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Half-termly news from Highgate Wood School Issue No 32 October 2016


MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR OF GOVERNORS Chris Tully writes: It is a pleasure to be able to contribute to Insight in the wake of some extremely good exam results. Students at Highgate Wood have surpassed the success of the previous year and have done themselves, their school and their parents and carers proud. The GCSE results were excellent; 70% of students achieved 5 or more A*- C (including English and maths) which is a 6% increase on 2015, and sixth form students performed just as impressively with 90% of grades being at A* - C or equivalent, a 7% increase on the previous year. As those of you who have been through the process know, our children and young people are going through their education at a time of unparalleled flux; changes to the syllabus, to the examination structures and to the ways of measuring progress. To have done as well as they have is a source of pride for the governing body and we congratulate the staff on supporting and enabling students to reach their potential. It also gives the students starting out something to aim at. I also know that students at Highgate Wood get the chance to shine in so many other ways, and the impact of doing well in areas including sport, art, music, drama, debate and public speaking lends itself to a culture that encourages participation, teamwork and commitment, traits that will serve our children well in the future. For Year 7 parents the exam years must feel a long way off, although they do sneak up on you very quickly. For you the focus is much more on monitoring how your child has been settling into a new environment and making new friends and learning the ropes. Feedback from those I’ve spoken to has been very positive and I understand it’s already looking like a wonderful cohort. As governors we receive regular updates on how each school year is progressing and above and beyond the central matters of governance, fulfil the role of governor because we want the best educational and social experience for all the students at HWS. For new parents and carers it can feel like you lose a little contact with the school environment and


community when your child suddenly seems a bit more grown up and independent. It’s different from primary school where the size and scale is more personal. However I would point you in the direction of the school web-site as a really good gateway into what’s happening in school, both academically and socially. As an example the PSA are running a Mexican Quiz night on the 10th of November (7.30-10.30pm) and I am reliably informed this does not require specialist knowledge of Mexico for the quiz, but does involve good food from that country. Get a team together and come and meet some new people. The web-site has a section on the governors and highlights some of the work involved, so whether you need more information on us, contact details for departments or you want to book some quiz tickets, it’s a useful place to start.

HIGHGATE WOOD SCHOOL GOVERNING BODY Chair of Governors: Chris Tully LA Governor: Cllr Eddie Griffith Parent Governors: Julia Chalfen • Dr Torun Dewan • Mark Harber • Mano Manoharan Co-opted Governors: Oli Blackaby • Phil Cavendish • Phil Cocksedge • Joe Demetriou • Phil Dileo • Violet Hazelwood-Henry • Elizabeth Hess • Chris Parr • Imogen Pennell • Charles Wright Headteacher Governor: Patrick Cozier Staff Governors: Emily Ford If you wish to contact the Governing Body please write to the Chair of Governors, c/o Mrs K Ozturk, Highgate Wood School, Montenotte Road, London N8 8RN Or email: Front cover shows some scenes from our Primary Transition Open Evening on Thursday 13th October. Hundreds of families visited Highgate Wood School to see what we are all about, and they were helped and supported by dozens of student guides. Photographs taken by Year 12 student Madeleine Baron - (complete gallery available on the schoolwebsite) Issue 32

October 2016

MESSAGE FROM THE HEADTEACHER Welcome to the first edition of Insight for the academic year. To those who are new to us as parents/carers of Year 7 students... Welcome! As this is my first time of writing to you all I will take this opportunity to express my hope that you have all had an enjoyable summer. However that is a long way past now and we are approaching the end of the first half term. I hope very much that your child has had a good and positive start to what has already been a very busy term. Good Exam Results! In the summer we again received another positive set of exam results. We are very pleased that we were able improve on the very high level of performance that we have achieved over the last five years, and we are particularly happy that our results went up in a year when nationally the results did not. The headline figures are shown in the table below. GCSE 2016: How we did overall Actual Result

Compared to 2015








5 A*- C (inc. Eng & maths) 5 A*- C +

5 A* and A



Below is a table that shows our performance in term of 5 or more A*-C grades (including English and maths) over the last 10 years, but importantly, it also compares this to the equivalent national averages. GCSE trends over the years compared to the National Average 5 A*-Cs (including English and maths)

Issue 32

October 2016

From the table you can see that we have moved from a school who struggled to compete with the national averages (from 2006 to 2010) to a school that consistently outperforms the national norm by a significant margin (from 2011 onwards). What we also know is that national results have stabilised and reduced by a small amount since 2013, but we have been able to sustain our positive gap. Progress 8 and Value Added The data above however, is now old news. From this summer onwards the Department for Education will be publishing new accountability measures for schools which relate more to the progress that students have made from year 7 to 11 rather than just the proportion of students hitting the 5 A*-C threshold. There is a belief (and it is one that I too hold) that this new measure, albeit not perfect, is a much better and fairer way of judging and comparing how schools are performing. The new measure is called Progress 8. Essentially, the DFE will take the best 8 GCSEs that a student has achieved and work out how well they have progressed when compared to their level of attainment at the end of year 6. There are additional complications about which subjects are actually allowed to count within a student’s best 8, but essentially it includes all of those main subjects you are familiar with. Based on this new progress measure, our 2016 Year 11 GCSE cohort have achieved the following:

Progress 8 Score

+ 0.27 (Top 30% of schools)

National Average Score for state schools is -0.03

Significantly better progress than national average progress for 5 years running

Attainment 8


We are very proud that our Progress 8 score is 0.27 which is indicated that students at Highgate Wood School make significantly better progress than their peers nationally. The other measure in the table below is a what is called a value added measure. It works in a similar way to Progress 8 but is based around 1000 representing expected progress. Our value added of 1029 demonstrates again that students at Highgate Wood School make better than expected progress. 3

Similarly, at A Level the levels of attainment keep getting better and better, as you can see from the table below. We have yet again been able to celebrate our best ever results, and as always our year 13 students have been able to secure places at some of the best universities up and down the country. A level (and equivalent) trends over the years Year






% A* - C






% A* - E












% A* - C






% A* - E


100% 100% 100% 100%

We are particular pleased with the grades that we achieved at the top end with over half the grades achieved in year 13 being an A or an A*. That is a phenomenal achievement and a big improvement on last year. Measure



% A* - A



% A* - B



5% A* - C



I would like to congratulate the students from last year’s Year 11s and Year 13s on these excellent results. I would also like to thank my brilliant staff who worked so hard and with such passion and commitment to ensure that our students were supported to do their best. A good effort all round, and we at Highgate Wood School have much to be very proud of! The are currently three vacancies on the school’s Governing Body for parent governors. If you are interested please contact The deadline for expressions of interest is Friday 4th November.


Our School Development Plan Targets For the coming year, the school development plan targets are focused around four overall priorities for as shown in the table below. A. Outstanding outcomes for students i. Improve the progress of students who arrive in year 7 as middle attainers (which includes a high proportion of disadvantaged students) ii. Further reduce the attainment gap between our disadvantaged students (especially high attainers) and other students so that attainment outcomes at the end of Key Stage 4 are broadly similar iii. Improve the progress of disadvantaged students at Post 16. iv. Improve the levels of participation in extra-curricular activities - including revision sessions (especially for disadvantaged students)

B. Outstanding teaching, learning and assessment i. Increase the quality of rigour and assessment within KS3 schemes of work and the consistency and impact of homework that is set at KS3 ii. Provide more consistent opportunities for students to respond to staff feedback and improve iii. Develop a consistent approach to the implementation of the literacy strategy within student’s work; ensuring that all staff use the editing code and spelling strategies iv. Develop each specific department’s skills in the delivery of relevant mathematical skills within their subject areas v. Develop each specific department’s skills in the delivery of relevant extended writing skills within their subject areas

C. Outstanding effectiveness of leadership and management i. Improve the outcomes in the small number of subjects in which students do not make outstanding progress at GCSE ii. Improve the outcomes in the small number of subjects in which students do not make outstanding progress at AS and A level iii. Increase the involvement of governors in participating in evaluation activities through their link visits iv. Develop leadership internally by identifying the potential within our school and finding ways to support and build on this for the benefit of retaining our strongest teachers v. Re-visit the vision for the school to ensure that it is appropriate, challenging, and ambitious for our students and staff vi. Secure the financial stability of HWS moving forward anticipating drops in funding over the next five years

D. Outstanding personal development, behaviour and welfare i. Reduce the number of repeat exclusions and address the over-representation of particular groups of students in the figures ii. Further reduce the rate of both fixed term and permanent exclusions iii. Ensure our wider curriculum provision (including SMSC and PHSEE) is fully mapped and documented to make it easier to monitor it for participation and impact Issue 32

October 2016

New Staff We recruited really well since I last wrote to you in a number of key positions across the school. Department New Staff Business Studies Ms H Hastings Ms S. Kimber Design & Technology

Ms R Goozee

English (Responsibility Post)

Ms C. Maree


Mr A. Marsala


Ms E. Grayson

Modern Foreign Languages Ms J. Vasquez (Language Assistant) Ms E. Rodriguez Music

Ms A Pavlou

Physical Education Ms C. Osborne

(2nd in charge)

Religion, Ethics & Philosophy Ms B. Eades Science

Mr R. Van Leeven Ms A. Falinska Ms M Parmar Ms G. Shields

(Apprentice Technician)

Social Science Ms R. Barnes Ms S. Smith Ms Y Wallace

(Head of Department)

Drama, Music and Media Mr J. Birch


I am confident in the quality of the staff that we have recruited. I have no doubt that through your children’s experience of them during this first half term, you will have very positive stories about the impact that they are already starting to make. I wish them long and successful careers here at Highgate Wood School.


Open Evenings and Mornings: A Positive Start to the Year We held our Open Evening on Thursday 13th October and followed this up with three Open Mornings this week (18th, 19th and 20th October) for all prospective Year 6 students and their parents to come and view the school. I was really pleased with the very large number of people that attended each event and even more so with the extremely positive feedback that we received. The popularity of Highgate Wood School has steadily grown over the last few years, and I am proud that more and more we are considered by our community as the local school of choice. The most pleasing element of the feedback that I received however, were comments about our staff and students. The number of people who fed back positively about the good vibe of the school was heartening. They noted the incredible keenness of our students who contributed positively on the evenings and mornings by being tour guides or helping out in departments – and the pride that they showed in their school. ... And Finally As always, the autumn term is very busy and you will find lots of information in this issue of Insight to give you a flavour of some of the things that have been happening at Highgate Wood as well as some useful prompts of things that are on the horizon. I would also like to thank you for your continued support – it is very much valued. Regards Patrick Cozier Headteacher

BONFIRE NIGHT IS SATURDAY 5th NOVEMBER It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase fireworks or to possess them in a public place. It is also illegal to supply fireworks to anyone under the age of 18. We strongly advise students to attend organised displays if they wish to see fireworks and to always follow the Firework Code.

Issue 32

October 2016

Fireworks are strictly forbidden on school premises and there are no circumstances under which any sort of firework can be brought into school. Should there ever be an occasion when a student is found with a firework on school premises (irrespective of whether or not it has been set off) it will be dealt with extremely seriously. 5

WINTER CONCERT Mr Ekstrom writes: The Audition Box for the Winter Concert will open on Monday 31st October and is available to all years. Auditions will take place during the week beginning 7th November. Get practising, have fun and don’t forget to put your audition slip in.

MUSIC LESSONS Mrs Hassan writes: All Autumn term instrumental music lessons need to be paid as soon as possible. Also, if you are interested in learning an instrument please pick up an application form outside the drum office. We are now taking payments for music lessons through Wisepay. If you do not have your account details please email:

The best way to predict the future is to invent it

From caring comes courage

Success comes from perseverance




so far this year

so far this year

so far this year

Top Merit Earners Hussain Mahjaben (Yr 11) Mert Albayrak (Yr 10) Abdiaziz Adan (Yr 9) Katya Dickson (Yr 8) Bethan Coomber (Yr 7)

Top Merit Earners Mel Ketaruth (Yr 11) Mehmet Aslan (Yr 10) Olivia Small (Yr 9) Manon Elliott (Yr 8) Alexandra Key (Yr 7)

Top Merit Earners Dolcie Robertson (Yr 11) Day Robinson-McKenzie (Yr 10) Faber Bell (Yr 9) Kathleen Archibold (Yr 8) Lola Goldfinch Betts (Yr 7)

Many parents have found e-praise to be very helpful in keeping informed of their child’s behaviour and achievements at school. If you still need an account for the system please email with your child’s name. 6

Issue 32

October 2016



Mr Ashman writes:

Ms Christodoulou writes: I am delighted to announce that Highgate Wood School has been successful in its application for Erasmus+ funding to develop our existing work in forging links with schools and organisations around the world and with the initiatives that are part of our International School Award programmes. We are looking forward to starting the two-year project which we anticipate will provide several exciting opportunities for staff as well as students. It will involve us working with four other schools in Italy, Finland, Romania and Spain. Paul Ifrim, who has a co-ordinating role with our International work as well as being a PE teacher, will be circulating more information about this new initiative in the next issue of Insight.

During the coming half-term we will be developing our home-school communication systems to we can be more effective, but also more economical. A lot of this will centre around a mobile app that is completely free of charge and can be installed on your mobile phone or tablet. The Xpressions App currently supports both Apple iOS and Android devices (with Windows mobile to follow) and is produced by Groupcall, the award-winning communication company that already provides our text messaging service. In the first instance Groupcall Xpressions will just be used to replace text messages. For parents and families who have downloaded and activated the App our messages will go straight to this, thus saving the school the cost of a text message. Subsequently we plan to expand its use so the App can provide parental access to tools like Show My Homework and e-praise, the school calendar and upcoming events. We will be able to use the App to send out student reports and other correspondence and also use the system to get feedback from parents and carers on issues of concern. The initial system is already set up for this school. If you go to the App Store for our phone, search and install Groupcall Xpressions. You will then be asked to type in your email address and mobile phone number. If those details correspond to the email and phone entries we have on the school system then you will be connected immediately. If things don’t work it will probably be because we have incorrect details for you. Send the correct details to and once we have updated the information, the App will work. If you have two or more children at Highgate Wood School or children in different schools that also use Groupcall Xpressions, you will be able to view information on all your children within the same App. Issue 32

October 2016

Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport and is managed in the UK by a partnership between the British Council and Ecorys UK.


Ms King writes: Please remember we require students to attend school regularly and this includes arriving to school on time each day. If your child is absent from school please make sure that you call the Attendance Line on 0208 342 7970 extension 210 to report your child’s absence. Please try to refrain from calling the school office directly. If your child will be late to school due to dental/ medical appointments, please provide proof by way of a copy of the appointment card/letter or any prescription. Your child must sign in and out with the Attendance Officer when arriving late or leaving early from school. 7



Mr Hewitt writes: Adopting a Growth Mindset is an approach to learning based on the work of world renowned Stanford Professor Carol Dweck and is one of the most influential ideas in education and beyond. The idea of the growth mindset is that our abilities are not fixed and thus with effort, the right kind of practise and sensitivity to feedback we can improve our performance. In summary: FIXED MINDSET GROWTH MINDSET  SOMETHING YOU’RE BORN WITH  FIXED  SOMETHING TO AVOID  COULD REVEAL LACK OF SKILL  TEND TO GIVE UP EASILY  UNNECESSARY  SOMETHING YOU DO WHEN YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH









By developing a growth mindset we believe students develop skills and qualities which will serve them well throughout their lives:  Believing they can succeed  Seeking challenges  Seeing effort as key to success  Being sensitive to feedback  Not being threatened by the success of others Watch the RSA animated video for a fuller explanation: Use of praise One of the key ways in which parents can support this is through your use of praise. In the experiments by Mueller and Dweck, students were given moderately difficult problems to solve. Then each was either:  praised for their intelligence (“You must be smart at these problems”)  praised for their effort (“You must have worked hard at these problems”), or  given no additional feedback (the control condition)



Next, the students were given a second set of problems—this time, very difficult ones—and they were asked to explain why they performed poorly. The students who had been praised for their intelligence on previous tasks attributed more of their failure to a lack of intelligence. But students praised for their effort responded the same way as controls did—attributing their failure to a lack of effort (Meuller and Dweck 2002). In other words, telling children they are smart can make them LESS likely to view themselves as intelligent. By praising children for being smart, we teach them that their performance is a definitive test of intelligence. Children might enjoy the initial praise, but when they encounter difficult challenges later—as they must—the praise backfires. Watch Carol Dweck: The effect of Praise on mindsets: The key message for parents is to praise students for:  taking on challenges  persisting when they find things difficult  trying to use a range of strategies  taking on board feedback

Next issue, more on growth mindsets and feedback.


Issue 32

October 2016



Tracey Copley, Medical Needs Assistant writes: Children who attend school regularly are more likely to do well than children who don’t, and the most common reason given for children to miss school is illness and in many cases assumed illness. We need the support of all parents/carers to encourage their children to attend school despite sometimes feeling a little under the weather. Please remember that early morning aches often pass, so don’t keep your child at home “just in case” when they could be learning in class. Put a note in their planner or call school and we will phone you if your child continues to have symptoms. As winter approaches please make sure your child is prepared for the cold weather and that they have tissues and cough/sore throat lozenges with them, should they need them whilst at school. It is important we have up-to-date contact details should we need to contact you during the day. Please send in any amendments to the school contact register as soon as possible. Should your child suffer from any long term condition that requires medication, for example asthma, please ensure they have their own medication with them at all times and provide school with spare medication in case of emergencies. Short term courses of antibiotics can be brought into school and kept in the medical room for students to self-medicate, along with a note from home indicating timings and dosage. If your child should require pain relief at any point please send this into school complete with written permission and dosage required. Where possible arrange doctor, dentist or optician appointments outside of school hours and if not possible please return your child to school as soon as possible after their appointment. If your child is suffering from genuine illness, please contact school before 9.30am on each and every day of absence by leaving a message on the Attendance line: 020 8342 7970 giving clear reasons for the absence. Thank you for your support

Mr Ashman writes: Following football legend and ex-HWS student Laurie Cunningham being honoured with a blue plaque at his childhood home in Stroud Green the PSA have funded a display in the Wren building reminding us of his achievements and values. The life-size foamboard display has been placed outside the Dining Hall in the Wren building, where it can be seen by visitors as well as staff and students. A modest but prominent tribute to one of the stars of Highgate Wood School.

Issue 32

October 2016



Ms Spence writes: Our Primary Transition Open Evening on Thursday 13th October was one of the busiest we have ever had. Hundreds of families came to tour the school and listen to Mr Cozier’s speeches, with the children who hope to be our Year 7 cohort next September exploring all our facilities and asking lots of questions about what our school is like. Lots of people worked incredibly hard to make the evening a success. The site team, the admin staff, the PSA and all the teachers all need to be thanked and congratulated for their efforts. But the evening could never be the huge success that it was without the support of the student helpers. They really did make the difference. Lots of parents remarked on how courteous and kind our students were, and how sensibly and intelligently they answered their questions. They were equally impressed by our Student Guides during the Open Mornings. Thanks to everyone who took part, but especially Alexandra Key and Nicholaki Constantinou in Year 7 and Gabrielle Brown in Year 12 who spoke alongside Mr Cozier to families in the School Hall. A truly impressive set of performances.

The new prospectus is now available on line on the school website. 10

Issue 32

October 2016


Photography: Madeleine Baron Issue 32

October 2016




Sunny Ray and Ella in 7A write: On 23rd September we took part in a team building activity day on the top field. We got to take part in a number of activities which really helped us get to know the people in our class and see their personalities. During the day we were in groups taking part in lots of team building activities such as crossing a ‘river’ using a limited number of planks without leaving any behind. We also had to make knots with ropes while we were all tied together. It really tested our brains but in the end it was so much fun. We got to see how people interact with each other and see who they really were. It was good to see people work well as a team and not crack under the pressure. It was also nice to work with people you didn’t know and find out who is good at thinking outside the box. As a form class we were split into different groups and earnt loads of points for our Houses.

Mr Frost writes: Congratulations to the 25 Bronze participants, now in year 11, who successfully passed their Qualifying Expedition last summer. A special mention must go to Isobel Murray who has pretty much completed all sections and should be the first to complete the Award pending final sign off. That is a major achievement for her, and for our first year of running DoE for Key Stage 4. If you are in year 10 and interested in joining the scheme, we will be launching the Bronze Award for year 10 students in a special assembly on the 7th November. This will be your opportunity to get involved in a fantastic scheme your young people. A highly adaptable programme of opportunities designed to fit in with your commitments, with the reward of experiences that could change your life opportunities. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award Message board is also a great place to keep informed and is located in the Pavilion building next to P14. I hope to see many of you and support another group of award winners in the coming weeks..


Issue 32

October 2016



Ms Diego Garcia writes: Ms Sayer writes: On Wednesday 12th October, HWS Feminists held a session called ‘What is feminism? An introduction for Year 7s’. It was planned and run entirely by students in Years 8, 9 and 10. They were incredibly welcoming and friendly and delivered a fun and informative session. Well done! Manon Elliott 8A and Rosie Boardman 8T say: We had a special feminist club to teach Year 7s what feminism means. During the session we talked about misconceptions and stereotypes about feminism. One of the activities that we did involved asking students what comes to mind when they think of a boy and a girl; we wrote their responses on two large outlines that looked like Jelly Babies! To finish off the session, we handed out sheets saying ‘I need feminism because…’ and everybody wrote why they needed feminism. We really enjoying sharing our thoughts with younger students.

On 3rd October the Maths department took 57 year 9 students to the British Museum for a whole day of financial education. Drawing on historical examples and considering different modern scenarios, students looked at the notions of saving and spending. They were able to study and analyse some of the many objects in the museum’s Citi Money Gallery collection to develop their understanding of money, its history and its role in society. The day included a number of interactive activities focusing on financial capability and economic awareness; vital life skills as well as important parts of the curriculum. For those who would like to revisit the day, or who were not part of the group and would have liked to go, why not visit the excellent Room 68 website? Find it through the British Museum homepage.

Lola Goldfinch Betts 7W and Mignon Schamroth Rossade 7W say: We went to the feminism club because we wanted to know more. They talked to us about what they do but also got us involved. We loved it; we will definitely join permanently!

HWS Feminists meets on Wednesdays at 1.30pm in A26. Beginning after half-term, KS3 will meet on Week 1 and KS4 and 5 on Week 2. Issue 32

October 2016




Ms Zwicky writes: @HWSArt_Photo is the new twitter account through which we are letting our students know about some of the art events and exhibitions happening around London, but it is also allowing the world to see some of the fantastic work created by our own students.

Mr Ashman writes: Parents will soon be able to purchase all school uniform items online through Wisepay. Because of issues with suppliers, we are unable to stock the PE kit until 5th December (until then we are requesting that students just wear plain black tops) but from then on any item ordered through Wisepay before midday on Wednesday will be delivered to the student on Friday of the same week. If you do not already have a Wisepay account please email We will also be improving our systems for dealing with lost property. After the half-term break all items that are labelled with the student’s name and tutor group will be returned to their form rooms. Items that are unlabelled will be stored in the lost property cupboard but will be sold, if unclaimed, at the end of each term. The PSA, who have been very helpful in sorting out our lost property cupboard, will also help organise the sale of unclaimed items - and the first sale is planned for the end of the Autumn term.

COMPETITION To help promote this initiative we are asking students to design a lost property life-cycle plan, based on the ideas below. The winning entry will receive a £20 Amazon voucher. LABEL ALL CLOTHING


Item is lost


If you are interested in art or want to see how great our own student artists are, follow us on @HWSArt_Photo 14



Is it labelled?


Is it claimed?




October 2016

ECZEMA You can’t trust anyone. Especially those that are supposed to protect you the most. I’ll sort this out on my own.

Ms Sayer writes:

The third week of September was National Eczema Week. This poem by Amy Townsend-Lowcock is one person’s response to the condition. My greatest relief is tearing at my skin to reveal what’s beneath. To hear each nerve ending cry out in pain as I try to explain why there’s no other option- it had to be this way. No G.P. can persuade me to put my body up for adoption give away my immune system’s responses to a dodgy anaesthetic that can only cause me more problems when I inadvertently overdose.

My greatest relief is peeling back my mummy’s creation and letting the flesh beneath breathe the fresh air that it never gets to see. Unless I’m in a sticky situation and at the mercy of death my last breath torture trauma disease. Then it’s plastered over to prevent another spillage. But this epidermis village, selfconfidence pillaging, mask of indifference is not blood guts but the lost loves and meaningless deluxe that I

instantly regretted and only pursued to make up for the gaping holes in my skin from all the times I tore up my collagen cocoon. My pores are man made, not manufactured the same way as you. My greatest relief is forcing the tips of my nails into the grief that lies beneath my skin. I have no self control no discipline And that's why I win. I’m winning. And the more I tear, the more tears I can forget I ever shed. I’m going to bed and I itch in my sleep.


Mr Gowen writes: The English Department are excited to announce the commencement of the First Story programme for the year 2016-2017. We are joined by writer and performer Adam Kammerling who leads the fortnightly creative writing workshops. The writing process culminates in the publication of an anthology at the end of the year, and students will be performing their work at the 2017 English Department Celebration Evening. Issue 32

October 2016

Pictures from last summer’s English Celebration Evening

All students are invited to participate - the aim is to write creatively in a supportive, stimulating and fun setting - and should contact Mr Gowen in A25 if they are interested. 15


MENTORING AT HIGHGATE WOOD SCHOOL Ms Jago writes: Together with celebrating each individual’s unique qualities, we recognise there is often a need to provide support and guidance to help students reach their full potential and achieve their personal goals.

Mr Pateman writes: We are delighted that so many students chose to come to Highgate Wood School for their sixth form studies. You already know that we have very high expectations of you, and we believe you have very high expectations of yourselves. Meeting these ambitions will involve a lot of hard work and there will be difficult times ahead. But there should also be a lot of time for fun. The first enrichment day, where our new students got to know eachother in the new sixth form context, set the scene for what we hope will continue for the next two years - a fantastic group of young people, helping and encouraging eachother to do great things! The sixth form team at Highgate Wood School wish you all the very best for the coming year!

The various mentoring programmes at Highgate Wood School are designed to do exactly that: to provide our students with the support they need to thrive and flourish as individuals, and to work closely with parents and families to ensure their children get the best out of their time here. Those who have already experienced mentoring have seen a number of improvements from the additional support that it offers. Whether the benefits are academic, social or emotional, we always endeavour to help students to become all they can be. We offer a range of mentoring programmes across the school community and these include: 

Bespoke 1:1 – Social, emotional or academic

Transition - Year 7s Transition to Secondary

Groups – Organisational, Social and Study Skills

Peer Mentoring - Year 9/10 mentoring students in lower years

Academic Mentoring – Year 12/13 mentoring Year 11 students through their final GCSE year

Aspire & Achieve Mentoring – Staff mentoring for Year 11 students

Mentoring alongside good teaching and learning, is a key element to supporting student attainment and progress and allows students to get the most out of their education and achieve personal results to be proud of. For more information on our mentoring programmes please visit the school website. The mentoring page can be found under the Learning tab.


Issue 32

October 2016


Ms Ereira writes: It isn’t every day that the Highgate Wood School Book Club gets thanked in a book, but that’s what happened over the summer. Keren David’s Cuckoo was published in August. In the book she thanks our book club members for their feedback on her early drafts when she visited the club and read from the work in progress. A couple of lucky book club members have even managed to get their names into the book as characters. To celebrate Cuckoo’s publication we held a launch party in the LRC. Keren was there to read from the book, answer questions and sign copies of Cuckoo. There was a very interesting discussion about the writing process and its relationship with reading, as there are several aspiring writers among our students who were keen to know more about how Keren writes. Cuckoo is one of eight books chosen by the book club to be on the shortlist for our school book award, so come and find it in the LRC and get reading! Issue 32

October 2016

Ms Ereira writes: The book group have voted and I can now announce the shortlists for this year's Highgate Wood School Book Award! Students will be voting in two categories: Years 7-8, and Years 9-13. The lists aren't entirely separate, as some books are listed in both categories. Voting for Highgate Wood School's favourite books will open to the whole school in February, so get reading! The shortlisted books are: Years 7-8: Cuckoo by Keren David Cell 7 by Kerry Drewery Where Monsters Lie by Polly Ho-Yen The Whispers of Wilderwood Hall by Karen McCombie Barefoot on the Wind by Zoe Marriott Blame by Simon Mayo Swan Boy by Nikki Sheehan Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon Years 9-13: Chasing the Stars by Malorie Blackman Cuckoo by Keren David Cell 7 by Kerry Drewery Barefoot on the Wind by Zoe Marriott Blame by Simon Mayo 13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough Swan Boy by Nikki Sheehan Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon



Ms Ford writes: In the summer term of 2016, the English Department began a project with Globe Education (the education department of the Globe Theatre) for Year 7 students. In June, actors from The Globe came to meet Year 6 students from two of our feeder primaries, Rokesley and Weston Park, and lead workshops where students were taught techniques for speaking and acting lines from Shakespeare’s plays. This October, every Year 7 English group have had workshops with an actor from The Globe where they have again practiced skills needed for performing Shakespeare’s comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This project concludes with a promenade performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream on the 21st October. The whole of Year 7 will be performing scenes from the play - half the year group performing while the other half watches. The groups then swap over. The English Department and Year 7 are very excited about this, as well as relieved that a sense of confusion and chaos is a vital part of this play!


Ms Crook writes: The Drama department are excited to announce that our 2017 school production, to be staged in February, will be Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Auditions for the cast will take place on Wednesday November 2nd, at 3.30pm in D3. Students from year 7 - 13 are welcome to come along and there's no need to prepare anything for the day! For more information, see the posters in the department or come and speak to Miss Crook in the arts office.

THE OFFICE HELPERS’ POEM Ordinary Year 8s, Finding jobs on a plate. Fetching things with a mate. In the school, never late, Carrying things, it’s our fate. Exercising with no break. Helping teachers, and sitting on a mat, Eating biscuits and getting fat. Learning how to work in a school People in classes, us being cool. Everyone jealous, we’re the best Running around, we need a rest. By Tian Xing Chaudhry 8A and Celeste Clift 8T


Issue 32

October 2016



Mr Ifrim writes: England are playing Australia in November at the Olympic Park and they are using London as their base in the run-up to the Four Nations Series. We have been given exclusive access to attend one of their training sessions. We have been able to see possibly the greatest coach of all time, Wayne Bennett, lead his new England players up close, as they train to take on the World-Champions, Australia. The venue was one of the most exclusive in London and allowed our students to get close to superstars such as Sam Burgess, James Graham, Ryan Hall, and Sam Tomkins, amongst all the rest of the squad. This has been offered exclusively to Year 10 GCSE PE students. The experience of watching an elite Rugby session has allowed the students to link practical and theory together to gain a better understanding of the six units we will be teaching. These units encompass coaching, skill acquisition, anatomy and physiology amongst many other specialist areas. The students themselves were a credit to the school, and to the sport. Thanks and congratulations to everyone involved. Issue 32

October 2016

It has been an exciting start to the year in Girls PE. Our netball club has already reached a record number for participation; with over 70 girls attending each Monday after school and 40 attending matches to play competitive netball on a weekly basis. We are thrilled to have such a popular afterschool club and would like to say a huge thank you to Helen Franks and Jo Stevens our coaches who volunteer a lot of their time and provide a very high level of coaching to the girls. We look forward to having another successful season for all year groups and hope to win the league titles and for the year 7 to be selected to represent Haringey at the London youth games.

This term has also seen the introduction of GCSE Dance, we are so pleased to have over twenty girls choosing it as an additional subject. We are aiming towards our first school performance in the summer. Currently working on a professional study of ‘Shadows’ by Christopher Bruce the girls show huge amounts of passion and enthusiasm for the subject allowing them to create fantastic responses to the professional choreography. We will be showcasing some of this work on the website very soon. Please look out for it. We are delighted to welcome Grace Keeble (dance professional) onto our team this year. Grace is offering workshops and developing collaboration pieces with the students to support their study which will form part of our showcase later on in the year. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience the profession and work with a professional choreographer who provides a wonderful insight into the industry. Thank you to Grace for volunteering her time to enrich the course. 19

School begins again for students on

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