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Highgate Wood School arts college

Montenotte Road Hornsey London N8 8RN

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Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.

Prospectus 2014-15

Highgate Wood School arts college

MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD TEACHER Welcome to Highgate Wood School. I am very proud to be the Headteacher of Highgate Wood School and to have the privilege of leading this wonderful school community. We have incredible students, guided by my excellent staff. We are well supported by our parents/carers and by a very committed team of governors. Highgate Wood School is a successful, mixed comprehensive school, catering for nearly 1500 students of all abilities and backgrounds, aged from eleven to eighteen years old. All our students are encouraged to aim for excellence and fulfil their individual potential - academically, socially and personally. We want them to become successful, confident and caring adults who will play an active part in a society where adaptability, enterprise, perseverance and consideration for others are increasingly important. Our students have high aspirations and their academic progress and examination success are ensured by top quality teaching, first rate facilities and challenging targets. Our school motto is Everyone Matters and we value every student as an individual, with a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities that enable their talent and creativity to be identified and nurtured. Traditional values of Courtesy, Consideration, Contribution and Cooperation (the 4Cs) underpin the school’s behaviour ethos. Our specialist status as an Arts College is important to us and our students are offered numerous opportunities in the areas of Art, Music and Drama. We aim to be the local school of choice – a school that serves its local community and has something to offer every local child who wishes to attend. The fact that every year we are consistently and increasingly over-subscribed for places in year seven suggests that we are achieving this. I am sure your sons and daughters will enjoy being part of the Highgate Wood School community. They will be given every opportunity to gain academic success and personal fulfilment and to develop their talents and social skills in a friendly, supportive environment.


Above all, we will ensure that they enjoy the Highgate Wood experience!

Patrick Cozier Headteacher Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.

Highgate Wood School arts college

Prospectus 2014-15



School Profile Highgate Wood School arts college is an 11-18 mixed comprehensive school providing secondary education to nearly 1500 students.

At Highgate Wood School the education of every young person is held to be of equal value. The school motto is that Everyone Matters and this is reflected in our school aims. At the end of seven years at Highgate Wood School we want our young people to:  have high expectations of themselves and of others  thrive on their passion for learning  demonstrate high quality in whatever they do  take their place in society with a set of principles

underpinned by the importance of contribution, courtesy, cooperation and consideration  show and display an appreciation of justice and

morality  choose a healthy lifestyle underpinned by good

eating habits and regular exercise  have the skills, abilities and qualifications necessary

We underwent our last OFSTED inspection in November 2011 which highlighted our “positive and inclusive learning ethos” and described the school as a place where children “enjoy a good quality of education because the good teaching they receive secures equally effective learning and progress.” Ofsted judged us to be outstanding in terms of how safe our students feel at school.

“Students succeed at Highgate Wood because of the good quality care, guidance and support they receive.” Ofsted Nov 2011

Highgate Wood serves a multicultural community and many of our students are bilingual. The school is oversubscribed. Just under half our students are drawn from a wide variety of minority ethnic groups, including BlackCaribbean, Greek and Turkish Cypriot, as well as from the Turkish, Kurdish, Black-African, Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Chinese and Somali communities.

Historically, we have had more boys than girls (with an all girls school being so close by), but this has changed in recent years as our girls’ achievements have encouraged more parents to send their daughters here.

to achieve economic well-being. Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.


Prospectus 2014-15

Highgate Wood School arts college

KEY STAGE 2\3 TRANSITION Starting Secondary School Starting secondary school or changing schools is a big step and we do all that we can to aid the process and make it easy and enjoyable. We pride ourselves in ensuring that we visit all our local primary schools to meet our new Year 6 cohort in the summer term before they start in September. Students joining other year groups are also encouraged to visit prior to taking up a place and their Head of House ensures that they have a structured start. For our new Year 7 students, Claire Allaway, one of our Assistant Headteachers, has the specific responsibility of ensuring that they settle in well and immediately benefit from their time here . A carefully planned induction programme commences in July when they spend a day at Highgate Wood School. This helps them get to know the rest of their tutor group and other members of their House and settle in quickly. Other well-developed procedures to help students beginning at the school include: 

established links with local primary schools.

teachers from Highgate Wood visit local primary schools.

meetings are held with our local primary school heads and teachers to discuss curriculum and individual students.

peer mentors are available to support new students.

Where possible new Year 7 students are placed in the same House as their older sibling.

Ms Allaway has considerable experience in settling in new students and monitoring their academic and social progress, as well as retaining links with their primary schools. She is supported by an enthusiastic team of Year 7 tutors who see their tutor group every day, as well as the Heads of House and their teams who have a specific responsibility to help new students settle into their House and to the life of the school. We swiftly get to know the children’s academic and social strengths, as well as any individual difficulties they may face, and support and guide them accordingly. We build our relationships with parents and families from the start, and this assists in making the children’s transition from primary to secondary education a successful and happy one. All Year 7 parents and carers are invited to an evening meeting in the Summer term prior to their children starting at school, and meet members of the Year 7 team and the three Houses to discuss any concerns and raise any questions. After school starts, there is an opportunity in the second half of the autumn term for parents and carers to come and discuss their child’s progress with his or her form tutor. This meeting is intended to address any difficulties which may have arisen and help ensure that all Year 7 students are enjoying school and working hard. During the course of the year parents receive regular updates of their child’s progress, including information about their academic achievements and their attitudes to learning. In the summer term all staff are available at an evening meeting to discuss the progress that Year 7 students have made during their first year of secondary school.

“The thing I love about Highgate Wood School is that you get a welcoming feeling when you enter the gates” Kai, Year 8

Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.

Highgate Wood School arts college

Prospectus 2014-15




In the Summer of 2013 Highgate Wood School decided to reintroduce the House System that had been part of the school when it first opened in the 1960s, and had been maintained by the Sports colour teams: Blue, Green and Yellow through the whole of Highgate Wood School’s history.

Our students benefit from Curriculum Enrichment days that take place across the year in Year 7, providing a wider experience of education than within the normal timetable.

Students immediately adopted the system and have been extremely enthusiastic about it. It has resulted in a whole range of new opportunities for student leadership as well as new possibilities for friendly competitions and wider co-operation. It is now easier for younger students to be supported and helped by the older students in their House, and for discussions to take place across year groups about what to prepare for and what to expect. Every student now benefits from having a whole team of individuals who are dedicated to supporting their academic progress and their social and personal wellbeing. Each House has a Head of House, whose core responsibility is student progress, a Deputy Head of House, whose focus is pastoral well-being, and two Pastoral Mentors. This team supports the 15 House tutors who work with all the students in their Tutor Group to ensure everyone is thriving and moving forward in their learning.

Enrichment includes themed days, trips and visits from outside experts that provide students with planned curriculum opportunities to extend and broaden their learning. Our belief is that these enhancements to the curriculum mean our Year 7 students can engage in tasks that give them more scope for developing their skills, e.g. independent learning, research, working in teams, and problem solving, as well as the chance to explore areas of the curriculum in more depth.

The Year 7 timetable has 50 one-hour periods on a two weekly cycle. Subject* Art Computing\ICT Design Technology Drama English Geography History Mathematics French/Spanish  Music Physical Education Ethics and Cultural Studies  Science

 Year 7 students are taught both French and Spanish before making the decision to continue with either a single lor double language in Year 8.

 PE at Key Stage 3 is taught in single sex groups.  Formerly known as RE * Parents are advised of their right to withdraw their child from RE and Sex Education. Students will be supervised but no alternative curriculum is available.

“Highgate Wood School helps change people into becoming better, more caring and more educated” Horiya, Year 9

Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.


Prospectus 2014-15

No. of periods 3 2 3 3 7 3 3 6 4 3 4 2 5

Highgate Wood School arts college

OUR CURRICULUM—KS3 The Curriculum - Years 7, 8 & 9

“The broad and balanced curriculum provides for the learning needs of all students.”

Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is both challenging and exciting. Throughout Key Stage 3, we build on each student’s earlier school experiences to extend the breadth and depth of their knowledge, develop their understandings and improve their skills in all areas of the curriculum.

Ofsted Nov 2011


Each year within Key Stage 3 has a different emphasis.

At Key Stage 3. students are offered a wide range of learning experiences and opportunities both with the subjects they study and through collaborative projects between different subject areas.

 In Year 7, the focus is on ensuring those basic building blocks of literacy and numeracy are firmly established while also developing mastery of collaborative and individual working.  In Year 8, the introduction of Citizenship supports our focus on the world beyond school, and students are given a wide range of learning experiences to equip them for success in the world beyond the classroom.  In Year 9, the focus is on completing Key Stage 3 and fully preparing students for the demands of GCSEs. We take particular care to ensure that informed decisions are made on the choice of curriculum for Key Stage 4 and parents are encouraged to play an active role in this process. In all lessons students are encouraged to develop skills for learning and for assessing their own progress. They will always be expected to explore avenues for further improvement.

Everyone Matters Through Key Stage 3, students are taught in groups designed to provide the best level of challenge and support so that everyone is able to progress and achieve. We set by ability in Mathematics at the start of Year 7, and slightly later in Science and English. In subjects like Drama, Art, Music and Design Technology we group differently to help maximise experience and attainment .

Through Key Stage 3. students study English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Ethics and Cultural Studies (formerly RE), Computer Science and ICT, Citizenship, Physical Education, Design Technology, Music, Art, Drama and Modern Foreign Languages. We also give our most able linguists the opportunity to study two languages: French and Spanish. Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is delivered across the curriculum for all years, but particularly through Tutorial time and Enrichment in Year 7 and Citizenship in Years 8 and 9.

Students with particular learning or language needs are helped within their lessons by Learning Support Assistants and occasionally with individual or group learning by specialist staff outside the classroom.

“They challenge us, and push us to be the best that we can be.” Renee, Year 11

Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.

Highgate Wood School arts college

Prospectus 2014-15


OUR CURRICULUM—KS4 The Curriculum - Years 10 and 11

Optional Subjects

Academic Success

The ever-evolving demands of the workplace and of Higher Education has seen our provision at Key Stage 4 develop steadily over recent years. All students study a core curriculum that includes English, Mathematics and Science, but also have a wide range of opportunities within and beyond the timetable to develop an understanding of a much wider range of subjects and acquire an extensive range of skills and experiences.

Students are able to choose four additional courses to complement their core subjects. The school prides itself on the range of courses available, which also includes the opportunity for some students to follow alternative courses at partner colleges.

In recent years Highgate Wood School has consistently returned excellent examination results, with the vast majority of our students meeting or exceeding their target grades. In 2013 82% of our students achieved 5 A* - C grades, with 68% achieving 5 A* - C grades (including English and Mathematics).

We encourage all students to continue their study of a foreign language, and to gain accreditation in their first language (where applicable). In recent years, students have successfully been awarded GCSEs in Greek, Turkish, Bengali, Russian, Portuguese and Dutch. The school offers opportunities for the EBacc, which is a pathway that includes Modern Languages, Computer Science and the Humanities, as well as English, Mathematics and Science, and an increasing number of students are opting for this. At the same time we also provide various vocational pathways for those students for whom these are more suitable. All Key Stage 4 students also participate in Work Related Learning projects, including work experience, enterprise days and other curriculum-based work.

“Your teachers understand your personality as well as your strengths and weaknesses in different subjects. And that really helps” Nicholas, Year 11

The courses Highgate Wood School currently offers to students at Key Stage 4 include:  Art

& Design  Business Studies  Dance  Drama  Economics  Food Technology  French  Geography  History  ICT  Flexible Learning

 Media


 Music  Music

Technology  Philosophy  Physical Education  Product Design  Psychology  Science  Sociology  Spanish  Textiles

“Highgate Wood School is great. It is fantastic. It’s got a wonderful atmosphere” Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP Following a visit in July 2013

Twenty-nine students in that cohort achieved 10 or more A* - A grades, which reinforces our previous success in entering the top 10% of non-selective schools in the country for students achieving A* and A grades at GCSE. Our results at A Level are similarly impressive, with an overall pass rate of 100%, and 83% of entries attaining A* - C grades and 55% achieving the top A* - B grades.

Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.


Prospectus 2014-15

Highgate Wood School arts college

OUR CURRICULUM—Post 16 “The popular sixth form enjoys a positive reputation locally and, through good leadership and management, it complements the provision provided in Years 7 to 11.” Ofsted Nov 2011

The Post 16 Offer

Transition to University

Highgate Wood School has over 250 students in the sixth form which is made up of students who have joined us from other schools as well as those who completed their GCSE courses here.

All our post-16 students have an Academic Mentor who provides guidance and advice during their time in the sixth form. This will include help with study skills and exam technique as well as providing more general pastoral support.

We offer a wide range of subjects at Post 16, mainly A level courses, but also a small number of vocational courses. These include: Art & Design  Biology  Business Studies  Chemistry  Drama  Economics  English Language  English Literature  French  Further Mathematics  Geography 

ICT  Mathematics  Media Studies  Music  Music Technology  PE  Philosophy  Photography  Physics  Product Design  Psychology 

Government & Politics




A particularly important role of the Academic Mentor is to assist with the UCAS university application process. We have an excellent record of helping students onto the next stage of their education, at university and elsewhere. Highgate Wood School students have been successful in their applications to a wide range of institutions from Cambridge to Falmouth, Warwick to Aberdeen, studying across a wide range of subjects from Medicine to Fashion, French to Philosophy. We believe that our sixth form not only prepares students academically for the step up to university but also helps them develop socially and emotionally to be successful in whatever they go on to do in the future.

Our results at Post 16 have been excellent over the last five years, consistently placing the school in the top 20% of schools nationally in terms of “valueadded” performance. In 2013 our sixth form students achieved the school’s best ever results: 83% A*- C in examinations that were taken, and well over half achieving top A*-B grades. We have also attracted and enrolled a record number of sixth form students both from within and beyond Highgate Wood School.

Each year a group of our sixth formers visit South Africa to help children in schools supported by the Hillcrest Charity.

Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.

Highgate Wood School arts college

Prospectus 2014-15




Homework is an important part of secondary education. Its purpose is to develop independent learning, improve skills, consolidate classroom learning and enhance knowledge and understanding. It also gives parents and carers the chance to become involved in their child’s education. Through Key Stage 3, students are set regular homework for all subjects. With some subjects, this takes the form of regular weekly tasks, but the majority of Key Stage 3 homework takes the form of extended projects. The schedule for these projects is published in the Key Stage 3 handbook at the beginning of each term. In Year 7, students should spend no more than about three quarters of an hour each evening on homework. As they progress through Key Stage 3, this should increase to approximately one hour. Increasingly, our homework resources and information are available on-line on the school’s Managed Learning Environment but students should still keep a record of their work in their Journal which is issued to all students at the beginning of the school year.

Students are rewarded for their successes beyond the classroom, as well as their achievements within it. The school operates a system called Vivomiles. Vivo points are awarded for good classwork, good homework and exhibiting any of the 4Cs. Vivos are given automatically for good attendance. They are also automatically awarded for time spent with Independent Study SAMLearning, the on-line revision site with which all our We hope to encourage all our students to develop their students have an account. Vivos can be accumulated and spent on a range of independent learning skills and take responsibility for rewards in the Vivo shop. They can also be donated to many areas of their own development. the House charity. Our Learning Resource Centre is kept open every day Students who have reach particular thresholds in Vivo after school to allow students to study and access the awards also get other privileges within the school, and computer network. A homework club is also run by the are recognised and rewarded for their achievements. Learning Support Department every day after school to There is an ongoing competition between the Houses on help students complete the work they have been set. which has acquired the highest number of Vivos. A Highgate Wood School is one of the leading schools in weekly update of these scores, together with the top Haringey in the use of a Managed Learning Environment Vivo earning students, appear on our plasma screens each week. where school departments are now posting an increasing number of their resources so that they can be accessed by students from home and elsewhere. We “Our successes get recognised also make use of a number of other on-line tools to whether they are big or small.” support learning and independent study. Kourtney Year 10

Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.


Prospectus 2014-15

Highgate Wood School arts college

OUR PARTNERSHIP WITH PARENTS Working Together with Parents

Parents and Staff Association

We value our partnership with parents/carers and are grateful for the significant contribution they make in supporting their children’s progress and our school community as a whole.

All parents and teachers automatically belong to the Parents and Staff Association (PSA).

We have a number of ways in which this partnership is supported and strengthened. These include

 Parent/carer’s evenings – an opportunity to meet with subject teachers – one meeting for each year group per academic year

 Academic review meetings – a chance to discuss early progress in the autumn term with your child’s form tutor

 Year 9 Options meetings - an opportunity for parents/carers of Year 9 students to receive information, advice and guidance about Key Stage 4 courses

 We encourage parents to take a regular and active role in reviewing their child’s learning through the student Journal and our tutor system.

“The school engages parents and carers well in their children’s education.” Ofsted Nov 2011

Members of the PSA arrange social events when parents and staff can meet informally. The PSA also organises fundraising activities through which money is raised for extra curricular projects. In the last year, PSA support has enabled the school to move forward with a whole range of initiatives that would have been impossible without their help. These include buying computer software for Science, video equipment for Enrichment, helping to fund many of the school’s clubs and afterschool activities, supporting post 16 students to visit universities and colleges and providing tea and cakes for some very welcome staff appreciation afternoons.

Communication with Parents

The PSA group is heavily involved in some of the school’s most important events, including the annual Music, Art and Drama festival, the Winter Concert and the School play.

It is important that parents know what is happening in their child’s school. At Highgate Wood School we use a wide variety of means to help ensure parents are informed and up-to-date with school news and events.

Highgate Wood School PSA also provides a means of communication between parents/carers and the school. There are regular meetings (roughly two per half term). At some meetings there are presentations from staff where parents/carers can hear about school initiatives and the work of specific curriculum areas.

We produce a regular magazine, Insight, which is distributed to all students each term and is also available on-line through the school website. There are also other publications to provide information for a particular event or purpose.

A member of the governing body is linked to the PSA to ensure that the voice of parents is considered at Governing Body level. There are also “Governors’ Surgeries” during some PSA meetings to allow easy dialogue between parents and school governors.

Increasingly, the school is making use of digital tools to improve our communications and contact with families. These include the school website at, and the school twitter feed @highgatewood.

Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.

Highgate Wood School arts college

Prospectus 2014-15



Students at Highgate Wood School benefit enormously from opportunities to become true global citizens. Through the curriculum that they follow, and the development of partnerships with schools across the world, we recognise our students’ enhanced enthusiasm for learning and their openness to new ideas. Our students have a greater awareness of themselves, as well as a greater respect and appreciation of others. This is clearly demonstrated by the ways in which they apply critical thinking to local and global issues. Working on projects with peers from many different countries has enabled our students to become even more confident and articulate. We are involved in a number of prestigious projects with many international partners. We have worked with schools in many European countries as well as schools in Tunisia, India and South Africa. Our excellent record of effective and sustainable international work has been recognised by the British Council on many occasions. In September 2011, we received the International Schools Award for a second three year period, something we are extremely proud of.

“strong global links with faraway communities offer students valuable opportunities to share experiences and learn from others.” Ofsted Nov 2011

Model United Nations A key element of our commitment to Global Citizenship is the Model United Nations programme that we have participated in since 2005. At Model UN, students take on the role of ambassadors for a particular country and then debate in one or two day conferences around an agreed topic. Their goal is to resolve global problems using the structures and formal debating procedures of the UN. Highgate Wood School has built up an enviable reputation within Model UN, with our students winning the ‘Best Delegation’ award in the London Conference at their first attempt and receiving acclaim for their talents and abilities in the Model UN forum many times since.

We have competed internationally, and have helped develop a sister programme in Poland through a Comenius Regio grant. So popular is the programme with our students that we have held our own North London conferences at Highgate Wood School every March involving around 15 other schools and 250 – 300 students. Last year we successfully extended participation in Model UN to include Year 9 students as well as those from Year 10, 11 and the sixth form.. For students in Years 7 and 8 we have a well established DebateMate club, often supported by our Model UN veterans, where younger students can develop their skills in argument, persuasion and debate.

Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.


Prospectus 2014-15

Highgate Wood School arts college

MUSIC, ART and DRAMA Specialist Schools Status

“The specialist subject areas make a good contribution to students’ creative skills and to their development of confidence and self-esteem.”

Highgate Wood School is a centre of excellence for the arts, sharing resources and developing leading practice with other schools and communities. Our strength in music, drama and art is reflected in the high quality productions and exhibitions staged at the school, and also in our links with outside organisations.

Ofsted Nov 2011

The school has a professional industry link with the prestigious Haymarket Theatre, which allows talented drama students the opportunity to train in acting and production skills at the theatre. Our art department has long established links with the Saatchi Gallery, one of the world’s leading collections of contemporary art, which has exhibited work produced by our students.

Performances from our Winter Concert in 2012. This year’s Winter Concert takes place on 17th, 18th and 19th December.

For our main drama production we stage a musical each alternate year. This allowed us to put a fantastic production of “Return to the Forbidden Planet” in 2013

Student performances at MADFest 2013

Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.

Highgate Wood School arts college

Prospectus 2014-15


OUR FACILITIES An Environment for Learning Highgate Wood School completed a major modernisation programme in September 2010 that transformed the school into the attractive and effective modern learning environment that we enjoy today. The school has a stateof-the-art computer network contributing to learning and teaching across the school. Most classrooms are equipped with an Interactive White Boards, whilst around the school we have several dedicated ICT areas, including four ICT suites equipped with PCs, and three equipped with iMacs for media, music and graphics work. We have ICT-rich vocational classrooms and DT workshops and further ICT spaces in the Learning Resource Centre and the Sixth Form Study Area.

Cashless Catering Our computer network extends to the Dining Hall where it supports the system of cashless catering which has removed the need for students to bring money into school. Highgate Wood School works with Wisepay to allow payments to be made on line.

Dining Hall

Learning Resource Centre Our Learning Resource Centre offers much more than a traditional library. Here students are able to get support with homework as well as to access a whole range of resources to support them in their independent learning and research during the school day and after school. The LRC is also used increasingly to host talks by visiting authors and other similar events.

The Dining Hall is a bright and airy space, making it ideal not only for mealtimes but also as a social space shared by staff and students. Our modernisation programme also included the refurbishment of the Main Hall which is now a functional and attractive performance space that supports the high quality of performance and production that has characterised Highgate Wood School for many years.

Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.


Prospectus 2014-15

Highgate Wood School arts college


Young Leaders in Sport in Haringey Highgate Wood School is one of the leading schools for sport in Haringey. We host the School Games Organiser, coordinating competitive sport for half of the borough. Highgate Wood School works closely with four feeder primary schools; Coleridge Primary, Rokesly Junior School, Weston Park Primary and St Aidan’s Primary School and provides ongoing support for these schools to enable primary students to participate in a minimum of two hours of high quality PE per week.

Our all weather pitch and tennis courts, which form part of the school’s substantial open spaces where students socialise as well as engage in activities, are used well beyond the limits of the school day. There are sport and training events for students from early in the morning till long after the end of the school day.

We also coordinate intra-school and interschool competition within Haringey, providing primary students with the opportunity to compete in a range of different sports and in turn allowing our Highgate Wood School Young Leaders to gain qualifications, skills and experience in volunteering, officiating and leadership.

Student Voice At Highgate Wood School student voice plays a very important part in many of the decisions and plans that we have. Every tutor group has a representative on the School Council which meets regular to discuss issues connected to the student experience at Highgate Wood School. Representatives from the school council are invited to attend meetings of the Governing Body and also the school’s Senior Leadership Team where they are able to raise any concerns or issues they feel are important. The introduction of the new pastoral system has made the role of the School Council even more important as they have been asked to play a key role in how we develop the House structure and assess what is working well and what we may need to review or improve. Together with the opportunities provided by the School Council students are also encouraged to take on other leadership roles, including becoming a peer mentor, or a “buddy” to new students.

Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.

Highgate Wood School arts college

Prospectus 2014-15


SCHOOL UNIFORM AND HOME SCHOOL AGREEMENT The Four Cs We wish to encourage all our students to adopt the ethos of the 4Cs before, during and after school. Courtesy: We expect an automatic sense of courtesy underpinned by the use of “please,” “thank you” and “sorry”.

School Uniform Highgate Wood School has a school uniform and dress code. The design for the uniform was chosen by the school council in consultation with the wider school community and is periodically reviewed by them.

Consideration: We expect our students to always be considerate of each other and their surroundings — walking quietly and sensibly, using the bins provided for litter and holding doors open for each other.

The Student Journal The Student Journal, issued to all students at the beginning of the year to help them organise their homework and their school day, is also used as a means of communication between parents and teachers. Notes to a student’s form tutor or teacher or to a parent from a member of staff are often written in the journal. Within the Student Journal we have a Home-School Agreement which students, parents and tutors sign at the beginning of each year. The agreement has been devised with input from parents, teachers and students, and sets out clearly the expectations and obligations we have of each other that help ensure Highgate Wood School remains a successful, healthy and enjoyable learning community. At the heart of the Home School Agreement, which is also at the core of Highgate Wood School acceptable use agreements for our ICT facilities, is our belief in the 4Cs: the need for Consideration, Cooperation, Courtesy and Contribution to underpin everything that we do.

Contribution: We want our students to ensure that they are always making a positive contribution to the school community, taking part in as many activities as they can and taking collective responsibility for making Highgate Wood School a better place. Cooperation: We expect all our students to cooperate with members of staff and each other. Even when students are unhappy with a decision, we still expect members of the Highgate Wood School community to cooperate first and then find a way to deal with the situation.

All students are expected to wear their uniform properly and with pride on the journeys to and from school as well as once they are in school. The current uniform is as follows:  black blazer (with summer blue lining) with school logo  black sweater or cardigan (with summer blue trim)  black, blue and white striped tie  black trousers or school skirt (with summer blue trim)  black shoes Students need to have a school bag for carrying books and equipment. They are also expected to have a pen, a pencil, a ruler and a calculator for use in lessons as a minimum set of equipment.

Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.


Prospectus 2014-15

Highgate Wood School arts college

TERM DATES AND APPLICATION INFORMATION Admissions to Highgate Wood School are administered by the Local Authority. For an application form please contact:

Admissions Service Haringey Council 3rd Floor 48 Station Road N22 7TY Tel: 020 8489 2504 Fax: 020 8489 3339 Email:

Term Dates 2014 - 2015 Autumn Term 2014 Autumn 1 Mon 1 September to Fri 24 October Holiday Mon 27 October to Fri 31 October Autumn 2 Mon 3 November to Fri 19 December

Spring Term 2015 Spring 1 Mon 5 January to Fri 13 February Holiday Mon 16 February to Fri 20 February Spring 2 Mon 23 February to Fri 27 March

Summer Term 2015 Summer 1 Mon 13 April to Fri 22 May Holiday Tues 25 May to Fri 29 May Summer 2 Mon 1 June to Mon 20 July

* These dates are still subject to change

Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.

Highgate Wood School arts college

Prospectus 2014-15


Highgate Wood School’s Governing Body work closely with the Headteacher, Senior Management and school staff for the benefit of the whole school community. Chair: Charles Wright (Community Governor) Vice Chair: Imogen Pennell (Representative Governor) Clerk: Michael Woods Representative Governors: Cllr Eddie Griffith Oliver Blackaby Brenda Allen Parent Governors: Andrew Boardman Diana Brown Philip Cavendish Caroline Conlon Elizabeth Hess Carol Vincent Rob White Community Governors: Phil Cocksedge Janice Dolan Violet Hazelwood-Henry Chris Parr Headteacher Governor: Patrick Cozier Teacher Governors: Tristan Ashman

Making a positive difference to students’ achievements and experiences, maintaining the highest expectations and inspiring self belief.

Prospectus 2014-15

Highgate Wood School arts college

HWS Prospectus for 2014 entry  

School prospectus for students starting in Year 7 in Sept 2014

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