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Launching a new brand is notoriously challenging, how did you go about it? From concept to launch tell us a little about your journey and how you avoided the pitfalls that trip up so many start-ups? It is challenging launching a brand, I have had a lot of setbacks along the way but I have learnt to be resilient and determined and to go with my gut feeling. When I launched my first fabric collection ‘Kibris’, I soon realised that I had been so caught up in designing that I had neglected to promote my work enough. I learnt that you can have a great product and a fab website but if you don’t get yourself out there then no one will know what you are doing. It is a constant task on my to-do list to promote my work but social media is such a great tool for this. What I have learnt from my journey is; realise your vision and go with it, be confident in your execution and others will love it too. Your style is refreshingly unique and very specific to Sophia Frances, how would you describe it? I would say that my style is bold, playful and energetic. My love affair with mark-making and watercolour has always been a theme running throughout my work. I have over time developed a playful painterly style where you can always see my hand in my work, it gives me a sense of freedom in this style of expressive work. When I first started producing patterns, I always felt that I should try and keep my designs simple and minimal but as I have evolved as a designer, I have come to realise that it is just not me. I have to be authentic to my vision and what feels right. I am ultimately a maximalist at heart, more is always more in my eyes. What is your latest collection and what can we look forward to seeing in the future? I am currently working on my new collection of pattern designs called ‘Perfectly Imperfect’. These will be available to purchase on my website in late summer as art prints, fabrics and accessories. I have also been lucky enough to have collaborated with a few small brands recently on some exciting childrenswear projects, getting in touch with my inner child and deliberately producing childlike work was so much fun. I have a few more exciting collaborations coming up soon which include designing a ceramics collection. I am also working towards exhibiting at a design exhibition next year, that's if I can fit it all in? Watch this space!

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