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For the love of art with Ennigaldi

interview by Karolina Barnes, photography provided by Ennigaldi

The story of the London-based luxury accessories label, Ennigaldi, started in 2013 in an East London recording studio when Gabriel Theuring and Martin McCusker met. Gabriel was an art lover and collector who had been studying Bespoke Tailoring at the University of the Arts London while Martin had been working in the music industry and was the lead singer and guitarist in a well-known East London Underground Metal band. Despite the differences in their disciplines, it quickly became clear that both of them shared a love of art and design, as well as an appreciation for beauty and craftsmanship. Soon a plan unfolded to launch a brand that would merge a love of art with craftsmanship and here they share their journey so far. What has got you through your journey so far? Martin: A lot of coffee and hard work! And, thankfully the support of a great team. Gabriel: After taking the initial steps towards our vision, I just have to say that now it's becoming a real job. Something that we do every day and the workload never stops. Martin: Yes, there is a list of tasks to complete every day, every week and every month… and we just have to keep going and not get overwhelmed. Gabriel: Yes, probably that’s the main thing that has got us to where we are now… persistence and the drive to never give up. We learned a lot by trial and error and still have the persistence and belief in the vision. What has led you to the idea of designing leather bags? What was the inspiration or trigger? Gabriel: Ennigaldi as a brand was based on a love of art from the beginning. It is all about combining art and fashion and giving a person a piece of wearable art. Handbags seemed a great versatile vehicle to start with. Also, the great thing about a bag is that it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are… One bag can fit everyone. Martin: Exactly. A handbag is a blank canvas. For our first collection, we looked at the art and architecture of Ancient Babylon for inspiration and applied that to classic contemporary shapes. We try to keep our styles timeless but interesting. And in future, we will look to different periods for inspiration.

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