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Welcome! This week is one of the most important of the year for our staff and supporters as we take joy in celebrating our participants’ many achievements with their friends, family and volunteers. We are delighted that you have decided to join us for these very special days. Whether riding, driving or working on the ground with a horse, each participant is eager to share the things they have learned throughout the year. We invite you to enjoy the very special haven that is High Hopes while you watch horses, volunteers and participants demonstrate the bonds they have formed. I would also like to take a moment to recognize all of our sponsors whose generous support all year round makes the work that we do here at High Hopes possible. Thank you for sharing in this moment and for the help and support you give to our participants

and to our staff. If we can make your visit more enjoyable or you have questions, please feel free to reach out to any staff member. Enjoy your day at High Hopes!!

Kitty Stalsburg Executive Director

welcome to our

participants, volunteers, families

& friends

Reception Area Welcome Table


Bake Sale, Tea Cup Raffle High Hopes Pride, (branded merchandise) Indoor Viewing Area Information Desk (volunteering, upcoming events & more)


Class demonstrations Legacy Garden Winner’s Circle Photo Station

during your visit

& for your

safety and the safety of our horses

& participants

* please refrain from using flash photography * * be mindful of loud noises during class or in the barn area * * please wear appropriate footwear in the barn* *don’t hand feed the horses* *please do ask staff for help*

Enjoy the Show

Thank you to our Winners' Circle Sponsors, Acer Gardens of Deep River (860) 526-9056

A barn is a sanctuary in an unsettled world. A sheltered place where life’s true priorities are clear, when you take a step back. It’s not just about horses, it’s about Love, Life and Learning. Love You! Mom, Dad, Gramma M, Pappa & Gramma

Great Job Jonathan Love Daddy, Mommy, Grandma, Grandad, Nonna & Poppy

Horses & Humans High Hopes participants have worked very hard to accomplish the goals established with them at the start of the semester. Below are some activities you might observe during Horse Show Days.

Equitation Riders will demonstrate effective position and use of natural aids to ride in harmony with their horse. Equitation classes may consist of review of the different gaits and riding positions, dressage tests or patterns, or other activities that showcase partnership with the horse and the promotion of independence in riding skills.

Trail Course Navigating an obstacle course on horseback can be quite the test of horsemanship skills whether in the arena or on the trail! Riders must pay close attention as the instructor provides direction on the sequence of obstacles and what is required of them at each obstacle. Whether circling around a barrel, weaving in and out of cones, demonstrating their half-seat position for balance, or steering their horse over ground poles, obstacle courses test the relationship of horse and rider.

Carriage Driving Carriage driving provides a mental challenge similar to riding, and the experience of working in harmony with a horse while learning an equine skill. Driving is another excellent avenue for socializing with the team. Navigating a numbered course of cones is a test of driving precision used in many competitive driving events.

Equine Learning Program (ELP) Each ELP participant works with a staff member and Volunteer Coach and follows a weekly curriculum designed to assist them in gaining a better understanding and knowledge of horses including – working safely with and around horses, how to feed, groom and saddle a horse, signs of illness or injury, the various breeds, markings and colors and much more! ELP participants have created special presentations to demonstrate their knowledge and showcase areas of particular interest to them in working with the horses.

All High Hopes classes provide opportunities for positive social interaction and reinforcement of appropriate behaviors. That’s the magic of therapeutic riding and equine activities – the horse provides the motivation, we sneak in extra benefits!



Each year, our volunteers and participants vote for their favorite horse to be selected as the High Hopes’ Horse of the Year. This year the winner, by a landslide, was Oliver! Oliver is always a crowd favorite and is as sweet as his coat color: “Chocolate Palomino”. Congratulations Oliver!


High Hopes’

Horse of the Year

Horse Summer Camp for All Ages * 3 - 12 * Sign up today!

Summer Camp 2018 Fully inclusive all abilities welcome Week 1 - ages 3-6 June 25 - June 28 Week 2 - ages 7-12 July 9 - July 12 Week 3 - ages 3-6 July 16 - July 19 Week 4 - ages 7-12 July 23 - July 26 Week 5 - ages 4-12 July 30 - August 2

Activities include: Daily riding lessons Gymnastics on horseback Carriage driving Daily grooming and tacking Arts and crafts Contact: Sarah Carlson Summer Camp Director call: 860-434-1974 x115 36 Town Woods Road Old Lyme, CT 06371

All abilities welcome!

welcome to the

Legacy Society The Legacy Society provides a way to recognize the very generous benefactors who have made plans to benefit High Hopes mission with a planned gift. While personal and family obligations should always come first, a planned gift to High Hopes is a simple way to create an enduring legacy.

would you like to

Buy-a-Brick? Located next to Hartman Pond is the beautiful Legacy Garden. Throughout the garden are bricks memorializing the names of individuals who made a bequest to High Hopes in the past as well as honoring individuals who have joined our Legacy Society. Your gift can also be made in honor or memory of a family member, friend or cherished pet. The stone will be inscribed with that information, thereby providing a lasting memorial and long-term financial support for High Hopes. Contact Sara Qua, 860.434.1974 x 122 for more information.

Riders & Families - Enjoy Your Day Walk On!! Marcia & Roger M. Smith

Best wishes

Linda & Dwight Juliani Congratulations Dominique!

You did a great job this past year.


Thank you to everyone who has helped make Horse Show Days such a wonderful celebration.

Another terrific year Well done Diane! Love from Mum, Gary & Blessing!

Good Luck Jacob! Love, Mom & Dad

Congratulations to "Team Sahara"

Sarah, Pam & Kris on getting Sarah back on a horse! Love from Mom & Dad

Thank You! Congratulations To All The Riders! From


Enjoy! Horse Show Days!

Becky Rossof

Matthew, Andrew & James, all of you still have the Super Powers! Love you Jim & Bert

Congratulations to all of our participants and a huge THANK YOU to all our volunteers, staff & supporters.

Geri, Kitty & Rob

meet the herd

Adopt-A-Horse What better way to show how much you and your family care about the horses your participants work with than to “Adopt-A-Horse”? No need to worry about pasture or a stall, snow or rain, vacations or vet’s fees. Adopt-A-Horse and High Hopes’ wonderful team of volunteers and staff will take care of all of that. You get to see your horse regularly, receive updates and pictures and most importantly, know that you are supporting our wonderful participants and programs.

our herd

Aladdin Axle Baby Bella Blessing Buddy

Candy Charmer Chip Fanny Gavin Gracie

Jazz Latino Neon Nifty Oliver Petra

Smokey Summer Taylor Teddy Val Vixen

YES I would like to Adopt-A-Horse $41.66/month or pay for a year please let us know which horse you would like to adopt, or whether we should choose one for you.

Your Details















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would you prefer to pay by

















we accept AMEX but as their charges are 3.5%, we would kindly ask you if you would also cover the fees to help your money go further in our programs.



Name on Card:_______________________________





Card Number:________________________________ Expiration: _______________CVC:_______________







Yes ¨ (please let us know for how long)







(please print)

Credit Card ¨ or Check ¨

Please make checks payable to High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc. and mail them to 36 Town Woods Road, Old Lyme, CT 06371 or hand them to Diana Artiles, Karena Garrity or Lesley Olsen.

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Signature:___________________________________ Would you like to make this an annual “adoption”? for__________ years

High Hopes is an internationally recognized Therapeutic Riding Center serving over 1,674 individuals with physical, emotional or cognitive disabilities. We provide mounted and unmounted programs for children, adults and veterans. We invite you and your family to get involved as participants, volunteers, donors or by joining us for our June Gala.

Horses & Humans Improving Lives

HIGH HOPES JUNE GALA is an elegant evening of Dining, Dancing & Dedication to our Mission


it is

This advertisement has been generously sponsored by Onstage Publications Inc.

participate - volunteer - donate or call 860.434.1974



Please Reserve:

Your Information:

Benefactor Ticket(s) $500


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I / We are unable to attend How sweet it is, but enclosed is a tax-deductible donation of $

Please make your checks payable to High Hopes Therapeutic Riding. Reservations received by May 25, 2018 will be listed in the event program. Amounts over $75 per ticket are considered a charitable contribution. If you have any questions regarding the gala, please contact Karena Garrity at High Hopes, (860) 434 -1974 x119, or email

thank you to your

Show Patrons Anonymous Jennifer Curley Deborah Welles, CPA Pucudatm, Inc.

and your

Show Sponsors Marcia & Roger Smith Kitty Stalsburg & Robert Hageman

Hi Josh Keep up the good work You’re a great boy from your friend, Jeannie West

Good Luck To All Participants!

Proud to Support High Hopes Horse Show Days

Deborah A. Welles Certified Public Accountant 83 Halls Road, Suite 202C PO Box 992 Old Lyme, CT 06371 860-434-8905 ď ˇ

Dear Bella,

g about you My favorite thin sensitive and is that you are me! You are you understand e I have ever my favorite hors ridden! all you have Thank you for done for me. Love, James

Dear Taylor, You are one of the sweetest horses I ha ve ever met. I am alw ays happy to see you and you are alway s ready to have me ride you. You are also ver y easy to work with and are very calm and happy. I love you and am happy to be your ri der! Love, Matthew

Dear Teddy,

ay. I look id r F y m f o t h You are the lig g you. forward to seein I love you. t and You are the bes o Love, Xox Andrew Let's ride!

Matthew, Andrew & James, you bring us our greatest joy. We know High Hopes has done this for you! Enjoy your day, enjoy the ride and we will enjoy watching. Love, Mom, Dad, Mimi, Grandma and Papa


Maris Wacs

We are so proud of you Dominique. A big thank you to Bob, Howard and all the volunteers who make it possible.

Congratulations to Andrea and Peter for a great year at High Hopes! We are so proud of you! Mom and Elise

thank you to A gala to benefit



Show Supporters Judith Cohen Irene DeBernado Howard Margules Jim & Bert Gleason Matthew & Kathryn Gregory Inge Hieret Johanne Mangi Christopher & Carolyn Marra Kathy Peters Janet Plummer


The Smith Family Maris Wacs

Congratulations to all of the participants & volunteers

Inge Hieret


Graduation “Mac� Blessing, Pam, Sarah, and Lauren your Carriage Driving Team


thank you to your

Show Friends


Katherine Brown Sarah Hill Canning Sandy Joyce Dwight & Linda Juliani Janice Lehrman Christopher & Jessica Marston Liz & Peter Popinchalk Becky Rossof Saybrook Country Barn Jeannie West

to all our School Groups & Social Service Agencies and THANK YOU to all your teachers & support staff

The High Hopes Program Team Good Job Josh! Thank you Aoife, Nifty and Miss Marie!

Good Job Allie and Gracie! We are so proud of you!

Congratulations to the participants of the 2018 Horse Show Days especially Matthew, Andrew and James!!! Ride with Pride and enjoy the show!!! Best Wishes Sandy

Thank You! to all my friends at High Hopes Therese

We are SO proud of you Lauren!!! Many thanks to the High Hopes Staff, Volunteers and of course, the horses. The Smith Family

thank you to our dedicated



Barbara Abrams Diana Artiles Tomi Beck Trudy Burgess Erin Cardea Sarah Carlson Patti Coyle Sarah Crisp Imanol Echeverria Megan Ellis Lauren Fitzgerald Karena Garrity Rachel Golden Liesl Grigerek Carolyn Jagielski Anna Lennard Marie Manero Laura Moya Lesley Olsen Juanita Paris Anne Peterson Sara  Qua Kitty Stalsburg Holly Sundmacker Stephanie Trafka Amy Tripson Carrie Wind

Jane Bolles John Catlett Sarah Hill Canning Hannah Metcalf Childs James Scott Douglas Mark Fader Katherine Gibson Laura Giordano Jacqueline Kangley Laurie LaTerza Todd Machnik Margaret “Mac” Mummert Vicki Newton Jeffrey Ridgway Andrew L. Russell Robin Schonberger Seymour Smith Peter Watt Deborah Welles Barbara Willkens

“There is something about the outside of a horse, that is good for the inside of a man.”

The Equus Effect at High Hopes a program just for veterans

“I learned things about myself and my wife that I hadn't even thought of. There's something about the space those horses created that allowed me to understand things in a way I never did. When we left, we were able to talk about so much stuff without getting upset.” - a US Army Veteran

WHAT? A peer-to-peer program which meets you wherever your are on your journey back to life at home, work and school. Our facilitators, horses and a maximum of eight vets work as a team to rebuild healthy relationships with their families & communities. This program is run by PATH Intl. Advanced and Equine Specialist in Mental Health Instructors and accredited by The Equus Effect. Grounded in the principals of natural horsemanship, it also includes need-appropriate onsite clinical support. Our four to five-session curriculum is designed to introduce the principles of natural horsemanship as a way to help Vets regain the trust, respect and willingness to collaborate, with those that they live and work with. We and our equine partners demonstrate the power of using finesse vs. force and cooperation vs. control.

Winston Churchill



Anyone who wants to learn to:

◆ Build emotional and mental resilience ◆ Sleep better

◆ Think more clearly

◆ Increase self-awareness ◆ Set healthy boundaries

◆ Communicate more effectively

◆ Experience the true power which comes with finesse not force ◆ Find a sense of peace

June 20 – July 25 (no July 4)

Aug 1 – Aug 22 (4 weeks only)

See your counselor at the VetCenter or contact Megan (860) 434-1974 or email to sign up

◆ Improve family relationships

WHERE? Veterans Programs in partnership with the Equus Effect and Norwich Veterans Center.

36 Town Woods Rd,. Old Lyme, CT 06371 P.O.C: Megan Ellis 860.434.1974 x 116

thank you to your

Class Sponsors Yasmin De Souza The Edwards Family Betsy Klarman Guy O’Brien Cynthia Palmer Salon Pure Linda & Gary Rogers Sharon Russo

GREAT WORK Keep it Up!

Johanne Mangi

Overabove believes wholeheartedly in the power of therapeutic riding to improve lives. We are proud to provide communication strategy and planning to help High Hopes further its mission.



We love being connected to High Hopes. It’s another way energy brings us together. Eversource is proud of our commitment to the youth-at-risk programs at High Hopes—where interaction with horses paired with team-building activities often creates life-changing results. 36 Town Woods Road Old Lyme, CT 06371

High Hopes Horse Show Days 2018  

Welcome to Horse Show Days

High Hopes Horse Show Days 2018  

Welcome to Horse Show Days