A Ridley (Annual) CORNSAY LODGE The Lodge, Cornsay Colliery, Durham, Co Durham, England DH7 9DB T: 01913 734359 | E: ____________________________________

Mr R J Scholefield (Annual) CASTLE CARR c/o R J Scholefield Ltd, Folds Farm, Castle Carr Road, Wainstalls, England HX2 7TR E: ____________________________________

Mr Andrew Christopher Seton Peal (Annual) FALGATE Hall Farm House, Southrepps, Norfolk, England NR11 8TG T: 07717 494010 | E: ____________________________________

Miss Isabel E A Rainey (Life) Bates Moor Farm, Foulsham, Dereham, Norfolk, England NR20 5RS T: 01362 684406 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Amanda Ridley (Annual) WERDNA 46 Commercial Street, Cornsay Colliery, Durham, England DH7 9BW T: 0191 373 3677 | E: ____________________________________

Mr R D Schuster (Annual) GLENKINGLASS The Grange, Over Worton, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England OX7 7ES T: 01608 683442 | E: ____________________________________

Messrs Susan & Elliott Rigg (Annual) ELLIOTT’S HIGHLANDERS Sparham Farm, Barningham, Richmond, N. Yorkshire, England DL11 7EA E: ____________________________________

Mr Richard Searle (Annual) TROWLESWORTHY Trowlesworthy, Warren Farm, Cadover Bridge, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon, England PL7 5EJ T: 01752 839292 | E: ____________________________________

Ms Margaret Robinson (Annual) KILNBURN Kilnburn, Catton, Hexham, Northumberland, England NE47 9LR T: 01434 618106 E: ____________________________________

Sheffield City Council (Annual) ESCAFELD Parks Dept, Moorfoot, Building Level 3 S. Yorkshire, England S1 4PL T: 0114 2582452 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Alison North-Lewis (Annual) LIDDELL Liddell Hall, Colwell, Hexham, Northumberland, England NE46 4TW T: 01434 681261 | E: ____________________________________ Miss Tracey Noy (Annual) OAKWOOD Lower Lady Meadows Farm, Bradnop Leek, Staffordshire, England ST13 7EZ T: 07979 343648 E: ____________________________________ Mr James Nuttall (Annual) BAXTER HEAD Baxter Head Farm, Watling Street, Affetside, Lancashire, England BL8 3QL T: 01204 883332 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Paul O’Brien (Annual) OBRIUSSELL per Mel Smith, 3 Kings Road, Alton, Hampshire, England GU34 1PZ T: 07973 149105 E: ____________________________________ Mr Graham Oddie (Annual) PASTURE HOUSE Pasture House Farm, Higher Calderbrook Rd, Littleborough, Lancashire, England OL15 9NH T: 01706 375321 | E: ____________________________________ Odds Farm Park (Annual) ODDS FARM Wooburn Common Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, England HP10 0LX T: 01628 520188 E: ____________________________________ Mr Graham Oliver (Annual) CARNFIELD Carnfield Hall, Carnfield Hill, Alfreton, Derbyshire, England DE55 2BE E: ____________________________________ Mr P Oliver & Mrs A. L. Oliver (Annual) FECKENHAM Mutton Hall Farm, Feckenham, Reddich, Worcestershire, England B96 6HJ T: 01562 777836 ____________________________________ Mrs Christina Osborne (Annual) DOVERSGREEN 1 Dovers Green, Rectory Lane, Shenley, Herefordshire, England WD7 9AW T: 01707 642217 | E: ____________________________________ Ms Gillian Osborne (Annual) Skiplam Grange. Nawton. York. England E: ____________________________________

140 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Mr Richard Owens (Annual) HILL BROOK Cockshaw Cottage, Dikes Lane, Great Ayton, N Yorkshire, England TS9 6HL T: 01642 724758 | E: ____________________________________ Sir James Paice (Annual) LOCHAVA Snailbridge House, The Moor, Fordham, Ely, Cambridgeshire, England CB7 5LU T: 01638 721526 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Christopher P Palmer (Annual) PALMERIA North Moor Farm, St David’s Lane, Flamborough, Yorkshire, England YO15 1BE T: 01262 851249 ____________________________________ Miss Harriet R Palmer (Annual) WORTHING Poplars Farmhouse, Church Road, Worthing, Norfolk, England NR20 5HR T: 01362 662464 | E: ____________________________________ Paradise Communitry Trust (Annual) PARADISE per Roland Pinniger, Paradise, Painswick, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England GL6 6TN T: 01453 837551 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Andrew Parkin (Annual) THE CROWN Malkins Quarry, Bank Utkinton, Cheshire, England CW6 0LR T: 01829 730164 | E: ____________________________________ Mr R Parkinson (Life) KIRKSTONE Roundhill Farm, Kirkstone Road, Ambleside, Cumbria, England LA22 9ET T: 01539 433301 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Lyndon Ian Parrish (Annual) KAITLYN JOY Cocking Farm, Handley Banks, Caverswall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England ST11 9EX T: 07748 116148 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Paul Paskins (Annual) IRON MINE LANE Larkrise Woodlands, Dousland, Yelverton, England PL20 6NB T: 01822 854007 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Steven Pass (Annual) PASS HIGHLAND Chapel Farm, Green Lane, Off Coleshill Rd, Bentley, Atherstone, Warwickshire, England CV9 2JS T: 01827 712330 E: ____________________________________

Mrs J Peaster (Annual) QUANTOCK Quantock Lodge, Over Stowey, Bridgwater, Somerset, England TA5 1HD T: 01278 732252 ____________________________________

Ramsbury Estates Ltd (Annual) TROLLHAGEN Priory Farm, Axford, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England SN8 2HA T: 01672 520647 E: ____________________________________

Mr L T & Mrs A M Perkins (Annual) THISTLE Clink Cottage Farm, Marlcliff, Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, England B50 4NY T: 01789 490872 | E: ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs Lindsey Rastall (Annual) PINCAN DENE Bungalow Farm, Murcot Rd, Childswickham, Broadway, Worcs, England WR12 7HR T: 01386 853543 | E: ____________________________________

Messrs R & S Perryman (Annual) DARTMOOR Lower West Coombe Farm, North Bovey, Newton Abbott, Devon, England TQ13 8RS T: 01647 221453 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Robert G Rawle (Annual) LONGSTONE Higher Bodley, Parracombe, Barnstaple, Devon, England EX31 4QN T: 01598 763798 E: ____________________________________

Miss Laura Phillip (Annual) LILYGREEN 22 Strawberry Fields, Gisburn, Clitheroe, Lancashire, England BB7 4DQ E: ____________________________________

Mrs Samantha Rayner (Annual) WINDSOR Berkyn Manor Farm, Stanwell Road, Horton, Slough, Berkshire, England SL3 9PE T: 01753 682499 | E: ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs Robert Phillip (Annual) HELLIFIELD Green Farm, Hellifield, Skipton, North Yorkshire, England BD23 4LA T: 01729 850217 E: ____________________________________

Messrs C & J Reeks (Annual) LA HOGUE La Hogue Farm, La Hogue Road, Chippenham, Ely, Cambridgeshire, England CB7 5PZ T: 01638 751128 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Julia Pick (Annual) BURY COURT Bury Court Farm, Shotteswell, Banbury, Oxfordshire, England OX17 1JA T: 01295 730268 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Kevin Lee Rice & Mr Philip Martin (Annual) POLLEHILL Pollehill Farm House, Scragged Oark Road, Detling, Maidstone, Kent, England ME14 3HL T: 01622 630572 E: ____________________________________

Mr Michael Poland (Honorary) MOTTISTONE Drivers Cottage, Lower Pershaw Lane, Upham, Southampton, England SO32 1QF T: 01489 891468 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs R Richards (Annual) RIDGEWAY 3 Ridgeway, Horderley, Craven-Arms, Shropshire, England SY7 8HW T: 01588 680648 ____________________________________

Mrs Anne Popham (Annual) SHUTTLETON Shuttleton Farm, Castle Hill, Hemyock, Cullompton, Devon, England EX15 3RX T: 01823 680396 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Paul Richardson (Annual) HUTTON CONYERS Home Farm, Hutton, Conyers, Ripon, North Yorkshire, England HG4 5EB T: 01765 607634 | E: ____________________________________

Mr T P Radford (Annual) KELBY per Daniel Rowbottom Estate Office Heydour Fm Lincolnshire England NG32 3NG T: 01400 231133 E: ____________________________________

Miss Anne Richardson (Annual) FOALSYKE Foal Syke Farm, Middleton Road, Woodland, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham, England DL13 5RR T: 01388 710190 ____________________________________

Mr Daniel Rowbottom (Associate) BRACKENBRAE Holme Farm, Kelby, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England NG32 3AJ T: 07812 858893 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Brian J Rutterford (Annual) UNDLEY 121 Undley Hall, Lakenheath, Suffolk, England IP27 9BY T: 07836 777595 | E: ____________________________________ Unknown Dame Theresa Sackler (Life) EARLS COURT Earlscourt Farm Ltd, Rooks Nest Est Office, Stroud Farm, Ermin Street, Lambourn, Woodlands, Berkshire, England RG17 7SH T: 01488 71869 | E: ____________________________________

Mr D B Shepherdson (Annual) RUSTON FOLD Ruston Farm, Ruston, Wykeham, Yorkshire, England YO13 9QE T: 01723 862421 | E: ____________________________________ Mr John Shimwell (Annual) GREAT LONGSTONE Dale Farm, Moor Rd, Great Longstone, Derbyshire, England DE45 1UA T: 01629 640285 ____________________________________ Mrs Katharine Singleton-Smith & Mr Daniel Singleton (Annual) RYEWATER Ryewater Farm, Corscombe, Dorchester, Dorset, England DT2 0QF T: 01935 891111 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Stan Sadler (Associate) 11 Nursery Road, Moordown, Bournemouth, Dorset, England BH9 3AS T: 01202 859746 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Anthony Small (Annual) BLAIR HILL Maddacombe Farm, Maddacombe Road, Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot, England TQ12 5LF E: ____________________________________

Messrs Dennis R Salt & Susan Salt (Annual) RATTENRAW Rattenraw Farm, Otterburn, Northumberland, England NE19 1LH T: 01830 520613 | E: ____________________________________

Mr P & Mrs S Smith (Annual) STOCKLEY Stockley Hill Farm, Peterchurch, Herefordshire, England HR2 0ST T: 01981 550604 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Jeremy Sample (Associate) Ribblelands Stackhouse, Settle, North Yorkshire, England BD24 0DN T: 01729 822558 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Graham Smith (Annual) CLOVER Clover Farm, West Tofts Road, Mundford, Norfolk, England IP26 5EJ E: ____________________________________

Miss SL Scheffers (Annual) PUNCH BOWL Punch Bowl Farm, Thursley, Godalming, Surrey, England GU8 6QJ T: 01428 605749 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Tony Snarey (Associate) The Mill, Manthorpe, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England NG31 8NH T: 01476 591941 | E: ____________________________________

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 141









Mr Peter Snart (Annual) WILLOWBOG Willobog Farm, Wark, Hexham, Northumberland, England NE48 3EF T: 01434 681217 | E: ____________________________________

The Wildlife Trust (Annual) LINGS The Manor House, Broad Street, Cambourne, Cambridgeshire, England CB23 6DH T: 01954 713500 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Robert Wain (Annual) ROSE 114 Mortledge, Matlock, Derbyshire, England DE4 3SD T: 01629 580046 ____________________________________

Mr Mark Whalley (Annual) AUGHTON Broad Oak Farm, Formby Lane, Aughton, Ormskirk, Lancashire, England L39 7HQ E: ____________________________________

Mr Michael Blair Williams (Annual) GURLAND Gurland Farm, St Just, Penzance, Cornwall, England TR19 7NY T: 01736 788676 | E: ____________________________________

Mr D Spence (Life) Grange Farm, Barton-in-the-Beans, Leicestershire, England CV13 ODJ T: 01455 290078 ____________________________________

Mrs Ruth Thomson (Annual) CATESBY Home Park, Lower Catesby, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England NN11 6LF T: 01327 871201 | E: ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs S Waite (Annual) NETHERWOOD Netherwood Heys Farm, Netherwood Lane, Marsden, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England HD7 6AT T: 01484 842414 ____________________________________

Mr PWG Tom (Life) BARDON Att: M. Kendrick, Bardon Roadstone Ltd, Bardon Hill, Coalville, Leicestershire, England LE67 1TL T: 01530 510066 ____________________________________

Mr TDT Walkinshaw (Life) SWERFORD Oseney Mill, Swerford, Oxfordshire, England OX7 9BD T: 01608 737228 ____________________________________

Messrs S Wheeler & Son (Annual) BRYNMAWR Brynmawr, Newcastle Craven Arms, Shropshire, England SY7 8QU T: 01588 640298 E: ____________________________________

Mr David Williams (Annual) MEREWOOD Fellside House, Pennington, Ulverston, Cumbria, England LA12 7NT T: 01229 587769 E: ____________________________________

Mr J Topliss & Susan Gunn (Annual) FOSTER CLOUGH The Barn, Heyhead Farm, Mythomroyd, Yorkshire, England HX7 5RB T: 01422 883249 E: ____________________________________

Mr Les Wardle (Annual) SPRINGFIELDS Springfields Bottom Lane, Ipstones, Staffordshire, England ST10 2LN T: 01538 266476 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs K E Whitbread (Life) KINLOCHEWE The Old Rectory, Dennington, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England IP13 8AD T: 01728 638335 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Gwyn Williams, BSC, MRICS,FAAV,FLAA (Annual) Wright Marshall Ltd, Chelford Agricultural Centre, Chelford, Cheshire, England SK11 9AX T: 01625 861122 E: ____________________________________

Mr Victor White & Miss Anita Perry (Annual) THE RIDGE Corner Barn Farmm, Primrose Hill, East Coker, Yeovil, Somerset, England BA22 9NH T: 01935 862912 | E: ____________________________________

Messrs James Williamson & Jacky Harrison (Annual) REILTH TOP Reilth Top, Bishops Moat, Bishops Castle, Shropshire, England SY9 5LL T: 01588 630666 E: ____________________________________

Mrs Clare Craig (Annual) CRAIGMANUS 17 Largy Road, Crumlin, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland BT29 4RN T: 028 94452126 E: ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs AC Wills (Annual) KASSALIC New Oakley Farm, Chilthorne, Domer, Yeovil, Somerset, England BA22 8RQ T: 01935 840348 E: ____________________________________

Mr William T Creighton (Annual) TRIAL BAY Derryvore, Derrylin, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland BT92 9FF T: 02867 748277 E: ____________________________________

Ms Rosie Wilson (Annual) Pottery Farm, Whitney, Somerset, England TA19 0SJ E: ____________________________________

Mr Rueben Dooris (Annual) MULLAGMOSSIN Bridgend, Glynn Larne, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland BT40 3HG T: 02828 276808 ____________________________________

Mr Richard Sproston (Annual) BEECHWOOD Beechwood Farm Dutton Lane Cuddington Cheshire England CW8 2TN E: ____________________________________ Square Peg International (Annual) SQUARE PEG per Mr & Mrs Douglas Ross, 40 Brockham Lane, Betchworth, Surrey, England RH3 7EH E: ____________________________________ Mrs Kirstie Stenning (Annual) DUNSDON Dunsdon Farm, Pancrasweek, Holsworthy, Devon, England EX22 7JW T: 01288 321860 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Jo Stover (Annual) LEWESDON HILL Lower Brimley, Combe Farm, Stoke Abbott, Beaminster, Dorset, England DT8 3JZ T: 01308 867449 | E: ____________________________________ Taylors Farm (James Taylor) (Annual) HOWEN Newland Farm, Exford, Minehead, Somerset, England TA24 7NF T: 01643 831690 | E: ____________________________________ Technifind (Annual) NEW CLOSE New Close Farm, Nunnery Lane, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England PO30 1YR T: 01494 525721 E: ____________________________________ Mrs Sandra M Tedbury (Annual) HARDHAM HIGHLANDS Fold View, Church Farm, London Road, Hardham, W. Sussex, England RH20 1LB T: 01798 872985 | E: ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs M Trees (Annual) GRAFTON Mount Pleasant, Temple Grafton, Warwickshire, England B50 4LQ T: 01789 773272 | E: ____________________________________ Mr D J Tucker (Life) ALVESTON Alveston Estates, Alveston House, Alveston, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England CV37 7QL T: 01789 207960 E: ____________________________________ Dr A J & Dr CM Turnbull (Annual) LAUND Laund House, Amblers Lane, Shipton, by Beningbrough, York, North Yorkshire, England YO30 1AN T: 01904 470497 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs A Richard & J Turner (Associate) FELLBECK Greygarth, Dallowgill, Ripon, Yorkshire, England HG4 3QY T: 01765 658079 E: ____________________________________

Mr Robert Tedbury (Annual) Fold View, Church Farm, London Road, Hardham, West Sussex, England RH20 1LB T: 01798 872985 E: ____________________________________

Mr Richard Tuxford (Life) LAMBLEY GRANGE R C Tuxford Exports Ltd, Hollinwood Lane, Calverton, Notts, England NG14 6NR T: 01159 652200 E: ____________________________________

The Harewood Farming Co Ltd (Annual) HAREWOOD The Estate Office, Harewood Yard, Harewood, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England LS17 9LF T: 0113 218 1229 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Dorothy O Wain (Annual) WAINSMORE Home Farm, Ible, Grange Mill, Matlock, Derbyshire, England DE4 4HS T: 01629 650349 ____________________________________

142 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Messrs C A & J Watmore (Annual) MURRAY COOPER Holystone Est, Farnham Park, Sharperton, Morpeth, Northumberland, England NE65 7AQ T: 01669 640030 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs Mark Watson (Annual) NEWLANDS Att Mark Watson, Newlands Farm, Carleton, Cumbria, England CA4 0AE T: 01228 549097 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Gillian Watton (Annual) GREYLAKE Greylake House, Middlezoy, Bridgwater, Somerset, England TA7 0PJ T: 01823 698914 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Michael A Weaver (Annual) TARBOLTON Gayhill, Uppingham Road, Bisbrooke, Leicestershire, England LE15 9ES T: 01572 821884 | E: ____________________________________ Mr A G Webber (Life) STOCKHAM Woodham House, Stockham Farm, Thelbridge, Crediton, Devon, England EX17 4SJ T: 01884 860308 ____________________________________

Mrs Allison D Whitehead (Annual) WARMLEIGH Lower Warmleigh Farm, Roper Lane, Queensbury, Yorkshire, England BD13 2NR T: 01274 882234 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs J C Whitehouse (Annual) JANES FOLD Hulls Farm House, West Chiltington Road, Pulborough, West Sussex, England RH20 2PR T: 01798 813936 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Michael R Whitehurst (Annual) NOBUTMANOR Manor Farm Nobut, Leigh Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England ST10 4QG T: 01889 502242 ____________________________________

Mr Richard C Wood (Annual) BURRELL GREEN Burrell Green Farm, Inglewood Bank, Penrith, Cumbria, England CA11 9LH T: 01768 881373 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Richard J Whittemore (Annual) QUENNELL HOUSE Quennell House, Plaistow, West Sussex, England RH14 0NX E: ____________________________________

Mrs J & Mr D Woolf (Annual) TUTTS CLUMP Bradfield Hall Farming Partnership, Bradfield, Reading, Berkshire, England RG7 6LJ T: 01189 744207 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs S R Whitwell (Associate) Queach House, Gt Barton, Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk, England IP31 2PY T: 01359 230077 ____________________________________

Mr Peter J Worth (Annual) TITHE LOCHMABEN Tithe Farm, Church End, Renhold, Bedfordshire, England MK41 0LX T: 01234 846230 E: ____________________________________

Mr Aaron Webster (Annual) BARNWOOD Barnwood Farm, Dale Road, Stanton, by Dale, England DE7 4PE E: ____________________________________

Messrs Mike & Stella Whyte (Annual) TARTAN DRAGON Grange Villa, Northwood, Wem, Shropshire, England SY4 5NP T: 01948 710302 E: ____________________________________

Mr M R & Mrs S K Westcott (Annual) WESTWILMER Wilmersham Farm, Porlock, Minehead, Somerset, England TA24 8JT T: 01643 862524 | E: ____________________________________

Mr & Mrs J K Wild (Annual) PADDOCK The Oaks, Ible, Grangemill, Matlock, Derbyshire, England DE4 4HS T: 07860 239973 ____________________________________

Mr Paul R Wright (Associate) 6 The Plantation, Tosside, Lancashire, England BD23 4SF

ISLE OF MAN Sir Robert Goff (Annual) EAIRY MOAR Eairy Moar Farm, Glen Helen, Isle of Man, IM4 3NP T: 01624 801020 | E: ____________________________________

N. IRELAND Mr David M Adams (Annual) TULLYADAMS 4 Newferry Road, Bellaghy, Magherfelt, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland BT45 8ND T: 02879 386203 ____________________________________ Mrs Pauline Ballantine (Annual) TOYES HILL Toyes Hill, 140 Kilrea Road, Upperlands, Co Londonderry, Northern Ireland BT46 5TB T: 028 796 45090 | E: ____________________________________ Mr James Buchanan (Associate) 4 Shore Road, Glynn Larne, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland BT40 3HQ T: 02828 260656 ____________________________________

Mr D J McKee (Annual) GLYNN 4 Shore Road, Glynn Larne, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland BT40 3HQ T: 028 28 260656 ____________________________________ Mr D McMillan (Associate) SAINTFIELD 74 Middle Road, Saintfield, Ballynahinch, Co Down, Northern Ireland BT24 7LP T: 02897 510224 ____________________________________ Mr Edgar & Mrs Olga Monteith (Annual) TULLYRUSH 76 Seskinore Road, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland BT78 1RW

WALES Messrs Reiner & Inge Bader (Annual) NANT BRAN FOLD Tyn-y-Clyn, Llanafan Fawr, Builth Wells, Powys, Wales LD2 3LU T: 01591 620988 | E: ____________________________________

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 143


MEMBERS’ LIST ____________________________________






Mr OPR Carson (Life) ABERNANT Abernant-Y-Groes Uchaf Fm, Pond Place, Cwmbach Aberdare, Mid Glamorgan, Wales CF44 OEE T: 01685 881209 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Julian Ford (Annual) LLAN Llan Farm, Llanfrothen, Penrhyndeudraeth, Gwynedd, Wales LL48 6DU T: 01766 770399 | E: ____________________________________

Rhian Thomas (Annual) CARADOG Windy Corner Garage, Pencader, Carmarthenshire, Wales SA39 9HP E: ____________________________________


The Danish Highland Cattle Society (Honorary) Jens Kimer-Jorgensen, Kildegaarden, Skalkendrupvej 42, Skalkendrup, 5800 Nyborg Denmark T: 5159 9150 | E: jeki@NYBORG.DK ____________________________________

Mr Robin Chilton (Annual) LEIGHTON Bedwgwynion, Llangadfan, Welshpool, Powys, Wales SY21 0PL T: 01938 820180 E: ____________________________________

Mrs Valerie Anne Gipps (Associate) GLASLYN Dolgau Llanwrthwl, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Wales LD1 6NU T: 01597 810067 | E: ____________________________________

Dr & Mrs PM Jones (Annual) MYNYDD TEGFAN Mynydd Tegfan, Gwaenysgor, Rhyl, Flintshire, Wales LL18 6EP T: 01745 334510 E: ____________________________________

Messrs Peter & Ghillie Clark (Annual) MACEANRUIG Corndean, Moelygarth, Nr Welshpool, Powys, Wales SY21 9DA T: 01938 553810 E: ____________________________________

Greenacres Animal Park (Annual) GREENACRES per Andrew White, Mancot, Deeside, Flintshire, Wales CH5 2AZ T: 01244 531147 E: ____________________________________

Mr Howard Dare (Annual) FALCONS HILL Bryn Hebog, Brechfa, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, Wales SA32 7QR T: 01267 202291 | E: ____________________________________

Mr G W Griffiths (Annual) ABERGELE Wyn Griffiths & Sons, Ty Mawr, Ucha Abergele, Clwyd, Wales LL22 8AA T: 01745 826239 ____________________________________

Mr DG Morgans (Annual) GORLECH Blaengorlech Farm, Gwernogle, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, Wales SA32 7RT T: 01267 223253 ____________________________________

Mr IR Davies (Life) HIGHLAND Tan-Yr-Iwen, Llangedwyn, Oswestry, Shropshire, Wales SY10 9LP T: 01691 828461 ____________________________________

Ms Sarah Hanford (Annual) BRYNHYFRYD 25 Heol Neuadd, Tumble, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales SA14 6EL T: 01269 831334 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Richard Oxby (Annual) GELLI’R ONN Gelli’r Onn Farm, Richard Street, Pontycymmer, Bridgend, Wales CF32 8HR E: ____________________________________

Mr Gareth Davies (Annual) LLANERCHYDOL Bryn-cerrig, Stonelane, Brook Street, Welshpool, Powys, Wales SY21 7NZ T: 01938 556939 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Duncan Havard (Associate) TREHAFOD Little Lodge Farm, Three Cocks, Brecon, Powys, Wales LD3 0SW T: 01497 847325 E: ____________________________________

Mrs Denise Penney (Annual) PENNEY The Hermitage, Whitelye, Catbrook, Chepstow, Monmonthshire, Wales NP16 6NP T: 0121 680099 | E: ____________________________________

Mr W H Davies (Annual) CEFN GWRHYD Waunlwyl Farm, Ystradowen, Upper Cwmtwrch, Swansea, Wales SA9 2XX T: 01639 831281 ____________________________________ Mr Rhun Davies (Annual) OLMARCH Olmarch Fawr, Llangybi, Lampeter, Ceredigion, Wales SA48 8NL T: 01570 493303 | E: ____________________________________ Dr Trevor Dines and Mr Neville Hughes (Annual) MOLOCH SANFFRAID Tyddyn Afon, Fferm Tyn y Coed Glan, Conwy, Wales LL28 5TN T: 01492 580033 | E: ____________________________________ Mr John L L Evans (Annual) TYRHOS Tyrhos Trawsmawr, Carmarthenshire, Wales SA33 6NA T: 01267 232478 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Beverly Evans (Annual) YSCIRFAWR Gwarfelin Isaf Merthyr Cynog, Brecon, Powys, Wales LD3 9SG T: 01874 690483 ____________________________________

144 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Mrs Portia Kennaway (Annual) WORLDS END Plas-uchaf, World’s End Farm, World’s End, LLangolle, Denbighshire, Wales LL20 8EH T: 01978 861904 | E: ____________________________________ Ms E.M Lloyd (Annual) MAESGWM Cilfynydd, Llanfachreth, Dolgellau, Gwynedd, Wales LL40 2EB T: 01341 421053 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Geraint & Mrs Eleri Hughes (Annual) UCHELDIR Bryn Pyll Farm, Trefriw, Conway, Wales LL27 0JP T: 01492 641379 | E: ____________________________________

Federico Pereira & Sarah Gealy (Annual) GILFACH GOWER Gilfach Gower Farm, Argoed Road, Bettws, Carmarthenshire, Wales SA18 2PR T: 01269 540399 | E: ____________________________________

Mrs Susan Ievers (Annual) NEW HOUSE New House Farm, Bryngwyn, Rhosgoch, Builth Wells, Powys, Wales LD2 3JT T: 01497 851671 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Huw E Rees (Annual) GARTHOLWG 19 Bryn Aur, Coedycwm Ynysybwl, Pontypridd, Wales CF37 3JE T: 01443 799246 E: ____________________________________

Messrs Heledd M & Philip James Dancer James (Annual) NANT EDOG Llwyncelyn, Aberhasan, Machynlleth, Powys, Wales SY20 8RE T: 01654 700683 | E: ____________________________________

Ms Sioned M Roberts (Annual) GOLWGYMYNYDD Beilie Tew Farm, Llangavel, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales SA19 7LJ T: 07594 324018 | E: ____________________________________

Mr David Jones (Annual) Ddol Llanbadarn - Fynydd Llandrindod Wells, Powys, Wales LD1 6YF T: E: ____________________________________

Mr H & Mrs B Rowlands (Annual) CELYN Pentrecelyn, Llanbrynmair, Powys, Wales SY19 7DZ T: 01650521284 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Glyn Jones (Annual) MYNACH Dolcoion Rhosygell, Devil’s Bridge, Aberystwyth, Wales SY23 4RB T: 01974 282425 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Geoff G L Spawton (Annual) THE MAY Gilfachwen Cellan, Lampeter, Ceredigion, Wales SA48 8HN T: 01570 423080 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Sean B Toner (Annual) GORSEDD Megara Village Road, Gorsedd, Holywell, Wales CH8 8QY T: 01352 713934 E: ____________________________________ Mr Hamish J Wilson & & Mrs Eleanor Wilson (Annual) HANGINGHELD Hangingheld Farm, New Radnor, Presteigne, Powys, Wales LD8 2TH T: 01544 350633 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Peter A Wright (Annual) CAER FERCH UCHAF Cae’r Ferch Uchaf, Pencaenewydd, Pwllheli Sardis, Gwynedd, Wales LL53 6DJ T: 01766 810980

EUROPE AUSTRIA Herr E. Brunn (Life) KRUMBACH A-6942 Krumbach, Oberkrumbach, Austria T: 05513 8589 ____________________________________ Herr Arnold Feuerstein (Life) EMS Tugstein 10, A-6845 Hohenems, Austria T: 0043 5576 78087 E: ____________________________________

Monsieur Gabriel Armand (Annual) LA GAUFRIE Allee du Cloitre 23, 1000 Brussels, Belgium T: 0032 264 08794 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Anni de Backer (Life) WYTEVELD Wyteveld Farm, Houtemstraat, 108 9552 Herzele, Belgium T: 32 53 624082 ____________________________________

CZECH REPUBLIC Mr Kamil Malat (Honorary) Tesnov 17 Praha, 1 117 05, Czech Republic T: 00420 724 007860 | E: ____________________________________

DENMARK Ms Anni Assenbjerg (Annual) ASSENBJERG Assenbjerggard, Bavnevej 26, Norskov, Give DK 7323, Denmark T: 00 45 75 738398 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Arne Hansen (Honorary) Treasurer Pilkmosevej 11 Brande, DK 7330 Denmark T: 0045 9718 3989 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Holger Kjaergaard (Annual) HALLER FOLD Mollegardsvej 1, 8752 Ostbirk, Denmark T: 00 45 75 78 23 78 E: ____________________________________ Mr S.E.R. Krause (Life) CALEDONIA 25 Kollekollewej 4560 Vig Denmark ____________________________________

Herr Carl Prinz von Croy (Life) THULLERER St Oswald 86, St Oswald A-8553, Austria T: 0043 3468 237 ____________________________________

Ms Lisbeth Plenge (Life) Brandenbjerggaard Lojeltevej 5, Gunderod, Horsholm 2970, Denmark T: 48 28 03 55 | E: ____________________________________

Herr F. Rauch (Life) JAGDBERG Torkelweg 10, A-6824 Schlins, Austria T: 0043 5524 2570 ____________________________________

Mr Niels Seidenfaden (Annual) BARUP Barupvejen 40, Barup, Karise, Denmark DK4653 T: 0045 5650 1149 E: ____________________________________

Herr W Rettenwender (Life) HOCHALPSCHWENDGUT Jochberg 36, Mittersill/Hollersbach, Hollersbach A-5730, Austria T: 089 78594 268 ____________________________________ Messrs G & A Rockenschaub (Annual) Stumberg 8, A-4272 Weitersfelden, Austria T: 664/418 1055 E: ____________________________________ Mr & Mrs Prieler & Reiter Zucht (Life) BLEIBERG Sagewerk u. Holzhandel, Altirdning 8952, Austria T: 0043 3682 24216 ____________________________________

Ms Charlotte Skou (Honorary) President/Danish Highland Cattle, Nordgaardshuse 11, DK 4100, Ringsted, Denmark T: 0045 7020 7788 E: ____________________________________ Mrs Ann Margaret Soerensen (Honorary) RYK-Skejby/Danish Cattle Federation, Agro Food Park 15, Skejby DK-8200, Aarhus, N Denmark T: 0045 8740 5265 | E: ____________________________________ Ms Mogens Stendal (Honorary) Hojdedraget 1, 8654 Bryrup, Denmark T: 0045 8684 8050 | E: ____________________________________

Mr J Uhre (Annual) AGERVIG Agervigvej 48, 6800 Varde, Denmark T: 0045 75267291 | E: ____________________________________

ESTONIA Mr Kairo & Mrs Sinikka Pilviste (Associate) RANNA VILLA Kudema Kula, Mustjala vald Saaremaa, 93622 Estonia T: 0037 256 678824 ____________________________________

FINLAND Mr Nils-Erik Andersson (Annual) KARLSBO Langkarrsvagen 21, Forsby Sag FI 07700, Finland E: ____________________________________ Ms Susanne Autio (Life) WESTCOAST Lansirannantie 630, Ala-Seppa 62620, Finland T: 00358 6 5661922 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Arto Huhtala (Annual) LAKEUDEN HIGHLAND Peralanmaentie 209, 61270 Luopajarvi, Finland E: ____________________________________ Ms Riikka Palonen (Annual) BRUNNILA Pyhan Henrikintie 364, 27750 Koylio, Finland E: ____________________________________ Mr Kimmo Ruusu (Associate) Ruusunitie 20, 42100 Jamsa, Finland ____________________________________ Suomen Highland C.C of Finland (Associate) c/o Peruvedentie 581, 19470 Pertunmaa, Finland T: 0035 8407 557697 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Liisa & Mr Risto Volanen (Annual) REKOLA The Rekola Fold, Peruvedentie 581, 19470 Pertunmaa, Finland T: 00358 4075 57697 | E: ____________________________________

FRANCE M Gilles & Mme Sabine Audigier (Annual) DE PIED CHAPEL Ferme de Pierd Chapel, Quartier Saint Philippe, 07400 Alba Saint Romaine, France T: 0033 611 879687 E: ____________________________________ Mme Martine Cathelain (Annual) CELTICA Thibaudiere Beaufai 61270, France T: 02 3324 8487 | E: ____________________________________

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 145


MEMBERS’ LIST ____________________________________






Msr Olivier Gabilleau (Annual) LES PETITS TRESSEAUX 10 Les Petits Tresseaux, 41330 Averdon, France T: 0033680705839 | E: ____________________________________

Herr Jens Brabander (Associate) Hunkentun 6, 26446 Friedeburg, Germany T: 0049 04465 945796 E: ____________________________________

Mr R.A. Wirtz (Life) HORRIDO Haus Horrido 5376 Engelgau-Nettersheim, Germany T: 01753 889343 ____________________________________

Highland Cattle Ziichter Letzebuerg (Honorary) President - Mr Frank Lies Duerfstrooss, 16 Lilling L-6839, Luxembourg ____________________________________

Madame Suzanne Guldenschuh (Life) HORNIHOF Hornihof, 68480 Kiffis, France T: 89403360 ____________________________________

Dr G Bunge (Life) HAZELMUIR Hauptstrasse 59, 49419 Wagenfeld, Germany T: 0049 5444 1414 E: ____________________________________

Frau Gisela Klosner (Annual) VOM AUGUSTENHOF Augustenhofweg 3, D-57334 Bad Laasphe, Germany T: 0049 2754 8010 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Michael J O’Connor (Life) TAIN UACHTAR ARD Killaguile Rosscahill, Co Galway, Republic of Ireland T: 00 353 87 66 97 807 E: ____________________________________

Messrs Nicole & Kurt Hildebrandt (Annual) TAILLE PINS Taille Pins 26460, Bourdeaux, France T: 0033 475 53 38 30 | E: ____________________________________

Ms Sabine Busse (Annual) WALDSEE Lindenberg 2, 46487 Wesel, Germany T: 02859 901969 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Gerard Jourdan (Annual) BOSCHERVILLE Manoir du Marais, St Martin de Boscherville, 76840 France T: 00 33 235 320131 | E: ____________________________________

Frau Karen de Haan (Annual) KLEIN KARWEN Erpensen 15, 29378 Wittingen, Germany T: 0049 175 525 8962 | E: ____________________________________

Madam Christine Koessler (Annual) DU MAS DU BOST per Christine Koessler, Le Mas du Bost 87300, Blond Haute, Vienne, France E: ____________________________________ Monsieur Jean-Pierre Levy-Neumand (Annual) DOMAINE DE GOLAINE Les Sordets, Chiddes 71220, France T: 0385 596838 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Janet Montgomery (Life) Maison Cazenave, 3 Route d’Arroses, 64350 Crouseilles, France T: 33 05 59 68 21 36 E: ____________________________________ Messrs Victory Cattle Ltd Patrick Deschamps & Helena Ambrosiewicz (Annual) VICTORY La Depraizerie 50270, Senoville, France T: 0033 630 190659 | E: ____________________________________ Monsieur Marc Vincent (Annual) LES CHERRIERS Les Cherriers 18410, Clemont sur Sauldre, France T: 00336 87 03 3726 | E: ____________________________________

GERMANY Messrs Willi Bange & Sons (Associate) VOM SUNDERBERG Im Siepen 4, 59929 Brilon-Scharfenberg, Germany T: 0049 2961 4451 | E: ____________________________________ Herr Axel Baumann (Annual) VOM OOSTAL Geroldsauerstr. 184, 76534 Baden-Baden, Germany T: 0049 7221 99874 | E: ____________________________________ Herr Jochen Born (Associate) Hellweg 7, 57319 Bad Berleburg, Wingeshausen, Germany E: ____________________________________

146 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Herr Konrad Edelmann (Life) ST INGBERT 11 AM Klosterhang D-66386 St Ingbert Germany T: 0049 6894 970122 | E: ____________________________________ Herr Joe Engelhardt (Annual) ELSENBERG Am Bahnhoff 1, D - 84140 Gangkofen, Germany T: 0049 8722 94020 E: ____________________________________ Herr C. Funke (Life) HEISTERKAMPSHOF Heisterkampsweg 1, 46419 Isselburg, Germany T: 0049 2874 5039688 | E: ____________________________________ Gotsgarten Organic Farm (Annual) GOTSGARTEN Beate Bechler Hauptstrasse 26 O T, Schmerkendorf 04895, Falkenberg/Elster, Germany T: 0049353652671 E: ____________________________________ Volker Hahn & Ruediger Lange GbR (Annual) VOM BESTETHAL Wiesenstr 17, D-23843 Ruempel, Germany T: 0049 172 400 4967 E: ____________________________________ Herr W.F. Hoffmann (Life) LAISBACHTAL Graebenstrasse 10, Hanau, Germany D-63454 T: 0049 6181 74797 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs Martin & Jan-Hendrik Hoof (Associate) VOM KIEBITZMOOR Zum Eichengrund 23, 24790 Schacht-Audorf, Germany T: 0049 4331 1480903 | E: ____________________________________ Dr S Janz (Annual) JIGGEL Billerbeck 6, 29465 Schnega, Germany T: 0049 5842 9819055 E: ____________________________________

Herr Gerold Lintelmann (Associate) GREENFIELD RichthofenstaBe, Delmenhorst, 27755, Germany T: 0049 4221 23984 | E: ____________________________________ Prof Klaus P. Littmann (Life) BUCHWIES Harzburger Strasse 16, 38124 Braunschweig, Germany T: 0531 696565 ____________________________________ Herr Josef Phiesel (Annual) SILVER MINE Buhlenstr. 34, Bad Munstereifel, Germany D-53902 T: 0049 2257 570 | E: ____________________________________ Herr Andreas Piel (Annual) VOM BURGHAUS Bellinghausen 9, Burscheid 51399, Germany T: 0049 2174 5276 | E: ____________________________________ Herr Axel Potthoff (Annual) OBERBERG Unterpentinghausen 1, 51709 Marienheide, Germany T: 0049 2264 201616 | E: ____________________________________ Herr Karl-Heinz Potthoff (Annual) SCHURENBRINK Schurenbrink 25, 59320 Ennigerloh, Germany T: 0049 2587 1264 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Mark Snell (Life) EOCHAIL INIS MOR Sperberstr. 93A, 65812 Bad Soden, Germany T: 0049 6196 62597 | E: ____________________________________ Herr Falko Steinberg (Life) LEHSTENER MOOR Burgerhof 1, 19258 Leisterforde, Germany T: 0049 38842 21018 | E: ____________________________________ Herr Volker Thielemann (Annual) Elektrotechnikemeister Buschhoh 3, D-58540 Meinerzhagen, Germany E: ____________________________________ Herr Werner Urban (Annual) Grossgeschwenda 51, 07330 Probstzella, Germany ____________________________________ Herr Werner von Buchholtz (Associate) Wolfsgangslt 98, 60322 Frankfurt, Germany T: 0049 172 6718274 E: ____________________________________ Mrs Heidrun Wilke (Annual) VOM HERMANNSBERG Zur Dommelmuehle 4, 34508 Willingen - Rattlar, Germany T: 00495 6325472 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Stefan Wreczycki (Associate) Achtern Esch 10B, 49599 Voltage/Weese, Germany T: 05467 933791 | E: ____________________________________

Mr Marc Scheer (Annual) HCE HIGHLAND CATTLE ESCHWEILWER 23 Kraiz , L - 9651 Eschweiler, Luxembourg T: 00352 858004 | E: ____________________________________



Miss Donatella Acella & Family (Annual) MORAG Via Sonetto 38, ALMESE (TO), 10040 Italy T: 0039 011 9350647 | E: ____________________________________

Anloo Fold (Annual) ANLOO per Bert & Petra Bouwman, Annerstreek 17, 9468 TJ Annen, Netherlands T: 0031 6 522 98 173 E: ____________________________________

Agrigest s.r.I (Annual) ACHAFADA per Orazio Tirelli Localita Campolungo, 1 29022 Bobbio (PC), Italy T: 0039 335 8102420 | E: ____________________________________ Mr G Demarchi Eros (Annual) CUCUN via Maestra 22B, 12030 Castellar CN, Italy T: 0039 3485 728162 E: ____________________________________ Mrs Mirella Franchignoni (Annual) FENERA Via Ottone 95, Frazione Bettole, Borgosesia 13011 (VC), Italy E: ____________________________________ Mr Marco Grangetto (Annual) AGLIASCO via Roma 43, Cavallemaggiore (CN), 12030 Italy E: ____________________________________ Enrica Loiero (Annual) EMMA’S Cassina Balmetta 17, Poirino, Italy T: 0039 349 675 5311 | E: ____________________________________ Brachet Contol Marco (Annual) SCRUBLAND Via Delle Valli 21, Lanzo, Torinese, Italy 10074 T: 00389 388 744 8939 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Giovanni Reggiani (Annual) MONTANA Via Durio 15, Varello (VC), 13019 Italy T: 0039 0163 568411 E: ____________________________________

LICHTENSTEIN Mr J Bernetseder (Life) GAMANDER Im Gamander 20, Schaan FL-9494, Liechtenstein T: 00423 7875522 ____________________________________

LUXEMBOURG Monsieur Kler Claude (Annual) 31 Rue au Pesch L-8067 Bertrange Luxembourg T: 00352 31 3650 ____________________________________

Rudolf Horst & Ankelien Wielinga (Associate) Grootblok 4, 9468TJ Annen, Netherlands E: ____________________________________

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND Mrs Andrea Anders-Gunther (Annual) TALLAGHANDUFF Tallaghanduff Geesla, P.O. Ballina, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland T: 0035 3873 492521 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Michael Gottstein (Annual) DUNGAILL Coolkellure House Dunmanway, Co. Cork, Republic of Ireland T: 00353 8723 99755 E: ____________________________________ Mr Declan Greene (Annual) FAHARLAGH Loughtee House, Water Lane, Belturbet, Co Cavan, Republic of Ireland T: 00353 49 9522329 E: ____________________________________ Mr Peter Jones (Annual) GLENASMOLE Castlekelly Glenasmole, Dublin 24, Republic of Ireland T: 00353 145 26694 E: ____________________________________ Messrs Ray & Ann Kavanagh (Annual) SIDEGATE Stephenstown, Twomile Hse, Naas, Co Kildare, Republic of Ireland T: 00353 877 922791 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Howard Konick (Annual) DERRYCRAGG Derrycragg Tubber, Co Galway, Republic of Ireland H91 DCF6 E: ____________________________________ Mr Thomas McLaughlin (Annual) HILLHEAD Hillhead Shrove, Greencastle, Co Donegal, Republic of Ireland T: 0035374 9381210 ____________________________________

SLOVAKIA Mr Josef Kamensky (Associate) TRUBAC Priehalina 579, Hrinova 96205, Slovakia E: ____________________________________

SWEDEN Mr J Kreuger (Life) Herrborum 1, 614 98 Sankt Anna, Sweden E: ____________________________________ Mr Nils Christian Larsson (Annual) BLACK AND WHITE Roby Gunnarstorp 585, 98 Linkoping, Sweden T: 0046 138 5026 | E: ____________________________________

SWITZERLAND Mr Jon Janett (Annual) TSCHLIN Davo San Jon 42, CH-7559 Tschlin, Switzerland T: E: ____________________________________ Mr Guido Leutenegger (Annual) Gutsbetrieb Ulmberg, Lochwisstrasse 1, 8272 Ermatingen, Switzerland T: 0041 71 660 1070 | E: ____________________________________ Monsieur W Schluep (Annual) LANDSKRON Etzmatte 4153, Reinach, Switzerland T: 0033 38 968 1351 E: ____________________________________ Swiss Section Highland Cattle Society (Honorary) c/o Nicole Bohren, Husacher 2, 3303 Munchringen, Switzerland T: 0041 79 261997

REST OF THE WORLD AUSTRALIA Mr Mikael Adolfsson (Life) LIMMERHULT Unit 303, 52 Dow Street, Port Melbourne, VICTORIA, 3207, Australia T: 0061 414 430 459 | E: ____________________________________ Australian Highland Cattle Society (Honorary) Att John Thomas C/-ABRI, University of New England Armidale, New South Wales 2351, Australia T: 61 2 6773 3126 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs J. McK & J. M Blackwell (Life) PO Box 2705 Mount Gambier South Australia 5290 Australia ____________________________________

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 147


MEMBERS’ LIST ____________________________________



Mrs Susan Elder (Associate) Post Office Box 267, Potts, NSW 1335, Australia ____________________________________

Mr BF Colgate (Life) COVENANT The Covenant Folds, 684753 Highway 2, The Governor’s Road, R.R.#3 Woodstock, Canada T: 001 519 421 5449 E: ____________________________________

New Zealand Highland Cattle Society (Honorary) Registrar - Cynthia Christie, 145 Somerton Road, RD 2 Ashburton, 7772 New Zealand T: 0064 3 302 2656 E: ____________________________________

Mr Bradley Ford (Associate) Linyante Greendale, Via Bega, New South Wales 2550, Australia T: 0264 927343 | E: ____________________________________ Mr S. C. Schuler (Life) 101 Pacific Hwy, Mount White, NSW 2250, Australia T: 0011 61 2 43701035 E: ____________________________________ Messrs Clive and Kay Shepherd (Annual) ENNERDALE Erinmist, White Flag Road, Bowning, New South Wales, 2582, Australia T: + 612 6100 4326 E: ____________________________________ Mrs Berta FLC von Bibra (Life) Northbury PO Box 104, Longford Tasmania, 7301 Australia T: 03 613 6391 2969 | E: ____________________________________ Mr JEK von Bibra (Life) MACQUARIE Beaufront Ross, Tasmania 7209, Australia T: 0061 363 815 336 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Phil Webb (Annual) STIRLING FARMS VICTORIA P O Box 21, Wandin, North Victoria 3139, Australia T: 0061 3 5964 2628 | E: ____________________________________

CANADA Celtic Cattle Company (Life) CELTIC CATTLE COMPANY per Craig & Dan Cugnet, Box 1150, Weyburn, Saskatchewan S4H 2L5, Canada T: 001 306 842 5454 | E: ____________________________________

Cugnet Land & Cattle Company Inc. (Life) CUGNET LAND & CATTLE COMPANY LT per Craig, Dan, Matt & Tim Cugnet, Box 1150, Weyburn, Saskachewan S4H 2L5, Canada T: 0039 306 842 5454 | E: ____________________________________ Highland Samuri (Life) HIGHLAND SAMURI per Craig & Dan Cugnet, Box 1150, Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada S4H 2L5 T: 001 306 842 5454 | E: ____________________________________ Messrs Robert & Brenda Murray (Associate) 388 Richmond Road, Ashton, Ontario, KOA 1BO, Ontario, Canada T: 001 613 257 7961 | E: ____________________________________ Mrs Joan Wort (Associate) KEIJOASAN Keijoasan Fold, 540 Hunt Road, R.R.2, Tweed, Ontario, Canada KOK 3JO T: 613 478 5929 ____________________________________

CHILE Mr Nicolas Ibanez Scott (Life) HIGHLAND CATTLE BREEDERS CHILE Avenida del Parque 4161, Office 602, Ciudad Empresarial Heuchuraba, Santiago, Chile C.P. 8580675 T: 00 56 2 2 3935350 | E: ____________________________________

NEW ZEALAND Mr Willie & Mrs Cynthia Christie (Annual) RD2 Ashburton, 7772 New Zealand T: 0064 3302 2656 | E: ____________________________________

Ms C Schmidt (Honorary) 1304 Tokomaru East Rd, RD1 Wanganui, New Zealand T: 06 342 1011 | E: ____________________________________ Mr Doug & Mrs Jenny Sheldon (Associate) 108 Kanohi Rd, RD3 Kaukapakapa, 0873 New Zealand T: 0064 94 204065 | E: ____________________________________

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA American Highland Cattle Association (Honorary) Historic City Hall 22S. 4th Ave., Ste.201 Brighton, CO 80601-2030 United States T: 001 303 659 2399 E: ____________________________________ Ms Heather Bailey (Associate) N9281 Nature Road, East Troy, Wisconsin 53120, United States T: E: ____________________________________ Mrs Jaquelyn Becker Chotkowski (Honorary) Spring Flight Farm, 321 Charles Storch Road, Elmira, NY, 14903 United States ____________________________________ Mr SG Oles (Life) Cape St Mary Ranch, 482 Oles Lane, Lopez Island, Washington 98261, United States T: 360 468 2961 E: ____________________________________ Dr TB Robbins MD (Life) TRAFALGAR PO Box 257, North Pomfret, Vermont 05053, United States T: 802 457 2216 | E: ____________________________________

Interbreed Young Handlers at the Royal Welsh Show 2017

148 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Breed Standard

The description of the Highland male and female as published in the preamble to the first Herd Book is as valid now as then. The description may thus be termed the Breed Standard. Of all the representatives of our British bovine breeds, the Highlander has the grandest and most picturesque head; it is, indeed, to his head that he owes his great favour among artists. As a rule, it is most proportionate to the body of the animal, and is broad between the eyes, while short from the eyes to the point of the muzzle. The forelock between the eyes should be wide, long and bushy, and any nakedness or bareness there is certain to detract from the appearance of the animal. Some would almost have the hair so wide there as to obscure the eyes, but this in many cases would be allowing one good point to over-shadow another. The eyes should be bright and full, and denoting, when excited, high courage. When viewed sideways, there should be a proportionate breadth of the jawbones readily observable, when compared with the width of the head in front, whilst the muzzle should, when looked at from a similar point, be short, though very broad in front, and with the nostrils fully distended, and indicating breeding in every way. One of the most noteworthy features in a Highlander, is of course, the horns. In the bulls, the horns should be strong, and come level out of the head, slightly inclining forwards, and also slightly rising towards the points. Some, however, do not care for this rise, though any drooping is considered to be a very bad fault when between the crown and the commencement of the curve, as this is generally accompanied by a low weak back. Some, too, are of opinion that the masculine appearance is slightly detracted from when the horns rise directly from the crown. This, however, can only readily be detected and commented upon when particular animals are brought before experienced judges, as within a show ring. As regards the horns of the cow, there prevail two opinions. As a rule, they come squarer out from the head than in the male, rise sooner, and are somewhat longer, though they preserve their substance and a rich reddish appearance to the very tips. The lack of the appearance of substance or “sappiness” about the horns of the male would be very much against the animal in the show-yard. The other taste is that for a female, the horns of which come more level from the head, with a peculiar back set curve, and very wide sweep. A large number of enthusiastic breeders seem to prefer, by comparison, the latter, which gives possibly the more graceful appearance. In all cases, however, the horns of a Highlander, when well set, gives the animal a stamp of nobility which causes it to attract the attention of any stranger who might pass heedlessly by animals of other breeds as merely cows, bulls or oxen.

THE NECK AND SHOULDER The neck should be altogether clear and without dewlap below. It should form a straight line from the head to the shoulder in the cow, but in the bulls should have that distinct crest common to all animals of the bovine species. This crest should come gracefully down to the roots of the horns, and, being well coated with wavy hair, the masculine appearance of the animal is fully completed. The shoulder should be thick and should fill out greatly as it descends from the point to the lower extremity of the forearm. BACK, BODY, AND HIND-QUARTERS From behind the shoulder the back should be fully developed and beautifully rounded. Any slight sinking or hollow is most decidedly objectionable. It should also, as in the Ayrshire, be as straight as possible, and the ribs should spring boldly out and be both well rounded and deep. When measured across the hips the breadth should be very great, and the quarters should be exceedingly well developed from the hips backwards. The thighs should also be well developed, and should show great fullness. Viewed generally, the quarters should be square between the hips and the tail, and from between the tail right down to between the hind feet. The legs, both before and behind, should be short and strong, the bones strong, broad, and straight, the hoofs well set in and large, and the legs well feathered with hair. The animal should be set wide between the forelegs, and it should move with great dignity and style, as this is considered to be one of the most reliable evidences of careful and true breeding. HAIR The hair, of which there should be a great profusion, more particularly on the parts indicated, should be long and gracefully waved, very much as in what dog-breeders denote wavy-coated retrievers. To have a curl is to possess a decided fault, and one which has of late years become unfortunately too common in some folds. This has been attributed in some quarters to a growing desire to make Highlanders grow big from feeding them higher and housing them more. At any rate, experience goes far to prove that the more exposed they are the greater the profusion of the hair, and the less its tendency to curl. Thus, the reason of the island cattle being always so much better haired than the mainland cattle is owing to their never being housed in winter. The usual colours are black, brindled, red, yellow, and dun, and there is considerable difference of opinion among breeders as to which is preferable. In general, as to colour, it may be said that a good herd should possess a mixture - avoiding always all those which indicate unhealthy thrivers. The thickness of the skin, as in all fattening breeds, comes in for a considerable amount of attention, but it has to be borne in mind always that the Highlander has been adapted by nature to withstand great exposure. Inverness, 10th June, 1885.

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 149



List of Society Field Officers

2017/2018 Highland Cattle Society Panel of Judges

Members are reminded that the Society’s field Officers, Council Members and Members of the Breed Development Committee are available to give assistance on any aspect of breeding, rearing and management of their cattle. Any member requiring such assistance is requested to notify the Secretary. Field Officers do not provide any veterinary information that might be construed as veterinary advice. Prospective purchasers who are new breeders are strongly advised to seek the assistance of a field officer prior to acquiring a stock bull. Members requesting a field officer’s inspection, are reminded that if cattle are not ready, convenient, and properly restrained at the time of the fieldsman’s appointment a charge equal to the whole cost of the visit will be levied.

Procedure of Appointment

The Society’s field officer’s are:James Ayres 36 West End, Northwold, Thetford, Norfolk, IP26 5LE T: 01366 728565 | E:

Hugh M MacPhail Callachally Farm, Salen, Aros, Isle of Mull, Argyll, PA72 6JN T: 01680 300424 | E:

Duncan Buchanan Shenavallie Farm, Benderloch, Oban, Argyll, PA37 1QU T: 01631 720240 | M: 07796 803678 E:

Archie McArthur Ormsary Estate Office, Lochgilphead, Argyll, PA31 8JH T: 01880 770700 | M: 07818 505799 E:

Robin Chilton Bedwgwynion, Llangadfan, Welshpool, Powys, SY21 0PL M: 07841 567386 | E: John Crilley 5 Easter Muckbovie, Westhill, Inverness, Inverness-shire, IV2 5BN T: 01463 795841 | M: 07901 957084 Brian Dalby Cestersover Farm, Pailton, nr Rugby, Warwickshire, CV23 0QP T: 01788 832188 | E: Peter Edwards Little Scotland Farm, Burney Lane, Melbourne, Derbyshire, DE73 8BH T: 01332 865814 | M: 07764 685345 E: Andrew Kirkpatrick Strathmore, Beith Road, Glengarnock, Beith, KA14 3BX T: 01505 683251 | E: Angus MacGillivray Old Post Office House, Dalmally, Argyll, PA33 1AA T: 01838 200477 | M: 07917 070344 E: Iain MacKay Torloisk Farm, Ulva Ferry, Isle of Mull, Argyll, PA74 6NH M: 07775 875860 | E:

150 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Completion of the Judge Nomination Form available from This nomination must include a personal summary of the proposed judge including their experience and involvement with cattle and Highland Cattle. All nominations will be considered by Council once a year at the October Council Meeting. Council may ask the nominee to shadow two experienced judges at a show and sale as a learning process which should incorporate thorough assessment of animals as well as the expectations of a judge with respect to conduct, behaviour and dress. Ian Anderson Dalcrest, 13 Penders Wynd, Ayrshire, Scotland, KA18 3BS T: 01290 422684

Brian Dawson Church Farm, Hazelwood Hill, Derby, England, DE56 4AD T: 01332 840640

Matthew Auld West Plann, Crosshouse, Ayrshire, Scotland, KA2 0EF T: 01563 525905

Donald Dempster Keppoch Cottage, Monzie, Perthshire, Scotland, PH7 4HE T: 01764 650024 |

Jim Ayres 36 West End, Northwold, Norfolk, England, IP26 5LE T: 01366 728565 | E:

Charlie Edwards 18 Hill Close, Westmancote, Gloucestershire, England, GL20 7EW T: 01684 772056 | E:

Jochen Born Hellweg 7, 57319 Bad Berleburg, Germany E:

Ron Fergie Knockendon Farm, Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland, KA24 5HU T: 01294 832266 | E:

Alan Bosomworth Farm Cottages, Ormsary, Argyll, Scotland, PA31 8PE T: 01880 770279 E:

Alistair Fitzsimon Tregallon Farm, Lochfoot, Dumfries, Scotland, DG2 8NG T: 01387 730272 | E:

John Redpath Knowehead, Kilry, Alyth, Perthshire, PH11 8JA T: 01575 560233 | M: 07801 313853 E:

Ken Brown Ledlanet, Kinross, Scotland, KY13 7RR T: 01577 863456

Alec Garrick Glenmuir, Auchnarrow, Glenlivet, Banffshire, Scotland, AB37 9JN T: 01807 590253

Charlie Bruce Bogside, King Edward, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB45 3LX T: 01261 821244 | E:

Alun Garton 4 Kildinny Cottage, Forteviot, Perthshire, Scotland, PH2 9DD T: 01738 812184 | E:

David Soutar Strathellie, Old Drove Road, Alyth, Perthshire, PH11 8JX T: 01828 633917 | M: 07836 578957 E:

Duncan Buchanan Shenavallie Farm, Benderloch, Argyll, Scotland, PA37 1QU T: 01631 720240 | E:

David Greenhaugh 38 Liverpool Road, Cheshire, England, CH2 1AQ Tel: 01244 378858 | E:

Andrew Cameron 8 County Cottages, Culduthel, Inverness, Scotland, IV2 6AQ T: 01463 241299

David Haighton Muckleton Bank Farm, Telford, Shropshire, England, TF6 6RQ T: 01939 251128 | E:

Robert Phillip Green Farm, Hellifield, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 4LA T: 01729 850217 | M: 07812 105375 E:

Geoff Spawton Gilfachwen, Cellan, Lampeter, Ceredigion, Wales, SA48 8HL T: 01570 423080 | M: 07966 066219 E: Les Wardle Springfields, Bottom Lane, Ipstones, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST10 2LN T: 01538 266476 | E: DISCLAIMER The Society, its Office Bearers, Council members, and Field Officer’s cannot and do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for advice given in good faith to members and prospective members.

David Cameron 45 Snowdon Place, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland, FK8 2JY T: 01786 586310 | E: Stuart Campbell Keppochan Farm House, Cladich, Argyll, Scotland, PA33 1BQ T: 01866 833287 | E:

Duncan Handley Quarry Farm, Dorstone, Herefordshire, England, HR3 6BL T: 01981 550096 | E: Arthur Hill Hollybush House, 49 Sheinton Street, Shropshire, England, TF13 6HU T: 01952 728239 | E:

Robin Chilton Bedwgwynion, Llangadfan, Powys, Wales, SY21 0PL T: 01938 820180 | E:

Hugh Hoather Oak House, Hassalls Lane, Bridge Trafford, Cheshire, England, CH2 4GA T: 01244 300742 | E:

Heather Corrigall No 4 Culnaha, Easter Ross, Scotland, IV19 1QP T: 01862 851229 | E:

Stephen Hunter Barnhill Farm, Allanton, Lanarkshire, Scotland, ML7 5AB T: 01501 820433 | E:

John Crilley 5 Easter Muckbovie, Westhill, Inverness-shire, Scotland, IV2 5BN T: 01463 795841

Stephan Janz Billerbeck 6, 29465 Schnega, Germany T: 0049 5842 9819055 | E:

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 151



Philip Kettle 1 Preceptory, Stainby, Lincolnshire, England, NG33 5QR T: 01476 860099 | E:

Colin MacPhail The Paddock, Over Abington Farm, Lanarkshire, Scotland, FK8 3RT E:

Jack Ramsay Millerston Farm, Ayrshire, Scotland, KA5 5HH T: 01290 550997

Andrew Kirkpatrick Strathmore, Beith Road, Glengarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland, KA14 3BX T: 01505 683251 | E:

David Maughan Springmead, Stubhampton, Dorset, England, DT11 8JU T: 01258 830568 | E:

John Redpath Knowehead, Kilry, Perthshire, Scotland, PH11 8JA T: 01575 560233 |

Gisela Klosner Augustenhofweg 3, D-57334 Bad Laasphe, Germany T: 0049 2754 8010 | E:

Archie McArthur General Manager, Ormsary Estate Office, Argyll, Scotland, PA31 8PE T: 01880 770700 | E:

Daniel Rowbottom Holme Farm, Kelb, Lincolnshire, England, NG32 3AJ M: 07812 858893 | E:

Lesley Lacey Toll House, Lawers, Perthshire, Scotland, PH15 2PA T: 01567 820561 | E:

Gordon McConachie Cuilgrianan, Mill of Newton, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB52 6SN T: 01464 851294 | E:

Tom Sample Fossoway School House, Crook of Devon, Perth, Scotland, KY13 0UL E:

James Laing 7 King Edward Court, King Street, Ross-shire, Scotland, IV18 0RF T: 01349 853105

Alistair McIntyre Cedar Cottage, Enterkine Estate, Ayrshire, Scotland, KA6 5AL T: 01292 520453 E:

Andy Smith Strathoich, Aberchalder, Inverness-shire, Scotland, PH35 4HN T: 01809 501260

Dexter Logan Greenhead Farm, Clackmannanshire, Scotland, FK12 5BQ T: 01259 760432 | E:

Stuart McKay Duiletter Farm, Glenstrae, Argyll, Scotland, PA33 1AP T: 07748 226203 | E:

David Soutar Strathellie, Old Drove Road, Perthshire, Scotland, PH11 8JX T: 01828633917 | E:

Angus MacColl Sealladh Na Mara, Glengorm, Tobermory, Argyll, Scotland, PA75 6QD T: 01688 302184 |

Iain McKay Cnoc Cottage, Creagan, Argyll, Scotland, PA38 4BQ T: 01631 730617 | E:

Geoff Spawton Gilfachwen, Cellan, Ceredigion, Wales, SA48 8HN T: 01570 423080 | E:

William MacDonald Tormore Farm, Caithness, Scotland T: 01595 731240 Angus MacDonald Ardbhan, Kyles, Bayhead, Outer Hebrides, Scotland, HS6 5DY T: 01876 510293 | E: Angus MacGillivray Old Post Office House, Dalmally, Argyll, Scotland, PA33 1AA T: 01838 200477 | E: Ewan Mackay 5 Crosshead Road, Killearn, Strathclyde, Scotland, G63 9RN T: 01360 551604 | E: Angus Mackay Tigh Cuileann, Achnagoul, Argyll, Scotland, PA32 8XT T: 01499 302677 | E:

James McKechnie France Farm, Church Road, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, G83 8NF T: 01389 830757 | E:

William Thomson Woodneuk Farm, Hillside Road, Glasgow, Scotland, G78 1ES T: 0141 881 1438 | E: Richard Thomson Speyview, Lagganbridge, Inverness-shire, Scotland, PH20 1AN T: 01528 544211 | E: Tom Thomson Craighaugh Cottage, Hillside Road, Barrhead, Strathclyde, Scotland, G78 1ES T: 0141 881 1538 | E: Richard Turner Greygarth, Dallowgill, Yorkshire, England, HG4 3QY T: 01765 658079 | E: Robert Wain 114 Mortledge, Matlock, Derbyshire, England, DE4 3SD T: 01629 580046 Les Wardle Springfields, Bottom Lane, Stoke-on-Trent, England, ST10 2LN T: 01538 266476 |

Official Pedigree Shows & Sales

Neil McLellan Kilchiaran, Port Charlotte, Argyll, Scotland, PA48 7UB T: 01496 850248 Jim McMillan Craigmore, Farnell, Angus, Scotland, DD9 6UP T: 01356 629441 | E: Bob McWalter 12 Clerk Drive, Corpach, Inverness, Scotland, PH33 7LE T: 01397 772212 | E: David Mitchell Upper Cray Farm, Stainland Dean, Holywell Green, Stainland, Yorkshire, England, HX4 9QA T: 01422 379273 | E:

Iain MacKay Torloisk Farm, Ulva Ferry, Argyll, Scotland, PA74 6NH T: 01688500130 | E:

Malcolm Moy 2 Old Stable Courtyard, 2060 Pollokshaws Road, Strathclyde, Scotland, G43 1AT T: 0141 636 5735 | E:

William MacLean Inverglen, Barcaldine, Argyll, Scotland, PA37 1SG T: 01631 720560

Jim Ogston Innishewan Cottage, Luib, Perthshire, Scotland, FK20 8QT T: 01567 820583 | E:

Charlie MacLean Mortimers Farm, Hampshire, England, SO50 7EA T: 02380 601938 | E:

Dochy Ormiston Gelderside, Balmoral Estate, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB35 5TX T: 01339 742353 | E:

Donald MacNaughton 72 Centre Street, Kelty, Fife, Scotland, KY4 0EH

Riikka Palonen Pyhan Henrikintie 364, 27750 Koylio, Finland E:

Bryon MacNaughton 4 Green Road, Kinross-shire, Scotland, KY13 8EE T: 01577 865325 | E:

Robert Phillip Green Farm, Hellifield, North Yorkshire, England, BD23 4LA T: 01729 850217 | E:

Hugh MacPhail Callachally Farm, Salen, Aros, Argyll, Scotland, PA72 6JN T: 01680 300424 | E:

Andreas Piel Bellinghausen 9, Germany T: 0049 2174 5276 | E:

152 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017

Allan Telford Douglas & Angus Estates, Dairy Cottage, The Hirsel, Berwickshire, Scotland, TD12 4LR T: 01890 882618 | E:

120th Autumn Show & Sale, Oban 8th & 9th October 2017

127th Spring Show & Sale, Oban 11 & 12th February 2018

Sale Location: Oban Livestock Centre, Oban, PA34 4SD Tel: 01631 570631

Sale Location: Oban Livestock Centre, Oban, PA34 4SD Tel: 01631 570631

Drinks Reception for attendees on 7th October 2017 at 6.30pm at The Royal Hotel, Oban PA34 4BE Dinner Dance & Trophy Presentation on 8th October 2017 at 7.30pm at The Royal Hotel, Oban PA34 4BE Tickets available from the Highland Cattle Society, Stirling Tel: 01786 446800

Drinks Reception for attendees on 10th February 2018 at 6.30pm at The Royal Hotel, Oban PA34 4BE Dinner Dance & Trophy Presentation on 11th February 2018 at 7.30pm at The Royal Hotel, Oban PA34 4BE Tickets available from the Highland Cattle Society, Stirling Tel: 01786 446800

Auctioneers: United Auctions, Stirling Agricultural Centre, Stirling, FK9 4RN Tel: 01786 473055

Auctioneers: United Auctions, Stirling Agricultural Centre, Stirling, FK9 4RN Tel: 01786 473055

Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017 153

PRICE LIST Price List effective from 1 September 2017

2017/18 VAT 2017/18 £ £ £

MEMBERSHIP Life membership Subscriptions Associates Joining fees Fold registration

1566.70 89.30 1656.00 87.04 4.96 92.00 30.27 1.73 32.00 20.83 4.17 25.00 20.83 4.17 25.00


3.33 0.67 4.00

FEMALE REGISTRATIONS Up to 6 months 6 – 12 months 12 – 18 months Over 18 months Appendix A & B

21.67 24.17 30.00 58.33 31.67

4.33 4.83 6.00 11.67 6.33

26.00 29.00 36.00 70.00 38.00

BULL REGISTRATIONS 14 – 24 months Over 24 months

104.17 165.83

20.83 33.17

125.00 199.00

TRANSFER CERTS Vendor Purchaser

10.00 2.00 12.00 10.00 2.00 12.00


33.33 6.67 40.00

50% refunded if animal presented for show & sale (Other sale entry fees will be in accordance with the specific markets e.g. Multi breed sale, Stirling) CATALOGUES

5.00 nil 5.00


30.83 6.17 37.00


21.67 4.33 26.00


25.83 5.17 31.00


Postage only


21.67 4.33 26.00



VAT is zero on catalogues and books, 5.7% on all subscriptions and 20% elsewhere. Life membership is the current annual subscriptions multiplied by 18.

154 Highland Breeders’ Journal 2017



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