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From graphic design to jewellery with Victoria von Stein written by Victoria von Stein, photography by Anna Stathaki

My journey so far has been challenging and a big learning curve, professionally and personally but fulfilling! From a young age, I always knew I would have a creative career in design, and my intention was to earn a living while doing what I loved. Having worked as a graphic designer in design agencies for 10 years and going through some personal life challenges, I was looking for a new path where I could create something meaningful. I always had an admiration for craftsmanship and after visiting a country fair show in England, I was inspired to take jewellery-making classes as a hobby in London to get back into what I used to enjoy doing as a child. While still working full-time, I trained for two years in jewellery craftsmanship at City Lit college where I learned traditional silversmithing techniques. I was fascinated by the process, and how I was able to create a beautiful piece from rough metals into a stunning jewellery piece.

It felt very rewarding! It grew from a hobby into a small side business and I started to sell on markets and to family and friends. I was curious about how to build a business, too. As I was hungry for information, I took an online business class for creatives in evenings. I wanted to give myself the time to reflect, research and build upon my skills while having the financial stability and learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur and to test my designs and products. I recommend this to anyone who is thinking of starting their own business as it avoids stress and overwhelm, one step at a time.

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