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Vincent Lott “Just Like My Father”

When Vincent Lott sings “Just Like My Father”, then it is no doubt that he is a “true worshipper”. He is a man who truly worships the Father in spirit and in truth.

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“inspiring hope and seasoning faith”

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Sweet E’s Cakes

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5 | JANUARY 2 0 1 3 Are you interested in excelling in life? As a Life Coach I partner with my clients during this journey. So, what exactly is a Life Coach? A Life Coach partners with an individual to help them attain clarity, awareness and take action on his or her goals in life. Through this process, the client can achieve goals and dreams never before realized. I welcome:

As a result of coaching, I’ve personally experienced accelerated goal attainment, clarity of purpose and increased confidence and self-assurance. I am so excited to have found the career and business of my dreams to help others reach their full potential. If you know someone who you think would benefit from coaching, perhaps even yourself, I am happy to provide a complimentary consultation. Location is not an issue. Life coaching can be via telephone or Skype. For more information or for a complimentary session, please send me an email at

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Merry Christmas DeNeen Attard

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Prosperous New Year From Daigre Educational Teams, LLC

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Alexis Johnson Miss Lakeshore 2012

HOLIDAYS: Peace or Chaos by DeNeen K. Attard 15

Christmas is for Children

by Sonja Summers 21

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HEALTHY LIVING Training with AdrianB…TAKE by Adrian Brumfield


FINE ARTS & CULTURE Stop the Violence 20 Collection of Poetry by Sean A. Daigre, Jr. 23 Winter Joy 24 Thumbnails 25 The Minds, the Mystery, and Mercy 25 A Shooting Star 26 The Color of My Skin 3

FEATURE STORIES Alexis Johnson: Miss Lakeshore 2012 18 Vincent Lott: Just Like My Father by Regina M. Daigre 27

INSIDE EVERY ISSUE From the Publisher … Tis the Season… to Give the “Gift of Forgiveness” 13 Marriage Dynamics by Sean A. Daigre, Sr. 33

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Dr. Regina M. Daigre is the founder and CEO of Daigre Educational Teams, LLC known as DET Success since January 2009. The mission of Daigre Educational Teams is to be a transformational team of professionals dedicated to providing digital solutions for businesses. We are a network of friends that share one common principle—“we’re teaming up for your success”. Whether you are looking for publishing, productions, eLearning services, or training, DET will help your business produce actionable strategies to achieve personal and professional goals ultimately leading to success. Daigre holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This degree is accompanied by a Specialist in Educational Technology from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana, a Masters in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s in Business Education both from Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has more than 17 years of experience in secondary and higher education with certifications in business, computer science and educational leadership. She resides with her husband Sean, Sr. of 22 years in southern metropolitan Atlanta. They have two sons, Sean, Jr., a high school senior; and, Jared, a seventh grader. For more information, visit

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Tis the Season to give the Gift of Forgiveness By Dr. Regina M. Daigre

One of the most precious gifts one can give during the holiday season is the gift of forgiveness. It’s a priceless gift but can only be given by those who are free from the bondage of unforgiveness. Forgiveness is the act of releasing someone who has offended you. Sometimes this can be a difficult journey. Most injured people may say something like this, “You really do not know what that person did to me”. The difficulty of forgiveness is “locked up” in hurt and pain. People struggle with forgiveness because of past hurt and pain. Now, when you have pain in your body do you struggle with the pain or do you go to the medicine cabinet and look for something to relieve the pain? Do you like holding on to pain or do you prefer to release the pain? Forgiveness is a medicine that releases you from a lifetime of regret. Forgiveness is a medicine that grants access to God’s great love. Forgiveness demonstrates that you are a responsible person. You take responsibility for your own actions. Forgiveness releases you as prisoner in your own mind while unforgiveness contaminates the soul. Forgiveness towards others opens the door for God to forgive you of your sins and to open the well of purity and sanctification. God will cleanse you and set you apart to release potential in your life so that you can impact the lives of others. Unforgiveness closes the well of potential. You cannot get any work done when you’re harboring unforgiveness. Forgiveness benefits you. Do it for your own sake even as God forgives you for his own sake. Forgiveness demonstrates love that is greater than the transgression. Forgiveness

grants access to God’s mercy, grace, riches, and glory. Develop a strategy to forgive. Start with an apology, a true intent to forgive. Then, accept responsibility for your actions by identifying a strategy to make it right and never repeat the offense again. This last part, “developing a strategy to make it right and never repeat the offense again” is often omitted during the process. Therefore, the process of forgiveness is never fully implemented. Always have a plan to avoid repeating the wrong action. This will keep you free from the bondage of unforgiveness. Remember, when we forgive others, God will forgive us of our transgressions. Open and honest communication with God about yourself leads to a spiritual bath in the blood of Jesus. It leads to purity. You go in dirty, but you come out clean. Forgiveness allows God to create a new you. God is the manufacturer. He created you. Therefore, only God has the ability, power, and equipment to change you. Only God can upgrade you. Only God can promote you. When there is a defect in the product, the safest place to return the product is to the manufacturer. Why? It is because he built the product. He knows the purpose and functionality of the product. Unforgiveness is a defect that prevents you from operating at your full potential. Return the defective product to your manufacturer. Forgiveness protects your dreams. Forgiveness releases God’s plan for you that includes a new hope and a bright future. Forgiveness unlocks the door to a loving God. He is waiting to pour out compassion upon you. He will put your sins and iniquities in the lowest part of the sea, where there is no more access to your past sins. Forgiveness puts distance between you and your sin.


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by DeNeen K. Attard

Christmas: chaos or joy? The change begins with you.

The Christmas Holiday season can bring either joy or chaos depending on how prepared you are for the occasion. Rather than viewing Christmas as a swirling vortex that sucks you in and renders you powerless, take back your power by focusing on what’s really important to you and not the commercialized version of Christmas. When you hone in the one or two things that makes this time of year important to you and eliminate the list of meaningless things that you do, you will find that some of the chaos begins to fade away.

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Holidays: Peace or Chaos (continued)

This may sound too good and too easy to be true but with a little planning it can happen. You have the power to choose which emotion you will experience not only this holiday season but in every situation and with everyone. Yes, that includes the inlaws, annoying relatives, petty friends, demanding bosses, annoying coworkers, and loved ones with good intentions. To gain a jump start and reclaim the joy of the holiday season take some time to create an action plan. To help get your creative juices flowing consider your answers to the following questions:

1. What do you want? 2. What’s holding you back from experiencing the joy of the holiday? 3. What is contributing to the chaos you experience and how can you eliminate or minimize its impact? 4. What will it cost you if you don’t make any changes? 5. What is the most meaningful action you could take now? 6. What support systems can you put in place to ensure your success? Learning is defined as a change in behavior. You haven’t learned a thing until you take action and use it. -- Ken Blanchard and Don Shula


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Sweet E’s Cakes About Ericka Thompson Ericka Thompson is a multi-talented woman who has a primary desire to make people happy using her unique gifts and talents to decorate & design cakes. With a Master’s in Instructional Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Science, Thompson blends her technological skills coupled with family and consumer science expertise to deliver not only tasty treats but beautiful decorated sweets. Sweet E’s Cakes, is Thompson’s home-based hobby and business. For your next occasion, contact “Sweet E’s Cakes” to surprise your guests or just to satisfy yourself. Please give Sweet E’s Cakes a two week notice for all requests. Contact: Sweet E’s Cakes Ask for Ms. Sweet E Cakes

Check out Sweet E’s Cakes Blog:

Like Sweet E’s Cakes on Facebook

Call 678-464-9193 Email:

Call between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (EST) Monday through Saturday. Closed on most major holidays.

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lexis Johnson Miss Lakeshore 2012

Alexis Johnson is a model for High Hopes Digital Magazine and has participated in numerous pageants since a child. Miss Johnson has volunteered to serve youth with autism, and is currently a sophomore in college. Now, let’s find out more about the beautiful young woman that has appeared in several issues of High Hopes Digital Magazine. HHDM:

JOHNSON: The diet!!!!!! I love food. Being from Louisiana, that good southern cooking can do damage to your hips. HHDM: How do you feel when you do not win? JOHNSON: If I did my best then I do not feel bad. When there is a different set of judges and on a different day, I remind myself that it may have been a different winner. HHDM: What advice would you give to other young women who desire to participate in beauty pageants? JOHNSON: It is definitely a process. You will not win every pageant but never give up especially if this is your dream.

How did you get started in beauty

pageants? JOHNSON: I started when I was a little girl but my mom is the original beauty queen of the household. She put my cousin and me in pageants. Once I started, I continued. HHDM: What keeps you grounded during the actual pageant? JOHNSON: In other words, how do you stay focused during the pageants? I pray a lot! Each and every move I make is directed by God so I trust Him to keep me focused. HHDM: What is one of your most memorable pageants? JOHNSON: When I competed in the Miss Louisiana Teen USA for the first time and made top 10. It was such a positive experience one I will never forget HHDM: Describe the preparation phase to get ready for a beauty pageant. For example, do you eat a particular diet? Do you have a fitness routine? Do you meditate? What do you do to prepare for these big events? JOHNSON: Preparing for some pageants in the past I have used fitness trainers and try to maintain a good diet which is especially hard for me. I also try to stay focused on the task at hand and that also makes my mom happy. HHDM: What is your greatest challenge to prepare for a beauty pageant?

HHDM: As Miss Lakeshore 2012, how do you plan to give back to the community? JOHNSON: My primary goal is be a pillar in the community and role model to kids on a daily basis. HHDM: Do you plan to run for Miss Louisiana again? JOHNSON: Yes, I will run for Miss Louisiana until I win and that will be very soon. HHDM: What are your plans for the future? JOHNSON: I plan to finish school and become a productive member of my community and hopefully making others around me proud in the process.


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ico Sweatt also known as “Chili Most” and his brother William Sweatt, known as “Z Most” have created a masterpiece of socially conscious music that expresses love on CD. Their vision is to change the mindset of society. CHILI MOST has captured the imagination with a timely message, in his song titled, “Stop the Violence”. It speaks to the issues of governmental wars, gang and drug wars, domestic violence and illegal guns. Like his first single release, “Fight for Your Rights”, this song speaks about fighting, but it also encourages listeners to stand up for their rights in a non-violent way. CHILI MOST gives credit in both songs to the message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who died for people’s rights but stood for non-violence. rowing up in Terre Haute, Indiana during the Civil Rights Movement and with a socially conscious mindset, Chili and Z Most learned that one man could make a difference. It’s the artist in them that mirrors the society that we live in. The name of their CD “N Love with Love” is about healing hearts, healing souls, healing relationships and ultimately healing humanity. hili and Z Most believe this is an assignment from God and a mission of obedience. The strategic plan with their International Stop the Violence Campaign is to raise society’s awareness or consciousness of the pandemic of senseless killing that is going on with our young men and women in this country. They hope to inspire our youth to stop the violence and reach their full potential. Their goal is to cut the killing by fifty percent in this country and by ten percent worldwide. In honor and in the spirit of Dr. King, on January 13, 2013, ministers from around the country and around the world will make a call to action

based on the lyrics of the theme song “Stop the Violence”. These ministers will relate stories from the Bible to transform the lives of millions. After over 250 radio interviews and more than one-hundred million listeners, Chili and Z Most have so far gained the support of the National People’s Movement, People’s Movement for Change, Mothers in Charge, NAACP, National Action Network, Justice Seekers of Texas, Nashville Peacemakers, Concerned Citizens Against Violence and other civic organizations. They believe the real enemy we face today is the lack of jobs, education, and poverty. Through music Chili and Z Most will bring love back because God is love. N’ Love With Love is the soundtrack of today and it will change the frequency and violence in people’s heart and replace it with love. Their intent is to change the mindset of the young men and women who are in the streets killing one another. More importantly, they want to change the mindset of adults and ultimately change the mindset of humanity. You can reach Chili Most at

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through the Eyes of

Children By Dr. Sonja L. Summers


year during the Christmas season,

Christians focus their holiday celebration on the birth of baby Jesus. In the same way, we should rejoice in how our children are also gifts that keep on giving. It’s difficult to deny that they operate like small sponges that soak up information and experiences in the most genuine way possible. While preparing to write this simple article about Christmas and family dynamics, I learned a valuable and unforgettable lesson from our children.

During a typical afternoon as I prepared dinner, our daughters, ages 8 and 10 were nearby finishing their homework, and I thought, maybe it would be a good idea to involve the children in the task of writing this article. We often talk together and they sometimes come up with the most unique ideas. So, I got a sheet of paper and pen and simply asked them one question:

“What do you think Christmas time really means?” Without hesitation, they began to tell me the following sentiments:      

“It’s a time when everyone like family and friends come together.” “At Christmas time people remember how much they love each other.” “It’s Jesus’ birthday celebration” “It’s fun to decorate and get around the Christmas tree and sing songs and dance.” “We like caroling around the neighborhood.” “On Christmas day, we eat the food of God.”

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(continued from page 21)

Now before you assume that these are just simple-minded things that children say, allow me to redirect your thoughts about what I learned from them that day. First of all, there was no mention of gifts or toys. Actually, I expected this to be their first response. Secondly, I love decorating for Christmas, but I did not realize that they too regarded this as an endeared family ritual. Following the death of my husband’s mother nearly eight years ago, family members began to visit our home each Christmas. Family, food, laughs, stories, movies and more is now a tradition. As I reviewed their list, I began to see that their responses seem to reflect their personal Christmas experiences.


lesson learned is that we as

parents are not perfect, but we make efforts to make life meaningful to our children. However, sometimes we do not get to view the fruit of our labor until much later in their lives. I learned that these children believe Christmas gifts are fun to give and receive also, but already at such a young age, it is not at the top of their list. I now realize that my husband and I are teaching them the value of family and friends. Even their desire to want to bring joy to others by caroling in the neighborhood, was very touching to know. Most of all, I learned what type of influence we have on our children. So, just as we celebrate the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, let us be reminded of our own miracles... our children and celebrate them as well.


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Winter joy By sean A. daigre, jr.


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The Minds, the Mystery, and Mercy By Sean Daigre, Jr.

Mercy is very hard to truly define, A mystery pondered by the greatest masterminds, And unless we understand how to truly open up our eyes and see That Mercy really is not such a mystery.

THUMBPRINT By Sean A. Daigre, Jr.

Explosions land their rude blasts randomly, Comets rushing down to sleep on the mystery, Open the windows of heaven, Make the entire land level, Open your eyes and behold the raucous rubble, The cacophony of sounds dims as does trouble, Rivers flow to cool the righteous heat, All life calms as if taking their seat, And as my life ends and the world becomes silent, I hope God can look down and see my magnificent‌ thumbprint.


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A SHOOTING STAR By Sean A. Daigre, Jr.

A shooting star elevates the mind. Through its fairytale like powers it spreads the mind to imagine things greater than itself and the magnificent wonder that exuberates from the sight of a shooting star seems to make all of the other existing knowledge you possess seem insignificant. A shooting star goes past your knowledge to establish a higher tier of thinking. Imagination insults common logic. It has no rules, no laws, and no boundaries. Yet, imagination has become the life of today’s society. Our lives are based on each other’s imagination, each other’s dreams, and that drives each of us to reach a higher level of peace. And this peace is reached by fulfilling as much of our imagined dreams as possible. If life existed without imagination and continued to exist without dreams, would we have any meaning? Would there be any reason to be alive if we had no imagination and no desire to reach our goals? A shooting star lives to imagine.


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Vincent Lott “Just Like My Father”

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Vincent Lott, “Just Like My Father” By Dr. Regina M. Daigre

everal years ago, I visited a local southern metropolitan church in College Park, Georgia. Our goal was to find a church that welcomed families with small children. Ultimately, we desired a church that provided three common elements that are essential to a continuous lifelong believer’s journey. They are praise, worship and the Word. As we entered the immaculate sanctuary on a cold winter day, we were greeted by cheerful attendees. After a warm greeting, we escorted our then small children down a decorated hall with a 3D Noah’s Ark theme to an area for children. It was not uncommon for the boys to see the Noah’s Ark theme because it was the theme for both of their rooms from birth. Our family made an immediate connection. Once the children were in their respective areas, my husband and I entered the sanctuary for praise, worship, and the Word. he praise and worship was highly spirited with some familiar songs. But, something was different. There was a tall slender African American gentleman that sang with an “uncommon excitement that radiated the presence of God” in the sanctuary. The passage that comes to mind is, “But the time

is coming—indeed it’s here now—when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him that way. For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth” (John 4:23-24, NIV). I can personally attest that “spirit and truth” was on the dais that day. From my perspective, spirit and truth is not an act, but a lifestyle of continuous communication with God through the indwelling of his Holy Spirit in us. That was

Click image to visit Vincent Lott on Facebook.

the first time we met Vincent Lott. Vincent is a devoted husband to Tracy Lott, the father of one son and two daughters, a singer and songwriter and is indeed “a true worshipper” who worships the Father in spirit and in truth. He is a praise and worship leader at the Body of Christ Church International, U.S.A. located in College Park, Georgia.

uring a recent interview with Lott, the Flint, Michigan native shared with High Hopes Digital Magazine his spiritual journey from accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior to the exciting release of his new album, “Just Like My Father”. Like many, Lott attended church while growing up but later as a teen chose a different direction. pon graduating from high school at 17 years old, Lott chose the military to begin his career but had a desire to be saved. He recalled telling his step mother that he wanted to be saved. She told him that God would find him. Later, while in the military, Lott was deployed to Turkey. In Lott’s words, “I knew at that point, if God would send me to Turkey, I would get saved there.

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(continued from page 28) On the first day, I met a sergeant who was a born again believer. He invited me to bible study, and I was saved my second day in Turkey”.

Singing: Skill or Gift? hen I asked the question, “When did you know singing was your gift”? , Lott gave a surprising response. He said, I never felt singing was my gift. Singing is a tool for me to get my gift across. Singing is the vehicle I use to communicate my heart to God. I work on my skill because the better the skill is, the better I will become at communicating songs.

Do you ever have the opportunity to get away and do nothing but write? incent Lott describes his songwriting as an inspiration given spontaneously by God, for all people. When asked if he ever had an opportunity to get away and do nothing but write, his response was simply, “No”. Lott candidly explained, I have to take the time and make the time. Songs come to me all the time. I sing the lyrics into my phone so I don’t lose the idea. I'll then get into a quiet place and start crafting the song. I don't always recall how I came up with the lyrics. It honestly feels like the lyrics are downloaded from heaven. I don't think my writing is just for Christians but for the world and even for other religions and cultures. On my normal job, I am a global project manager. I work with people in other countries more than I do with people in the United States. I always think globally because I work with people around the world every day. I believe God set this up to make me comfortable with other cultures and countries.

New Release: “Just Like My Father” he next naturally flowing statement was to ask Lott to tell us about the release of “Just Like My Father”. Lott humbly recanted, This has been two years in the making. God had to teach me patience and how to trust him. I feel that it's my best work. It's the best that I could possibly offer. We evaluated the demo CD, but we realized there was another level of quality we felt like we could achieve. The CD depicts a wide range of who I am, but the songs are all in the same vein. That is, loving God, trusting God, loving others and loving your family. One song, “In Your Hands”, is about my son at a time I had challenges with him. But God used that experience to birth this song. So, these are songs that are very personal and dear to me. People can relate to them. The expected release date for the CD is around March 2013. We have released the first single, “Just Like My Father” for people to become more aware of our music.

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(continued from page 29)

The Impact of Social Media Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have impacted how people communicate. We asked Lott, “How is social media being used to promote your CD,” and he echoed platforms we’re all familiar with. He says, We're using Facebook, eBlast and Twitter to introduce the song to people. I have also developed a fan page on Facebook. We’re trying to get people to connect with us and our music through social media. Lott pointed out that “quality presence” and producing a product that is “spread worthy” are important elements of successful social media campaigns. Again, we’re using this first song for people to learn about us. We want our presence to be a quality presence. We want to touch as many people as we can with the first song. Through every interaction, we want to give people an opportunity to connect and stay connected with us. We're also putting together a video, and we hope it will be powerful enough to be "spread worthy".

When Vincent Lott sings “Just Like My Father”, then it is no doubt that he is a “true worshipper”. He is a man who truly worships the Father in spirit and in truth.

Just Like My Father As previously stated, Vincent Lott embodies an “uncommon excitement that radiates the presence of God”. His songwriting comes from continuous communication with God through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. When Vincent Lott sings “Just Like My Father”, then it is no doubt that he is a “true worshipper”. He is a man who truly worships the Father in Spirit and in truth.

For ministry opportunities contact Vincent Lott at: 770-402-6179 or visit


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trainingwithadrianb by Adrian Brumfield

TAKE ACTION Your success will be measured by your willingness to do what it takes. The desire to get something for nothing is all over the place. We are promised wealth, health, and happiness by quick fix commercials daily. I am guilty myself. Just sit back and relax. Pop in a CD and you will be programmed for success. Take action! Your success will be measured by your willingness to do what it takes. The desire to get something for nothing is all over the place. We are promised wealth, health, and happiness by quick fix commercials daily. I am guilty myself. Just sit back and relax. Pop in a CD and you will be programmed for success. I did this during the time I was trying to overcome anxiety in certain areas of my life. Well guess what? Positive thoughts, images, and CD's ARE beneficial if they help encourage you to take action. I didn't overcome my fears until I was willing to face them. Affirmation without

action is the beginning of complacency. I missed a lot of opportunities because I didn't take action. Faith without works is dead. The mind can affect the body directly, but we must take an active role in creating change. There's a big difference between wishing and willing. Nearly everyone wants to be rich, healthy, and look great. But not many are willing to do what it takes to get there. At one time I believed I had no time to workout. I felt I had given all my time away to my clients.

That is, until I saw a lady with six children, keeping up daily, with her full time job as a teacher at the gym. When you're willing to do whatever it takes, you are ready to receive whatever you want. That is something that no diet pill, affirmation, visualization or CD can do alone. You cannot think yourself fit without taking action. By being willing to do what it takes, I have seen my life change dramatically in more areas than just fitness. So I encourage you to TAKE ACTION!

Trainingwithadrianb Review: 1. Plan your holidays, birthdays and special occasions. 2. Use proper portion control and moderation. 3. Have the proper social support (who is influencing you?)

Coming soon: 32 | JANUARY 2 0 1 3

Marriage Dynamics Building a bridge of hope and faith during the holidays by Sean A. Daigre, Sr. holiday is a day or a specific time where ordinary business is suspended in commemoration or in honor of an event or a special person. It is a time when many rules are relaxed. We are excused from work and allowed to temporarily escape the demands of business and responsibility. We are allowed to be festive, joyous and even playful. We are expected to rediscover quality time and be refreshed. Unfortunately, in today’s society, “time off” is accepted but far too many people fail to take “the break” that the holiday is intended for. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s follow three months in a row. This progression happens every year. Yet, few people actually slow down. Instead, many people pick up their pace and by the time the holiday is over, they need a break!

he worst impact of this reality is on the family. Families find themselves busier and more frustrated during the holidays than any other time of the year. Who to visit, where to go, what to cook, how to pay for gifts, what needs to be fixed, how many will visit, and the list goes on. By the time the dust settles, dad is tired, mom is frustrated, the kids are disappointed, and extended family? We’ll, who cares! It’s time to get back to the rat race and everyone dreads that. o, in this holiday season, let’s choose to build a bridge of hope and faith. This is a bridge that leads to peace and harmony not just during the holiday season but flows into Christmas and throughout the New Year. How? Be inspirational during the holidays. Slow down. Look your loved ones in the eyes and communicate genuine love and appreciation without speaking a word. Brighten up a

stranger’s face with a random act of kindness. Hug somebody! Yes, you can do it, if you try. Do something cheerful to make a child smile; and while you watch that small face lighten up, let that child’s innocence warm your heart. Let inspiration be a gift to your family, friends and to yourself. You’ll be glad you did. fter you get the hang of being inspirational, you can then wrap that gift in faith. Faith is your decision to not let go of this new and refreshing attitude. Don’t let it go! Hold on to it! Keep on inspiring hope and seasoning faith! That’s the stuff that turns a house into a home. It transforms a clan into a family. It’s when moments become memories. Doesn’t your wife, husband or child deserve that? And, it doesn’t cost you much because it comes straight from the heart. Remember, it’s not the gift, it’s the thought that counts! Happy Holidays to you and your family from your friends at Marriage Dynamics. 33 | JANUARY 2 0 1 3


HIGH HOPES digital magazine

Happy New Year

34 | JANUARY 2 0 1 3 “inspiring hope and seasoning faith”

High Hopes digital magazine January 2013  

A faith-based magazine to inspire hope and season faith in the lives of people

High Hopes digital magazine January 2013  

A faith-based magazine to inspire hope and season faith in the lives of people