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Whiskey is Liquid Sunshine

Knowing your whiskey is very important. There are many people who have drinks occasionally or even regularly for that matter of fact but hardly know what exactly is it that they are slurping.

There are many types of whiskey: 

Malt Whiskey- Ranked among the best whiskies and is primarily produced in Scotland. It is made from malted barley.


Grain Whiskey- Mainly produced in Scotland and Ireland but not made from malted barley. It can contain any type of grain, also mixtures but mostly today grain whiskey contains wheat

Blended whiskey- Contains a mixture of different whiskies i.e. malt-grain. Also produced in Scotland and Ireland, the character of blended whiskey is determined by the ratio of whiskies from different distilleries since each distillery produces different flavours.

Single Pot Still Whiskey- Produced in Ireland, this type of whiskey may also contain grain or unmalted barley but the distinguishing feature is that it is exclusively distilled in pot stills.

Bourbon Whiskey- Bourbon can be produced anywhere in the United States but is mostly produced in Kentucky. Bourbon has a fixed composition of 51% corn; the rest is a mixture of barley as well as rye and/or wheat.

Highfield is one of the Best Whiskey Brand in India. They produce one of the finest reserve Whiskey that is a unique and classic blend of the finest scotch, matured malts and refined grain sprints with a smooth balance of flavours. Try one now to experience the perfect balance of ‘high’.

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Whiskey is liquid sunshine