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trav el · stor y Where do you personally love to travel to when you get time off? Good question! I make my husband nervous when I say ‘I’ve booked a trip…!’ Generally, I book trips on the whim and have not researched the destination! I like the notion of the unknown! Living in Singapore, I am lucky that I can be anywhere in Southeast Asia in less than 3 hours! For long-weekend trips I like to stay in Southeast Asia, I am about to embark on a trip to Borneo for five days staying at an eco-luxe resort, a random last minute getaway! I just want to disconnect and hang in the jungle with the orangutans! My husband and I try to take longer holidays in the northern hemisphere for winter– just so we can get a dose of the cold for two weeks! Living in Singapore, you do miss the seasons! In the last 12 months, we have been from London to Amsterdam and Berlin to Miami, Bahamas and Istanbul, Koh Samui, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, Maldives and I have gifted myself an uber-luxe trip to Morocco in November, once the residence officially opens! I have noticed, as I get older and being ‘connected 24/7’ , I am drawn to places that have limited to no WIFI access! I am completely in tune with disconnecting from technology! This is a bit of a challenge for my husband to embrace! Don’t think just do, live your life your way, everything is possible and only you can make it happen. It took me a long time to understand that my job is a job and I should not let it dictate my life, and I should let MY life dictate how I work. If you need a break, do not fight it, take time to recharge – it will be better for you personally and professionally in the end!

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