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Self development programs that will help you change your life from the inside out! Discover how t o use higher awareness t o raise your consciousness and break out of old self -sabot aging pat t erns. FEELING STUCK ON YOUR LIFE JOURNEY?

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You've read lots of books and taken courses, but you're still not where you want to be? You thought you'd changed but now you're back in the same old struggles? You feel trapped in inertia, victimhood and mental clutter? And yet you are determined - perhaps even desperate - to change? Here is a hint ... A large building needs a solid foundation. A rocket needs a stable launching pad. And we humans need a firm grasp of who we are before we can confidently move forward into success, happiness and peace of mind.

Welcome t o Higher Awareness!

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We are John and Patrice Robson, passionate seekers of personal empowerment. After many, many years - - decades, actually :) - - of reading books, attending seminars, and studying with experts, our personal growth journeys have brought us right back to where we started - to ourselves. You may think you know who you are, but can you confidently speak about your character, skills, habits, challenges, style, purpose and desires? If not, it's time to truly know yourself. We can guide you to explore and define who you really are and what you want. Only when you know yourself, will you grow yourself - that's our promise! We of f er over 30 programs and hundreds of resources - a lifetime of raising your inner awareness, your consciousness, to enable you to overcome obstacles and experience new and greater levels of success.

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ADVICE TO SEEKERS WHOSE LIVES ARE NOT CHANGING - FROM FELLOW SEEKERS. If you were t o do one t hing t o grow and change - t his is it : Know yourself - know who you are - - in greater and greater depth. Know how you process life. Know your inner potentials, motivations and purpose. Know what blocks you. To the degree that you know yourself, you will grow yourself. If you were t o do a second t hing - t his is it : Know how t o heal yourself so you can recogniz e and clear the limiting beliefs that continually sabotage your sincere intentions and efforts to move forward. As you clear old thinking patterns that no longer serve you, you will naturally elevate your level of consciousness and express your unique character, style and purpose. If you are willing to shift your perceptions, you will change the quality of your life. Take responsibility for your experience - - refuse to be a victim - - and your life will transform. Using higher awareness to know and heal yourself creates a solid foundation for harvesting the greatest rewards of your life.

A GOLD-MINE OF EASY "new t ools f or new t imes"

No matter where you are now on a scale of knowing who you are and how you do life, Higher Awareness can help. We offer a complete range of over 30 character, skill and spiritual development programs to support you to: Take cont rol by more effectively managing your time and goals so you achieve the results you are hoping for Release negat ive emot ional react ions and old ineffective thinking St imulat e your mind , creativity and intuition so you know how to trust yourself Explore spirit ualit y or the bigger picture of your life.



For over 15 years we have been developing NEW tools and ways of thinking that will GET YOU THE RESULTS YOU WANT.

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Don't let mediocrit y or chaos "put out your f ire" We may think we should know how to manage our lives. But no one ever gave us a 'how to do life' manual when we were growing up. Wouldn't you like to have one now? It's here for you! Sometimes we need others to introduce us to new ways of thinking. We would love to be your growth partners to assist you with this.

Here's t he unique recipe we can of f er you: 1. A f ull breadt h of programs (about 30) and hundreds of resources (lists, tools, questions, quotes, videos, worksheets) covering the full, life- long, human growth journey. A Higher Awareness membership gives you access to everything. 2. You'll gain excit ing new insight s as you explore "Who am I?" Sages throughout time have declared "Know Thyself " to be the key to wealth and happiness. The more you are aware of your true self, the more you experience health, abundance, fulfillment and joy. 3. You'll f ind your own answers t o t he quest ions of your lif e. Our personal and spiritual growth programs are full of powerful tools, exercises and perspectives that will draw out YOUR own inner wisdom . Each of us walks a different path. Build more self trust. Your unique answers will map out the path that's best for you. 4. You'll receive daily support . You are never lef t on your own. Change requires ongoing attention. With all Higher Awareness programs you get daily email support to inspire, remind and support your completion of programs. Our members consistently tell us that our daily support emails make a major difference in their lives. 5. You will discover t he gif t s of higher awareness . Self awareness is fundamental to personal and spiritual growth. Only with self awareness can we penetrate blocks and pains and expand our consciousness into expressing and living our potential. Change your perspective and you'll change your life. 6. You receive f ree personal coaching as we answer all emails!

Still not sure?

Check out a sample of t he f eedback we're received f rom our client s: “ Excellence and Clarity are the words that begin to describe what I see in your writing and in the services you offer - - and SO much is offered; it's strong. ... your work st ands out in cont rast t o anyt hing I've seen on t he web. WELL DONE. ” ~ DM ~ “I have only been a member for a short time, but... this is t he absolut e best value on t he Int ernet t oday! ... there are folks out there in personal development who do 1/2 as good of a job and charge easily 5x what you charge for a year for one seminar!!! You guys are terrific! Over the last two years I have had to rebuild my entire life, and it has been horribly difficult. I have a wonderful therapist, but that simply is not enough...Your website is an answer to my prayers.” ~ KC ~

For more Higher Awareness Test imonials... Join us for a life time of growth and support. It is never too late to grow and change. Join us today.

Higher Awareness is a membership sit e. Changing our outlook and behavior takes time. We'll guide you step by step to make this the best year of your life - so far! If you are truly committed to your own personal growth, invest in an annual membership for only $149 or a life membership for $269. Or for only $19/month, you can still access all of the resources on our site. START YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW. You are fully protected by our 100%, no risk money- back guarantee. Try us out and if you're not satisfied, just email us and we'll refund your last payment - no questions asked.

What do you have t o lose? No, let 's reword t his... Imagine what you have t o gain! If you aren't happy with your life, if you know that so much more is possible for you, then please take a chance with our programs. Building self awareness has made such a difference in our lives and for the thousands of our members who have explored and tested its power to bring change. We know you will benefit too. So please join us. Best wishes on your life journey, John and Patrice Robson Higher Awareness Inc. P.S. Not yet ready to make this commitment to yourself? Then get to know us by subscribing to our f ree daily inspirat ional emails . Discover for yourself just how easy and empowering it can be to shift your perspectives.

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