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MISSION High Jump equalizes access to education for middle grade students who have exhibited academic ambition and potential and who are of limited economic means. We provide academic enrichment, counseling, and support to students of diverse backgrounds, with the goals of sending our participants to superior college preparatory schools, ensuring their success while they are there, and enhancing their ability to gain admission to highly regarded four-year colleges and universities.


Dear Friends of High Jump, What’s your high jump? Simply asking that question of students, parents, High Jump alumni, colleagues, board leaders, and school partners has led to hundreds of inspirational conversations this past year. All of us lucky enough to be involved with High Jump have celebrated our 25th anniversary by exploring what achievements we’ve had that, at first, we didn’t believe were possible. I want to share with you some snippets of what High Jumpers talk about when I ask them about their hopes, dreams and accomplishments: “I want to be an inspiration to others.” “We don’t just settle, right? We want to do more.” “This is a community that has leaders who are going to advocate for everyone.” “That’s what we need in this city – people that recognize there’s a common good, who will work together to build a better city and a better society.” The deep commitment to inspire, serve, and lead that emanates from our students, families, and alumni has spurred us to commit to fulfilling our ambitious strategic plan. We continue to expand the number of middle grade students we serve, welcoming 180 new rising 7th graders to High Jump. We’re poised to grow to serve 360 7th and 8th graders in 2015-16 as the University of Chicago Lab Schools extends its partnership with us to host a full-size 120-student High Jump campus. Over 1,000 alumni have used High Jump to change their educational and life trajectories, and, as we see in their moving words, we can all expect them to help lead and inspire us all in the years to come. Thank you for all you do to make High Jump – and young people’s dreams and ambitions – possible. I look forward to seeing you and asking you, “What’s your high jump?” in the months and years ahead. Sincerely,

Lee Hart Executive Director




FROM THE CHAIR OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Dear Friends of High Jump, This year our 25th cohort of 8th graders graduated from High Jump, bringing our total alumni network to over 1,000 students served in 25 years. That is certainly a wonderful milestone to celebrate. And now, thanks to strong donor support over the last several years, we now have the capacity to graduate 180 students per year—meaning that our next 1,000 students served will happen in six years! We feel a sense of urgency in reaching the thousands of 6th grade students throughout Chicago who are brimming with potential. 99% of our alumni matriculate to high school and now 93% go on to attend four-year colleges and universities—succeeding because of the tools they were given as middle graders in our rigorous program with like-minded peers. These are alumni like Phil Nevels (Cohort 5) and Omid Bañuelos (Cohort 10) who not only are leaders in Chicago and their communities, but who also give back to High Jump by serving on our Board of Trustees. I encourage you to come visit the program in action anytime and meet the future Phils and Omids, because seeing the determination these 11-year-olds put towards their education is inspiring. I am extraordinarily proud of the growth High Jump has undergone over the past three years during my tenure as Board Chair, and I look forward to the next 25 years of High Jump! We thank you for your partnership in working to equalize access to education for Chicago’s youth. Together we are helping to ensure that limited financial resources do not limit opportunities for achievement. Sincerely,

Priscilla Kersten Board of Trustees, Chair



PROGRAM High Jump is a tuitionfree, two-year academic enrichment program for seventh and eighth grade students who are earning As and Bs in their home school and whose familes have limited financial resources. We recruit public and parochial school students who display academic promise but are not already benefitting from advanced instruction, gifted services, or other forms of targeted academic support. The High Jump program operates three campuses in Chicago at the Latin School of Chicago, Francis W. Parker School, and the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and consists of six weeks of daily intensive programming in the summer and two Saturdays each month during the school year.

“If it wasn’t for High Jump, I would not be the first in my family to go to college.” – Marquise Davion, Cohort 19, Walter Payton College Prep. Columbia College, Class of 2017




Rigorous academics, leadership development, high school choice, powerful networks, and alumni support are the five pillars of High Jump’s program. Students benefit from small classes with a maximum of 15 students and take accelerated courses in math, science, humanities and language arts, writing, visual and performing arts, social studies, and physical education. Students also engage with peer and adult audiences through our signature leadership development course, Learners & Leaders, daily interaction with near-peer alumni role models, and discussions with professionals at the program’s annual career day. During the eighth grade year, students and their families also focus on the high school selection process with extensive admissions and financial aid counseling. When our students graduate, they go on to attend—and thrive in—rigorous college preparatory high schools across the nation.




High Jump served

272 99%

students across three campuses.

Since High Jump was founded, of our alumni have gone on to attend top high schools in Chicago and across the nation.


The 8th grade class of 2015 (Cohort 25) was awarded in external financial aid and scholarships over four years.


60% matriculated to top-ranked, college prep Chicago Public Schools, 33% to private day or boarding schools, 7% to charter or other schools. 7%


80% will receive scholarships and financial aid covering at least 90% of total tuition costs.


top local and national secondary schools participate in More than High Jump’s annual High School Fair to recruit 8th graders completing the program.


of our current 7th and 8th grade students are enrolled in public elementary schools.


The high school class of 2015 (Cohort 21) matriculated to different colleges and universities including Amherst College, Northwestern University, Purdue University, the University of Chicago, University of Illinois, and Washington University.

93% 8


are attending four-year colleges and universities this year.


Reflecting the diversity of the city of Chicago, High Jump students represented 42 zip codes citywide.

= 1 student



HIGH SCHOOL MATRICULATION 83 students in Cohort 25 (Eighth Grade Class of 2015) successfully completed the High Jump program. 100% of students matriculated to college preparatory high schools.

60% (50 students) CPS high schools 19% (16 students) independent and boarding schools 14% (11 students) parochial high schools 7% (6 students) charter high schools

For those students attending private, boarding, and parochial high schools, 80% will receive external scholarships and financial aid that cover at least 90% of total tuition costs. This amounts to more than $1 million total assistance in external financial aid and scholarships over their four years of high school. Below is the full list of college preparatory public, independent, boarding, and parochial schools to which our students matriculated: CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS – 50 STUDENTS CPS SELECTIVE ENROLLMENT SCHOOLS – 40 STUDENTS

Jones College Preparatory High School (4) King College Preparatory High School Lane Technical College Preparatory High School (12) Lindblom Math & Science Academy (5) Northside College Preparatory High School (7) Walter Payton College Preparatory High School (7) Westinghouse College Preparatory High School Whitney M. Young Magnet High School (3)


Chicago Waldorf High School The Church Farm School Deerfield Academy Francis W. Parker School (4) Latin School of Chicago (5) Morgan Park Academy (2) North Shore Country Day School St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy PAROCHIAL SCHOOLS – 11 STUDENTS

Curie Metropolitan High School (2) Kenwood Academy High School (2) Lincoln Park High School - Double Honors

Chicago Hope Academy Cristo Rey Jesuit High School De La Salle Institute (4) DePaul College Preparatory High School Loyola Academy (2) Regina Dominican High School St. Benedict Preparatory High School



Back of the Yards College Preparatory High School Lincoln Park High School - IB Program (2) Roberto Clemente Community Academy

Chicago Bulls College Preparatory High School - Noble Network CICS Northtown Academy Muchin College Preparatory High School - Noble Network (2) Noble Street College Preparatory High School - Noble Network UIC College Preparatory High School - Noble Network



William Howard Taft High School - AVID Program




COLLEGE MATRICULATION 40 high school-aged alumni from Cohort 21 (High School Class of 2015) graduated this spring.

93% (37 students) four-year colleges or universities 7% (3 students) no information available

Several students also received prestigious college scholarships, including the Gates Millennium Scholarship (1 student) and the National Merit Scholarship (1 student).

Below is the full list of colleges and universities to which our alumni matriculated: Amherst College Barnard College Columbia College Connecticut College Denison University (2) DePaul University Grinnell College Hampton University

Illinois State University (2) Lawrence University Northwestern University Occidental College Purdue University St. Olaf College Stevenson University Swarthmore College

Truman State University University of Chicago (2) University of Illinois at Chicago (4) University of Illinois at Springfield University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (8) University of Miami University of Wisconsin–Madison Washington University in St. Louis



HIGH JUMP HIGHLIGHTS Whether it is the three-day, Lorado Taft camping trip; debating local or global events in Issues & Ideas; riding the CTA across town; or meeting someone from a different neighborhood and developing a new friendship, the High Jump experience of fun, academic challenge, and friendship rings forever true.

This year, just as for the 24 years before, students engaged in courses that nurtured their curiosity and provided space for discovery. High Jumpers enjoyed the hand-on science labs dissecting piglets, making ice cream, and exploring the scientific wonders of the Nebula Plasma Balls. They tackled big issues through literature, film, and live stage performances. Our eighth grade students were moved by a private screening of the Oscar nominated movie Selma, and the Steppenwolf for Young Adults production of Animal Farm captivated seventh graders.




Students also learned from Chicago’s very best: the Chicago Sky’s former president Margaret Stender, Chicago Tribune’s columnist Phil Rosenthal, National Museum of Mexican Art’s curator Cesareo Moreno, restaurateur Jack Weiss, and many more at our Annual Career Show & Tell.

High Jump closed out the school year celebrating its 25th Cohort—83 students matriculating to top ranked public and private schools in Chicago and across the country. We welcomed a new cohort of 180 High Jumpers selected from 635 students—our largest applicant pool ever. We are thrilled to forge ahead offering academic rigor, leadership development, and high school counseling to motivated seventh and eighth grade students across Chicago.




ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT High Jump expanded its alumni outreach program to better help alumni transition to high school, be successful while there, and prepare for entrance to four-year colleges and universities. To oversee this work, High Jump hired the organization’s first, fulltime Alumni Relations Manager in spring 2015. Alumni services include high school transition support; ongoing mentoring, tutoring, and academic enrichment activities; and college readiness workshops.




MEASURING IMPACT High Jump’s Impact Framework continues to serve as a cornerstone for every member of the High Jump staff and board–focusing our resources and attention on ensuring we are fulfilling our mission, even as we expand to serve more of Chicago’s middle graders. Notable results from 2014-15 include:

CELEBRATING 25 YEARS High Jump’s 25th Cohort graduated in May 2015. High Jump is now over 1,000 alumni strong.


With an initial class of 16 students, High Jump begins as a partnership between the Latin School of Chicago, Francis W. Parker School, and the Lloyd A. Fry Foundation to ensure equal access to a quality secondary education.

1991 2001 2002 2008 2010

Cohort 1 graduates. High Jump becomes an independent 501(c)(3).

A challenge grant is issued to increase cohort size to 65 students.

High Jump becomes a founding member of the National Partnership for Educational Access (NPEA).

A second campus opens at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, increasing capacity to 160 students.

2012 2014

A third campus opens at Francis W. Parker School, broadening our impact across the city.

In celebration of 25 years of service in Chicago, High Jump Trustees approve a three-year strategic plan to expand to serve 360 middle grade students across the city annually.


Cohort 25 graduates and matriculates to top college prep high schools across Chicago and the country.

• Students enjoy High Jump: 96% of High Jump students are very satisfied (77%) or satisfied (19%) with High Jump. • High Jump is growing: We increased program reach by serving more students than ever before. Students hail from 133 elementary schools and 42 zip codes across Chicago. • High Jumpers develop positive mindsets and leadership skills: At least 95% of High Jump students believe they belong in a challenging academic environment, that their ability and confidence will grow with effort, and that they can succeed in a challenging academic setting. • Students are preparing for high school: 97% of high-school-aged alumni report they are very satisfied (72%) or satisfied (25%) with how well High Jump prepared them for high school. • Support for our work keeps growing: We expanded our donor base by welcoming 120 new donors this year and increased our revenue by 21%. • Students and their families exercise meaningful educational choice: We developed and began to implement the High School Choice Matrix. In order to prepare for high school choice and then success, students must apply to at least 3 rigorous college prep high schools, of which at least one is public and one is private.

HIGH JUMP HIGHLIGHTS STRATEGIC PLAN 2014-2017: PROGRESS REPORT High Jump engaged in a strategic planning process to guide its direction for the next three years. Following an intensive nine-month strategic planning process, the High Jump Board of Trustees approved the organization’s strategic plan in January 2014. This plan identified the organization’s sustainable growth model, core values, and actionable outcomes for the next three years. Key initiatives include expanding High Jump’s University of Chicago Lab campus to serve 120 seventh and eighth students annually, increasing total program student capacity to 360 students by 2015, and enhancing services for High Jump alumni in high school.



Education is key to creating choice, access, and opportunity. High Jump envisions a Chicago where all students, regardless of financial circumstances, are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in rigorous college preparatory high schools and beyond.

Choice, Access, and Opportunity Middle Grade Academic and Emotional Growth Partnership and Collaboration Diversity Data


1. Organizational and Fundraising Capacity • Increase annual revenue to support 120-child programs at High Jump’s three campuses


• Build board capacity and engagement


• Develop donor-focused volunteer engagement program

300 200

2. Partnerships • Continue to strengthen partnerships with current partner schools • Strengthen and develop relationships with feeder schools and communities to grow the High Jump student body to 360, with a  special focus on South and West Sides

100 0

280 190 470

300 240 540

360 290 650

FY14: 2013-2014

FY15: 2014-2015

FY16: 2015-2016

Middle Grade Students High School Alumni Total Students Served

3. Programs


• Fortify program curricula and operations for further replication

• Continued to build partnership with the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

• Increase efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment and admissions

• Secured funds to expand High Jump to a full campus at the Lab Schools supporting 120 students beginning in summer 2015

• Strengthen pathway transitions for graduating 8th graders & high school-aged alumni • Explore and develop pilot innovations to prepare for future of High Jump

4. Data • Leverage data to drive program and activities

• Developed volunteer engagement experiences through high school admission mock interviews and Career Show & Tell • Created a Governance Task Force to ensure our board and leadership culture is prepared to lead High Jump

ALUMNI PROFILES ALEXIS was born and raised in Chicago’s Tri-Taylor neighborhood. She attended Washington Irving Elementary School when she became a member of the High Jump family. Because of High Jump’s vigorous and engaging academic programs, Alexis landed a coveted spot at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School. There she took full advantage of academic excellence while enjoying four years of concert choir and varsity softball. “I remember seeing a friend from High Jump on my first day of high school in the vast halls of Whitney Young and feeling so relieved to see a familiar face in the sea of new people.”

ALEXIS SERIO (AMEZAGA) Cohort 6 Whitney M. Young Magnet High School University of Illinois at Chicago

Alexis went on to earn her B.A. in political science and mathematics at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Continuing her dedication and love for the City of Chicago, Alexis has served the City as a ten-year veteran investigator. She was first employed by the City of Chicago Inspector General’s Office where she investigated allegations of fraud, misconduct, waste, and inefficiency of governmental employees. Alexis currently works for the City of Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority. In her capacity as a supervising investigator, she oversees a team that investigates allegations of police misconduct, including domestic violence, excessive force, and officer-involved shootings. Alexis counts High Jump as the catalyst for her success in her academic and professional achievements.

A member of Cohort 5, VINCE joined High Jump in 1995 as a student at Jose de Diego Community Academy. Vince joined High Jump because he was interested in potential scholarship opportunities as well as wanting to gain a competitive edge for high school in advanced reading and mathematics. High Jump was home to many fond memories for Vince and helped him forge lasting friendships with fellow alums. High Jump helped Vince get into the high school of his choice (Latin School), which put him on a track to attend college at Whittier College and ultimately law school at Chicago Kent College of Law.

VINCE WALLER Cohort 5 Latin School of Chicago Whittier College Chicago Kent College of Law

A lawyer for 8 years and counting, currently Vince is practicing environmental law as the attorney for the Cook County Department of Environmental Control. He also sits on the National Association of Clean Air Agencies’ Enforcement Committee as well as the Chicago Bar Association’s YLS Environmental Law Committee.



ALUMNI PROFILES EVAN credits High Jump as the reason why he’s excelling at St. George’s. “I am able to utilize the skills that I’ve learned in the program to my advantage. Whether I’m using the homemade chemistry textbook my science teacher created in High Jump to help me answer homework questions or using the organizational skills from Learners and Leaders to prepare for a hectic week, High Jump has always supported me. The program helped me academically and offered me opportunities to try new activities.”

EVAN XAVIER JACKSON Cohort 22 St. George’s School

Now he is a member of the Hilltoppers, a male A Capella group on campus. He is more comfortable on stage than some of his group mates because of the theater exercises at High Jump that helped me overcome his nerves. Evan also serves as a 7th grade teaching assistant (TA) at the Lab campus for two summers. “While in the program I looked up to my TAs and strived to be like them. Now that I’m a TA, I feel as though I can give back to the program that helped. I grew as a person and student. I am happy that I get to help the current students learn skills that will help them through high school and beyond.”

GINA Chen was born in China and came to the United States with her mother when she was ten. She started school in Chicago’s Chinatown, but she didn’t feel challenged by her school’s curriculum and academic environment. Gina LOVED her High Jump experience! She raved about her teachers and the challenging curriculum. Coming into High Jump was the first time she felt truly challenged in the classroom, whether that was from learning the fundamentals of quantum physics or reading social critiques. The teachers at High Jump were deeply invested in High Jump students’ academic success. Their high expectations raised Gina’s own expectations of what she could achieve and gave her the motivation, empowerment and confidence to pursue excellence in whatever area she chose.

GINA CHEN Cohort 13 Francis W. Parker Yale University Northwestern

Gina believes the best part of High Jump is the lifelong friendships she formed through summers and weekends spent together taking classes, stressing out about exams, or going to field trips that took her to different neighborhoods in Chicago. The friends Gina made are from all different neighborhoods of Chicago and have vastly different cultural backgrounds. However, Gina bonded deeply with her friends over their shared love for High Jump’s academic rigors and aspirations to challenge themselves while having fun in the process! Gina is a Francis W. Parker and Yale University alumna. She is currently attending Northwestern Law. “High Jump was where everything started. I was challenged and pushed to see what I could achieve and to have the confidence to pursue excellence. I carried that mindset and belief in myself through high school and beyond. I think High Jump pushed us to see that we are capable of achieving anything, and that sense of possibility has accompanied me ever since.”




ALUMNI PROFILES ALYSSA Sanchez (center) is a rising junior at Walter Payton College Prep. Alyssa credits High Jump for helping her grow as an individual over the past 5 years. The family and learning environment made High Jump Alyssa’s favorite place to spend her summers and Saturdays. High Jump was the only place where Alyssa actually felt like she was learning and engaged in the classroom. Alyssa cherishes the High Jump friends she made, because those are the people she learned the most from. On the first day of High Jump, as a rising 7th grader, Alyssa met her two best friends that remain her friends today! This past summer she had an amazing opportunity to be an 8th grade Teaching Assistant (TA) at the Latin Campus. Alyssa has always wanted to be a TA since she was a High Jumper and has waited to fill those shoes. Alyssa remembered how much her TAs impacted her and she wanted to do the same for others.

ALYSSA SANCHEZ Cohort 23 Walter Payton College Prep

As a middle schooler, PEDRO joined High Jump’s Cohort 9 with big dreams and an appetite for fresh challenges. The program not only introduced Pedro to an advanced curriculum with dedicated instructors with relatable backgrounds and tailored support; the program also fostered cultural and personal growth. Pedro still cherishes his High Jump memories as sources of strength. From walking tours in Old Town and wallclimbing in Lake Geneva, to sketching a self-portrait and orating Lincoln’s words of equality in Speech class. Following his time at High Jump Pedro went on to graduate with honors from St. Ignatius College Prep. Pedro holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University.

PEDRO PEDROZA Cohort 9 St. Ignatius College Prep Cornell University

Today, Pedro proudly serves the great City of Chicago through his work in the Mayor’s Office. The best part of his job is learning from his talented colleagues, and putting his talents to use in supporting others- including the Deputy Mayor and Chief of Policy. Pedro is honored to learn about public policy and economic development in his role, where his dedicated colleagues remind Pedro of his tutelage at High Jump.



REVENUE AND EXPENSES In-kind & Other Support 23%

Individual Contributions 28%


Individual Contributions

Family Contributions

Special Event Contributions


Foundation & Corporate Grants


In-kind & Other Support


597,928 12,410



Family Contributions 1%

Foundation & Corporate Grants 13% Special Event Contributions 35%



Management & Administration

Fundraising Total

175,468 293,346 2,065,023

Program 77%




Fundraising 14% Management & Administration 9%

HONOR ROLL $100,000+ Anonymous Priscilla & Steven Kersten $75,000+ Mariana & Paul Ingersoll Seedlings Foundation $50,000+ Grosvenor Capital Management, L.P. Lloyd A. Fry Foundation Nicole & Brad Mann Gwen & Nicholas Pontikes $25,000+ Anonymous The Brinson Foundation Colonel Stanley R. McNeil Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee Daniel P. Haerther Charitable Trust Peggy & Yung Bong Lim Laurie & Scott Rose The Earl & Brenda Shapiro Foundation: Benjamin Shapiro, Matthew Shapiro The Howard and Jackie Shapiro Foundation $10,000+ Diana AixalĂĄ & Gavin Campbell Alliant Credit Union Foundation Anonymous The Bluhm Family Charitable Foundation Jacolyn & John Bucksbaum DD Danforth Burlin & Johannes Burlin Sarah & John Cobb Patricia Cox & Family The Crown Goodman Family Paula Hannaway Crown & James Crown, Crown Family Philanthropies Ralph & Evelyn Davis Family Foundation Marcia Friedl & Todd Smith GEMS Chicago Inc. Catherine & Brent Gledhill Arla & Joel Gomberg

Sarah & Jonathan Graham The Mr. & Mrs. Michael Keiser Donor Advised Fund Beth L. Kronfeld & Matthew D. Means Linda Loving & Richard Aaronson Sonya Malunda & Charles Lampley, Jr. Annmarie Neumeier The Northern Trust Company Georgy Ann & William Peluchiwski RL Mitchell Family Fund Maureen Rogan & Vincent Cozzi Natalie Spadaccini Rosenberg & Matt Rosenberg Diane Saltoun & Bruce Braun The Seabury Foundation James Tyree Foundation $5,000+ Almeida Family Foundation Anonymous Aon Arkes Family Foundation Helen & Michael Arkes Katie & Chris Barber Leslie & William Barker Pamela & Michael Bless Phil & Mary Beth Canfield Sally & John Carton Sarah Cogswell & Ben Sinaiko Liz & Timothy Devine Anne & Don Edwards The Grover Hermann Foundation The Horner Family Foundation: Jill & Jon Levi Monica Lee Hughson & William Hughson The John Buck Company Foundation Kensington Square Foundation Adrienne & Erik King Karen & William Krehbiel Deneese Walia Levin & Matthew Levin Julie & John Mathias Suzanne Lynch & Thomas Meyers Sandy Wang & Chris McGowan Michael E. Murphy Foundation Neal & Leroy LLC Alexandra & Aram Nikitas Sarah & Cliff Norris Osa Foundation

Michelle & Anu Parekh Carrie & Matt Parr The Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation Naomi & John Reese Luther I. Replogle Foundation D’Rita & E. Robbie Robinson Stephanie Ross & Philip Auberbach Alice & John Sabl Margaret & Eric Scheyer Penny Bender Sebring & Charles Ashby Lewis Sidley Austin LLP Elenne Song & Rahim Esmailzadeh University of Chicago, Office of Civic Engagement University of Chicago, Urban Education Institute Julia & Errett Van Nice, The Van Nice Family Foundation Laura Van Peenan & Lou Conforti, William Blair and Company Ventas Healthcare Properties Val Vlahos & Steve Madry Tina & Bill Wardrop $2,500+ Heidi & Craig Albert Ariel Capital Management Inc. Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management Lizette & Phillip Austin Janice & Richard Bail The James A. & Mary H. Bell Charitable Trust Kathy Bentley & Mark Hoffmeister Marcy & Greg Carlin Marc Cerone & Nicholas Trakas The Chicago Community Trust Lizand Kent Dauten Dinaand Thomas Demetrio Paul Gearen Suzanne Gignilliat & Tom Hinkes Mary & Charlie Gofen Andi & James Gordon Shelley Greenwood & John Lincoln Lee Hart & Lisa Dush Jane & Andy Hensel Nina & Richard Kim Laura Kofoid & David Ricci



HONOR ROLL Elizabeth & Scott Lassar Jill & John Levi Heather McWilliams & Fred Fischer Liz & Dean Mihas Dara & Ross Milner Amy & Jay Novak Christopher Olson & Charlene Huang Olson Catherine & Bill Perez The Margot & Thomas Pritzker Family Foundation Bonnie & Michael Rothman Carolyn Saper & Lonnie Plecha Jill & John Svoboda Linda & Alan Swimmer Mary Truong & Brad Begle Kathleen & Andrew Turnbull University of Chicago $1,000+ Sonia & Bob Agler Ellen & Michael Alter Robin Appleby & John Leavey Lindsey & Merrick Axel Ellen & George Benson Amy & Brian Boonstra Jack Butler & John VanderLinden Darian & Frank Campise Lisa Centone & Joseph Curci Gay-Young Cho & Chris Chiu Stephanie & Michael Chu Linda & Steven Coberly Aurelia & Benjamin Cohen Erika & Paul Cohen Stephanie Comer & Rob Craigie Julie Conboy & Jeff Hesse Catharyn Cutright & Randall Larrimore Joan & Bill Dutton Carol Bernstein Eckstein & Marty Eckstein Lisa & Byron Ehrhart Gail & Richard Elden Laurel Elzinga Michelle & Michael Episcope Pam & Michael Gordon Joyce & Russell Greenblatt Ann & Douglas Grissom HandCut Foods



Patricia & O.J. Heestand Lee & Arthur Herbst Nancy & Frank J. Hogan III Ellee Pai Hong & John Hong Mark S. Hoplamazian & Rachel D. Kohler Ann Ingersoll J.P. Morgan Chase Margie & Wayne Janus Carol Jones & Tom Hynes Karie & David Katz Mona & Shobi Khan Chris Kirtley Cynthia & David Kistenbroker Steven Koch Deirdre & Laird Koldyke Karen & Liam Krehbiel Linda & Colby Lamberson Karen & Joseph Lambert Jim Lawson & Wende Fox Lawson Richard Levy Phillip Loftus Elaine & Arthur Margulis Tara Marsh & Greg Winsor Beth & Marc McCormack Kate Morrison Brooke & Grove Mower Lara & George Moynihan Jane & Mike Murray Pam & Ashley Netzky Eleanor A. Nicholson Erin & Todd Ohlms Olin Corporation Charitable Trust Liz Parker & Keith Crow Jamie & Marc Pasquale Jyoti Patel & Rajeev Garapati Adrienne Banks Pitts & Michael Pitts J.B. & M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation Jennifer & David Rhind Daniel Rosenthal & Emmy Kondo Carol Rubin & Steven Kaplan Triste Lieteau Smith & Ian Smith Paula Sneed & Lawrence Bass Eileen & Rob Stein Kathy & Robert Sullivan Daphne & Lyndon Taylor Ken Thompson Liz & Donald Thompson


UBS Lisa Walker & William Rudnick Lorrayne & Steven Weiss Cheryl & Eric Whitaker Peggy & Brian White $500+ Alicia Aixalรก Alison Allgor Mariam & Zaid Alsikafi Nancy Bason & Bill Colman Laura & Eric Berlin Kristi & Kevin Brown Jacqueline & Tim Bryant Maya Burgos & Paul Trussell, Cohort 4* Cynthia Canary Kathleen & James Cowie Maria Luisa De La Torre & Pradeep Chintagunta Shawn Donnelley & Christopher Kelly Donna Drapeau & Mike Watts Nancy & Joe Dwyer Emlyn Eisenach & Eric Posner Mary Field & Tim Later Martha & Joseph Gardner Rachel & Adam Garrett Charles Garrido & Mark Roberts Trish & Greg Gerber Nathalie & Wilkingson Germain Ellen & Paul Gignilliat Carey & Jeremy Goldblatt Robin & Austan Goolsbee Jill & Brad Gordon Carrie & Laurence Grant Nickol & Darrell Hackett Leslie Winter & David Haymes Cherilyn Heramb & Bob Kunze Anne & Steve Hobbs Mary Ann & James Hoey Cindy Hoffman & David Knapp Krista Blazek Hogarth & Kyle Hogarth Candace Hottmann & Ivan Yee Susie and Christopher Hultquist Kanter Family Foundation Andrew Karp & Kimberly Lynch Ann & Richard Klawiter The Latin School of Chicago, 8th Grade Class

HONOR ROLL Jennifer Ames Lazarre & Paul Lazarre Harriett Levine Kristin Lane Mack & Kyle Mack Stephanie & Jonathan Marks Jeff McClimans Rick McCombs & Katrina Veerhusen McKee Family Foundation Moira McNulty & Yong-Jae Kim Lynne & Dexter Means Elaine & Steve Melonides Blythe & David Mendelson ‘84 Madonna & John Merritt Mary Claire & Ken Moll Karen Granda & John Mrowiec Ruth Mugalian & Gordon Walek Wendy & Walter Nathan Amina & Philip Nevels, Cohort 5* Yuqun Ni & Feng Xue Jacqueline Pardo & Mark Hornung Shalini Reddy Prachand & Vivek Prachand Mollie & David Rattner Julie Robinson Janice E. Rodgers & Dean Hagan Julie Roin & Saul Levmore Cheryl & Thomas Rudbeck Barbara & Lewis Schneider Leigh & Michael Segall Susan Sher & Neil Cohen Debra & Richard Simon Shea Soucie & Chris Henger Kim & Matthew Stauber Jessica & Erik Steffensen Scott Vogg Debbie Weinstein & John Huml Patty & Ron Weiss Tamra & Jack Weiss Gina Weldy & Peter Papai Audrey G. Wessman Maggie Westdale & Robert Kiep Rebecca & Peter Woan Xiaoying Zhang $150+ Syed Ahmend+ Joan A. Akalaonu AmazonSmile Foundation Elizabeth Anderson Anonymous

Susan & Stephen Baird Omid Banuelos, Cohort 10* Maria Beltran Bernabe+ Sandra & Harold Bixby Dudley F. Blodget Sally & Nick Bogert Halina Brukner & Philip Hoffman Carole Brown Lisa & David Burik Jane Burwell & Thomas Hecht Sandra & Robert Chapman Kit & Robert Chaskin David & Debbie Chizewer Richard Ciccarone Matthew Colnon Anne Coughlan Stephanie Cox-Batson Daniel E. Davies & Alice T. Lyon Eleanor & Michael Doar LeeAnn Dougherty & John Frankot Vicki DuFour Liz & Randall Dunn Dana & Robert Earles Marci Eisenstein & John Treece Maricela Estrada+ Exelon Corporation Carol & Geoff Felsenthal Erica & Noel Fernandez Kate Grossman & Peter Fidler Wendy Freyer & Greg Beihl Linda Galambos Kathleen Gerdes & John Stoops Rasa Giliene & Linas Marganavicius+ Ethel & William H. Gofen Carolyn Grant+ Jacqueline Griesdorn Judith Lederman Guajardo Nancy & Bruce Halbeck Julia Harris & Sunil Garg Patricia & Craig W. Henderson Scott Hughes Dr. Hulon & Raymonda T. Johnson Misbah Kamal Connie & Dennis Keller Kay Kersch Kirkpatrick & Thomas B. Kirkpatrick Jr. Susan & Tom Koltun Maricruz Kruse+

Lindsay & Marc Landsberg Julie Lemon & Heinrich Jaeger Jeannette Levitt Thomas Linquist Dave Liu Maria A. Lopez Teri and Frederick Lowinger Jennifer Lowry Jens Ludwig Thuang Khan Lun+ Philip & Ann May Leslie Breed McLean Stacey & Douglas Meyer Joann Irene & Cesario Moreno+ Gabriela & Geoffrey Nagle Jeffrey Nichols Jane Elinor Notz & Ian Watson Cindy & Michael O’Connor Ijeoma Oluwinners+ Dorothy Osborn & Edward Dobbins Peg M. Panzer & Joy Schmit Marquis Parker Ankit Patel Naila & Pranat Pathak Nancy & Thomas Patterson German Ponce+ Laurie Regenbogen & Bruce Fleisher Pearl Rieger Fawn Ring Laura & Steven Rugo Arlene Ruiz de Luzuriaga Lynn Sasamoto & Todd Kurisu Erika Schmidt Brooke Semel Colleen Sheehan & Michael Swinger Merrill Smith Paula & George Sreckovic Nancy & Adlai Stevenson Sara Ray Stoelinga & Timothy Stoelinga Carol and David Stone Jessica Supera Deborah H. Telman Hema & Geoffrey Trukenbrod Keitumetse Tsotetsi+ Alyssa & Rob Unikel Angelica Urquiza Aimee Hilado Villalpando & Ramon Villalpando, Cohort 5*



HONOR ROLL Jill Weinberg & Bernard Kramer Mary Bradford-White & Lynn White Maria & David Zavala+ Chana Zelig & Daniel Frank $149 AND UNDER Tsehay Ahmed+ Syeda Akhter & Wailor Rahman+ Veronica & Francisco Alvarez+ Charles & Elizabeth Ampong+ Alex Anaya+ Phyllis Apelbaum Tina & David Ariola Patricia & Francisco Arriaga+ Maria Arroyo+ Mesele Asfaw & Eyerusalem Homa+ Ahmed Attaraihaddad+ Kathleen Baiers Elvia & Alejandro Banda+ Monica & Juan Barrosa+ Nysheka Barry+ Iftequar Begum+ Mercy Benoy+ Victoria J. Bernard+ Delbert Blaine+ Silvia & Antonio Blancas+ Roslind Blasingame-Buford Catherine Braendel Chris Brown Claudia Brown+ Joy Brown+ Pamela Buchanan Katherine Buoscio Maria Cacho+ Celso Cardenas Mari Carmen & Eleazar Delgado Sandra Castro+ Mirian Ceron+ Maribel Ceuvas+ Stephanie Chau, Cohort 11* Martha Chavez & Serafin Meza+ Gina Chen, Cohort 13* Qia Chen & Xiaoping Mei+ Aida & William Cherrez+ Chicago Press Corporation Keysha Cockrell+ Jessica Cogswell Ann & Rosecrain Collins Lauren Collins



Jamie-Clare & Nicholas Colvin Taurus Colvin Combined Federal Campaign (PIFI) William Connor Cara Craig+ Esther Crockett-Love+ Fern Bomchill Davis Maria del Carmen Garcia+ Veronica Diaz+ Selena Do+ Lilian Duranzo & Antonio Blancas+ Tracey Elligan Leticia Espinosa & Mateo Galvez+ Alejandrina Estevez Don & Beth Eugenio Lucy Fan & Tommy Tram+ Eddie Ferrell, Sr.+ Cheryl Flores Maricela Flores+ Melissa & Philip Franklin Daina Furuya Vianey Garcia+ Lidya Garduno+ Jack Godshall Hanna Goldschmidt Sarah & Bill Good Frederic C. Goodwill Courtney & Briellen Griffin+ Emily & Roger Grimes Rose Guallpa+ Maria Gutierrez+ Gabriela & Carlos Guzman+ William Hanger Ryan Hannon & Craig Hyland Tracey Harris+ Sandra & Burns Derrell Hart Ferha Hasan+ Carey & Adam Hecktman Cruz Hernandez+ Maria Hernandez+ Rose Herrara+ Linda Hogan & Patrick Morrison Alpachino Hogue Patricia & Christopher Horsch Lizhen Hu+ Esther Hudson+ Angelica Jacinto+ Cathie & Ashok Jagasia Anna D. Johnson, Cohort 4*


Briana Jones+ Blanca Juanacio+ Leisha Julion+ Dijana Kadic Jenny Khuc+ Lorna & Brian King+ Sophia & Alan King Shona Glink Kitei Thaw Kji & Say Htoo+ Ashiyrah Knight & Jose Torres-Carinora+ Afrodite Koungoulos, Cohort 20* Alexis & John Krenzke Katherine E. Kurtzman Maribel Landa & Juan Suastegui+ Kate Later Meng Lei+ Yanyuan Li & Rihong Zhou+ Maricela Lozano+ Pei Zhen Ma+ Augustina Macias+ Leo Maldonado Maria Mandeville+ Mary & Melvin Marks Angelica Martinez+ Elizabeth Martinez+ Brigitte Massuka & Joao Goncalves KeShaun McKnight+ Elida Mendoza+ Beatriz & Jorge Merlos+ Claire & James Meyers Krista & Rick Meyers Bettina & Mark Michaels Wendelyn L. Mitchell Gill Tiffany Montley+ Adolfina Morales Lakesha Nettles-Bey Rose Nguyen+ Kate Nicholls Sinchie & Emmanuel Nwabudike+ Katie O’Dea & Daniel McKee Marissa Oliver+ Heidi Ortolaza-Alvear, Cohort 10* & Andres Alvear Manuel Osornio Ute Otley Brigitte Ozzello Kieran Palmer-Klein Preshka Patel+

HONOR ROLL Dani Perea, Cohort 15* Paty Perea-Wekerle, Cohort 11* & Nathan Wekerle Genoveva Perez & Jose Llamas+ Irene Perez+ Minh Thi Pham & Van Hai Nguyen+ Nikita Phillips+ Janice T. Piolet Carolina Policarpo+ Blase & Lauren Polite Martina & Juan Portales+ Rosa Quiroz+ Rosalinda & Sergio Razo+ Ann & Marc Reinisch Lynn & Jim Reinmann Anne & John Reppy Imelda Resuello & Ronald Sayco+ Elva Reyes+ Daria & Robb Rickett Yazmina & Martin Rincon+ Gloria & Ernesto Rionaula+ Gina & Alejandro Rodriguez Norma Rodriguez+ Yair Rodriguez Amada Roman+ Adelaida Rosales+ Silvia Rosas+ Kris Sabel Maria Salazar & Juan Rodriguez+ Sara & Neal Salzman Dr. David & Nancy Sarne Lidia & Juan Sanchez+ Abigail & Charles Sarpong Michele Seidl & Neil Shubin Rainy & Todd Showalter Chelsea & James Smith Gina & Jeffrey Smith Louise K. Smith Mechell Smith+ Maria Soberanis+ Sue & Joseph Solari Rick Sorra & Scott Fech Andrea & Scott Stacy Dana Suskind Jennie Swift & Lindley Canonigo+ Linh Tat & Do Tran+ Leticia Tellez+ Eric Terman Janice Thomas-Wiley

Maria & Jose Rafael Tlapa+ Amparo Toro & Guillermo Lopez+ Gloria Tovar+ Madira Troya & Desi Irizarry Phun Tu+ Sadia Usman+ Diane Van Hoof Amelia Velasquez & Jose Soto+ Loretta Wawrzyniak+ Matthew Wendorf Arnelly Williams David Williams Carolyn and Jeff Winick Reggie Yamat+ Nicole Young+ Zhikun Zhang+ Li Shi Zheng+ Larecia Ziegler+ IN-KIND SUPPORTERS Jason DeSanto Francis W. Parker School Latin School of Chicago SPLASH Media University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

High Jump Alumni * High Jump Family Contributions +

Every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of contributions received between July 2014 and June 2015. However, if you do see an error in your listing, please call 312-582-7700 so that we may correct our records.




BOARD OF TRUSTEES CHAIR Priscilla Kersten IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIR Vincent Cozzi VICE CHAIR Tim Friedman SECRETARY Nicholas K. Pontikes TREASURER John G. Levi Diana Aixalá Omid G. Bañuelos Katie Barber Bill Barker DD Danforth Burlin Sally Carton

Sarah Cogswell Patricia Cox Randall Dunn Charles S. Gofen Arla Gomberg Shelley Greenwood Tom Hinkes Mariana Ingersoll Anna D. Johnson Erik King Deneese Walia Levin Sonya Malunda Nicole Mann Thomas Meyers Langdon D. Neal Annmarie Neumeier Philip Nevels Georgy Ann Peluchiwski Adrienne Banks Pitts

Naomi Reese D’Rita Robinson Scott B. Rose Diane Saltoun Carolyn Saper Todd A. Smith Sara Ray Stoelinga Errett Van Nice Tina Wardrop TRUSTEES EMERITI Richard J. Almeida Paula H. Crown Frank Hogan Eleanor Nicholson Richard E. Rothkopf Robin Loewenberg Tebbe

ALUMNI COUNCIL Omid Bañuelos, Cohort 10 Jax Chaudhry, Cohort 13 Gina Chen, Cohort 13

Anna Johnson, Cohort 4 Amina Nevels, Cohort 5 Phil Nevels, Cohort 5

Heidi Ortolaza-Alvear, Cohort 10 Brian Packer, Cohort 7 Haj Young, Cohort 1

STAFF Lee Hart, Executive Director Jax Chaudhry Cohort 13 Alumna, Executive & Program Assistant Alexis Krenzke Grants and Prospect Research Manager Chrissy Lewis Campus Director - Francis W. Parker School Kate Later Special Events and Communications Manager

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High Jump Annual Report 2014-2015  

High Jump is a two-year academic enrichment program for middle school students who have exhibited academic ambition and potential and who ar...

High Jump Annual Report 2014-2015  

High Jump is a two-year academic enrichment program for middle school students who have exhibited academic ambition and potential and who ar...