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Explore Highland 2016 Tourism News Explore Scotland News By James Rattray We have heard via the grapevine that we are retiring. Well this is not true and has never been part of our thought process, we are still on track with our reorganisation of Explore Scotland, as we reported to you in last year’s Highland Perthshire News. It does make me wonder how and where these rumours start! The Explore Scotland Network. We are pleased to say that there are now five different people/businesses running the various areas of the Explore Scotland Network. The areas covered by the network are:-

Western Isles




St Andrews


Highland Perthshire (run by Kathleen and myself 100% of our time).

The new members of the Explore Scotland Network — what excites us about the Explore Scotland Network is that each area is now run by people who focus on their area. The new members of the Explore Scotland Network have all brought different expertise, skills and ideas on how to develop and strengthen the network in the months and

years ahead. Our Explore Scotland Network.Agreement means being part of the Explore Scotland Network, we all agree to cooperate together whereever possible, from the guides and web sites style, to web linking, social media promotions, combining print to maximise cost benefits, while running our own areas.

more time for ourselves, but with a Highland Perthshire focus. I love what we do!!

Print run—This year our total Explore Scotland Network print run is 485,000 four, eight and twelve page guides. We hear people tell us that print is out of date and there is no demand for it. Well I can assure there is still massive demand for Our Pitlochry Perthshire Scotland FaceBook our Explore Guides, (we do not want to print has over 3,200 Likes, in 2 years. one guide extra than demand requires.) Why do they work? Well I suspect you are all better qualified to answer this. My own view is the maps are absolute key, people always want maps to help find their way about and, dare I say ‘explore’ an area they do not know. They are produced by local people, not some faceless organisation. I also believe the way the information is organise is crucial. It is not in the form of graffiti advertising (as I call it), where everyone buys some space through different fonts, sizes, Our Highland Perthshire Scotland FaceBook and images on it endeavouring to promote has over 2,300 Likes. their business. Our largest Face Book reach in a single As you know our Explore Guides have a very week was 272,000 people on the Pitlochry distinct style and layout, so everything is in FaceBook Page three months ago. the form of information. We do encounter Our priority —is to promote Aberfeldy, Blair holiday makers who ask how we pay for the Atholl, Dunkeld, Kenmore, Pitlochry and guides? When I tell them it is paid by the Rannoch at every opportunity via print, Soadvertising, they look perplexed and ask cial Media and our two web sites and to where are the adverts work with everyone who wants to work with In conclusion— we very much are not reus promoting tourism across Highland tired, yes we plan to slow down and have Perthshire. 1

Highland perthshire newsletter 2016  

Tourist businesses across Highland Perthshire tell us their news for the coming 2016 tourism season. For morte information on Highland Perth...

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