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Summer dressing in the city is a challenge to most of us women, who don't permanently live in a coastal city. That holy grail that is the perfect marriage between flattering, comfortable styles and occasion appropriateness goes completely off kilt. For one, it is as practically impossible to look professional in spaghetti straps at the office, as it is to not overheat in a pant suit. Of course the (too) easy answer has always been the short-sleeved sheath dress, but is it really possible to wear the same style day in and day out without it starting to eat into your daily joy de vivre? We all need something a little more sartorially exciting to get us out of bed and onto to the daily grind when, if the truth is said, all we actually want to do is sit in the sun sipping a chilled drink all day. That's when the silk blouse comes in... Eternally chic, universally flattering and the most ergonomic of all fabrics - cool in the heat and warm in the cold. And there is not one occasion that comes to mind when the silk blouse has been unable to save the day. High-low perfection with jeans on the weekends. Classic and professional with a tailored pair of trousers. Chic and ultra-feminine with a pencil skirt. Off the beaten track with a long pleated skirt for events. There are some pointers worth mentioning though: Not all silk is made the same, so do not cut corners by buying the cheaper versions, as they will not last or hold its allure past the first two wears. Always invest in the best quality silk your money can buy. And beware there will be dry cleaning bills - I have learnt the hard way that no silk will ever look as beautiful again if washed, not even by hand and in cold water. Only dry cleaning will keep its lustre.

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