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Beyond Highgate School Community Participation Report



Introduction Introduction 1

Awards Children from across society: LAC, SEN, PPG LAE T Results Continually adapting and evolving, but staying true to the original goals (genuine enrichment, academic community, encourage further study culminating in university progression)

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Joe Connor/Sarah Butterworth

Partnership Teaching Coordinator/Community Partnerships Director

2018-2019 Stats At-a-glace

51 Partner Schools


Events held at Highgate or partner schools


Primary Schools 32

Secondary Schools and Sixth Forms

28 Weekly projects with...


Virtual Schools

23100 Units of contact time



A ‘unit of contact time’ refers to a distinct period of time spent delivering enrichment to partner school pupils. This does not refer to a specific amount of time, only an individual period of time. Additionally, units of contact time are counted on a per-person basis, so one hour with a class of 20 = 20 units of contact time.

3500 Children from across London took part in Highgate Chrysalis partnership activities

2018-2019 Stats At-a-glace


Teachers involved 83

Hours spent on partnership by Highgate staff

across18 departments

Partner school pupils were... 51%




Highgate engaged with


organisations in our local community

3900 Hours spent volunteering by Highgate pupils

600 Pupils volunteered in local schools and community organisations

98% 94% 96%

of pupils enjoyed their engagement with Highgate

of pupils felt part of a wider academic community

of pupils learnt something new


of pupils were more likely to study the subject of focus at the next level

A History of Partnership at Highgate

Who are the partners?


Key stage 4 pupils attended our Masterclasses. Science Saturday Delivered by members of the Chemistry and Physics departments, these sessions are designed to develop pupils' confidence in carrying out practical science and give them a taste of the subjects at A level.


Sixth form pupils took part in regular (PAT) Test Aptitude Physics preparation at Highgate.


Our partner schools tell us they they find it difficult to prepare their pupils for this challenging test, required by the University of Oxford as part of the application to Physics, Engineering and Materials Science courses.


Children eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant from 10 schools across Haringey took part in the annual Year 5 Science Day, hosted at The London Academy of Excellence Tottenham.


This day of science enrichment is designed to help address the attainment gap in the subject. Pupils from disadvantaged homes are much less likely than their peers to get good grades in science and to go on to take a science subject at A level and beyond.

38 Year 12 pupils from 6 schools took part in the National Space Academy Masterclass. This hands-on day of practicals solidifies understanding of concepts at A level Physics around the theme of space exploration.


Pupils from 13 partner schools took part in STEM Conferences. Highgate and LAE Tottenham collaboratively host two conferences - one for pupils at the end of Year 10, which provides A level taster sessions around a central theme, and one for Year 12 pupils, in which teachers and industry professionals run practical workshops and keynote lectures

85 Female pupils, some with a female parent/carer, attended the termly Girls in Physics events. Each term, two female industry professionals in a field related to Physics speak about their current research and their careers so far.

Children aged 5 - 18 experienced a bespoke demonstration or lecture by Dr Andrew Szydlo. With over 45 years' teaching experience, multi-million views on YouTube and repeat appearances at the Royal Institution and international science festivals, Dr Szydlo is passionate about developing passion for science in every child he interacts with.



Children from Years 3-6 across 3 schools took part in after-school science and design technology and engineering clubs led by Highgate teachers.

Year 12 students took part in the Original Research by Young Twinkle Students (ORBYTS) project in collaboration with UCL.

52 Pupils took part in Biology, Chemistry and Physics tutorials during the Chrysalis Summer School in August 2019. Teachers from Highgate and Partner Schools led laboratory practicals,  tutorials and seminars which aimed to push pupils beyond the A level curriculum and introduce pupils to the teaching styles they will encounter at university. 


Year 5 pupils took part in Royal Institution Masterclasses. A total of three series took place. Two were hosted by partner primary schools and the third at Highgate.


Highgate teachers have developed a bespoke scheme of work in partnership with the Royal Institution. These masterclasses are designed to be hands-on, interactive and introduce children to a new style of Mathematical thinking. The sessions are focused on games and puzzles, designed to allow pupils to build strategies for getting 'un-stuck'.

Children in Years 4 and 5 took part in early morning maths clubs delivered by Highgate teachers.


Highgate pupils also took part, encouraging a sense of belonging to a wider academic community of like-minded young people. Sixth form pupils acted as mentors, supporting the children throughout each session.


2 Sixth form pupils had all of their A level Further Maths lessons at Highgate. Their schools did not offer this facilitating subject.


Pupils from The Holmewood School London, a specialist school for children with autism, took part in a maths club, delivered entirely by Highgate sixth form mentors. The club aims to increase the confidence and real-world skills of the Holmewood pupils

Children in Years 7 - 10 took part in a Mathematics Enrichment Activity at Highgate.

day-long These enrichment activities are designed to bring likeminded pupils together to celebrate their love for Mathematics. Enrichment days are delivered by teachers from Highgate, our partner schools or by academics from prestigious universities in London. Sessions are handson and explore concepts outside the normal curriculum of study.



Sixth form pupils took part in regular Mathematics Aptitude Test (MAT) preparation at Highgate. Our partner schools tell us they they find it difficult to prepare their pupils for this challenging admissions test, required by the University of Oxford, Imperial College London and the University of Warwick. Female pupils, in Years 1113 sat the Maths Olympiad at (MOG) for Girls Highgate. The MOG is a challenging paper set by the to aims that UKMT encourage girls to tackle Mathematical advanced problems. The girls took part in a collaborative debrief with Highgate teachers after they had sat the paper. 

16 Sixth form pupils were supported in their application to university, either through mock interviews or STEP preparation.

25 Pupils took part in Mathematics tutorials during the Chrysalis Summer School in August 2019. Teachers from Highgate and Partner Schools led laboratory  practicals,  tutorials and seminars which aimed to push pupils beyond the A level curriculum and introduce pupils to the teaching styles they will encounter at university. 



Children in Years 4 - 6 across three partner schools took part in weekly debating clubs and classes. Delivered by a Highgate teacher on site at the partner school, these clubs aim to develop confidence, oracy skills and an awareness of research practiceses. Pupils were able to put these skills into practice in two large debating competitions, in which teams debated btoh seen and unseen motions covering a wide range of social, political and ethical issues.

Shine Saturdays at Gladesmore Community School SHINE@Gladesmore is a Saturday School for Year 7 pupils at Gladesmore, an 11-16 school in Tottenham, North London. This provision started in September 2013. With the exception of a few pupils who have other commitments set up by parents/carers, the whole of Year 7 attend from 9am to 1pm. Lunch is provided free of charge. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to boost their literacy and numeracy skills. They also enjoy a range of other exciting lessons such as dance, music, sports, science and technology. During the year a number of trips are organised to places of special interest in London. Highgate pupils volunteered every Saturday to mentor the young people taking part in the SHINE programme at Gladesmore.


Between September 2018 and March 2019, Highgate pupils dedicated 432 hours of volunteering to SHINE.

Young people took part in the Chrysalis Accelerator Project for looked-after children. See page XX for more information.




Children from local primary schools took part in Highgate's 'Band on the Run' event. 50 musicians from Highgate's Symphony Orchestra gave an introduction to the instruments of the orchestra, which was  followed by a performance of one Beethoven movement. Partner school children also had a chance to conduct the orchestra themselves.


Children in Years 5 and 6 attended weekly Minimus clubs, which introduce them to the Latin language through stories of life in Roman Britain



Biology, part in took Pupils Economics, Geography, French, History, Philosophy and Psychology tutorials during the Chrysalis Summer School in August 2019. Teachers from Highgate and Partner Schools led challenging  tutorials and seminars which aimed to push pupils beyond the A level curriculum and introduce pupils to the teaching styles they will encounter at university. 

75 Pupils had a mock university entrance interview in an arts or humanities subject at Highgate.

Case Study: The Chrysalis Acclerator Project



Pupils in Years 7 and 8 from Highgate visited a local primary school each week to mentor children in Key Stage 2 in effective team-based play. The Highgate pupils are responsible for conceptualising team games and activities that will facilitate effective teamwork and leadership skills in the younger children. 


The project has a strong element of mutual benefit. The younger children develop key transferable skills and learn to form positive relationships with older role models, while the Highgate pupils benefit from the responsibility of mentoring younger children. Feedback from the experience is highly positive, with the Highgate pupils understanding the impact they can have on the local community.


Pupils from Highgate and Tottenham came together to part in weekly Street Circus workshops in collaboration The Roundhouse.

LAE take skills with

Children from the local community benefitted from facilitaties sharing and sporting events hosted at Highgate.

The Street Circus Collective brings together bold young circus artists and street dancers with a drive to train, collaborate, produce and present their own work.

These events a co-educational football festival, a Junior cross area championship, country gymnastics and Junior athletics.

Pupils worked with professionals to develop speciailist street circus skills and produce collaborative performances.

67 Children from our local partner primary schools took place in a week-long Dance residency, in collaboration with The Place, the UK's premiere centre for contemporary dance. The project saw international artist Andrea Constanzo Martini and his dance company bring their piece,  ‘Scarabeo: angles and the void’, to London. Over the week, children from three local primary schools, working with the artists and dance students from Highgate, acted as a steering group or associate directors to help the help the artists to rethink their work.Ultimately, they helped the artists prepare for a public performance of the adapted work on the Place Theatre’s stage.

170 Children took part in the Key Haringey annual Stage 2 Dance Festival. At the end of all the school performances the Highgate Sliver Acts Award students performed pieces they had created, in order to inspire the other primary school groups.


3900 Hours spent volunteering by Highgate pupils in our partner school and community organisations in 2018/19

Year 9 1215 Hours

Year 10 1065 Hours Year 11 234 Hours Year 12 565 Hours

Year 8 373 Hours Year 7 209 Hours

Year 13 239 Hours

The Highgate Festival Re-launched in 2017 as a collaboration between the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum and Highgate School, The Highgate Festival is a two-week long celebrating everything we love about our local community.

48% of all Highgate pupils engaged in some kind of voluntary activity in 2018/2019 Every pupil will have given at least 3 full days of their time to a charitable or community cause by the time they have entered sixth form. 

Our vision is a Highgate with a strong sense of community that protects its unique character and heritage while embracing fresh ideas and beneficial change. The Highgate Festival aims to bring that ambition to life by bringing community and showcasing together groups everything we love about Highgate – including its arts, culture and heritage – and pointing the way towards the Highgate we want to become. Highgate staff played have played a key role in organising the first two iterations of the festival, while staff and pupils have also put on special events and performances over the two weeks.

After-School Club Volunteering

Years 9-13

Pupils in Years 9 - 13 support our partner primary schools deliver their after-school club provision. Our partner primary schools deliver after-school clubs on every day of the week and welcome support from Highgate pupils. Our pupils' tasks can range from supporting young children with their reading and numeracy to running sporting activities. Supporting these clubs requires dedication, as our partner schools ask for help throughout the entire school year. Most pupils choose this volunteering option while they complete their Duke of Edinburgh award, but some come and help just for the fun of it!

Coffee and Computers

Years 7-13

Coffee & Computers is a community initiative that helps computers, to newcomers tablets and smartphones to cope with the challenges in today’s tech-driven society and to take advantage of the lifeopportunities enhancing afforded by new technologies. The  community-based sessions are free and run by pupils at Highgate on one Friday per month. The  approach is informal, sociable and focused on clients’ individual needs.  It is a great way for Highgate pupils to support individuals in our local community, forging further links between our school and those that live around us.

Community & Charities Committee

Years 9-13

Pupils hold a key voice in the conversation about Highgate charitable objectives. The Community and Charities Committee provides an opportunity for pupils to take on leadership roles and take a lead in deciding how the School supports our local community. 

Year 9

Community Days

Across the year, every pupil in Year 9 will give a full day of their time to support a local school or charitable organisation. Whether they are supporting a teacher in a local primary school , mentoring young people in schools for children with special educational needs  or organising a stock room in a local charity shop, we believe that it is important for our pupils to see the positive  impact they can have on their local community. Pupils will see that the only thing that is totally theirs to give is their time, which can be used valuably to support their local community. 

The boys were both really helpful and responsive. They got lots of jobs done that I needed and were great with the children. [Pupil] was very confident and hands on. She interacted well with the students and they really liked her. I'd have her back anytime

Community Reading

Years 7&8

Community Reading is one of our Thursday Lunchtime Activities (TLAs) All pupils in Years 7 and 8 will choose from a range of co-curricular activities on a Thursday lunchtime. This option gives pupils the opportunity to visit a local primary school and support a child with their reading. Our pupils mentor the same children for an entire term, meaning they have a genuine impact and can see the progress their mentees are making. 

Environment Day

Year 10

Highgate is passionate about tackling the challenges posed by a rapidly changing climate and doing all that we can to reduce the impact of an ever-deepening crisis. This drive comes directly from our pupils, who boast an impressive understanding of social obligation, independence and active participation. We understand that these social obligations begin with our local environments. In line with this, every Year 10 pupil gives an entire day of service to protecting and restoring the environment of a local cause or organisation. From picking up litter to removing weeds and building structures that encourage the return of local wildlife, this day gives pupils a real sense of the positive changes they can make on the world around them.  

Hospital Visits

Years 12&13

Part of our programme of Tuesday Afternoon Activities (TAAs), Hospital Visits is an innovative partnership with Kissing It Better, a charities which aims to make a difference to older, vulnerable people in hospitals, care homes and the community. Our pupils spend one afternoon after school per week engaging with long term residents of a nearby hospital, offering valuable interaction and planning special performances and activities to lift their spirits.  Maths Clubs

Years 12&13

Highgate pupils support our Maths teachers in the delivery of enriching maths clubs for primary children from our local primary schools. These clubs focus on logic puzzles and strategic thinking, equipping children with tools to get themselves 'un-stuck' It is a fantastic way for our pupils to share their passion for maths with other young people and solidify their own subject knowledge through impactful mentoring. 

Years 10-13


This project introduces primary school children to the Latin language through stories about life in Roman Britain. Highgate pupils run this morning club on one day each week. It is a fantastic way for pupils that love Classics to share their passion with children and gain some responsibility as they plan and deliver the sessions themselves.  Highgate pupils work with the same primary school children for two years, allowing them to make meaningful connections and have a real impact.

I wish it could be Wednesday every day so I could come to Classics club every morning!

Play Leaders

Years 7&8

Play Leaders is one of our Thursday Lunchtime Activities (TLAs) All pupils in Years 7 and 8 will choose from a range of co-curricular activities on a Thursday lunchtime. This option gives pupils the opportunity to visit a local primary school and plan exciting sporting activities for the children there. This provision is highly valued by our partner schools. Their children benefit greatly from the interaction with Highgate pupils, who help them develop key teambuilding and leadership skills. 


SHINE is a Saturday School children in Years 4-7 from schools in Tottenham. This provisional was established as wonderful opportunity for children to boost their literacy and numeracy skills. They also enjoy a range of other exciting lessons such as dance, music, sports, science and technology. Highgate pupils give up their Saturday mornings to support this fantastic initiative.

Years 10-13

Sign Language

Years 7&8

Sign Language is one of our Thursday Lunchtime Activities (TLAs) All pupils in Years 7 and 8 will choose from a range of co-curricular activities on a Thursday lunchtime. This option gives pupils the opportunity to equip themselves with this valuable skill and put it into practice in an innovative partnership with a local school. 

TreeHouse School

TreeHouse is a specialist school providing high quality, specialist teaching for young people with autism. A group of Highgate pupils visit the school each week to support the young people at TreeHouse. This is a mutually as relationship, benefical Highgate pupils learn a great deal about communicating sensitively and gain a sense of responsibility as they support their peers at TreeHouse.

Years 10-13

Case Study: Chrysalis Fellows


158 Sixth form pupils from partner schools had a mock interview at Highgate. These pupils did not always have access to this provision at their own school. Teachers from Highgate, our partner schools and staff from research institutions in London provided a rigorous experience that set the pupils up well for their real interview.

Personal Statement Support at Highgate

Pupils take part in workshops to designed tutorials and introduce the skill of writing personal statements. Pupils are encouraged to focus on how they will reflect on their experiences with Chrysalis Projects

Our provision throughout Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 gives pupils a vast range of experiences that can add to the content of their personal statement

Archaeology Biochemistry

Computer Science




Chemical Engineering









History of Art





Marine Biology










Veterinary Science


Pupils receive feedback on each iteration of their personal statement as they complete their application. We ensure to continue working with the same children either side of the summer holiday  to ensure they are supported each step of the way.

Mock interviews were delivered to sixth form pupils applying to study 30 different subjects at university.

Pupils attended Highgate's annual Higher saw This event Fair. Education representatives from the Russell Group and Oxford including Universities, Cambridge, and from North American Universities provide application advice and discuss life at university.

56 Sixth form pupils from partner schools Oxbridge Chrysalis the attended Conference. This event saw admissions tutors from the University of Oxford and Cambridge and current undergraduates give presentations and take part in Q&As about the application process.


Pupils took part in university admissions test sessions, preparation including MAT, PAT, BMAT and UKCAT



Children across primary, secondary and sixth forms took part in summer schools at Highgate in 2018-2019

Voyages of Exploration

This three-day, non-residential summer school is delivered in partnership with UCS Hampstead. 120 children in Year 4 take part in enriching academic workshops, introducing them to new and interesting concepts in Mathematics, Science, Design Technology, Music, a Language and History. The sessions are hands-on and collaborative, meaning children make new friends along the way.  Day of Discovery

This one-day summer school for pupils in Year 4 is designed to give a sense of what life at Highgate could be like for potential bursary candidates in our partner state schools. In 2018-19, 64 pupils took part enriching workshops in Mathematics, Science, Design Technology, Portuguese and Music. Olympic Legacy

This Summer School takes place alongside the Voyages of Exploration Summer School and is also run in partnership with UCS Hampstead. Across two days, 80 children in Year 5 were put through their paces in challenging, collaborative lessons. Key Stage 4 Chrysalis

Following the success of the university progression Chrysalis Summer School, Highgate developed a similar programme aimed at pupils about to start Year 11, with a view to providing a taste of pupils' chosen subjects at A level. In addition to these taster tutorials, pupils also took part in a bespoke careers and employability carousel, a wellbeing seminar and a panel discussing alternative post-18 options. The Summer School ended with a trip to the Victoria & Albert Museum, which introduced pupils to the wealth of careers in the Creative Design industries. Key Stage 5 Chrysalis

Highgate's Partnership work started in earnest with a summer school supporting the application of sixth form pupils to Oxford and Cambridge. Today, this university progression summer school remains a central part of Highgate's partnership provision. in 2018-19, students took part in bespoke academic tutorials, wellbeing workshops, personal statement support, mock interviews, a Q&A about life at university and a CV workshop.


Through Highgate's Careers and Employability Programme, we aim to help pupils to develop the relevant personal behaviours, values and employability skills that will enable them to enjoy a successful transition into life post-education. Pupils receive useful, up-to-date and impartial advice that supports them to follow their passions and make informed, ambitious choices. We work closely with our Chrysalis partner schools and the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham to ensure that our reach is as wide as it can be. 


These events take place termly after school. They are open to pupils and their parents from both Highgate and our partner schools. Each session focuses on a particular topic of interest and involves Sixth Form pupils interviewing professionals about their careers and experiences.

Exploring Different Employment Routes

The Best Candidate I've Ever Hired; How to Stand Out in Applications

Careers in Mathematics and Physics

What To Do When You're Not Sure What To Do

The Changing World of Work

122 Pupils from partner state schools attended the School's annual Careers Fair. The event saw over 50 employers and individuals on hand to discuss their experiences and also share advice on how pupils can break into almost every area including Architecture, Law, Medicine, Media and Technology. Employers included Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, Sky and many more.

19 Pupils from partner schools, including the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham, visited prestigious workplaces, including The House of Commons, The Guardian, Royal Bank of Scotland and Allen & Overy, to hear about the experiences and career journeys of a panel of professionals in specific industries. Panelists were part of the School's alumni network. We ensure that partner schools have access to this valuable resource.


Pupils from Highgate and the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham took part in an intensive 8-week Careers & Employability Mentoring Programme. Pupils  had the opportunity to talk to an adult (other than a parent/teacher) about their interests/strengths/weaknesses and to start thinking about how they might best prepare for the future/future employment. Pupils develop employability capabilities and work on measurable outcomes, such as writing a CV, gaining work experience placements and developing presentation skills


Highgate School is proud to be the main educational sponsor of the London Academy of Excellence (LAE) Tottenham, a new sixth form free-school which opened in September 2017. Highgate has recruited and deployed full-time equivalent of 6.6 members of the total teaching and support staff, as well as assisting with wider administrative, pastoral and management support. Tottenham Hotspur is the principal business sponsor, providing financial support, as well as the school premises and facilities management. The sixth form has been created in response to an identified need for a world class post-16 education in the east of Haringey. 52% of pupils leave the borough for their post-16 education and many of these do not reach their potential at their sixth form destinations. The LAE Tottenham provides an academically rigorous education, situated in world class facilities in the heart of Tottenham. It aims to follow the highly successful model of the LAE Stratford by working with other independent school partners to deliver courses in the 15 A Levels most prized by the most prestigious universities and top employers.



We are thrilled by the success of our pioneering cohort. They put their trust in our vision of an outstanding 6th form and their achievements are testament to the impact of their hard work as well as the support of our sponsors and partners. Jan Balon, Headteacher of LAE Tottenham


It is clear that in order for Highgate to have a lasting impact in our partner schools, teaching staff must work together and share best practice.Â

RI Masterclass

20 C

Lesson Study 48

Scien SPN Day


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[DRAFT] Beyond - Chrysalis Annual Report 2018-2019 [DRAFT]  

[DRAFT] Beyond - Chrysalis Annual Report 2018-2019 [DRAFT]