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fashion · designer stor y I’m passionate to design and handcraft pieces that exude elegance with earthy & cultural sensibilities mixed with beautiful coloured precious stones, expressing a sense of romance and adventure. I use precious metals for accessible luxury. Each collection is inspired by a travel destination I’ve been to, transforming my experiences into original designs, making them wearable keepsakes. The pieces are unique in its story and meaning it holds. I derive my original designs from what I saw and felt such as colours, cultural inspirations, architecture and more! The pieces create a connection between myself and the wearer, who brings the piece to life. I love the fact that what I’ve created inspires the wearer to feel beautiful, confident and helps them to connect with their own life stories of love, travel and achievements. They also have a distinct style with an organic textured feel, colourful gemstones and a feminine yet strong look. The benefit is that you know who is behind the brand, who creates the pieces. Authenticity is important to my business. My customers are women who dare to stand out from the crowd, are sophisticated, mindful and express their own individuality and free spirit. They appreciate colour, original designs that are not trend-led, craft and value the story behind every piece, as it resonates with their own values. They often tell me the pieces they wear make them feel like being a part of them. It inspires them to travel and just feel beautiful, confident and feminine with an edge. The statement pieces have often served as an ice-breaker for storytelling at social gatherings and this makes them feel seen and heard. They love the organic textured look & feel, it’s delicate feminine essence yet it is strong and lightweight. As a creative at the beginning, it’s the business side that was challenging - wearing so many hats as a sole owner! It surely never was boring and I met so many people that were willing to help. I’ve learned so much during that time, it helped me define a clearer vision and my future goals. In future, I look forward to working with loyal customers, having a wonderful team, sharing my vision, and new exciting collections and collaborations! My other plans I keep a secret for now!

CREDITS: Scarf: Bianca Elgar | @biancaelgar | Dress: Elaine Bernstein | @elainebernstein | Model: @AllegraAmanda

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