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A collaboration for a good cause written by Stefani Thrasyvoulou, Hanna Moedder, photography provided by Monique Romanowski

Mega-chains and high-street brands are typically based on the “fast fashion” principle, launching micro-frequent collections to entice new and existing shoppers to “buy now”. Because of this, trends come and go faster than one can follow. But whilst playing around with ever-changing styles of fashion can be fun, it certainly comes at a cost. The majority of shoppers buy cheap clothes and then don’t think twice about tossing them aside when the next new thing is marketed in their direction. This, of course, leads to unnecessary waste and pollution, whilst simultaneously the seller feels the need to sell or “get rid off ” these new lines with competitive prices and discounts, driving down wages and standards. As a conscious consumer, sometimes it simply feels great to really purchase something that is sure to last you a lifetime. Snazzy, an independent emerging brand from London, has made slow, fair-trade fashion their mission, recently collaborated with MOD by Monique, the German fashion and lifestyle blogger. They teamed up to tell the story of Snazzy’s new belt bag, The Aziza, made with salvaged Italian luxury leather and handwoven Berber rug by skilled artisans in Morocco. Here they share the insight into how they worked together.

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