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Understand Higher Awareness and Find Your Purpose

Higher awareness goes by several names depending on the culture dealing with it. Some of them include higher consciousness, super consciousness, Christ consciousness, God consciousness and Buddha consciousness to name a few. While different cultures have different names and approaches towards higher awareness, the basic idea is the same. In fact, each one of these names for awareness relates to finding your purpose in life. At first glance, one may find it surprising that so many different cultures refer to the same idea. However, the roots of the mind and spirit are the same irrespective of geographical borders. Every culture and race has had its own share of experiences with spirituality and all these different paths lead to the same oneness; the universal life force energy.

What is Higher Awareness? Higher awareness relates to a state of consciousness that transcends normal thoughts and experiences. This kind of awareness is above worldly preoccupations and worries. It helps people realize that life is in the present. So, if you are wondering why you aren’t being able to be intuitive or find your edge, the main reason for it is that most of us live either in the past or in the future. The mind is always jumping from one thought to the next and there is really no pattern in this. We allow our thoughts to govern ourselves when it should be the other way round. The mind is very much like a wild beast with an illusionary leash. We think we have the leash to control our mind but this is just an illusion. The mind raises havoc in our lives while we play the passive role of bystanders. In fact, a poorly controlled mind is the reason for most of our troubles in life. Believe it or not, the mind and the various problems that arise from it can also lead to many chronic diseases. While we search for short term solutions in the outside environment, all the answers lie within.

How does Higher Awareness help? Attaining higher awareness is all about gaining a truly balanced perspective of not just the world that we live in but also the intricate workings of space and time. It can be also described as a way to step out of your body while still residing in it. To be an objective observer or watcher of the monkey mind. In fact, every mind desires for this higher level of awareness free from the mess, chaos and temporary nature of the material world. Attaining higher awareness leads to rising above many paradoxes of life. It helps you gain control over your thoughts while also transcending them.

One of the most immediate benefits of gaining higher awareness is that you develop a new level of freedom with clarity in vision. You will no longer be confused about right and wrong decisions and will be able to move ahead in life with conviction. You will no longer need to win or lose the battles in your mind because you will be well above them. If the right methods are used, higher awareness will also eventually improve your mental and physical state of being and help you find your life purpose.

Understand higher awareness and find your purpose  
Understand higher awareness and find your purpose  

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